5 Best Narrow Calf Boots for Women with Skinny Legs Reviewed with Buyer’s Guide

5 Best Narrow Calf Boots for Women

Do you have skinny legs and narrow calves?

If you are the one with then slim legs, don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed of yourself.

Because according to the article published on PsychologyToday.com, several men find skinny women with slim legs and narrow calves really attractive.

So, the truth is out now.

And you are here to find out the best narrow calf boots for women.

Don’t worry. I have done all the leg work!

And I have researched for the most popular and highest rated women’s boots with slim calves.

So, without further delay, let us get to the main point of this guide.

Comparison of Top 3 Slim Calf Boots for Women

Boot Brand

Main Features

My Rating


​Perfect for Women Having 11 to 13.5 Inches Calf Circumference, ​Soft, Durable & Comfortable Leather Material, ​Ideal for Casual Wear with Jeans & Leggings


​Ideal for 12.5 or 13 inches ​Calf ​Circumference ​Women, ​Good Cushioning & Comfort, ​Buckles and Straps for Adjustable Fitting


​Ideal for Women Having 12.5 to 13.5 Calf Circumference, ​Durable and Comfortable Full Grain Leather, ​Can be Used for Casual Wear All Day


Reviews of Top 5 Narrow Calf Boots for Ladies

​No. 5: Sam Edelman Women’s Penny Equestrian Boot

Sam Edelman Women's Penny Classic Equestrian Boot, Whiskey Leather, 8.5 Wide US

Whether you want to wear for casual city sidewalks or country roads, this classic Sam Edelman Penny Equestrian Boot is perfect for thin legged ladies.

This boot is also available in extended width if you need more room for your feet.

The average calf circumference for this boot measures around 14 inches.

So, if you have 13 inches or 13.5 inches of calf circumference, then this boot is ideal option for your feet.

This classic knee-high riding boot looks really stylish and provides ultimate comfort while you walk in it.

It is made from 100% pure leather material which increases its durability.

Shaft height from arch is about 15 inches.

I think this height is good enough for you if you want to wear a reliable knee-high and slim calf boot.

Heel height is about 1.25 inches which is also pretty sufficient for ladies who don’t want high heels.

There is a full zipper along with a snap tab. It makes it more comfortable to wear this boot quickly.

Another good thing about these boots is they can be stretched to certain extent using some simple boot stretching techniques.

If your newly bought pair is slightly tight fit then you can apply some of the above mentioned stretching techniques to obtain the right fitting for your feet.

The only downside of this boot is its ankle support. It somehow lacks a little in the ankle comfort department.

If you have ordered slightly tight fit boot size, then you may encounter this uncomfortable ankle fitting issue.

You can eliminate this problem by ordering the boot 1 inch or at least half inch higher sized boot than your actual foot size and width.


a. ​Great for motorcycle riding and casual wear

b. ​Ideal for women with 13 inches or 13.5 inches calf circumference

c. ​True to size fitting

d. ​Premium leather material

e. ​Full length back zipper for quick wear


a. ​Little bit uncomfortable in ankle support

b. ​Toe area may be larger than expected

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​No. 4: FRYE Women’s Jayden Button Tall-SMVLE Riding Boot

FRYE Women's Jayden Button Tall-SMVLE Riding Boot, Black/Multi, 8 M US

Frye is a well-known boot brand across the globe. This particular Frye Hayden Button Tall SMVLE Riding bootis extremely comfortable for narrow calf women.

Shaft height is about 16.5 inches from its arch.

Heel height is about 1.25 inches which is ideal for women avoiding high heeled boots.

The calf circumference of the boot is around 14 inches.

Again this is an ideal option for ladies who have 13 inches or 13.5 inches of calf circumference.

This riding boot comes with side zipper facility and dual pull tabs.

These features make it comfortable to wear the boots faster.

The heel is made from stacked leather.

It is highly durable and provides good support and stability for your feet.

These Frye boots are highly comfortable to walk in once you get the right sized pair.

Its pretty good match for women with thin legs and smaller calf width.

The only issue I found with this boot is its somehow narrow ankles.

The outsole is little bit slippery too. So you may have to walk cautiously in rainy seasons.

I also recommend you to look for any possible scratches and gouges on the leather.

If you see them, kindly return them quickly to get a new pair without scratches.

It makes them look bad.

