Adidas Originals ZX Flux Multicolor Prism Sneaker Review

  • By: Edmond Clark
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​When it comes to Adidas sneakers, we all have very high expectations regarding their overall construction quality, style and usability. Adidas sneakers are known for their unparalleled performance and high amount of comfort as well as durability.

Recently Adidas has presented a brand new line of their ZX Flux sneakers at Berlin Fashion Week. Since then they are really making waves in the market. The sneakers we are reviewing here are known as Adidas Originals ZX Flux Multicolor Prism sneakers.

Now comes the big question, are they really reliable and durable to use on a regular basis? What is their actual quality and what are their features that separate them from their competitors? Let’s take a closer look at these new Adidas sneakers.

Detailed Review of Adidas ZX Flux Multicolor Prism Sneakers

adidas Originals Men's ZX Flux Fashion Sneaker, White/Black/Blue Bird, 7.5 M US

​Before diving into our review, here is a very good video review which shows you the primary features of Adidas ZX Flux Prism Sneaker.

​Primary Features of Adidas ZX Flux Sneaker

adidas Originals Men's ZX Flux Fashion Sneaker White/Neon Pink, 7 M US

1. Incredible Looks: The very first unique thing about these sneakers is their looks and style. This ​ZX Flux Graphic sneaker​ features a unibody upper which possesses a unique and attractive detailed prism multicolor graphic. The overall look of the upper is very seamless which feels like you are displaying a photo image on your feet.

2. Highly Comfortable and Breathable: These sneakers are not just stylish but are highly comfortable too. There is a good amount of support for your heels and toes. Its mesh lining is highly breathable which comes with welded TPU 3-Stripes. This is useful for keeping your feet dry and comfortable during high performance activities.

3. Lightweight and Great Fit: The sneaker fits perfectly as long as you order right size online. If you happen to be running or jogging and want to use this ​Adidas ZX Flux sneaker​, you need to order half size down. For casual usage, you can order your regular size. At the same time, you will feel that these shoes are very lightweight while walking in them. Thanks to the inclusion of quality and lightweight single piece fabric upper.

4. Good Support: As mentioned above, the sneaker has good rubber toe support and TPU heel cage support. There is also a Torsion technology which offers adaptive midfoot support. Your heels, toes and ankles get a good amount of support when using these sneakers.

5. Amazing combination of aesthetics and latest technology: Yes, it’s true that this Adidas ZX Flux sneaker is a good fusion of clean aesthetics and innovative technology. This is basically a stripped down version of 1989 Adidas model of ZX 8000. But it is much more advanced than this previous model in many terms.

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adidas Originals Men's ZX Flux Fashion Sneaker, White/Black/Blue Bird, 7.5 M US

  1. Highly Comfortable
  2. Stylish Looks & Attractive Color Pattern
  3. Highly Breathable
  4. Lightweight ​for Daily ​Use
  5. Rainbow Traingle Assortment Design
  6. Short Break in Period
  7. Flexible and Durable Rubber ​Outsole
  8. Comfortable Insole

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adidas Originals Men's ZX Flux Fashion Sneaker White/Neon Pink, 7 M US

As far as current customer reviews are concerned, there are not much negative reviews that are found online. The only thing that we found in these sneakers is the issue of choosing the right size. Selecting the size entirely depends on your purpose for which you want to use these sneakers.

If you want to use them for jogging, choose half size down and if you want them for casual usage, choose regular size. The cost is also one factor which may or may not suit all the audience. It ranges from 80 bucks to 250 bucks in retail stores. But you may get great discounts at popular online retail stores such as Amazon.

​Final Verdict

adidas Originals Men's ZX Flux Fashion Sneaker White/Neon Pink, 7 M US

​These are modern, stylish, classy and really comfortable every day usage sneakers. If you love fashionable sneakers that have great design, looks, and at the same time highly comfortable and durable, we greatly recommend buying Adidas ZX Flux ​Prism sneakers.

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