Top 10 Best Shoes for Zumba Dance Workout Reviews Updated for 2019

  • By: Edmond Clark

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​According to this ​article, ​a regular zumba dance workout can certainly help you lose weight, reduce blood sugar levels, and tone your muscles. But to perform this dance routine properly, you need ​a zum​ba dance shoe that can provide better stability, flexibility and comfort for your feet. 

So, if you are searching for such shoes, then you have reached the right page. ​

I have done some updates to this guide recently. Here are my carefully researched and analyzed list of Top 10 Best Shoes for Zumba Workout for the year 2019.

Reviews of Top 10 Best Shoes for Zumba Dance Workout

No. 10: New Balance Women’s 811 Training Shoe

New Balance Women's 811 Training Shoe

New Balance is one of the very few well known Made in USA shoe manufacturer companies working for more than 75 years now.

Quality craftsmanship and completely local manufacturing of shoes are one of their strengths. New Balance is creating special Zumba shoes such as this one since so many years.

At no. 10, we have ranked New Balance Women’s 811 Training Shoe as one of the best Zumba shoes in the list. This cross-training shoe is primarily known as an athletic shoe.

But it can be used for Zumba and other dance workouts too. Most of the features of any best Zumba shoe as mentioned ​in the buying guide section are present in this shoe.

It has a ​tape-inspired mesh upper which is very lightweight and highly breathable. Its lace-up closure is also very comfortable. It has ​“cush+” midsole acting as a great cushioning which is firm and flexible in nature.

​Although ​th​is shoe doesn’t have pivot point outsole, it still has a great support for performing cross training, zumba dancing workout and HIIT type workouts too. ​This sole is great for comfortable and flexible Zumba dance movements. All in all, this shoe is highly comfortable, stable, flexible, lightweight and ideal for high impact Zumba classes.

Verdict: Our No. 10 most recommended Zumba shoe. Great for beginner level dancers who want good comfort, flexibility and breathability in a dance shoe.

Click Here For Latest Reviews and Price of New Balance Women’s 811 Training Shoe.

No. 9: ASICS Women’s GEL Fit Vida Fitness Shoe

ASICS Women's GEL Fit Vida Fitness Shoe

When it comes to technical advancements and athletic performance, ASICS stands at the very top amongst all other shoe manufacturing brands. This company was first established in Japan in the year 1949 by a visionary person named as Mr. Kihachiro Onitsuka.

In 1977, the company started its operations in USA. Since then this brand has never looked back and has been producing some of the finest quality athletic shoes and the other lifestyle products.

ASICS Women’s GEL Fit Vida Fitness Shoe lives up to its expectations very well. It has several built-in features that are most suitable for new Zumba dance enthusiasts.

It fits well and is very lightweight in nature. ​The outsole of this ASICS shoe comes with a pivot point, forefoot flex-groove, and 4 traction pods. All of these unique features gives you great dexterity, grip and ​support during high Zumba dance activities.

It has a full-length EVA foam midsole which is great for support and comfort. The shoe also has a dance pivot point which provides you full flexibility and agility during dancing sessions.

Along with these features, it offers ​medium level arch support which is not that great. ​In spite of its thick sole, the shoe is still very lightweight and comfortable. Overall, it’s a great Zumba shoe specifically designed for new Zumba starters.

Verdict: ASICS brand is good for new and beginner level Zumba dancers. Its lightweight material and ​pivot point sole gives you great support and stability along with great comfort. Recommended for all Zumba beginners.

Click Here For Latest Reviews and Price of ASICS Women’s GEL Fit Vida Fitness Shoe.

​No. 8: ​PUMA Women’s Soleil Leather Fashion Sneaker

PUMA Women's Soleil Leather Fashion Sneaker

PUMA is a global athletic shoe brand which is known for its revolutionary shoe designs and technical innovations. It is producing highest quality athletic shoes since so many years now.

It’s specially made dance shoes are very popular among several men and women all over the world.

​PUMA Women’s Soleil Leather Fashion Sneaker is well known and has got several good reviews from the customers across the globe. Its slim silhouette and synthetic upper design make it a very lightweight and comfortable in nature.

This shoe is very slim looking and stylish as well. Its rubber sole gives you adequate grip while performing various Zumba dance movements.

The shoe also has an EcoOrtholite ​sockliner which provides great comfort and it is also good for people having various foot ailments such as plantar fasciitis and bunions. It has a spin spot at the base of the foot that gives you enough flexibility and agility for quick dance movements such as spins, splits, and twists, etc.

The only downside about these shoes is they are little narrow sized. People with low foot size can grab this PUMA shoe without any second thought.