So avoid any boots that arrive with already made scratches.


a. ​Gorgeous looks and premium craftsmanship standards

b. ​Ideal for women with 13 inches or 13.5 inches calf circumference

c. ​Pretty comfortable to wear due to its zipper facility

d. ​Large enough toe area for comfortable wiggling

e. ​Most suitable to wear with skinny jeans and leggings


a. ​Slippery sole in rainy seasons

b. Narrow ankle support

c. ​Takes little longer to break-in

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​No. 3: Cole Haan Women’s Tennley Buckle Knee-High Boot

Cole Haan Women's Tennley Buckle Knee-High Boot, Chestnut, 6 B US

At no. 3, I have ranked Cole Hann Tennley Buckle Knee-High Boot for Women for few important reasons.

The main reason is its low calf circumference.

The boot calf circumference measures around 13.5 inches.

So if you have really slim calves, say about 12.5 or 13 inches, then this is an ideal choice for you.

The shaft height is about 17.25 inches and heel height measures up to 1 inches only.

This is a knee-high boot with pull-on design style.

There is a silver tone buckle at ankle side and snake embossed straps at the boot opening area.

The heel of this Cole Haan boot is low stacked in nature.

If you don’t like to wear high heeled boots, then this is a good option for your feet.

The material of the boot is made from durable and comfortable leather material.

It also offers good cushioning which is well complemented with Nike Air technology.

The best thing about this boot is it matches with all types of casual dress styles like your skinny jeans and leggings.

The fitting is also true to size which is a good thing for women having thin calves.

The straps and buckles look stylish and pretty when you wear the boots.

You can adjust the buckles to get perfect fitting for your slim calves.

The thing which I really disliked about this Cole Haan knee-high boot is that its extreme narrowness.

Although the opening is comfortable to wear for skinny calves, the boot length itself is little too narrow.

It becomes difficult to completely fit your foot inside the boot.

I also feel the leather is somewhat more tough to break-in quickly.

If you want some tips to quickly break-in your leather boots, then check out this guide about breaking-in Birkenstock shoes.


a. ​Ideal for women having 12.5 or 13 inches calf circumference

b. ​Stylish looks and attractive buckle design

c. ​Good cushioning and comfort while walking

d. ​Matches with all types of casual wear

e. ​Provides proper fitting adjustment through buckles and straps


a. ​Leather is hard and takes time to break in

b. ​Boot itself is very narrow and uncomfortable for women having wide width feet

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​No. 2: Ariat Women’s York English Country Boot

Ariat is one of the favourite boot brands when it comes to wearing stylish knee-high boots.

This specific Ariat York English Country Boot for Women is ideal for ladies with skinny calves.

It comes with plethora of features that makes it perfect choice for slim calf women.

The first thing is its calf circumference is about 13.5 to 14 inches.

So if you have calf circumference ranging from 12.5 inches to 13.5 inches, then this riding boot provides the right fitting for your feet.

It is made from 100 percent full grain leather material which is durable and comfortable to wear all day.

The side zipper and leather wrapped footbed are the two things that enhances its look and style.

This Ariat slim calf boot is also equipped with ATS technology as well as non-marking Duratread sole.

The outsole is highly slip resistant and offers great foot stability as well.

This Equestrian-style boot is ideal for city walks and casual wear on a daily basis.

Its shaft height is about 15 inches from arch and heel height is just 1.5 inches.

What I really liked about these boots is their comfortable footbed and leather material.

They are perfect fit for women having 12.5 to 13.5 inches of calf circumference.

What I don’t like is its unpolished leather look which seems to have creases and some markings.

The company says they should not be considered as defects.

Some people have also complained about the zipper quality. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

The zipper does not fit properly over the calf for few women that have bought tight fitting boot.


a. ​Highly durable and comfortable full grain leather material

b. ​Stylish looks and ideal for casual city walks

c. ​Perfect for women having 12.5 to 13.5 inches of calf circumference

d. ​Outsole is slip resistant and offers good foot stability

e. ​Can be used all day without any discomfort and foot pain


a. ​Zipper quality must be improved a lot

b. ​Leather seems to display creases and markings

​Check out the following review video to understand unique features of this Ariat boot.

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​No. 1: SoleMani Abigail Slim Calf Women’s Leather Boot

SoleMani Venetian Slim Calf Women's Leather Boot 13"-14" Calf Size Black

Solemani is no. 1 brand when you want to wear top quality, durable and comfortable narrow calf boots for women.

