5 Best Sandals for Bunions Treatment Reviewed with Detailed Buyer’s Guide

  • By: Edmond Clark
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​Recently I was researching about the possible effects of wearing sandals if the person is suffering from severe bunions.

I found a research article on JBR Clinical Research, which specifically mentions that you can wear soft leather sandals without any issues.

A loose and comfortable sandal does not cause any skin irritation as long as you use it for casual purpose.

So people recommending not to use sandals for bunions is completely baseless.

Today, I am recommending the best flip flops that you can wear comfortably even if you have bunions.

Before checking out the detailed buying guide, lets take a look at top 3 recommended sandals that can provide relief and comfort for your feet.

​Top 3 ​Recommended Sandals for Bunions

Sandal Brand

Main Features

My Rating


Two Leather Straps with Buckle Closure, ​Good Shock Absorption, Excellent Protection for Your Bunions


​Adjustable Buckles with Two S​traps, ​Highly Comfortable Design, ​Anatomical Footbed Offers Cushioning ​& Comfort


​​Comfortable Upper, ​Footbed Offers Cushioning & Comfort, ​Hides & Accommodates Bunions


​5. Keen Women’s Bali Sandal

KEEN Women's Bali Sandal,Magnet/Neutral Gray,10.5 M US

​Keen Sandals are all about hybrid innovation, quality materials and unique support for toes.

Since 2003, the company is producing highest quality shoes and sandals for all types of consumers.

Their sandals are some of the best ones which are ideal for outdoors, hiking, exercise and other related activities.

Keen Women’s Bali Sandal is the perfect example of an ideal sandal offering full comfort, support and protection for bunions.

This is known as a special slide sandal which has a protected toe and traction outsole.

Its contoured footbed gives your feet the much needed support and stability.

The sandal has a very comfortable upper which is made up of hydrophobic mesh.

This Keen Sandal is a perfect fit for people having various foot ailments.

If you are having a bunion or very flat feet, you surely need these sandals.

They are highly comfortable, lightweight and do not slip off easily.

The sandal has a very good life span and high durability.

You can work all day without any discomfort and fatigue while wearing this Keen sandal.

My Verdict:

If You are a Fan of Keen Sandals Then Definitely Do not Miss This Bali Sandal.

For Others, It is Highly Recommended Sandal Because It Offers Great Support, Protection, Comfort, and Durability All at Once.

Click Here to See Reviews and Price of Keen Women’s Bali Sandal.

​4. Naot Women’s Kayla Wedge Sandal

Naot Women's Kayla, White Leather, 43 M EU / 12-12.5 B (M) US

​The very first Naot shoe factory was started in the year 1942.

Since then the company has mastered in the art of making unique engineered shoes and sandals.

The Naot sandals come with several unique features such as hallux support, elevated footbed center, reliable arch support, deeper heel indentation, and latex sponge layer, etc.

Naot Women’s Kayla Sandal is the prime example of high durability, flexibility and great shock absorption ability.

This sandal is equipped with three straps. 

A hook and loop straps are at the instep and a backstrap of this sandal gives your feet increased support and stability while walking.

It’s suede-covered latex and cork footbed provides correct posture and helps to evenly distribute your weight of your body in order to decrease the pressure from your joints and spinal column.

It has also a thick EVA sole which offers you a good amount of grip and traction.

Heel indentation of this sandal is useful in obtaining right balance while walking and they are really bunion friendly sandals.

Its leather is soft and straps are fully adjustable which helps you release any unnecessary pressure from your bunions.

People who have just undergone any kind of foot surgery should definitely try these Naot sandal pairs.

​My Verdict: 

These Naot Sandals are Very Highly Recommended for Anyone Who is Searching for Truly Bunion Friendly Sandals. ​

These flip flops are also Extremely Comfortable, Great Fit, Flexible, Breathable, Shock Absorbable, and Greatly Supportive by Nature.

Click Here to See Reviews and Price of Naot Women’s Kayla Sandal.

​3. Onex Women’s Deena Sandal

Onex Women's Deena Sandal,Black Elastic,8 M US

​If you are looking for quality craftsmanship and unique combination of fashion and style then you should go for Onex sandals.

Onex Shoes brand is famous for its wedge sandals having cushioned footbed and high amount of comfort features.

Onex Women’s Deena Sandal is totally Made in USA footwear.

Its superior elastic stretch fabric upper gives your feet the much needed comfort and flexibility. 

