How to Remove Scuff Marks from Shoes – 20 Easy Methods Infographic

Can You Really Remove Scuff Marks from Your Shoes?

How to Remove Scuff Marks from Shoes

If you are here to know how to remove the most frustrating scuff marks from your new shoes, you are at the right place. We know the kind of agony, irritation and frustration you go through when you want to throw out your new and good quality shoes just because they have few minor scuff marks.

Scuff marks can be really a pain in your bum (rather a pain for your prestige or self-esteem). They do make your new and good old shoes look ugly and out of fashion.

If you do not want to throw away your costly and high quality shoes just because they have scuff marks, we have prepared a complete guide to remove those stubborn scuff marks from your expensive and favorite pair of shoes, boots and sneakers too. This also means you can definitely remove those scuff marks from your shoes with simple to try at home methods.

Take a look at our 20 proven methods to help you eliminate those scuff marks from your shoes. We have prepared an easy to understand 20 methods Infographic just for you. See it for yourself.

How To Remove Scuff Marks from Shoes 20 Methods Infographic

20 Easy Techniques to Remove Scuff Marks from Your New and Old Shoes


Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Magic Eraser for Eliminating Shoe Scuff Marks

This is our no. 1 remedy to remove shoe scuff marks. This magic eraser works like a charm when used on the scuff marks. It is made from very lightweight porous melamine material which can easily remove any type of scuff from your shoes almost instantaneously.

Just moisten this Mr. Clean Magic Eraser with water and use directly on the shoe’s scuff marks to remove them quickly. It is also advisable to use this product only on the rubber midsole and you should use it carefully on canvas, leather and suede material shoes.

Here is a good video tutorial that will teach you how to use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on your new shoes, boots and sneakers.

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Nail Polish Remover / Acetone Remover

Nail Polish Remover to Remove Scuff Marks from Shoes

Nail Polish Remover is another simple yet effective remedy for your shoe’s scuff marks. Just apply 100% natural quality nail polish remover on the cotton ball. Then polish your scuff gently with this dabbed cotton ball.

Also do not forget to make use of a Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on your shoe so that you can safeguard the material of your shoe. Along with the quality nail polish remover, you can also use professional acetone remover available online. This technique is highly recommended for patented leather and tennis shoes.

Here is a video that shows you how to use nail polish remover on your sneakers to remove these scuff marks.

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Toothpaste to Remove Scuff Marks from Shoes

Toothpaste is yet another very simple method that can help you get rid of scuff marks from your shoes. You can literally use this easily available toothpaste for your new and expensive patent leather, rubber, canvas and synthetic leather shoes.

Use some water first to make foam of the toothpaste and then gently apply it on the scuff marks with the help of the toothbrush. Once done, simply rinse it with little water and clean the applied toothpaste from your shoes. After that just let your shoes become dry to get the desired results.

Take a good luck at this video which will show you how to get rid of these scuffs from your shoes with just the help of your toothpaste.


Ink & Pencil Eraser

Charles Leonard Ink Pencil Eraser for Removal of Shoe Scuff Marks

If you have vinyl material shoes, you can simply make use of pencil eraser available at home. If you possess suede shoes, you need to first use a brush to clean any dirt stored on your shoes. Then make use of ink or pencil eraser to remove those scuff marks from your new or old footwear.

Remember one thing though that you will have to take extra precautions while rubbing with ink or pencil eraser. Do not damage the fabric of your shoes by strongly rubbing eraser on your shoes. Also use only quality ink/pencil eraser for this purpose.

Watch the following video that shows how to use pencil eraser on your shoes to get rid of the scuffs easily.

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Baking Soda

Baking Soda to Remove Scuff Marks from Shoes

This method can be used as a plan B just in case your plan A (toothpaste method) does not work. Take 2-3 tablespoons of Pure Baking Soda and mix it with warm water. Then apply this liquid mixture on the scuff marks with the help of a soft cloth.

