What Boots Do Navy Seals Wear in Buds? – 3 Best Boots for Navy Seals Buds Training

  • By: Edmond Clark
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Do you aspire to become prestigious SEAL in your life?

If you are currently preparing for Basic Underwater Demolition Training program as a part of Navy Seals training then you must also know the best type of boots to use for this program.

This program is also known as Buds in short and usually carried out at NAB Coronado, CA in USA.

According to Navyseals.com, it is a 25-week training program. It basically consists of 3 phases of training.

The first phase is about physical conditioning, second phase is about learning how to dive into the water.

And the third phase is about learning land warfare tactics.

The first phase of training program lasts for 8 weeks.

Second phase also runs for 8 weeks.

And finally phase 3 runs for about 9 weeks.

This is really an intense training program and certainly it is not made for everyone.

It is for those who are mentally and physically very tough and are ready to face any physical and mental tasks that are offered during the training.

You will surely need special type of boots that are tailor made for running on land and for underwater tasks such as swimming, scuba diving, wading and other water sports.

In this article, I will tell you the best types of footwear that are most suitable for Bud/s training in Navy Seals.

So, keep reading further.

Are Boots Essential to Wear in Buds Training?

What Boots Do Navy Seals Use for Buds

Yes, they are. Because when you want to enter for Bud/s training program, there is a screening test for you.

In this test, you need to showcase your physical and mental fitness.

Along with swimming, situps, pushups, pullups, there is also this 1.5 miles of running which you need to complete within 9 minutes.

It is necessary to wear boots and pants while you run.

You will need a good practice of swimming with fins for 3-4 months.

Here, you can also wear booties along with fins for comfortable swimming experience.

There are good quality diving boots and diving socks available online.

You can wear them for completing your training program with more comfort and support for your feet.

What are the Most Useful Boots for Navy Seals Buds Training?

Diving Boots and Diving Socks are Important for Buds

During the training period, Bates Men’s 8 Inches Tropical Seals Durashocks Work Boot is often used and most recommended by Ex- Navy Seals.

Other than that, you can also use tactical boots from Salomon and Danner.

The kind of boot which is required for Navy Seals Buds program is mainly the one which can provide your feet maximum support and comfort.

You will be working on land, underwater and in the air too.

So, you obviously require the boot which is waterproof, slip resistant and made from premium leather material.

As far as Bates 922 boots are considered, they are standard issued when you join for Navy Seal’s BUDs training program.

They are essential to wear during your training period.

Once you break in these boots, they are highly comfortable to walk and run for longer period of time.

One thing you would like to take precaution is to get them only half size smaller as compared to your actual foot size.

The reason for this is that they stretch pretty fast over a period.

If you want to break in your new boots faster then watch the following video from Stew Smith, a former Navy Seal.

He has provided a good trick to break in new boots while running in the sand quickly.

Should You Start Immediately Running in Boots for Buds?

Lightweight Running Boots are Ideal for Buds

There are different schools of thought as far as running footwear is concerned.

Some recommend using shoes while others recommend to use boots for running routines.

But several veterans and experienced SEALs recommend to first start running in lightweight sneakers, condition yourself to running for long distances.

And then gradually start using lightweight boots.

If you immediately start using boots for your practice, your feet will definitely hurt a lot and there are greater chances of early foot injuries in the program. So, take it slow.

Start with some lightweight running shoes or sneaker boot type of footwear and then as you progress and get used to it, start practicing lightweight running boots like Bates 924 or Bates 922.

The main point here is your feet must get used to the boots you wear for long distance running.

For that purpose, you need to start from lightweight sneakers and then graduate to heavier tactical running boots.

Some people on Reddit Navy Seals Thread even suggest to use shoes and boots on alternate days.

This is a good idea to get used to both kinds of footwear before you join for Bud/s training.

Do You Require to Buy Fins for Practicing for Bud/s Training?

Navy Seals Buds Training Boots

It is not compulsory to use fins before you enter for Navy Seals training program.

But it surely helps to strengthen your ankles in the water while swimming.

When you wear fins, there is usually certain pressure and exertion for your ankles in the underwater exercise.

So, buying fins and practicing with them for few weeks before you go for actual training always helps to prepare yourself well in advance.

