How to Stop Shoes from Squeaking – 5 Easy Tricks to Get Rid of Your Embarrassment

How to Stop Shoes from Squeaking Tips

A Guide to Learn How to Stop Your Shoes from Squeaking

Footwear is a vital part of your daily attire and can easily make or break your outfit.

With the style, however, comes comfort also.

Although one can talk about the general comfort levels your shoe can offer, but a necessary point to note is squeaking.

We aren’t talking about the squeaking of mice, but something else that sounds very similar.

Those sounds are from your shoes.

Yes, they can be quite infuriating not to mention embarrassing and irritating at the same time.

Have you ever wondered why your shoes make that noise?

There can be a number of reasons behind it.

Here we have gathered some useful information to help you figure out the problem behind your noisy squeaky shoes and eliminate it completely.

What Does Squeaking Shoes Mean?

A squeaking shoe, usually means there is some kind of problem with it.

There must be a part that is misaligned or a disturbance in the surfaces that is causing the squeak.

Usually, new shoes tend to make this noise and as the shoes are broken in, the noise disappears.

This is due to the parts of the shoe adjusting to each other.

Frequent usage also helps remove the trapped air pockets in the shoe, helping eliminate another cause of the noise.

3 Main Causes of Shoe Squeaking

1. Feet and Insole Rubbing:

A lot of times the reason for the squeak is friction.

The moisture on your feet can create a surface that makes a sound when it rubs against the insole of the shoe.

Alternatively, the squeak can be caused due to the insole rubbing against the inside of the shoe.

This is relatively easy to fix, a few simple hacks and you are good to go.

2. Shoe Structure Problem:

Another frequent problem that can make noise is the structure of the shoe itself.

There may be a loose heel that is squeaking or the sole of the shoe is broken.

3. Trapped Air Pocket:

An air pocket trapped in the sole can also make significant noise when the shoes are worn.

If this is the case, you may need to avail the expertise of a professional to fix the problem.

Some experts suggest that leather shoes can squeak due to stretching of the leather at the seams, explaining why new leather boots tend to squeak so often.

5 Easy Tricks to Stop Your Shoes from Squeaking

You may have wondered about what you can use to stop shoes from squeaking.

We know, it can get really irritating. Thankfully, there are many ways that you can use in order to reduce that trailing, squeaky noise from your new and old shoes.

Once you get around it, it is not that difficult at all.

Here are 5 hacks that you can try to get rid of that irritating squeaky shoe noise for good.

Tip 1: Use Baby Powder

Johnson's Baby Powder for Delicate Skin, Hypoallergenic and Free of Parabens, Phthalates, and Dyes for Baby Skin Care, 4 oz

A good way to start is by eliminating friction as a cause of the noise.

The most frequent culprit of the squeak is invariably friction, but you can easily combat it with baby powder or any other powder, or corn starch for that matter.

All you need to do is:

1. Check and remove if your shoe has a removable liner.

2. Apply abundant quantities of the powder or the cornstarch on the bottom of the shoe.

3. Replace the liner, making sure it fits back into the right position.

4. Try out the shoes to see if this method is working or not. It may take a few walks to take the desired effect.

The baby powder helps eliminate the moisture and provides a smooth surface of contact between the insole and the bottom of the shoe.

This helps reduce a lot of the shoe squeaking.

Alternatively, you can also apply powder to the bottoms of your shoes to prevent squeaking when walking on tiled or wooden floors.

However, this comes at the expense of traction, which might not be ideal for some.

Tip 2: Make Use of Paper Towel

Bounty Quick-Size Paper Towels, White, 16 Family Rolls = 40 Regular Rolls

If the previous method fails, another way to resolve this matter is by using paper towels or dryer sheets.

To do this, you will have to first:

a. Remove the insole from your shoe.

b. Place the paper towel or the dryer sheet on the bottom of your shoe.

c. Replace the insole, but make sure it fits perfectly.

c. Walk in the shoes to test the squeak.

The paper towel performs the role of the powder, absorbing all the moisture and also providing a muffling effect between the surfaces to reduce the squeaking noise of the shoe.

Tip 3: Use Shoe Spray

WD-40 Multi-Use Product with SMART STRAW SPRAYS 2 WAYS, 8 OZ [3-PACK]

Another effective method that thousands of folks have already tried and got the successful results is using a quality shoe spray.

There is very effective shoe spray product in the market that you can use to get rid of squeaking of your shoes.

The product is known as WD-40 Multi Use Product Spray.

The steps to use this product is as follows.

a. Remove the insole of your squeaking shoe.

b. Find out the exact areas of your shoes from where the squeaking noise is coming.

c. Once you find the affected shoe areas, take out the bottle of WD-40 Shoe Spray and shake it well before you apply it on your shoe.

d. Finally spray the affected shoe areas such as the shoe tongue, shoe bottom and heels.

e. Keep your shoes away for some time and then use them to identify the reduction of squeaking noise.

If you are still facing some noise, then use the bottle of WD-40 shoe spray one more time to get rid of remaining squeaking noise.

Here is a little video that shows you how to use this shoe spray on your shoes.

Tip 4: Use Thick Socks

You may not realize it, but thick socks can prevent, or at least downsize a lot of squeaky noise.

The muffling and absorbent nature of the cloth helps eliminate the moisture, providing a smooth and dry surface.

This can reduce the squeak by a lot.

We think you should consider trying it out to point out whether there is a difference or not.

Click Here to Get Quality Thick Socks Online.

Tip 5: Use a Shoe Conditioner

Leather Honey Leather Conditioner, Best Leather Conditioner Since 1968. for use on Leather Apparel, Furniture, Auto Interiors, Shoes, Bags and Accessories. Non-Toxic and Made in The USA!

If you have leather shoes, chances are that the material may be stretching to make that squeak.

You can use some leather shoe conditioner or some vegetable oil from the kitchen for the purpose.

However, you do need to avoid any staining oils as these could permanently stain your shoes.

To use the conditioner on the shoe, first:

a. Clean the shoe with a dry cloth to remove any dirt.

b. Using a paper towel, apply a small amount of shoe conditioner to the seams of the shoe. This is where the body of the shoe joins the sole.

c. Wipe off the excess liquid.

d. Walk in the shoes and repeat if necessary.

If the squeak was due to the stretching of the leather, this shoe conditioning is sure to remove those squeaks from your shoes.

Click Here to Buy a Quality Leather Shoe Conditioner.

Final Thoughts

Usually, squeaks can wear out with time, but you may want to get rid of them fast.

Squeaky shoes are not only a bother; they are pretty embarrassing too.

It can be quite tiring to have to deal with the squeak of your newly bought shoes.

Thanks to all the above mentioned tips, you can now easily cure that irritating squeak forever.

So, do you have any shoes that make noise?

You know what to do with them now, for sure!

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How to Fix Heel Slippage in Boots – 10 Tricks to Prevent Heel Slipping in High Heels and Shoes

How to Fix Heel Slippage in Shoes and Boots

Do you have hard time handling your shoe or boot slippage issue?

If you are looking for some reliable solutions to fix the heel slippage / heel lift in your boots or shoes, then you have come to the right place.

At, we provide the best footwear care and solutions tips.

Today, I am about to tell you how you can quickly and easily get rid of this irritating and uncomfortable problem of heels slipping out of your shoes and boots.

First up all, let me tell you its completely normal to slip your heels in your shoes or boots especially when they are new.

Small amount of heel slippage is totally normal.

And it does not imply that your shoes are not fitting your feet properly.

In most cases like if you are wearing western or cowboy boots, then in the initial days, the heels may slip few times from your boots.

But after consistent wearing, the outsole becomes flexible and this heel lifting automatically vanishes in few days.

But sometimes, it is more serious issue.

Even after wearing for few days, this heel slippage issue remains the same in some cases.

In such scenarios, you need to take some steps to prevent this uncomfortable problem with your feet.

These are the circumstances where you will need to implement some easy methods to deal with this issue.

And in this article, you will get to know all the possible remedies to solve this problem of heel lifting or heel slipping out of your shoes.

What is Heel Slippage in Boots and Shoes?

What is Heel Slippage in Shoes

Heel slippage is usually referred to the problem of getting your heels out of shoes more often.

It can happen due to the loose fitting of your walking boots, running shoes, hiking shoes, cowboy boots, high heels, flats, wedges, stilettos and many other types of footwear.

In this problem, your shoes do not stay on and heels tend to slip out of your shoes while walking and running in them.

Once they get out, you have to keep readjusting your heels inside your boots and shoes.

This becomes overly irritating and annoying issue for many women and men.

It also looks very stupid and embarrassing for us to keep adjusting out heels inside our shoes in public.

If you are facing this issue on a regular basis, then you certainly need to do something to stop this heel slippage and put an end to your frustration once and for all.

How Much Heel Slip is Normal in Shoes and Boots?

In the initial days of breaking-in your new shoes, if your heels are raising a little bit in the heel cup, then consider it a normal thing.

This is highly experienced in case of new pull on shoes and loafers.

Conversely, even after breaking-in your new shoes and boots, the heel slippage continues, then you can consider to solve this issue asap.

If your heels are coming out of the heel cups entirely even after break-in period is over, then it is safe to consider that this heel slippage problem must be solved and it is not a normal thing any more.

8 Reasons Behind Heel Slippage or Heel Lifting

Reasons of Heel Slipping out of Shoes

There are several reasons behind heel slippage in shoes, high heels and boots.

Some of the most prominent reasons can be as follows.

1. Unusual foot geometry: It may happen in some cases that the ball of the foot is extra wide as compared to your heel. Or some folks have one foot slightly wider or longer than the other one.

In such rare cases, you will experience heel lifting problem with your shoes.

2. You have laced your shoes in the wrong manners: I have seen many runners and regular morning walkers lacing their shoes in the wrong ways.

Inappropriate lacing often leads to heel lifting.

There are certain effective ways of lacing which can prevent heel slipping out of your shoes.

We will see those ways in the below 10 methods section.

3. Your shoe length is not as per your foot length: It means your shoe length is more than your foot length.

It also means your shoes are bigger than your actual foot size.

This is one of the main reasons of constant heel slippage.

Too long shoes becomes loose in the heel area which causes heel lifting.

Some folks make use of heel grips to prevent this slippage problem.

I recommend replacing your new shoes if it is too large to fit your feet.

4. You have very high arches or you possess flat feet: In this case, your shoes lack proper arch support and thus they can not provide proper fitting.

5. You are wearing your shoes in the wrong way: When you do not wear your shoes firmly, heels tend to get out of your shoes due to the loose fitting.

Your feet must be properly fixed in the heel area so that your heels do not slip out of your boots.

You need to fix your feet properly inside your shoes before you lace them.

6. You have either very high instep or low instep problem: This causes spacing issues when you lace your shoes.

Too low instep usually causes heel lifting problem.

Because your shoes are not able to keep your feet fixed inside them for long.

Using a tongue pad may solve this issue for some people.

7. Your shoes are not properly break-in yet: This is also one of the main causes behind heel slippage.

Breaking in your new boots and shoes is essential to get proper fitting for your foot.

New shoes and boots are usually very hard and not that flexible to bend and flex around your heel side.

This is why your heels tend to slip out of new shoes more often.

To address this issue, you just have to break-in your shoes and boots quickly.

I have mentioned few easy methods to break in Birkenstock shoes which I feel will be useful for other types of shoes and boots as well.

8. Using cheap material shoes also cause heel lifting: The shoes and boots that are replica or counterfeit ones; usually are made from cheap quality plastic or low quality leather material.

These types of shoes don’t have proper heel support.

These kinds of low cost, low quality footwear heels are very rigid and not flexible in nature.

You just have to avoid wearing these types of shoes if you don’t want your heels slipping out of your boots and shoes forever.

