A Complete Guide on How to Wash Ugg Boots in Washing Machine – Follow These 7 Simple Steps

  • By: Edmond Clark
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Yes, I Have Tested My Ugg Boots in the Washing Machine !

Do you own a pair of classic Ugg boots and now contemplating whether machine wash them or not?

If you have heard million times from other Ugg boot owners to not put these boots in the washer, then my dear friend I can understand your dilemma.

Deciding to wash Ugg boots in the washing machine must be a hard decision for many Uggs owners.

But after so many months of constant usage, you know they start to stink and smell bad if you don’t clean or wash them properly.

I love my Uggs a lot and I also tried using simple home remedies such as baking soda and vinegar.

But they always leave behind strange residue and weird smell.

And they tend to make my boots harder than before.

I am not very positive about cleaning my Ugg boots with vinegar and baking soda.

So, last week, after a lot of discussion with my friends and some research, I went ahead and tried out washing my Ugg boots with my home washing machine.

And to my surprise, the boots came out much cleaner, fresh and nicely smelled than before.

Therefore, I am very happy with this washing method.

And here I am providing my tested method to wash any kind of Ugg boots in the washing machine at home.

Actual Washing Process to Safely Clean Your Dirty Ugg Boots

Cleaning Products That I Have Used in this Procedure

A. Woolite Liquid Detergent Safe and harmless cleaning detergent to use on Ugg Boots

B. Ugg Boots Cleaning Kit Great for after wash cleaning and for increasing life span of your Ugg Boots

C. Zippered Net Bags For storing your Ugg boots while washing safely in the washer

D. Boot Dryer To make your Uggs dry quickly

E. Paper Towels – To stuff them inside the boots to avoid shrinking and to fast dry from inside

F. Fabric Softener Sheets To make your boots smell good after washing

And Here is My Washing Procedure:

1. Avoid Dashing of the Boots with Inner Walls of the Washer

Front Loading Washing Machine to Wash Ugg Boots

First thing you need to take care is the type of washing machine you use at your home.

Whether you have a front loading machine or top loading washer, your machine must not have the middle stick.

Because middle stick can damage your boots when spun and washed.

To further protect and avoid banging of the boots on the inner walls of the washer, you can put some Turkish towels inside for their protection and support.

2. Use Woolite Liquid Detergent

Woolite All Clothes Liquid Laundry Detergent, 66 Loads, 100 Fl Oz, Gentle Cycle, Regular & HE Washers, sparkling falls scent, packaging may vary

The next important thing to do is to use good quality laundry detergent that is safe for the boots.

I have used detergent products like Tide, Presto and Mountain Falls.

They tend to discolour and damage the material of Uggs.

The best laundry detergent that I have seen producing great results is Woolite.

As mentioned earlier, it is lot safer and harmless to use especially for Sheepskin and classic Ugg boots cleaning.

Just a half cup of this detergent liquid is more than sufficient to wash your boots.

3. Set Your Washer to Delicate Wash Mode

Yes, delicate mode is essential when you are about to wash your expensive Ugg boots in the washing machine.

With warm water and delicate mode, you will also need to set “no spin” option in your washer.

All these settings are important to follow in order to protect your boots from material damage and discoloration.

4. Use Zippered Net Bags for Washing Boot

There are good quality zippered net bags available online which you can use for laundry purpose.

Put your Uggs in these net bags and then put the bag inside the washer.

This will protect your boots when you start the washer and when the wash process begins.

During the circular movements of the washer, this zippered net bag will keep your boots together without any harm.

5. Do One More Wash If Necessary

When the first washing process is done, take out your boots.

Now, observe them carefully for remaining soapy foam and liquid detergent residue.

If you still see the residue and foam on your boots, then perform second washing process.

Before you begin the second washing, do set the delicate mode and do not use detergent this time.

Use only warm water for second wash too.

6. Use Boot Dryer to Dry Quickly

MaxxDry Heavy-Duty Boot, Shoe, and Glove Dryer (2 Pairs)

Once this washing process is completed, take out your boots. Now use a good quality boot dryer to dry your boots faster.

Here, you can also use fabric softener sheets to make your Uggs smell good.

You can also place some dry towels along with the boots to provide more cushioning while spinning the boots in the dryer.

I recommend to set the dryer on low heat mode to avoid excess shrinking of your boots.

If your boots are too loose to fit your feet, then you make them shrink a bit by increasing the heat level of your boot dryer.

Keep checking your boots every 10-15 minutes while you dry them in the dryer.

When you see the boots are 50 percent dry, take them out and stuff some paper towels inside the boots.

The paper towels will keep the inside of your Uggs safe and sound.

I think in the overnight, your boots become completely dry.

7. Finally Use UGG Boot Cleaning Kit to Get Enhanced Results

In the end, when your Ugg boots become completely dry, you can apply Ugg Boot Cleaning Kit.

This will further make your boots clean, neat, shiny and just like brand new purchased.

There are 3 kits such as Ugg Protector Kit, Ugg Cleaner and Conditioner and Ugg Shoe Renew Kit.

Make use of them carefully on your boots as and when you feel necessary to get more improved results.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Washing Ugg Boots in Washer

1. Does the Color Fade out When I Wash My Ugg Boots?

Yes, to certain extent it does!

When you put your Ugg boots in the washer, the dye of the boot comes out a little.

This causes the color of the boot to fade to some extent.

But here the main question is which boot you would like to wear.

An Ugg boot with lots of scuff marks, salt stains, smudges and bad smell or a clean, washed boot without any salt stains, scuff marks or stained smell.

The choice is yours!

2. Once Washed, How Long Does It Take for Boots to Dry Out?

If you wash your Uggs in the evening or in the afternoon, it will take approx. 10-12 hours to dry them completely.

