How to Fix Heel Slippage in Boots – 10 Tricks to Prevent Heel Slipping in High Heels and Shoes

  • By: Edmond Clark

Do you have hard time handling your shoe or boot slippage issue?

If you are looking for some reliable solutions to fix the heel slippage / heel lift in your boots or shoes, then you have come to the right place.

At, we provide the best footwear care and solutions tips.

Today, I am about to tell you how you can quickly and easily get rid of this irritating and uncomfortable problem of heels slipping out of your shoes and boots.

First up all, let me tell you its completely normal to slip your heels in your shoes or boots especially when they are new.

Small amount of heel slippage is totally normal.

And it does not imply that your shoes are not fitting your feet properly.

In most cases like if you are wearing western or cowboy boots, then in the initial days, the heels may slip few times from your boots.

But after consistent wearing, the outsole becomes flexible and this heel lifting automatically vanishes in few days.

But sometimes, it is more serious issue.

Even after wearing for few days, this heel slippage issue remains the same in some cases.

In such scenarios, you need to take some steps to prevent this uncomfortable problem with your feet.

These are the circumstances where you will need to implement some easy methods to deal with this issue.

And in this article, you will get to know all the possible remedies to solve this problem of heel lifting or heel slipping out of your shoes.

What is Heel Slippage in Boots and Shoes?

What is Heel Slippage in Shoes

Heel slippage is usually referred to the problem of getting your heels out of shoes more often.

It can happen due to the loose fitting of your walking boots, running shoes, hiking shoes, cowboy boots, high heels, flats, wedges, stilettos and many other types of footwear.

In this problem, your shoes do not stay on and heels tend to slip out of your shoes while walking and running in them.

Once they get out, you have to keep readjusting your heels inside your boots and shoes.

This becomes overly irritating and annoying issue for many women and men.

It also looks very stupid and embarrassing for us to keep adjusting out heels inside our shoes in public.

If you are facing this issue on a regular basis, then you certainly need to do something to stop this heel slippage and put an end to your frustration once and for all.

How Much Heel Slip is Normal in Shoes and Boots?

In the initial days of breaking-in your new shoes, if your heels are raising a little bit in the heel cup, then consider it a normal thing.

This is highly experienced in case of new pull on shoes and loafers.

Conversely, even after breaking-in your new shoes and boots, the heel slippage continues, then you can consider to solve this issue asap.

If your heels are coming out of the heel cups entirely even after break-in period is over, then it is safe to consider that this heel slippage problem must be solved and it is not a normal thing any more.

8 Reasons Behind Heel Slippage or Heel Lifting

Reasons of Heel Slipping out of Shoes

There are several reasons behind heel slippage in shoes, high heels and boots.

Some of the most prominent reasons can be as follows.

1. Unusual foot geometry: It may happen in some cases that the ball of the foot is extra wide as compared to your heel. Or some folks have one foot slightly wider or longer than the other one.

In such rare cases, you will experience heel lifting problem with your shoes.

2. You have laced your shoes in the wrong manners: I have seen many runners and regular morning walkers lacing their shoes in the wrong ways.

Inappropriate lacing often leads to heel lifting.

There are certain effective ways of lacing which can prevent heel slipping out of your shoes.

We will see those ways in the below 10 methods section.

3. Your shoe length is not as per your foot length: It means your shoe length is more than your foot length.

It also means your shoes are bigger than your actual foot size.

This is one of the main reasons of constant heel slippage.

Too long shoes becomes loose in the heel area which causes heel lifting.

Some folks make use of heel grips to prevent this slippage problem.

I recommend replacing your new shoes if it is too large to fit your feet.

4. You have very high arches or you possess flat feet: In this case, your shoes lack proper arch support and thus they can not provide proper fitting.

5. You are wearing your shoes in the wrong way: When you do not wear your shoes firmly, heels tend to get out of your shoes due to the loose fitting.

Your feet must be properly fixed in the heel area so that your heels do not slip out of your boots.

You need to fix your feet properly inside your shoes before you lace them.

6. You have either very high instep or low instep problem: This causes spacing issues when you lace your shoes.

Too low instep usually causes heel lifting problem.

Because your shoes are not able to keep your feet fixed inside them for long.

Using a tongue pad may solve this issue for some people.

7. Your shoes are not properly break-in yet: This is also one of the main causes behind heel slippage.

Breaking in your new boots and shoes is essential to get proper fitting for your foot.

New shoes and boots are usually very hard and not that flexible to bend and flex around your heel side.

This is why your heels tend to slip out of new shoes more often.

To address this issue, you just have to break-in your shoes and boots quickly.

I have mentioned few easy methods to break in Birkenstock shoes which I feel will be useful for other types of shoes and boots as well.

