Soft Science Men’s The Fin 2.0 Mesh Boat Shoe 2017 Review

Hi, today we have come up with an exciting review for new, reliable and one of the most popular men’s boat shoes worldwide. Its name is Soft Science Men’s The Fin 2.0 Mesh Boat Shoe. Here, we will review this new boat shoe for men in the most comprehensive manner along with its pros, cons and our final verdict. So keep reading further.

Why Soft Science Boat Shoes for Men are Popular?

Soft Science Fin 2.0 Boat Shoe Synthetic Upper

Soft Science is one of the most unique shoe manufacturing companies in the world based in California, USA. It is producing some of the best and the most comfortable, lightweight and durable fishing, boating and walking shoes for men as well as for women all over the world.

When it comes to its unique features, there are plenty to mention here. But the most unique ones are its trademarked lightweight Trileon insole, spacious toe box, and the contoured footbed, etc. For more details, you can visit the company’s about us section online.

In comparison to the previous Soft Science Men’s The Fin Boat Shoe, this newer version Fin 2.0 has several significant improvements. The company has seriously taken into account the complaints from buyers of previous shoe.

It has also consulted with several professional fishermen and team of boat captains. And then Soft Science has come up with this new version. So we have many hopes about this new shoe. Let us take an overview of its unique features.

Primary Features of Soft Science Men's The Fin 2.0 Mesh Boat Shoe

1. Top Quality Microfiber Synthetic Upper: The unique mesh upper of this Soft Science men’s boat shoe is made from Moc-Toe mesh woven and synthetic microfiber material. This mesh upper is highly breathable and comfortable.

2. Self-Draining System: This Soft Science Fin 2.0 shoe has a self-draining system. This is designed to drain water and dry your shoes pretty quickly. The forefoot water flow system comfortably allows easy exit of water from your shoes and thus keeps your feet moisture free, warm and dry.

3. Availability of Multiple Colors and Sizes: The shoe comes in 5 different color combinations. The colors available for this shoe are black, blue, brown, light grey, and navy digi camo. At the same time, the size range available for this shoe is from 7 to 13. The shoe fits for almost all foot sizes and widths.

4. Sturdy Leather Lacing System: This SS Fin 2.0 men’s boat shoe has pseudo leather laces. This two-eye 360 degree lacing system is great for folks who love traditional lace-up boat shoes. They almost give the impression of famous Sperry Topsiders boat shoes. With this lacing system, you can comfortably adjust loose or tight fitting for your feet.

5. Well Cushioned and Lightweight Material: The material used in this boat shoe is made from lightweight and cushioned leather. So the shoe has also become very lightweight, well cushioned and very stable.

6. Roomy Toe Box: The roomy toe box of this Soft Science shoe offers ample space for comfortable toe movements. It gives you comfortable and relaxed fitting for your feet. This shoe is made with their trademarked Universal Comfort Platform (UCP) strategy. This makes the shoe more relaxed, comfortable and roomier to use.

7. Slip Resistant Outsoles: The outsole of the shoe is made from Soft Science’s trademarked Trileon technology. Trileon material is highly lightweight, supportive and water resistant in nature. It is made from dense co-polymer material. Trileon non-marking outsoles are highly slip-resistant and offers good grip on slippery surfaces of beaches, boat decks, and jetties by nature.

8. Big and Unique Styling: This SS Fin 2.0 shoe also looks great in terms of style and fashion. The shoe has iconic looks and trendy pattern which makes it easily noticeable in the eyes of the other onlookers.

9. Removable and Washable Insole: The special Trileon insole of this shoe is completely removable and washable by nature. You can also replace it with your favourite orthotic insole. This insole is made in such a way that it helps in distributing your body weight evenly so that the pressure points can be reduced easily.

10. Cushioned Footbed: The footbed of the shoe is highly supportive and well cushioned as well. Such well cushioned and supportive footbed helps to enhance the support for your knees, hips, back and ankles.

Kindly watch the following short review video of Soft Science Fin 2.0 Boat Shoe from Jimmy Houston.


1. Most Comfortable Boat Shoe: Yes, this particular Soft Science Fin 2.0 shoe is best in comfort, support and cushioning for your feet. Whether you work on a boat, go for fishing or roam on beaches, this is the shoe you will want to wear everyday for sure due to its extremely comfortable upper, cushioned insole, spacious toe box and slip resistant outsoles.

2. Very Lightweight and Breathable: The shoe is made from lightweight leather and rubber material. The upper is highly breathable and supportive too. It means your feet remains dry and moisture free for longer period of time. This shoe also helps in odour prevention.

3. Excellent Water Drainage System: This SS Fin 2.0 shoe has the best self-drainage system on the upper. It also comes with the forefoot water flow system. This is helpful in getting water out of the shoe easily.

The outsole is made from unique Trileon technology which is highly water resistant. So your feet remain moisture free, odour free, dry and warm for longer period of time.

4. Good Grip and Traction: The outsole as mentioned earlier is made from dense copolymer material. This Trileon technology outsole is non-marking, lightweight, supportive and water resistant in nature. It also helps you in getting good grip and traction on slippery surfaces. It is slip resistant and water resistant by default. So you do not have to worry a lot when walking on the slippery decks or beaches.

5. Great Support for Your Ankles and Knees: The insole of the shoe is completely removable and washable by nature. The company has made this insole in such a way that your whole body weight gets evenly distributed while walking in these shoes.

The footbed of this shoe is highly cushioned and well supportive. It reduces the pressure on your ankles, hips, backs and knees and makes the shoe more comfortable while walking. This way, you do not get fatigued even when working for long hours in these shoes.


Soft Science Mens Fin 2.0 Shoe Cons

1. Soft and Bouncy Outsole: Some users have mentioned that this Soft Science Fin 2.0 shoe outsole is really soft and bouncy. When you travel by boat in the sea, the boat already bounces a lot due to bouncy water in the sea. And if your shoe outsole is also bouncy by nature, then you may face some difficulties standing and walking on the boat surface. This is one of the major issues we have found with this shoe.

2. Poor Foot Locking: In spite of leather laces, sufficient toe box and comfortable upper, the shoe somewhat lacks in getting your foot locked properly. There is not much secure foot locking when you use these shoes on a boat.

3. Need to Use Socks to Avoid Blisters: Yes, there is one more problem with the Soft Science Fin 2.0 is its firm rubber material. Even after few hours of usage, the rubber material of the shoe retains its firmness and may cause some blisters on your feet later on. You need to use proper socks with this shoe to avoid getting blisters.

Final Verdict

Soft Science Fin 2.0 Boat Shoe Slip Resistant Outsole

Even though, earlier Soft Science Men’s Fin Boat Shoe had some bouncy outsole and poor foot locking; this version of Fin 2.0 has improved to a great extent in this department for now. However, you still need to wear socks to avoid blisters when working in these shoes.

In spite of these drawbacks, we still recommend to use these boat shoes for men if you are looking for extremely comfortable, well cushioned, supportive and slip resistant outsole boat shoe. This shoe is also good in water drainage system and breathability department.

Considering all the above pros and cons, we give this men’s boat shoe 4 out of 5 rating. The pricing of the shoe is also in the affordable range. So you can try out these shoes if you are a fan of Soft Science boat shoes.

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