UGG Australia Women’s Bailey Button Snow Boot Review

UGG Australia Women's Bailey Button Boot Review Winter season has approached now! The snow is falling or better to say bursting with its full force in lots of regions of American as well as European countries. In this condition, there is no need to say that we surely need a better quality, reliable, durable as well as comfortable snow boot or a winter boot. This review will offer you more insights into one of the World’s most popular and bestselling winter boots produced by UGG Australia brand in US, known as UGG Women’s Bailey Button Snow Boot.

Do you know the fact that in the year 2003, UGG Australia boots were first featured in the popular “Opera Winfrey Show”? In that show, these boots were appeared as “Opera’s Favorite Things” and she even went to the extent of buying over 350 UGG boots for her audience as well as for her staff members.

Since then lots of popular Hollywood celebrities like Kate Hudson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton and many others have started using these UGG winter boots. This brand is very famous for its classic sheepskin boots which are based on traditional Australian ugg boot style. From 2000 onwards, UGG winter boots have become a fashion icon for young men and women all across the globe.

UGG Australia Bailey Button Winter Boot This footwear brand also started manufacturing canvas and leather footwear along with the other accessories like clothing, handbags, gloves, hats, outerwear and various home products such as pillows and blankets. I think this is more than enough information about this popular US footwear brand.

I just wanted to put across my point that whenever you shop for any kind of winter boot or snow boot, it is essential for you to check the authenticity and durability of not just the product but also its manufacturer brand. If the brand is well respected all across the world, it certainly guarantees us that the product produced by the company must be really of good quality.

Anyways, I am not saying that the product we currently reviewing is great to use. We have gone through lots of past and present customer reviews posted online and then we have formed our opinions. The following in-depth analysis of pros and cons will give you better idea and will help you in your purchasing decision of a good reliable winter boot. You can also check out our carefully researched top 5 winter boots for women.

First we will take a closer look at the available features offered by UGG Australia Women’s Bailey Button Boot.

Before we head into actual features, let’s watch a quick video review where a lady performs an unboxing of this UGG Women’s Winter Boot.


Unique Features of UGG Women’s Bailey Button Snow Boot:

1. Stylish Looks and High Quality Construction:

UGG Womens Bailey Button Winter Boot Sheepskin Unbuttoned Look The very first thing that strikes about this boot when you see it first time is its style and overall looks. The unique style and looks separates this UGG Australia women’s winter boot from its competitor brands.

Since the release of its predecessor classic short style UGG winter boot, this new snow boot is completely changed in its appearance and style. The overall look of this boot is very stylish and casual by nature. If you carefully look at the construction of the boot, you will come to know that it is very comfortable to use and ultra-trendy as well as snug fit. The boot is made from patent protected tread design. As far as the total height is concerned, it is about 8 inches tall and the shaft height is about 7 and half inches in length.

2. Inclusion of Attractive Logo Button:

You can say the exclusive wooden logo button is the real highlight of this UGG snow boot. It comes with an elastic band closure along with different sets of colors.

3. Use of Twinface Sheepskin:

This is one of the most important and unique features of UGG Women’s Bailey Button Boot. The boot is completely made up of genuine and real Twinface sheepskin. This signature Twinface sheepskin silhouette is also rapped in the interior side of the boot. It gives your boot a classic royal look when you use your boot unbuttoned.

4. Very Soft Foam Insole:

The boot also features really soft insole made up of comfortable sheepskin foam and UGGpure wool material. It gives you good warmth as well as inner comfort for a long period of time.

5. Comfortable EVA Outsole:

UGG Australia Bailey Button Boot EVA Outsole The outsole of this UGG snow boot is made from lightweight and very flexible molded EVA material. The EVA outsole is usually designed in such a way that the person who wears the boot gets maximum comfort, cushioning, support and grip while walking through the ice or working in the snow.



1. Versatile Use:

UGG Bailey Button Snow Boot Review The first major benefit of this UGG women’s winter boot is its dynamic and versatile usage. Depending on your tastes and preferences, you can either use the boot buttoned or unbuttoned. It looks cool both ways.

When you wear the boot unbuttoned, its looks really royal and luxurious because of the soft Twinface shearling to the cuff. So this boot is good for those women who prefer style, looks and fashion along with versatile usage in a winter/snow boot.

2. Freedom to Use Your Boot Buttoned or Otherwise:

Some winter boots do come with logo button idea. But most of them do not give you a choice to use your boot unbuttoned. Some do give you that choice but when you use them unbuttoned, it looks ugly and out of style with that option.

But when it comes to UGG Bailey Button Boot, you do not have to worry about it. The boot gives you freedom to use your button to either worn up or cuffed down. Whether you use it buttoned or unbuttoned, it really does not affect your style and looks. I do agree that this boot looks way cooler and attractive when used unbuttoned because of its signature Twinface sheepskin outline.

3. Comfortable and Warm Upper Design:

The upper of the boot comes with high quality Twinface sheepskin material. It is also equipped with suede heel guards. This upper is really good in providing highest comfort and warmth in cold regions and freezing environments.

4. Moisture Free and Dry Interior:

Most commonly produced winter boots or snow boots have this issue of internal moisture and wetness inside the boot in the cold weather conditions. But as far as most user reviews are concerned, this UGG boot is very efficient in keeping your feet dry and moisture free even in the cold freezing weather.

5. Fitting is True to Size:

Yes, this UGG boot is very comfortable to wear. As far as fitting is concerned, most women feel that it is true to size and width.



1. Discoloration of Sheepskin Material:

It is found out that in extreme cold and moist conditions, the suede side of Twinface sheepskin tends to discoloration and staining. However, there is a remedy for this problem. You can simply use UGG Care Kit available online and can clean your boot in the proper way to get the desired results.

2. Lining Sometimes Feel Itchy:

Some women have complained about the lining of this boot being itchy and uncomfortable. But for majority of the customers, there is no such problem. So this might be a fault in manufacturing of the specific boot. We can not certainly say that all the UGG boots have this issue.

Average Customer Rating: 4.7 out of 5


Our Verdict:

UGG Bailey Button Winter Boot with Wooden Logo Button Considering all the above unique features and benefits, we must say that this UGG women’s Bailey Button Snow Boot is definitely very versatile and stylish in looks. The boot appears cute and is ideal not for just working women and housewives but also for teenagers going to college.

Above all, the boot is very warm, comfortable, fashionable and lightweight to use on a regular basis. In the cold weather conditions, you can wear it without any fear of losing your grip on the icy or snowy surface. These boots even go well with almost all kinds of outfits; may it be jeans or your daily pajamas.

Just like anything in this world which is not without any faults, this UGG women’s winter boot do have some issues. But I consider them very minor ones. As mentioned in the above Cons section, those issues can be solved easily with some preventive measures.

We highly recommend this UGG boot to all female readers and women of all ages. It has the perfect blend of comfort, warmth, versatility, style and durability. Based on our research, we give it 4.8 out of 5 stars.

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