Verdict: If you are looking for great shoe design, aesthetics, comfort, lightness and overall build then this PUMA shoe is great for your Zumba dance classes. Recommended for Starters as well as Medium Level Zumba Dancers.

Click Here For Latest Reviews and Price of ​PUMA Women’s Soleil Leather Fashion Sneaker.

No. 7: Sansha Motion Dance Sneaker

Sansha Motion Dance Sneaker

Sansha shoe brand is world famous for its vast collection of footwear categories such as jazz shoes, stage boots, soft ballet shoes, limited edition footwear, pointe shoes, teacher’s shoes, street dance footwear and tap shoes, etc.

The founder of this company named as Raoul-Duval produced the first split-sole ballet slipper in the year 1982. Since then Sansha brand has never looked back and manufacturing all kinds of dance shoes from hip-hip, jazz to ballroom and Zumba dance shoes.

If you are an advanced level Zumba dancer, then Sansha Motion Dance Sneaker is the best choice for your regular practice. This shoe is known for its rubber split sole which gives you full range of flexibility and comfort while dancing.

Its mesh upper is highly breathable and comfortable in nature. It also has an air cushioning sole which offers an additional level of comfort and support for your heels and legs.

The grip provided by this Sansha shoe is sufficient for non-slip dancing. The shoe is very lightweight and fits perfectly provided that you have selected the right sizing for your feet.

The only thing you need to be aware that you have to read the size specifications carefully before buying this shoe. This will help you in getting the right sized shoe without any issues.

Verdict: The split sole feature of Sansha shoe offers great flexibility and increases your overall range of motions during Zumba dance sessions.

Overall, this shoe is moderately recommended for people who are already practicing Zumba dancing workout since last few months. It is also recommended for advanced or more experienced and professional dancers.

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 No. 6: Nike Women’s Free 3.0 Studio Dance Shoe

NIKE Free 3.0 Studio Dance P Womens

As we all very well know that Nike is a really popular worldwide shoe brand that is in the business of design, development, manufacturing, and marketing of various types of top quality footwear globally. Nike is also producing superior dance shoes such as this one.

Nike Women’s Free 3.0 Studio Dance Shoe is a very popular Zumba dance shoe amongst several women. Its design is very attractive and it has a pivot point at the foot of the sole.

This is great for performing fast twists and turns without getting your legs cramped and injured. It possesses a ​low profile and minimal midsole that offers ​maximum flexilibility and support for quick lateral dance movements.​

The shoe also has a lightweight mesh as well as synthetic leather upper along with midfoot strapping. This is great for getting good support and balance during the dancing exercise routine.

Its ​rubber outsole comes with 3 pivot points which offer great lateral movements and traction for various tough dance movements. Overall, this Nike ​dance shoe is great for getting maximum comfort, flexibility, breathability and support for your legs for strenuous Zumba dance sessions.

Verdict: Nike ​Free 3.0 Studio Dance Shoe is really great for ​ladies looking for good arch support. This shoe will keep you injury free and release the stress from your knees and heels.

The shoe is also good for people who practice Zumba dance workout on the carpet surface. In essence, it is highly recommended Zumba dance shoe for people looking for great support and stability for their legs.

Click Here For Latest Reviews and Price of Nike Women’s Free 3.0 Studio Dance Shoe.

No. 5: Reebok Women’s Hayasu Training Shoe

Reebok Women's Hayasu Training Shoe

Reebok dance shoes are well known for their top notch quality and comfort features. Reebok company was basically founded by a visionary named as Joseph William Foster in the year 1890.

Since then, the company is producing superior footwear for distinguished athletes from all over the world.

Reebok Women’s Hayasu Training Shoe is our top no. 5 Zumba shoe in the list. The reasons are obvious for this ranking.

This shoe is based on ​moder​n neoprene bootie shoe construction technology developed by Reebok ​footwear company.  This shoe is excellent in terms of its lightweight and comfort features.

​Its 3D ultralite midsole is excellent in terms of getting durable and long term cushioning for your feet. It also makes this shoe really lightweight and durable in nature.

The shoe’s spin spots and turn zones on the outsole are excellent that helps you perform faster twists and turns without getting your legs injured during dancing classes.

​It comes with molded ortholite sockliner. It makes it more comfortable to use on a daily basis. Your feet remains pain free and injury free due to these kinds of sockliners while you perform various zumba dance movements.

The only downside of this shoe is it comes with little narrow toe box. This can be inconvenient for some people who are actively looking for roomy toe box feature in the Zumba shoe. Except this point, the shoe is excellent for Zumba dance professionals.