8. Using cheap material shoes also cause heel lifting: The shoes and boots that are replica or counterfeit ones; usually are made from cheap quality plastic or low quality leather material.

These types of shoes don’t have proper heel support.

These kinds of low cost, low quality footwear heels are very rigid and not flexible in nature.

You just have to avoid wearing these types of shoes if you don’t want your heels slipping out of your boots and shoes forever.

10 Most Efficient Methods to Prevent Heel Slippage in Your Boots and Shoes

1. Get a Shoe with The Right Size, Length and Width

Select Right Sized Shoes to Prevent Heel Lifting

Wearing incorrect sized and wrong width footwear is one of the major causes behind constant heel lifting.

The simplest way to solve this issue is to buy the shoe that fits your foot size correctly.

In terms of width, length and overall fitting, the shoe must be appropriate for your foot size.

If you don’t know your actual foot measurements, you can check them at your home or get it measured from your local shoe store owner.

You can also watch the following video to understand how to measure your foot size, width and length at home.

2. Try Butterfly Lacing or Runner’s Tie Method

Butterfly Lacing Method to Prevent Heel Slippage

Runner’s tie method or butterfly lacing method prevents heel slippage and black toenails problem.

It keeps your feet locked properly inside the shoe and does not allow your heels to slide out of your shoes while you run or walk in them.

This lacing method involves using the very first eyelets on both the sides of your shoe to start lacing in the first step.

You will need to unlace the laces in the beginning to make first two eyelets open for lacing.

Then you will need to create a loop on both the sides with your laces.

Now you will need to create a loop on both the sides by crossing the laces on opposite sides.

Once you do that; you will have to pull your laces strongly up and down to tighten your shoes around your ankles and heels.

This process prevents your feet to slide forward and it holds your heel bones in the heel counter of your running shoe or walking shoe.

Finally, you will need to throw twice or wrap your laces twice and then make a butterfly crossing of your laces.

This will further strengthen the locking of your shoes and will fix your feet firmly inside your shoe.

Kindly watch the following video to understand this whole runner’s tie / butterfly lacing method more clearly.

3. Use Anti-Slip Heel Inserts

Anti-Slip Granules Heel Grips Liner Insert for Shoes Too Big,Shoe Filler Improved Shoe Fit and Comfort,Prevent Blisters 4 Pairs (Multi-Color)

Anti-slip Heel Grips Liner Insert is a unique anti-slip gel pad which stops heels from coming out of your shoes abruptly.

This can be a great alternative to other low quality heel liners and heel grips.

It easily sticks to the inner heel side of your shoe and provides good grip for your feet.

This type of heel insert is great in term of securing your shoes to your feet.

It is really easy to install inside your heel counter.

You just have to put it properly close to your heel side and then simply walk into it.

It is completely washable and re-usable.

So, you can use it for any other shoes that you feel is slipping from heels.

The best thing that I liked about this product is it prevents shoes rubbing your heels and thus stops the creation of blisters and other foot problems.

Click Here to Check Out This Anti-Slip Heel Insert for Your Boots and Shoes.

4. Make Use of Cork Taps or Cork Cheaters

Cork taps or cork cheaters are simple shoe accessories that are usually available at local shoe stores.

Some shoe manufacturers also provide them free of cost when you purchase new footwear products from the store.

You just have to remove the footbed of your new shoes or boots.

Then simply place the cork taps near the end of the shoe and below the toes.

Now fix the footbed again firmly to make it snug fit.

This setting will provide your heels a firm grip inside the shoe.

Because this little ramp like spot pushes your heels back strongly.

Thus, it greatly helps in holding your heels inside your shoe or boot for longer period.

What I liked more about this method is it works for longer duration without any hassles.

Because the footbed firmly fixes the cork taps or cork cheaters in their position and don’t allows them to displace from their original position.

5. Try Hairspray

Some people insist on using hairspray to prevent heel slippage in shoes, high heels and boots.

The main reason behind this is the hairspray makes your feet and shoes sticky.

You just have to spray it inside the shoes, on the footbed and on your feet.

It makes both your feet and shoes stick to each other while walking and running.

This obviously prevents your heels to come out of your shoes abruptly.

The only condition to follow in this method is you have to use your hairspray on your bare feet and not to use socks while spraying your feet.

Otherwise, this method will not work effectively.

Once you come home after wearing your high heels and shoes for the whole day, you can wipe out the hairspray with paper towel.

The best type of hairspray that most women use for this method is extra strong hold hairspray.

It will make your shoes and feet more sticky so that your heels will not slide out of your boots, high heels and shoes.

Check out the following video where you will actually get to see the lady who has successfully tried out this method.

