Should Socks Match Your Pants or Shoes? – 6 Best Tips to Buy Right Pair of Socks

  • By: Edmond Clark
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Many readers of our footwear review site ask us this question: “Should I Match My Socks with My Pants or Shoes?” Seeing the frequency of this question, we decided to answer this query. And here we are with a brand new article on whether we should match our socks with our trousers and footwear or not. So, without further delay, lets find out whether its necessary and if it is, then what is the best way to match them with your pants and shoes.While answering this main question, the first thing that comes to my mind is the overall color and pattern of your socks. If the socks you are wearing have specific pattern and color, then I bet you really would want to have the trouser and shoes that closely match your socks. But whether its really essential or not. Let’s find out.In this case, some people believe that the socks should match your trouser color and pattern. And some folks say that they should match the color and pattern of your footwear. Now, to resolve this issue, we have come up with an interesting theory here. No matter whether you match your socks or not, it all comes down to one fundamental fact that there should be a streamlined transition from your upper leg to the lower part of your foot.

3 Main Points to Consider When Matching Socks with Pants or Shoes

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1. Color and Pattern of Your Socks Must Match That of Your Trouser:

One important thing here I need to mention is you really don’t want other people to look at your legs with some discomfort or a ridiculous look. Believe me, this is the last thing you really want to happen with you. Some men believe that the socks should match the color and pattern of your trouser because it will provide a better look and its going to make it elongated when you match socks with your pants. And I personally agree with this point. I believe that it is ok to have some kind of mismatch of sock’s color or pattern with your shoes. But make sure that the color and pattern of your socks certainly match the color and pattern of your trouser or a pant.

2. The Socks You Wear Must Be Dark in Color:

The second point to mention here is to wear the pants with dark color and pattern. When your trouser is of dark color, it really matters what color and pattern your socks have. Because the dark colourful socks surely match or complement the dark color of your pant. E.g. If you wear dark navy blue trouser, then your black colored socks will not look odd with your entire attire. Rather it will complement the color of your pant. Similarly, if your shoes or sneakers have dark color like black or grey then also it will match or complement almost all colors of your socks.On the other side, if your socks are white in color and your trousers and shoes are dark or black in color, then there is a big mismatch issue my friend. Opposite colors will really give you bad impression in the other people’s eyes. So, wearing dark color trousers and black color shoes with black or dark color socks will be a perfect choice for you to display your dressing sense.

3. Always Go for Long Socks:

The third point which I would like to discuss here is the height of your socks or length of your socks. We will take a real example here. Suppose you have come to visit one of your relative’s house and you are sitting in their house on their couch. And you happen to sit in a cross-legged position. In this case, you certainly do not want to be the guy who is in complete formal wear and your ankles are to be seen due to low height or low length socks you wear. If you are a dark-skinned person or have a hairy legs, then your ankles being seen in this case is not really pleasing to the eyes of other people. And the most important thing is this clearly shows your inexperience of not being able purchase the right sized pair of socks for your feet. Therefore, if you want to avoid these unpleasant experiences and embarrassments then I strongly suggest that you buy the right pair of durable long socks.For more detailed explanation on these 3 points of matching socks with shoes or pants, please watch the following video carefully. You will get much better idea what to expect.

6 Best Tips for Using Quality Socks on Your Feet

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1. Good Quality, Durable, Dark Socks are Fine:

For starters, I recommend you to have dark coloured; preferably black coloured long socks. They will match most of your dark coloured trousers and shoes. Whether you wear navy blue pant and black shoes or a completely informal attire, these kinds of long black socks will definitely suit your personality in most cases.2. It is ok to Use Light Coloured Socks Sometimes:

Please underline the word “sometimes” here. I think its perfectly fine if you use red black striped or white black combination socks sometimes. It mainly depends on what type of pant you are currently wearing. If you are a guy who is not always into complete formal attire or not wearing outlandish shirts with bright tie, it is ok to wear light coloured or striped socks. Sometimes it is just ok to show your colourful nature to your audience. For more information on how to use bright colourful socks, please refer to this article.3. Use Long White Socks if You are a Gym Guy:

Yes, many people know this. But I still wanted to make it a point here. If you are a fitness freak and hit your gym on a daily basis, then I strongly recommend to use long white coloured socks instead of black ones. Its all because of your sweating issue. Your feet sweat a lot when you exercise in the gym and white socks seem the best choice in this case.4. Use Thin Socks for Formal Attire:

Yes, if you are wearing a formal attire for your job or business purpose, then I recommend you choose long thin socks. Otherwise, it is better to use long thick socks when you are in an informal or casual dress attire.

5. Socks Color Must Match Your Dress Color:

To maintain uniformity in your overall look, it is important for you to wear the same color socks that of your dress. If you wear navy blue trouser then you must wear a pair of socks that are either navy blue or closely resembles in the color such as black or dark blue.6. Avoid White Socks with Formal Wear:

Yeah, white coloured socks as earlier mentioned, are best only for exercise or gym purpose. They do not look good on your formal attire. In most cases, I recommend you to use only dark black coloured socks. The dark black socks will be the perfect choice if you want to wear them along with your formal attire.If you need more tips regarding how to choose only the best and most suitable socks for your feet, then check out this article.I also recommend you to watch the following video for reference. This video will provide more insights about the above 6 tips.


Mens Thick Black Socks

From my point of view, I have already made it clear that dark coloured, black, thin and long socks work best in most formal wears. If you want to use socks for informal or casual wear then go for light colour thick socks.

Avoid white color socks with your formal attire. Use them only when you are in a gym or want to exercise. Try to match the color of your socks with color of your trouser. It is not at all essential to match the color of your socks with your shoes or sneakers. But it is preferable to have thin, long and dark color socks all the time whenever you go out in formal dress attire. For more of these dressing tips, follow us on our social media channels and keep reading our website,

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