Wolverine Kilometer Boot Review – My Honest Opinion and Rating

  • By: Edmond Clark

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Last year, I bought Wolverine 1000 Mile boots and I really loved them. I still consider it as one of my best investments as far as fashionable and stylish American made boots are considered. But these days, my favourite boot choice has been changed from 1000 Mile to Wolverine Kilometer boot.I will provide my own reasons why I am loving these boots a lot more than 1000 Mile in this in-depth, unbiased and honest review. If you want to check out the current price and past customer reviews of this Wolverine men’s Kilometer boot then click here.

Primary Features of Men’s Wolverine Kilometer Boot

Goodyear Welt Construction of Wolverine Kilometer Boot

Goodyear Welt Construction of Wolverine Kilometer Boot

1. Goodyear Welt Construction: Goodyear Welt Construction provides enhanced durability. Its high quality stitching keeps your insole, outsole and upper strongly connected to each other. Because of this construction standard, the midsole of the boot also provides comfortable support for the boot’s insole and outsole. 2. Made in USA: These boots are genuine and get manufactured in Michigan factory of Wolverine company. This classic boot pattern is designed and manufactured with the help of premium leather and finest Vibram outsole.3. Durable Vibram Outsole: Another unique thing about this boot is its good traction and durable outsole. These Vibram Outsoles are made from premium vulcanized rubber material. They help the user to get firm footing and really good grip on slippery grounds. The sole is made from Butyl-treated leather material. That is why they have longer life span. One more good thing is you can resole them from your local cobbler or directly from Wolverine company once you see that it is getting uncomfortable and loose while walking.4. Premium Leather: This Wolverine Kilometer boot is made from durable leather material. This leather is well polished and highly durable too. You will experience more comfort and support while walking in these boots. It is because the footbed is also made from Horween leather material. This foodbed or sockliner provides higher comfort and cushioning for your feet.5. Unlined: Unlined boots are usually lighter in terms of weight. This also means you get much more support and comfort when you start using these boots right from the beginning. This is the feature that I think is rare in these kinds of heritage work boots.6. 3 Colors Availability: The boot is available primarily in 3 colors viz. brown, light brown and black. I always prefer black color because on this color, you won’t be able to see any blemishes and scuff marks easily if there are any. Brown and light brown colors are prone to get blemishes and scuff marks more often. If you have any blemishes and scuff marks on your Wolverine boots then check out my guide where you will learn 15 easy tricks to remove scuff marks at home.

Also, I recommend you to watch the following video where you will see how the brown leather Kilometer boot looks and feels on your feet.

Wolverine 1000 Mile vs Wolverine Kilometer Boot Comparison

Durable Leather Material and Cushioned Footbed

Durable Leather Material and Cushioned Footbed

There are quite a few differences between the two which I am going to mention here in this comparison overview.1. Wolverine 1000 Mile is like a big brother of Wolverine Kilometer boot in terms of its features.2. It is more expensive than Kilometer version.3. The Vibram outsole of this boot is much more stronger and durable than the Kilometer boot.4. The leather material used in 1000 Mile is much softer than the Kilometer footwear.5. Fitting and sizing for both the boots are great.6. The finishing and dye level of this 1000 Mile boot is much more superior than the Kilometer version.7. As far as the cushioning and overall design standard is concerned, both the boots are equally great.8. As far as weather protection and comfort factor are concerned, Wolverine 1000 Mile is ahead of its little brother.9. When you look at the stitching of both the boots, you will know that the stitching of Kilometer boots is more tidy and well arranged as compared to 1000 Mile version.Now that the comparison is done, I can tell my own experiences when I used these boots for the first time. I have also included my own observations after using these boots for almost a year or so.

My Honest Opinion Regarding Wolverine Kilometer Boots

Wolverine Kilometer Boot Review

Wolverine Kilometer Boot Review

1. My first observation is these Wolverine men’s Kilometer footwear are made on the same machines and in the same factory where 1000 Mile boots are manufactured. So, quality wise both boots are top notch and durable too. You can even consider it as a little brother of 1000 Mile boot.2. When I first unboxed these boots, I liked its leather quality and eyelet style. It has around 5 eyelets and 2 speed lacing holes. When it comes to choosing colors, I like black and brown colors for my boots. They really look attractive and stylish.

