Top 10 Best Affordable Motorcycle Riding Boots 2017 Review

Before we explore the in-depth reviews of top 10 best and the most affordable motorcycle riding boots, first check out our carefully researched top 10 rankings for 2017.

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Why Do You Need Top Quality Motorcycle Riding Boots?

Primary Benefits of Using Best Motorcycle Boots

What Types of Boots You Should Avoid?

Primary Types of Best Quality Riding Boots

What Factors You Should Consider While Getting These Boots?

Primary Features of Best Motorcycle Riding Boots

How to Buy Only The Best Quality Boots?

In-Depth Reviews of Top 10 Motorcycle Riding Boots

Do You Really Need to Use Top Quality Motorcycle Riding Boots?

Whether you ride a new shiny sports bike, cruiser, dual sports bike, any other naked bike or just your local sport tourer, you definitely need reliable and time tested personal protective equipment or better to say your personal riding gear. Many folks only concentrate on getting stylish gloves, helmets and jackets.

But most forget that there is one more important gear which you need to wear to protect your feet while riding all types of motorcycles. And that is my friend your best quality pair of durable motorcycle riding boots.

Some folks do not pay proper attention to safeguard their feet while riding and can get hurt badly when meeting with unexpected road accidents. It is a well-known fact that your feet are more close to the road during bike riding. According to the US Center for Disease Control research study , it is observed that in close to 30 percent non-fatal motorcycle road accidents, rider’s legs and feet were badly injured.

If we take into account these facts it is very clear that we certainly need to pay more attention towards protecting our legs and feet while riding bikes. For this purpose, it is evident that we do not have to just use top quality motorcycle riding boots but they must also provide sufficient comfort and safety for our feet whether we ride on a bike or work in them on a daily basis.

Bike riding boots are not just fashion accessories but they are essential protective riding gear. In the unfortunate incidences of road accidents, they can easily protect your knees, ankles, toes, shins and heels from major injuries. Such boots usually make use of thick and durable leather material along with steel toes, load spreading padding, waterproof membrane like Gore-Tex, etc.

Some people do not like to spend money on buying costly bike riding boots. Instead, they feel contented and happy to use normal shoes, regular sneakers, and casual boots. This is my friend a very big mistake which must be avoided at any cost if you really care for the safety and protection of your knees, ankles and every other important part of your feet.

Therefore, if you love motorcycle riding and use your bike on a regular basis, you must use best quality, protective and comfortable pair of top bike riding boots. There is no exception and you really don’t have much option here if you really care about your safety and want to take precautions while riding.

Main Benefits of Wearing Quality Motorcycle Riding Boots:

1. Motorcycle riding boots offer best rider targeted features that are not present in your regular boots.

Yes, this is certainly true when it comes to riding boots. The features like oil-resistant outsoles, enhanced torsional stiffness, molded ankle protection, double-triple stitching in seams, buckle designs, or built-in shifter pads are only present in a pair of best quality motorcycle riding boots.

Your regular sneakers, shoes or boots can not provide you these features. And that is why they are usually cheaper than the top quality riding footgear. These unique features are only designed by keeping in mind the safety, protection and comfort of the bike rider’s legs. This leads to our next benefit of maximum comfort.

2. The riding boots provide highest possible comfort along with safety for your legs while riding.

Your plain regular boots, sneakers and shoes can not protect your feet completely when driving motorbikes and cruisers. Because those kind of footwear are usually made to provide the necessary comfort and support for your legs while either walking or jogging or performing your daily routine tasks.

On the other side, during bike riding your feet are always prone to the exposure of oil, dirt, mud, water, rocks, grime, sand, debris and many other unwanted but potentially dangerous stuff waiting for you on the roads, jungle tracks and riversides, etc. This obviously means you require better protection as well as enhanced comfort for long drives while riding on your bikes.

The best quality motorbike riding boots have all the comfort and protection you ever need. Whatever your route is and whatever type of weather condition there is, your best riding boots will always help you in getting the best kind of long distance comfort and protection you need to safeguard your feet while driving.

3. The quality riding boots also provide better ankle support during driving.

Obtaining good ankle protection is of paramount importance when you drive on your bike. In most of the major road bike accidents, rider’s ankle gets hurt badly. You can avoid this situation and protect your ankles with good quality ankle supportive bike riding boots.

There are lots of high quality motorcycle boots available in the market which can offer ankle flex zones and pliable soles. These boots also make you walk and ride easier and with comfort. Some boots also provide shield areas for ankles. Your normal boots and shoes do not have these kinds of ankle protection features.

4. Motorbike riding boots offer wide varieties for different bike riding activities.

Your regular shoes and boots can not fulfill your needs to ride your bike for different purposes. This means you may need to drive your bike for variety of activities such as racing, off-road driving, touring and cruising, etc.

You really need specific boots for each of these riding activities if you truly want to enjoy your bike riding. There are special motorcycle riding boots available for each of these activities. Instead of using your regular shoes, you can wear these specially designed bike riding boots to fully enjoy your long distance drive.

5. Bike riding boots provide highest amount of advanced foot protection with steel toes, buckles, zippers and Velcro straps, etc.

A bike rider is always at the risk of abrupt road accidents. It is true especially in case of bike racers and speed lovers. In order to survive during such unwanted situations, you can not just go with your regular footgear.

Many of the authentically designed and well constructed riding footgear offer advanced foot protection with several add-ons and boot equipments. Some of these equipments consist of steel ankles, steel toes and steel foot plate. These boots provide good fitting and support for your toes, ankles, shins and heels.

Along with these features you also get good leather material, specially designed zippers, Velcro straps and buckles. The soles of these boots are also highly oil and gas resistant in nature. You do not get these kinds of advanced features with your regular shoes and boots. That is why we highly recommend using best motorcycle riding boots whenever you go for a long drive or do race with your bike.

What Kind of Boots to Avoid While Riding a Motorbike or a Motorcycle?

Whenever you go for a ride with your motorbike, the first thing you need to focus is to get top quality, durable, comfortable and very protective riding footgear. Long distance comfort and higher protection for your legs and feet is your first priority whenever you shop for a motorcycle boot.

Proper fitting and comfort is what your boot should offer while you drive your bike. The boot must also provide good flexibility which is essential for bending, shifting gears, braking and walking comfortably. It is important for you to avoid buying boots that have very thick and stiff soles.

Your boot must also possess a shifter pad for comfortable gear handling. Avoid getting boots that do not have padding around ankles and toes. If your boot has zippers, buckles and Velcro straps, they must be in a right position and must provide proper fitting and support during riding a bike.

Some people recommend buying taller boots in order to get protection from cold and hot weather, abrasion and wind. But the flipside of this is your boots tend to get bulkier and heavier. You need to get a boot that provides optimum level of comfort, protection and at the same time it should be lightweight; not heavy by its overall weight.

Considering all the above details, we can easily conclude that as a bike rider we definitely need a pair of boots that should provide maximum protection, comfort, lightness, durability, good grip and support for the feet during riding. This also means you can not use your regular sneakers, shoes and boots for riding your bikes.

