Top 10 Most Expensive Men’s Shoes 2019 Review

  • By: Edmond Clark
Most Expensive Shoes for Men
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Are you excited enough to go on to the journey of the world’s most expensive men’s shoes of 2019?

There are several world renowned shoe brands that produce costly shoes. Some of those brands are Lebrons, Air Yeezys, Nike, Air Jordan, Testoni, Louis Vuitton, Aubercy, Stefano Bemer, FILA, and many more others. Some of these shoes can cost you up to $60,000 and upwards.

I know a lot of men do not go for expensive shoes. Rather they look for the footwear that can come handy and helpful in their daily routine. It is the habit of most women who really desire a pair of shoe that looks stylish and costs a hefty sum of cash.

But there are some men who also look forward to buy brand new, stylish, high quality and expensive looking shoes. We have researched a lot and presented some of the most expensive still affordable shoes that you can buy if you do not want to spend more than $1,000-$10,000 for a pair of shoe.

So without further ado, let us head on to the list of our top 10 most expensive men’s shoes for this year.

Primary Benefits of Using Expensive Branded Shoes:

1) They are highly comfortable to use: The fact is that the most expensive branded shoes are usually made up of highest quality material. They are made to provide an optimum level of comfort for your feet.

If you are looking for the most comfortable shoes then it is advisable to go for branded shoes. The kind of craftsmanship and custom made materials used for such shoes is unparalleled as compared to the other normal low cost shoes.

2) The leather quality is much more superior and the shoe is highly durable: Most cheap cost shoes use corrected grain leather material during the construction of the boot. Because of this low-quality leather material, your shoes age badly, the finishing of your shoes can be damaged quickly and the breathability of your shoe is very poor.

So, in short, it is needless to say that using low cost cheap leather material shoe is complete no-no if you want high quality and durable shoes. Expensive branded shoes always make use of highest quality and durable leather material in the construction of the shoe. And that is why these shoes are highly durable and eventually you do not have to throw them off due to easy wear and tear of the shoes.

3) These shoes are either manmade or manufactured by using highest quality raw materials: The branded shoes are usually either made by hand or made in the secluded factory using highest quality raw materials.

This is why the overall touch and finishing of these shoes is of top notch quality. You will not see any manufacturing mistakes in these shoes. That is the reason these expensive shoes are highly durable and gives you the highest returns on your investment.

4) Expensive shoes enhance your image: This is one more reason why you should start wearing branded shoes right now. Many women judge the personality of men by simply looking at the quality of their shoes.

It is well said that the first impression is the last impression. Expensive branded shoes help you improve your image and enhance your first impression.

By using low cost cheap shoes you simply degrade your image and make you look like a cheap brat in front of women who judge you by your overall looks.

Most women enjoy the company of stylish looking and distinguished men. So it is important for you to stay stylish and look classy if you are on a date or in any other important events of your life.

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Reviews of Top 10 Most Expensive Shoes for Men

Now here are our top ten most expensive men’s shoes that are carefully selected after an extensive research. All of the shoes are readily available to purchase on Amazon at a great discount. So here the list goes…

1) AIR Jordan Ultimate Gift of Flight Pantone Pack Retro XI Men’s – 717602-900

Jordan Air Ultimate Gift of Flight Pantone Pack Retro XI Men's Shoes Blue/White/Black 717602-900 (9 D(M) US)

Just one word, amazing!

These Air Jordan sneakers look really stylish and expensive by all means.

The light blue color looks really fresh and I love the 11 inches height of these sneakers.

They are comfortable pairs to wear either at home or outdoors. Just wearing them gives you royal feel. Give it a try baby!

Verdict: Highly Recommended for People Looking for the Most Expensive, Branded and Highly Durable Shoe.

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2) New Sutor Mantellassi Black Shoe

New Sutor Mantellassi Black Shoes 7/6

This is a surprising entry in the most expensive shoe for men in our list. Sutor Mantellassi is the Italian shoe brand founded by two brothers named as Ettore and Enea.

