Top 3 Adidas Damian Lillard Shoes of 2018 Reviewed

  • By: Edmond Clark

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What’s up guys? Today we are reviewing top 3 best Adidas Damian Lillard Shoes of 201​8. The one expression that comes to my mind when I look at these shoes is awesome man! The shoes like Adidas Damian Lillard 1, Lillard 2 and Dame 3 are superb when it comes to performance, cushioning, traction, fitting and overall support.

We have researched for some of the best versions of D Lillard shoes and publishing our top 3 versions for Adidas Damian Lillard shoes in 2018. So without further delay, let’s get to it.

Table of ContentsReview of 3 Best Damian Lillard Basketball Shoes of 2017No. 3: Adidas Damian Lillard Dame 3 Shoe ReviewNo. 2: Adidas Damian Lillard 1 Shoe ReviewNo. 1: Adidas Damian Lillard 2 Shoe ReviewWhere to Buy Damian Lillard Basketball Shoes?Damian Lillard Shoes Unboxing VideoLatest Pictures of Damian Lillard Shoes

Review of 3 Best Damian Lillard Basketball Shoes of 2018

No. 3: Adidas Damian Lillard Dame 3 Shoe Review

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Adidas Damian Lillard Dame 3 Shoe Review


Yes, at no. 3 we have [easyazon_link identifier=”B01MRCK4Y5″ locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]Damian Lillard’s third signature basketball shoe[/easyazon_link] for review. Here is my performance review about this shoe.

a. This shoe has got the Chinese New Year logo at the back.

b. It also showcases roof 15 graphics along the midsole of the shoe.

c. On the inside, you have got the Werring The Letter O insole.

d. On the upper, you have got the Dame logo and Dame signature.

e. The outsole of the shoe is made from quality rubber material with blade pattern.

f. The traction of this [easyazon_link identifier=”B01MRCK4Y5″ locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]Dame 3 shoe[/easyazon_link] does not disappoint at all. It gives much better grip and traction as compared to Dame 2 shoe.

g. It has multi-directional outsole pattern that helps you to stop and move quickly while playing basketball.

h. However, you will need to perform some wiping on the outsole while playing on the basketball courts. Despite of this, the amount of traction you get from this Dame 3 version is excellent by all means.

i. The upper is made from highly breathable mesh material. It is molded with TPU coated yarn material as well which provides much higher durability.

j. The Bootie construction standards gives secure and snug fitting for your feet. It has more wide and open entry for your feet to get fit safely and comfortably.

k. The upper material is highly flexible and it stretches well so that you get a very well custom fit. This enhances the comfort level which you need most in the basketball sport.

l. The soft and comfortable textile lining in the inside increases the support and comfort of the shoe.

m. The mid-foot overlay on the both sides of the shoe gives you different lacing options. You can lace your shoes any way you want to enhance the comfort factor.

n. The support and cushioning feature of this Dame 3 shoe is at par with some of the top basketball shoes in the market right now.

o. Due to the super wide entry of this shoe, sometimes you need to lace your shoes pretty tight. This could be uncomfortable for some folks who have smaller sized feet.

p. The bounce cushioning setup of Dame 3 is amazing to mention here. This bounce setup is much better than the other top basketball shoes in the same price range of this one. This cushioning is really useful for you which aids you in high jumps and air boost.

q.Damian Lillard Dame 3 shoe runs somewhat big at the length which could be comfortable for people with large feet. For other folks with small sized feet, they need to order shoes with half size down to get snug fitting.

r. The break-in period of this shoe is much quicker as compared to the other popular basketball shoes in the market which is a good thing for players.

s. The pricing of this shoe is pretty competitive when we compare it with the other similar category basketball footwear.

t. Considering all these amazing features and benefits, we give it the rating of 8.5 out of 10.

Watch the following video review of this Dame 3 shoe.

