What are Driving Shoes? – 16 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Best Driving Shoes

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There are lot of folks, who are not aware about the importance of having [easyazon_link keywords=”best driving shoes” locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]best driving shoes[/easyazon_link] while driving a car. Yes, it is true. The driving shoes are not just a fashion icon. But they have their own significance when it comes to driving your vehicle. They are made to provide a good grip to effectively control and work with the accelerator, clutch and brake of your car.

So what basically are these driving shoes? Lots of people ask this question online. So we have prepared a complete guide that will answer almost all your queries related to driving shoes. So keep reading further to understand more about these types of footwear.

Table of ContentsQue. 1: Is It Important to Wear Suitable Shoes When You are Driving?Que. 2: Can I Drive Barefoot without using Driving Shoes?Que. 3: Do You Wear Socks with Driving Shoes?Que. 4: Can You Wear Driving Shoes Outside?Que. 5: Are Driving Shoes only for Driving?Que. 6: Are Driving Shoes Good for Walking?Que. 7: Can You Wear Driving Shoes with a Suit?Que. 8: Can You Use Driving Shoes in the Winter Season?Que. 9: What is the Difference Between Boat Shoes and Driving Shoes?Que. 10: What are the Differences in Between Loafers and Driving Shoes?Que. 11: How to Wear Driving Shoes?Que. 12: How to Tie Driving Shoes?Que. 13: How to Clean Driving Shoes?Que. 14: What Types of Driving Shoes are Available in the Market?Que. 15: What are the Best Driving Shoes for Long Distance Driving?Que. 16: Where to Buy Best Driving Shoes?Conclusion

Que. 1: Is It Important to Wear Suitable Shoes When You are Driving?

“Is Driving a Car without Shoes Illegal?” many folks have this doubt in their minds. There are lots of people who do not actually pay proper attention to their own safety and security while driving a car. In reality, there is a lot of significance of wearing a proper driving shoe while driving.

According to article published at Drivingtesttips.biz, there is not a driving law in US or UK that prevents you from driving barefoot. You can even drive in your flip flops, running shoes, sandals or slippers too. Even as a woman, you can use heels and 10 inch platform sandals for driving. But as far as your safety is concerned, these types of shoes are not at all safe and appropriate for you when driving your car.

You can use heels for driving. But there is a great danger of you responding slow to any kind of incidents during driving. The heel of the foot for such high heels prevents your feet from properly resting on the floor of your car. This obviously leads you to not properly respond to sudden situations when it requires you to press clutch or brake suddenly.

When it comes to flip flops, they are even more dangerous for you to use when driving a car. The pedals of your car can easily get caught in between flip flops and the sole of your feet. So it leads to reduced control on your clutches and brakes. Flip flops or sandals also slip easily which can divert your attention from driving which could lead to some unwanted accidents during driving.

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Therefore, it is in your best interest to not use such kinds of flip flops, sandals, slippers, high heels, etc. From the safety point of view, it is always better to use only professionally manufactured driving shoes which are made to provide maximum safety and security for you.

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Que. 2: Can I Drive Barefoot without using Driving Shoes?

What are Driving Shoes

Actually, there is no driving law that prevents you from driving barefoot. You can drive your car barefoot or without using any kind of footwear. It is not illegal to drive barefoot. In fact, it is best to drive barefoot in comparison to using sandals, flip flops, high heels and any other kind of inappropriate shoes.

But it is also a fact that operating your car pedals barefoot could be tricky most of the times. Because novice drivers can feel the pressure and stress it exerts on your feet when pressing clutch, brakes and accelerator while driving.

Sometimes, your feet become slippery and it could lead to loss of control of your driving. Driving barefoot often leads to some kind of foot injury when you drive long distances. So it is always a good idea to use the right kind of driving shoe for your feet while driving.

Que. 3: Do You Wear Socks with Driving Shoes?

Shoes that are made for driving a car are basically known as modern day moccasins. In North America region, folks over there wear such kinds of shoes since past several generations. When it comes to wearing socks with your driving shoes, it is ok to go sockless with such shoes. Because, they are especially made to go barefoot style.

You can just put on a pair of driving shoes and go, drive your car just like that. You are free to use these shoes without socks. If you still want to use socks, we suggest you to use very thin pair of socks or you can use [easyazon_link keywords=”Best Invisible Socks” locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]invisible or no-show socks[/easyazon_link] as recommended by Destinationxl.com. The socks will keep your feet warm and clean for sure. You can also use ankle socks or low cut socks similar to the socks you use for your new moccasins and loafers.

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[easyazon_link keywords=”Best Ankle Socks” locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]Click Here for Best Ankle Socks.[/easyazon_link]

[easyazon_link keywords=”Best Low Cut Socks” locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]Check out Low Cut Socks Here.[/easyazon_link]

Que. 4: Can You Wear Driving Shoes Outside?

Driving shoes are also known as moccasins. So according to Wikipedia.com, moccasins are made from soft leather material. The sole is made up of flexible and soft rubber material. So, basically you can use these driving shoes for outdoor activities too such as running, walking and other exploratory activities.

