How to Break in Rainbow Sandals Faster with These 7 Simple Tricks

  • By: Edmond Clark

​I am sure you got pretty excited when you bought your first pair of Rainbow sandals.

But how did you felt when the sandal strap started to hurt your feet?

Some of you might have gotten blisters and skin irritation due to tight fitting of these sandals.

If you really want to avoid these issues, then you must learn how to break-in your Rainbow sandals quickly.

You don’t need any expensive tools to stretch your sandals or to make them more comfortable to use.

You can break in your Rainbow flip-flops easily at your home and without any professional help.

Today, I am delving deep into this topic and will be sharing my easy tricks to break-in any type of Rainbow or leather flipflop.

But before we look at those tips, I want to first tell you what things you should do before you buy any type of Rainbow flip-flop for your feet.

So, I request you to first know about actual sizing of these types of flip-flops and then we will learn the sandal ​break-in tricks.

​What Size Rainbow Sandal Should I Get?

Rainbow Sandals Single Layer Premier Leather Men's Sandal (Expresso) Size 11/12 (XL)

​To become really comfortable in your Rainbow sandals, you first need to buy the right sized sandal for your feet.

To do this, you can check out the official Rainbow Sandals Size Chart published at the company website.

For men, the sandal size varies from small, medium, large to extra large, xx large and even xxx large.

There are basically three main styles when it comes to men’s flipflops viz. North Cove, South Cove and East Cape.

For women, the sizes vary from small, medium, large, extra large, to ladies 10 and ladies 11 size.

Some of the primary Rainbow sandal styles for women are The Bella, Low Cloud, Middle Cloud, The Cottons, Marley, Sophia, Avalon, etc.

When picking the sandal for yourself, you need to first know the actual size of your feet.

You can measure it at your home easily. Read this Wikihow article to know how to do it.

Once you know your exact foot size, then its time to compare it with the official sizes of Rainbow sandals.

With the help of this size chart, you can see how much width and length each sandal has.

Compare it with your foot size and then buy the right fitting flip-flop for your feet.

If you follow these sizing tips to the best of your knowledge, then I am sure you won’t have much issues of breaking in your sandals.

But still there are some folks who face this issue and want the quick fix solution.

So, this article will further help you in breaking in your sandals.

This will also make them as comfortable as possible; quickly and harmlessly.

​7 Easy Tricks to Break in Your Rainbow ​Flipflops at Home

​Method 1: Wet Your Sandals with Water

​Before you say that you can’t wet your precious and expensive Rainbow sandals, I have written an extensive guide about it.

Click here to know why and how to make your Rainbow flipflops wet with water.

​Things You Will Need:

1. Spray Bottle

2. Warm Water

Actual Procedure:

1. Every leather sandal can be broken in easily by making it little wet with water.

However, you should not use too much of water which can lead to stiffness and cracks into the leather material.

2. First take a spray bottle and fill it with warm water. Now start spraying it all over your sandal.

Focus more on the parts where you fill little tightness and brittleness.

3. Now once you spray enough water, wear them and simply start walking in your flip-flops outside your house.

4. When you follow this method for next 1 week, you will see that the sandal strap and leather sole is becoming soft.

This will allow the sandal to conform to your foot size gradually.

Special Instructions: If you fear of leather discoloration, then wipe out the excess water with the help of a soft cloth.

In few cases, you might experience leather stiffness if you put too much of water.

So, avoid too much of water exposure.

​Method 2: Wear Them and Walk in Sea Saltwater

​Yes, I know what would be your first impression! You will say that don’t do it at any cost.

But the fact is these sandals are primarily made to walk in the sea water, on the beaches and in the coastal areas.

Thousands of folks are using them on the beaches on a regular basis and they haven’t complained yet.

In fact, they appreciate this fact that these sandals last longer on the beaches and in the sea water.

​Things You Will Need:

1. Sea Saltwater

2. And Your Feet Wearing Sandals, Standing on the Sea Shore (ha..ha..ha)

Actual Procedure:

​1. You just have to wear these flip flops and will have to stand on the sea shore.

2. Then enjoy the sea water. Stand for few minutes in the sea water.

3. Now start walking in them for next half an hour.

4. You can repeat this process for a week or so. You will definitely see the change such as loosening of the straps and softening of the leather sole.