This also takes into account the use of your regular running shoes, rubber boots, sandals, flip-flops, clogs, high heels, and flippers, etc. You really can not afford to use such kind of footwear while riding on a bike. Going barefoot on a bike is also not a good idea for novice as well as veteran bikers. There is no option but you have to go for top quality and protective motorbike riding footwear.

Primary Types of Best Motorcycle Riding Boots:

When it comes to choosing good quality motorcycle boots, you need to know your exact requirements. Depending on your needs and wants, you can choose your preferred boots. However, there are lots of varieties available in the market for such kinds of motorbike boots.

Typical categories of motorcycle riding boots for men as well as for women are as follows.

Motorbike riding boots based on riding functionalities:

a. Boots for sports bike or racing bikes

b. Motorcycle cruiser boots

c. Boots for off-road biking or motocross biking

d. Boots for street or road biking

e. Motorcycle boots for touring and commuting

f. Dual sport motorcycle riding boots

g. Cycle gear motorbike boots

h. Summer or hot weather riding motorbike boots

i. Winter or cold weather riding motorbike boots

j. Nitro racing motorcycle boots

k. Extreme racing biking boots

l. Trail riding motorbike boots

m. Riverside bike riding boots

Apart from these primary categories there are several other types of riding boots.

Motorcycle boots based on the type of material used:

a. Motorbike boots made up of leather material with laces

b. Classic leather motorbike boots

c. Boots with zipper or no-zippers

d. 100 percent waterproof motorbike boots

e. Brown leather riding boots

f. Insulated motorbike boots

g. Gore-Tex motorbike riding boots

h. Women’s lace up motorcycle riding boots

i. Women’s leather motorbike riding boots

There are other factors such as the size, width, thickness, and related features that are usually taken into account. Based on these factors, the boots are classified into the following categories.

a. Extra wide riding boots

b. High top motorbike boots

c. Knee high motorcycle boots

d. Wide width riding boots

e. Boots for riders with large sized feet

f. Boots for riders wanting high heels

g. Motorbike boots having lifts

h. Riding boots with thick soles

i. Over the knee riding boots

j. Thigh high motorbike boots

k. Platform motorcycle riding boots

There are even more categories of riding boots which are based completely on the specific functions and professions of bike riders. Those categories are as follows.

a. Motorbike boots for police professionals

b. Bike riding boots for short riders

c. Biking boots for tall riders

d. Riding boots for casual driving

e. Combat boots or tactical boots for biking

f. Cowboy boots for biking

g. Hiking boots for riding

h. Logger boots for biking

i. Steel toe boots for riding

j. Vegan boots for biking

k. Vintage boots for motorcycle riding

l. Motorcycle boots targeted towards youth or young riders

What Factors Affect Your Choice of Motorcycle Boots?

If you look into the market, you will realize that there are literally hundreds of boot brands available to choose. Then the question is how anyone can find only the top quality and best motorcycle riding boots from the rest of the footwear brands.

The factors that could determine your criteria of selection for these types of bike riding boots are as follows.

1. The Type of Bike:

The very first factor that affects your selection of these types of boots is the kind of bike or motorcycle you are currently using. Whether you use Harley Davidson or any other particular motorcycle, you need to choose the boots that best suit your ride. These boots should complement your bike and should also be a good match and style icon whenever you go for a ride on your bike.

2. Weather Conditions:

The next important factor to take into account is the type of weather condition you live in and you ride your bike in. There are different types of boots available for both cold as well as hot weather conditions and seasons. You need to take a conscious decision depending on your local weather condition and season when it comes to choose the best motorcycle riding boots.

3. Kind of Roads and Trails You usually Ride on:

The next factor is the type of road you use for your regular bike riding. Whether you use along a riverside or on trails or on streets, you need comfortable and the most suitable riding boots for the same. Your boots must complement your style of riding and your choice of road or a trail or even your regular commuting or cruising style.

4. Your Daily Riding Average:

The amount of daily riding mileage is also critical when choosing quality motorcycle boots. If you are a long distance rider, you need more durable, protective and comfortable boots. If you use your bike for short distance, you may not need expensive boots and rather can buy less expensive boots that provide less amount of protection, comfort and durability.

5. Your Daily Usage of the Boots:

Some people like to use their motorcycle boots just for riding purpose. But some folks do like to wear their boots not just during riding activity but also at their workplace and even at their homes. Depending on your actual daily usage and for the amount of duration you wear them, you need to carefully select your preferred choice of quality motorcycle riding boots.

Main Features of Best Motorcycle Riding Boots:

As far as primary features are concerned, there are quite a few ones which you need to keep in mind while purchasing the boot either at your local shoe store or from online stores. In order to choose the best motorcycle riding boot, you need to know the unique features that define such kinds of quality boots. Some of the most unique features are provided as follows.

Before checking out all the primary features, let us watch these two videos that will provide you good information on technical and safety features of quality motorcycle riding boots.

Technical Features of Motorcycle Boots:

Safety Features of Motorcycle Boots:

1. Good Quality Design and Construction:

The very first feature which is essential in any type of durable and comfortable motorcycle boot is the quality of its construction and overall design. You should prefer boots that have double stitching instead of single stitching. Avoid boots that have glued soles; instead go for boots with already sewn soles.

A stable construction at the top of the boot is highly recommended for good support and protection. Overall, you should pay close attention to the quality of the design and construction so that the material used stays together even in the most drastic conditions. Your boot design should complement well with your basic riding style and other important factors which we have already discussed above.

2. Quality of Boot Material:

When it comes to material selection of the riding boot, you need to choose one that provides maximum protection and comfort at the same time. Your regular boots, sneakers and shoes can not provide the required support, protection and comfort for the long distance as well as short distance riding.

This is where boots with thick leather and the combination of the other durable material such as steel, Gore-Tex and other man-made composite material can become really essential for riders. The boots that contain advanced fabric material such as Gore-Tex are very helpful in getting proper breathability and abrasion resistance.

We recommend avoiding the boots that are made up of lightweight fabric material and soft leather because they can not provide the long distance protection and comfort. Some riders prefer to use the boots that contain certain kind of reflective material. Some even prefer to use the boots that have steel toes.

Steel toe boots do provide enhanced protection for your toes, heels and ankles but they can become somewhat heavier as compared to non-steel toed boots. So it is entirely up to you to decide which one to choose that obviously depends on your personal tastes and preferences.

So, overall the quality of your leather material which is complemented by other man-made fabric material such as Gore-Tex along with the other supplementary materials decides the total quality and durability of your riding boot.

Some boots do make use of stiff rubber soles and carbon Kevlar protection for the heels, toes and ankles of the rider. Give preference to such boots that possess extra material for enhanced protection and comfort.

3. 100% Waterproof in Nature:

Obviously when it comes to choose the best motorcycle riding boots, your one of the most important criteria should be the availability of 100% waterproof material. If it is not 100 percent waterproof, you should at least aim for the boot that is made up of good quality water resistant material.