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No. 2: Adidas Damian Lillard 1 Shoe Review

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Adidas Damian Lillard 1 Shoe Review


Next at no. 2 comes the most admired and praised version of Damian Lillard basketball shoe which is known as [easyazon_link identifier=”B01408SDAG” locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]Damian Lillard 1 shoe[/easyazon_link]. This D Lillard 1 footwear is jam packed with number of exciting features which are given as follows.

a. This first generation D Lillard shoe is one of the best looking and stylish shoes in the series.

b. When you wear these shoes, you feel really comfortable. Thanks to its Full Length Adiprene+ cushioning technology. You can watch the following video to understand what this cushioning technology means.

c. The outsole of the shoe comes with famous Herringbone pattern. This design gives you great traction and grip on slippery surfaces. But you also need proper wiping before you start using them on the courts.

d. The material of the shoe is made from high quality leather which is also very soft and flexible on the upper side.

e. This particular D Lillard 1 shoe comes with Sprintframe fitting technology and a proper heel counter. This enhances the fitting factor and gives you snug fit and comfortable playing experience.

f. But in my opinion, heel counter of this shoe is not that much secured when you use them along with the lacing system. Even if you lace you shoes properly and pretty tightly, you can still feel some heel slippage during the play.

g. I think that breathability is pretty average for this shoe. But that doesn’t mean this shoe is not good. In fact, the responsiveness, cushioning, comfort and support it provides to your feet are amazing.

h. Overall if you consider all these features in totality, we can say it is a pretty good quality basketball shoe to use on a regular basis. We give it the rating of 9 out of 10.

You can also watch the following review video of this D Lillard 1 Shoe to understand it better.

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No. 1: Adidas Damian Lillard 2 Shoe Review

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Adidas Damian Lillard 2 Shoe Review


And finally here is our no. 1 most recommended D Lillard shoe which is known as [easyazon_link identifier=”B01JDG01CI” locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]Adidas Damian Lillard 2 basketball shoe[/easyazon_link]. There are several exciting features about this shoe worth mentioning in this review. Those are given as follows.

a. As far as the outsole of this shoe is concerned, it is made from a top quality continental rubber material. The traction this outsole provides to a basketball player on the court is excellent.

​b. The shoe gives you great grip and traction on the court. However, you need to wipe them constantly to maintain the cleanness and thus to maintain its grip on the court.

​c. If the court you are playing on consists of moderate dust, you definitely have to clean your outsoles on a regular basis. This will help you maintain your grip and traction to better levels.

d. Another amazing thing to mention about this D Lillard 2 shoe is its cushioning. The new Bounce rubber cushioning system of this shoe tremendously enhances the cushioning and responsiveness when playing on the court. This Bounce system is very effective in recharging your every step with extra energy.

e. The shoe comes in full length cushioning, it’s really comfortable and it offers high impact protection for your feet on the basketball court.

f. The material used in manufacturing this [easyazon_link identifier=”B01JDG01CI” locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]D Lillard 2 shoe[/easyazon_link] is of premium quality. The textile upper is really flexible and supportive to your feet. The soft and flexible material used in this shoe reduces break in period to a minimum.

g. Fitting is true to size. If your feet are small, definitely order half size smaller shoes when placing your online order.

h. The lightweight heel counter of the shoe keeps your heels contained inside the shoe. It usually prevents untimely slippage of heels while playing the game.

i. The lacing system is also just perfect. It keeps your heels locked in properly and helps in adjusting your ankles in the right manner inside the shoe. The ankle mobility it provides is very comfortable for the user. The two rubber lacing straps do their job perfectly by holding the midfoot down in the desirable way.

j. TPU Heel Counter does the amazing job of supporting your feet while paying the basketball on a court.

k. So the price of the shoe is just close to $100. Considering the features and benefits it offers, this D Lillard 2 shoe goes well beyond our expectations. We give it 9.5 out of 10 rating and highly recommend it to you if you desire a premium quality D Lillard basketball shoe.

Watch the following video to understand the main features of D Lillard 2 Shoe.

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Where to Buy Damian Lillard Basketball Shoes?

Currently the demand for Damian Lillard basketball shoes is very high. Lots of D Lillard fans are desperately trying to get their hands on these quick selling shoes. Several shoe stores and online stores are out of stock due to tremendous demand for these shoes and relatively limited production of this footwear brand.

Some of the best places online where you can try to buy these shoes quickly are,,,, and These sites will provide you certain discount too whenever available. So keep checking out these sites to find out the stock is replenished or not.

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Damian Lillard Shoes Unboxing Video

Hey, check out this video where you will see the unboxing of latest Damian Lillard Dame 3 shoe. This video has been published by the Youtube user named as TheSneakerAddict.

Latest Pictures of Damian Lillard Shoes

To see the latest pictures of Dame 3 shoes, you can check out the article at Otherwise, the best and the most official source to look out for the latest pics of Damian Lillard shoes is the Twitter profile of D Lillard, the man himself. You can follow him at @Dame_Lillard .

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