10 Most Efficient Methods to Prevent Heel Slippage in Your Boots and Shoes

1. Get a Shoe with The Right Size, Length and Width

Select Right Sized Shoes to Prevent Heel Lifting

Wearing incorrect sized and wrong width footwear is one of the major causes behind constant heel lifting.

The simplest way to solve this issue is to buy the shoe that fits your foot size correctly.

In terms of width, length and overall fitting, the shoe must be appropriate for your foot size.

If you don’t know your actual foot measurements, you can check them at your home or get it measured from your local shoe store owner.

You can also watch the following video to understand how to measure your foot size, width and length at home.

2. Try Butterfly Lacing or Runner’s Tie Method

Butterfly Lacing Method to Prevent Heel Slippage

Runner’s tie method or butterfly lacing method prevents heel slippage and black toenails problem.

It keeps your feet locked properly inside the shoe and does not allow your heels to slide out of your shoes while you run or walk in them.

This lacing method involves using the very first eyelets on both the sides of your shoe to start lacing in the first step.

You will need to unlace the laces in the beginning to make first two eyelets open for lacing.

Then you will need to create a loop on both the sides with your laces.

Now you will need to create a loop on both the sides by crossing the laces on opposite sides.

Once you do that; you will have to pull your laces strongly up and down to tighten your shoes around your ankles and heels.

This process prevents your feet to slide forward and it holds your heel bones in the heel counter of your running shoe or walking shoe.

Finally, you will need to throw twice or wrap your laces twice and then make a butterfly crossing of your laces.

This will further strengthen the locking of your shoes and will fix your feet firmly inside your shoe.

Kindly watch the following video to understand this whole runner’s tie / butterfly lacing method more clearly.

3. Use Anti-Slip Heel Inserts

Anti-Slip Granules Heel Grips Liner Insert for Shoes Too Big,Shoe Filler Improved Shoe Fit and Comfort,Prevent Blisters 4 Pairs (Multi-Color)

Anti-slip Heel Grips Liner Insert is a unique anti-slip gel pad which stops heels from coming out of your shoes abruptly.

This can be a great alternative to other low quality heel liners and heel grips.

It easily sticks to the inner heel side of your shoe and provides good grip for your feet.

This type of heel insert is great in term of securing your shoes to your feet.

It is really easy to install inside your heel counter.

You just have to put it properly close to your heel side and then simply walk into it.

It is completely washable and re-usable.

So, you can use it for any other shoes that you feel is slipping from heels.

The best thing that I liked about this product is it prevents shoes rubbing your heels and thus stops the creation of blisters and other foot problems.

Click Here to Check Out This Anti-Slip Heel Insert for Your Boots and Shoes.

4. Make Use of Cork Taps or Cork Cheaters

Cork taps or cork cheaters are simple shoe accessories that are usually available at local shoe stores.

Some shoe manufacturers also provide them free of cost when you purchase new footwear products from the store.

You just have to remove the footbed of your new shoes or boots.

Then simply place the cork taps near the end of the shoe and below the toes.

Now fix the footbed again firmly to make it snug fit.

This setting will provide your heels a firm grip inside the shoe.

Because this little ramp like spot pushes your heels back strongly.

Thus, it greatly helps in holding your heels inside your shoe or boot for longer period.

What I liked more about this method is it works for longer duration without any hassles.

Because the footbed firmly fixes the cork taps or cork cheaters in their position and don’t allows them to displace from their original position.

5. Try Hairspray

Some people insist on using hairspray to prevent heel slippage in shoes, high heels and boots.

The main reason behind this is the hairspray makes your feet and shoes sticky.

You just have to spray it inside the shoes, on the footbed and on your feet.

It makes both your feet and shoes stick to each other while walking and running.

This obviously prevents your heels to come out of your shoes abruptly.

The only condition to follow in this method is you have to use your hairspray on your bare feet and not to use socks while spraying your feet.

Otherwise, this method will not work effectively.

Once you come home after wearing your high heels and shoes for the whole day, you can wipe out the hairspray with paper towel.

The best type of hairspray that most women use for this method is extra strong hold hairspray.

It will make your shoes and feet more sticky so that your heels will not slide out of your boots, high heels and shoes.

Check out the following video where you will actually get to see the lady who has successfully tried out this method.

6. Use Heel Straps for High Heels

Eliza May Detachable Shoe Straps ShooStraps - to Hold Loose high Heeled Shoes, Wedges and Flats (Black Classic)

If you are a woman who loves to wear high heels outdoors, then this can be one of the best methods to prevent heel slippage.

Using a heel strap for your heels or even for your shoes can save you from the embarrassment of untimely heel lifting.

One of the best detachable shoe straps or heel straps that I have seen is Eliza May Shoostraps.

It is best for your loose flats, wedges and high heels.

This is reusable and detachable in nature. You can use this pair to any of your heels and flats.

No matter what shoe type or shoe size you have, this heel strap seems to work fine.

Just attach this reusable heel strap to your high heels in the middle of your feet and close it with the buckle clearly.

There are wide varieties of designs and colors available which you can check out by clicking here.

Watch the following demo video which will explain you how to use this heel strap.

7. Use Sticky Heelz Anti-Slip Heel Grips

Using a heel grip or heel liner cushion also works great if you want to avoid heel slippage in high heels, shoes and boots.

The good thing about heel grips is they increase the comfort and cushioning as well when you walk or run in your shoes.

Heel grips or heel liner cushions fit perfectly to all kinds and sizes of footwear from high heels to shoes and boots.

Since they are usually made from soft leather material, they do not cause any types of blisters or ankle chaff while walking.

You just have to attach these heel grips on both the sides of your shoe back where your heel is fitted.

You can also attach these heel grips to the back of your heels themselves.

When you insert your foot inside the shoes that have heel grips attached, your foot is automatically pressed forward.

In this situation, your heels are organically adjusted well inside the shoe.

Thus, they do not slip out of your shoes while you walk or run in your heels and shoes. If you want to wear socks over your feet, then you can do so without any problem.

The best heel grip I can recommend to prevent heel lifting is the one from Sticky Heelz.

You can get this heel cushion insert for your high heels and shoes to stop heel slippage quickly by Clicking here.

I also recommend you to watch the demo video where you will learn how to use Sticky Heelz on your shoes or on your heels.

8. Use Custom Orthotic Inserts

Superfeet Professional-Grade Orthotic Insert for Medium Thickness and Arch Insole, Blue, 8.5-10 M US Women / 7.5-9 M US Men

If you have one foot slightly longer than the other or your shoe is slightly longer in length and width, then you may experience heel slippage more often.

This issue can be successfully addressed with the use of custom orthotic insert or insole.

When you place these custom orthotic inserts inside your shoe or boot, your feet get secured fitting inside your footwear.

The heels are tightly locked inside the shoe due to the use of these orthotic inserts.

One more trick to this method is to use the toe area of the orthotic insole and insert it underneath your current shoe insole.

This will further secure and lockdown your feet inside the shoe.

Your heels will be more secured this way and it will not allow them to slide out of your shoes.

One of the best custom orthotic insert that people often use is Superfeet Blue Insoles.

This Made in USA, anti-bacteria coated and latex-free orthotic insert offers more comfort.

It also prevents heel slippage in heels, shoes and boots pretty easily.

Click Here to Check Out Superfeet Blue Insoles for Your Boots and Shoes.

9. Attach Tongue Pad

Attaching a reliable tongue pad below the tongue area of your shoe or boot will do the trick too.

By using the tongue pad inside your shoe, your arches are automatically tightened inside the shoe.

This method secures your heels strongly and prevents heel lifting whenever you walk or run in your boots and shoes.

These tongue pads are usually made from soft cotton material and can be used in conjunction with your socks or even barefoot.

They are easily replaceable and can be used in any type of footwear with comfort.

You can find good quality tongue pad cushions on Amazon. Click Here to check them out.

Once attached below the tongue of your shoe, it gently pushes your foot back to the heel side of your shoe.

Kindly watch the following video which shows how to use tongue pads to prevent heel slippage in boots.

10. Wear Anti-Skid Non Slippery Socks

Vive Non Slip Hospital Socks (6) - Anti Skid Rubber Grip - Yoga for Men, Women

And the last remedy that I can recommend to you guys and girls is to wear non-slippery and anti-skidding socks.

These socks are usually made from breathable and latex-free material with rubber grip.

They prevent internal foot slipping and offers more comfortable walking and running experience.

You can even custom make them at your home.

There are lots of tutorials available on Youtube where you can learn how to make your current socks non-slippery and anti-skid with simple methods.

By wearing these types of socks, you can also avoid your heels to slip out of your shoes and boots.

I recommend you to try out Vive Non-Slip Socks which are great to solve this heel slippage issue.

Wrapping Up

So, I will now conclude this article by wrapping up all the 10 methods as described above.

I am sure you will find these 10 remedies really helpful.

I recommend you start with first method and then go on to the next one until you solve your heel slippage problem.

I wish you good luck and may God bless you.


Do Rainbow Sandals Stretch Out? – 10 Simple Tricks to Make Them Comfortable

Do Rainbow Sandals Stretch Out

​Yes, today I am talking about whether you can stretch your new or old Rainbow sandals to make them more comfortable to walk.

Do Rainbow sandals stretch out in reality? The direct answer to this query is to some extent “Yes”. But if your have got too tight or very small sized leather sandal, then its very difficult to make it normal sized with traditional shoe stretching techniques.

Stretching your Rainbow sandals or for that matter any other normal leather sandal is a tedious task.

You can make them comfortable to some extent by using few leather softening techniques that I have already mentioned in my earlier article of how to break in Rainbow sandals.

In this article, I will talk about few possible techniques that you can use to stretch your new Rainbows to some extent.

This will help you make them more comfortable and easier to walk into.

By doing this, you can also prevent blisters and other possible skin infections which could happen due to constant rubbing of tight sandal straps.

​10 Easy Rainbow Sandal Stretching Techniques

​1. Get Your Rainbow Sandals Wet

Rainbow Sandals Women's Single Layer Premier Leather Narrow Strap, Dark Brown, Ladies 10/9.5-10.5 B(M) US

Yes, you have heard it right. Don’t worry.

Water does not damage your leather sandals if you don’t expose them too much in the water.

Little amount of water does not create any issues for the leather material.

I have written an extensive guide about getting your Rainbow sandals wet with water. You can check it out here.

Basically, with water bottle spray, you can spray water on your very tight parts of sandal.

Make those tight areas wet with water and then simply walk in them around your house or outside for few minutes.

Just repeat this process for few days.

This method helps in softening the leather and thus it conforms to the shape of your foot quickly.

You will feel that your flipflop is getting more comfortable to walk day by day.

​2. Use Leather Moisturizer or Conditioner

Lexol 1108 pH-Balanced Leather Cleaner, 8 oz. by Lexol

​This is another great method you can apply at your home.

To stretch your new sandals to some extent, you can simply apply a good quality leather conditioner such as Lexol Leather Conditioner.

First sprinkle some water on your sandal, then apply this leather lotion with cotton balls.

Focus on more tight areas such as your leather straps and footbed.

Once applied completely, let it become dry. Repeat this process to get faster results.

This method is useful in softening the leather and thus stretching the sandals little bit in the process.

​3. Use ​Your ​Hair ​Dryer

Yes, hair dryer is a smart device which can be used for multiple purposes.

It is really helpful in stretching various types of leather, suede and canvas shoes at home.

You can use it to stretch your Rainbow sandals too.

Just place them in your bathroom while you take a bath.

Then use your hair dryer to warm your sandals with heat.

Now wear them and start walking in them for new few minutes.

Repeat this process till you get satisfactory results.

You can easily stretch your leather flip-flops this way and make them more comfortable to walk.

