How to Get Grass Stains Out of Shoes with 4 Powerful Hacks

  • By: Edmond Clark

4 Crazy Tricks to Learn How to Get Grass Stains out of Your Shoes

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Looking at those shoes after a good game of football can really make you cry. Almost every mother can agree to the fact that grass stained shoes are really a pain in your bum.

Those shoes made spotless with so much effort can really become stained after even a light jog in the park. What’s more is that these stubborn grass stains seem to cling to the shoes, simply refusing to come off.

So, how do you get grass stains out of shoes? Is there any easy way of getting this chore done? Well, you might be in luck because we are here with the best tips and tricks to teach you exactly how to get grass stains out of your shoes.

You may be surprised, but there are actually many methods to do this, which I have compiled below for your own benefit. You can simply choose the one that suits you the best to get rid of those pesky stains, the easy way!

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Method 1 : Use the Vinegar

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White Vinegar to Get Rid of Grass Stains from Your Shoes


Vinegar may have millions of uses around the household, so don’t be surprised if I say that it works amazingly to remove grass stains from your shoes as well. Yes, this miracle liquid can act as your emergency resort in removing those drastic green spots from your shoes.

Being versatile and relatively safe to use, vinegar has been preferred by many mothers and teenagers as well. The miracle liquid can be trusted to work for all those people who have tried everything but are still finding it tedious and time consuming to get rid of those stubborn marks.

Furthermore, the actual process of removal is pretty easy. All you have to do is:

Vinegar Cleaning Method

1. Take some vinegar, raw or mixed with water.

2. Spray it on the shoe or simply dab the liquid on the places with green spots.

3. Rub it in well.

4. For the best results, it is advised to reapply the liquid several times to ensure full saturation.

5. Once done, simply wash the shoes the regular way, in the laundry.

6. Finally dry your shoes well before you wear them.

Here is a great video tutorial that will show you how to effectively use vinegar to remove grass stains from your shoes. Check it out.

This method works several times, however, if the stain is really stubborn it may not come off this easy. This means you may have to consider a different method to remove the faded stain left over from vinegar.

There are plenty more hacks left that you can try to remove the stains from your shoes. So don’t worry, we will make those clingy stains come off no matter what!

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Method 2 : Make Use of Household Bleach or Peroxide Solution

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Bleach to Remove Shoe Grass Stains


If the stains are bad, you need to use the right liquid. It may be time to get that Bleach and the peroxide solution, stocked in your store room to deal with these grass stains.

This next method removing grass stains out of your shoes is pretty effective. But at the same time it is a little toxic and you need to take some precautions.

Bleach and peroxides are dangerous chemicals that can damage your skin and eyes if they come in contact.

So, be wary and employ proper gloves as handy protection. It’s better safe than sorry, right!

Moving on, employing these chemicals yields results super fast and this makes them a preferable option in emergency situations.

To use them, simply follow these tips:

Bleach / Peroxide Solution Method

1. Create a mixture of the two chemicals by adding 1/4 cup of bleach to 1/4 cup of peroxide and then mixing this with a cup of water.

2. Transfer this prepared mix to a spray bottle or simply use a dabbing cloth to apply the mix to the shoes.

3. Allow the shoes to stand for 30 minutes. Some people recommend an overnight wait, but 30 minutes should do the trick.

4. Once the wait is over, rinse the shoes out and then wash them normally.

5. Dry off to have clean wearable shoes, once more.

Using this formula has even helped people get those grass stains off, that were considered permanent. So, this formula may as well be a life saver or rather a shoe saver in many situations for you.

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Method 3 : Try Using Rubbing Alcohol

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Rubbing Alcohol for Removal of Shoe Grass Stains


Everyone has some rubbing alcohol in their medicine cabinet or emergency supplies. The method can work wonders if applied on a fresh green stain.

So, if you are just back from a stroll with green patchy shoes you may want to use that handy rubbing alcohol to get those stains off before they stick on like glue. The alcohol functions to pull apart the pigments in the stain, making them easy to remove.

Although, requiring a bit of effort on your part, rubbing alcohol used at the right time will definitely give you an easy solution for removing grass stains from your shoes.

To use the method, you can employ the following steps:

Rubbing Alcohol Method

1. Apply the rubbing alcohol on the fresh green stains as soon as you can by using a dab or a cotton ball on your shoes.

2. Repeat the administration till you have fully saturated your affected shoe areas.

3. Wash it off thoroughly rubbing at the green areas in the process.

4. For a better result, apply household detergent on these newly cleaned shoe areas.

5. Rub it in and wash off properly.

6. You can then wash your shoes like you always do.

7. Dry them to have a fresh pair of clean shoes to wear the very next day.

This particular method, when used consistently, can help you avoid the long way of removing those stains. All you have to do is clean those stains at an early time so that the grass goes away before having a chance to stick around for long.

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Method 4 : Use Household Detergents

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Home Detergent to Get Rid of Shoe Grass Stains


Another way to combat those dirty green stains of your shoes is by using the regular detergents in your house. This process may be long, but is nevertheless effective.

Many people would contradict this process, saying they have already failed at it. Well, here is the trick to learning how to get grass stains out of shoes by using only simple detergents. The trick is you have to concentrate them.

A single coating will definitely be of no effect to the pigment that is hanging on to the shoe for longer duration. To get it off you have to have a strong hand and will.

The normal process that you use needs to be modified along the following lines:

Detergent Cleaning Method

1. Instead of using a dilution, pour the detergent directly from the bottle onto the shoe stains.

2. Use a brush to really lather in the soap.

3. Let the shoe stand for up to 20 minutes.

4. Rinse off the detergent and wash the shoes as you normally do every day.

5. Dry the pair, to have ready to wear, spotless, shining shoes the very next day.

If due to some reason, the method seems to still not work, you can try using a different quality detergent. There are now herbal and ayurvedic detergents available in the market that are less harmful yet very effective in cleaning shoe stains.

Aim for the ones that have those red and blue capsules in them. Such detergents also said to contain enzymes which are especially aimed at removing organic stains and they definitely work better than a normal detergent.

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These are our 4 proven methods that will definitely help you in removing those stubborn grass stains from your shoes. If one does not work; there is always the other one to try.

In short, whether it is your kids coming in with green shoes or it is a problem of your own daily walk, employing these methods will definitely help you in eliminating grass stains a lot easier. Furthermore, all those favorite shoes of yours that you discard just because they can’t be cleaned anymore can be now used regularly without any issues.

So, are there any shoes that need to be cleaned in the house today? If the answer is a yes, then you clearly know what to do!

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