This is essential to provide comfort and protection for your bony bumps.

This one can certainly be categorized as one of the best sandals for bunions.

Its synthetic sole is very lightweight and you can use them very comfortably during walking.

This Onex sandal is also very good for women who are very short in terms of their height.

The elastic stretch of this sandal is perfect for people with bunions.

Because it will reduce the stiffness and tightness and it will avoid any rubbing against your bony bumps while you walk.

In fact, people having any type of foot disorder such as boney instep or high toe bone, must start using this particular sandal.

My Verdict:

This Deena Styled Sandal is Highly Recommended for People with Bunions and Who are Looking to Wear High Quality Made in USA, Lightweight and Thoroughly Comfortable Sandal.

Click Here to View Price and Reviews of Onex Women’s Deena Sandal.

​2. Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Sandal

BIRKENSTOCK Womens Arizona Soft Footbed Blue Oiled Leather Sandal - 36 NAR

​Before forty years, the founder named as Margot Fraser, established the Birkenstock shoe brand in the market.

Since then the company is consistently producing top quality, most comfortable, very unique and foot healthy friendly sandals and shoes.

Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Sandal is our second highest recommended sandal for bunion sufferers.

There are several reasons behind this high ranking.

The very first factor is its unparalleled and timeless comfort and support ability for the feet.

Its adjustable leather straps and comfortable footbed provide great support and comfort for your feet that are affected with bunions.

The fit is very perfect for this Birkenstock sandal.

The sandal also looks very stylish and cute in nature.

The ridges on its insole gives your feet appropriate support and grip while walking.

As far as arch support is concerned, you are seeing one of the best orthotic sandals present out there.

From every angle, this Birkenstock sandal is perfect for bunion affected person.

The price is very affordable and sizing is appropriate for normal and narrow width feet.

This sandal is highly recommended for people searching for ideal sandal for reducing bunion effects.

My Verdict:

Birkenstock Sandals are Best for Great Support, Fit, Comfort, Style and Soft Footbed.

Its Dual Adjustable Buckles Provide High Comfort and Support.

Overall, This Birkenstock Sandal is Highly Recommended for Every Person Who is Actively Looking for The Best and the Most Comfortable Sandal for Bunion Reduction.

Click Here to See Reviews and Price of Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Sandal.

​1. Dansko Women’s Sophie Sandal

Dansko Women's Sophie Teak Sandal 5.5-6 M US

​There is no need to explain more about Dansko shoes and sandals.

Since last 20 years, the company is producing some of the finest and superior quality shoes, clogs, heels, boots, wedges, flats and sandals.

Its footwear collection is all about getting good comfort and great support for the feet.

Dansko Women’s Sophie Sandal truly deserves its no. 1 ranking in this list. 

Highest quality comfort, exceptional arch support, adjustable twin straps, a pillow-soft cushioned footbed, leather and dri-lex lining are some of the most unique features of this Dansko sandal.

At the same time, it provides great foot support and protection for your foot ailments such as plantar fasciitis and bunions.

You can wear this sandal comfortably all day long without getting your bunions hurt or irritated.    

Above all, these sandals are great fit and completely adjustable which can help many people having uneven foot size, flat feet, no instep, and narrow heels.

The best thing is it also looks really colorful and stylish which is great for people who love fashionable sandals.

The only thing you need to be careful about is your foot size and the ordered size of the sandal.

You should know your foot size correctly and then order the right sized sandal online.

My Verdict:

This Dansko Sandal is Highly Recommended for Any Person Looking for High Quality Sandals Specially Made for Comforting Foot Ailments Like Bunions.

Due to Its Adjustable Straps and Stylish Looks, They are High in Demand.

Click Here to See Price and Reviews of Dansko Women’s Sophie Sandal.

​Buyer’s Guide to Choose Only The Best Flip Flops for Your Bunions

​Do Sandals Cause Bunions?

​​I am not sure about how sandals can affect your bunions.

Recently I read an article on Cosmopolitan.com which basically explaining the disadvantages of wearing flip-flops or sandals.

One of the drawbacks, the author of this article mentions is; effect of using flip-flops on your bunions.

It says that your toes have to work harder to keep your sandals or flip-flops together while walking or running in them.

This over-gripping can later on cause irritation which can escalate your foot conditions such as bunions and plantar fasciitis, etc.

A podiatric surgeon named as Dr. Jacqueline Sutera also explains that most sandals are flat and super thin.

This causes instability and lack of support for your feet.