These shoes also come with additional rubber pads on the sole. Therefore, the as a user you can get extra comfort, flexibility, and durability. These are sufficient features to have in a shoe which you can use for outdoor purpose.

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Que. 5: Are Driving Shoes only for Driving?

Some folks do use driving shoes as casual shoes. But using them for your daily walking is a bad idea. The sole of these shoes is very soft and not so much durable. They can also hurt your feet while walking for long distances.

Yes, you can use them to walk in and around your house. They are also a fashion symbol. So you can definitely use them for outdoor parties, date and homely ceremonies. You can use them for any number of hours while driving for long distances. But when it comes to long distance walking and running, these footwear products should be your last preference.

Que. 6: Are Driving Shoes Good for Walking?

As mentioned already in the above question, these shoes are bad idea when it comes to long distance walking. You can use them for casual purpose which means in and around your home. But you can not think of them for long distance stroll and running. So, yes you should totally avoid driving shoes for your walking routine. You can read more about it at Styleforum.net forum discussion.

Que. 7: Can You Wear Driving Shoes with a Suit?

I must say it all depends upon what kind of event or celebration moment you are attending. If you are going out for a movie with your friends or with your date, it is ok to wear designer or regular driving shoes along with your suit. For casual events you can use these types of shoes with a suit.

But when it comes to more important activities or events such as your friend’s wedding ceremony, or a professional meeting with business personnel, you will have to use office or more appropriate shoes along with your business suit. Using driving shoes at such important events could be out of place for some folks. When you are in a car, you can definitely wear a suit with your driving shoes.

Que. 8: Can You Use Driving Shoes in the Winter Season?

If your new driving shoes or loafers fit your feet perfectly, then you can use them in the winter months too. In winter season, it is important to protect your feet from cold and snow. In such a situation, a shoe with perfect fitting can play a pivotal role.

A right fitting driving shoe can protect your feet in the winter from snow and cold. You can even use thick or thin socks for comfortable fitting in case your driving shoes are bit loose for your feet. So for casual purpose, you can definitely wear driving shoes in the winter.

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Que. 9: What is the Difference Between Boat Shoes and Driving Shoes?

Although the boat shoes and driving shoes look similar in first notice, there are subtle and few major differences in between both of them. The major difference between these shoes is their sole. The sole of the boat shoes are made to provide more grip and traction in wet conditions. On the other side, the driving shoes sole tend to provide less amount of grip as it is made to get grip only for your car pedals.

The boat shoes are usually made from high quality and more durable leather material. In case of driving shoes, they are often made from suede material which is less durable in comparison to the leather material of the boat shoe.

When it comes to dynamic and versatile usage, boat shoes wins by large margins. You can use boat shoes for running and walking long distances comfortably. But you can not do so with your driving shoes.

Boat shoes also provide enhanced arch support and comfort as compared to the driving shoes. The outsole of most of the driving shoes is really soft and thin as compared to the durable sole of a boat shoe. For more details, please check out this Reddit forum discussion.

Que. 10: What are the Differences in Between Loafers and Driving Shoes?

Driving shoes are bit different in terms of looks and usability as compared to loafers and moccasins. When you compare driving shoes with moccasins, you will know that the driving footwear often comes with rubber tabs on their outsole.

They are more flexible and supportive than most moccasins. But when it comes to lacing function, loafers usually do not have any laces while driving shoes do come with some kind of lacing function.

Most loafers are made from leather material while driving footwear are made from suede and other similar material. So they are less durable as compared to the leather made loafers.

Another major difference between both of them is the heel. Most loafers do come with heel but driving shoes do not have heel functionality. We recommend reading this article for more information.

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Que. 11: How to Wear Driving Shoes?

You can actually wear your driving shoes in 3 major ways. First one is casual method, second one is smart casual way and the third one is professional way. You can wear these shoes along with your jeans, shorts, polo, and v-neck and crew-neck t-shirts.

You can also use these shoes when you wear jackets, long sleeve shirts and blazers. At more professional events, you can wear these shoes along with your overcoat, dress shirt and waistcoat, etc.

For more details on looks and usage of these shoes, please check out this article at Lookastic.com site. You can also watch the following video from Ryan, where he gives more detailed tips and instruction on how to wear driving shoes efficiently.

Que. 12: How to Tie Driving Shoes?

There is a great tutorial from Jay Butler on his website about how to tie moccasins perfectly. You can read his instructions to understand and apply them in case of your driving shoes. Because, moccasins and driving shoes are much similar when it comes to their lacing functionalities. You can read his instructions at Jaybutler.com article.

There is also another great article written at WikiHow.com which you can read for more clarification on how to tie your driving shoes. For visual illustration, please watch the following video tutorial to understand this concept.

Que. 13: How to Clean Driving Shoes?

Driving shoes are usually made from suede and other similar material. There is a specific way or method to clean suede shoes. You can not just use any kind of cleaning powder to clean these shoes. Wrong type of tools used to clean these shoes can damage them permanently. So it is important to know the right methods to clean these shoes.