Special Instructions: Some folks say that the sea saltwater could loosen up the glue which holds your sandal together.

So, you might have to avoid too much of sea water exposure.

If you feel some loosening of the glue then you can apply some good quality glues that are made specially for shoes and sandals.

Watch the following short video where the lady performs this breaking in method.

​Method 3: Squeeze Your Flip-Flops

​This is another effective trick which you can easily do at your home.

You don’t need anything except your hands.

Things You Will Need:

​1. ​Your Hands or ​Some​one ​​Else’s ​Strong ​Hands ​(just joking or am I?)

2. And Your Feet Wearing Sandals, Standing on the Sea Shore (ha..ha..ha)

Actual Procedure:

1. Take your sandals in your left hand and squeeze the stiff leather sole and straps with the right hand.

2. Manipulate a bit with your hand and squeeze the leather sole so that it becomes soft and supple.

You can repeat it for next few days to break in the sandals faster.

​Method 4: Use Leather Conditioner

​There are good quality leather lotions or leather moisturizers available in the market.

You can use them to soften your leather sandals including Rainbow flipflops.

​Things You Will Need:

​1. Leather Conditioner or Leather Lotion such as Sof Sole Leather Conditioner

2. Soft Cloth or Cotton Balls

3. Few Drops of Water

​​Actual Procedure:

1. This method is primarily used to soften the leather of the sandal. First, you will need a good quality leather conditioner such as Sof Sole.

2. Then sprinkle some water on your flipflops. And pour the leather lotion on the cotton ball.

3. Now start applying the lotion on your sandal sole and straps.

4. Do it in gentle manner. Keep repeating this process till the leather of the sandal becomes soft and flexible.

5. Once the material and straps of your Rainbow flipflop become soft, then you can easily walk in them without any discomfort and blisters.

Method 5: Wear Thick Socks and Just Walk in Your Flipflops

This is another common yet very clever method you can apply at your home.

You just need a good quality pair of thick socks for this method to work correctly.

Things You Will Need:

1. A Pair of Thick Socks

2. Your Rainbow Flipflops; Obviously

Actual Procedure:

1. First get a pair of comfortable thick socks and wear them.

2. Now wear your Rainbow sandals and walk in and around your house in them.

3. Repeat this process for half an hour for next 1 week at least.

4. Within a week or so, you will start to feel your sandals more comfortable and relaxed.

5. This means they automatically break in quickly due to thick socks and because of constant walking.

​Method 6: Stretch The Sandal Straps

​This method is helpful in case your skin is rubbing against sandal straps badly.

When you buy a new pair of Rainbow sandals, this happens a lot with folks who get a tighter fitting flipflop.

You can break in these sandals by loosening the straps a bit.

You can do it with the following method.

​Things You Will Need:

Empty Water Bottle or a Tennis Ball

Your Sandals of course

Actual Procedure:

​1. You don’t need anything else in this method except a tennis ball or an empty water bottle.

2. You will have to put a tennis ball or a water bottle under your sandal straps to make them flexible.

3. Do this for few minutes for next 1 week.

This will automatically stretch the straps and it will make your sandals more comfortable to walk.

​Method 7: Apply Rubbing Alcohol and Vaseline

​Rubbing Alcohol is a great solution to soften all kinds of leather footwear.

Vaseline is equally helpful in loosening the straps and footbed of your sandal.

​Things You Will Need:

1. A Bottle of Rubbing Alcohol

2. Vaseline

3. Soft Cloth or Cotton Balls

4. Pair of Thick Socks

Actual Procedure:

​1. Buy a bottle of rubbing alcohol and Vaseline from the market.

2. First apply rubbing alcohol to the sandal straps and the footbed. You can use cotton balls or a soft cloth to apply the solution.

3. Once you are finished, also apply another layer of Vaseline.

4. Now wear a pair of thick socks and start walking in your Rainbow flipflops.

5. You can repeat this process for a week to get the better results.


Breaking in a pair of rainbow sandals is very important to prevent getting blisters and foot pain.

Sometimes you can break in these sandals just by walking in them on a daily basis.

But in most cases, you will have to soften the leather and loosen the straps to make your Rainbow sandals more comfortable to walk.

In this scenario, above 7 methods will help you a lot.

I suggest you to try any single method mentioned above and see the result for yourself.

Good luck!


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