Saucony Ride 10 Running Shoe Review – New 2017 Release with Detailed Analysis

Hey guys, today you will get to know about the newly launched and one of the most awaited running shoes of 2017. And that shoe my friend is known as Saucony Ride 10 Running Shoe.

In the following article, you will see our carefully researched review of Saucony Ride 10 shoe. So keep reading further to know whether it is truly one of the best running shoes of 2017 or is it just a pure hype.

Does Saucony Ride 10 Running Shoe Excel Its Predecessor Saucony Ride 9?

If you compare this Saucony Ride 10 running shoe with the previous versions viz. Saucony Ride 8 and 9 running shoes, you will see some significant changes in this one. Lots of Saucony Ride fans complained in the past about the stiffness and narrowness of the earlier shoes.

It seems that Saucony has paid right attention to these customer feedbacks and has improved much upon in their new release of Ride 10 running shoe. We have researched more about both versions of Ride 10 for men as well as for women. Here is our review and opinion about this newly launched Saucony Ride 10 Running Shoe.

Striking Features of Saucony Ride 10 Running Shoe

Feature No. 1 - New Engineered Mesh Upper

Saucony Ride 10 Engineered Mesh Upper with Venting Holes

The first visible change is its upper design. This shoe comes with engineered mesh upper construction. This upper is more breathable and well insulated as compared to the previous versions. This means your feet will remain warm and dry for longer period of time.

It is also a bit wider and adaptive to your foot size for better fitting and comfort. This upper is having large venting holes that are present right from the toe area up to midfoot area. That is why the shoe has become highly breathable in nature.

Feature No. 2 - High Heel Counter

The unique FlexFilm overlay of the shoe looks cool and attractive. They are more focused on the back side of lace up area. The heel counter of Saucony Ride 10 is bit more secured and provides snug fitting for your heels.

We have observed that this shoe has more improved padding on the heel side, ankles and tongue side. The specially designed Woven Heel Collar also offers much enhanced support and structure for a lockdown fitting. Due to the higher heel counter, it can provide your feet enhanced support and lockdown.

Feature No. 3 - Everun Midsole and Topsole

Saucony Ride 10 Everun Midsole and Topsole

The midsole of the shoe is made from new technology called as Everun. In the previous Saucony Ride 9 shoe, the midsole was made from SSL EVA material.

In this version, the midsole is made from injection molded Power Foam material. This PowerFoam material provides 50% higher cushioning in comparison to the cushioning of Saucony Ride 9 shoe.

It also possesses Everun Topsole in the inside. It is really soft, comfortable and provides very good cushioning for your feet while running on all kinds of surfaces. This topsole is responsible for providing higher energy return and this offers great responsiveness at the same time. The shoe feels really soft and well supportive in the midsole.

Feature No. 4 - Improved Triflex Outsole

It also has better traction and grip on the outsole as compared to previous Saucony 8 and 9 models. The outsole is made from TriFlex Outsole technology. This outsole also offers great flexibility and support for your forefoot.

The TriFlex technology helps the shoe to get better ground contact while running. The XT 900 rubber material of the sole is more durable and flexible in nature. It also offers good transition support.

The front rubber material is made from iBR+ blown soft rubber. This has greatly enhanced the comfort and underfoot support. The front rubber material however reduces the amount of vigour required at faster pace. But at the same time, it helps to gain smoother transition and cushioning during fast running.

Feature No. 5 - Very Responsive Shoe

The sole of the shoe is great in getting smoother transitions and stability when running and performing long jumps. The responsiveness this shoe offers is also commendable especially at a faster running pace. You will feel the comfort and support it offers for your feet while running speedily.

For more information regarding features of Saucony Ride 10, kindly watch the following video review. Here, you will know the real results obtained by the person who has actually tested this shoe.

Real Benefits Offered By Saucony Ride 10 Shoe

1. Well Cushioned and More Comfortable: Saucony got rid of heel landing zones which was bit uncomfortable for the Ride fans. Instead, they have included new features like Everun Topsole and Everun Midsole. This has helped the manufacturers to improve the responsiveness, comfort, support and cushioning of the shoe to a greater level.

