How to Clean Adidas Suede Shoes – 5 Simple Methods to Shine Your Adidas Gazelle Sneakers

  • By: Edmond Clark
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​Adidas is my favorite shoe brand just like you guys.

Obviously if you are searching for cleaning tips for these shoes, then you must be a die-hard fan of this brand.

When it comes to Adidas suede shoes, you must be talking about Adidas Gazelle sneakers.

Because these Gazelle shoes are made from 100% pigskin leather which also means a suede material in some sense.

Cleaning suede shoes is somewhat trickier as compared to cleaning regular leather shoes.

You would not want to use too much of water as it can ruin the suede material.

The best way to use water for such shoes is to use it through spray bottle.

So, today I am going to teach you how you can clean Adidas Suede shoes with 5 different easy and safe methods.

But before that you need to know why its important to keep your Adidas footwear clean and shiny.

​Why You Need to Clean Your Adidas Gazelle Sneakers Regularly?

Adidas Originals Men's Gazelle Lace-up Sneaker,Black/White/Gold Met.,10 M US

​There are primarily two reasons for this.

First is if you don’t clean them on a regular basis, then the overall appearance of these shoes looks really bad.

The second reason is of course related to your foot health.

If you don’t clean them, your shoes tend to acquire different types of bacteria and germs. This is really harmful for your foot health.

It might cause various bacterial and fungal foot infections and foot disorders such as Athlete’s Foot and Toenail Fungus.

Check out this article from to know more information about these types of foot infections.

I am sure you really don’t want such kinds of foot infections for yourself as well as for others near to you.

So, you really need to be careful and should take care of yourself by cleaning your new and old Adidas suede shoes or Gazelle sneakers on a regular basis.

​5 Easy Tricks to Clean Your Adidas Suede Shoes at Home

​Before you start cleaning your shoes, it is important for you to know that the soft suede exterior of these shoes is very fragile to clean.

You need special care while cleaning these shoes to prevent ruining the material.

​​Method 1: Using Suede Cleaning Kit to Remove Water Stains and Scuff Marks

​The first method that I am going to mention is pretty easy and you can do it at your home.

You will need few things which are mentioned below.

Things You Will Need:

1. Suede & Nubuck Shoes Cleaning Kit

2. Water Spray Bottle

Actual Procedure:

1. First you will need to buy a suede shoe cleaning kit for this method.

Once you get the kit, you will find that there are two things inside the kit.

One is cleaning crepe brush and the other thing is suede cleaning eraser.

2. A gentle cleaning with this brush and eraser is sufficient for your Adidas shoes.

To start the cleaning, first you will need to use a water spray bottle.

Once you spray some water on the shoe, you can use the crepe brush to slowly clean the visible scuff marks and stains on your shoes.

To know more about how to get rid of scuff marks from any shoes, check out this complete guide that I have published on this site.

3. Once you use the brush, it is time to gently use the suede cleaning eraser on your shoe.

I recommend first to keep medium pressure and low friction to prevent any unwanted damage for the shoe material.

4. A cleaning eraser is extremely helpful in removing the stubborn stains and dirt marks as well as scuff marks.

Use it moderately in combination with the suede brush.

I am sure; with this method, you will be able to clean your Adidas Gazelle sneakers very easily and without any damage to its material.

​Method 2: Using White Vinegar to Remove Salt Stains

​Sometimes, your Adidas suede shoes get food as well as salt stains.

These stains are pretty tenacious and can not be removed easily through traditional brush and eraser method.

In this scenario, you will have to implement more powerful cleaning agent.

And what could be more powerful and safe cleaning agent than the vinegar itself.

I recommend you to make use of white vinegar which is more effective than the regular vinegar.

This method is highly effective in case your shoes acquire salt stains in the winter season.

All you need are few following things.

Things You Will Need:

1. White Vinegar Bottle

2. Warm Water

​3. Cotton Cloth

​4. Suede Cleaning Brush

Actual Procedure:

1. First, you will need to buy a white vinegar bottle from the market if you don’t have one at your home.

2. Then take 2 cups of water and mix 1 cup of white vinegar and stir the mixture well to make it cohesive.

3. Now take a soft and clean cotton cloth and dip it into the mixture for some time.

4. Then start cleaning salt stain marks and scuff marks with the cloth slowly.

Try to remove smaller stain marks as carefully as possible.