Verdict: This Reebok Zumba shoe is very good in terms of its shock absorption ability and great for practicing on wooden and hardwood floors.

Its pivot points also provide fantastic support, flexibility and comfort for your legs during Zumba dance sessions. Highly Recommended for People Looking for Reebok branded Zumba shoe which provides excellent support, comfort, flexibility, and protection for your feet.

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 No. 4: Zumba Women’s Impact Pulse Dance Shoe

Zumba Athletic Footwear Women's Dance Workout Sneakers Running Shoe, Black/Pink, 5

Today, Zumba Fitness is a global leader in terms of best Zumba classes and footwear varieties. Since 2001, the company is creating original music collections, apparel, video games, interactive fitness courses, and lots of footwear varieties. Zumba classes created by Zumba Fitness are being operated in more than 185 countries in these days.

Zumba Women’s Impact Pulse Dance Shoe is our no. 4 most popular Zumba shoe in the list. This shoe is really great in terms of its support and shock absorption for your feet.

Its mesh upper is highly breathable and the shoe is very lightweight. The shoe is also equipped with rubber outsole which has a ​comfortable and flexible design for smooth dance movements.

​Other unique features of this zumba shoe are z-slide technology and z-compress energy return system. Both these features provide great shock absorption and comfortable sliding while dancing on the floor.

The only weak point about this shoe is you need to add extra padding if you want more stability and large range of lateral movements. Its insole somehow lacks in providing proper comfort and cushioning for your feet.

So, you may have to replace it with another replaceable sockliner. Other than that, the shoe is highly comfortable and it looks very stylish and classy.

It will keep your feet dry and warm and will avoid excessive sweating during your Zumba workout sessions.

Verdict: If you want stylish, flexible, comfortable, lightweight and durable Zumba shoe then definitely go for this Zumba Fitness shoe.

Click Here For Latest Reviews and Price of Zumba Women’s Impact Pulse Dance Shoe.

 No. 3: Capezio Women’s DS24 Rockit Dance Sneaker

Capezio Women's Rockit Dancesneaker

Salvatore Capezio, the founder of Capezio footwear brand, started its operations in the year 1887 in New York City.

Capezio footwear products are of top notch quality and promote unique technological innovations such as the stretch-insert, unique split sole, Tapsneaker and Dansneaker features. Capezio Zumba shoes are famous for their superior quality, performance and other wealth of dance shoe features.

Capezio Women’s DS24 Rockit Dance Sneaker is really lightweight and highly comfortable in nature. The sizing of this shoe fits well and equivalent to street shoe sizing.

It has a flat and boxed toe for comfortable toe movements. Its padded Achilles notch gives you extra comfort while performing dance activities. The PU outsole of this shoe is equipped with built-in flex points and forepart pivot point.

This will help you to enhance your dance range motions and provide higher flexibility at the same time.

The shoe’s perforated arch gives you proper breathability and adequate ventilation to keep your feet dry and sweat free. Its EVA removable footbed gives you sufficient cushioning and split sole offers maximum agility and flexibility for faster dance movements.

The only downside for this shoe is you will have to purchase 1 size larger than your actual size requirements though they have mentioned the street shoe sizing.

Verdict: This is our No. 3 most popular Zumba Shoe in the list and it deserves its ranking. It is highly recommended for veteran Zumba dancers and who are practicing the dance style on the carpet area.

It is better to buy other shoes from this list if you want shoes suitable for hardwood floors.

Click Here For Latest Reviews and Price of Capezio Women’s DS24 Rockit Dance Sneaker.

 No. 2: Bloch Women’s Boost Dance Sneaker

Bloch Dance Boost DRT MESH Sneaker, Pink, 4.5 X(Medium) US

When it comes to technologically advanced dance shoes, Australian dance shoemaker brand named as Bloch stands at the very top position.

The founder, Jacob Bloch, first started the company operations in the year 1932 and since then the company is producing some of the finest and superior quality dance shoes. The special Zumba shoes produced by Bloch offer full comfort, high performance, protection and sustainability for the Zumba dancers.

Bloch Women’s Boost Dance Sneaker is our No. 2 most popular Zumba shoe in the list. Its mesh upper is highly breathable and lightweight in nature.

The shoe has a split sole which obviously provides higher flexibility for veteran dancers. Its variable lacing system gives your feet the needed support and elevation for your arch and legs.

The shoe has a very lightweight midsole with maximum cushioning support. The outsole offers optimum flexibility for the dancers.

Its spin spot gives you higher range of motions and you can even perform 360 degree spins with ease and comfort. The DRT cushioning heels of the shoe is best for shock absorption and comfort during high-performance dance activities.