I would like to mention one very important point here is that you must avoid using the boots that are made of untreated leather. Untreated leather usually absorbs water quickly instead of protecting your boot from the water. Treated leather protects your boot well by avoiding the water soaking in the rainy season.

It is even very true when you live in a cold weather condition. Because often times your boots get very cold once they are soaked with water in such winter seasons. Therefore, in order to protect your boots from water and cold, you need to have either waterproof or water resistant material. The leather is usually considered as a permeable material.

That is why latest riding boot brands make use of high quality Gore-Tex, Hipora or SympaTex membrane which protects your boots from water and cold effectively in the rainy and cold season.

Such membrane material is very useful in stopping the entry of water inside the boot but at the same time they allow proper ventilation in order to keep inside temperature at proper levels. In the end, it is important to have the motorcycle boots that possess waterproof liners or fabrics if you want to protect your feet from water and cold.

4. Highly Comfortable:

When we talk about comfort factor, there are various other things involved in case of riding boots. Comfortable boot does not mean you should wear highly comfortable tennis shoes because your boots should also provide sufficient protection for your feet. In order to be protective, they must have enough other accessories that obviously help in protecting your feet, ankles, shins, heels and toes while riding your bike.

Optimum fitting is equally essential when choosing the best and the most comfortable riding boot. Some boots do have internal quick lacing system which offers a snug and comfortable fitting. You should look for such kinds of boots if you prefer motorcycle boots with laces.

At the same time, try to stay away from the boots that are very stiff, have steel soles and forward angled uppers. These types of boots are usually very uncomfortable to wear. Motorcycle cruiser boot is a great example of high comfort and protection both at a time. If you can put on and off your boots fast and breaking in time is less for your boots, then definitely consider your boots very comfortable to use on a regular basis.

One more thing which needs to be discussed here is the grip factor. If your boot has a good grip over your ankles and heels, you will feel very comfortable while riding your bike for a long distance driving. A high top motorcycle boot is usually very stiff and not very comfortable to wear. So use such types of boots at your own discretion.

Go for the boots that offer sufficient toe boxes for comfortable toe movements. According to our research, it has been found out that the most comfortable motorcycle riding boots are often very flexible in nature too. They help you to comfortably bend down to check the tire pressure of your bike or even walk for a long distance without getting tired. Use of longer socks also helps to make your boots more comfortable to use.

5. Maximum Protection:

This is the number one requirement or necessity which is why we use specially designed motorcycle boots. These boots are made to protect your feet, ankles, shins, heels and toes not just from road accidents but also from various other things such as mud, dirt, grime, oil, rocks, water, debris and many other things whenever you go for a ride.

Using steel toe boots can protect your feet well while riding. But the downside of such boots is they can be very heavier for daily usage. The alternative for such boots is to make use of safety toe boots or composite toe boots. They are comparatively lightweight and more comfortable as compared to the regular steel toe boots.

Usually sport bikers use boots that come with durable soles and certain kind of reinforced toes. They provide more protection and support for the sport bike riders. Motocross boots are the most heavy duty and very tough boots amongst all. These kinds of bikers need more advanced protection because their feet are constantly in touch with the ground elements and that is why their feet need more support and protection.

So depending on the kind of biking environment, weather conditions, and your riding style, you need to buy the boots that are most suitable and supportive for your actual requirements. Well protective boots always come with strategic padding around your ankles, shins and toes. Look for such extra padding whenever you buy for these types of boots.

If you want more protection from speedy wind, hot and cold weather as well as from abrasion, getting a tall or knee high motorcycle boots can solve your problems. But such taller boots can be bulky and uncomfortable in some cases. So it is important to find a balanced height of your boot. On the other side, proper fitting is equally essential if you need appropriate protection for your feet. Therefore, you need to also pay close attention towards proper fitting and right sizing.

Some boots incorporate thick leather, composite fabrics such as Gore-Tex, Sympa-Tex, etc. These fabrics are highly lightweight, breathable, and abrasion resistant. Such material can act as a well protective material which is not just lightweight but also safeguards your feet from weather, water and abrasion.

In the end, one important thing I would like to mention here is that you should not go for cheap shoes, sneakers and boots. If you want higher safety and protection, there is no alternative to buying top quality and best motorcycle riding boots.

6. Full Grip and Control:

When we talk about grip and control, we usually talk about high quality insoles and outsoles. In case of bike riding, a good and firm grip becomes very critical. Some boots use molded soles which are very good for strong grip and helps you during riding, walking, bending, squatting and for shifting gears effortlessly.

Soft soles provide enhanced grip over the footpeg but wear down faster. Hard soles offer high durability but lower amount of grip and control. If you want better grip and control, your soles should have balanced width and proper mix of durable material.

7. Boot Fitting:

Proper fitting of your boot is equally important when you ride your bike on the roads. Suitable fitting leads to maximum comfort and enhanced support. It also matters a lot how comfortable you are with your boot to put on and take off from your feet.

A comfortable and proper boot fitting provides well support and protection for your heels, ankles, and toes. Your boot should not be too tight for your feet otherwise it becomes quite hectic and cumbersome to use them while riding. In order to pick up a boot of right sizing and fitting, you definitely need to know your exact foot size and width. This will certainly help you to choose the boot of right sizing and fitting.

Choose the boot which has a thick leather and it is snug to your heel without making the rest of your foot uncomfortable either during riding a bike or while you take a walk or work in your boots. If you use thick socks with your boots, it is essential to check the comfort level after you wear the socks with your boots. Most boot manufacturers provide their own boot fitting guides on their sites. It is in your best interest to check and study that guide carefully and then choose the boot accordingly.

In the end, you may also need to check the compatibility of your riding boot with your actual bike. You might find out that your shifter pad is somewhat thick and it may not fit well in between the gear shifter as well as the foot control of your bike.

It can also happen that the heel of your boot is too big to fit properly while riding your bike. These are some things which you may have to pay close attention to while purchasing your boots either at your local shoe store or at online shoe shopping sites.

8. Boot Height:

Usually the height of racing and street motorcycle riding boot is from 10 inches to 14 inches. Most modern day motocross riding boots come in knee-high sizes viz. about 16 inches in terms of height. Police riding boots come in 18 to 21 inches in height. Engineer or Harness boots are available from 10 inches to 18 inches in height.

There is an immense importance to the height factor when it comes to riding your bike. There is a simple logic behind this and that is the maximum the height of your boot is; the lower are the chances of the road accident injuries to your feet. For any motorcycle riding boot to give enhanced protection to your feet, the height of that boot must properly cover the ankles and the shins.

Most important thing here to mention is the most stable construction at the top of your boot provides superior support to your feet. If you are into racing or motocross riding, it is always in your best interest to choose a high-top boot with maximum height. It might be less comfortable and stiffer but it certainly provides maximum protection and safety which is most essential for racing bikers.

