Learn Why Diabetic Shoes are Necessary to Use for Diabetes Patients

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Today we are actually writing about the importance or necessity of having [easyazon_link keywords=”Best Diabetic Shoes” locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]best diabetic shoes for diabetes patients[/easyazon_link]. Here, you will learn why you need to take care of your foot health properly and how right diabetic shoes can help you protect your feet from any potential foot ailments. You will also learn about the primary features that you must look into while buying the best diabetic footwear for yourself or for your loved ones who are also suffering from diabetes at this time.

Table of ContentsWhat Does Latest Diabetes Research Facts Tell Us?Why You Need to Take Care of Your Feet if You Have Diabetes?Importance of Diabetic Shoes for Prevention of Diabetic InfectionWhat Types of Diabetic Shoes You Need to Use?Conclusion

What Does Latest Diabetes Research Facts Tell Us?


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Importance of Diabetic Footwear


According to the research report published at Researchgate.net, the authors have already termed the disease of diabetes as a “Slow Poison”. This report also tells us that around 366 million people in the world are already suffering from diabetes and more than 4.6 million people die every year because of worsening the condition of these diabetic patients. Approx. 95% of these patients suffer from Type 2 diabetes mellitus condition.

This also indicates that there is one person in the world who dies every 7 seconds. As per the research of American Diabetes Association (ADA), there are 79 million people in US alone who are suffering from diabetes condition. Now these figures are not to scare you by any means, but we just want to inform you and educate you about the seriousness and severity of diabetes disease.

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Why You Need to Take Care of Your Feet if You Have Diabetes?


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Diabetic Shoes for Diabetes Patients


Diabetic patients can suffer multiple health issues if you do not pay proper attention to your early body symptoms. The body of a diabetic person can get affected in multiple ways. I mean, different parts or organs of your body can be affected in multiple ways due to nervous system blockages caused by higher blood sugar levels.

Your legs are the most exposed parts of your body to the open surroundings. Along with hands, your legs also undergo different types of activities such as walking, running, standing for long hours and jumping, etc. If you are suffering from very high blood sugar levels for more than 5-7 years, it could affect your nerves and vessels of your legs in the long run.

Some people suffer from small foot sore or foot pain or a foot injury and then it does not get cured quickly as compared to other normal folks. This could be the sign that your leg muscles and nerves are getting weaker day by day due to high sugar level in your blood.

Diabetes, if not paid proper attention, can lead to severe blood circulation issues and nerve damage in the long run. Even minor foot injuries can lead to severe foot infection later on due to damaged nerves and vessels. It has been seen that, most of the diabetic patients usually get affected by diabetic ulcers as well as foot sores. Now these problems can lead to serious foot infection if you have high blood sugar levels.

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Importance of Diabetic Shoes for Prevention of Diabetic Infection


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Diabetic Shoes for Men


To avoid these issues, you need to prevent the foot injuries, foot sores and ulcers from constantly occurring. If you are constantly roaming barefoot, then these issues can affect your feet regularly. Fortunately you can avoid and prevent this from happening just by starting to use specially designed diabetic shoes. You can also read the research report about the importance of shoes for diabetes published at Aofas.org (American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society).

Regular use of such kinds of diabetic shoes can definitely prevent foot infection. These kinds of footwear will surely protect your feet from the effect of foot ulcers and foot sores. Along with following the precautions to control blood sugar levels, you can also keep your feet clean by regularly washing them with warm water. It is important for diabetic patients to not keep their feet dry and cracked for longer duration.

According to the information published on Healthline.com, diabetic patients often suffer from “Peripheral Neuropathy” which in turn leads to various kinds of foot disorders such as open sores, ulcers, calluses, hardened skin, corns, bunions, fungal infection, etc. Serious nerve damage in your foot can lead to hammertoes and plantar fasciitis.

The right diabetic shoes can help your feet to stay warm, injury free and infection free. The bacterial and fungal infection can be avoided by constantly using diabetic footwear when walking and running outdoors. Thus you can certainly deal with your diabetes foot ailments effectively by preventing any injuries and infection by regularly using special diabetic shoes.

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What Types of Diabetic Shoes You Need to Use?


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Features of Best Diabetic Shoes


The ideal diabetic shoes, if you have diabetes, must have the following features.

1. Highly Breathable: The diabetic footwear you are going to use must have proper air ventilation feature. The deep and wide air circulation inside your shoes is essential for efficient blood circulation in your feet. Properly breathable shoes prevent moisture and avoid fungal and bacterial infection. This is really important feature that your diabetic shoe must have.

2. Well Supportive Insoles: The insole of your shoe must be well supportive for your feet. If the insoles of your shoes do not provide sufficient support for your feet, it may lead to various kinds of foot disorders later on such as ulcers and callus, etc. The proper pressure points on the insole provide right support and comfort for your feet which is important to avoid any future foot ailment.

3. Wide Toe Boxes: Your specially designed diabetic shoes usually have a wide toe box. This wider toe box is really essential for comfortable toe movements. Extra wiggle room inside your shoes allows comfortable toe moves which prevents any future toe infections such as bunions and PF. This way you can also avoid hotspots and blisters from affecting your feet.

4. Wide and Thick Outsoles: The outsole of your shoe also plays an important role in keeping your feet free from blisters and hotspots. Thick outsole offers very good cushioning and support for your feet. Your shoes become durable and untimely wear and tear can be avoided.

The wear and tear of your shoe is also one of the main causes that can hurt your feet and cause blisters and hotspots. Wide width outsole also helps a lot in preventing such kinds of blisters. So it is important for you to opt for those shoes which have wide and thick outsoles.

5. Extra Depth: The professional diabetic shoes often come with extra depth. This depth is used to incorporate orthotic inserts. Many diabetic patients use special orthotic insoles to provide enhanced support for their heels and arches. People with Type 2 diabetes especially get benefited with such kinds of orthotic inserts. This is why you should always look out for the diabetic shoes which come with extra depth.

Along with these important features, we also recommend you to watch the following informative video. This video will provide you the key reasons why wearing diabetic shoes is essential for diabetes patients. You will see the various health benefits you can gain by starting to wear these kinds of special diabetic footwear for yourself.

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Diabetic Shoes for Women


The above 5 features are very important for choosing the right diabetic shoes. If you focus on these features while selecting the diabetic footwear, you can certainly get the best diabetic shoe for yourself. In order to prevent bacterial and fungal infection and to keep your feet injury free, it is important for you to use the right diabetic shoe on a regular basis.

The constant use of diabetic footwear can immensely help you in the long run by preventing any infection and protecting your feet from any injuries for sure. So we highly recommend you to always make use of the right diabetic shoe at your home, in your office and while roaming outdoors.

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