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How to Stop Shoes from Squeaking Tips

How to Stop Shoes from Squeaking – 5 Easy Tricks to Get Rid of Your Embarrassment

A Guide to Learn How to Stop Your Shoes from Squeaking Footwear is a vital part of your daily attire and can easily make or break your outfit. With the style, however, comes comfort also. Although one can talk about the general comfort levels your shoe can offer, but a necessary point to note is […]

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How to Fix Heel Slippage in Shoes and Boots

How to Fix Heel Slippage in Boots – 10 Tricks to Prevent Heel Slipping in High Heels and Shoes

Do you have hard time handling your shoe or boot slippage issue? If you are looking for some reliable solutions to fix the heel slippage / heel lift in your boots or shoes, then you have come to the right place. At, we provide the best footwear care and solutions tips. Today, I am […]

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Do Rainbow Sandals Stretch Out

Do Rainbow Sandals Stretch Out? – 10 Simple Tricks to Make Them Comfortable

​Yes, today I am talking about whether you can stretch your new or old Rainbow sandals to make them more comfortable to walk. Do Rainbow sandals stretch out in reality? The direct answer to this query is to some extent “Yes”. But if your have got too tight or very small sized leather sandal, then […]

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What is Steel Shank in Work Boots

What is a Steel Shank in a Work Boot? – Ultimate Guide to Understand Steel Shank Work Boots

​If you are currently searching for reliable steel toe work boots for your job then you might have come across the term “steel shank”. I have also seen this term in the product descriptions of several steel toe work footwear listings on online shopping portals. Therefore, I wondered what is a steel shank in a […]

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7 Steps to Wash Your Uggs Boots in Washing Machine

A Complete Guide on How to Wash Ugg Boots in Washing Machine – Follow These 7 Simple Steps

Yes, I Have Tested My Ugg Boots in the Washing Machine ! Do you own a pair of classic Ugg boots and now contemplating whether machine wash them or not? If you have heard million times from other Ugg boot owners to not put these boots in the washer, then my dear friend I can […]

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How to Clean Adidas Suede Shoes at Home

How to Clean Adidas Suede Shoes – 5 Simple Methods to Shine Your Adidas Gazelle Sneakers

​Adidas is my favorite shoe brand just like you guys. Obviously if you are searching for cleaning tips for these shoes, then you must be a die-hard fan of this brand. When it comes to Adidas suede shoes, you must be talking about Adidas Gazelle sneakers. Because these Gazelle shoes are made from 100% pigskin […]

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Can I Wear Black Shit with Brown Shoes Guide

Can I Wear a Black Shirt with Brown Shoes? – Discover The Truth Here

Age Old Myth : You Can’t Wear Brown Shoes with Your Black Dress Last week, one of my neighbors thrown a birth day party for his daughter and I went over there with my family. I was wearing a white shirt along with my sturdy black shoes. One of my friends was wearing this odd […]

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Converse Without Socks

Converse Without Socks – Do You Really Wear Socks with Converse Shoes?

​Wearing Converse without socks is really a big trend these days. Recently I had a serious discussion with my friend about whether to wear socks with my shoes or not. Few months back, I purchased new Converse shoes and wanted to try them without socks. But he suggested me not to do that. I had […]

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7 Ways to Hide Bunions in Sandals

How to Hide Bunions in Sandals – 7 Smart Ways to Conceal Your Bunions

​What if I told you that you don’t need to feel embarrassed any more due to your painful bunions? It sounds pretty impossible, right? Tell me, how many times you have tried to hide your bunions in your footwear? Do you really wish to hide your bunions in sandals or any other footwear? If you truly […]

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What Color Shoes Should I Wear with My Burgundy Dress

What Color Shoes to Wear with Burgundy Dress – 10 Best Choices for You to Choose

What is an Ideal Color for Your Footwear When You Want to Wear Burgundy Coloured Dress? I have seen several men and women asking this question on popular shoe forums and footwear blogs. “What color shoes should I choose if I want to wear burgundy colored dress?” If you often get this dilemma and still […]

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