It is very common to get your foot trapped in the fall in most of road bike accidents. In such serious situations, your ankles can easily get crushed or injured badly if not supported well enough by your riding boot. In order to prevent such unfortunate injuries to your ankles, a high-top boot or maximum height boot is always recommended.

At the same time, easier mobility of your knees is equally important while riding your bike. You should be able to use all the functions of your bike without any discomfort. If you make use of knee-high or taller boots, it is essential for you to make sure that the shaft height should come below the back of your knees. This provides comfortable situation for the rider to move his/her knees faster and without any awkwardness.

If you opt for a half size boot, you at least need to make sure that it covers the middle portion of your calf. Proper height of your boot is a very indispensable factor if you want to maximize the protection of your feet. So please do provide proper attention to the height of your boot while buying your new pair of riding boot.

9. Highly Supportive and Flexible:

Right support and proper flexibility are the other essential factors that you must look into your new pair of riding boots. Right flexibility is required in your boot for comfortable riding, walking, squatting and shifting the gears. Your ankles, shins, heels and toes should get sufficient support and protection while riding.

The soles of your boot should be flexible enough so that you can change gears without any discomfort. Your boot should offer lot of ankle support which is very important during riding your bike. Stable construction at the top of your boot and enhanced support for high risk body parts such as your ankles, knees, toes and heels are some of the factors that you can not ignore while purchasing best quality motorcycle boots.

10. Easy to Put on and Take off:

Many of the latest models of riding footgear do take some time to put on and take off. If your boot is heavier in weight and comes with several extra padding and other extra protective parts, you might have to take extra time to wear your boots. This may irritate you often times and that’s why you should find a pair of boot that is not just comfortable but also very easy to put on and take off.

But you should not stress much on this factor because if your boot is tough to put on and take off; it is certainly a good thing for you as a rider. The reason behind it is your boot does not get thrown away in case of sudden bike crash which is definitely a good thing from the point of your safety and protection.

11. Good Ventilation and Breathability:

Most bike riders think of fully waterproof boots but fail to pay proper attention to its ventilation factor. Your boots should not be just waterproof but also provide good ventilation or breathability at the same time. Good quality leather breathes well. The boots that are made up of special waterproof fabrics such as Gore-Tex and Cambrelle linings provide dryness and warmness in rainy and cold weather conditions.

But such boots are somewhat uncomfortable to wear during hot weather conditions. That is why you should have different pair of motorcycle boots for different weather conditions. Most motorcycle boots are bulky in weight and taller in terms of height. Some of them offer good waterproofing but fail to provide the required breathability and ventilation. This lets your feet feel sweaty and moist while riding your motorcycle for a long distance.

There are specially designed high quality membranes that avoid the entry of water but allow the inside hot air to easily escape in the outer atmosphere with the help of microscopic pores. That is why you should have some pair of boots that offer these two factors without compromising waterproofing ability of your boot.

12. Usability and Suitability:

Suitability is another factor that most bike or motorcycle riders do not pay proper attention to. Do you ride your bike for long distance or short distance? Do you use your motorcycle often in hot weather or cold weather? What type of motorcycle you use on a regular basis?

These are some of the questions that you should often ask to yourself while getting a new pair of riding boots. The boot you use should be highly suitable to your actual needs and riding style and other relevant requirements.

Usability is also a similar factor which you can not ignore. Do you want boots just to ride your bike? Do you want your boots to use for multiple purposes? Do you want to work in your boots or want to take a walk with them? Some folks do use these boots all day long for multitude of activities. So you need to consider all these things when you decide to buy new riding boots.

13. Quality Sole Design:

Strong and durable sole design is yet another essential criterion for a good quality bike riding footwear. The sole or outsole of your boot must provide you good traction and grip while you ride your bike. A firm and durable rubber sole gives high support to your heels, toes and ankles.

It is important to make sure that the soles of your boot are highly oil resistant, lightweight, flexible and comfortable enough to ride your motorcycle in any type of environment with ease. Thick and strong soles are durable in nature and they provide good structural support to your boot. Flexible soles make your walking and shifting gears easier and comfortable.

Your boot soles not just have to be tough but they should also be able to offer you the comfort of using your bike’s foot controls easily. Such durable soles also provide good armor and protection for impact prone foot parts such as your heels, ankles and toes. Finally, it is of paramount important to have the boots with strong, firm and anti-slip soles in order to obtain a good grip in the sand, oil, water or muddy regions.

14. Opening and Closing of the Boot:

The entry and closure of your riding boot also matters a lot. Closures play a pivotal role in keeping your feet warm, dry and safe from the water and mud. These types of materials help in avoiding the entry of water inside the boot.

There are wide varieties of closure materials available in the market. You can use laces, zippers, buckles or Velcro or any other available material for your boot. Laces are some of the most popular and often used closures for such boots.

But some people consider laces to be somewhat risky as they can come loose while riding a bike. But you can always buy either short or very long laces to solve that issue. On the other hand, you can make use of Velcro, buckles or zippers which can be a tighter fit as compared to laces.

15. Availability of Extra Features and Replaceable Parts:

Last but not the least important feature of such motorcycle riding boots is the availability of replaceable parts. Some bike racing boots do come with removable or replaceable parts such as toe sliders, buckles, etc. In case your boot gets old or damaged, you can change these replaceable parts and use them for your new pair of boots. It is in your best interest to look for such pair of bike riding boots with replaceable parts.

How and Where to Buy Only The Best Quality Motorcycle Riding Boots?

Before you make your buying decision, it is of paramount importance to think about all the features that are provided as above. Your new model of motorcycle riding boot must have at least 7-8 of the above features given. Once you confirm that the boot has most of the above given features and characteristics; it is time whether to buy it online or at your local shoe store.

Here is a good motorcycle buying guide video we have found online. Check it out.

Avoid all types of sneakers, shoes and boots because they can not provide you the necessary comfort and protection for all types of weather conditions and environments. Do not go for cowboy boots because these boots possess very flat soles which tend to slip easily in the mud, dirt and water.

If you are not comfortable and feel unsafe with long laces boots then by all means choose boots with short or medium length laces or you can all the way opt for boots with zippers and Velcro features. Depending on your actual needs and requirements, you can either go for simple touring boots or cruiser boots or racing motorcycle boots.

You can purchase high quality best motorcycle riding boots at specialty motorcycle gear sellers. Or you can comfortably search on some of the world’s largest online boot retailers such as and At these sites, you will get to find largest number of boot brands, models and lots of varieties at attractive discounts. Well known boot manufacturers provide large rebates, discounts and time sensitive deals at these online shopping sites.

You also have varieties of buying options at these sites from online payment to cash on delivery mode. You get to buy them from the comfort of your home and you get the product at your doorstep within few days.

You can even refund the product if the boot is not fitting well or it is damaged. In such case, you can easily get a refund without any hassles. There is lot of freedom and comfort while shopping on such online shopping portals. So we highly recommend buying these quality motorcycle boots at sites like Amazon and Ebay.