​4. Apply ​Dish ​Soap or ​Wax

EricX Light Beeswax Bars 7oz,1oz for Each Beeswax Bars,Pack of 7 Beeswax Bars Cosmetic Grade

​Some people do make use of candle wax or beeswax on leather sandals.

Dish soap is another good remedy to soften and stretch your Rainbow leather flipflops.

Just apply the wax on the footbed and mainly on leather straps.

Let it dry for few minutes and rinse it with water. Repeat this process to get the desired stretching.

​5. Use Rubbing Alcohol and Vaseline

Vaseline and rubbing alcohol is a great combination to use on your leather flipflops.

First apply rubbing alcohol and then use Vaseline on your sandal footbed and straps.

This will make them soft and it will allow them to stretch gradually.

​6. Wear ​Pair of Thick Socks

​This is a tried and proven method. It can be used for all types of shoes, boots, sneakers and sandals.

Buy a good quality pair of thick socks and wear it on your feet. Now wear your sandals and start walking in them around.

Regular use of thick socks can help your sandal straps and footbed to become soft and comfortable after few days.

​7. Squeezing also Helps

​If you have just purchased a new pair of Rainbow sandal then use this method for sure.

Take a sandal in your left hand and try to squeeze it with your right hand as much as possible.

Focus on the footbed and straps more when you squeeze your flipflops.

You will need to manipulate a bit when squeezing your flip-flop.

Regular squeezing for few minutes for 7 days will make your sandal more soft, supple and comfortable.

​8. Use a Tennis Ball

​Tennis ball is another good trick you can perform to stretch the sandal straps.

Many people use it to make their leather sandals more comfortable for walking.

You just need to insert a tennis ball under the leather straps of your flip-flop.

Putting it for few minutes will lead to stretching of the straps in few days.

Instead of tennis ball, you can also use a plastic water bottle.

Just place it under the straps and keep it for few minutes every day to get the required softening.

​9. Use a Shoe Stretching Spray

Instant Comfort Liquid Shoe Stretcher Spray. Shoe stretch spray for leather used to instantly increase comfort and loosen the tight spots. For sneakers, loafers, sandals, and high heels. (4oz)

​There are quality leather shoe stretcher sprays available in the market such as Instant Comfort Liquid Shoe Stretcher Spray.

You just have to use this spray on the inside and outside of your sandal.

Regular use of this spray will soften the leather and will make it more comfortable to walk in.

This spray will also help to stretch out tighter areas of your Rainbow flip-flops.

This is really helpful in reducing painful blisters and foot pain which often happen due to wearing uncomfortable and tight footwear.

​10. Take Help from Professional Cobbler

​And the last solution is seeking help from your local cobbler.

Even after using all the above techniques, you don’t see the satisfactory results, then its time to pay a visit to your local professional shoe stretcher person.

He/she is the most qualified person to help in this issue.

Such professionals usually have the exact tools and techniques to stretch all types of shoes and sandals.

So, my recommendation is to ask for their help in case all the above methods fail in stretching your Rainbow sandals.


Stretching Rainbow sandals is a tricky and tedious task for many folks. It could be risky sometimes to try stretching out such expensive flip-flops.

But it is also important to safeguard your feet from unwanted foot blisters and foot pain.

I strongly recommend to try the above stretching methods because they are safe to try and will make your sandals more comfortable to walk.

Best of luck.


What is a Steel Shank in a Work Boot? – Ultimate Guide to Understand Steel Shank Work Boots

What is Steel Shank in Work Boots

​If you are currently searching for reliable steel toe work boots for your job then you might have come across the term steel shank.

I have also seen this term in the product descriptions of several steel toe work footwear listings on online shopping portals.

Therefore, I wondered what is a steel shank in a work boot means?

I thought there must be many other folks like me who are unaware about the actual meaning of steel shank in work boots.

This is the reason, I am writing this article today for your guys who want to know its meaning and benefits.

So, without further delay, let’s find out the importance and advantages of steel shank in boots.

​Actual Definition of Steel Shank

Rugged Blue EST118-Brown-Steel-8M 8" Jackson Steel Toe Work Boots, English, Leather, 8 m, Brown

​Before we find the meaning of steel shank, I think it is important for us to know what is a  shank in a shoe.

After some research, I found out the meaning of shank in boots.

It is a simple, rectangular material piece, either made from durable plastic, carbon fiber, wood, nylon, fiberglass or steel.

Basically, a shank is inserted often above the outer sole or in the bottom of the boot sole, especially in the mid section of the sole.

It mainly acts as a support function in between the outsole and insole of your boot.

It is usually that area which is below your arch and in between the ball of the foot and your heel.

The main purpose of using a shank in shoes and boots is to provide additional strength, support and durability to work footwear.

On the similar notes, a steel shank is simply a shoe shank that is made from durable steel material.

You may think that using a steel in your boot makes it much heavier to use.

But, in reality it is not true.

Using a steel shank in work boots makes them more durable,  supportive and adds extra layer of foot protection.

The steel shank also provides strength and proper support in the mid section of your work footwear.

Another advantage of using steel shank is it offers more stability or balance and prevents too much bilateral movements when working in these types of work boots.

I recommend you to watch the following short video where it ​explains the importance of having shoe shank.

​What are the Different Types of Shoe Shanks That are Used in the Boots?

​There are lots of different types of materials which are today used to make shoe shanks by several boot manufacturers. Depending on what type of shoe you want to use, the type of shank varies.

There are mainly two categories when it comes to shanks. One is soft shank and the second one is hard shank.

If you want to check out the differences between the two, then read this article.

Hard shanks are often used in work boots to make them stronger and durable.

On the other side, soft shanks are used in dancing shoes, pointe shoes and dress shoes like moccasins where you need more flexibility and comfort.

If you think of material variety used in making shoe shanks, then there are mainly 7 categories of these shanks.

1. Metal or Steel Shank

2. Wood or Non-metallic Shank

3. Fiberglass Shank

4. Nylon Shank

5. Carbon Fibre Shank

6. TPU or Plastic Shank

7. Composite Shank

​How to Identify Whether Your Shoe or Boot has a Steel Shank?

​The steel shank is usually located in the midsole of the boot.

It is there for the reinforcement of the overall boot construction.

It offers the best arch support and foot protection for the user.

One of the best ways to find whether there is steel shank present in your work boot is to check the product description of the boot.

Many online stores provide the product description where you can find whether the boot has built-in steel shank.

On the other side, you can also ask your local shoe store owner about the presence of shoe shank.

I believe these are two ideal methods to find the existence of steel shank in your work boot or dance shoes.

​What is the Purpose or Benefits of Steel Shank in a Work Boot?

​As already mentioned above in the definition section of the article, the steel shank is used in the boots to gain structural support and durability.

The shank also provides the best arch support and prevents instability of your foot when working in your boot.

The major benefits of using steel shank is that it offers the best in class foot safety and foot stability.

As far as foot safety is concerned, these types of work boots protect your feet from littered metal objects on the ground where you usually work.

Suppose, you are working on a construction site where lots of small and big iron nails are littered on the ground.

The steel shank boots, in this case, do protect your feet by preventing accidental punctures of your boot by the nails.

In case you are standing and working on ladders, your feet do not get those “ladder bruises”; which happen when you do not use boots with steel shank feature.

Your feet will get more comfort and protection in such working conditions.

Also, in the landscape gardening working conditions, your feet easily get bruised and sore due to constant jarring and blunt impact while working.

Steel shank work boots protect your feet from these jarring and blunt impacts and keep them comfortable while working all the day.

The only issue I find irritating with these boots is they are not airport friendly because they easily set off metal detector alarms on the airports.

But we can handle this issue softly by just telling the airport security individuals about these boots in advance.

Other than this issue, these work boots are excellent in getting perfect foot stability, support, protection and comfort while working in physically challenging work environments.   

So, if you are in search of a durable, reliable and protective work boots, then my recommendation is to always choose the one with the steel shank feature.

In the meanwhile, I also suggest you to watch the following video where you will learn why it is essential to use steel shank work boots at your workplace.

​Are Steel Shank Work Boots Comfortable to Use?

The comfort factor totally depends on what kind of shoe shank is used in your footwear.

The steel and metallic shank are somewhat hard and tough and therefore offer comparatively less comfort as compared to the other non-metallic shanks.

The shoe shanks made up of nylon, fiberglass, carbon fiber and even composite shank provide more comfort as compared to steel shank.

This is because of their flexible and soft material construction.

Steel shank work boots do provide some comfort and flexibility.

But other shanks types such as fiberglass and nylon shanks provide more flexibility and comfort.

If you want enhanced safety and foot protection features, then you should always go for the boots that come with steel shank.

They are more durable and supportive for your feet.

​Difference Between Composite Shank vs Fiberglass Shank vs Nylon Shank vs TPU Shank vs Steel Shank Boots

Comparison of Composite Shank vs Steel Shank

Composite Shank: More Lightweight, Costlier Due to Material Construction Standards, More Comfortable than Steel Shank Boots, Provides Less Foot Safety

Steel Shank: Heavier than Composite Shank Boots, Lower Priced than Composite Shank Boots, Less Comfortable in comparison to Composite Shank, Offers Enhanced Foot Safety

Comparison of Fiberglass Shank vs Steel Shank

Fiberglass Shank: More Lightweight than Steel Shank Boots, More Comfortable for Daily Use, More Expensive, Low Durability, Less Foot Protection.

Steel Shank: Heavier than Fiberglass Shank Boots, Less Comfortable than Fiberglass Shank Footwear, Less Expensive, High Durability, Higher Foot Safety Standards

Comparison of Nylon Shank vs Steel Shank

Just like fiberglass shank boots, nylon shank boots come with less weight, higher comfort, higher cost, lower durability and low foot safety as compared to steel shank footwear.

Comparison of TPU Shank vs Steel Shank

TPU Shank is made from Thermoplastic Polyurethane material.

It is more lightweight and highly abrasion resistant and oil resistant as compared to the steel shank.

TPU shank offers more comfort at higher cost.

But it provides less durability and foot protection as compared to the steel shank.

​What is the Difference Between Steel Shank Boot and Steel Toe Boot?

Although, they both seem similar from their external appearances, both of these boots may or may not be similar from their internal construction point of view.

Steel toed boots are also known as steel capped boots or safety toe boots.

In these boots, there is usually some kind of protective reinforcement in the toe area.

This toe protection is USP of these types of boots.

Because it protects your toes from heavy falling objects while you work at your workplace.

On the other side, steel shank work boots may or may not have steel toe protection.

But they always have the steel shank support in the midsole area.

Some steel toe boots do come with steel shank support as well.

So, you can say both of these boots may or may not be similar in some brands.

Certain footwear manufacturing companies produce work boots that come with steel shank as well as steel toes.

On the other side, some companies do produce steel toed boots without steel shank facility.

Steel toes provide enhanced foot safety and durability. Similarly, steel shank offers more support, durability and protection for your feet.

Even though the objective is same, the functionality is different for both the boots.

​Do Ariat, Chippewa, Doc Martens and Muck Boots come with a Steel Shank?

As far as my research is concerned, I have not seen any Ariat work boots that come with steel shank feature.

Even if some of them have, they come with composite fiber shank feature.

But Chippewa brand do come with their own versions of steel and fiberglass shank in their work footwear models.

According to this Reddit source, depending on the type of the work boot, Chippewa do integrate either steel or fiberglass shank in their boot construction.

Just like Ariat, Dr. Martens or Doc Martens also do not produce any boots with steel shank feature.

They do produce steel toed work boots, but not steel shank boots.

When it comes to Muck work boots, they do integrate steel shank in their footwear models.

For additional support and reinforcement in the heel and sole area, Much boots do come with the steel shank feature.