Verdict: Bloch Zumba shoes are very highly recommended for seasoned and experienced Zumba dancers. With a sweet pivot point that offers you comfortable sliding and dancing, you can not go wrong here.

You can easily pivot without injuring your knees and ankles. If you are looking for a great supportive, comfortable, lightweight, and protective Zumba shoe then don’t miss the chance of buying this Bloch Zumba shoe.

Click Here For Latest Reviews and Price of Bloch Women’s Boost Dance Sneaker.

 No. 1: RYKA Women’s Exertion Shoe

RYKA Women's Exertion Shoe

Brown Shoe Company is the primary producer of Ryka shoes. This Ryka shoe brand has specifically focused its attention on women’s actual fitness needs and requirements.

All of Rkya footwear collections are made by keeping into account women’s roomier forefoot, a narrower heel, enhanced instep volume as well as secure footbed requirements. When it comes to excellent comfort, fit, support protection and cushioning, Ryka Zumba shoes are always at the no. 1 position.

There are several Ryka shoes that are best for Zumba dance styles. But one of them has really passed beyond our expectations. Ryka Women’s Exertion Shoe is our no. 1 best Zumba shoe in the ranking.

There are several reasons behind this top ranking. Exceptional fit and excellent comfort are the primary spotlights for this shoe.

The shoe is equipped with synthetic leather and mesh upper which offers highest possible breathability and comfort. Its traditional lace-up system along with padded tongue and collar gives you an excellent fit.

It also comes with Ortholite footbed and soft textile lining which offers great comfort and support for people with certain foot ailments such as bunions and plantar fasciitis.

Its EVA midsole and rubber outsole give you the right amount of traction and stability for your legs. The outsole has a distinctive pivot point or a spin spot which gives you more flexibility and full range of motions during Zumba dance classes.

Verdict: This particular Ryka Zumba shoe is an excellent all-rounder everyday use Zumba shoe. You can use it in your Zumba class or you can also wear it for your everyday routine.

It amazingly works both ways. The shoe gives you good comfort, flexibility, breathability and support for your arch, hips, knees, and heels. This is a very Highly Recommended shoe for people who are looking for dynamic and versatile Zumba shoe with almost all of the features built into one shoe.

Click Here For Latest Reviews and Price of RYKA Women’s Exertion Shoe.

​recommended articles for you

A Complete Buyer’s Guide for Choosing Best Zumba Shoes

What are Zumba Shoes?

As per the information provided on, Zumba is a special dance exercise program invented first in 1990s by the choreographer named as Alberto Perez. Zumba is the ideal mixture of aerobics and dance styles.

It consists of several dance styles such as salsa, mambo, hip-hop, samba, merengue, soca along with some moves of mixed martial arts. Later on, lunges and squats were also added in this dance exercise program.

The Zumba dance classes are becoming highly popular all over the world. Currently, it is being practiced in more than 185 countries and more than 15 million people opt for Zumba dance classes on a weekly basis.

Zumba Fitness is an official organization that markets Zumba training videos. Now if you want to perform these dance workouts, you definitely need a good pair of Zumba shoes.

Zumba dance requires you to perform various aerobic dancing styles. This involves high jumps, fast movements, body twists, cardio workouts on slow and fast music rhythms, etc.

If you really want to try out this exercise routine, then you must be ready to give your best efforts as it can burn your excess calories really fast and help you lose your weight quickly.

Now this type of training demands superior performance, flexible, comfortable and highly breathable shoes. Zumba shoes are specially designed footwear for carefully performing Zumba dance exercises.

These shoes prevent dance injuries to your hips, ankles, heels, and knees. In fact, you need to find the best shoes for Zumba if you ever want to practice this workout with safety and thus safeguard yourself against exercise injuries.

Can You Do Zumba Workouts without Shoes?

Performing Zumba dance moves without shoes is certainly possible. However, going barefoot while executing these dance moves create high impact on your hips, ankles, knees and feet.

Best Zumba shoes provide greater safety and stop injuries while you perform this exercise routine. Moreover, these shoes also support lateral movements and provide maximum possible comfort, breathability and flexibility during your workout routine.

Our careful research performed at forum indicates that maximum number of people give preference to using safe and best Zumba shoes. So it is best in your interest to use quality footwear while performing Zumba dance workouts.

What Kind of Shoes are Best for Zumba Dance Workout?

Now, when it comes to selecting proper Zumba shoes for workout, you need to know various available options out there. You do not need to just go for Zumba Fitness footwear products.

Rather, it is ok if you initially start your practice with your regular running shoes, walking shoes or cross training shoes. Some people even start Zumba practice with dance shoes such as jazz shoes.