Reviews of Top 10 Best Motorcycle Riding Boots:

No. 10: Xelement Men’s Black Leather Executioner Motorcycle Boots Review

Xelement Motorcycle Riding Boots We have purposefully ranked Xelement Men’s Black Leather Executioner Motorcycle Boot at no. 10 ranking. Xelement riding boots are one of the most technologically advanced and innovative boots in the market. This boot fits well and has a wide width. The important features of this boot are provided as follows.


1. The boot has a high quality leather upper which is especially oil tanned and provides good protection against injuries.

2. The leather quality is top notch and it is mainly known as black heavy duty full grain by nature.

3. The insole and outsole of this Xelement motorcycle boot offers good support, cushioning and comfort.

4. This riding boot is made up of Goodyear Welt construction which is industry leading boot construction technology.

5. It also has a high density EVA plug for additional support and protection.

6. The soles of this boot offers high amount of grip and traction; say thanks to its traction control lug sole technology.

7. The boot has additional armor and protection in the form of low padded shin straps and specially designed buckles.


1. This Xelement motorcycle riding boot is made by well known Wolverine brand and offers high protection and comfort for the users.

2. The fitting is true to size and if you choose correct sizing, the boot can provide you a very good comfort and protection at the same time.

3. The boot is very sturdy and affordable at the same time. If you compare this boot with others in our top 10 best motorcycle boots ranking, it is very cost effective and gives you good protection and durability.

4. These Xelement boots are well constructed and provide very comfortable insoles. The outsoles are also very well stitched and offer good grip and traction.


1. According to some past customers, this Xelement riding boot is somewhat wider in width. This is why you may need to buy extra insole or a pair of thick socks.

2. The soles of this boot are hollow molded which may or may not cause some leakage problems for you after intensive usage.

3. The riding experience is very comfortable with these boots. But as far as walking is concerned, it lacks some comfort at this level.

Average Customer Rating: 4.4/5

Final Verdict:

We highly recommend this Xelement motorcycle riding boot to the bikers who are looking for good protection and comfort at reasonable price. It is one of the most affordable boots in our top 10 rankings. If you want to save some cash and still want to get enough comfort, durability and protection while riding your bike, this is the boot we would like to recommend to you. We give it 4.1 out of 5 stars.

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No. 9: Harley-Davidson Men’s Ranger Riding Boots Review

Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Riding Boots I know you probably wondering why this legendary boot brand known as “Harley-Davidson” is ranked so low in our top 10 ranking of best motorcycle boots. To explain the reasoning, we can only say this that the brand is no doubt unmatched and royal in many terms when it comes to riding boots.

But we have certain parameters set for our ranking and we really felt that this particular Harley-Davidson riding boot model has some strengths and few weaknesses. As compared to our other boots in this ranking, this particular model lacks some features. So let’s see the unique features that are offered by this particular brand in the following paragraphs.


1. Upper of this HD riding boot is made up of premium quality full grain leather material.

2. The lining of this boot has a full length sock cushioning which gives you long time comfort.

3. The boot is equipped with YKK locking inside zipper and also comes with adjustable buckle for comfortable fitting.

4. This particular Harley-Davidson Men’s Ranger Riding Boot is made from industry leading Goodyear Welt construction technology which in turn provides long term durability and protection.

5. The outsole offers good grip and traction. It is also oil and slip-resistant in nature.

6. The embossed trademark and metal faceplate of this HD riding boot gives premium and luxury looks and style while you use them on your bike.

7. Its leather shaft height is about 8 inches and it also possesses 1 inch block heel that provides good support and protection for your heels. At the same time, the boot offers roomy round toe for comfortable toe movements.


1. The boot looks very stylish and luxurious when you use it for riding your bike.

2. Fitting of the boot is true to size and right sized boot gives you a high amount of comfort and support.

3. The leather of this boot is not very hard and gives you soft touch and support for the feet.

4. Some users have reported that the boot is not just comfortable and protective for riding but also very supportive for normal walking.

5. This boot is very comfortable for long distance riding and offers very good grip and support during your motorcycle riding.

6. The outsole of this boot is made up of high quality rubber material and offers you a good support and firm grip while riding your bike or walking on the road.


1. It takes some time to break in these boots. But once you brake in, the boots feel really comfortable and provides good protection for the bike rider.

2. The boot lacks some supportive padding and lining which could have provided additional support and protection.

3. These HD riding boots for men are unfortunately not waterproof. However, you can make them waterproof with this high quality Atsko Sno-Seal Original Beeswax Waterproofing Product.

Average Customer Rating: 4.3/5

Final Verdict:

In the end, we can say one thing for sure that this particular Harley-Davidson Men’s Ranger Riding boot is not just comfortable but durable also. It provides adequate protection and support during bike riding. It is also comfortable for walking with these boots.

The boot is no doubt very affordable and cost effective at the same time. We do recommend you to use if you like affordable motorcycle riding boots that can provide medium level protection and excellent comfort. We give it 4.2 out of 5 stars.

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No. 8: Bates Men’s Escalante Waterproof Motorcycle Boots Review

Bates Motorcycle Riding Boots When we take name of Bates, it always reminds us the brand that usually manufacture durable, comfortable and more superior shoes and boots. Bates Men’s Escalante Waterproof Motorcycle Boot lives up to its brand name for sure. It has excellent features and it gives outstanding performance when used for bike riding. The following features will give you clear picture about the abilities of this Bates riding boot.


1. The boot is equipped with superior quality waterproof and full grain quality leather upper.

2. It has a quality full length cushion sock lining which gives you good support and protection.

3. This Bates motorcycle riding boot comes with specially designed Hydro-Guard waterproof membrane which protects your feet from water and ice.

4. Its heel height is about 1.75 inches and shaft height is about 6.5 inches which gives you good protection from possible road accident injuries.

5. The outsole of this boot is made up of premium quality Vibram rubber material.

6. The boot also comes with uniquely designed YKK locking mechanism inside the zipper and Velcro closure.

7. It also features lace-up front along with padded tongue and collar.


1. This is the motorcycle riding boot which has a quality 100% waterproof Hydro-Guard membrane that protects your feet from wind, water, cold and ice well. This waterproof membrane also safeguards you from moisture and all kinds of blisters and fungal infections.

2. The leather upper of this Bates motorcycle boot is highly breathable and also helps to keep your feet warm and dry all the time.

3. The rubber outsole of this boot gives you good grip and traction which in turn gives you great support and balance in any kind of muddy and slippery regions.

4. The zipper and closure of this boot helps you to put on and take off this boot faster and without any discomfort.

5. The boot is not just durable but also very lightweight thanks to its quality cement construction.

6. This Bates riding boot is very versatile and dynamic in nature which is why you can use it anywhere and for any purpose you want without any discomfort and fatigue.


1. Some past users have reported that this Bates boot somehow lacks in the ankle protection department. It may make your ankle vulnerable in road accident situations.

2. The outsole offers little less traction and grip in heavy rains. So you might have to look at increasing the traction of the outsole of this boot.

