Converse Without Socks – Do You Really Wear Socks with Converse Shoes?

  • By: Edmond Clark

​Wearing Converse without socks is really a big trend these days.

Recently I had a serious discussion with my friend about whether to wear socks with my shoes or not.

Few months back, I purchased new Converse shoes and wanted to try them without socks.

But he suggested me not to do that. I had few arguments with him about this topic.

Then I decided to research about this issue a bit more on the internet.

And this is how I found this article on

This article basically says that wearing shoes without socks can have more chances of germs and bacterial infection for your feet.

In fact, there are three times higher chances of germs infection which is what that scientific study says.

So, Do you wear socks with Converse shoes? The answer is profoundly “Yes”. You will have to wear good quality socks with your new or old Converse shoes and sneakers. This will keep your feet infection free for sure. Plus these socks can be a strong fashion statement as well.

​5 Disadvantages of Not Wearing Socks with Your Converse Shoes

​Before we discuss more about best socks for Converse, let us have some serious discussion about drawbacks of not using socks with your shoes.

1. Bad Smell:

Yes, this is the number one reason why you should always wear good quality and breathable socks.

If you have sweaty feet or smelly feet, then your feet are surely to spread a foul smell in the vicinity wherever you go.

That is really embarrassing and bad impression of your overall personality in the other’s eyes.

So, first reason why you need to wear socks is to prevent bad smell or foul smell coming from your sweaty feet.

2. Bacterial Infection:

The research which I mentioned earlier has produced surprising results so far.

Your regular Converse canvas sneakers tend to get 3 times more germs on the upper when used outdoors.

Your shoes also tend to get more mildew and mold when you do not clean them on a regular basis.

In such situations, if you wear them without socks; then it could really affect the overall health of your feet.

The bacterial infection can affect your feet when you do not wear socks.

So, I strongly recommend to use them with your Converse sneakers no matter where you are.

3. Increased Chances of Fungal Infection:

If the upper of your shoe is not properly breathable, then it can lead to excessive moisture, bacteria and heat inside the shoe.

And this is not good for your feet.

On the other side, if you have really sweaty feet; too much of sweating can result in fungal infection if you do not wear breathable socks.

Some of these infections can lead to foot ailments such as Athlete’s Foot. (Source)

4. Lacks Comfort and Support:

A pair of thick socks can offer good comfort and cushioning for your feet.

Socks are great when you work long hours and walk a lot and stand for long hours.

They help in getting maximum comfort. Plus, they offer good cushioning and support.

If you walk long hours with just your Converse shoes, then you will realize how painful and uncomfortable it is to walk in them without socks.

5. Higher Chances of Getting Blisters:

Then there is always a risk of rubbing your shoes with your little toe or heels.

If your Converse shoe is not comfortable fit, then there are higher chances of it rubbing to your toes, heels and ankles.

This constant rubbing often leads to painful blisters.

If you do not pay attention to them in time, then these blisters can lead to further complicated health issues.

So, it is always better to stay safe than sorry.

By wearing quality pair of socks, you can prevent this uncomfortable rubbing and thus can prevent having blisters.

​What Kind of Socks to Wear with Converse Shoes?

Converse Made for Chucks 6-Pair Pack Multi Stripes 4-10 Women's Shoe

​Now, you know that you need to wear good and reliable pair of socks along with your Converse shoes.

It is time, you should know what types of socks are more suitable or good match for your Converse sneakers or shoes.

7 Main Types of Socks that are Perfect for Your Converse Sneakers:

1. Ankle Socks

2. Short Ankle Socks

3. Knee Socks

4. Crew Socks

5. No Show Socks

6. Low Cut Socks

7. Long Socks

​How to Wear These Socks with Your Converse Shoes?

​I know some folks who still don’t like to show others that they are wearing socks with their Converse sneakers.

I have seen some of them folding their socks down so others won’t notice their socks.

All this is fine as long as you are wearing socks.

1. Wearing No Show Socks:

There is another way to disguise these socks if you really feel that you look dorky with the socks on.

You just have to buy a pair of no show or invisible socks and you automatically solve your problem.

These no show socks are especially important when you wear low top Converse sneakers along with shorts or skirts.

These kinds of socks are also best in projecting your barefoot style.

2. Wearing Ankle Socks for Low Top Converse:

There is this trend of going out sockless in lot of US states.

Some people swear to wear only the shoes to look trendy and fashionable.

I agree the sockless shoes look sometimes trendy.

But as mentioned above, if you are wearing sockless shoes for long period of time, then there is a high chance that your feet can get bacterial and fungal infection.

So, to prevent these issues, you have to wear good quality socks.