Some women even use cheerleading shoes and minimalist shoes for this kind of exercise routine. I have seen people using tennis as well as volleyball shoes for such kind of dance workouts.

Now what kind of shoes you must wear for Zumba practice entirely depends on your own tastes and preferences.

If you are a beginner, it is best for you to start practicing with your current pair of shoes. After some time, you will realize that you certainly need more advanced and quality pair of shoes that can provide you proper cushioning and support to your legs.

It is also important to keep your knees, hips, ankles and heels safe from injuries during such strenuous workout routine. That’s why after few weeks of your practice, it is highly recommended that you buy the best shoes for Zumba workout which are provided in the very beginning part of this article.

What Characteristics and Features Should I Look for While Choosing Best Zumba Shoes?

When it comes to finding the best footwear for Zumba dance classes, you need to know what you really want out of your shoes. Many people select wrong shoes and then repent over their decision. It is better to educate yourself well in advance in order to take informed buying decisions.

Before selecting any Zumba shoe or a sneaker, you need to know what are the features and characteristics of these types of footwear products. After careful research, we have come up with some of the most important features that are essential in a good pair of Zumba shoes. Read further to acknowledge them.

15 Primary Features of Quality Zumba Shoes

1) Very Lightweight in Nature:

In most Zumba dance classes you need to perform for at least 45-60 minutes every day. Zumba dance exercise demands fast movements with high aerobic activities.

In such an exercise routine, you must be very light on your feet while dancing. That’s why your shoes for Zumba dance workout must not be bulky in terms of weight.

This is the first requirement that you should take into account while shopping for such types of dance shoes.

It is recommended to look for the thin cushioning sole, light padding as well as mesh-like upper when you purchase Zumba shoes. You will not feel tired and fatigued after you wear such lightweight Zumba footwear.

2) Comfortable:

Considering the overall time period for your everyday dance workout routine, it is essential for you to not get tired and uncomfortable during and after the workout.

While looking after the comfort factor, you must pay attention to the quality of the shoe material, the type of upper, availability of wide toe box and proper sizing of your feet. It is advisable to go for those shoes that are not very tight or do not fit well or even do not hurt your legs during dancing exercise session.

3) Highly Flexible:

Flexible footwear permits you to perform high range motions easily and without any unnecessary stress on your knees, hips, arches and ankles. You can comfortably perform various dance moves without any bodily injuries with the help of highly flexible Zumba footwear.

4) Availability of Pivot Points (Spin Spots):

As you might know, the fact that there are lots of body twists and turns involved in all forms of Zumba dance styles.

In such situations, if you wear shoes that have too much grip, it can injure your knees and ankles badly. It may happen that your foot gets stuck to the ground while performing rapid movements.

Your regular running or walking shoes usually have higher grip and exert a lot of strain on your knees and ankles during turning and twisting.

Normal shoes can make your knees sore and painful after your class session is over. On the other side, special Zumba shoes with pivot points or spin spots make your life a lot easier during these dance sessions.

There are specially designed pivot points or spin spots on the sole of the Zumba shoes. These spin spots help you to avoid such bodily injuries during workout sessions.

Such special Zumba footwear with pivot points allows you to perform safe turns and twists during dancing. They help your feet to turn along with your body at the same time without creating too much pressure on your knees and ankles.

5) Full Sole vs. Split Sole Type Shoes:

Now here are two different types of dance shoes you will get to see and use. The first type is full sole shoe and the second type is split sole shoe.

Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. It completely depends on your own needs and requirements when it comes to choose the particular type of sole shoe.

If you are a beginner level dancer and have just started practicing Zumba dance exercise, it is important for you to get full support for your knees, hips, arches and heels while dancing.

Full sole shoes provide great arch support and protection against bodily injuries during dancing sessions. Such shoes can also be augmented with orthotics and can be a great support for people with high arches and flat feet.

When you are new to Zumba dance, it is essential to wear full sole shoes in order to protect your arches and legs. Such shoes provide great support but lack in flexibility.

However, the flexibility of these types of special Zumba shoes is much more as compared to normal daily wear shoes.

On the other side, split sole shoes have two different soles; one for the heel and the other for the ball of the foot and toes. The arch support is present internally in the shoe that keeps your arches above the floor while dancing.

Such shoes provide less arch support and strength to your feet. However, if you are an advanced level Zumba dancer, you automatically develop a great strength in your legs and you do not need to wear full sole shoes anymore.

Split sole shoes provide great amount of flexibility for dancers. Absence of midsole offers you the much needed flexibility that can allow you to perform all types of dance maneuvers with ease and more comfort.