Once completed, you can clear the paste by a clean cloth and then make your shoes dry after some time. You can also use a toothbrush for applying the mixture on your shoes. Just remember that this method is best used if you have canvas or any other fabric material shoes.

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Dish Detergent

Dawn Dish Detergent for Removal of Shoe Scuff Marks

Using home dish detergent is another very smart idea you can try to get rid of those nasty scuff marks from your shoes. Take a toothbrush or a small rag. Mix some dish detergent with warm water. Put a small drop of wet dish detergent on the scuffs.

Try brushing off those marks for some time and then rinse it away to remove excess dish detergent drops from the shoes. This method is especially helpful in case of canvas and other fabric material shoes. We found that Dawn Dish Detergent is one of the best products to use for such activities.

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Professional Scuff Remover

Kiwi Scuff Remover to Remove Scuff Marks of Shoes

Using a professionally made scuff remover is a great idea if you do not want to ruin the expensive material of your new shoes. This easy to use scuff remover can be used to eliminate stubborn scuff marks.

It is also easy to shine your shoes after those marks are gone. Kiwi Scuff Remover is by far one of the best products we have found online that you can try to remove your shoe’s scuff marks.

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Professional Shoe Polish

Kiwi Shoe Polish for Removing Scuff Marks from Your Footwear

If you have black or brown leather shoes, using a professionally made shoe polish can make the trick. Applying some shoe polish at the right spots can rejuvenate your leather shoes and can reduce those scuff marks from your shoes.

Just put some shoe polish on the scuff marks and rub it off with a soft cloth for some time. You will definitely see some positive results.

Kindly check out the following video to learn how to use shoe polish effectively to remove the scuff marks.

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Shoe Wipes

Kiwi Shoe Wipes to Remove Scuff Marks from Shoes

In case you are looking for an easy solution that is very safe and simple to use, try readily available shoe wipes. They are available at most local shoe stores or you can order them online too.

These shoe wipes are good for cleaning and polishing your shoes. There are some scuff marks that are not very hard to remove. If you see them early, try to get rid of them with the help of these shoe wipes. But remember to purchase the right type of shoe wipes depending upon the material of your shoe.

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Crayon Box

Crayola Crayon Box to Remove Shoe Scuff Marks

Now this one is a very unique and smart idea, I guess. Someone has come up with this idea for removing scuff marks from shoes and it certainly works to some extent. You can reduce some nicks and scuff marks from your leather tennis shoes or high heels or even your fashionable cowboy boots.

In order to try out this method, you will have to first warm the area of your shoe where the scuff marks are present with the help of a blow dryer. Then use the appropriate color of crayon from your crayon box to use it on the scuff marks.

Once done, use a soft piece of cloth to remove any remaining residue. If you have more variety of color shoes, we recommend buying a big crayon box that contains 64 to 152 colored crayons.

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Leather Cleaner

Leather Cleaner to Remover Scuff Marks from Shoes

Now the most important thing to remember here is that you will have to use this product on leather shoes only. Avoid using it for your new suede shoes. Because it will not work in that way due to incompatibility issue. There are quite a few quality leather cleaner products available online that can help you deal with scuffs on your shoes.

These professional leather cleaners help you to remove all kinds of stains, scuffs, dirt, grime and oil from leather products such as shoes, sofa, seat covers, purses and apparels. Such products do not damage your leather shoes and treat the scuff marks effectively.

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Leather Re-Colouring Balm

Leather Re-Colouring Balm for Removal of Scuff Marks from Shoes

There is another product you can use on your leather shoes and that is known as leather re-colouring balm. It is mainly used to restore the original color of your leather shoes and to hide the scuff marks if there are any.

It will also help you in restoring the color of your faded and worn out leather shoes. The areas on your leather shoes that are affected by scuffs can be efficiently treated with this leather re-colouring balm.