5. Once you are done, let your shoes become dry for few minutes.

6. And finally, take a reliable suede cleaning brush and slowly clean the remaining visible marks from your shoes.

Method 3: Using Toothpaste and Toothbrush to Clean Dirty Stains

​Another efficient method to clean your dirty Adidas suede footwear is to use toothpaste mildly.

Toothpaste is also effective in cleaning stubborn dirty stains and water marks from suede shoes.

Things You Will Need:

1. White Toothpaste​

2. Soft Bristled Toothbrush

​3. Soft Cotton Cloth​

4. Warm Water Spray

​​Actual Procedure:

1. First you will need to make your shoes a little wet with warm water.

For that, you can use a spray bottle to spray the warm water on the parts of your shoe where dirt and marks are more visible.

2. Then take a white colored toothpaste and apply it gently on the shoe parts which you want to clean efficiently.

3. To apply it smoothly, you can use any soft bristled toothbrush.

But remember not to rub your toothbrush harshly as it can ruin the material of your new footwear.

4. Keep rubbing the brush till you get satisfactory results.

Once you are done cleaning, then take a soft cotton cloth and make it wet with warm water.

Then slowly wipe out the toothpaste and dirt from your shoes.

5. Once you no longer see any stains or dirt marks, then keep it in sunlight for few minutes to make it dry and bacteria free.

I recommend you to watch the following short video to learn how you can use toothbrush and toothpaste solution to clean your Adidas Gazelle sneakers.

​Method 4: Applying Rubbing Alcohol to Clean Scuff Marks and Ink Stains

​Yes, rubbing alcohol is also very effective in cleaning dirtier and more stubborn marks from your Adidas suede sneakers.

You will need following things for this method.

Things You Will Need:

A. Few Cotton Balls​

2. Rubbing Alcohol Bottle

​3. Suede Eraser

Actual Procedure:

1. First you will need to observe carefully which are the shoe parts that are dirtier and need more attention for cleaning.

2. Once you locate those parts, then take a bottle of rubbing alcohol and use it to clean your shoe stains.

3. In case you have ink stains or mud stains, you can clean them with rubbing alcohol.

You need to take few cotton balls and apply the rubbing alcohol solution on your shoe with the cotton balls.

4. Rub it carefully so that the marks become faint or gone completely.

After that, you can use a suede eraser to remove the remaining dark spots or stains.

​Method 5: Using Corn Starch to Get Rid of Oil and Grease Marks

​You will agree on this fact that oil and grease marks are the toughest one to remove from any shoe.

More importantly, your Adidas suede shoes or Gazelle sneakers need special care due to its sensitive suede material.

This is why using a cornstarch is much safer to preserve the material quality of your footwear.

Because it absorbs the grease and oil stains which goes deep into the shoe material.

The procedure for cleaning is as follows.

​Things You Will Need:

1. Corn Starch Powder

​2. Suede Cleaning Brush

Actual Procedure:

1. Most wet oil and grease marks are tough to remove with your traditional cleaning methods.

So, some people strongly recommend to use cornstarch powder which is a very natural and safe remedy.

2. In this method, you will have to sprinkle corn starch powder on your shoes.

Then keep your shoes away for overnight.

3. In the morning, use suede cleaning brush to wipe away all the dirt and oil marks from your shoes.

4. It also helps to remove foul smell from your old and used shoes.

So, you can use it sparingly and without any fear of possible material damage.

​Bottom Line

​There are more than 5 methods that you can use to clean your new and old Adidas suede shoes at your home.

But the above 5 are the most efficient and easy to implement in my opinion.

I am sure you will certainly be able to make your shoes look new and shiny again with the help of these simple hacks.

You can further use Suede Protector Spray on a regular basis to maintain your shoe material and to increase its lifespan.

I have also published 12 simple methods for cleaning white mesh shoes.

You can check it out if you want. Wish you good luck.


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