6. Use Heel Straps for High Heels

Eliza May Detachable Shoe Straps ShooStraps - to Hold Loose high Heeled Shoes, Wedges and Flats (Black Classic)

If you are a woman who loves to wear high heels outdoors, then this can be one of the best methods to prevent heel slippage.

Using a heel strap for your heels or even for your shoes can save you from the embarrassment of untimely heel lifting.

One of the best detachable shoe straps or heel straps that I have seen is Eliza May Shoostraps.

It is best for your loose flats, wedges and high heels.

This is reusable and detachable in nature. You can use this pair to any of your heels and flats.

No matter what shoe type or shoe size you have, this heel strap seems to work fine.

Just attach this reusable heel strap to your high heels in the middle of your feet and close it with the buckle clearly.

There are wide varieties of designs and colors available which you can check out by clicking here.

Watch the following demo video which will explain you how to use this heel strap.

7. Use Sticky Heelz Anti-Slip Heel Grips

Using a heel grip or heel liner cushion also works great if you want to avoid heel slippage in high heels, shoes and boots.

The good thing about heel grips is they increase the comfort and cushioning as well when you walk or run in your shoes.

Heel grips or heel liner cushions fit perfectly to all kinds and sizes of footwear from high heels to shoes and boots.

Since they are usually made from soft leather material, they do not cause any types of blisters or ankle chaff while walking.

You just have to attach these heel grips on both the sides of your shoe back where your heel is fitted.

You can also attach these heel grips to the back of your heels themselves.

When you insert your foot inside the shoes that have heel grips attached, your foot is automatically pressed forward.

In this situation, your heels are organically adjusted well inside the shoe.

Thus, they do not slip out of your shoes while you walk or run in your heels and shoes. If you want to wear socks over your feet, then you can do so without any problem.

The best heel grip I can recommend to prevent heel lifting is the one from Sticky Heelz.

You can get this heel cushion insert for your high heels and shoes to stop heel slippage quickly by Clicking here.

I also recommend you to watch the demo video where you will learn how to use Sticky Heelz on your shoes or on your heels.

8. Use Custom Orthotic Inserts

Superfeet Professional-Grade Orthotic Insert for Medium Thickness and Arch Insole, Blue, 8.5-10 M US Women / 7.5-9 M US Men

If you have one foot slightly longer than the other or your shoe is slightly longer in length and width, then you may experience heel slippage more often.

This issue can be successfully addressed with the use of custom orthotic insert or insole.

When you place these custom orthotic inserts inside your shoe or boot, your feet get secured fitting inside your footwear.

The heels are tightly locked inside the shoe due to the use of these orthotic inserts.

One more trick to this method is to use the toe area of the orthotic insole and insert it underneath your current shoe insole.

This will further secure and lockdown your feet inside the shoe.

Your heels will be more secured this way and it will not allow them to slide out of your shoes.

One of the best custom orthotic insert that people often use is Superfeet Blue Insoles.

This Made in USA, anti-bacteria coated and latex-free orthotic insert offers more comfort.

It also prevents heel slippage in heels, shoes and boots pretty easily.

Click Here to Check Out Superfeet Blue Insoles for Your Boots and Shoes.

9. Attach Tongue Pad

Attaching a reliable tongue pad below the tongue area of your shoe or boot will do the trick too.

By using the tongue pad inside your shoe, your arches are automatically tightened inside the shoe.

This method secures your heels strongly and prevents heel lifting whenever you walk or run in your boots and shoes.

These tongue pads are usually made from soft cotton material and can be used in conjunction with your socks or even barefoot.

They are easily replaceable and can be used in any type of footwear with comfort.

You can find good quality tongue pad cushions on Amazon. Click Here to check them out.

Once attached below the tongue of your shoe, it gently pushes your foot back to the heel side of your shoe.

Kindly watch the following video which shows how to use tongue pads to prevent heel slippage in boots.

10. Wear Anti-Skid Non Slippery Socks

Vive Non Slip Hospital Socks (6) - Anti Skid Rubber Grip - Yoga for Men, Women

And the last remedy that I can recommend to you guys and girls is to wear non-slippery and anti-skidding socks.

These socks are usually made from breathable and latex-free material with rubber grip.

They prevent internal foot slipping and offers more comfortable walking and running experience.

You can even custom make them at your home.

There are lots of tutorials available on Youtube where you can learn how to make your current socks non-slippery and anti-skid with simple methods.

By wearing these types of socks, you can also avoid your heels to slip out of your shoes and boots.

I recommend you to try out Vive Non-Slip Socks which are great to solve this heel slippage issue.

Wrapping Up

So, I will now conclude this article by wrapping up all the 10 methods as described above.

I am sure you will find these 10 remedies really helpful.

I recommend you start with first method and then go on to the next one until you solve your heel slippage problem.

I wish you good luck and may God bless you.


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