Top 7 Best Clarks Desert Boots Review 2019 Updated

  • By: Vishal Mahadik
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Why Clarks Desert Boots are Highly Recommended?

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Looking for the top quality desert boots? is presenting its latest reviewed supreme quality desert boots manufactured by none other than the best in the business.

There is no need to make any special research for finding the finest brand when it comes to best desert boots. Yes, you have already known it and its Clarks Desert Boots.

Since last 60 years or more, Clarks is producing top notch desert boots that are classic in looks and at the same time, they have gone through lots of quality testing.

Whether you want to wear for your everyday routine work or you want to go on a date, these chukka styled Clarks desert boots perfectly suit the situation. If you want to check out our top waterproof chukka boots then click here to check them out now.

Yes, of course, they are specially made for the people who want strong, durable, and reliable boots for roaming in all types of environments.

But at the same time, you can wear them on your regular days and while you are outdoors either playing with your friends or working at your office. In short, these boots are dynamic and versatile in nature.

What Makes Clarks Desert Boots Superior over Other Brands of Desert Boots?

CLARKS Men's Bushacre 2 Chukka Boot, Black Waxy Leather, 7 Medium US

The very first thing is that it is very cost effective. Most of the Clarks desert boots are available at the price not more than 100 bucks. You can buy them cheaply at popular online stores such as

When you wear these boots, you will experience that there is no fixed break-in period. You can start wearing them right out of the box and you will feel really comfortable after wearing them.

The sole of these Clarks desert boots is really flat and its suede is of high quality. When it comes to durability, you won’t believe how longer you can wear them on a regular basis without getting any kind of discomfort and boot damage.

Yes, they are highly durable and they are exceedingly comfortable too. At the same time, these boots are very stylish and looks way cooler when you wear them with jeans or khakis along with a t-shirt or a dress shirt.

The more you start wearing these boots, more you will feel that they are becoming an integral part of your foot. They perfectly suit for both kinds of people who like to wear casual and dress apparel.

So we highly recommend you to give them a try and get your first hand experience after which you will come to know the real value and authenticity of Clarks Desert Boots.

Here  is a sweet short video which explains the history and in-depth review of Clarks Desert Boots. Take a look.

​How to Wear Clarks Desert Boots The Right Way?

CLARKS Men's Desert Boot 261382 Chukka, Olive Suede, 070 M US

Desert boots are also known as Chukka boots by lots of folks. Clarks is well-known brand when it comes to manufacturing best quality desert boots.

Essentially they are ankle boots. These boots do have certain type of lacing and tongue as opposed to Chelsea boots.

Most of these boots are made from suede leather material which looks cool and stylish. Now, when it comes to style, there are basically four ways you can wear these boots to look awesome yourself.

Those 4 styles are as follows.

1. T-shirt and Distressed Jeans: Wear a simple t-shirt and distressed jeans with black or brown belt. This casual wear is perfect for brown or tan coloured Clarks desert boots. If you want to know how to match your shoes with your pant and belt then
check out this article.

2. Khakis and Denim Jacket: These Chukka or desert boot also look really cool with Khakis, denim jacket, light blue oxford shirt and black belt. Denim jacket and khakis are damn good combination with chukka boots.

3. Light Sweater and Dark Jeans: This is yet another deadly combination for your amazing brown colored suede Clarks desert boots. A light brown sweater, dark blue jeans and brown belt with your brown desert boots is the perfect combination to go out with your date or to hang out with your friends.

4. Black Jacket and Washed up Jeans: This is the last but in my opinion; the best looking style you can adopt for your Clarks chukka boot. Simple washed up jeans, light t-shirt, black belt and stylish black leather jacket will make you a really stylish and awesome guy in the public.

This style is best for black colored desert boots. If you want best quality black waterproof chukka boots then check out this buying guide.

To see all these awesome styles in action, kindly watch the following video. You will understand how to wear these boots with different styles of clothes.

Reviews of Top 7 Clarks Desert Boots:

1. Clarks Originals Men’s Desert Boot

Clarks Originals Men's Desert Boot,Beeswax,10 M US

The history of ​Clarks Originals Men’s Desert Boots dates back to the Second World War. In this war, British Army was in desperate need of strong and highly durable boots that can withstand hot weather of any desert conditions.

These Clarks Desert Boots are inspired by those crepe-soled desert boots that were used by British officers at that time. Since that time period, it is still one of the best and the most respected desert boots in the market.

