Nike Men’s Air Foamposite One Black & White Lifestyle Sneaker Review

  • By: Vishal Mahadik
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​​Sometimes back Nike has launched their new men’s Foamposite One LE sneakers series. This sneaker series is getting really popular and it is especially has a big demand from boys and men who love basketball sports. The original ​Nike Men’s Air Foamposite One Sneaker is made popular by a well known basketball star “Penny Hardaway”.

There are lots of unique and state-of-the-art features of this sneaker which helps you move fast and keep your feet light during every move of the sports you play.

The upper of this Nike Foamposite One Concord (Black & White) sneaker is made up of leather and synthetic foam which easily adapts to your foot shape and provides you a great fitting. This sneaker is also very popular by the term as “Free Wiley”.

We will get a closer look at the features as well as pros and cons of this sneaker in the following few paragraphs. Before going to the features, let’s have a look at this helpful and informative unboxing video review of Nike Foamposite One sneaker.

Unique Features of Nike Men’s Air Foamposite One Concord Lifestyle Sneaker

Nike Men's Air Foamposite One Black/White/Game Royal Basketball Shoe 10 Men US

1. The sneaker is equipped with Nike’s specially designed Zoom Air shoe cushioning technology. This provides you a great cushioning during running and performing fast moves.

2. The upper is made up of high quality Foamposite leather and synthetic material. This is highly breathable and keeps you sweat free while you play and run.

3. This Nike Air Foamposite One sneaker is exceptionally lightweight because of the use of very light material.

4. The synthetic foam of the upper of this sneaker is very flexible and lightweight. This material easily molds to the shape of your foot. It helps you perform quick and difficult moves without getting injured.

5. The black and white color combination looks really good and aesthetic on the sneaker.

6. The sneaker has a very clear blue colored translucent rubber sole which is again very lightweight and provides firm grip on the slippery surfaces.

7. This Nike sneaker features excellent quality carbon fiber plate close to the sole along with Nike Zoom Air unit. This Nike Zoom Air unit is extremely helpful in obtaining low-profile cushioning.

8. Penny’s unique “One Cent” logo is used on the sneaker at the bottom, on the tongue and at the heel of the sneaker.

9. You can easily put on and off the sneaker; say thanks to the pull tabs which are present at the heel as well as at the tongue.

10. The outsole is made up of good quality rubber which gives you multi-directional traction and grip. It has a specially designed Herringbone Pattern.


Nike Men's Air Foamposite One Black/White/Game Royal Basketball Shoe 10 Men US

1. The very first impressive factor about this ​Nike Air Foamposite One sneaker​ is that it is highly lightweight in nature. The weight of this sneaker is just 18.2 oz.

2. The sneaker is greatly durable thanks to its molded and synthetic Foamposite upper material.

3. It is also very breathable because of its high quality heel inlay and mesh tongue.

4. The fitting is true to size and it is highly comfortable to wear during sports activities such as basketball.

5. The leather quality of the upper is really great and highly water resistant in nature. As compared to traditional Nubuck leather, this material lasts longer and avoids the accidental entry of water inside the sneaker whenever you wash or clean the sneaker with water.

6. It breaks in very comfortably and does not crease quickly.

7. This Nike sneaker is really easy to clean and wash and it does not get damaged easily. It also remains clean for a longer period of time.


Nike Men's Air Foamposite One Black/White/Game Royal Basketball Shoe 10 Men US

1. The sizing might run smaller and fitting narrower for some people with feet having wide width. So it is important for you to know your correct foot size in advance before you order the sneaker online.

2. Sometimes, you get poor support for your ankles which you may or may not experience while using the sneaker.

Some Tips to Distinguish True Nike Air Foamposite One Sneakers from Fake Ones

Nike Men's Air Foamposite One Black/White/Game Royal Basketball Shoe 10 Men US

Friends, just like any other successful products, Nike Air Foamposite One sneaker has to face the threat of fake sneakers. There is a tremendous rise of fake Nike Air Foamposite sneakers in the market nowadays.

But how anyone can distinguish the true sneakers from fake sneakers? There is a very insightful article on which will guide you well in finding out the fake Nike sneakers.

For your convenience, we have composed a short guide on how to identify fake ​Nike Air Foamposite sneakers which is based on the above resource. Have a closer look.

Tip No.1: First check your shoe box for any spelling mistakes in brand names on the box. There can be possible errors for overall finishing, logos and font alignment on the box.

Tip No.2: Verify the style number on the outer box which should match with the style number present inside the sneaker. It is usually nine digit longer and it should match with the inside number of your sneaker.

Tip No.3: Check for Nike’s specially designed Penny logo signature label that is present on the tongue, on the outsole, at the heel and on the insole.

Tip No.4: Make sure there are no glue marks in between the joining of the Foamposite upper and the sole of the sneaker.

Tip No.5: Check for the overall quality of the outsoles. Make sure they are not worn out and they must have very unique and distinctive pattern or design just like true Nike Foamposite sneakers.

Tip No.6: Check for Nike Air Zoom unit logo near the toe grip of the sneaker. The embossed letters of this Nike Zoom unit are very sharp and can be seen clearly on the outsole.

These simple but very important tips will help you avoid fake Nike Foamposite One sneakers for sure. It is critical for you to follow these tips while shopping them online or in the local shoe stores.

​Our Verdict

Nike Men's Air Foamposite One Black/White/Game Royal Basketball Shoe 10 Men US

As far as cushioning of this ​Nike Men’s Air Foamposite One (Black/White) Sneaker​ is concerned, it gives you supremely responsive cushioning along with high amount of comfort. According to our research, the sneaker is highly beneficial for sports players such as basketball and volleyball players.

It looks very classy, elegant and trendy. You can use them for your regular workouts or for a casual night out too. It is also very durable, lightweight and flexible at the same time. Our rating for this Nike Air Foamposite Sneaker is 4.5 out of 5.

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