3. Some customers have reported that the zipper of this boot does not work well. So we recommend you to take a closer look at the zipper once you buy them from the online stores.

Average Customer Rating: 4.5/5

Final Verdict:

This Bates Men’s Escalante Waterproof Motorcycle Boot is really very versatile and offers lots of features in very affordable price range. Whether you want to play with your kids or want to take a walk or want to ride your bike for a long distance, you can do so very comfortably and without any fatigue signs with these boots.

The boot is highly durable, comfortable and protective for long distance riding and protects your feet well from water, mud, oil and cold. We highly recommend this Bates riding boot for riders who want well protective, affordable and highly multi-purpose motorcycle boot. We give it 4.3 out of 5 stars.

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No. 7: Chippewa Men’s 12″ Motorcycle Rally Boots Review

Chippewa Motorcycle Riding Boots The beginning of Chippewa brand started since October 1901. This is one of the best Made in USA motorcycle boot brands which produces one of the finest and superior quality riding boots for its consumers all across the globe. Chippewa is mainly famous for its highly durable and technologically advanced logger boots. At the same time, Chippewa is also well known for its fashionable, durable and equally comfortable motorcycle riding boots.


1. This Chippewa Men’s 12 Inches Motorcycle Rally Boot is completely manufactured in USA and using only the materials made in USA. This boot is proudly handcrafted by the skilled US bootmakers.

2. The outsole of the boot is made up of highly innovative, safe and superior quality Vibram material. The leather heel is also made from durable Vibram nitrile yellow plug.

3. This particular Chippewa motorcycle boot is manufactured with the help of Black Odessa leather and lined with Maple Calf leather which gives enhanced comfort and durability while riding on your bike. It is manufactured by using Goodyear Leather Welt Construction technology which is superior in all terms.

4. The insole is made from top quality and supportive Texon material.

5. There are large Velcro top flap and dual Velcro straps that gives you adjustable and comfortable fitting for your feet.

6. The shaft height of the boot is about 12 inches which is more than enough to protect and support your shins, heels, ankles and toes. There is a reinforced toe pad that protects your toes exceptionally well from external injuries.


1. This specific Chippewa Men’s 12” Motorcycle Rally Boot not just looks cool and stylish but also fantastically protects your feet, ankles, shins and heels during all kinds of road accidents.

2. The Vibram outsole is extremely supportive and provides good grip and traction on oily and slippery roads.

3. This boot has very strong leather material and quality craftsmanship standards. That is why it is not just comfortable but also very durable in nature. You don’t have to buy another one for a long time for sure once you purchase this boot.

4. The upper is well padded and gives you good protection from the possible injuries.

5. The boot is made up of well insulated material which keeps your feet dry and warm in the hot, cold as well as rainy seasons where the temperature range is anywhere from 0 to -35 degrees.

6. The adjustable Velcro straps provide comfortable fitting and the boot is very easy to put on and take off.

7. The boot offers excellent support and it is one of few well known boots that are completely Made in USA boots.


1. Some customers have reported that this particular Chippewa motorcycle boot is somewhat slow to break in. It may be somewhat uncomfortable for certain impatient folks. But once you break in these boots, you are good to go.

2. Some people have issues with the quality of the insole and some people express their concern for the durability of Velcro straps. If you are looking for buckles instead of straps, you need to think of the other brands in our list.

Average Customer Rating: 4.6/5

Final Verdict:

Overall, this particular Chippewa motorcycle boot brand is one of the finest quality and highly durable riding boots on our list. Most people have really appreciated and praised about the quality, durability, comfort and support features of this boot. We also give it 4.4 out of 5 stars for its extreme quality of craftsmanship standards, material quality, superior comfort and protection along with good fitting and attractive looks.

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No. 6: Double-H Men’s Harness Motorcycle Safety Leather Boots Review

Double-H Motorcycle Riding Boots Double-H motorcycle riding boots are known for their top quality performance, durability, comfort and style. This Double-H Men’s Harness Motorcycle Safety Leather Boot offers top notch construction, innovative crafting style, and stylish looks for the bike rider. The most notable features are as follows.


1. The shaft height of this Double-H motorcycle boot is about 10 inches and it offers good support and protection for your body parts such as your heels, ankles, shins and knees.

2. This is the brand which is completely Made in USA and folks will love this boot who do not want to use Chinese made or any other Asian country made boots.

3. The black colored oil tanned leather of this Double-H boot is highly breathable, water resistant and durable in nature.

4. The boot is manufactured using industry standard Goodyear Welt Construction technology which offers better durability and protection for the feet.

5. This is a steel toe safety toe type motorcycle boot which again protects your feet well from falling objects and offers good overall safety for your feet.

6. The specially designed Vitalize insoles of the boot protect your feet from unnecessary moisture, foot odor and bacterial infection. They also offer good amount of cushioning for the feet while riding your bike.

7. The Sierra Orange plug outsoles of this Double-H boot give you good grip and traction on the slippery and oily road surfaces. They are equally durable and supportive as well.


1. The construction quality is excellent and the boot is highly comfortable and durable to use on a daily basis. You can use this boot for multiple activities such as riding your bike, working at your office and walking on the roads, etc.

2. You will feel great and look really cool and stylish when you wear these boots on a regular basis. So yes, in terms of style and fitting we definitely give this Double-H boot top ranking.

3. This is a steel toe safety toe boot which is a big plus factor for choosing it as a motorcycle riding boot. It really gives your feet great amount of protection and support whether you ride your bike or work at a construction site.

4. The leather of the boot is sufficiently soft so that it breaks in effortlessly in less amount of time.

5. The insole and the outsole of the boot are made from top class material and gives your great cushioning and support during bike riding.

6. The outsoles are highly durable and provide you good grip and traction on oily and watery surfaces.


1. If you have very thin or skinny legs, wearing this 10 inches boot can be somewhat uncomfortable. So if you have thin legs, we recommend selecting other motorcycle boots from our top 10 rankings.

2. In case you have larger calf muscles, it is better to choose another boot from the list because the shaft of the upper is somewhat straight and narrow by nature. This can create some discomfort during riding and walking.

Average Customer Rating: 4.3/5

Final Verdict:

As far as manufacturing standards are concerned and the durability and comfort factors are concerned, this specific Double-H Men’s Harness Motorcycle Safety Leather Boot ranks top amongst our highly recommended list of best motorcycle boots. If you are looking for a quality riding boot that you can also use for working or walking or even for a regular daily usage, this is the boot you should get now.

We highly recommend it for the folks who are looking for moderately priced motorcycle boot which is not just comfortable and protective but also very stylish and multi-purpose by nature. We give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Click Here for Latest Customer Reviews and Current Discounted Price of Double-H Men’s Harness Motorcycle Safety Leather Boot.