Though their appearance is elegant and plain, they offer number of amazing features and capability to withstand any type of diverse weather conditions.

Clarks Originals Desert Boot comes with genuine plantation crepe outsole which provides you a great comfort while you wear them all the time of the day.

It has a leather covered EVA footbed that keeps your feet dry and comfortable throughout a day. Its suede lined counter gives high stability for your heels.

This chukka style boot also possesses a high quality leather upper along with a two eyelet lace-up which gives you a casual style and thus it can be used along with jeans and khakis too.

Pros: The very first positive thing about this Clarks desert boot is it is highly comfortable and durable in nature. The boot looks very classy and rugged.

You can wear it along with your informal jeans and khakis which is awesome thing for us. Plus there is absolutely no break-in period for these boots.

Considering the price range, they are really cost effective and provide best returns on your investment.

Cons: This Clarks Originals Desert Boot is made up of suede leather upper and thus it can easily be exposed to dirt and mud. So you need to take constant care of your boots and try to protect them from muddy and dirt region.

However, you can make use of suede protector spray to keep your boots safe from dirt. One more thing to mention is that you need to select one size lesser than your actual foot size.

Final Verdict: Highly Recommended Desert Boots for Everyone Who Loves Casual and Highly Comfortable, Durable Boots To Wear on a Regular Basis.

Click Here to See Reviews and Price of ​Clarks Originals Men’s Desert Boot.​

2. Clarks Originals Women's Desert Boot

Clarks Women's Desert Boot,Oakwood,7.5 M US

When it comes to style and comfort, many women tend to go for the quality desert boots. If you are a lady who loves showing off classic styled desert boots with new features, then you must opt for ​Clarks Originals Women’s Desert Boot​.

Clarks women’s desert boots represent top notch quality material, great comfort, authenticity and amazing personal look and style.

This Clarks women’s desert boot is equipped with natural crepe rubber sole which gives you flexible cushioning and great support for your feet. Its flexible and soft upper is either made up of high quality leather, suede or canvas.

Its footbed comes with shock absorbing foam which is great for protecting your feet in high performance activities. Its insole is made up of thick and removable foam.

Plus the outsole is made up of cushy crepe material. This gives you high comfort and durability for sure.

Pros: This Clarks desert boot has a rugged appeal and its welt stitching and rounded toe gives it a modern style and look. The boot is highly comfortable, flexible and durable due to its quality construction.

The fitting is good and you can even use socks along with the boot. The boot is highly versatile and dynamic when it comes to regular usage. You can use them for casual wear, during traveling, and while walking for longer period of time.

Cons: The boot is somewhat inconvenient to break in quickly if you choose the wrong sized boot. So choose your size wisely while going for these boots.

The good news is you can make this boot right sized even when you choose the smaller sized one by keeping a water-filled ziplock bag inside the boot and freezing it for at least 24 hours.

Some people may experience lesser arch support and cushion softness when using all the time of the day. Besides these drawbacks, Clarks desert boots for women are great option.

Final Verdict: Again These Clarks Desert Boots are Highly Recommended for Women Who Love Style, Looks, and at the Same Time Versatile Usage of the Boot.

Click Here for The ​Price and Reviews of Clarks Originals Women’s Desert Boot.​

3. Clarks Men's Bushacre 2 Boot​

Clarks Men's Bushacre 2 Chukka Boot, dark tan leather, 7 Medium US

Do you really want to impress your office colleagues, friends and relatives with stylish and classic desert boots? Then Clarks Men’s Bushacre 2 boot is the one you are looking for. 

This is much more advanced and fashionable boot as compared to its predecessors like Clarks Originals Men’s Desert Boots. This is the boot that clearly looks manly, rugged, as well as refined by nature.

Whether you want to wear your desert boots for office with informal apparels or you wish to wear them along with your favorite jeans, these Bushacre 2 boots are perfect fit for you. Its brown leather upper is really lightweight and made up of either suede or beeswax material.

You will feel really low amount of stress while you wear these boots all the time of the day due to its top class leather quality.

This specially designed men’s chukka styled boot also comes with two-eye lace closure along with the reinforced metal eyelets.

This boot is highly comfortable at the same time; thanks to its cushioned footbed and soft synthetic lining. It also provides your feet great shock absorption because of its synthetic crepe sole.