She also emphasizes the main reason behind potential bunion irritation is over-gripping of your toes.

So, all this research points to one fact is you really don’t have to use sandals or flip-flops for extended period of time.

You can use them for casual stroll or a pool side party, etc.

But its best to avoid them using for your regular daily routine work.

And the answer to this question is possible “Yes”.

It can irritate your existing bunions if you don’t wear right type of sandals.

So, using the sandals that do not cause pain or irritation to your bunions is super important.

​How to Wear Sandals for Bunions?

​Wearing the right sandals can save yourself for painful bunions.

If you wear sandals the wrong way, then it can surely exacerbate your bunions.

You can use certain methods to disguise or protect your bunions from flip-flops.

Some of those methods are using bunion corrector splint pads, moleskin padding rolls, bunion sleeves or wearing good quality socks.

To know how you can safeguard your bunions while wearing any sandal, check out the guide that I have recently published.

By using these simple techniques, you can prevent irritation and pain for your bunions.

By learning the right methods to wear these sandals, you can be sure that you do not worsen your foot condition.

Why You Need to Wear Best Sandals for Your Bunions?​

I know and you must know if you are currently suffering from bunions that how much irritating and painful can be bunions.

On the top of that, if you wear flip-flops and other related shoes to reduce your pain and still not getting the intended results, you must be searching for the other methods to get rid of your condition.

Your normal shoes and other footwear may be rubbing against your swollen toes badly and worsening your condition day by day.

High heels on the other side cause havoc and may cause painful blisters on the balls of your feet.

Your footwear must have a comfortable footbed and must provide good support to your ankles, arches, heels and toes.

By wearing flip-flops, there are risks of tripping constantly while you walk.

This can increase the condition of your bunions. Flats are also not a good option due to the similar reasons mentioned above.

If you want to have good shoes for bunions then we have already reviewed top 10 shoes for bunions which you can check out here.

On the other side, sandals are great fit for many people suffering from bunions.

They come in wide varieties and most of the brands are also designed while keeping in the mind the people with bunions.

You can choose such sandals that are surely very comfortable, lightweight and protective towards your bunions.

Regular use of such sandals can definitely reduce your pain and discomfort.

Many people have reported the gradual relief and cure of their bunions after using the best sandals for bunions on a regular basis.

​What Types of ​Sandals Should I Choose To Reduce My Bunions?

Basically there are three primary footwear categories that can be used to reduce the bunion symptoms. Those are as follows.

1) Sandals specially made for people suffering from bunions

2) Footwear that provides features such as Correct Toes spacers

3) Shoe categories which consist of the Barefoot Science Arch Activation Foot Strengthening System.​

There are lots of flip-flops available in the market which you can use to hide your bunions.

As far as categories are concerned, you can find various classifications based on their functionalities.

Most men and women love to wear the following sandals for bunions.

1. Cute and fashionable sandals

2. Yoga sandals for bunions

3. Dress sandals that are suitable to wear with bunions

4. Beech flip flops

5. Therapeutic or orthopaedic sandals

6. Thong sandals

7. Gladiator sandals for bunions

8. Open toe sandals and closed toe sandals

9. Strappy flip flops

10. Toe post sandals

11. Wedge sandals

12. Hiking sandals that are suitable for people with bunions

13. Platform sandals

Based on the size, length and width these sandals can be categorized as follows.

1. Wide width sandals

2. Toe sandals

3. Extra wide flip flops

4. High heel sandals

You can use any of these flip flops for your bunions.

The main condition is the sandal you wear must not be uncomfortable for your feet.

The over-gripping issue which we discussed above must not affect your feet.

Once you take care of this, then these sandals will be harmless for your foot condition.

​Useful Tips to Choose the Best Sandals to ​Get Relief from Bunions

​Before our tips, watch ​the above video for some excellent tips from an experienced ballet dancer on how you can prevent bunions on your own.

a) Do not use pointy-toed footwear and ultra high heels at all.

Consistent use of Stilettos, ballet flats, unfitted flip-flops, platform shoes, and wrong sized shoes can really make your legs painful and uncomfortable.

They cause various foot ailments such as hammertoes, bunions, arthritis, pump bump, unnatural foot position, ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, and other toe deformities.

b) Choose sandals and shoes for your foot ailments that have wide toe box and have sufficient arch and toe support.

This will reduce your pain and discomfort caused by bony bumps at your big toe.