Especially, this SoleMani Abigail Slim Calf Leather Boot is perfect fit for women with skinny calves.

If your calf circumference is about 11 inches to 13.5 inches, then you must use this boot.

The calf circumference range of this boot is from 12 inches to 14 inches.

Extra slim range is also available when you shop for this brand.

The shaft height of this knee-high boot is around 15 inches.

The fitting is perfect and true to size for most sizes which are provided in the size chart in the product description details.

It is made from rich butter soft leather which is highly comfortable and durable too.

There is elastic strap on the calf area and buckles on the ankle area.

Both of them make it easy to get desired fitting for your feet.

The calf area is stretchable so that you can get required stretching if you feel it is little bit tight around your calves.

I also liked the zipper which goes all the way down to the boot.

It makes it really comfortable to wear the boot quickly and take it off faster.

The inner fleece is really soft and comfortable for your feet which every lady loves a lot.

I also loved the bottom sole which is not just flexible but very durable too.

It offers great support and grip as well.

What I don’t like about this boot is little tightness around the toe area.

May be it is the problem of inappropriate sizing issue.

Any ways, apart from this minor issue, I did not find any major downsides of this boot.


a. ​Perfect fitting for women having slim and extra slim calves

b. ​Ideal for casual wearing with jeans, leggings, and long pants

c. ​Leather material is soft, durable and comfortable to wear

d. ​Inner fleece is really soft and well cushioned

e. Zipper and calf straps provide adjustable fitting

f. ​Outsole is highly flexible and comfortable too


a. ​Little tight in toe area

b. ​A bit pricey

​I recommend you take a look at the following video to understand the unique features of this SoleMani boot.

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​Buy​er’s Guide for ​Finding Best Quality Narrow Calf ​Boots for Women

​What are Narrow Calf Boots?

​This is the question some people ask in online forums.

So, I thought of answering this query in the beginning.

Basically, the answer is pretty straightforward.

These are the boots that are perfect fit for women or men having slim calves.

Usually, there are ankle boots, mid-calf boots, narrow-calf boots, wide-calf boots, knee-high boots and over-the-knee boots.

All these boot varieties are popular worldwide.

But women who have very slender calves, find it difficult to get a good pair of boots that can fit perfectly for their feet geometry.

This is where narrow calf boots having calf circumference from 11 inches to 14 inches plays an important role.

These types of boots are good match for women and men who have slim calves.

​What is the Circumference of a Narrow Calf Boots?

​Basically, the circumference of a narrow calf boot is a measurement of inside of the boot at the largest part of your upper calf area.

Your regular tall or knee high boots have on an average 15 inches circumference.

But if you have slim calves, it becomes somewhat difficult to find the right pair that can provide proper fitting.

The circumference of narrow calves women usually tends to range from 11 inches to 14.5 inches.

There are mainly 4 types of measurements that matter when you shop for perfect slim calf boots.

Those are heel height, shaft height, calf circumference and ankle circumference.

For getting right pair, you need to know all these measurements in the proper manner for your feet.

When it comes to measuring the circumference, you not just have to know the circumference of the top area of the boot but also need to measure the circumference of widest part of your calves.

There are several boots available in the market that offers slim calf or narrow calf footwear.

Most of them offer circumference area ranging from 12 inches up to 14 inches.

​How to Measure the Circumference for Perfect Fitting of Slim Calf Boots?

There are some simple methods you can implement at home to measure the circumference of your calves perfectly.

With the help of a measuring tape, you can take reading of the widest part of your calf.

For more information on how to exactly take reading of your calf circumference, read this guide.

Once you know your exact calf circumference, then try to get a pair of slim calf boots that have slightly more or one size larger calf circumference.

This is important because to walk comfortably in these pairs, you need at least half inch or one inch empty space in between your legs and your boots.

To learn exactly how to measure your calf circumference, you can watch the following video.

Here, I also like to add an important note.

You will have to measure not just one but the calf circumference of both of your legs.

Because a lot of men and women have difference measurements when it comes to their calves.

If you have body height less than 5 feet 4 inches, then I recommend you get a pair of boots that are at least 1.5 to 2 inches wider calf circumference than your actual calf measurements.

​What are the Brands that Produce Best Quality Boots for ​Skinny Calves Women?