No. 5: Danner Men’s Recon 200 Gram Uniform Motorcycle Boots Review

Danner Motorcycle Riding Boots This Made in USA brand is popular for its rough and tough image and for its trendy looks. When it comes to solid stability, support and comfort, Danner motorcycle riding boots always stands at the top of the list. Danner Men’s Recon 200 Gram Uniform Motorcycle Riding Boot has several distinguishing features which makes it rank higher in our top 10 best motorcycle boots ranking. Some of these notable features are as follows.


1. The boot is made from highly durable and easy to clean full grain leather material.

2. It is equipped with highly breathable as well as 100% waterproof Gore-Tex lining which protects your feet from water and hot temperature.

3. The boot has been constructed with 200 grams of Thinsulate Ultra insulation which gives you enough warmness in cold environments.

4. The highly durable stitch down construction offers greater stability and grip on slippery surfaces. It also increases the overall life of your boot.

5. There is Dri-Lex moisture wicking lining technology that immensely helps to keep your feet warm and dry all the times in almost all kinds of environments.

6. The outsole of the boot is made up of industry standard Vibram Kletterlift material which offers greater comfort and high ability of shock absorption. It also greatly helps to gain control and higher balance on wet and slippery grounds.

7. There is an extremely durable EVA footbed that also gives your feet the much required comfort and cushioning.

8. The boot also has a puncture-resistant steel midsole plate along with a fiberglass shank that protects your feet well from external injuries.


1. This Danner motorcycle boot is best for keeping your feet dry, warm and comfortable all the time. Whether you use them for a long distance bike riding or you use them for walking, hiking or working, the boot gives you same amount of comfort and protection which is a big plus for this kind of riding boot.

2. The boot is true to its size and fits comfortably. Plus it is Made in USA which many riders prefer while selecting such kinds of riding boots.

3. The boot is extremely comfortable, durable and it protects your feet well in all kinds of environments.

4. The leather is of top quality and it increases the overall life of the boot.

5. The outsole of the boot is highly stable, supportive and offers good grip and traction on oily and wet surfaces.

6. The lacing system is very easy and highly secured which almost never comes loose while riding your bike.

7. The boot is 100% waterproof due to its top quality Gore-Tex lining and at the same time it is comparatively lightweight in nature.

8. This specific Danner riding boot looks very stylish, sturdy and attractive. This is the most desirable feature which some riders look while purchasing best quality motorcycle boots.


1. Some people say that the boot runs somehow narrow in size. So if you have large sized feet, it is wise to order large sized boot than your actual sizing requirement.

2. The $200 plus price tag can be an issue for some bike riders who want affordable riding boots.

Average Customer Rating: 4.5/5

Final Verdict:

There are absolutely no serious drawbacks to mention when we list this Danner Men’s Recon 200 Gram Uniform Motorcycle Boot. You will find almost all the best features that are required to be present in the top quality motorcycle riding boots. What else to mention here from our side?

We definitely recommend this Danner riding boot to all bike riders even the price point is somewhat on the higher side. You will definitely not regret your buying decision once you start using this boot on a regular basis. We give it 4.6 out of 5 stars.

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No. 4: Alpinestars S-MX 5 Men’s Road Riding Street Racing Motorcycle Boots Review

Alpinestars Motorcycle Riding Boots Alpinestars is world famous for its high performance motorcycle riding boots. Whether it is daily commuting or racing on fast tracks, you will surely find the best types of Alpinestars riding boots suitable for all types of activities. Especially this specific Alpinestars S-MX 5 Men’s Road Riding and Street Racing Riding Boot fulfills your every kind of riding desire right from fast racing to regular commuting and touring activities. The exciting features that are present in this boot are as follows.


1. The upper of this boot is made up of highly durable and technologically advanced micro-fiber material. This provides maximum flexibility to the boot.

2. The boot has double injected PU which provides greater protection for your toes, knees, ankles, shins, calf and heels. At the same time the sole is highly abrasion resistant in nature.

3. This specially designed Alpinestars motorcycle boot offers greater inner protection due to its double injected panel which is directly connected to the heel counter.

4. The specifically constructed compound rubber outsole comes with well designed shank reinforcement. This provides additional support to your arch area.

5. There is interchangeable bi-injected PU toe slider that comes with snap-in assembly.

6. The boot also possesses a big throat profile instep along with Achilles flex bellows. This feature gives your great amount of comfort and flexibility.


1. The boot offers best of its kind all-round performance and protection for your feet while riding a bike.

2. This specific Alpinestars S-MX 5 riding boot is CE certified. This means you can without a doubt rely on its performance, durability, comfort and protection features.

3. The boot provides greater shock absorption ability thanks to its high density contoured padding along with fast drying polyamide lining.

4. The footbed of this boot is highly comfortable and keeps your feet cool and dry. The footbed consists of MTP mesh liner and anatomical as well as removable PU foam material.

5. The boot fitting is true to its size because of its highly ergonomic and accurate sizing.

6. This boot is highly comfortable to use on a daily basis. The main reason is the technologically advanced air vents. These vents are present at your heel, forefoot and ankles. The unique designed mesh increases the comfort level while you ride your bike.

7. If you have narrow sized feet, these boots will definitely fit you better. It also fits well for people with large sized feet.

8. The boot is very easy to put on and take off and it appears very stylish and attractive by looks.

9. The air ventilation is excellent and this Alpinestars motorcycle boot is highly durable and protective for your feet.


1. The only minor factor can be mentioned about this boot is that it is somewhat wide on the top of the upper. So if you have thin legs, there will remain some space loose on the top which by the way you can cover up by wearing thick socks or inserts.

Average Customer Rating: 4.6/5

Final Verdict:

The biggest strengths of this Alpinestars S-MX 5 Men’s Road Riding and Street Racing Motorcycle Boot are its high quality craftsmanship, protection standards, comfort factor and easier air ventilation. The boot is very easy to put on and off and you will be able to walk in them very comfortably, work in them comfortably and ride your bike very comfortably for sure. We whole heartedly give it 4.7 out of 5 stars and recommend it to all serious race bikers and regular road commuters.

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No. 3: BMW Genuine Motorcycle Allround Boots Review

BMW Motorcycle Riding Boots When we hear about BMW brand, we usually recall the posh and stylish BMW four wheeler cars. But BMW is also producing high quality, branded, stylish and highly comfortable motorcycle riding boots since last so many years. BMW Genuine Motorcycle Allround Boot is one of the most popular and highly appreciated riding boots by bikers and regular motorcycle commuters.


1. The boot is made up of thick Cordura textile robust quality leather which is not just durable but also comfortable in nature.

2. The boot is highly waterproof and breathable in nature because of its Gore-Tex membrane.

3. There is a reflective material on the heel side of the boot.

4. The ankle, toecap and shin areas of the boot are reinforced with the help of highly reliable anatomically formed plastic and foam.

5. There is reinforcement for shift levers too which makes it easier to change gears without any discomfort.

6. It is very comfortable to adjust the width and fitting of your boot with the help of insider zip fastener and leather Velcro fastener.

7. The insole is completely removable and you can change the insole as per your comfort level requirements.

8. The outsole of this BMW motorcycle riding boot is highly resistant to oil and petrol. It offers good grip and traction on slippery grounds.


