5 Features Your Shoes Must Have To Keep Your Feet Healthy

  • By: Edmond Clark
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According to the article published on Netdoctor.co.uk, wearing uncomfortable and ill-fitting shoes can lead to several short term as well as long term health issues. There are short term health issues such as nail fungus, corns, nerve pain, and athlete’s foot, etc. At the same time, there are long term health problems which can arise due to consistent wear of uncomfortable footwear.

Long term ailments such as back pain, joint pain, fallen arches (collapsed arches), plantar fasciitis, bunions and hammertoes can occur to you if you do not take proper measures while buying new shoes. Therefore, it is utmost important from your overall health and safety point of view that you must wear only the best and the most comfortable footwear for your feet all the time.

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The following are main 5 features that you must look for when buying any kind of shoes for your feet.

5 Best Features You Must Find in Your Shoe for Your Foot Safety

Important Shoe Factors for Healthy Feet

The following are main 5 features that you must look for when buying any kind of shoes for your feet.

Before knowing these features, I also recommend you to watch the following informative video where Mr. J. Robery Faux (MD) provides more insights into what kind of shoes you should wear to keep your feet healthy and disease free.

1. Comfort: Obviously, the first feature you must look for is the comfort factor. To have maximum comfort level in your shoe, you must look for the quality of its material, amount of padding, upper material, rubber quality of the sole, etc.

2. Good Fitting: Most of the young generation today go for the stylish and fashionable shoes. Doing so, most of the times, they do not pay proper attention to fitting factor. The sizing, width, and height of your shoe matters a lot when it comes to safety and security of your feet.

Never wear too narrow or too wide shoes which can cause discomfort. The shoe must fit your feet perfectly so that you will not feel any exhaustion and foot pain later on.

3. Supportive Outsole: The sole of your shoe plays a pivotal role in supporting your feet as well as in providing comfort for your feet. The rubber material quality of your sole is also important in this case. The more flexible, supportive and well cushioned outsole is, the more comfort and safety your foot gets.

4. Strong Cushioning: The cushioning is another more important factor while buying shoes for your feet. If your shoe is not well cushioned, your feet can experience severe nerve pain. This happens especially in case of people who work by standing and walking all the time. More padding is essential in your shoe that provides good cushioning and support for your feet while walking and running in them.

5. Sufficient Toe Box: This is the last but not the least feature which you can not afford to ignore at any cost. Many people do not pay much attention to this feature. Without enough toe box, your toes can not wiggle properly inside the shoes.

This often leads to severe foot ailments such as bunions, plantar fasciitis, etc. So you need to make sure that your new shoes have proper toe box space for comfortable toe movements. We have prepared a list of top 10 shoes for bunions which you can check out by clicking here.


In conclusion, you can say that your new shoes must have the above minimum required features viz. comfort, fitting, supportive sole, good cushioning and large toe box. Without these features, your new shoes can cause several short term as well as long term health problems as mentioned above.

Therefore, to avoid any of these foot ailments and to safeguard your foot safety, you must remember these 5 features while buying new footwear products. We wish you best of luck for your next new shoe purchase.

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