You can use the right tools such as [easyazon_link keywords=”best suede eraser” locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]suede eraser[/easyazon_link] to clean the dry stains from your driving shoes. You can also use the right shampoo product to clean the deep stains from your shoes. You can use right type of [easyazon_link keywords=”best suede cleaner brush” locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]suede cleaner brush[/easyazon_link] to re-brush your new shoes.

Then you can make use of [easyazon_link keywords=”best color conditioning spray” locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]color conditioning spray[/easyazon_link] and [easyazon_link keywords=”best waterproofing spray for shoes” locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]waterproofing spray[/easyazon_link] to renovate and waterproof your shoes. Check out the following informative article from Hangerproject.com to learn the entire cleaning process for your driving shoes.

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In the mean while you can also check out the following useful video tutorial where you will learn how to use [easyazon_link keywords=”best water and stain protector for shoes” locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]water and stain protector[/easyazon_link] to clean your suede shoes.

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Que. 14: What Types of Driving Shoes are Available in the Market?

There are so many models and versions available for driving shoes. You can use driving shoes that are just like tennis shoes, running shoes and walking shoes. There are certain sports shoes and racing shoes which you can use as driving footwear. Along with that, you can also use some track shoes, slip on shoes and rubber shoes as a driving shoe for driving your vehicle.

Some moccasin and platform shoes are available in the market which you can use as a driving shoe. Certain loafers and moccasins look much similar to driving shoes. But driving footwear are little bit different than most loafers and moccasins.

Sometimes they are called as casual slip-on loafers and sometimes they are known as casual moccasins. So, basically the majority of types are classified into two main categories. First is a loafer and second is a moccasin. But primarily driving shoes are the best combination of both shoes.

Que. 15: What are the Best Driving Shoes for Long Distance Driving?

There are many shoe companies that produce different types of driving shoes. But the most prominent brands that we know as of today are as following.

1. [easyazon_link keywords=”Alpinestars Driving Shoes” locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]Alpinestars Driving Shoes[/easyazon_link]

[easyazon_link identifier=”B01MU07FQ0″ locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]

Alpinestars Tech 1-Z Driving Shoe for Men

Alpinestars Tech 1-Z Driving Shoe for Men[/easyazon_link]

2. [easyazon_link keywords=”Puma Driving Shoes” locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]Puma Driving Shoes[/easyazon_link]

[easyazon_link identifier=”B00VQV8ECI” locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]

Puma Men’s Futurecats 1Nightcat Driving Shoe

Puma Men’s Futurecats 1Nightcat Driving Shoe[/easyazon_link]

[easyazon_link identifier=”B00VQTPYL4″ locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]

Puma Men’s BMW Future Cat M1 Driving Shoe

Puma Men’s BMW Future Cat M1 Driving Shoe[/easyazon_link]

3.  [easyazon_link keywords=”Cole Haan Driving Shoes” locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]Cole Haan Driving Shoes[/easyazon_link]

[easyazon_link identifier=”B00ENYN5R4″ locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]

Coel Haan Men’s Grant Canoe Camp Slip-on Loafer

Cole Haan Men’s Grant Canoe Camp Slip-on Loafer[/easyazon_link]4. [easyazon_link keywords=”Trask Driving Shoes” locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]Trask Driving Shoes[/easyazon_link]

[easyazon_link identifier=”B00PXIQI6Y” locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]

Trask Men’s Drake Slip-on Loafer

Trask Men’s Drake Slip-on Loafer[/easyazon_link]5. [easyazon_link keywords=”Trask Driving Shoes” locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]Tod’s Driving Shoes[/easyazon_link]

​[easyazon_link identifier=”B06XY8ZZ2C” locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]

Tod’s Men’s Gommino Driving Shoe

Tod’s Men’s Gommino Driving Shoe[/easyazon_link]6. [easyazon_link keywords=”Simpson Adrenaline Driving Shoes” locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]Simpson Adrenaline Driving Shoes[/easyazon_link]

​[easyazon_link identifier=”B002R4WPDC” locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]

Simpson Racing AD115BK Adrenaline Driving Shoe

​Simpson Racing AD115BK Adrenaline Driving Shoe[/easyazon_link]7. [easyazon_link keywords=”Sparco Driving Shoes” locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]Sparco Driving Shoes[/easyazon_link]

​[easyazon_link identifier=”B003VY1OH0″ locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]

Sparco 00127105N Race Driving Shoe

Sparco 00127105N Race Driving Shoe[/easyazon_link] 

Que. 16: Where to Buy Best Driving Shoes?

You can buy these types of modern loafers and moccasins at your local shoe stores and big retail outlets. But there are premium online stores such as Amazon, Zappos and Shoes.com where you can find lots of different models and varieties.

These online stores also provide great discount offers and deals for their online purchasers. Plus you always get a refund in case the driving shoe you have ordered does not fit you properly. So, we highly recommend you to take advantage of these online offers and order them online.


So, these are our 16 most frequently asked questions regarding driving shoes. Many men and women use them as a fashion symbol. These shoes look elegant, attractive and stylish.

Therefore, you can use them for casual and professional purpose as well. Its your choice to select the right driving shoe for yourself depending upon your actual need and requirement. We wish you best of luck in your hunt for the best driving shoe.

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