Check out this excellent Webmd.com article that explains different types of footwear which you must avoid to stay away from various foot ailments.

​Primary Benefits of Using Best Sandals for Bunions

​There are so many advantages of using right sandals for your bunions.

There are many people out there who have misconceptions about sandals and other footwear products.

You can only find out these benefits once you start using them on a regular basis.

However, we have provided some of the most significant benefits of these sandals in the next paragraph.

1. Comfortable movements of your toes: The right sized sandals made to prevent bunions are great alternative to barefoot lifestyle.

Instead of going barefoot, you can start using sandals that have appropriate foot size and allow comfortable movements of your toes while walking.

People working for 12 to 15 hours every day, should use such sandals or shoes if they are currently suffering from bunions.

2. Wide toe box sandals provide greater relief for your bony bumps: Sandals that come with wide toe or roomy toe box are effective against bunions.

Regular use of these types of sandals is must for you if you want to reduce the symptoms of your condition.

3. You can rapidly decrease several toe deformities: Constant use of the best sandals for bunions can drastically reduce your toe deformities.

Various foot ailments can be cured just by avoiding conventional footwear and by starting the use of efficient sandals made to reduce bunions.

​Features and Characteristics that are Essential in the Best Sandals for Bunions

1) Comfortable to Walk: The first obvious feature your sandals must have is the comfort factor.

Without proper comfort, you can not walk and safeguard your bunions conveniently.

There must be right amount of footbed and arch support present in your sandals.

2) Lightweight Usage: Using lightweight sandals is very essential if you want to reduce the pressure on your bony bumps.

Try to choose those sandals that are made up of lightweight material.

This will help you reduce your fatigue and tiredness.

At the same time, you can reduce your pain and discomfort to a great extent once you start using such lightweight sandals.

3) Adjustable heel and toe straps: Your sandals ideally should have adjustable straps.

These straps help you to reduce the pressure on your bunions.

You can walk comfortably and decrease the pain and discomfort at the same time.

4) Thong shaped and wide width sandals: If you have tailor’s bunion, you must use thong shaped sandals.

People having bunions at their baby toes are known to have suffered by tailors bunions.

For these people using wide width sandals will also help to a great extent.

Wide width sandals help people for comfortable and extendable toe movements without getting irritated or rubbed against the edge of the sandals.

5) Sufficient flexibility: Your sandals must also be made up of flexible material.

Enough flexibility is necessary while walking or running.

If you have bunions, you certainly don’t want your legs or toes to get injured by slipping on the floors.

Flexible sandals will allow you to move your legs without falling or slipping on the surface.

6) Durability: The sandals you are going to use must be highly durable in nature.

There is no doubt about it.

When you shop for these sandals, you certainly want them to keep working for longer duration of time.

You can check out the durability factor by reading the online customer reviews of the respective sandals as pointed in our chart above.

7) Use of top quality material: This one is obvious. The safety and protection of your bony bumps depend upon the quality of your sandals.

The higher the quality of the material used, longer they will be working and will protect your feet for longer period of time.

Thus, you should look for all these seven factors to make sure you are getting the right sandal for your bunions.

​Wrapping Up

​So, I think you are now ready with all the necessary knowledge required to buy the best type of bunion sandal for your feet.

I recommend to check out our top 5 Best Sandals for Bunions listed in the beginning of the guide.

If you are looking for the Best Shoes for Bunions then Click Here.

All in all, you should always get the best footwear in order to support and protect your bunions from external rubbing and stop further deterioration of the condition.

And wearing the top quality footwear can drastically help you safeguard and reduce your bunion condition in the long term.

  1. I need a cute sandle that doesn’t hurt my bunions and in fact hides them. I also occasionally get plantars factitious and need that support in addition to suffering from tendonities in my ankle. Bad feet but I don’t want to wear ugly “old lady shoes”. I need one or 2 pairs that would match most things as I can’t afford to spend a lot of money. I know I’m asking a lot but any suggestions would be much appreciated.


  2. Best way to hide a Bounion especially living in warm weather,a flip flop like BOC with a leather flower that hides the Bounion . The main think in my opinion ,its comfortable and HIDES the ugly bone.
    I have a few pair and feel so comfertable and happy that the Bounion is covered.
    Problem is you can’t find them.
    Why don’t they talke to women to see what they really like and need.

    1. Hi Miriam, thanks for visiting our site. I do understand your concern and I am in the process of publishing the article regarding the best flip flops for women who are having bunions. Thanks again.

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