Do Rainbow Sandals Stretch Out? – 10 Simple Tricks to Make Them Comfortable

  • By: Edmond Clark

​Yes, today I am talking about whether you can stretch your new or old Rainbow sandals to make them more comfortable to walk.

Do Rainbow sandals stretch out in reality? The direct answer to this query is to some extent “Yes”. But if your have got too tight or very small sized leather sandal, then its very difficult to make it normal sized with traditional shoe stretching techniques.

Stretching your Rainbow sandals or for that matter any other normal leather sandal is a tedious task.

You can make them comfortable to some extent by using few leather softening techniques that I have already mentioned in my earlier article of how to break in Rainbow sandals.

In this article, I will talk about few possible techniques that you can use to stretch your new Rainbows to some extent.

This will help you make them more comfortable and easier to walk into.

By doing this, you can also prevent blisters and other possible skin infections which could happen due to constant rubbing of tight sandal straps.

​10 Easy Rainbow Sandal Stretching Techniques

​1. Get Your Rainbow Sandals Wet

Rainbow Sandals Women's Single Layer Premier Leather Narrow Strap, Dark Brown, Ladies 10/9.5-10.5 B(M) US

Yes, you have heard it right. Don’t worry.

Water does not damage your leather sandals if you don’t expose them too much in the water.

Little amount of water does not create any issues for the leather material.

I have written an extensive guide about getting your Rainbow sandals wet with water. You can check it out here.

Basically, with water bottle spray, you can spray water on your very tight parts of sandal.

Make those tight areas wet with water and then simply walk in them around your house or outside for few minutes.

Just repeat this process for few days.

This method helps in softening the leather and thus it conforms to the shape of your foot quickly.

You will feel that your flipflop is getting more comfortable to walk day by day.

​2. Use Leather Moisturizer or Conditioner

Lexol 1108 pH-Balanced Leather Cleaner, 8 oz. by Lexol

​This is another great method you can apply at your home.

To stretch your new sandals to some extent, you can simply apply a good quality leather conditioner such as Lexol Leather Conditioner.

First sprinkle some water on your sandal, then apply this leather lotion with cotton balls.

Focus on more tight areas such as your leather straps and footbed.

Once applied completely, let it become dry. Repeat this process to get faster results.

This method is useful in softening the leather and thus stretching the sandals little bit in the process.

​3. Use ​Your ​Hair ​Dryer

Yes, hair dryer is a smart device which can be used for multiple purposes.

It is really helpful in stretching various types of leather, suede and canvas shoes at home.

You can use it to stretch your Rainbow sandals too.

Just place them in your bathroom while you take a bath.

Then use your hair dryer to warm your sandals with heat.

Now wear them and start walking in them for new few minutes.

Repeat this process till you get satisfactory results.

You can easily stretch your leather flip-flops this way and make them more comfortable to walk.

​4. Apply ​Dish ​Soap or ​Wax

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​Some people do make use of candle wax or beeswax on leather sandals.

Dish soap is another good remedy to soften and stretch your Rainbow leather flipflops.

Just apply the wax on the footbed and mainly on leather straps.

Let it dry for few minutes and rinse it with water. Repeat this process to get the desired stretching.

​5. Use Rubbing Alcohol and Vaseline

Vaseline and rubbing alcohol is a great combination to use on your leather flipflops.

First apply rubbing alcohol and then use Vaseline on your sandal footbed and straps.

This will make them soft and it will allow them to stretch gradually.

​6. Wear ​Pair of Thick Socks

​This is a tried and proven method. It can be used for all types of shoes, boots, sneakers and sandals.

Buy a good quality pair of thick socks and wear it on your feet. Now wear your sandals and start walking in them around.

Regular use of thick socks can help your sandal straps and footbed to become soft and comfortable after few days.

​7. Squeezing also Helps

​If you have just purchased a new pair of Rainbow sandal then use this method for sure.

Take a sandal in your left hand and try to squeeze it with your right hand as much as possible.

Focus on the footbed and straps more when you squeeze your flipflops.

You will need to manipulate a bit when squeezing your flip-flop.

Regular squeezing for few minutes for 7 days will make your sandal more soft, supple and comfortable.

​8. Use a Tennis Ball

​Tennis ball is another good trick you can perform to stretch the sandal straps.

Many people use it to make their leather sandals more comfortable for walking.

You just need to insert a tennis ball under the leather straps of your flip-flop.

Putting it for few minutes will lead to stretching of the straps in few days.

Instead of tennis ball, you can also use a plastic water bottle.

Just place it under the straps and keep it for few minutes every day to get the required softening.

​9. Use a Shoe Stretching Spray

Instant Comfort Liquid Shoe Stretcher Spray. Shoe stretch spray for leather used to instantly increase comfort and loosen the tight spots. For sneakers, loafers, sandals, and high heels. (4oz)

​There are quality leather shoe stretcher sprays available in the market such as Instant Comfort Liquid Shoe Stretcher Spray.

You just have to use this spray on the inside and outside of your sandal.

Regular use of this spray will soften the leather and will make it more comfortable to walk in.

This spray will also help to stretch out tighter areas of your Rainbow flip-flops.

This is really helpful in reducing painful blisters and foot pain which often happen due to wearing uncomfortable and tight footwear.

​10. Take Help from Professional Cobbler

​And the last solution is seeking help from your local cobbler.

Even after using all the above techniques, you don’t see the satisfactory results, then its time to pay a visit to your local professional shoe stretcher person.

He/she is the most qualified person to help in this issue.

Such professionals usually have the exact tools and techniques to stretch all types of shoes and sandals.

So, my recommendation is to ask for their help in case all the above methods fail in stretching your Rainbow sandals.


Stretching Rainbow sandals is a tricky and tedious task for many folks. It could be risky sometimes to try stretching out such expensive flip-flops.

But it is also important to safeguard your feet from unwanted foot blisters and foot pain.

I strongly recommend to try the above stretching methods because they are safe to try and will make your sandals more comfortable to walk.

Best of luck.