2. Very Lightweight and Great Support: The shoe is lightweight because it weighs only 9.5 ounces. The drop from heel to forefoot is about 10.1 mm. The upper fitting and underfoot support is much more improved in this Saucony Ride 10 running shoe.

3. Improved Responsiveness: The midsole foam has been upgraded in this version and you will see that the second layer of landing zone foam has been eliminated in this shoe. Although this has made the shoe a bit firm but you have got more responsiveness and higher cushioning due to these features. The most important benefit of wearing Saucony Ride 10 is that it is more flexible, responsive and well cushioned as compared to its predecessors like Saucony 8 and Saucony 9.

Who are the Ideal Users of Saucony Ride 10 Running Shoe?

This shoe is good for people who want to run on roads or want to exercise in gyms. If you have a stable arch which does not pronate too much, then you can choose this Saucony shoe for your feet. This can be classified into neutrally cushioned running shoes.

If you are looking for more flexibility and medium level stability, then go for this shoe. The shoe is also very lightweight and comes with a spacious toe box. It even showcases double layer exterior laminated toe bumper.

So this one is also ideal for people suffering from foot ailments such as bunions, plantar fasciitis, etc.. This Saucony Ride 10 shoe is highly recommended for road runners who have almost neutral foot strike and want to have a long distance running without any fatigue and discomfort.


Saucony Ride 10 Pros and Cons

1. This Lightweight Daily Trainer is Ideal for Neutral Road Runners.

2. Highly Comfortable and More Flexible for Long Distance Running.

3. Provides Really Great Transitions and Smooth Running Experience.

4. The Midsole is Highly Supportive and Well Cushioned for The Long Rides.

5. Everun Topsole Offers Higher Shock Absorption and Comfort for the User.

6. High Heel Counter Provides Better Lockdown and Support for Your Feet.

7. There is a lot of Room in the Toe Box. So It is also Good for Runners who are looking for shoes for their bunions.

8. Engineered Mesh Upper Provides Wide Fitting Comfort and Good Forefoot Support.

9. Enhanced Zigzag TriFlex Outsole Offers Really Good Grip on Wet Roads and Muddy Paths.

10. Offers Very Smooth and Highly Responsive Running Experience for Road Runners.

11. The Tongue of the Shoe is Well Padded and Not Inflated Like the Tongue of Ride 9 Shoe.


1. The Heel Counter is Little High which Could Cause Some Irritation to Few Runners.

2. Responsiveness Factor is Little Bit Less as Compared to Previous Saucony Ride 9 Shoe.

3. It is Still Somewhat Narrow in the Midfoot Area. But You can Overcome this Issue by Ordering Half Size Large Shoe.

Our Verdict

Saucony Ride 10 Running Shoe, as discussed earlier, showcases some brilliant and very unique features in comparison to its predecessors like Ride 8 and Ride 9 shoes. It is a lightweight and very comfortable daily trainer. It is ideal for neutral road runners.

The inclusion of EveRun midsole and topsole have made it the most comfortable, supportive, responsive, and well cushioned running shoe. The high heel counter offers great lockdown and support for your feet. It has a roomier toe box which is ideal for runners with foot ailments like PF and bunions.

The uniquely designed engineered mesh upper also offers very good fitting and comfort for the user. The TriFlex outsole is very responsive and flexible in nature. It offers very good grip on wet and muddy roads. Despite these features, there are few limitations to this shoe. It is a little bit narrow in the midfoot area and it is little bit less responsive as compared to Saucony Ride 9 shoe.

Even with these limitations, we consider Saucony Ride 10 as one of the best neutral road running shoes of 2017. It is better in many features in comparison to Ride 8 and Ride 9 shoes. We also consider its price very appropriate if we compare it with other competitors in the market. We give it the rating of 9.5 out of 10.

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Saucony Ride 10 Mens Shoe Review
Saucony Ride 10 Womens Shoe Review

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