What Color Shoes to Wear with Burgundy Dress – 10 Best Choices for You to Choose

  • By: Edmond Clark
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What is an Ideal Color for Your Footwear When You Want to Wear Burgundy Coloured Dress?

I have seen several men and women asking this question on popular shoe forums and footwear blogs.

“What color shoes should I choose if I want to wear burgundy colored dress?”

If you often get this dilemma and still wonder what color shoes are best for burgundy dresses then you have come to the right place.

Here, at VBMBestReviews.com, I try to provide the best answer to the most frequently asked footwear queries of my website readers.

So, without further delay, lets find out what are the best color choices for your footwear whenever you wear burgundy colored dress.

More About Burgundy Dress Style

When I think about burgundy dress, the first thought that comes to my mind is the basic nature of burgundy color.

When you think burgundy color, it is actually a representation of modernisation, sophistication and energetic personality.

Basically, burgundy color mixes with almost any other color because its easy to match with other colors such as black, khaki, navy, tan, brown, etc.

Along with more sophistication, it adds a little bit of conservation to your overall looks.

When you are going to any special occasion or casual evening party, you can wear burgundy dress for more sophisticated looks.

It looks trendy and modern on every young man and woman.

10 Best Shoe Color Choices to Complement Your Burgundy Dress

1. Silver Metallic Shoes

Allegra K Women's Glitter Pointed Toe Chunky Heel Silver Ankle Boots - 5.5 M US

If you are a young woman and want to wear a modern party dress, then you can wear silver metallic shoes along with your burgundy dress.

It portrays a modern and futuristic look to your overall personality.

Some of the best options to choose in this case are metallic pumps, silver ankle boots and silver colored strappy sandals.

Choose any of these shoes to complement your maroon or burgundy color clothes.

2. Animal Print Shoes

Dr. Scholl's Shoes Women's Madison Sneaker, Tan/Black, 8.5 M US

If you are an animal lover such as pet dogs, cats, etc. then this is your best choice.

Any animal print shoe would look great with your maroon or burgundy color dress.

A knee high shoe will also look good with your clothes. Another good choice would be a leopard print shoe.

This leopard print adds charisma and interesting flavor to your overall looks.

Anything which is dark hue in nature will look cool with your burgundy dress.

This is why I think animal print shoes, which are dark and eye catching; would be a great choice to match up with your burgundy clothes.

Click Here to See Different Varieties of Animal Print Shoes.

3. Beige and Blush Heels and Sandals

DREAM PAIRS Women's Dolce Champagne Fashion Stilettos Open Toe Pump Heel Sandals Size 8 B(M) US

Another attractive color match for burgundy is a beige or blush.

Beige and blush color exhibit pale pinkness in their nature.

This increases the warmth and attractiveness in your looks when it gets paired with your maroon or burgundy color dress.

The beige heels and blush sandals also look good with purple maroon and red wine outfits.

If you want to enhance your style quotient, then I recommend to carry either white or black color purse with this look.

4. Blue and Purple Color Shoes

DREAM PAIRS Women's Royal Blue Platform High Heel Ankle Booties Size 7.5 M US Delphine

Blue or purple colored shoes also look fantastic when paired with maroon or burgundy dresses.

Only thing matters here is what is the shade of your dress color.

If you have a much brighter shade of burgundy dress then its better to match it with purple color shoe.

Otherwise all red or burgundy dresses look cool with blue, navy or cobalt color footwear brands.

You can choose blue striped heels or blue ankle booties to wear with your b. dress.

5. Gold Color Shoes

DREAM PAIRS Women's Jones Gold Low Wedge Pump Sandals - 9 M US

Just like silver metallic shoes that are mentioned above, all the gold color heels and sandals look fabulous and trendy with your new burgundy outfits.

You can wear them at special events such as wedding ceremony or a special evening party.

The most popular gold shoe right now is rose gold sandal which is gold metallic shoe and looks incredible with all types of burgundy dresses.

To complement it, you can wear a black or beige white color purse.

A contrast silver clutch also looks cool with this kind of attire.

6. Black Color Shoes

DREAM PAIRS Women's FRE Black High Heel Ankle Boots 7 B(M) US

Black is the one color which suits all the other color dresses.

You can wear any type of black color shoes such as black pointy toe mule, slingback sandals, black bootie, ankle strap sandals and high heels.

Black colored bootie and black ankle boot are my favourite ones when it comes to wearing them with burgundy dresses.

There are stylish and trendy Black sandals and heels available that are designed by world famous shoe designers such as Steve Madden, Stuart Weitzman, and Sam Edelman.

Click here to check out the stylish designer black shoes from Sam Edelman.

Click here for trendy Stuart Weitzman black colored shoes.

Click here to check out fashionable Steve Madden black sandals and heels.

As far as fashion accessory is concerned, you can carry a white or silver metallic color purse with you.

This will surely give you more trendy and stylish looks.

7. Brown Color Shoes

Lucky Brand Women's Basel, Toffee, 9 M US

Many people think that brown color does not suit burgundy color suit or dress.

I have published an article where I have mentioned that you can wear black shirt with your brown color shoes.

Click here to check out that article yourself.

Once you read this article, you will know that brown is the color which suits black color dress.

But the fact is it also looks trendy and fab with your burgundy outfit.

For casual wear and outdoor parties, you can wear this combination without any doubt.

Especially when your skin is brownish, this combo will look really good.

You can wear brown color pumps, brown high heels, brown bootie and brown sandals along with your burgundy shirt, skirt, pant and suit.

It is equally good to wear for traditional office work purpose.

If you are a lady who wants to carry matching purse with it, then I recommend you to take gold color or black color purse with you.

8. White Colored Dress Sandals and High Heels

DREAM PAIRS Women's Chunk White Pu Low Heel Pump Sandals - 7.5 M US

White is the color which suits almost all other colors including burgundy or maroon.

In fact, white colored sandals and white high heels attract more attention than your burgundy dress.

Any white shoe will look great with this outfit and will definitely look trendy and chic with burgundy dress.

You can carry a bright red or blush or black color purse to increase the fashion quotient.

9. Bright Red Shoes

OCHENTA Women's Round Toe Platform Slip On High Heel Dress Pumps Patent Leather Red Tag 40 - US B(M) 8.5

Some ladies say red color is total mismatch for this type of outfit.

But listen to me carefully when I say it is perfectly opposite to this preconceived notion.

Sometimes perfect contrast colors look fabulous when paired together.

If you wear a dark burgundy dress with bright red colored sandal or bright red high heel, it will make you stand out from the crowd for good.

Mark my words here. You will look fab in this contrast combination.

To complement this look, carry a black or white or even gold color purse with you.

10. Cream Color Shoes

DREAM PAIRS Women's Luvly Nude Nubuck Bridal Wedding Low Heel Pump Shoes - 6.5 M US

Cream color is another excellent option when it comes to pairing shoes with your trendy burgundy outfit.

Cream color shoe works really well for outdoor parties and social occasions.

These color shoes are perfect match for your B color dresses.

A dark or black color purse would be a perfect complement in this case.

This combination works really well for casual outdoor looks.

Wrapping Up

So, these are my 10 best shoe color choices that you can have when you decide to pair your shoes with your fashionable burgundy dress.

Choose any one of them depending on the event or occasion for which you want to wear this outfit.

I am sure any one of these color shoes would complement your looks and will make you classier and trendier as far as your overall personality is concerned.

I wish you good luck in your decision.

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