Some of the other well known shoe manufacturing brands that produce steel shank work boots are Alden, Red Wing, Yuketen, Meermin, LL Bean, Bass, Russell Moccasin, and Frye.

​3 Best Steel Shank Work Boots for Men

​So, here we are in the end section of this ultimate guide for steel shank work boots.

So, far we have covered almost all important topics related to steel shank.

Now, you must be wondering what are the best steel shank work boots that you can wear for yourself with pride and comfort.

I have done the research and found out 3 best ones just for you. Check them out below.

​No. 3: Chippewa Men’s 8 Inches Lace-to-Toe 73075 Logger Work Boot

Chippewa Men's 73101 8" Lace-To-Toe Logger Waterproof Boot,Bay Apache,9.5 M US

​This Chippewa 8 Inches logger work boot comes with reliable and supportive steel shank.

It offers enhanced foot safety and stability for your feet.

If you are looking for moderate level foot protection and support with steel shank in your work boot, then definitely go for this Chippewa men’s work boot.

Click Here to See Price and Reviews of Chippewa Men’s 8 Inches 73075 Logger Work Boot.

No. 2: Muck Boot Chore Classic Men’s Rubber Work Boot

Muck Chore Classic Men's Rubber Work Boots,Black,Men's 9 M US / Women's 10 M US

Muck Boot Chore Classic Rubber Work Boot for Men has also integrated the steel shank into its construction.

This work boot not just comes with a reliable steel shank but also offers triple toe and quadruple rubber heel reinforcement.

These features have made this boot very reliable and durable by nature.

Your feet get maximum protection and stability with this steel shank feature.

Although, they are not steel toed, the steel shank in this boot helps you to work in the snow and water without any difficulties.

The foot safety and stability you get with this boot is by all means exceptional.

Click Here for Reviews and Current Price of Muck Boot Chore Classic Men’s Rubber Work Boot.

​No. 1: Red Wing Men’s 6 Inches Iron Ranger Work Boot

Red Wing Heritage Iron Ranger 6-Inch Boot, Amber Harness, 9.5 D(M) US

Red Wing 6 Inches Iron Ranger Work Boot for Men is also my favorite work footwear and that is why it is at no.1 rank in my list.

The steel shank performance in this boot is much above its competitors when you compare it with the other work boots.

The level of support and protection it provides to your feet is excellent.

It also offers higher level of stability and structural balance while you work in physically challenging work environment.

Due to high quality leather material, careful stitching and steel shank features, this Red Wing work boot has become really durable and strong by nature.

If you are in search for high quality, durable, protective and comfortable steel shank work boot, then choose this Red Wing Iron Ranger footwear.

Click Here to See Price and Reviews of Red Wing Men’s 6 Inches Iron Ranger Work Boot.


​Although the steel shanks are little bit heavier in term of overall weight, they are very reliable and supportive for your work boot.

They increase the durability and provide foot protection benefits.

Some people do not like steel shanks because they are not metal detector friendly and often set off unnecessary alarms at airport security checkpoints.

But we can inform the relevant authority in advance about these types of boots and they often co-operate with these minor issues.

Besides this single problem, there are not any major concerns to worry about.

If you look at the core benefits of steel shank work boots, then they are certainly worth your investment.

These boots are durable, reliable, and offers the best in class foot protection and stability.

After all, these are the features you need the most in your work boots when you wear them at your workplace.

I wish you good luck in your work boot hunt. If you are searching for most comfortable steel toe boot, then click here to check out my top 10 recommendations for the same.

A Complete Guide on How to Wash Ugg Boots in Washing Machine – Follow These 7 Simple Steps

7 Steps to Wash Your Uggs Boots in Washing Machine

Yes, I Have Tested My Ugg Boots in the Washing Machine !

Do you own a pair of classic Ugg boots and now contemplating whether machine wash them or not?

If you have heard million times from other Ugg boot owners to not put these boots in the washer, then my dear friend I can understand your dilemma.

Deciding to wash Ugg boots in the washing machine must be a hard decision for many Uggs owners.

But after so many months of constant usage, you know they start to stink and smell bad if you don’t clean or wash them properly.

I love my Uggs a lot and I also tried using simple home remedies such as baking soda and vinegar.

But they always leave behind strange residue and weird smell.

And they tend to make my boots harder than before.

I am not very positive about cleaning my Ugg boots with vinegar and baking soda.

So, last week, after a lot of discussion with my friends and some research, I went ahead and tried out washing my Ugg boots with my home washing machine.

And to my surprise, the boots came out much cleaner, fresh and nicely smelled than before.

Therefore, I am very happy with this washing method.

And here I am providing my tested method to wash any kind of Ugg boots in the washing machine at home.

Actual Washing Process to Safely Clean Your Dirty Ugg Boots

Cleaning Products That I Have Used in this Procedure

A. Woolite Liquid Detergent Safe and harmless cleaning detergent to use on Ugg Boots

B. Ugg Boots Cleaning Kit Great for after wash cleaning and for increasing life span of your Ugg Boots

C. Zippered Net Bags For storing your Ugg boots while washing safely in the washer

D. Boot Dryer To make your Uggs dry quickly

E. Paper Towels – To stuff them inside the boots to avoid shrinking and to fast dry from inside

F. Fabric Softener Sheets To make your boots smell good after washing

And Here is My Washing Procedure:

1. Avoid Dashing of the Boots with Inner Walls of the Washer

Front Loading Washing Machine to Wash Ugg Boots

First thing you need to take care is the type of washing machine you use at your home.

Whether you have a front loading machine or top loading washer, your machine must not have the middle stick.

Because middle stick can damage your boots when spun and washed.

To further protect and avoid banging of the boots on the inner walls of the washer, you can put some Turkish towels inside for their protection and support.

2. Use Woolite Liquid Detergent

Woolite All Clothes Liquid Laundry Detergent, 66 Loads, 100 Fl Oz, Gentle Cycle, Regular & HE Washers, sparkling falls scent, packaging may vary

The next important thing to do is to use good quality laundry detergent that is safe for the boots.

I have used detergent products like Tide, Presto and Mountain Falls.

They tend to discolour and damage the material of Uggs.

The best laundry detergent that I have seen producing great results is Woolite.

As mentioned earlier, it is lot safer and harmless to use especially for Sheepskin and classic Ugg boots cleaning.

Just a half cup of this detergent liquid is more than sufficient to wash your boots.

3. Set Your Washer to Delicate Wash Mode

Yes, delicate mode is essential when you are about to wash your expensive Ugg boots in the washing machine.

With warm water and delicate mode, you will also need to set “no spin” option in your washer.

All these settings are important to follow in order to protect your boots from material damage and discoloration.

4. Use Zippered Net Bags for Washing Boot

There are good quality zippered net bags available online which you can use for laundry purpose.

Put your Uggs in these net bags and then put the bag inside the washer.

This will protect your boots when you start the washer and when the wash process begins.

During the circular movements of the washer, this zippered net bag will keep your boots together without any harm.

5. Do One More Wash If Necessary

When the first washing process is done, take out your boots.

Now, observe them carefully for remaining soapy foam and liquid detergent residue.

If you still see the residue and foam on your boots, then perform second washing process.

Before you begin the second washing, do set the delicate mode and do not use detergent this time.

Use only warm water for second wash too.

6. Use Boot Dryer to Dry Quickly

MaxxDry Heavy-Duty Boot, Shoe, and Glove Dryer (2 Pairs)

Once this washing process is completed, take out your boots. Now use a good quality boot dryer to dry your boots faster.

Here, you can also use fabric softener sheets to make your Uggs smell good.

You can also place some dry towels along with the boots to provide more cushioning while spinning the boots in the dryer.

I recommend to set the dryer on low heat mode to avoid excess shrinking of your boots.

If your boots are too loose to fit your feet, then you make them shrink a bit by increasing the heat level of your boot dryer.

Keep checking your boots every 10-15 minutes while you dry them in the dryer.

When you see the boots are 50 percent dry, take them out and stuff some paper towels inside the boots.

The paper towels will keep the inside of your Uggs safe and sound.

I think in the overnight, your boots become completely dry.

7. Finally Use UGG Boot Cleaning Kit to Get Enhanced Results

In the end, when your Ugg boots become completely dry, you can apply Ugg Boot Cleaning Kit.

This will further make your boots clean, neat, shiny and just like brand new purchased.

There are 3 kits such as Ugg Protector Kit, Ugg Cleaner and Conditioner and Ugg Shoe Renew Kit.

Make use of them carefully on your boots as and when you feel necessary to get more improved results.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Washing Ugg Boots in Washer

1. Does the Color Fade out When I Wash My Ugg Boots?

Yes, to certain extent it does!

When you put your Ugg boots in the washer, the dye of the boot comes out a little.

This causes the color of the boot to fade to some extent.

But here the main question is which boot you would like to wear.

An Ugg boot with lots of scuff marks, salt stains, smudges and bad smell or a clean, washed boot without any salt stains, scuff marks or stained smell.

The choice is yours!

2. Once Washed, How Long Does It Take for Boots to Dry Out?

If you wash your Uggs in the evening or in the afternoon, it will take approx. 10-12 hours to dry them completely.

You can take help of a good quality boot dryer for drying them faster.

These dryers can dry the inside and outside of your boot much faster and without any issue.

3. What is the Best Laundry Detergent for Washing Your Ugg Boots Safely in Washing Machine?

There are lots of dish soaps and detergent powders that people use to clean and wash Ugg boots.

Lot of them produce some undesired results once you use them.

After a lot of trial and error, I found the best liquid laundry detergent to use for washing all kinds of Ugg boots.

Whether you have Knitted Ugg boots, Emu Ugg boots, Cardy Ugg boots, Sheepskin Ugg boots or leather and suede Ugg boots, this laundry detergent can safely clean and wash the dirt and salt stains from your boots.

The name of the detergent that I use is Woolite.

Woolite produces great results for all types of Ugg boots with less fading, no shrinking or stretching of your boots.

Plus, it smells really good once you wash your Ugg boots using this liquid laundry detergent.

4. Can You Use Ugg Boot Cleaning Kit to Clean These Boots?

As far as Ugg Cleaning Kit is concerned, it comes in three forms.

First is known as Ugg Protector Kit which is used to maintain the newness of your boots.

It comes with a cleaning brush and a liquid bottle.

The second kit is known as Ugg Cleaner and Conditioner.

It is actually used to clean and remove any kind of salt stains and scuff marks.

But it is highly recommended by the company to use this kit only after six months of your purchase.

The third kit is called as Ugg Shoe Renew.

It is used to deodorize the inside and outside of your boot and keep them fresh and smell good.

Now all these Ugg cleaning kit products are great to use for your everyday used Ugg boots.

For actual cleaning instructions, you can visit the official site of UGG boots.

But I am not satisfied with their end results.

To some extent, they fail to produce the desired results for the boots that are one year or more than one year old.

They do work to some level but for hard stains and stubborn scuff marks, they fail to remove that kind of dirt and salt stains from the boots.

You certainly require to wash your Ugg boots after at least one to two years of constant usage.

5. What Precautions Should You Take While Washing Ugg Boots in the Washer?

1. The first thing you will need to do is avoid washing any other stuff with your boots.

When you put your boots inside the washing machine, always remember to not place anything else with the boots other than turkish towels for support.

Because other stuff might ruin the color or dye of your Ugg boots.

2. If the inside insole is dirty and needs cleaning, then you may just wash the insole instead of whole boot.

It is a good idea not to wash the whole boot if only the insole is unclean and stained.

3. Another thing to remember while washing these boots in the washer is to set the wash setting on “delicate” mode.

Don’t put it on hard or medium setting because it will damage the material of your boot.