Since 1912, this company is manufacturing top notch luxurious shoes. When it comes to elegance, attractiveness, style and royal looks, New Sutor Mantellassi Black Shoes leads the bandwagon of the most expensive shoes.

At Amazon, you can buy this branded expensive shoe at discounted price as compared to its market retail price.

The material used in this shoe is made up of 100% high quality crocodile fabric. The sole is made up of highest quality leather and that is the reason this shoe is highly comfortable and durable.

Verdict: Highly Recommended if You Look Forward for a Top Notch Brand in The Most Expensive Shoe Category.

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3) Dolce & Gabbana Men’s Velvet Loafer Shoe

Dolce & Gabbana Men's Burgundy Velvet Loafers Shoes - Size: 9.5 US

Dolce & Gabbana is a world known Italian luxury industry fashion house. The company was founded by two Italian designers named as Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce.

D&G is famous for its luxurious and fashionable clothing, sunglasses, handbags, jewelry, cosmetics and footwear products.

Dolce & Gabbana Men’s Velvet Loafer Shoes are classy, trendy, modern and royal in looks. The material used in this original shoe is of velvet skin.

The red maroon color gives this shoe more authentic and formal looks. The shoe has also an embroidary design which looks very exotic and royalfresh.

Verdict: Greatly Recommended if You Love D&G Brand Products and Desire Classy and Trendy Expensive Shoes.

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4) Nike Air Jordan 5 Retro DMP Raging Bull Black/Red Men’s Basketball Shoe

Air Jordan 5 Retro DMP "Raging Bull Pack" - 360968 991

With the world famous brand of shoes such as Nike Air Jordan, you can guess the highest quality and style this brand provides to the user.

This Nike Air Jordan 5 Retro DMP Raging Bull Men’s Basketball Shoe is very attractive and stylish in nature. The color combination of red and black gives this shoe the elegance, charm and style.

This shoe is made up of highest quality leather material. It possesses leather and suede upper. It also has plastic mesh quarter panels that provide highest possible breathability in all types of hot and cold climates.

Its USP is PU and solid rubber midsole. This midsole has Air-Sole unit in the heel and in the forefoot. This shoe is made up of solid rubber outsole which provides very good grip and traction on the rough and uneven surfaces.

Verdict: Highly Recommended if You are a Fan of Nike Air Jordan Branded Shoes and if You Do not Want to Spend More Than 2000 Bucks.

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5) Lucchese Men’s Handmade Classics Diego Inlay Ultra Caiman Belly Boot

Lucchese is one of the oldest bootmaker companies in the world. Salvatore Lucchese founded this company in Italy in the year 1868.

The special thing about the Lucchese shoes is they are handmade with special craftsmanship standards. The bootmakers usually make use of finest quality leather and skins while preparing these boots.

Lucchese Men’s Handcrafted Classics Diego Inlay Ultra Caiman Belly Boot offers glossy tiled and One-Piece Vamp Ultra Caiman belly skin.

All of the parts of this boot such as lining, insole, heel, sole and upper are made up of pure leather material. This enhances the overall look of the shoe and if you are a party animal then you will definitely love this shoe.

Verdict: Greatly Recommended if You Love Lucchese shoes and Want To Show Off Your Class and Elegance Through Your Expensive Branded Shoes.

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6) Mezlan Men’s Belucci Black Ankle Boot

When it comes to top notch quality and craftsmanship; Mezlan shoes rank higher in the expensive shoe brands category.

Mezlan brand offers wide selection of genuine and exotic shoes. You will be amazed by viewing Bacco Bucci’s incredible footwear collection.

Mezlan Men’s Belucci Black Ankle Boot comes with high quality sleek contoured leather sole and plain toe dress zipper. It is also equipped with stunning genuine alligator as well as soft Italian calf linings.

