Top 3 Best Tennis Shoes for Bunions Suffering Women Reviewed with Buyer’s Guide

  • By: Edmond Clark

Are you tired of suffering from your bunions and can’t seem to find the right tennis shoes?

Has working out and taking walks become an activity of the past?

It’s likely that you just aren’t purchasing the right shoe for your feet.

Give this brief article a read next time you head out to purchase your new pair of tennis shoes for bunions and watch your life become much more manageable with shoes that are designed with your bunions in mind.

Before we go directly into the actual reviews, let us have a quick look at our carefully researched and reviewed top 3 best tennis shoes for bunions that are specially picked out for women.

3 Best Women’s Tennis Shoes That Helps You Alleviate Bunions

Tennis Shoe Brand

Main Features

My Rating


​Pguard Toe Protector, FlexionFit Technology, Better midsole compression


​Perforated Leather Upper, Superfoam Footbed, Flow Cool System


​Lightweight and Comfortable Upper, Cloudfoam Midsole and Superior Cushioning


Buyer’s Guide to Help You Choose The Right Tennis Shoe for Your Feet

Why Buying Right Tennis Shoes for Your Bunions is Critical?

Bunions are found at the base of the big toe, and are characterized by a deformity and cause your toe to turn inward.

The result is a painful condition that makes your shoe buying extremely difficult.

In fact, in many cases, purchasing the wrong tennis shoes can make the pain you suffer from your bunions even worse and nearly unbearable.

The ability to take back control of your life and live comfortably is one of the main reasons you need to know exactly what to look for.

You also have to know what the benefits are, and the buying tips that are associated with those who suffer from bunions.

Real Benefits of Using Quality Women’s Tennis Shoes for Bunions

The benefits of purchasing the quality tennis shoes that are designed for women who suffer from bunions include the following things.

1. Start Enjoying Your Daily Activities

Once you start using quality tennis shoes for your bunions, you can definitely regain the ability to partake in enjoyable activities.

Thus you can reduce your pain caused by your bunions.

You can even work throughout the day while standing on your feet, and an easier, less painful time walking around.

2. Relief from Your Pain

After regular usage of quality tennis shoes, you can gradually reduce the symptoms of your bunions.

It is seen that people make the condition of their bunions even more severe by using incorrect and unsuitable footwear.

If you use the right tennis shoes for your bunions, you can surely reduce the discomfort and soreness from your toes that are affected by bunions.

3. Tennis Shoes Offer Instant Grip

Specially built tennis shoes for bunions are really helpful in providing you a better grip and traction on uneven and slippery surfaces.

Thus they can better protect you from any future injuries that may cause to your feet due to rubbing of your bunions.

4. Roomy Toe Box

Quality tennis shoes also provide roomier toe boxes.

Such wide toe boxes are greatly beneficial to protect and safeguard your bunions.

So wearing top quality uniquely made tennis shoes can better protect you from injuries as well as can help you in faster cure of your bunions.

5. Better Cushioning and Comfort

Best kind of tennis shoes always offer better shock absorption and good protection for your feet from high impacts.

The main material used in tennis shoes such as EVA, UVA, Polyurethane, etc. make the shoes lightweight, well cushioned and very durable.

At the same time, these shoes provide you better arch support, sufficient tongue padding and flexible uppers.

Thus the uniquely designed tennis shoes for bunions give you better comfort and cushioning support while you walk or run in them.

If you suffer from bunions, purchasing a shoe that is not designed for bunions can be a disastrous mistake.

Always make sure you are choosing the right shoe to take the pressure and pain off of your feet.

If you are looking for the general shoes for your bunions, we have already prepared a buying guide for these shoes.

Check out our best shoes for bunions guide here.

Unique Features To Look for While Buying These Tennis Shoes

A. Flexible Soles Offering Grip

You should be searching specifically for shoes that support your foot with a flexible sole.

The outsole of your tennis shoe must offer high amount of grip and traction on the uneven and slippery terrains.

B. Wide Toe Box

The toe box should be well accommodating for your bunions.

It should be able to take any added weight and pressure off of your bunions.

At the same time it must be designed with wide, deep, and roomy features for maximum comfort.

C. Flexible and Breathable Material

The best materials to choose from when purchasing best tennis shoes that will make your bunions less painful is going to be anything that is breathable and flexible by nature.

This will really help in feeling great during walking and even running in them.

Important Buying Tips for Women to Choose Right Tennis Shoes

A. Go to a Speciality Shoe Store

One of the best things you can do is to make sure you get into a specialty shoe store.

We recommend visiting the local shoe stores that specialize in painful conditions like bunions, hammertoes, and plantar fasciitis.

You will also want to make sure that the shoes you buy have all of the features listed above (roomy toe box, flexible material, etc.).

Making sure you buy a shoe that is designed specifically for those with bunions is going to be your best bet here.

It will really help you in making sure your pain is minimized and the enjoyable lifestyle you once had is maximized.