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Organic Baby Shampoo & Baby Oil

Puracy Organic Baby Shampoo to Remove Shoe Scuff Marks

I know you will be surprised to see this method in our list. But trust me; it will work for sure if you use it on the right kind of shoes. There are organic baby shampoo and baby oil products available that you can use to remove stains and scuffs from your shoes.

Use a wet toothbrush to spread the baby shampoo or oil on the scuff marks. Then rub those marks for some time till you see the marks get vanished. Then rinse the area with clean water and let it dry from some time. You will see that this method works very effectively and it won’t harm the material of the shoe.

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Hand Sanitizer

Purell Hand Sanitizer to Remover Shoe Scuff Marks

Do you know that alcohol is mixed as one of the ingredients while manufacturing hand sanitizers? You can use hand sanitizers too to reduce scuff marks from your footwear. Just take a soft cloth or a tissue paper and soak it in the hand sanitizer.

Then try to rub the scuffs with the help of that wet tissue paper or a soft cloth. You will see some results for sure. This method works great in case of leather shoes.

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Professional Shoe Spray

Rust Oleum Shoe Spray to Avoid Shoe Scuff Marks

Using a professional shoe spray is one of the most efficient ways to tackle those nasty scuff marks on your shoes. You can easily get rid of the dark scuffs from your light leather shoes with this method. Just make certain that you buy the right type of shoe spray that matches or compliments the type of material of your shoe.

Spray the affected area of your footwear and use a soft cloth to rub the area properly. This is a great method to further prevent any kind of scuff marks and abrasions that may arise on your shoes in the future.

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Skuff Shoe Protector

Skuff Shoe Protector to Prevent Shoe Scuff Marks

This Made in USA product really works like a miracle when it comes to protecting and polishing your shoes. It does not harm the material of your shoe and also helps in removing all types of scuffs from your shoes.

Skuff Shoe Protector is a multi-purpose product that also works as a shoe protector, waterproofer, cleaner, conditioner and restorer. It also helps you in repelling dirt, oil, stains and all other types of substances. It is thick and very durable product that protects your shoes against all kinds of wear and tear on a regular basis.

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Sharpie Fine Point Pen Marker

Sharpie Fine Point Pen to Remove Scuff Marks from Shoes

This one method we have known from a great friend Carol from Landisville. A matching color Sharpie Fine Point Pen Marker can be used to hide or disguise your scuff marks. It is more like a secondary option if you can not remove those scuffs from your shoes even after using multiple methods mentioned here.

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Rubbing Alcohol

Swan Rubbing Alcohol for Removal Shoe Scuff Marks

Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol is another great remedy to treat your scuffs. Take a cotton swab and dip it in the alcohol and then rub on those nasty and tough scuff marks on your shoes for few seconds.

However, remember not to use it too much on your shoes. It may damage them and could take off the dye of your shoe. So use it sparingly if you are in need of removal of very tough scuff marks.

If you feel a bit cautious about using this method, take a close look at the following video that teaches you to use rubbing alcohol the right way to remove your scuff marks.

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Petroleum Jelly

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly for Shoe Scuff Marks Removal

This method has been mentioned by lots of users on the internet. If you have patent leather shoes, petroleum jelly works very efficiently. Simply take a dab of good quality petroleum jelly like Vaseline and use a soft cloth to apply it on the scuffs of your shoes. After proper application, wipe it clean using another clean soft cloth.

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Stainless Steel Cleaner

Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner for Removal of Shoe Scuff Marks

This is yet another little known method that you can use on your shoes. There are some stainless steel cleaner products available that can be used to get rid of the scuff marks from shoes.

Just take a small cotton cloth and soak it with stainless steel cleaner liquid. Then rub on the affected areas of your shoe for some time. In the end, just clean the area by clean soft cloth. You will see the results quickly.

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These are our top 20 best methods to remove scuff marks from your shoes. Now try any one of them at your home and see the results for yourself. Also do not forget to follow the precautionary guidelines that have been provided with each method. I wish you Best of luck.

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