5 Best Waterproof Work Boots 2019 Review Update

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Best Waterproof Work Boots Review

How Should I Find Only The Best Waterproof Work Boots?

I am sure you are here just for the reason to find out the best pair of waterproof work boots. I know it can be a very daunting and time consuming task provided there are number of options to choose from. There are several online stores where you can purchase these waterproof work shoes at great discounts. But before you go buy any pair of shoes blindly online, it is best for you to make an informed decision based on the right knowledge and know-how about such types of boots.

What are The Primary Characteristics of Best Waterproof Work Boots?

There are few important characteristics which you should look for while purchasing any waterproof work shoe online. Those characteristics or features are as follows. Here is a little video explaining the most important features needed to be present in the waterproof work boots. Take a look.

1) Durability: Obviously, if you are going to shell out $100 – $500 on a waterproof work boot, you need to make sure it gives you the best returns on your investment. There are basically two types of work shoes you can choose from. The first is water resistant and the second one is waterproof.

Now if you care for the safety and maximum protection of your feet, you should definitely give preference to 100% waterproof boots. Water resistant shoes are ok but they are not good for longer duration wearing. Your feet may feel soggy after hours of working in the mud, water and ice in case you wear water resistant shoes.

Therefore, 100% waterproof work shoes is what you should be looking for while purchasing them online. These types of boots are obviously highly durable and provide highest ROI.

2) Highly Comfortable: The second feature of best work boots is their comfort factor. While at work, you need to wear such shoes for extended time period. There can be several hazardous conditions in which you might be working. In these conditions, your shoes must provide you maximum safety along with high comfort.

If you are not at all comfortable at work and experience aching feet then it is of no use wearing such work boots. When you go for shopping such types of shoes online, it is important to see that these shoes possess cushioned interiors and absorbing insoles. These features help you get maximum possible comfort for longer time period while you are at work.

3) Right Amount of Insulation: The third most important feature or a characteristic of best waterproof work boot is the good amount of insulation in the interior of the shoe. It is true that you need to keep your feet dry all the time while you work. But just keeping your feet dry is not sufficient in the cold and extreme weather conditions. Your feet must remain warm all the time at work.

This is only possible when you buy the work boot that provides highest possible insulation in the interiors. Therefore, good interior insulation is also the important feature of the best waterproof work boot.

4) Maximum Stability: At work, getting highest possible stability is crucial to avoid accidental falling down or sliding around on the ground. Using shoes that provide poor stability can increase chances of such accidents and possible injuries at work.

So, having shoes that offer highest stability should be your priority while buying them.  Best quality waterproof work boots possess slip resistant tread and outsoles. Such boots with slip-resistant tread and outsoles can greatly help you getting stability at work and avoid any potential body injuries at work.

5) Other Important Features: To get extra toughness and protection at work, your shoes must have steel toes. Having puncture resistant material for your boot can help you gain maximum safety and security for yourself. Therefore, steel toe waterproof work boot is preferable in case you want to have extra safety and protection at work. Here are some other buying tips that you must remember while shopping for these boots.

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Basic Types of Waterproof Work Boots

There are four primary categories of waterproof work shoes. For men, women, boys and girls; there are different models available online to choose from. Depending on the usage, there are four types of waterproof work shoes. Those are classified as plain toe, safety toe, slip and oil resistant and finally insulated shoes. Based on the manufacturing method, there are two primary classifications of waterproof shoes.

The primary factors that affect the manufacturing of these types of boots are barrier type, and protecting material type. The first category is known as shoes that are made from leather and taped seams. In this category, silicone is used for leather coating to prevent moisture.

In these boots, seams are taped from inside to avoid potential leaks. Another category is known as waterproof liners. In this category, the special waterproof barriers are directly built inside the shoes to avoid dampness and wetness. Such types of shoes with waterproof liners like Gore-Tex are usually best for keeping your feet dry and they are highly durable in nature too.

There are lots of popular shoes brands that provide such types of boots at great discounts. Boot manufactures such as Wolverine, Timberland, Ariat, Rocky, Caterpillar, Danner, Justin, and many others provide quality 100% waterproof work shoes. Depending on the characteristics and features we have already provided above, we have come up with our own top 15 best waterproof work boots for 2014. Take a look at the list  above and choose your favorite one.

Primary Benefits of Waterproof Work Boots

I don’t have to tell you about the importance and significance of waterproof work shoes. But for those who want detailed overview, I am providing some of the most essential benefits of such types of boots. The first benefit is their durability. They are highly durable and long lasting in hazardous work conditions like snow, extreme cold, heat, rainy season, etc.