Pros: This​ Clarks ​Bushacre 2 Boo​t is exceedingly comfortable, durable, and supportive for your feet. At the same time, it is highly stylish and fashionable desert boot which offers a good stability and cushioning. 

Its leather looks very badass and manly and most men love this kind of rugged leather looks. Whether you are on a date, or you are traveling, or working at your office or you are in your casuals, these boots perfectly match your personality and situation.

Cons: Some people report that the boot gets dirt very quickly due to its oiled leather upper. Now it can be somewhat inconvenient for some people to clean the boots on a regular basis if they are working in muddy or dirt regions.

Some customers tell that the shaft is somewhat small for such type of desert boot. Other than these weaknesses, there are no major issues with these boots.

Final Verdict: This Clarks Bushacre 2 ​footwear is Extremely Recommended for People Who Love to Wear Highly Stylish, Comfortable and Durable Chukka Styled Desert Boots.

Click Here for The Latest ​Reviews and ​Price of Clarks Men’s Bushacre 2 Boot.​

​4. Clarks Women's Desert ​Boot Ankle Bootie​

Clarks Originals Women's Desert Lace-Up Boot,Beeswax,6.5 M US

Again this one is much similar to Clarks Originals Women’s Desert Boots in terms of looks. But when it comes to features, this Clarks Women’s Desert ​Boot Ankle Bootie is more stylish and classic by nature.

If you are looking for highest comfort and minimal lacing in a desert boot then this is the ideal choice for you.

Breaking in these boots is much more convenient for most women. You will love its soft, supple suede and comfortable leather upper when you start wearing it.

The boot has a genuine plantation crepe outsole which is greatly comfortable and shock absorbent.

The support you get from the leather-covered EVA insoles is unparalleled. The boot keeps your feet dry and warm in all types of harsh terrains and in hot temperatures. Your heels get high amount of stability while walking with these boots, say thanks to its suede lined counter.

If you have problem feet like bunions or plantar fasciitis, you can definitely wear these boots with great confidence because it offers wide toe box.

Pros: This​ Clarks Women’s ​Ankle Bootie is highly classic, stylish and great fit for casual wears. Its beeswax leather upper looks really good and vintage styled.

After you start wearing these boots few times and they start to worn a bit, you can pretty much make them conformed to your feet. At the same time, the boot is really comfortable, flexible, durable and breathable.

Cons: Do not go for larger sized boots as they tend to curl up at the toe and you might end up tripping while walking. Buy only right sized boot in order to avoid further inconvenience.

The boot leather upper also attracts mud and dirt which is something you need to be careful while walking in the dirt and muddy regions.

Some people might also experience larger toe box because of their smaller foot size. Few customers have reported that the instep of these boots is too tight to wear.

Some women will really like them while some may not. It all depends on your own tastes and preferences.

Final Verdict: The overall customer reviews for these Clarks Women’s Desert ​Ankle Bootie is mixed one. We do recommend you to use these boots only when you really like the quality desert boots that have lace-up system.

Click Here for The Latest ​Reviews and ​Price of Clarks Women’s Desert ​Boot Ankle Bootie.​

5. Clarks Originals Men's Desert Trek ​Chukka Boot

Clarks Originals Men's Desert Trek Oxford,Beeswax ,7 M

This Clarks Originals Men’s Desert Trek ​Chukka Boot is somewhat different in looks and style when compared with its original predecessor.

Since last 30 years or so, this boot is making its wave amongst most men who are looking for unique designed and retro styled boot.

This boot has lots of unique features like its roomy toe box, unique signature center stitched seam, a genuine plantation crepe outsole, unique 2-eye ankle-high design and many others.

Its wide toe box is perfect for men who want to avoid squished toes and want to safeguard any foot related ailments like bunions and plantar fasciitis.

Its crepe outsole gives support and comfort for your feet. The boot also has a high quality leather covered EVA footbed which keeps your feet dry and comfortable all the day.

Like the women’s desert lace-up boot, this one also has suede-lined counter that provides high heel stability.

Pros: If you want high comfort, durability, unique style and retro looks then go for this ​Clarks Originals ​Desert Trek ​Boot​. These boots are great to wear along with your jeans and casual clothes.

You can use them all the day without getting any discomfort and pain. At the same time, considering the number of features present in this boot, the price for it is really apt and highly affordable.

Cons: Some of the consumers have reported that there is no sufficient arch support for these boots. The sole of this boot is somewhat flat and it is unable to provide any cushioning while walking.

