Fake Timberlands vs Real Ones – 9 Tips to Save Yourself from Counterfeit Timberland Boots

  • By: Edmond Clark

Have you ever encountered a fake Timberland boot purchased from some unknown online boot store?

Yes, I know this case has already happened with thousands of unlucky buyers.

Due to tremendous popularity of Timberland boots, there are hordes of cheap quality imitation replicas and fake boots that are coming into the market every day.

These days, identifying fake Timberlands and buying the real Timberland boots is becoming extremely important for every one of us.

If you want to save yourself from the agony of buying fake and counterfeit Timberlands, then you certainly need to know how to identify the real boots and how to avoid the fake ones.

Today, I am providing my best tips that will surely help you to buy the authentic and real Timberland boots and save yourself from getting conned by online scammers.

9 Tips to Identify Fake Timberland Boots vs Real Ones

Before you read the tips, let us first check out the following review video where you will get to see actual fake Timberland boots that are often sold on Ebay and other online fake boot stores.

Check it out.

Tip 1 : Cross Check Authenticity of Online Boot Sellers

This is the very first step you can do to perform verification on authenticity of the online vendor from where you are purchasing the Timberland boots.

I recommend you to purchase them only from the vendors and resellers that are officially authorized from Timberland company.

Some of the authorized and verified online stores are as follows.





Official Online Timberland Store

There are lots of private Ebay sellers who claim to provide real boots at dirt cheap price.

But most of them are usually fake and counterfeit products.

So, my recommendation is to completely ignore private Ebay sellers and almost all Chinese online stores.

Timberland website has its own store locator facility where you can check for the local official Timberland boot retailers and local shoe stores.

Just enter your zip code or current living city or state to locate the nearest official store where you can buy real and authentic Timberland boots.

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Tip 2 : Check for Overall Feel and Craftsmanship Standards

Timberland Mens 6" Premium Waterproof Boot Wheat Nubuck Leather 10.5 D (M)

Most imitation products and replicas are made to match the most obvious and prominent features of the original one.

But in 99.99% cases, these fake and counterfeit boots fail to match the overall feel, weight and detailed craftsmanship of the original manufacturer.

When you receive such suspicious boots at your home, first thing you need to do is to observe them carefully for most obvious features.

Original genuine Timb boots feel nice, sturdy and heavy in terms of its weight and overall look.

If you feel that the leather quality is very poor and cheap, then it is most probably a fake one.

My experience tells that these illegal products almost always have bendable, not so thick and rigid leather quality.

Even some fake sellers imitate the originals but failed to copy it completely. Some even come up with their own version or style when producing these fake Timb footwear.

Real Timberland boots always display the style number and other related information on the back of the tongue and on the inner lining.

You can verify that information with the online boot product description.

It is important for you to first know what are the authentic styles and designs available for the company produced boots.

If you feel the logo or embossing is not correct or stitching is way off or not properly done, then you can directly send an email to the company about these suspicious products.

Timberland company has provided a facility to check such counterfeit boots for all the buyers.

You can directly send an email to counterfeit@timberland.com regarding the online store from where you have bought the product.

Company will tell you whether the site in question is authorized to sell genuine Timberland boots or its a fake site.

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Tip 3 : Look for a Logo Design and Registered Trademark

Timberland Men's 6 inch Premium Waterproof Boot Fashion, Wheat Nubuck, 7.5

Fake product sellers will have improper logo design where you will be able to see that the logo is not properly embossed on the boot.

These fake product logos are usually not properly and clearly visible and the printing is way off or badly done in almost all the cases.

If you see that the circle around “R” in the trademark is smudged or not clearly printed or a tree logo of the company is not visible properly or the lines in the logo are not properly angled and not properly printed, then you can clearly understand that these are fake boots.

Original and genuine Timb boots always have prominent, flawless, and supreme quality logo design on the outer heel side, on the tongue and on the outsole.

On the other side, fake Timberland boots will always have some kind of logo discrepancies in terms of its size, color, design and spacing, etc.

These counterfeit boots usually have the logo which is printed at some weird angle, not very clear, and smudged in terms of its printing.

If you take a closer look at the actual logo design, you will be able to tell the minute differences between the original and fake logos.

Even the trademarked Timberland logo on the outsole can tell you whether the product is genuine and authentic.

The trademark logo is usually very sharp and without any inconsistencies as far as real Timb footwear is concerned.

On the other side, fake ones will have prominent printing issues and inconsistent design flaws as far as registered trademark and logo on the outsole is taken into account.

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Tip 4 : Look for Detailed Boot Stitching Pattern

Timberland Women's Nellie Double Waterproof Ankle Boot,Wheat Yellow,5 M US

This is the most important sign where you can surely spot the difference between fake and real Timb boots.