The second thing is they are really comfortable and provides great cushioning to your feet. The third thing is they are 100% waterproof which means your feet remain dry and warm all the time while working. Fourth benefit is good amount of traction on the outsoles and insoles.  Fifth benefit is great support and safety for your ankles and feet. Sixth benefit is the great flexibility and stability.

And last but not the least benefit is their water, oil, chemical, abrasion, heat and slip resistant soles. Now that we have covered most of the benefits of these shoes, let’s go through the review of the top 5 waterproof work boots available today in the market.

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Reviews of Top 5 Waterproof Work Boots

No. 1: Ariat Men’s Ironside H20 Waterproof Work Boot

 This is our no.1 pick based on various features we have discussed above. These shoes are highly comfortable and lightweight in nature. They are equipped with ATS (Advanced Torque Stability) which provides them highest possible stability while working in the mud, ice, water, etc.

Its unique feature is its Easy-on-U-Turn Entry hidden flex gore which provides high arches and wide widths.  It also provides great cushion for feet which results in lower fatigue and provides good posture. Ariat waterproof work boots offer great amount of torsional stability and good cushioning decreases impact stress on hips, lower back and knees. These 100% waterproof work shoes also possess good amount of breathability.

Verdict:  4.6 Customer Ratings.

Moderate Cost and Highly Durable and Comfortable Shoes.

Outstandingly Recommended.

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No. 2: Danner Men’s Radical 452 GTX Outdoor Boot

No. 2 in our top 15 boots list is Danner men’s radical 452 GTX outdoor shoe. Its made up of high quality full grain nubuck leather material. They are equally comfortable and provide safety to feet while working in hazardous conditions. Its scuff-proof toe cap provides additional protection for your feet.

It has highly breathable fabric accents which provide extra comfort and stability. This shoe is also great for hiking and backpacking in wet weather conditions. It has special Terra Force midsole which offer maximum support, comfort and stability to your feet in slippery conditions.

Verdict: 4.6 Customer Ratings.

Moderately Priced and Highly Comfortable and Provides Good Stability.

Greatly Recommended

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No. 3: Chippewa Men’s 9 Inch Waterproof Steel-Toe Super Logger Boot

Chippewa waterproof work boots are our no. 3 pick which comes very close to above Danner and Ariat shoes in terms of comfort and stability factors. It is made up of high quality Goodyear leather welt material.

This 100% waterproof lather material keeps your feet dry and warm. It also protects you from any injuries while working in the mud, snow, rain and sleet, etc. It is possible to get good traction and stability due to its thick treaded rubber outsole.

Verdict: 4.6 Customer Ratings.

Slightly Higher on The Price Point.

But Still Worth Every Penny. Highly Recommended.

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No. 4: Wolverine Men’s Buccaneer 6 Inch Contour Welt/Waterproof Boot

Its our no.4 most favorite waterproof work boot. Wolverine work boots are some of the most cost effective and highly flexible shoes in this category. Its Wolverine Contour Welt construction is responsible for achieving great flexibility.

Its rubber sole is completely waterproof, abrasion, chemical and slip resistant in nature. These shoes provide you great comfort at the same time because of thick cushioning in the footbed. Wolverine work boots have stitched welt and round soft toe that offer safety and security for your feet.

Verdict: 4.5 Customer Ratings.

Highly Cost Effective and Comfortable in Nature.

Moderately Recommended.

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No. 5: Georgia Boot Men’s Flex Point 6 Inch Work Boot

This Georgia waterproof work boot is made up of waterproof SPR barnyard acid resistant leather material. Its padded collar provides great comfort while working in the muddy and rainy conditions. This boot provides good traction and support for your feet due to its full leather construction.

It has moisture wicking lining which keep your feet cool and dry while working. This shoe also possesses a slip-resistant rubber outsole that is responsible for getting good stability and support during your work. People who are constantly walking at their job should wear this boot because it has some of the most flexible soles available.

Verdict: 4.5 Customer Ratings.

Medium Cost Shoes.

Highly Stable and Flexible in Nature.

Moderately Recommended.

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So, these are our top 5 best waterproof work boots reviews. There are great discounts available on these shoes at Amazon.com. You can visit the site to make your purchase now.

  1. I’m absolutely in love with these!! I ordered a size down and they fit perfectly. I’m thinking maybe some of the other reviewers didn’t unbuckle the strap? I loosened it and my feet slide in and out with ease! Very durable and comfortable. I love these!

  2. Today, there are a number of safety and non slip shoe designer and manufacturer. It’s up to you what to choose. Competition arises. The question is, does the product affordable? Does the life span of the product longer than others?

  3. How come none of these sites review Red Wings? I wear the 604’s, waterproof and American made. I would never wear anything else.

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