B. Measure Your Foot Size Correctly

The next step you should do is to know your foot sizing and width accurately.

You can either measure your foot size at your home or you can take help of your local shoe store for the same.

Here is a great video that can help you to measure your foot size at home with simple methods and without any complications.

This step is really important because you need to know your foot size correctly in order to avoid future discomfort and pain for your bunions that could happen due to ordering incorrect sized tennis shoe.

C. Order from Reliable Online Shoe Stores

There are few very reliable online shoe shopping stores where you can order quality tennis shoes for your bunion condition.

The stores like Amazon, Zappos, Footlocker, etc. can help you find the right sized and good quality tennis shoe that can protect and safeguard your bunions.

The major benefit of ordering these shoes from online stores is you can freely schoose from wide variety of shoe brands.

You also get huge discounted offers on the popular tennis shoe brands which are usually not available at your local shoe stores.

Here is one more excellent buying guide video that will help you make more informed purchasing decisions when you go out for shopping quality tennis shoes to deal with your bunion condition.

Take a look at it.

With this being said, you now have the knowledge that you need to arm yourself with in order to buy the best tennis shoes for your bunion stressed feet.

If you need a little extra help deciding exactly which shoes to buy, we have compiled this handy list jut for you.

Take it with you on your next trip.

Here are our carefully researched and reviewed top 3 best tennis shoes that you can buy if you are a woman who suffers from bunions.

Top 3 Best Women’s Tennis Shoes for Bunions Reviewed

No. 3 : Adidas Women’s Barricade Court Tennis Shoe

adidas Women's Barricade Court Tennis Shoe, Black/Matte Silver/Flash red, 11.5 M US

Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, the Adidas Women’s Barricade Court Tennis Shoe provides an ideal fit for those whose feet are plagued by bunions.

With this shoe in your arsenal, you can definitely maintain a normal and active lifestyle.

With the combination of right arch support and the roomy toe box, this shoe provides a comfortable fitting for women with all kinds of foot sizing.

Primary Features:

a. Adiprene Technology: The unique Adiprene technology of this Adidas women’s tennis shoe is great in delivering sufficient shock absorption for the user.

It helps to absorb shock to both the feet and knees, allowing the wearer to stay comfortable all day long.

b. Unique Rubber Sole: This lends itself to a long lasting, supportive shoe that won’t wear down quickly.

c. Adituff Technology: The shoe has a special Adidas Adituff technology which enhances the durability and protects your toes and heels from possible injuries.

It keeps toes well protected and maintains adequate flexibility within the shoes.

d. Torsion System: The shoe’s torsional feature helps to support the foot and gives it enough room to move comfortably.

e. Forefoot Stability Claw: It helps to create a firm, strong foundation that offers great support for your feet.


a. Great Flexibility: With Adituff Technology, this shoe has great flexibility to maintain comfort for longer period of time.

b. Tons of Style Options: This shoe comes in a variety of colors that let women choose the best shoe for their own personal style.

c. Long Lasting and Very Durable: The quality rubber sole makes this shoe extremely long lasting and durable.


a. Somewhat Stiff to Use: For some users, the shoe sometimes tends to feel a little stiff with not much flexibility.

b. Big Sizing Issue: They run about a size larger than the other shoes in our list of top tennis shoes for bunions.

c. Extra Wide Heels: The heel can be wide which may cause some sliding for some users.

Final Verdict

While women may want to double check the sizes prior to purchase, this Adidas Barricade Court Tennis Shoe is great for anyone who suffers from bunions and needs a comfortable shoe.

You can also gain maximum options for style choices as well from this shoe.

A great fit with style, this shoe is an excellent selection for women with bunions. We give it 3.5 out of 5.

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No. 2: K-SWISS Women’s Bigshot Light Tennis Shoe

K-Swiss Women's Bigshot Light 3 Tennis Shoes (White/Silver) (6.5 B(M) US)

The K-Swiss Women’s Bigshot Light Tennis Shoe offers the traditional clean and sleek look that comes standard in any K-Swiss shoe but combines it with the exceptional comfort ability for women who are suffering from bunions.

This shoe has a variety of features that makes it comfortable, durable, and one of the first choices on or list for bunion approved tennis shoes for women.

Primary Features:

a. Perforated Leather Uppers: This provides the wearer not only with the lot of comfort but with durability as well.

It also offers a stylish and very clean appearance.

b. Premium Quality Rubber Outsole: The rubber sole on this shoe provides both durability and support for a shoe that will last through almost all kinds of daily activities such as walking, running, jogging and working in them.

c. Heel Grip Lining: This heel grip lining offers a strong grip for the wearer’s socks which in turn gives you minimal slippage in the heel area.

d. SuperFoam Footbed: This new type of k-Swiss special Superfoam Footbed provides you maximum comfort and energy return.