If you carefully look at the stitching pattern of this boot, you will realize that there are exactly four rows of stitches on the boot.

All of these rows are exactly parallel to each other, neat and cleanly woven.

Every stitch is evenly spaced out from its next stitch line.

It is like 100% perfect stitching pattern in real and authentic boots.

On the other side, counterfeit boots almost always have this uneven stitching which is not all the time parallel to each other.

Authentic boots always have this even spacing stitching pattern on all the locations where these stitches are visible.

Especially, if you look at the curvature at the back of the heel or near the laces, you will be able to spot this difference more prominently.

At these places, most fake boots are not properly stitched and they always fail to produce quality craftsmanship at such spots.

And you will also see that at some points there are pulls in the stitching pattern which does not happens at all in case of original boots.

One more thing that I spotted in fake products is most of them use too dark or too light color stitches on the boots which is not the case in real Timb boots.

Authentic boots always have the same color stitches as that of the boot color or white stitches to display the neat finishing.

So fake boots at all times have this inconsistent and low quality stitching pattern which is a major sign of counterfeit product.

And you need to always pay attention to this stitching pattern to identify the unauthenticity.

You can also watch the following video where you will get to know more about how to look for right stitching pattern on real Timberland boots.

Tip 5 : Inspect the Product Box Carefully

The packaging box in which you receive your boots also matters a lot when it comes to identifying forged products.

Official company shoe boxes display the actual logo and trademark of Timberland company.

These boxes are always made from recycled material which are completely eco-friendly in nature.

At both the sides of these boxes, you will properly be able to see the product information such as boot size, color, dimensions, weight and other relevant information.

If you see some discrepancies in the product information and if it mismatches with the boots you receive then you can consider it as not legitimate product.

Tip 6 : Check out for Flimsy Eyelet Tags

Timberland Men's 6 inch Premium Waterproof Boot Fashion, Wheat Nubuck, 11

Many unauthentic boots come with products tags that look very flimsy and thin.

Legit Timb boots do come with high quality, little heavy tags. These tags display real, authentic logo embossing.

Fake boots always display smudged logo with incorrect details.

Some of these not legit products even come with tags that showcase barcodes.

This is a complete no-no when it comes to original Timberland boots.

Because they never showcase any kind of bar code on their eyelet tags. Instead, these tags always have company official logo and trademark only.

Tip 7 : Check for Cheap Inner Lining and Poor Outsole Quality

Inner lining material quality is usually really cheap when you get the fake Timb boots.

You will feel the inner lining very flimsy and low quality when you actually touch it with your hands.

Also, if you pay attention to the outsole of real and fake boot, then you will clearly see the difference of quality and logo printing.

Many fake products print registered mark of circle “R” at inappropriate places and that too with blurred or smudged print.

Authentic Timberland boots always have their logo and trademark prominently and clearly printed above the heel of the sole.

Timberland Men's 6 inch Premium Waterproof Boot Fashion, Wheat Nubuck, 7.5

Real boots do come with clean and transparent bottom which you can see through easily.

The word “Timberland” is written on the outsole very neatly and you can always read it very clearly and prominently.

This is not the case when you buy counterfeit Timb footwear.

The sole of the fake product is usually made from cheap rubber material and also of a different color than the original one.

On the other side, you will see really high quality premium rubber material used for the outsole of real boots.

If you want to discover how to clean these boots with the help of vinegar, then check out our vinegar cleaning guide for Timb Boots.

Tip 8 : Check for Poor Quality Laces

Timberland Men's 6 inch Premium Waterproof Boot Fashion, Wheat Nubuck, 11

Real and genuine Timberland boots come with high quality, durable nylon laces which do not get tangled easily.

Cheap quality fake boots always have flimsy and low quality thick laces that bunch up easily.

The tips of laces of real boots are always burnt out and not tipped with low quality plastic and tape.

Fake products always come with cheap quality laces whose tips are taped with either tape or plastic material.

So, look for these signs when you buy these boots from either offline or online store.

Tip 9 : Finally Verify The Style Numbers

Timberland and every other well known shoe company produces unique styles of their shoe brands.

There are usually product numbers that are associated with each unique style.

You can check and verify whether your boots have the same style number written on it or not.

If there is a different style number than the company official number then most probably it’s a fake product.

You can check these style numbers on the official website of Timb boots.

The Conclusion

Buying the real and genuine Timberland boot is your right as a consumer.

You don’t want to waste your hard earned money on purchasing fake boots at all.

I am sure these 9 tips will definitely help you to compare counterfeit boot from the real one.

Remember these tips when you shop for your favourite Timberland boots online and you will never get conned or scammed again.

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