This shoe features unique injected memory foam cushion insole that provides high comfort and durability. One of the best things about this expensive shoe is it is handmade in Spain with highest quality craftsmanship standards.

Verdict: Greatly Recommended for People Who want Genuine Classic, Sleek and Exotic Limited Custom Collection Branded Shoe.

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7) Tony Lama Men’s Reyden 13 Inches Pullon Western Boot

Tony Lama boots are worldwide popular among several young men and women. In 1911, Tony Lama officially started the first boot repair and small shoe making shop.

From that point onward, the business of Tony Lama boots catapulted to extraordinary levels. Tony Lama shoes and boots are expertly crafted in USA by master bootmakers.

This particular Tony Lama Men’s Reyden 13 Inch Western Boot is equipped with handcrafted finest golden brown leather material used in heel, sole and lining. The type of leather used in this boot is known as distressed full grain leather which gives it vintage and classic look.

The sole of this boot is made from pure leather too. It offers the best kind of rubber grip on almost every type of surface. Its narrow round toe caiman foot gives this boot more handsome and masculine look.

Verdict: If You Are Looking for Distinctive Style, Superb Design and Finest Exotic Materials Along with Cutting Edge Comfort Technology from a World Known Shoemaker, Then this is The Boot for You.

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8) A.Testoni Men’s M40326mym Chelsea Boot

When we think of A.Testoni shoe brand; only thing that comes to the mind is its royal style and luxurious looks. A.Testoni is an Italian shoe brand that is in this business since 1929. This company was founded by Amedo Testoni in Bologna.

This brand is producing luxurious and special handcrafted shoes for men and women in more than 250 centers across Asia, Europe and USA. A.Testoni shoes are known for their Italian craftsmanship and elegant style.

A.Testoni Men’s M40326mym Chelsea Boot is not an exception to its quality and style tradition. Its leather sole is handcrafted and made in Italy with exclusive shoemaking craftsmanship skills.

The shoe is really great looking and lightweight in nature. At the same time, it provides utmost level of comfort and durability.

Verdict: Very Highly Recommended for People Who Love A.Testoni Branded Shoes and Want to Improve Their Image and Impression.

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9) Old Gringo Women’s Diego Crystal Western Boot

Old Gringo Shoes are world renowned for their superb combination of western style and latest fashion trends. These shoes are made up of finest quality handcrafted materials.

They act as the perfect bridge between contemporary cutting edge style and traditional “Old School” quintessential vintage charm.

This particular Old Gringo Women’s Diego Crystal Western Boot provides superior craftsmanship, unique style, great comfort and high durability.

This western boot has made with high quality burnished leather material. The design is really amazing and at the same time, it offers the best in class comfort for your feet. It is actually 13 inches tall and fit perfectly to your feet.

Verdict: Greatly Recommended Western Boot for Ladies Looking for The Combination of Both Latest Fashion Trends and Western Style Along with Great Comfort and Durability.

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10) Magnanni Men’s Carlos Penny Loafer Shoe

Magnanni Shoes are known for their finest quality leather material, flexibility and great comfort. The shoes are handcrafted based on Bologna construction techniques.

These shoes last longer due to their quality of the raw materials. The shoes look great and fit comfortably.

Magnanni Men’s Carlos Penny Loafer Shoe is made in Spain with superior quality leather material. Elegant design, distinctive hand finishing and attention to details are some of the featured highlights of this Magnanni shoe.

Verdict: Highly Recommended Shoe for People Who Want Elegance, Comfort, Classic Look, Unique Style, Durability and Flexibility All in One Shoe.

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So, these are our top 10 most expensive shoes for men for this year. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below. I will try to answer them to the best of my knowledge as early as possible. Till then happy shopping!

  1. You left out Berluti shoes… Their leather craftsmanship is truly one of the best. You should include them in your list. Or do a separate dress shoes version.

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