Go for these shoes if you have very strong legs and have already developed a great habit of Zumba dancing on a regular basis.

6) Right Amount of Grip but Not Too Slippery:

This feature is really important to have in the best Zumba footwear. Many people start with their daily wear normal running or walking shoe for Zumba dance sessions.

These shoes generally have very strong grip which can cause injuries when you twist and turn rapidly during dance sessions.

Zumba workout demands you to be very flexible, agile, as well as you must be ready to spin and move fast as per the rhythm changes.

For these activities, you should have the shoes that are not too sticky to the floor and not very much slippery either. The right amount of grip is essential in Zumba shoes.

Whether you dance outdoors, or on a carpet or on a wooden floor, you need to make sure that you are getting right grip and less slippery conditions by your shoes.

In this situation, you do not have to wear running sneakers or tennis shoes either because they are especially made to provide a solid grip on the surface.

Best Zumba shoes are made in such a way that they provide the right amount of grip which allows flexible movements without getting injured during dance exercise sessions.

If your shoes are found to be too slippery in nature, try to change them with the shoes that provide right type of grip with less slippery nature.

7) Sufficient Cushioning and Impact Support:

When you start Zumba classes, initially you will feel a very strong impact on your legs, hips, knees, ankles and heels due to consistent dancing workout sessions.

This impact must be reduced to a comfortable level at which your legs can bear them without getting pain and discomfort.

The type of surface you dance on does matter a lot. Whether you dance on a wooden floor, spring wood surface or a carpeted area or barefoot outdoors, it is important for you to think of support feature in your shoe.

The right amount of cushioning in your shoe is essential to get right support for your legs, knees, ankles, arches, hips, and heels.

What type of support you seek does also play an important role here. Do you need to support your painful ankles? Are you suffering from foot injuries or ailments such as plantar fasciitis and bunions?

If you are currently suffering from bunions then you certainly need specialized shoes for bunions. You need to have shoes that have the right cushioning soles and impact support system.

If you are just starting Zumba dance exercise and you are into high impact dance class, you must have shoes with lots of cushioning and impact support. This will avoid pain in your heels, hips and in the balls of your feet.

Some people also experience symptoms such as shin splints due to high impact dance workouts. You can avoid these painful experiences by wearing Zumba shoes with right cushioning soles and impact proof support system.

8) Proper Shoe Size:

If you look at usual dance shoes, they tend to be somewhat smaller in size. You will see that such shoes are 1 to 1.5 sizes smaller in nature. You do not need to wear socks along with such types of shoes.

Many people make mistake of buying smaller sized shoe when shopping for Zumba shoes. It is important to check carefully when you select size for your shoe. It is wise to select 1 size larger than your actual street shoe sizes when you shop for these Zumba shoes.

9) Dance Shoe Insoles:

Dance shoe insoles are actually additional accessories which will give you extra comfort. By spending few extra dollars, you will be able to enjoy your Zumba dance workout to the fullest. Look for such dance shoe insoles after you buy a suitable pair of Zumba shoes.

10) Highly Breathable:

Breathability is another most important factor that you must pay attention to while purchasing Zumba shoe. A shoe with thick cushioning soles, high heel counters and thick padding usually provide highest amount of breathability.

This will allow you to keep your feet sweat free and thus avoid early fatigue and discomfort.

The mesh design and type of material decides how much breathable your shoes are. Do not overlook this feature while deciding your next Zumba shoe.

11) Roomy Toe Box:

Some people suffer with foot ailments such as bunions and arthritis. For these people, it is very critical to have shoes that can provide wide toe box for comfortable toe movements.

If you are not comfortable during dancing sessions, you will not be able to perform to your full capability and thus you will not get your intended weight loss results.

Thus, it is important to look for shoes that come with a roomy toe box. Sufficient toe box space provides you the much needed flexibility and comfort for your toes during workout.

In most dance styles, you need to stretch out your toes. In these circumstances, you should be able to relax in your toes properly. This is why going for Zumba shoes with roomy toe box is a wiser decision.

12) Adequate Shock Absorption Ability:

Most of the Zumba dance styles require you to perform high jumps, twists, spins, and fast movements. In this condition, you need to punch hard through the floor while keeping your toes light.

Until and unless you become proficient in balancing and proper positioning your body, there is a great chance that you can hurt your heels, hips, knees, arches and toes.

In order to solve this issue, you can get a shoe with a thick cushioning sole. This will safeguard your feet and provide great amount of shock absorption.

These thick soles also offer you proper insulation and prevent leg injuries. However, they will also reduce your flexibility and comfort to some extent.

