Sam Edelman Women’s Penny Riding Boot Review – Stylish Bike Riding Boot for Women

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Nowadays, a lot of women aspire to ride bikes just like men do. While riding bikes, one of the most important riding gears you need is reliable, high quality and durable ​motorcycle riding boots​.

When it comes to choosing highly comfortable and durable riding boot, some boot brands always come at the top. And one of those top riding boot brands is Sam Edelman.

Sam Edelman is the prominent and legendary fashion footwear visionary in the industry.

Since last 30 years or so, he is making significant contributions and has produced monumental fashion footwear products. He is focused on producing highly durable, trendy and yet affordable riding boots for women.

Currently he is the President of Sam Edelman fashion brand.

If you are looking for a quality, trendy and durable motorcycle riding boot for women, you do not have to go beyond ​Sam Edelman Women’s Penny Riding Boot. We are providing our in-depth review of this boot in the following article.

Our In-Depth Review of Sam Edelman Women’s Penny Riding Boot

Sam Edelman Women's Penny Riding Boot, Black Leather, 11 M US

Sam Edelman women’s riding boots always represent unique style, versatility, fashionable trends, comfort, durability and perfect fitting.

This particular women’s riding boot is made up of unparalleled material quality and latest trend style features. It gives you a good youthful look and sensible fashion image.

There is a down-to-earth appeal and optimized sophistication when you wear this boot either for a ride or for everyday working. The cutting edge design standards and technological innovation are used while manufacturing this Sam Edelman boot.

You will not just get high comfort but also get good cushioning, looks, durability and lightness when you use these women’s Penny riding boots.

Before going to in-depth features, lets check out this insightful video that provide a helpful review of this Penny Riding Boot.

Now that you have watched the video; it is time to explore more important features of this Sam Edelman boot.

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Best Features of This Riding Boot

Sam Edelman Women's Penny Leather Riding Boot Whiskey 11.5 M US

1. The lining of this women’s riding boot is not artificial or machine manufactured. Rather it is man made and that’s why it offers top notch quality and comfort.

2. The footbed and sole of this boot is also man made and gives you highest amount of comfort and durability. The footbed is very lightweight and provides good cushioning at the same time.

3. Heel height of this ​Sam Edelman boot​ is about 1.25 inches and shaft height is about 14.25 inches from the arch. The platform height comes about half inches too. The boot opening measurement is close to 15 inches.

4. The weight of this boot is surprisingly lighter as compared to the other riding boots in this category. It is about 1.3 pounds in weight.

5. The upper of the boot is made up of premium quality and glossy leather with asymmetrical collar design.

6. There is a full back zipper with tab to this riding boot along with a snap tap near the shaft.

7. This knee-length Sam Edelman women’s riding boot has slanting topline along with distressed coin button details.

8. The stacked heel is another unique feature of this riding boot.


Sam Edelman Women's Penny Riding Boots, Black, 10 M US

1. This ​Sam Edelman Women’s Penny Riding Boot​ is surprisingly very soft, well constructed and very comfortable to wear.

2. Whether you are a runner, bike rider or a casual boot lover, this boot definitely fulfills your everyday needs and requirements. You can use these boots all the time without getting any discomfort and fatigue.

3. The fitting is true to size because of the gore insert and overall sizing is wider. At the same time, this boot is super comfy and good looking riding boot.

4. Once you wear these boots, you will come to know that they stand up and stay up on your calves. The good thing is you don’t need to pull them up constantly which is the case in many other women’s riding boots.

5. The leather quality of the boot is amazingly superior in nature. This leather is really soft, flexible and it smells lovely. The boot material is highly durable and gives you best returns on your investment.

6. When it comes to the interior footbed, lining of the boot and coloration along with the leather quality, this boot certainly stands top amongst the ​best women’s ​harness boots in the market.

7. The interior of the boot gives you sufficient room for the comfortable and pain free movements of your toes and the feet.

8. The back zipper makes it very easy to put this boot on and off comfortably and without any delay.

9. You can use these women’s riding boots comfortably with your standard socks. You can wear them with your regular skinny jeans, leggings and pants.

10. The sole quality of the boot is very superior and it provides good arch support.


Sam Edelman Women's Penny Leather Riding Boot Dark Brown 4 M US

1. If you have small or medium sized feet, this boot may feel somewhat bigger in sizing. At the same time, the overall circumference is also bigger in sizing.

Though this is ideal boot for women with large sized feet, it may cause some mismatch in sizing for small sized feet. But you can always use ​a pair of thick socks to overcome this sizing issue.

2. For some women, the height of this boot can be issue. It is somewhat taller in height and it might cut into the back of your knee.

In such a situation, it can be somewhat uncomfortable to sit down on a chair or to climb the stairs. So it is very important to decide whether you are comfortable with such type of tall riding boots.

Our Verdict

Sam Edelman Women's Penny Riding Boot, Black Leather, 4 M US

One thing we can certainly say about ​Sam Edelman Women’s Penny Riding Boot​ is it is one of the most attractive, stylish and comfortable riding boots available in the market right now.

People will certainly complement you when you wear this boot. The boot leather is very soft, comfy and smells beautifully.

It is certainly very durable and well cushioned in nature. It can be used for multiple activities such as running, walking, casual night outs, bike riding and for your official work too.

So, overall it is one of the most dynamic and robust riding boots present in the market today. We definitely rate it ​9 out of ​10.

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