4. Also remember to use less laundry detergent powder.

Do not put more than half to single cup of washing powder to clean and wash your expensive Ugg boots.

Too much powder or liquid detergent can leave residual marks on your boots which leads to further deterioration and discoloration.

5. When you complete the washing process, always use a reliable boot dryer to dry wet boots faster.

The fast you will dry your boots, better it is for the overall life span of your boot.

Don’t put your boots wet for too long as it could affect the boot color.

6. For sheepskin Ugg boots, you can set your washer on 30 Degree easy care wash setting.

My suggestion is to add just few drops of liquid detergent like Woolite as mentioned earlier.

You don’t have to overly spin your boots in the washing machine.

This will avoid any potential damage that could happen to the boot material.

Once the washing is done, you can hang your boots in a boot dryer or in front of the house radiator with low heat settings.

When the boot gets sufficiently dry, you can further make use of a good quality suede protector and a suede brush to clean and shine your sheepskin Ugg boots.

This washing and cleaning method is really great for making your old sheepskin Ugg footwear shiny, bright and new again.

I have gotten some great results with this method for my boots.

I recommend you to try this method at least once.

7. If somehow you are not comfortable with washing your boots in the washer, then another method you can try is wool wash.

This is a simple and harmless method that is also good for cleaning your boots safely.

8. To maintain the softness and comfy nature of the inside of your Ugg boots, you can use newspaper to stuff inside the boot after washing is done.

To dry your boots quickly after washing and to maintain softness of the inside material, you can make newspaper balls or paper towels and stuff them inside.

This will make your boots dry faster from inside and will also protect the internal material from becoming dry, clumpy and curly.

6. Are There Any Side Effects of Washing Ugg Boots in the Washer?

I will not lie here that using washer for cleaning Ugg boots will not produce any harmful results.

It might produce some residue, discoloration and can even harm the suede and sheepskin material of the boot.

The Ugg Boot Company has also recommended not to use any washer or washing machine to avoid any damage to your expensive Ugg boots.

But this will happen only when you do not take above mentioned precautions.

When you do it carefully by following some of the tips in the precautions section, you can avoid these side effects.

Many people have gotten really great results and have been able to clean and remove the age-old dirt and stained marks from their Uggs.

The actual safe and harmless washing procedure which you should follow is already provided above.

Kindly check the same again to study it carefully and then practice it.

Here is one short video where a youtuber Magaly shows us how she washes her Uggs in the washer at home.

Check it out to get an overview about how you should proceed when you do the same process.

Final Thoughts

Washing your old Ugg boots in the washing machine is beneficial for you to get rid of age-old dirt, smudges and scuff marks.

I recommend this method only when your boots are really old like at least 1-2 years old.

If your boots are just 3 to 6 months old, it is recommended to wash them in the washer.

If you want you can hand wash them with care.

You can also use professional company recommended Ugg cleaning kit as mentioned above.

You can get great results with this method only when you follow the above steps carefully and remember all the precautionary tips which are mentioned in this guide. Best of luck.

If you are searching for ways to clean your dirty white mesh shoes, then check out our complete cleaning guide here.

How to Clean Adidas Suede Shoes – 5 Simple Methods to Shine Your Adidas Gazelle Sneakers

How to Clean Adidas Suede Shoes at Home

​Adidas is my favorite shoe brand just like you guys.

Obviously if you are searching for cleaning tips for these shoes, then you must be a die-hard fan of this brand.

When it comes to Adidas suede shoes, you must be talking about Adidas Gazelle sneakers.

Because these Gazelle shoes are made from 100% pigskin leather which also means a suede material in some sense.

Cleaning suede shoes is somewhat trickier as compared to cleaning regular leather shoes.

You would not want to use too much of water as it can ruin the suede material.

The best way to use water for such shoes is to use it through spray bottle.

So, today I am going to teach you how you can clean Adidas Suede shoes with 5 different easy and safe methods.

But before that you need to know why its important to keep your Adidas footwear clean and shiny.

​Why You Need to Clean Your Adidas Gazelle Sneakers Regularly?

Adidas Originals Men's Gazelle Lace-up Sneaker,Black/White/Gold Met.,10 M US

​There are primarily two reasons for this.

First is if you don’t clean them on a regular basis, then the overall appearance of these shoes looks really bad.

The second reason is of course related to your foot health.

If you don’t clean them, your shoes tend to acquire different types of bacteria and germs. This is really harmful for your foot health.

It might cause various bacterial and fungal foot infections and foot disorders such as Athlete’s Foot and Toenail Fungus.

Check out this article from to know more information about these types of foot infections.

I am sure you really don’t want such kinds of foot infections for yourself as well as for others near to you.

So, you really need to be careful and should take care of yourself by cleaning your new and old Adidas suede shoes or Gazelle sneakers on a regular basis.

​5 Easy Tricks to Clean Your Adidas Suede Shoes at Home

​Before you start cleaning your shoes, it is important for you to know that the soft suede exterior of these shoes is very fragile to clean.

You need special care while cleaning these shoes to prevent ruining the material.

​​Method 1: Using Suede Cleaning Kit to Remove Water Stains and Scuff Marks

​The first method that I am going to mention is pretty easy and you can do it at your home.

You will need few things which are mentioned below.

Things You Will Need:

1. Suede & Nubuck Shoes Cleaning Kit

2. Water Spray Bottle

Actual Procedure:

1. First you will need to buy a suede shoe cleaning kit for this method.

Once you get the kit, you will find that there are two things inside the kit.

One is cleaning crepe brush and the other thing is suede cleaning eraser.

2. A gentle cleaning with this brush and eraser is sufficient for your Adidas shoes.

To start the cleaning, first you will need to use a water spray bottle.

Once you spray some water on the shoe, you can use the crepe brush to slowly clean the visible scuff marks and stains on your shoes.

To know more about how to get rid of scuff marks from any shoes, check out this complete guide that I have published on this site.

3. Once you use the brush, it is time to gently use the suede cleaning eraser on your shoe.

I recommend first to keep medium pressure and low friction to prevent any unwanted damage for the shoe material.

4. A cleaning eraser is extremely helpful in removing the stubborn stains and dirt marks as well as scuff marks.

Use it moderately in combination with the suede brush.

I am sure; with this method, you will be able to clean your Adidas Gazelle sneakers very easily and without any damage to its material.

​Method 2: Using White Vinegar to Remove Salt Stains

​Sometimes, your Adidas suede shoes get food as well as salt stains.

These stains are pretty tenacious and can not be removed easily through traditional brush and eraser method.

In this scenario, you will have to implement more powerful cleaning agent.

And what could be more powerful and safe cleaning agent than the vinegar itself.

I recommend you to make use of white vinegar which is more effective than the regular vinegar.

This method is highly effective in case your shoes acquire salt stains in the winter season.

All you need are few following things.

Things You Will Need:

1. White Vinegar Bottle

2. Warm Water

​3. Cotton Cloth

​4. Suede Cleaning Brush

Actual Procedure:

1. First, you will need to buy a white vinegar bottle from the market if you don’t have one at your home.

2. Then take 2 cups of water and mix 1 cup of white vinegar and stir the mixture well to make it cohesive.

3. Now take a soft and clean cotton cloth and dip it into the mixture for some time.

4. Then start cleaning salt stain marks and scuff marks with the cloth slowly.

Try to remove smaller stain marks as carefully as possible.

5. Once you are done, let your shoes become dry for few minutes.

6. And finally, take a reliable suede cleaning brush and slowly clean the remaining visible marks from your shoes.

Method 3: Using Toothpaste and Toothbrush to Clean Dirty Stains

​Another efficient method to clean your dirty Adidas suede footwear is to use toothpaste mildly.

Toothpaste is also effective in cleaning stubborn dirty stains and water marks from suede shoes.

Things You Will Need:

1. White Toothpaste​

2. Soft Bristled Toothbrush

​3. Soft Cotton Cloth​

4. Warm Water Spray

​​Actual Procedure:

1. First you will need to make your shoes a little wet with warm water.

For that, you can use a spray bottle to spray the warm water on the parts of your shoe where dirt and marks are more visible.

2. Then take a white colored toothpaste and apply it gently on the shoe parts which you want to clean efficiently.

3. To apply it smoothly, you can use any soft bristled toothbrush.

But remember not to rub your toothbrush harshly as it can ruin the material of your new footwear.

4. Keep rubbing the brush till you get satisfactory results.

Once you are done cleaning, then take a soft cotton cloth and make it wet with warm water.

Then slowly wipe out the toothpaste and dirt from your shoes.

5. Once you no longer see any stains or dirt marks, then keep it in sunlight for few minutes to make it dry and bacteria free.

I recommend you to watch the following short video to learn how you can use toothbrush and toothpaste solution to clean your Adidas Gazelle sneakers.

​Method 4: Applying Rubbing Alcohol to Clean Scuff Marks and Ink Stains

​Yes, rubbing alcohol is also very effective in cleaning dirtier and more stubborn marks from your Adidas suede sneakers.

You will need following things for this method.

Things You Will Need:

A. Few Cotton Balls​

2. Rubbing Alcohol Bottle

​3. Suede Eraser

Actual Procedure:

1. First you will need to observe carefully which are the shoe parts that are dirtier and need more attention for cleaning.

2. Once you locate those parts, then take a bottle of rubbing alcohol and use it to clean your shoe stains.

3. In case you have ink stains or mud stains, you can clean them with rubbing alcohol.

You need to take few cotton balls and apply the rubbing alcohol solution on your shoe with the cotton balls.

4. Rub it carefully so that the marks become faint or gone completely.

After that, you can use a suede eraser to remove the remaining dark spots or stains.

​Method 5: Using Corn Starch to Get Rid of Oil and Grease Marks

​You will agree on this fact that oil and grease marks are the toughest one to remove from any shoe.

More importantly, your Adidas suede shoes or Gazelle sneakers need special care due to its sensitive suede material.

This is why using a cornstarch is much safer to preserve the material quality of your footwear.

Because it absorbs the grease and oil stains which goes deep into the shoe material.

The procedure for cleaning is as follows.

​Things You Will Need:

1. Corn Starch Powder

​2. Suede Cleaning Brush

Actual Procedure:

1. Most wet oil and grease marks are tough to remove with your traditional cleaning methods.

So, some people strongly recommend to use cornstarch powder which is a very natural and safe remedy.

2. In this method, you will have to sprinkle corn starch powder on your shoes.

Then keep your shoes away for overnight.

3. In the morning, use suede cleaning brush to wipe away all the dirt and oil marks from your shoes.

4. It also helps to remove foul smell from your old and used shoes.

So, you can use it sparingly and without any fear of possible material damage.

​Bottom Line

​There are more than 5 methods that you can use to clean your new and old Adidas suede shoes at your home.

But the above 5 are the most efficient and easy to implement in my opinion.

I am sure you will certainly be able to make your shoes look new and shiny again with the help of these simple hacks.

You can further use Suede Protector Spray on a regular basis to maintain your shoe material and to increase its lifespan.

I have also published 12 simple methods for cleaning white mesh shoes.

You can check it out if you want. Wish you good luck.


Can I Wear a Black Shirt with Brown Shoes? – Discover The Truth Here

Can I Wear Black Shit with Brown Shoes Guide

Age Old Myth : You Can’t Wear Brown Shoes with Your Black Dress

Last week, one of my neighbors thrown a birth day party for his daughter and I went over there with my family.

I was wearing a white shirt along with my sturdy black shoes.

One of my friends was wearing this odd combination which surprised me a lot.

He was wearing black shirt with his new brown shoes.

Looking at that odd combo, a question came into my mind. “Can I wear a black shirt with my brown shoes too?”

By this time, you must have heard the common phrase “No Brown in Town”.