So the trade-off is that you choose the right Zumba shoe that comes with appropriate thick cushioning sole.

13) Suitable Sole Design:

Sole design of any Zumba shoe plays an important role in your everyday dance workout. The soles of your shoe must be very durable and strong enough to withstand all types of wear and tear conditions.

Low tread is what you should be looking for in your shoe insoles. At the same time, it must provide sufficient flexibility for your legs.

The comfort of your cushion insoles is also an important factor. If you go wrong here, you may become victim of Achilles tendon. This is why you should choose shoes with insoles having tight and solid cushioning.

14) Suitable Heel Counter for Stability:

Now having a good amount of heel counter is necessary for new and beginner level dancers. New dancers do not have strong tendons and muscles. But seasoned dancers usually have very strong muscles and tendons due to years of dance practice.

High heel counter is basically an integral part of the heel which adjoins the heel of your foot. Higher heel counter provides greater stability and avoid injuries by safeguarding your leg muscles and tendons.

However, it also restricts your movements and reduces flexibility to some extent. This is why, it is essential to choose the right amount of heel counter for your next Zumba shoe.

15) Stylish Looks:

In the end, the style and looks of your shoe also matter a lot. The shoes you are going to select must represent your personality and looks.

It is better to choose the shoe having attractive design and color which can help you enhance your image and impression.

6 Primary Types of Shoes for Zumba Workout

Zumba shoes are widely popular among women all over the world. There are basically six main categories that can be mentioned here where Zumba shoes can be classified into different types. Some of the primary types of Zumba shoes are provided as follows.

1) Zumba Shoes Based on Surface of Practice:

There are various high impact shoes available for Zumba dance workouts in the market. Some Zumba trainers make you dance in the indoors and some provide practice on the outdoor areas. Based on these conditions, Zumba shoes can be classified into indoor and outdoor shoes.

They are also classified based on the actual surface type. Some trainers use wooden floors while some make use of carpet area for dancing sessions.

Some even use hardwood floors. Therefore, Zumba shoes can also be categorized based on the surface type as mentioned above.

2) Zumba Shoes Based on Your Foot Condition:

Some people have certain foot ailments such as bunions and arthritis. For these people there are specially designed Zumba shoes available in the market.

You can find Zumba footwear made to protect your bad knees, your ankles, and your high arches too. There are shoes that are made to reduce the symptoms of ailments like plantar fasciitis and bunions.

Thus, you can choose shoes depending on your current foot condition. If you are suffering from certain foot ailments, it is best to consult with your doctor first.

Choose the right shoe and then only begin your Zumba practice. This will certainly help you to alleviate the symptoms of your foot ailment.

3) Zumba Shoes Based on The Type of Sole Used:

As mentioned earlier in the article, there are basically two main types of footwear available for Zumba enthusiasts based on the sole type. The first one is full sole shoe and the second one is split sole shoe.

If you are a beginner dancer, go for full sole shoe to get maximum cushioning and comfort for your legs. If you are more experienced and advanced level dancer, go for split sole shoe.

This shoe provides you greater flexibility and agility which is useful for comfortable and fast dance movements.

4) Zumba Shoes Based on Your Foot Size Requirements:

Depending on your actual foot size needs, you can choose different shoe brands. There are shoes available for people with flat feet, wide feet and extra wide feet.

Whenever you choose the size of your Zumba footwear, it is best to choose one size higher than the mentioned size in the product description.

Because most of the Zumba shoes tend to be smaller in sizes and you tend to make mistake of choosing the wrong sized footwear. Thus, based on the foot size requirements, you can find Zumba shoes for high top, wide feet, extra wide feet and flat feet.

5) Zumba Shoes Based on Type of Material Used:

The type of material used in your shoe does matter a lot. There are basically three primary types of materials used during manufacturing of such shoes.

The first type is leather, the second one is suede and the third one is animal-friendly material which is also known as vegan material. So Zumba shoes are also classified into leather, suede and vegan shoes.

6) Zumba Shoes Based on The Accessories Used:

In the end, Zumba footwear products are also categorized depending on the type of accessory you use for it. There are specially made sliders, gliders, slip-ons, socks and straps available in the market.

These accessories make your life much easier when performing various dance styles on different types of surfaces as mentioned above. It is best for you to make use of these accessories so that you can prevent injuries and enjoy dancing workout without any hassles.

What are the Real Benefits of Using Best Zumba Shoes?

There are several benefits related to regular use of these types of shoes. Some of the primary ones are given as below.

1) The shoes enhances your dancing experience:

Zumba shoes basically provide you the much needed comfort, flexibility, grip, and breathability as already mentioned above in the features list. Your Zumba dancing experience can be much more enhanced and can be made injury-free by wearing quality Zumba footwear during exercise sessions.