1. The fitting of the boot is true to its size and it provides your feet the much needed long time comfort and durability.

2. Whether you travel in extreme cold or extreme hot environments, your BMW boots will never make your feet feel that cold or hotness. The boot is highly breathable and protects your feet from extreme hot and cold temperature.

3. You can wear these boots all the time whether you want to take a long motorcycle ride or want to work in them all the day. The boot can be used for multiple activities without getting fatigue or tiredness.

4. This boot offers good protection for your ankles, heels, toes and shins. This BMW boot protects your feet well from excessive engine heat of your bike. At the same time, it is highly lightweight in nature.

5. The boot is also very easy to put on and take off which is an important feature that is required if you are into regular bike commuting and touring.


1. There are no significant drawbacks of this BMW motorcycle boot. But the boot is made up of very thick and durable high quality leather material. Because of this, it takes some time for the boot to break in which can be uncomfortable for some folks who want faster break in time.

2. The top seam of the boot also appears to irritate your leg skin to some extent. But that problem can be easily solved by purchasing the Pro Version of BMW Motorcycle Boot.

Average Customer Rating: 5/5

Final Verdict:

If you are into regular bike riding for commuting and touring purpose, this particular BMW multipurpose motorcycle boot is perfect for you. It is one of the best quality 100% waterproof touring boots that we have reviewed yet. The boot offers your feet sufficient comfort and protection while riding your sports bike or cruiser and gives optimum support for your ankles, shins, toes and heels.

We definitely recommend this BMW boot for serious bike riders and tourers who are looking for optimum quality protection, support, comfort and lightness in a motorcycle boot. We give it 4.8 out of 5 stars.

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No. 2: Red Wing Heritage Men’s 11-Inch Engineer Riding Boots Review

Red Wing Motorcycle Riding Boots Red Wing is the one motorcycle boot brand that you can expect 100% authenticity, high construction standards and superior design quality. We have purposefully ranked this Red Wing Heritage Men’s 11-Inch Engineer Riding Boot at no. 2. There are so many obvious features which you will surely admire and will feel proud after wearing this boot for your daily riding activities. Some of the unique features of this Red Wing riding boot are as follows.


1. This Red Wing motorcycle boot easily adjusts to your feet due to the two buckles that offers custom adjustable fitting.

2. The cork outsole of the boot is highly oil resistant by nature which provides you good grip and traction on slippery surfaces.

3. The shaft height is about 9.5 inches from arch which gives good protection and support for your shins, ankles, and heels.

4. Platform measurement is about 0.25 inches while heel measurement is about 1.5 inches.

5. The boot is made from Goodyear Welt Construction technology which is an industry standard for high quality motorcycle riding boots.


1. This quality Red Wing riding boot is especially Made in USA. So all the riders who prefer to use only US made boots should get this boot for their regular usage.

2. Fitting is true to size and it fits your feet without any discomfort.

3. The upper is made up of high quality nubuck leather which is flexible and offers greater breathability. This gives you sufficient flexibility, comfort as well as durability.

4. The boot was originally made for the railroad engineers who work in very harsh and tough environments. This means the boot offers very high protection not just for the workers who work in harsh environments but also for racing bike riders and motorcycle commuters who always require optimum protection for their legs.

5. You can adjust your boot very comfortably thanks to a split shaft and two adjustable straps that come with two buckle closures.

6. If you love using boots with no laces and no zippers, this Red Wing boot is the one you should get your hands on.


1. If you are looking for removable insoles, this is not the boot you are looking for. Instead, look at the other boots in our top 10 best motorcycle boots ranking.

2. If you have higher arch, this is the boot you probably should avoid to use. There are other boots in our ranking which offers proper fitting for folks with higher arch size.

Average Customer Rating: 4.5/5

Final Verdict:

This Red Wing Heritage Men’s 11-Inch Engineer Riding Boot looks really cool and fits very comfortably. The sizing and fitting is great. The boot offers good comfort and protection for your ankles, shins, heels and toes. The construction quality is top notch and the boot is highly durable and flexible in nature.

We highly recommend this boot to all the amateur and passionate bike riders. Because Red Wing brand always provides top quality riding boots at reasonable pricing. Especially this boot has got rave reviews from its past customers and the boot has also proved its ability to deliver long time comfort and protection. We give it 4.9 out of 5 stars.

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No. 1: O’Neal Motorcycle Rider Boots Review

O’Neal Motorcycle Riding Boots At no. 1, we have ranked the currently bestseller motorcycle boot brand i.e. O’Neal Motorcycle Rider Boot. There are so many obvious reasons why we have given this brand the very first rank in our top 10 best motorcycle riding boots ranking. The broad range of unique features distinguishes this O’Neal riding boot from its other competitors. Those unique features are as follows.


1. Instead of traditional bonded outsoles, this boot features unique Goodyear Welt constructed soles that offer higher grip and traction. This is good for riding your bike as well as walking and working for long hours without any discomfort.

2. There is a metal toe guard that protects your toes as well as soles efficiently.

3. The boot has a rear pull tab which gives you additional support and comfort.

4. This O’Neal riding boot possesses synthetic leather heat shield. This offers great protection against heat damage.

5. The insole offers great cushioning and comfort due to the interior air mesh construction.

6. The boot has interestingly adjustable four buckle closure system. It is very easy to put on and take off the boot because of this buckle system.

7. There are injected molded plastic plates inside the boot. These plates well protect your feet from accidental impacts and injuries.

8. There is also a metal shank insert which enhances the overall shape of the boot and offers additional support for the feet during riding the bike.


1. The boot fitting is great and it is very easy and fast to put on and take off the boot.

2. The comfort and protection features are the best amongst all the other top 9 boots from our ranking.

3. There is a great support and comfort for your ankles, heels, shins and toes.

4. The sole of the boot offers good grip, traction and support at the same time.

5. You can wear these boots all the time whether you want to ride your bike or want to work in them. They will surely offer long time comfort and you will not feel any fatigue while wearing these boots.

6. The boot is comparably lightweight and it offers great padding for additional support.

7. There is very less break in time period for these boots as compared to the other boots in our ranking.


1. Some people complain about the boot’s ability to adjust under shifter pads. But it is not the major issue because very few folks have this issue which might be related with their bike or motorcycle type.

Average Customer Rating: 4.7/5

Final Verdict:

If you love track riding, trail riding and ATV riding, this is the one boot which you should get your hands on for sure. Whether you want the boots for a long distance riding or off-road riding, this specific O’Neal Motorcycle Rider Boot gives you the best possible comfort, durability and protection at the same time. The boot offers every great feature that is present in our features list for the best motorcycle riding boots.

It is multipurpose and dynamic by nature because you can use this boot for almost all possible activities right from riding your motorcycle to working, walking and even trekking, etc. So we fully recommend this O’Neal motorcycle riding boot to all enthusiastic and passionate bike riders out there. We give it 5 out of 5 stars.

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