Nike Jordan Men’s Air Jordan 7 Retro Basketball Shoe Review

Air Jordan 7 Retro Shoe with Jumpman Logo Are you a big fan of Michael Jordan? I am too! Other than his bright basketball career, if you take a look at his own shoes lines that he has already helped to promote; you will realize that it has already made him a billionaire for sure. One of the most popular series he has ever promoted is of Nike Air Jordans 7 Shoes.

As a big fan of his brand shoes, I always eagerly await for his new line of shoes that come into the market. Just like all the previous years, this year of 2015 is also not an exception to the announcement of his new lines of shoes. One of the most anticipated Jordan’s shoes which has released this year is Nike Men’s Air Jordan 7 Retro Basketball Shoe.

Quality Leather Upper of Air Jordan 7 Retro Shoe This is 30th anniversary of Nike Air Jordan 1 sneakers. And as a tribute to this world changing Air Jordan shoe series, Nike has decided to release re-mastered Air Jordan shoes in the market. This decision certainly helps Nike to bring back those memories from the 80’s and 90’s eras and it also gives them a chance to produce more durable and high quality Air Jordan shoes series.

Nike Jordan 7 series was first released in the year 1992. At that time, it was designed by famous athletic shoe designer named as Tinker Hatfield. These Nike 7 shoes are world renowned for their ability to conform to the user’s foot effortlessly.

These were the first of its kind shoes which were not featuring the distinctive “Nike Air” logo on the outer portion of the shoes. Nike Men’s Air Jordan 7 Retro is one of the most popular and highly anticipated Air Jordan Re-mastered Retro Shoes series of 2015.

Durable Insoles of Nike Men's Air Jordan 7 Retro Shoe As per the confirmed news published on Latin Post site, we all knew by this time that Nike Air Jordan 7 Retro and Jordan Dub Zero shoes have already been released this year. We all really loved and highly appreciated Nike Air Jordan 7 shoes series that had been already released previously in the market.

But the new Retro version is much more advanced, comfortable and durable in nature as compared to its predecessors. It is basically designed by the inspiration of 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona from Spain. At that time, Michael Jordan helped his basketball team in getting Gold Medal in basketball for US. The color of this shoe therefore is based on the Spain Olympics.

The shoe features Retro style, Blue Graphite color and Infrared 23 number at the heel along with a signature “Jumpman” logo which give us the memories of Barcelona’s night life. The 23 number implies the jersey number of Michael Jordan when he finished his career from the Chicago Bulls.


In-Depth Review of Nike Men’s Air Jordan 7 Retro Basketball Shoe:

This shoe is available in 4 attractive colors viz. white, French blue, university blue and Flnt G. The following primary features will help you understand more about the benefits of this unique Air Jordan 7 Retro shoe. Before that, just take a closer look at this video review of Air Jordan 7 Retro shoe.




Good Grip Outsole of Air Jordan 7 Retro 1. Rubber sole of this shoe is made up of high quality material and it is very durable in nature.

2. The shoe gives you highest amount of comfort due to its Dynamic-Fit inner sleeve.

3. Its top quality polyurethane footbed comes with Phylon wrap which also offers durable cushioning and support.

4. The forefoot of this Air Jordan shoe is very flexible and supports your feet during high jump activities.

5. The shoe also comes with a large volume heel Air-Sole unit. This unit is very helpful in getting maximum cushioning to the court.

6. If you want good grip and traction, this Air Jordan 7 Retro shoe definitely gives you a better grip during your basketball play. The outsole of this shoe is made up of solid rubber partial cupsole along with triangular pattern design. This pattern outsole provides you maximum comfort, cushioning and grip while you play a basketball game.



23 Number at Heel Air Sole Unit of Air Jordan 7 Retro Shoe 1. This Air Jordan Retro 7 basketball shoe has one of the most stylish designed and highly durable outsoles as compared to the other Air Jordan shoes.

2. The sockliner of the shoe gives you good lateral movements.

3. The shoe is highly lightweight and comfortable for the foot.

4. The leather quality is really top notch and it is very soft and durable in nature.

5. Fitting is true to size and material quality is excellent.

6. You do not need to use custom orthotics with these shoes if you are using any with your previous shoes.

7. The leather quality, the overall paint quality and design standards are authentic and very stylish by looks.

8. You can use these shoes all day long without getting any discomfort.



We haven’t noticed any drawbacks or cons of this shoe. By far, it is one of the best and highly appreciated Air Jordan basketball shoes that are in high demand in the market right now.


Average Customer Rating: 4.6/5


Final Verdict:

Nike Jordan 7 Retro Basketball Shoe Review As far as our views are concerned, this particular  Nike Men’s Air Jordan 7 Retro Basketball Shoe is one of the best in the Air Jordan shoes series. In terms of overall design, looks, quality, comfort, cushioning and durability, this specific Retro 7 shoe remains at the top position in the list of Air Jordan basketball shoes.

There are other two varieties available of this shoe. One is for boys and the other version is for girls. You can choose any of them as per your requirements. The shoe is comfortably priced between 150 bucks to 250 bucks which is comparatively cheaper than the other Air Jordan shoes.

Our rating for this Air Jordan 7 Retro shoe is 4.7 out of 5 and we highly recommend buying it if you are a great fan of Michael Jordan and Air Jordan basketball shoes.

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