2) Dance injuries can be avoided and your feet can be safeguarded easily:

Most of the times, first timers get hurt during vigorous Zumba dance workouts. Due to lack of proper shoes, people tend to hurt their hips, knees, ankles, heels, and toes. Some people even develop shin splints and bunions because of improper leg movements and use of improper shoes.

In this condition, only quality and best Zumba shoes can protect your feet from injuries. You can also alleviate the symptoms of your foot ailments such as bunions and plantar fasciitis after consistent usage.

3) Zumba shoes increase your impression and enhance your image:

Stylish looks of your special Zumba shoes can really help you enhance your image. Whenever you wear those classy shoes at your Zumba dance class, you can see the difference in the looks of the other dancers working out with you for sure!

Certainly, these shoes can boost your looks and image in the eyes of the other people.

Where can I Buy Best Zumba Shoes?

Very simple answer to this question is your nearest shoe store. But if you want great discounts and attractive offers, then online shopping sites is your best bet. Online stores like Amazon provide you large discounts with free shipping offers.

Their product delivery is really fast and the quality of the product is also much superior. You can purchase quality Zumba shoes from any popular store located in the other part of the country from the comfort of your home.

3 Proven Buying Tips for Selecting Best Shoes for Zumba Exercise

Before providing helpful buying tips, I would like to show you a very insightful video which explains the best tips to buy a quality Zumba shoe. Without further ado here is the video:

Now that you have watched this video; you have basically understood the main points to consider while purchasing the best Zumba shoe. Here are our additional points that can help you choose the best Zumba footwear without any hassles.

Buying Tip 1: Choose the right pair of shoes considering the best features as mentioned above.

As I have already mentioned the best features and characteristics in this article. Pay close attention to those features while shopping for the best shoes for Zumba dance exercise.

Do not forget that you need shoes that are comfortable, supportive, breathable, flexible and injury proof. Your shoes must also have pivot points or spin spots along with proper sole design.

Best Zumba shoes always have either full sole design or split sole design. Depending on your actual needs and requirements, you can choose the sole design.

They must have proper heel counter as well in order to get suitable support for your legs. The Zumba footwear must also provide you sufficient toe box for comfortable and flexible toe movements.

The size factor is also important here. Always go for 1 size higher than your actual street size shoes. Your shoe must be shock proof that can provide great shock absorption during intense dance workout sessions.

Another important feature you shoe must have is its lightweight and flexible nature. Both of these features are of paramount importance.

When you take into account all these features, you surely stand a good chance of getting the most appropriate pair of Zumba shoe.

Buying Tip 2: Do not purchase running or walking shoes.

Most of the running/ walking or any other dance shoes such as jazz shoes or aerobic shoes are not good enough for special Zumba dance exercise routine. Some people even use tennis and volleyball shoes for this type of workout.

You will get them cheap but they will not yield the intended results. After few days, you will come to know that you have wasted your money and time by buying such shoes.

Only shoes specially made for Zumba practice are best for these workouts. Only these shoes can provide you the best possible comfort, flexibility, breathability and safety during the Zumba dance workouts. So, it is in your best interest to go for only those shoes that are manufactured considering Zumba workouts.

Buying Tip 3: Select the right shoe brand.

There are so many to mention here. But for your convenience, we have provided a comprehensive list of top 10 best Zumba shoes in the beginning of this article.

Take a careful look at the list and check out the current customer ratings and their reviews. This will give you a clear picture as to which brand is the best one for you.

Go for those shoe brands which will suit your needs and fulfill your requirements. Some of them are best for people with foot ailments. Some of them are best for new and beginner level dancers.

Few of them are good enough for veteran and experienced dancers. Finally, it all depends on your personality and current status of your Zumba dance experience and physicality.

So this is it! I am sorry but this best Zumba shoe article gets really long. Nevertheless, I felt that it is essential to give you the full insights and detailed overview of what is necessary to keep in mind while shopping for the best shoes for Zumba.

I hope this will help you to get more informed and knowledgeable decision to buy the Zumba shoe of your choice without any difficulties.

  1. I really would love to have a zumba shoes, but I couldn’t find eitherthe shoes are vegan or not. I contacted Zumba company today and they assured me PU leather was synthetic leather. Checking the meaning of PU leather online says it’s actually real leather covered with synthetic leather. I’ve spent several hours doing my own research trying to find tennis shoes for zumba classes that are vegan

    1. Hey Santa, you can search on sites like or to find your suitable match. I think after reading some reviews, you will find your best match. Best of luck.

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