​Finding the right pair of thin calf boots can be a tedious task if you don’t know where to look for in the first place.

Getting a boot that fits perfectly for your skinny calves is like winning a lottery for many women.

It can become easier if you are aware about the shoe companies that manufacture the best slim calf boots.

I have done some in-depth research for the same.

In the process, I found out that the best brands that make the top quality, reliable and comfortable boots for women with narrow calves are very few to mention.

Some of the most reliable brands are SoleMani, Sam Edelman, Frye, Ariat, Cole Haan, Duo, Ralph Lauren, Franco Sarto, Coach, Caprice, Stuart Weitzman, Steve Madden, and Naturalizer.

These are some of the top brands that I have found people talk a lot about.

They are reliable, durable and comfortable to wear.

I strongly recommend you to try any one of the top 5 boots that are mentioned in the beginning of this guide.

​How to Wear Slim Calf Boots the Right Way?

The first thing that needs to remember is a fitting factor.

If these types of footwear are not snug fit and comfortable then it will be a painful and irritating experience for you.

To wear these boots properly, they need be snug fit and less baggy in nature.

I always prefer knee high boots with zipper feature rather than over the knee without zipper boots.

Zipper provides adjustable fitting and comfortable wearing experience.

Lace up as well as button style boots are also ok if you want to present yourself more fashionable and stylish.

Any color dress and jeans look great with slim calf boots.

Black color dress specially look amazing with these types of boots.

To avoid untimely sliding down and sagging of these boots, you can first wear a good quality leg warmer.

And then wear your slim calf boots on them.

This will definitely prevent sliding and sagging of these boots.

It looks more attractive and stylish when your boots do not sag or slide down.

Also, look for whether the boots are true to size or one size larger than your actual calf circumference.

This is important from fitting point of view.

Another trick you can use is to pull down your leg warmer a bit to fill out the gap in between your feet and your boots.

By doing this, you can get more fashionable look. And you can keep your boots in the right place (not let them slide down).

I recommend you to watch the following video where you will see some interesting ways to wear boots for skinny legs ladies.

​What to Wear with Narrow Calf Boots?

I don’t consider myself a fashion advisor.

But what I have seen other folks use and what looks good for them, I can provide my own suggestions or observations for you.

If you want to your slim boots to look stylish and enhance your overall personality, then follow the below mentioned 5 styling tips.

1. Wear floral dress with velvet or black colored boots.

2. Black shirt along with mini skirt and slim boots provides great formal look.

3. Wear beige colored A-line skirt along with grey sweater and black slim calf boots in the winter season.

4. A white t-shirt, blue jeans and brown or burgundy colored slim boots offer great casual look.

5. For more attractive looks, wear lace silk dress, long camel sweater and black narrow calf boots.

For more inspiration on the styling of your boots, check out fmag.com article.  

Although this guide is for mid calf boots, you can apply these tips for your slim calf boots too.


​I want you to read the buyer’s guide from start to end.

This will provide you a very good idea on how to find the best narrow calf footwear for your feet.

Follow the advice given here.

And choose any one of the top 5 boots that are mentioned in this guide.

I am sure you will certainly get what you require the most as per your preferences.

If you want to know the best harness boots for women, then click here to check out my guide.

Click here to see top 10 most affordable motorcycle riding boots.

Best of luck.

10 Most Comfortable Steel Toe Boots Reviewed with Buyer’s Guide

Most Comfortable Steel Toe Boots Reviewed

Before you see my carefully researched and top rated 10 most comfortable steel toe boots, I recommend you to first read my buying guide.

I am sure this guide will definitely help you in making more informed buying decision.

This will certainly make you pick the most appropriate steel toe boot that will suit your working environment perfectly.

Reviews of Top 10 Most Comfortable Steel Toe Boots

In this section, we have carefully researched and reviewed various reviews of the past customers.

Most of them have already shared their views and opinions on various online forums.

We have gone through those reviews carefully and have come up with our top 10 list of the most comfortable steel toe boots.

Here is our little video showing our 5 top rated highly comfortable steel toe boots reviewed.

Kindly know the fact that these are our own opinions which are based on the current customer reviews provided on the forums.

Now this is very much clear… lets don’t waste the time and move on to our most exciting part of this article.

No. 10: Rocky Men’s 6″ Mobilite Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boot

Rocky Men's Mobilite Six Inch Steel Toe Work Boot,Brown,12 W US

At no. 10 comes the Rocky steel toe boots.

