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Jennifer Dawson

Hi There,

I am writing because I would like to write an article looking at what makes a good work boot, which I feel vbmbestreviews.com will find interesting. Let me quickly introduce myself, my name is Jennifer and I spent over a decade working in business management, but I will never forget how I started out. It was not in college, but was rather in a warehouse. It was the kind of job where you not only needed to be strong enough to lift things or use a forklift, but sensible too. Things fall off shelves, things got dropped, or fell over. This meant the work boot was the most important piece of clothing we could have.

You are busy, so I’ll keep this brief. Currently, I work as a freelance content manager and writer. This includes working with a site for men offering tips and reviews. As part of this, we decided to go out there and compare different types of work boot so we could not only find the 8 best ones, but work out what made for the perfect boot. You can read our reviews and conclusions right here: http://www.knownman.com/best-work-boots-reviewed/.

Would you let me write an introduction to our guide to be posted on vbmbestreviews.com? Of course, I am also happy to write a summary or full blog post/article on the topic. Also, feel free to review it or to suggest topics for me to cover as I’d love to write for you. All that I ask is that my article retains references to backup my information, one of which will be a site I work with.

Please let me know how we can work together.

Best Regards,
PS. I emailed you after stumbling across http://www.vbmbestreviews.com/10-most-comfortable-steel-toe-boots-reviews/ and thought you’d like it. You are not on any mailing list and won’t hear from me again if you don’t reply.


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