Do You Ever Match Your Shoes with Your Belt and Pants?

  • By: Edmond Clark

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This is just one of those million dollar questions you might be facing in programs like “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”? Just kidding! Really, many people ask this question that should I match my shoes with my pants and belt. And the answer most folks give is “Absolute Yes”.

But my opinion is a bit different on this most mundane query of human life on this earth. It is ok if you break the rules and I guarantee you that you will still look good in those mismatch situations. How? I will try to explain it here.

Some people say that in order to express your individuality, it is important to wear same color belt, pant and shoes. (Source: The Wall Street Journal) While some people have different opinion on this scenario. They believe that the differentiation between your shoes and pants is essential which mainly depends on the occasion for which you want to wear your footwear.

E.g. If you are going out with your closed ones or a family member, its important for you to make color matching with your spouse or a family member. It looks romantic and appropriate for that occasion.

On the other occasion, where you are in a company meeting and are about to provide a professional presentation, your shoes and your clothing must suit the occasion. In that case, both of these accessories must exhibit professional color match. You can not just show up there with your dark brown belt and yellow driving shoes.

So common sense plays a pivotal role when it comes to matching your shoes with your belt and pant. In some instances, people purchase shoes first and then buy the trouser, belt and suit which can match the color and style of their shoes. In other cases, when you already have your pair of shoes, it makes sense to bring them with you before you buy a new pair of pants and belts for yourself. This will help you get the same matching or almost matching belt and pant for your shoes.

Here is a very good video from i am alpha m youtuber which you can watch and learn the tricks and few tips on how to match your shoes with your clothing.

On the other hand, if you are a beginner level or novice (fashion expert?), you might find it difficult to pull of the non-matching clothing and shoes to look attractive or stylish. In the eyes of beholders, it may look odd or out of style if you do not know how to look good in mismatched shoes and trousers. In this case, you must be aware about how to push forward mismatched fashion without looking odd or non-glamorous. But for this you must know minute details of latest fashion tricks.

Preservation of some sensibility is really essential in case you are making this kind of mismatched fashion. E.g. Pairing formal oxblood wingtip shoes with casual blue ribbon belt is really a bad impression and disaster therapy for men who really don’t have an idea of proper mismatch fashion. However, there is a best option for folks like us who do not have much knowledge of mismatching their shoes with their trousers and belt.

So, here it goes!

To keep things simple for novice fashion wannabe, you can buy your belt, pant and shoes with same color, but you can change their textures a bit. E.g. you can purchase ostrich belt and match it with your black boots. It is always a good idea to match your shoes with your pants and belt when you are at a professional and formal events.

But when you are roaming casually, it is best not to pay much attention to matching your footwear with your clothing style. This means you do not have to try hard to look stylish and fashionable all the time. It all depends on the situation, location and your mood. After all its your life and you have the right to choose your own fashion style and looks.

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