For first few weeks, you will feel that your ankles are somewhat tight for this kind of underwater swimming with fins.

But with regular practice, in few weeks, your ankles will stretch out and will become flexible enough to avoid any kind of ankle injury during the actual Buds training period.

5 Most Important Tips for Running in Buds with Boots

Hard Training for Buds Candidates

Tip 1: In your preparation days, always start running in lightweight running shoes.

Then gradually start using long pants and lightweight running boots.

Tip 2: Do certain portion of running in boots while remaining portion in lightweight socks that are good for long distance walking and running.

Tip 3: Always start running practice in soft sand near the sea beaches.

While running, it’s a good practice to often shuffle with toe in the beginning.

This will help you get a firm footing in the sand while running.

Tip 4: Never forget to wear a good quality socks for long distance walking and running.

You can also apply anti-chafe cream on your feet to avoid foot blisters and corns.

Tip 5: When you buy new tactical running boots, its not advisable to immediately start running in them on hard surfaces.

First, take it slow and let your boots break in faster.

In the beginning, use them for hiking and trail running activities.

Once you feel them comfortable to run then start wearing them for running in the sand.

I also recommend you to watch the following video where Stew Smith, a former Navy Seal and currently a fitness writer shows you how to run in sand at beach wearing lightweight tactical boots.

3 Most Comfortable and Lightweight Tactical Boots for Navy Seals Buds Training

No. 1 : Bates Men’s 8 Inches Tropical Seals Durashocks Work Boot

Bates 8" Tropical Seals DuraShocks Boot Men 14 Black

Bates Men’s 8 Inch Tropical Seals Tactical Boot is a standard issue boot from Navy Seals to all its candidates.

It is an ideal tactical boot for Buds which is also known as Bates 922.

This made in US boot comes with 100% full grain leather and fabric material which is highly durable and comfortable in nature.

Its sole is highly slip resistant and it is designed with DuraShocks Comfort Technology.

Its removable full cushion sockliner has increased its comfort and cushioning to the next level.

These boots are highly comfortable to use on a daily basis when you perform your duty.

I give these boots 9 out of 10 rating.

Click Here to See Price and Reviews of Bates Men’s 8 Inch Tropical Seals Durashocks Tactical Boot.

No. 2 : Smith & Wesson Men’s Breach 2.0 Tactical Side Zip Boot

Smith & Wesson Footwear Men's Breach 2.0 Tactical Size Zip Boots, Black, 10

At no. 2, I have chosen Smith & Wesson Breach 2.0 Tactical Boot for few reasons.

As far as quality craftsmanship and durability is concerned, these boots score 100 out of 100 marks.

These tactical boots are tough and will provide your feet the best possible protection you ever want during your Buds training.

It has an EVA midsole and leather/nylon upper which enhances its comfort level.

You can wear these boots all day without any discomfort and tiredness.

There is a side zipper and loop tab-stay closure which makes it super easy to put on and take off these boots any time you want.

The outsole is also non-marking and highly slip resistant in nature. I give these boots 8 out of 10 rating.

Click Here to See More Reviews and Price of Smith & Wesson Men’s Breach 2.0 Tactical Side Zip Boot.

No. 3 : Salomon Men’s Quest 4D 3 GTX Boot

Salomon Men's Quest 4D 3 GTX Backpacking Boots, Grape Leaf/Peat/Burnt Olive, 10

In the end, I also want to recommend Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX Boot to use for your Buds practice.

These are Navy Seal Team 6 boots.

They are ideal to wear as combat tactical boots.

It has really good features that are best suited for Navy Seals Buds Candidates.

Some of those features which are worth mentioning are non-marking anti-slip Contragrip outsole, durable nubuck leather, anti-debris mesh upper, mud guard and heel cap protection, etc.

One of the main reasons behind choosing these boots for buds training is they are often used and most preferred tactical boots in Afghanistan operations from Navy Seals.

I give these boots my rating of 8 out 10.

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Wrapping Up

So, these 3 are my favorite tactical boots as far as best Navy Seals running boots for Bud/s training program is concerned.

I recommend you to try any one of them depending on your tastes and preferences.

Once you break in these boots, you can start using them for your regular sand running exercise.

I wish you good luck for your Buds training.

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