But this is just a myth and I am here to prove this notion wrong.

If you have come to this site searching for the answer to this same question, then you are welcome my friend.

Today, I am trying to provide the best possible scenario where you have brown shoes and black shirt.

And now you are wondering whether it’s a good combination to wear or something else should be worn.

Let us see what is the best possible scenario we can find here.

A Myth : Brown and Black Don’t Go Well Together

Brown Shoes and Black Shirt Complements Each Other

Brown Shoes and Black Shirt Complements Each Other (

Yes, it’s a myth and wrong fashion sense in many young men and women.

According to the article on, black and brown colors actually look well when used together.

They complement to each other sensibly.

Suppose you are wearing your favourite brown dress shoes along with black jeans and black leather overcoat.

You will look gorgeous in this outfit for sure.

Don’t underestimate the match of brown shoes and black dress.

A Fact : Brown and Black are Neutral Colors

Yes, this is also a fact that brown, navy and black all three of them are known as neutral colors.

This also means that you can comfortably and without any doubt wear your black or brown shirts and shoes with any other color garment.

You can even wear these two color shirts and shoes with each other.

They will actually complement each other when worn.

Even Rihanna in one of her interviews said that the idea of not wearing black and brown together is so outdated.

She once wore a black t-shirt, black NoBody jeans, a brown colored leopard-print belt from Dolce and Gabbana along with her trusty brown colored Giuseppe Zanotti shoes.

She also told that it looked really awesome on her.

So now the famous celebrity statement is out.

And we can finally confirm that brown shoes and black shirt actually look well together.

How to Know Whether to Choose Brown or Black Color Shoes with Your Dress?

Brown Shoes Stylig Guide

Choosing black or brown shoes can become very tricky for several fashion sensitive folks like me.

Choosing right color shoes for your dress depends on few important situations.

You must first ask yourself few questions before deciding the color of your shoes.

Que. 1: What is the Color of Your Outfit?

This is the beginner question you must ask yourself first.

If you have more urbane or sporty color dresses, then it is wise to choose black color shoes.

If you have earth tone dresses, then go for brown shoes.

Navy color shoes will work for both types of dresses.

If your shirt is black then you can either choose brown shoes or black shoes.

Both colors will match with your dress color.

Que. 2: What is the Color of Your Belt and Other Accessories?

When you carry some backpack or sports bag with yourself for outdoor activities, it is best to consider the color of your accessories.

The color of your belt also matters a lot.

Black belt and brown accessories will suit with your regular brown shoes.

You can also wear black shoes without any issue.

Que. 3: What Kind of Event You are Attending?

Your fashion sense also depends upon what kind of event you are going to visit or where you are going.

If you are going outside for fun and casual purpose, then brown shoes are best.

Brown color indicates less aggressive and fun side of yourself.

For more aggressive style, you can choose to wear black color shoes.

Que. 4: What Types of Shoes You Have at Your Disposal?

The type of your shoe also matters a lot.

Do you have modern driving shoes?

Do you like to wear unique and fashionable boat shoes?

Do you wear dress shoes more often?

Do you have moccasins or sports shoes?

The outdoor event you are going for is very important.

This is where you need to decide the style and type of your shoe.

Brown color shoes are more suitable for casual and informal activities.

For serious events and more formal meetings with people, try to wear black shoes.

What Color Shirts are Most Complimentary for Brown Shoes?

Some of the most complementary dress or shirt colors for your brown color shoes would be light red, blue and light green.

Other possible colors I can think of right now are greyish blue and greyish aqua.

Few people also recommend to wear shirts having blue violet, blue or blue green colors.

You do not require to always wear shirts with low intensity color shades for your brown shoes to complement.

What is the Best Brown Shoe That I Can Wear with My Black Shirt?

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Bowman Boat shoe,Coffee Bean,8 M US

Now that the myth “You can’t wear black shirt with brown shoes”, has been resolved, its time we choose the best brown color shoes for your feet.

If you are wondering what kind of brown shoes should I wear with my black shirt or dress, then here is the answer.

One of my favorite brown shoes that look really good with any kind of black dress or shirt is Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Bowman Boat Shoe.

It comes in variety of colors such as blue, coffee bean, dark blue, brown, navy, dark brown, black and tan, etc.

The color which we need is brown and dark brown.

Both of these shoes will look perfect with your black shirt and a black trouser.

This boat shoe is made with fine quality leather material.

It is one of most popular choices for men who need a fashionable brown shoe to wear for their dark colored dresses.

Another best type of brown footwear is brown oxford wingtip.

These shoes look amazingly versatile with navy blue suit.

Just make sure that the brown shoe is in lighter tones and your suit is in darker tones.

More Myth Busters Regarding Brown Shoes

1. Your Belt Should Match the Color of Your Shoes

Yeah, this was used to be the misconception among several men across the world.

But in reality, it is not essential to wear the same color belt with your brown shoes.

You can simply wear either black or brown belt.

Both of these color belts look well with your brown shoes and dark colored dress.

2. Brown Shoes Don’t Match with Navy or Grey Outfits

This is yet another misconception among lot of men.

Brown shoes especially look fantastic when paired with navy or grey colored belt and dress.

When it comes to wearing black shirt, any black or brown colored pant and shoes will be just fine.

You can mix and match any other navy and grey colored accessories along with your brown shoes.

Unique Dressing Styles for Guys Wearing Black Shirt and Brown Shoes

1. A Black Suit with Brown Oxford Shoes

When you are attending a formal event, wearing a formal black suit with your brown shoes will provide you a smarter appearance.

When done with the right sense, brown shoes like Brogues or Oxfords look wonderful with your black suit.

You can wear a white shirt inside your black coat to make it look more authentic and stylish.

2. Black Jumper with Brown Chelsea Boots

For fun and summer parties, wearing light outfit like black trouser, brown Chelsea boots and formal black jumper or a shirt is a fantastic idea.

You can also choose to wear brown loafers with this outfit.

Brown Loafers look good with a black shirt. They are preferable choice for summer wedding seasons.

If you want to wear this outfit in cold winter months, then my preference would be to use a pair of suede Chelsea brown boots to make it look smart.

3. Black Shirt, Black Denim or Trouser with Brown Leather Shoes

If you want more refined and elegant look for yourself in formal events, then choose the pair of black shirt, black denim or black trouser along with brown leather shoes.

This dressing style is more stylish and highly suitable for big wedding events and parties.

4. Black T-Shirt, Blue Jeans and Brown Leather Shoes

If you are searching for a stylish outfit idea that can suit almost all occasions, then wear a black t-shirt, brown leather shoes along with blue denim jeans.

This is a perfect outfit for casual outdoor activities such as night dinner party with your friends.

Just make sure the belt you wear must also be brown in color to match with your brown shoes.

What is the Best Shirt and Pant Color Combination for Your Brown Shoes?

A white shirt and beige colored pant will look well with your new brown footwear.

Some of the other best colors for your shirt would be dark brown and grey black.

When it comes to your pant, the best possible colors would be blue, black and grey.

Only colors that you should avoid for your shirt and pant is tan.

It looks somewhat odd with your brown leather shoes.

What are the Best Possible Occasions When You can Wear Brown Shoes with A Black Shirt?

1. For Business Meetings: When you are about to attend any formal business meeting, that is the best time to choose brown shoes with your black shirt or suit.

When your business suit is of certain color such as charcoal grey, mid grey, dark navy, and dark brown, brown shoes perfectly match with them.

2. For Casual Purpose: If you want to wear a suit with your brown shoes for informal outdoor activities, then you need to consider the following color combos.

For khaki casual suits, brown shoes are best options.

Brown shoes are also great for brown suits, white suits, tan suits as well as green colored suits.

I also recommend you to watch the following video tutorial where you will learn a great deal about how to wear brown shoes and when to use them and when not to use them.

What Color Socks Look Great with Your Brown Shoes and Black Shirt Dressing Style?

When you wear a black shirt and brown shoes, there are few color socks that look great with this combo.

If you are wearing a burgundy derby brown dress shoe along with black shirt and pant, then the best color for your socks would be dark navy blue socks and royal blue striped socks.

The color of the pant actually matters a lot when you decide the color of the socks for your shoes.

Some of the best colors for socks that would look great with brown shoes would be striped socks, dark colored socks, bright blue socks, jewel tone ribbed socks, etc.

There are more interesting choices such as navy skater socks, ribbed socks, window pane navy socks, blue dress socks, grey blue no show socks, and marled blue work socks.

For more information regarding the best socks to wear with brown shoes, kindly read this article on

What are the Best Colors for Suits to Wear with Your Brown Shoes?

According to the article published on, some of the best colors for suits to wear with your brown shoes are black, navy and grey.

The suit that I personally like to wear is a navy suit when I want to wear my brown shoes too.

If you want to display your best casual fashion sense, then I recommend you to wear good quality brown suede Chelsea boots along with your casual jeans and jacket.

Final Thoughts

So, after discussing all the details regarding brown shoes and black shirt, the final answer is emphatic “Yes”.

Yes, you can comfortably and without any doubt wear brown shoes with a black shirt.

In this analysis, we also busted some myths about brown shoes.

We found out the best possible dressing styles to use when you go with black shirt and brown shoe style.

We now also know the best type of brown shoe for your black shirt and what are the best possible suits that perfectly complement your brown footwear.

In the end, we discovered some of the best dressing styling tips for this type of dressing sense.

And we also learned when to use and when not to use your brown shoes and black shirt combination.

If you like this article, I recommend you to share it with your friends and colleagues so that they will also learn more about it.

You can also read more about our other useful footwear guides by clicking here.

Converse Without Socks – Do You Really Wear Socks with Converse Shoes?

Converse Without Socks

​Wearing Converse without socks is really a big trend these days.

Recently I had a serious discussion with my friend about whether to wear socks with my shoes or not.

Few months back, I purchased new Converse shoes and wanted to try them without socks.

But he suggested me not to do that. I had few arguments with him about this topic.

Then I decided to research about this issue a bit more on the internet.

And this is how I found this article on

This article basically says that wearing shoes without socks can have more chances of germs and bacterial infection for your feet.

In fact, there are three times higher chances of germs infection which is what that scientific study says.

So, Do you wear socks with Converse shoes? The answer is profoundly “Yes”. You will have to wear good quality socks with your new or old Converse shoes and sneakers. This will keep your feet infection free for sure. Plus these socks can be a strong fashion statement as well.

​5 Disadvantages of Not Wearing Socks with Your Converse Shoes

​Before we discuss more about best socks for Converse, let us have some serious discussion about drawbacks of not using socks with your shoes.

1. Bad Smell:

Yes, this is the number one reason why you should always wear good quality and breathable socks.

If you have sweaty feet or smelly feet, then your feet are surely to spread a foul smell in the vicinity wherever you go.

That is really embarrassing and bad impression of your overall personality in the other’s eyes.

So, first reason why you need to wear socks is to prevent bad smell or foul smell coming from your sweaty feet.

2. Bacterial Infection:

The research which I mentioned earlier has produced surprising results so far.

Your regular Converse canvas sneakers tend to get 3 times more germs on the upper when used outdoors.

Your shoes also tend to get more mildew and mold when you do not clean them on a regular basis.

In such situations, if you wear them without socks; then it could really affect the overall health of your feet.

The bacterial infection can affect your feet when you do not wear socks.

So, I strongly recommend to use them with your Converse sneakers no matter where you are.

3. Increased Chances of Fungal Infection:

If the upper of your shoe is not properly breathable, then it can lead to excessive moisture, bacteria and heat inside the shoe.

And this is not good for your feet.

On the other side, if you have really sweaty feet; too much of sweating can result in fungal infection if you do not wear breathable socks.