This is one of the most important reasons why we have ranked this stylish K-Swiss women’s tennis shoe as our no.2 best tennis shoe for women with bunions.

e. Flow Cool System: This particular K-Swiss tennis shoe for women possesses one more unique trademarked technology for its upper which is named as Flow Cool System. It provides a ton of breathability for added comfort.

This feature also helps to control excess moisture within the shoe and thus greatly helps to keep your foot dry and cool in various kinds of environments.


a. Fashionable Appearance: There is a wide variety of colors and styles available for this shoe.

This makes it a versatile and very attractive tennis shoe for women who are looking for good looks and color combination in their footwear.

b. Very Durable: This shoe has become extremely durable and long lasting due to the inclusion of quality rubber outsole and premium leather uppers.

c. Increased Comfort: This particular K-Swiss tennis shoe has a highly breathable footbed and Flow Cool System.

This makes it a very comfortable footwear for women.

d. Strong Grip: Heel Grip lining along with well-padded collar and tongue gives the user perfect fitting and grip at the same time.

e. Large Toe Box: This particular K-Swiss Women’s Bigshot Light Tennis Shoe has a very large toe box.

This is really a good thing for the women who are suffering from bunions.

You can definitely select this shoe for your regular usage if you are having bunions and looking for a good quality tennis shoe.


a. Too Wide for Some Users: Some have found the shoe extra wide and having very large toe boxes.

So if you are not looking for the tennis shoes specifically suitable for bunions, then you need to look at the other available choices with smaller toe boxes.

b. Runs Extra Large Size: According to some users, the shoe runs about one half size larger.

So it is a wise decision to order half size smaller than your actual size requirement when ordering online.

Final Verdict

The K-Swiss Women’s Bigshot Light Tennis Shoe might be one of the most ideal shoes for women who have special requirements due to bunions but still want a fashionable, sporty appearance.

This shoe offers a wide variety of benefits, including breathability, high quality materials, comfort, large toe boxes, good grip and many more others.

Considering all these useful features, we provide rating of 4 out of 5 for this shoe.

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No. 1 : ASICS Women’s Gel-Resolution 7 Tennis Shoe

ASICS Women's Gel-Resolution 7 Tennis Shoes, 8M, White/Laser Pink

Finally, ASICS Women’s GEL-Resolution 7 Tennis Shoe is our no. 1 top quality tennis shoe for women with bunions.

It is highly comfortable and durable shoe offered in many different colors.

For all of these reasons and more, it takes first place on our list of best tennis shoes for women who suffer from bunions.

Primary Features:

a. Pguard Toe Protector: This uniquely designed Pguard Toe Protector of the shoe keeps it lasting longer by protecting the toe for a more durable shoe.

It also protects your shoe’s toe box really well so that your toes which are affected by bunions are safeguarded in all conditions.

b. FlexionFit Technology: State of the art technology, FlexionFit System offers comfort via support and additional form-fitting shape.

c. Comfortable Rubber Sole: The premium level rubber sole helps to increase durability and provide extra shock absorption for long lasting comfort for your bunion affected feet.

d. Enhanced Cushioning: This shoe is designed with women in mind.

Its midsole has enhanced cushioning that provides extra compression to the midsole.

As compared to its predecessor ASICS Gel Resolution 5 tennis shoe, this one has better cushioning.

It gives you lush but very supportive feel while you walk or run in these shoes.

e. AHAR+ Non-Marking Outsole: This unique AHAR+ technology keeps your shoes looking great with non-marking, high abrasion outsoles.


a. Diversity of Colors: This particular ASICS tennis shoe is great for women who want a variety of options as well as support for their feet.

b. Very Durable: This ASICS shoe has a few different features that contribute to its exceptional durability.

c. High Cushioning: This ASICS women’s tennis shoe certainly goes way beyond its predecessors in terms of its cushioning factor.

d. Highly Comfortable to Use: This shoe’s FlexionFit and added cushioning makes it exceptionally comfortable shoe to use on a regular basis.

e. Toe Durability: It also protects your bunion affected toes really well due to the inclusion of Pguard Toe Protector.


a. Outsoles are bit Slippery: Yes, according to several users of this shoe, the shoe tends to be a bit slippery while you run or play tennis game.

But due to its weight, it manages to keep your balance.

b. Less Support: These shoes seem to have less support than the other ASICS brand shoes.

c. Narrow Fitting: The width of these shoes is slightly narrower than what most people with foot problems find to be comfortable.

Final Verdict:

This ASICS Women’s GEL Resolution 7 Tennis Shoe is great for those women who have painful bunions.

It has a well-constructed design that protects your feet really well and bunion affected toes.

This shoe offers a wide variety of color selections to appease the style of any woman.

The overall comfort, cushioning, durability, stability and other added features make this tennis shoe a great choice for those women who are suffering from bunions.

We give it 4.5 out of 5.

This is our no. 1 highly recommended best tennis shoe for all the women having bunions.

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