Vibram Outsole of Kilometer Boot

Vibram Outsole of Kilometer Boot

3. The best feature of this boot is its rubber Vibram outsole. It offers the best kind of grip and traction. Its stacked leather heel also gives good support while walking. There is a good pattern on the outsole that gives you decent grip and traction on slippery surfaces. Vibram soles usually last much longer and they don’t wear out easily. The company has also provided a great facility to resole the worn out sole and heel. 4. However, what I don’t like about them is their ability to produce unwanted scuff marks and blemishes on the leather upper and heel side. After 1 week of usage, I saw few scuff marks on the boots which I managed to remove with the help of simple home made methods. If you want to know what methods I use to remove these scuff marks, then check out my 15 tricks to remove scuff marks from all kinds of shoes. Here, I would also like to add a point that it is preferable to order these boots either from direct manufacturer website (Wolverine official website) or from a very reputed online retailer like Amazon. You will get the boots in their best condition and the ones that are not repeatedly tried and tested by window shoppers and wannabe customers at other retailers.5. I also liked a Wolverine embossing on the heel side of the boot. The leather is really premium and gives that classic, heritage look when you wear them for outdoor purpose.6. One more good thing that I liked about Kilometer version is they provide the best value as a heritage work boot. On the other side, 1000 Mile acts like a dress boot. Please, don’t misunderstand what I am saying here. 1000 Mile works great but it doesn’t have that rugged looks. And when you want to work outside in the yard or a farm, you will experience that 1000 Mile doesn’t provide that much utility or work boot value. But if you consider Kilometer boots, they fit the bill perfectly. They are just great when it comes to using them as work boots. You can even use these boots in the water, snow and cold weather without any issues. The reason being its waterproof leather material. It should give you sufficient protection from water exposure and will keep your feet dry and warm for long period.

Seamless Strong Stitching of Kilometer Boot

Seamless Strong Stitching of Kilometer Boot

7. What I really appreciate about these boots is their stitching level. The stitching is done really well and you can see that it goes right from eyelets toward the end of heel side. This has made it really durable and stronger to use on a daily basis. Its 360 degree Welt construction has helped it to become more durable and sturdier.8. Around the collar, there is a leather lining which gives more comfort and support for your feet. There is also an internal leather heel counter. In my opinion, it works great for support and keeping your heel firm and steady inside.9. I have noticed that there is leather over the footbed which is a good thing. It offers medium to good cushioning for your feet. This footbed is made by the company Texon that has also made the insole of 1000 Mile boot.10. To keep this boot in shape and in good working condition, you can place a shoe tree inside. I use Stratton adjustable split toe shoe tree; which is perfect for this type of task.

Once you read my opinion about these boots, I also request you to watch the following reaction video to know how effectively and amazingly these boots look even after one year of usage.

Pros and Cons of the Men’s Wolverine Kilometer Boot

Wolverine Kilometer Boot Pros and Cons

Wolverine Kilometer Boot Pros and Cons


1. Exceptional Craftsmanship Standards

2. Durable Leather Material

3. Vibram Outsole That Provide Good Grip and Traction

4. Good Waterproof Protection

5. High Level and In-depth Stitching that Enhances Durability

6. Less Expensive as Compared to Wolverine 1000 Mile Boot

7. Stylish and Rugged Looks


1. Upper and Heel Side are Prone to Blemishes and Scuff Marks

2. Outsole Quality can be Improved a Bit

3. Not the Same Premium Leather Material which is used in 1000 Mile boot

Final Rating

As far as pros and cons are concerned, this Wolverine Kilometer men’s boot certainly deserves a rating of 9 out 10. It offers almost all the features that are present in its big brother, 1000 Mile but at much less price.If you are searching for a medium priced Wolverine heritage work boot, then this boot is perfect choice for your feet. You can use it for yard work or for any other outdoor activities without any hassles. It is a fashion statement and certainly one of the best Wolverine work boots which you can use on a regular basis with complete reliability.

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