Some of these infections can lead to foot ailments such as Athlete’s Foot. (Source)

4. Lacks Comfort and Support:

A pair of thick socks can offer good comfort and cushioning for your feet.

Socks are great when you work long hours and walk a lot and stand for long hours.

They help in getting maximum comfort. Plus, they offer good cushioning and support.

If you walk long hours with just your Converse shoes, then you will realize how painful and uncomfortable it is to walk in them without socks.

5. Higher Chances of Getting Blisters:

Then there is always a risk of rubbing your shoes with your little toe or heels.

If your Converse shoe is not comfortable fit, then there are higher chances of it rubbing to your toes, heels and ankles.

This constant rubbing often leads to painful blisters.

If you do not pay attention to them in time, then these blisters can lead to further complicated health issues.

So, it is always better to stay safe than sorry.

By wearing quality pair of socks, you can prevent this uncomfortable rubbing and thus can prevent having blisters.

​What Kind of Socks to Wear with Converse Shoes?

Converse Made for Chucks 6-Pair Pack Multi Stripes 4-10 Women's Shoe

​Now, you know that you need to wear good and reliable pair of socks along with your Converse shoes.

It is time, you should know what types of socks are more suitable or good match for your Converse sneakers or shoes.

7 Main Types of Socks that are Perfect for Your Converse Sneakers:

1. Ankle Socks

2. Short Ankle Socks

3. Knee Socks

4. Crew Socks

5. No Show Socks

6. Low Cut Socks

7. Long Socks

​How to Wear These Socks with Your Converse Shoes?

​I know some folks who still don’t like to show others that they are wearing socks with their Converse sneakers.

I have seen some of them folding their socks down so others won’t notice their socks.

All this is fine as long as you are wearing socks.

1. Wearing No Show Socks:

There is another way to disguise these socks if you really feel that you look dorky with the socks on.

You just have to buy a pair of no show or invisible socks and you automatically solve your problem.

These no show socks are especially important when you wear low top Converse sneakers along with shorts or skirts.

These kinds of socks are also best in projecting your barefoot style.

2. Wearing Ankle Socks for Low Top Converse:

There is this trend of going out sockless in lot of US states.

Some people swear to wear only the shoes to look trendy and fashionable.

I agree the sockless shoes look sometimes trendy.

But as mentioned above, if you are wearing sockless shoes for long period of time, then there is a high chance that your feet can get bacterial and fungal infection.

So, to prevent these issues, you have to wear good quality socks.

If you currently have a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars, then I strongly recommend wearing bold colorful fun pair of socks from ModSocks.

These socks are very soft and easily stretchable in nature. Plus, they fit any foot size comfortably.

When it comes to low top Converse footwear, I think you can wear any regular thick pair of cotton socks.

But if you want to look different than the crowd, then I recommend wearing ankle socks.

This will provide more attractive style for your shoes.

And these socks fit perfectly for Converse sneakers as they appear right above the edge of your shoe.

If you are wearing jeans with your shoes, then it is better not to wear over the ankle socks.

On the other side, I will not recommend wearing any socks if the pair of socks goes above your hemline.

3. Wearing Short Ankle Socks for Hi Top Converse:

In case, you have hi top converse shoes, it looks better to wear short ankle socks.

If you are a lady with a good fashion sense and wearing skirts or shorts, then also short ankle socks look really cool with your overall attire.

4. Wearing Low Cut Socks:

Another perfect match for most Converse sneakers would be low cut socks.

These socks can be easily disguised or stay hidden inside your sneakers.

There are wide colors available for low cut socks.

You can either compliment the color of your sneaker or just make it contrast. Its your choice.

5. Wearing Knee High Socks:

If you love wearing shorts and skirts, then using knee socks could be really fun.

It also looks really fashionable and can increase your style quotient to a great level.

Usually Converse shoes are really flashy and stylish. You can match their style with these flashy rainbow knee high socks.

6. Wearing Crew Socks:

Crew socks can be used to look different than the crowd.

They are available in wide variety of colors and sizes.

If you are wearing jeans or regular trousers, then these Crew socks will look perfect with your shoes.

Attractive colors of these socks will perfectly complement the overall style statement of your Converse.

7. Wearing Long Socks:

Finally, you can also wear long socks which goes above your knees.

These socks look really stylish and cool with your white or black Converse sneakers.

If you are wearing shorts or skirts then these are perfect match for your shoes.

Long socks are ideal for women who want to showcase their flirty style and fashion sense.

​3 Best Socks for Converse Shoes or Sneakers

​I am providing my 3 most recommended pairs of socks below.

I suggest you try them with your Converse sneakers.

I believe they will definitely add more style and will enhance your overall look and personality quotient.

​No. 3: ModSocks Crew Socks for Men and Women

ModSocks Men's Bibliophile Men's Crew Socks in Black

ModSocks is a well known sock brand.

The crew socks from ModSocks are highly soft and stretchable by nature.

These bright colored crew socks are perfect for Converse sneakers.

They look cool and stylish for women who want to wear shoes along with skirts and shorts.

These socks also come with reinforced heel and toe.

I highly recommend them if you want good quality and reliable pair of socks that don’t look too flashy and blend well with your shoes.

Click Here to See Latest Price and Reviews of ModSocks Men’s Bibliophile Men’s Crew Socks.

Click Here for Price and Reviews of Women’s ModSocks Sloth Stripe Crew Socks.

​No. 2: Under Armour Low Cut Ankle Socks for Men and Women

Under Armour Women's Essential No Show Socks, 6-Pairs, Color/Assorted, Shoe Size: Womens 6-9

​At no. 2, I recommend to wear low cut ankle socks from another well known brand, Under Armour.

They are made to prevent foot odor and bacterial infection; thanks to its unique ArmourBlock Technology.

They also fit comfortably due to their Flat Knit footbed.

These Under Armour low cut ankle socks come with additional arch support.

At the same time, its material prevents excess moisture collection from your feet.

Plus, they are perfect looking socks for your new Converse shoes.

They look fancy and blend perfectly with your sneakers.

Click Here to See Reviews and Price of Under Armour Women’s Essential Low Cut Ankle Socks.

Click Here for Price and Reviews of Under Armour Men’s Resistor 3.0 Low Cut Ankle Socks.

​No. 1: Converse Made for Chucks No Show Socks for Men and Women

Converse Made for Chucks 6-Pair Pack Multi Men's Shoe Size 6-12

​And at no. 1, I strongly recommend to use Converse Made for Chucks No Show Socks.

They are made for both men and women.

These pair of socks are specially perfect for Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Sneakers.

This invisible sock comes with reciprocated heel which keeps it in the right place.

There is this padded sole with the socks.

It offers really good performance and high comfort when you walk in your shoes with these socks.

I highly recommend this Made in USA Converse No Show Sock for men and women who love showing their fashion sense with Converse.

Click Here to See Reviews and Price of Men’s Converse Made for Chucks No Show Socks.

Click Here to View Price and Reviews of Women’s Converse Made for Chucks Invisible Socks.


​Ohh, you finally made it this far. Congrats for the same.

So far, we now know that wearing Converse without socks is really a bad idea.

It is not good for your foot health.

There are dangers of getting bacterial and fungal infection.

Plus your feet tend to get blisters when you go sockless with your shoes.

So, its always in your best interest to wear reliable pair of socks with your Converse.

And you can still look stylish and trendy with these socks.

I suggest you to pick any one of the above recommended pair of socks and show the world how stylish you are.

How to Hide Bunions in Sandals – 7 Smart Ways to Conceal Your Bunions

7 Ways to Hide Bunions in Sandals

​What if I told you that you don’t need to feel embarrassed any more due to your painful bunions?

It sounds pretty impossible, right?

Tell me, how many times you have tried to hide your bunions in your footwear? Do you really wish to hide your bunions in sandals or any other footwear?

If you truly want to conceal them while wearing your sandals, then you certainly need few smart tricks at your disposal.

And this is why I have written this guide to tell you about few tricks that I have learned in the last few months.

Today, you will know 7 effective methods to conceal your uncomfortable bunions while wearing your favorite sandals for parties and for outdoor activities.

​7 Easy Tricks to Conceal Your Bunions While Wearing Sandals

​Method 1: Use Mineral Corrector Palette SPF 20

5 Shade Cream Contouring Palette - Light or Dark (Medium)

​This is a very easy method which is used by several actresses and celebrities.

If you have red bunions and if you want to hide them or don’t want to make them stand out while walking outdoors, then try out this simple makeup method.

This type of mineral corrector makeup foundation is generally used to hide or conceal skin blemishes, dark spots, and other skin imperfections.

You can apply this foundation makeup with the provided brush on your red bunions.

These concealers will help you to minimize the redness of your bunions.

You just need to sweep the affected area gently with the help of a given brush.

Just apply the foundation powder smoothly and create extra layer if needed.

You can easily blend your bunions with the help of such types of mineral makeup foundations.

The best and the safest foundation that I can recommend to you is 5 Shade Cream Contouring Palette.

​Method 2: Wear Bunion Sleeves

Bunion Corrector and Orthopedic Hallux Valgus Relief Splint Gel Bunion Pads Sleeves Brace – Toe Stretcher Bunion Guard for Men and Women Gel Toe Spacer, Toe Separator, Toe Spreader – Bunion Protector

Bunion sleeves are also known as bunion gel pads or bunion cushions.

These bunion sleeves often come with squishy gel pads.

These gel pads are constructed on MTP joint where most of your bunions appear.

They are easily stretchable and can accommodate any type of footwear you want to wear.

If you want to wear sandals, then these bunion sleeves are great option for your feet.

They can help you conceal your bunions and can also provide great relief from your pain.

The best bunion cushion that I recommend for this method is Beaut Bunion Sleeves.

They fit perfectly for almost all foot sizes and they offer great shock absorption as well as cushioning for your feet.

You can walk, run and play comfortably in your sandals once you wear these bunion sleeves.

I recommend you to watch the following bunion care guide video where you will actually learn how to use these bunion sleeves and toe separators in the correct manner.

Click Here to Get Beaut Bunion Sleeves.

Method ​3: Use Bunion Guards

Dr. Frederick's Original Gel Toe Caps - 6 Pieces - Big Toe Guards for Protection of Ingrown Toenails, Corns, Calluses, Blisters, and More - Medium

​Bunion guards are great option for your feet if you want to conceal and safeguard your bunions.

They also help in reducing friction of your bunion with your footwear.

Thus, it leads to more comfortable and less painful experience when you use bunion guards along with your sandals or other footwear.

When you wear this guard on your big toe bunion; automatically, you will be able to eliminate any friction, excess pressure and skin irritation. 

These problems are often caused due to constant rubbing of your footwear with the bunion.

It also offers great shock absorption and it is often safe and infection free.

These bunion guards are also great choice to safeguard your pinky toe “Bunionette” pain.

If you are looking for some smart ways to prevent your pinky toe from rubbing your shoes, then check out these 16 tricks.

I recommend to use the quality bunion guard for this method like Dr. Frederick’s Gel Big Toe Bunion Guard.

It comes with unique SmartGel technology.

This Gel formula often includes vitamins, Shea butter, aloe vera and medical-grade mineral oils.

This specific gel makes it safe to wear bunion guard on your bunions.

Plus this particular bunion guard is diabetic friendly and highly recommended by APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association).

Click Here to Get Dr. Frederick’s Gel Big Toe Bunion Guard Now.

Method ​4: Make Use of Moleskin Padding Rolls

Dr. Scholl’s Moleskin Plus Padding Roll (24" x 4 5/8") / All-Day Pain Relief and Protection from Shoe Friction with Soft Padding That Conforms to the Foot and Can Be Cut To Any Size

​Another good remedy to hide your bunions is to wear good quality moleskin padding rolls.