You can take help of a good quality boot dryer for drying them faster.

These dryers can dry the inside and outside of your boot much faster and without any issue.

3. What is the Best Laundry Detergent for Washing Your Ugg Boots Safely in Washing Machine?

There are lots of dish soaps and detergent powders that people use to clean and wash Ugg boots.

Lot of them produce some undesired results once you use them.

After a lot of trial and error, I found the best liquid laundry detergent to use for washing all kinds of Ugg boots.

Whether you have Knitted Ugg boots, Emu Ugg boots, Cardy Ugg boots, Sheepskin Ugg boots or leather and suede Ugg boots, this laundry detergent can safely clean and wash the dirt and salt stains from your boots.

The name of the detergent that I use is Woolite.

Woolite produces great results for all types of Ugg boots with less fading, no shrinking or stretching of your boots.

Plus, it smells really good once you wash your Ugg boots using this liquid laundry detergent.

4. Can You Use Ugg Boot Cleaning Kit to Clean These Boots?

As far as Ugg Cleaning Kit is concerned, it comes in three forms.

First is known as Ugg Protector Kit which is used to maintain the newness of your boots.

It comes with a cleaning brush and a liquid bottle.

The second kit is known as Ugg Cleaner and Conditioner.

It is actually used to clean and remove any kind of salt stains and scuff marks.

But it is highly recommended by the company to use this kit only after six months of your purchase.

The third kit is called as Ugg Shoe Renew.

It is used to deodorize the inside and outside of your boot and keep them fresh and smell good.

Now all these Ugg cleaning kit products are great to use for your everyday used Ugg boots.

For actual cleaning instructions, you can visit the official site of UGG boots.

But I am not satisfied with their end results.

To some extent, they fail to produce the desired results for the boots that are one year or more than one year old.

They do work to some level but for hard stains and stubborn scuff marks, they fail to remove that kind of dirt and salt stains from the boots.

You certainly require to wash your Ugg boots after at least one to two years of constant usage.

5. What Precautions Should You Take While Washing Ugg Boots in the Washer?

1. The first thing you will need to do is avoid washing any other stuff with your boots.

When you put your boots inside the washing machine, always remember to not place anything else with the boots other than turkish towels for support.

Because other stuff might ruin the color or dye of your Ugg boots.

2. If the inside insole is dirty and needs cleaning, then you may just wash the insole instead of whole boot.

It is a good idea not to wash the whole boot if only the insole is unclean and stained.

3. Another thing to remember while washing these boots in the washer is to set the wash setting on “delicate” mode.

Don’t put it on hard or medium setting because it will damage the material of your boot.

4. Also remember to use less laundry detergent powder.

Do not put more than half to single cup of washing powder to clean and wash your expensive Ugg boots.

Too much powder or liquid detergent can leave residual marks on your boots which leads to further deterioration and discoloration.

5. When you complete the washing process, always use a reliable boot dryer to dry wet boots faster.

The fast you will dry your boots, better it is for the overall life span of your boot.

Don’t put your boots wet for too long as it could affect the boot color.

6. For sheepskin Ugg boots, you can set your washer on 30 Degree easy care wash setting.

My suggestion is to add just few drops of liquid detergent like Woolite as mentioned earlier.

You don’t have to overly spin your boots in the washing machine.

This will avoid any potential damage that could happen to the boot material.

Once the washing is done, you can hang your boots in a boot dryer or in front of the house radiator with low heat settings.

When the boot gets sufficiently dry, you can further make use of a good quality suede protector and a suede brush to clean and shine your sheepskin Ugg boots.

This washing and cleaning method is really great for making your old sheepskin Ugg footwear shiny, bright and new again.

I have gotten some great results with this method for my boots.

I recommend you to try this method at least once.

7. If somehow you are not comfortable with washing your boots in the washer, then another method you can try is wool wash.

This is a simple and harmless method that is also good for cleaning your boots safely.

8. To maintain the softness and comfy nature of the inside of your Ugg boots, you can use newspaper to stuff inside the boot after washing is done.

To dry your boots quickly after washing and to maintain softness of the inside material, you can make newspaper balls or paper towels and stuff them inside.

This will make your boots dry faster from inside and will also protect the internal material from becoming dry, clumpy and curly.

6. Are There Any Side Effects of Washing Ugg Boots in the Washer?

I will not lie here that using washer for cleaning Ugg boots will not produce any harmful results.

It might produce some residue, discoloration and can even harm the suede and sheepskin material of the boot.

The Ugg Boot Company has also recommended not to use any washer or washing machine to avoid any damage to your expensive Ugg boots.

But this will happen only when you do not take above mentioned precautions.

When you do it carefully by following some of the tips in the precautions section, you can avoid these side effects.

Many people have gotten really great results and have been able to clean and remove the age-old dirt and stained marks from their Uggs.

The actual safe and harmless washing procedure which you should follow is already provided above.

Kindly check the same again to study it carefully and then practice it.

Here is one short video where a youtuber Magaly shows us how she washes her Uggs in the washer at home.

Check it out to get an overview about how you should proceed when you do the same process.

Final Thoughts

Washing your old Ugg boots in the washing machine is beneficial for you to get rid of age-old dirt, smudges and scuff marks.

I recommend this method only when your boots are really old like at least 1-2 years old.

If your boots are just 3 to 6 months old, it is recommended to wash them in the washer.

If you want you can hand wash them with care.

You can also use professional company recommended Ugg cleaning kit as mentioned above.

You can get great results with this method only when you follow the above steps carefully and remember all the precautionary tips which are mentioned in this guide. Best of luck.

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