If you currently have a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars, then I strongly recommend wearing bold colorful fun pair of socks from ModSocks.

These socks are very soft and easily stretchable in nature. Plus, they fit any foot size comfortably.

When it comes to low top Converse footwear, I think you can wear any regular thick pair of cotton socks.

But if you want to look different than the crowd, then I recommend wearing ankle socks.

This will provide more attractive style for your shoes.

And these socks fit perfectly for Converse sneakers as they appear right above the edge of your shoe.

If you are wearing jeans with your shoes, then it is better not to wear over the ankle socks.

On the other side, I will not recommend wearing any socks if the pair of socks goes above your hemline.

3. Wearing Short Ankle Socks for Hi Top Converse:

In case, you have hi top converse shoes, it looks better to wear short ankle socks.

If you are a lady with a good fashion sense and wearing skirts or shorts, then also short ankle socks look really cool with your overall attire.

4. Wearing Low Cut Socks:

Another perfect match for most Converse sneakers would be low cut socks.

These socks can be easily disguised or stay hidden inside your sneakers.

There are wide colors available for low cut socks.

You can either compliment the color of your sneaker or just make it contrast. Its your choice.

5. Wearing Knee High Socks:

If you love wearing shorts and skirts, then using knee socks could be really fun.

It also looks really fashionable and can increase your style quotient to a great level.

Usually Converse shoes are really flashy and stylish. You can match their style with these flashy rainbow knee high socks.

6. Wearing Crew Socks:

Crew socks can be used to look different than the crowd.

They are available in wide variety of colors and sizes.

If you are wearing jeans or regular trousers, then these Crew socks will look perfect with your shoes.

Attractive colors of these socks will perfectly complement the overall style statement of your Converse.

7. Wearing Long Socks:

Finally, you can also wear long socks which goes above your knees.

These socks look really stylish and cool with your white or black Converse sneakers.

If you are wearing shorts or skirts then these are perfect match for your shoes.

Long socks are ideal for women who want to showcase their flirty style and fashion sense.

​3 Best Socks for Converse Shoes or Sneakers

​I am providing my 3 most recommended pairs of socks below.

I suggest you try them with your Converse sneakers.

I believe they will definitely add more style and will enhance your overall look and personality quotient.

​No. 3: ModSocks Crew Socks for Men and Women

ModSocks Men's Bibliophile Men's Crew Socks in Black

ModSocks is a well known sock brand.

The crew socks from ModSocks are highly soft and stretchable by nature.

These bright colored crew socks are perfect for Converse sneakers.

They look cool and stylish for women who want to wear shoes along with skirts and shorts.

These socks also come with reinforced heel and toe.

I highly recommend them if you want good quality and reliable pair of socks that don’t look too flashy and blend well with your shoes.

Click Here to See Latest Price and Reviews of ModSocks Men’s Bibliophile Men’s Crew Socks.

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​No. 2: Under Armour Low Cut Ankle Socks for Men and Women

Under Armour Women's Essential No Show Socks, 6-Pairs, Color/Assorted, Shoe Size: Womens 6-9

​At no. 2, I recommend to wear low cut ankle socks from another well known brand, Under Armour.

They are made to prevent foot odor and bacterial infection; thanks to its unique ArmourBlock Technology.

They also fit comfortably due to their Flat Knit footbed.

These Under Armour low cut ankle socks come with additional arch support.

At the same time, its material prevents excess moisture collection from your feet.

Plus, they are perfect looking socks for your new Converse shoes.

They look fancy and blend perfectly with your sneakers.

Click Here to See Reviews and Price of Under Armour Women’s Essential Low Cut Ankle Socks.

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​No. 1: Converse Made for Chucks No Show Socks for Men and Women

Converse Made for Chucks 6-Pair Pack Multi Men's Shoe Size 6-12

​And at no. 1, I strongly recommend to use Converse Made for Chucks No Show Socks.

They are made for both men and women.

These pair of socks are specially perfect for Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Sneakers.

This invisible sock comes with reciprocated heel which keeps it in the right place.

There is this padded sole with the socks.

It offers really good performance and high comfort when you walk in your shoes with these socks.

I highly recommend this Made in USA Converse No Show Sock for men and women who love showing their fashion sense with Converse.

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​Ohh, you finally made it this far. Congrats for the same.

So far, we now know that wearing Converse without socks is really a bad idea.

It is not good for your foot health.

There are dangers of getting bacterial and fungal infection.

Plus your feet tend to get blisters when you go sockless with your shoes.

So, its always in your best interest to wear reliable pair of socks with your Converse.

And you can still look stylish and trendy with these socks.

I suggest you to pick any one of the above recommended pair of socks and show the world how stylish you are.

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