It is kind of a soft padding which is used to save your feet from shoe friction and skin irritation.

These types of fabric padding rolls easily conform to your foot size and can be comfortably fit inside all types of sandals and shoes.

You can wear them all day without getting them loose.

The best padding roll that I can recommend to you is Dr. Scholl’s Moleskin Padding Rolls.

You can cut it into any shape you want and then just stick them over your bunions.

This is the easy way to conceal your bunions and also to aid in faster healing process.

This adhesive roll stays in place for full day.

So you can wear them wherever you go; may it be outdoor walking or to attend parties and family functions.

Click Here to Get Dr. Scholl’s Moleskin Padding Rolls Today.

Method ​5: Use Bunion Corrector Splint Pads

Bunion Corrector and Pain Relief Cushion Sleeve Orthopedic Splint Gel Protector with Non-Slip Grip Insert for Men/Women - Hallux Valgus Realignment Large (2 PCS)

​Bunion splint pads are very useful in treating various foot disorders such as hammer toe, Hallux Valgus (bunions), and big toe joint deformities.

These specially designed pads not only help you to hide your bunions but also aid you in healing your bunions faster.

They are great in getting quick pain relief and in realigning your deformed toes.

They are light, thin and highly flexible in nature.

It is made from soft silicone and fits all types of foot sizes seamlessly.

You can wear them comfortably even if you want to use sandals or shoes on top of that.

The best bunion splint pad that I have seen is Alayna Bunion Corrector and Bunion Relief Splint Pad.

It is great in providing fast pain relief, comfort and also helps to disguise your bunions in sandals or any other footwear.   

Click Here to Get Alayna Bunion Corrector Splint Pad.

Method ​6: Wear Good Quality Socks Made for Bunions

Sockwell Women's Sport Ease Bunion Relief Sock, Black - M/L

​This is another super effective method to safeguard and hide your bunions.

There are simple, machine washable, specially designed socks available which suits people with bunions.

These types of special socks come with separate cushioned toe.

This immensely help in reducing unnecessary friction of your sandal or footwear with your bunion.

These socks also create a comfortable space between your second toe and your big toe which is often affected with bunion.

They also feature seamless toe closure that helps in eliminating the toe irritation caused by shoes.

The ideal pair of socks which I recommend for this method is Sockwell Sport Ease Bunion Relief Socks.

These socks are made from good combination of comfortable materials like merino wool, stretch nylon, spandex and Bamboo Rayon.

These materials provide greater comfort and higher protection for your bunions.

Two more advantages of these socks are their great arch support and ability to reduce your bunion abrasion.

These are lightweight cushioned pads that help in eliminating the bunion abrasion.

I believe by wearing these pairs of socks, you not only hide your bunions but also speed up the their healing and curing process.

Click Here to Get a Pair of Sockwell Sport Ease Bunion Socks.

Method ​7: Wear Best Sandals that Cover Your Bunions

Orthofeet Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief. Extended Widths. Arch Support Orthopedic Diabetic Men's Sandals Clearwater Brown

​And the last but not the least method to conceal your bunions is to use the good quality sandals for bunions.

I suggest you to wear the sandals that can easily cover up your bunions.

One such sandal for bunions that I can recommend for men is Orthofeet Clearwater Men’s Sandal.

For women, I recommend to use Orthofeet Verona Women’s Sandal.

These sandals are very useful in covering your entire big toe or small toe bunions.

Plus, they offer highest comfort and protection for your feet.

If you are looking for good orthotic support, then these sandals are ideal choice for your feet.

Along with concealing your bunions, they do damn good job of providing higher anatomical arch and heel support.

Their specially designed Ortho-Cushion System aids in getting proper foot cushioning and also helps in reducing joint stress and thus alleviates the bunion pain.

To enhance the comfort and to further conceal your bunions, you can also wear high cushioned and comfortable Sockwell socks as mentioned above.

These socks will hide your foot condition and also help you to heal your bunions quickly.

Click Here to Get Orthofeet Clearwater Men’s Sandal.

Click Here to Get Orthofeet Verona Women’s Sandal.

​Final Thoughts

​Concealing your bunions is not that hard if you are aware about the right methods.

You can not use just any other unsafe methods that can ruin your foot condition further or escalate to more issues.

Instead, you need to use the most sensible and safest ways that I have mentioned above.

All the above methods not just help you in hiding your bunions but also aid you in healing them faster.

I encourage you to try any one of the above methods and see the result for yourself.

Best of luck!

What Color Shoes to Wear with Burgundy Dress – 10 Best Choices for You to Choose

What Color Shoes Should I Wear with My Burgundy Dress

What is an Ideal Color for Your Footwear When You Want to Wear Burgundy Coloured Dress?

I have seen several men and women asking this question on popular shoe forums and footwear blogs.

“What color shoes should I choose if I want to wear burgundy colored dress?”

If you often get this dilemma and still wonder what color shoes are best for burgundy dresses then you have come to the right place.

Here, at, I try to provide the best answer to the most frequently asked footwear queries of my website readers.

So, without further delay, lets find out what are the best color choices for your footwear whenever you wear burgundy colored dress.

More About Burgundy Dress Style

When I think about burgundy dress, the first thought that comes to my mind is the basic nature of burgundy color.

When you think burgundy color, it is actually a representation of modernisation, sophistication and energetic personality.

Basically, burgundy color mixes with almost any other color because its easy to match with other colors such as black, khaki, navy, tan, brown, etc.

Along with more sophistication, it adds a little bit of conservation to your overall looks.

When you are going to any special occasion or casual evening party, you can wear burgundy dress for more sophisticated looks.

It looks trendy and modern on every young man and woman.

10 Best Shoe Color Choices to Complement Your Burgundy Dress

1. Silver Metallic Shoes

Allegra K Women's Glitter Pointed Toe Chunky Heel Silver Ankle Boots - 5.5 M US

If you are a young woman and want to wear a modern party dress, then you can wear silver metallic shoes along with your burgundy dress.

It portrays a modern and futuristic look to your overall personality.

Some of the best options to choose in this case are metallic pumps, silver ankle boots and silver colored strappy sandals.

Choose any of these shoes to complement your maroon or burgundy color clothes.

2. Animal Print Shoes

Dr. Scholl's Shoes Women's Madison Sneaker, Tan/Black, 8.5 M US

If you are an animal lover such as pet dogs, cats, etc. then this is your best choice.

Any animal print shoe would look great with your maroon or burgundy color dress.

A knee high shoe will also look good with your clothes. Another good choice would be a leopard print shoe.

This leopard print adds charisma and interesting flavor to your overall looks.

Anything which is dark hue in nature will look cool with your burgundy dress.

This is why I think animal print shoes, which are dark and eye catching; would be a great choice to match up with your burgundy clothes.

Click Here to See Different Varieties of Animal Print Shoes.

3. Beige and Blush Heels and Sandals

DREAM PAIRS Women's Dolce Champagne Fashion Stilettos Open Toe Pump Heel Sandals Size 8 B(M) US

Another attractive color match for burgundy is a beige or blush.

Beige and blush color exhibit pale pinkness in their nature.

This increases the warmth and attractiveness in your looks when it gets paired with your maroon or burgundy color dress.

The beige heels and blush sandals also look good with purple maroon and red wine outfits.

If you want to enhance your style quotient, then I recommend to carry either white or black color purse with this look.

4. Blue and Purple Color Shoes

DREAM PAIRS Women's Royal Blue Platform High Heel Ankle Booties Size 7.5 M US Delphine

Blue or purple colored shoes also look fantastic when paired with maroon or burgundy dresses.

Only thing matters here is what is the shade of your dress color.

If you have a much brighter shade of burgundy dress then its better to match it with purple color shoe.

Otherwise all red or burgundy dresses look cool with blue, navy or cobalt color footwear brands.

You can choose blue striped heels or blue ankle booties to wear with your b. dress.

5. Gold Color Shoes

DREAM PAIRS Women's Jones Gold Low Wedge Pump Sandals - 9 M US

Just like silver metallic shoes that are mentioned above, all the gold color heels and sandals look fabulous and trendy with your new burgundy outfits.

You can wear them at special events such as wedding ceremony or a special evening party.

The most popular gold shoe right now is rose gold sandal which is gold metallic shoe and looks incredible with all types of burgundy dresses.

To complement it, you can wear a black or beige white color purse.

A contrast silver clutch also looks cool with this kind of attire.

6. Black Color Shoes

DREAM PAIRS Women's FRE Black High Heel Ankle Boots 7 B(M) US

Black is the one color which suits all the other color dresses.

You can wear any type of black color shoes such as black pointy toe mule, slingback sandals, black bootie, ankle strap sandals and high heels.

Black colored bootie and black ankle boot are my favourite ones when it comes to wearing them with burgundy dresses.

There are stylish and trendy Black sandals and heels available that are designed by world famous shoe designers such as Steve Madden, Stuart Weitzman, and Sam Edelman.

Click here to check out the stylish designer black shoes from Sam Edelman.

Click here for trendy Stuart Weitzman black colored shoes.

Click here to check out fashionable Steve Madden black sandals and heels.

As far as fashion accessory is concerned, you can carry a white or silver metallic color purse with you.

This will surely give you more trendy and stylish looks.

7. Brown Color Shoes

Lucky Brand Women's Basel, Toffee, 9 M US

Many people think that brown color does not suit burgundy color suit or dress.

I have published an article where I have mentioned that you can wear black shirt with your brown color shoes.

Click here to check out that article yourself.

Once you read this article, you will know that brown is the color which suits black color dress.

But the fact is it also looks trendy and fab with your burgundy outfit.

For casual wear and outdoor parties, you can wear this combination without any doubt.

Especially when your skin is brownish, this combo will look really good.

You can wear brown color pumps, brown high heels, brown bootie and brown sandals along with your burgundy shirt, skirt, pant and suit.

It is equally good to wear for traditional office work purpose.

If you are a lady who wants to carry matching purse with it, then I recommend you to take gold color or black color purse with you.

8. White Colored Dress Sandals and High Heels

DREAM PAIRS Women's Chunk White Pu Low Heel Pump Sandals - 7.5 M US

White is the color which suits almost all other colors including burgundy or maroon.

In fact, white colored sandals and white high heels attract more attention than your burgundy dress.

Any white shoe will look great with this outfit and will definitely look trendy and chic with burgundy dress.

You can carry a bright red or blush or black color purse to increase the fashion quotient.

9. Bright Red Shoes

OCHENTA Women's Round Toe Platform Slip On High Heel Dress Pumps Patent Leather Red Tag 40 - US B(M) 8.5

Some ladies say red color is total mismatch for this type of outfit.

But listen to me carefully when I say it is perfectly opposite to this preconceived notion.

Sometimes perfect contrast colors look fabulous when paired together.

If you wear a dark burgundy dress with bright red colored sandal or bright red high heel, it will make you stand out from the crowd for good.

Mark my words here. You will look fab in this contrast combination.

To complement this look, carry a black or white or even gold color purse with you.

10. Cream Color Shoes

DREAM PAIRS Women's Luvly Nude Nubuck Bridal Wedding Low Heel Pump Shoes - 6.5 M US

Cream color is another excellent option when it comes to pairing shoes with your trendy burgundy outfit.

Cream color shoe works really well for outdoor parties and social occasions.

These color shoes are perfect match for your B color dresses.

A dark or black color purse would be a perfect complement in this case.

This combination works really well for casual outdoor looks.

Wrapping Up

So, these are my 10 best shoe color choices that you can have when you decide to pair your shoes with your fashionable burgundy dress.

Choose any one of them depending on the event or occasion for which you want to wear this outfit.

I am sure any one of these color shoes would complement your looks and will make you classier and trendier as far as your overall personality is concerned.

I wish you good luck in your decision.