If you are a person who likes less cushy soles and want to feel the touch of the ground, then this boot is perfect choice for you. Other than these issues, the boot is really comfortable and durable to wear on a regular basis.

Final Verdict: Some people have really loved this Clarks desert boot for men while some have disliked the boot. But according to our research data, most consumers have provided really high ratings for this boot.

So we really feel that all these people can not go wrong at once. This is why we recommend you to try these boots first and only then draw your conclusions.

Click Here for The Latest ​Reviews and ​Price of Clarks Originals Men’s Desert Trek ​Chukka Boot.​

6. Clarks Men's ​Jinx Oxford Desert Boot

Clarks Men's Desert Boot,Jamaican Black Suede,9.5 M US

If you are searching for high comfort and stylish looking dress boot then go for these Clarks Men’s ​Jinx Oxford Desert Boots. Just like the original Clarks Men’s desert boot, this boot is also equipped with high quality leather upper along with conventional lacing closure. 

This stylish boot comes with flexible crepe sole and leather suede lined counter which gives your heels higher stability while walking and running.

Its EVA footbed is useful for keeping your feet dry and comfortable.

Not just this EVA footbed but its specially designed genuine plantation crepe outsole is very effective in providing the best possible comfort for all the day. This boot is a very good match for your casual outfits.

Pros: The first promising thing about ​Clarks Men’s ​Jinx Oxford Boot​ is its lightweight and comfort features. The second thing is they are highly stylish and at the same time highly durable in nature. 

The third thing is they are highly versatile and dynamic from the user’s perspective because they can be used anywhere whether you are partying or playing games outdoors or working in the office.

At the same time, the boot is a great fit along with thick socks and its crepe sole is comfortable while walking on the hard floors.

Cons: The only potential issue you might face with these boots is their size factor. You could order wrong sized boot that can be a bit larger than your actual size of the foot.

This is why; you need to be careful while ordering them online. Just make sure that you order one size smaller than your actual size.

Final Verdict: Highly Recommended Clarks Desert Boot For People Loving Clarks Brand and Looking for Highly Classic Styled and Comfortable and Durable Chukka Style Boot.

Click Here for The Latest ​Price and Reviews of Clarks Men’s Jinx Oxford Desert Boot.​

7. Clarks Men's Desert Mali Boot​

CLARKS Originals Men's Black Leather Desert Mali 10.5 D(M) US

Do you like rugged and military style desert boots? Clarks Men’s Desert Mali Boots display extremely rugged charm and modern polishing.

This boot is very famous due to its great quality foam insole, crepe midsole and outsole. There are so many great reviews about this boot on the popular online shopping portals.

This is why it is one of the highest selling Clarks desert boots on the market at present.

Its cow suede or leather upper is highly comfortable and flexible which comes with conventional lace-up system. When you wear this boot, you will know that it is very easy for on-off wearing and fits perfectly to the feet.

The boot also protects your feet from dampness, moisture and cold; thanks to its sheepskin lining.

Its cushioned foam insole is highly comfortable and naturally massages your feet while walking. The crepe midsole of Clarks Men’s Desert Mali boot is shock absorbent and offers good cushioning to the feet.

The boot is at the same time equally durable due to its genuine plantation crepe outsole.

Pros: The biggest advantage of this ​Clarks ​Desert Mali Boot​ is its rugged military style and high comfort. The boot is extremely durable, lightweight and flexible at the same time. 

It also fits true to size and supports ankles very well. The break-in period is very less as compared to the other desert boots and its construction is really strong. Thus the boot is really worth your money.

Cons: Certain people have reported that sometimes the boot is bit noisy. Few customers have also said that the boot provides low traction on snowy surfaces.

Few have mentioned that the sole of the boot wears quickly which not many people have mentioned in their reviews. This means it may be the case for very few people.

But for majority of the people, the boot is highly durable and stable in nature.

Final Verdict: Greatly Recommended Clarks Desert Boots for Those Who Love to Wear Durable, Comfortable, Modern Styled, Highly Supportive Desert Boots.

​Click Here for The Latest Customer Reviews and Current Discounted Price of Clarks Men’s Desert Mali Boot.​

Bottom Line

​​When it comes to style, authenticity, history and looks, Clarks Desert Boots are among the best performing boots in the market.

​If you really love this brand and are looking for top quality stylish desert boots then these seven boots perfectly match your requirements.

​I wish you good luck in your quest.

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