As we all know that Rocky is one of the world leaders when it comes to occupational and outdoor footwear products.

This company is manufacturing high quality steel toe boots since last 70 years.

This particular Rocky Men’s 6 Inches Mobilite Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boot is equipped with ASTM F2413-05 Electrical Hazard Standard steel toes.

This is one of the highest quality standards used in the boots for the protection of toes.

When it comes to comfort and durability, I must say Rocky boots rock the stage.

As we are reviewing here the most comfortable steel toe boots, Rocky certainly deserves its top 10 entry.

These boots are very lightweight and comfortable for daily usage. Its toe box is sufficiently wide which provides enough room for comfortable toe movements.

Its Mobilite outsole provides the boot the required lightness and swiftness and it is oil resistant too.

Rocky’s waterproof system fortifies your feet against dampness and wetness which helps to keep your feet warm and dry.

Verdict: Recommended for People Looking for Comfortable and Lightweight Steel Toe Boots.

Click Here For Reviews and Price of Rocky Men’s 6″ Mobilite Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boot.

No. 9: Irish Setter Men’s 6″ Steel Toe Work Boot

Irish Setter Men's 83624 6" Steel Toe Work Boot,Brown,8.5 D US

In 1950, Red Wing, the premier bootmaker company introduced 854 boot style which later popularized as Irish Setter brand of shoes.

Irish Setter steel toe boots are very popular among all class of workers and hunters.

This brand of boots is known for its unique outdoor footwear style and modern craftsmanship.

The special thing about Irish Setter Men’s 6 Inches Steel Toe Work Boot is its high quality of steel toes. The steel toe protects you from any type of electrical hazards.

It comes with high standard ASTM rated steel toe protection for your feet just like Rocky boots as mentioned above.

Its lightweight and heat-resistant polyurethane outsole provides great grip and traction on rough surfaces.

If you are working in hot conditions, then this Irish Setter steel toe boot is great for your needs.

Its woven nylon lining is highly breathable and it comes with full grain leather upper that provides lightness and flexibility to your feet.

Its insole can be easily replaced with orthotic insole which is great to provide more comfort and flexibility for your toes and feet.

The only downside of this boot is it is Made in China which is not a bad thing at all. But some people prefer Made in USA boots.

So if you don’t mind purchasing a high quality Made in China boots then go for it.

Verdict: Recommended Comfortable Steel Toe Boots Only for Those Who Do Not Mind Buying Made in China Boots.

Click Here to See Reviews and Price of Irish Setter Men’s 6 Inches Steel Toe Work Boot.

No. 8: Bates Men’s Safety Enforcer 8 Inch Steel Toe Side Zip Work Boot

Bates Men's Safety Enforcer 8 Inch L N Steel Toe Uniform Work Oxford, Black, 7.5 M US

Bates has been manufacturing footwear products since 1885.

Today, it is one of the top most boots manufacturing company in the world. 

It is consistently providing the best craftsmanship, value and market-leading innovative footwear products.

Bates steel toe boots are also one of the finest boots as far as comfort, durability and overall performance is concerned.

Bates Men’s Safety Enforcer 8 Inches Steel Toe Side Zip Work Boot comes with manmade sole and high quality leather material.

The boot is really comfortable and lightweight in nature.

Its stitching is very strong and leather material is highly durable.

Side zipper feature of this boot is very useful and convenient for getting it on and off comfortably.

Whether you are working in an oily environment or in the salty water or in the places full of metal chips and grinded, drilled metal strands; Bates steel toe boots provide the best comfort and protection for your feet.

It also keeps your feet dry and warm in all types of working conditions.

The only weakness of this boot is that it is less resistant to chemicals which is not that much of a great weakness.

Still there is something little to say about it.

Verdict: Moderately Recommended Steel Toe Boots for People Who Love Great Looking Police and Military Style Boots.

Click Here For Reviews and Price of Bates Men’s Safety Enforcer 8 Inch Steel Toe Side Zip Work Boot.

No. 7: Carolina Men’s 6 Inch Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boot

Carolina steel toe boots are known for their industry specific designs and refined construction methods.

Carolina bootmaker company is famous for providing impeccable performance, unparalleled comfort and excellent durability.

When it comes to comfort, stylish looks and high quality performance, you can rely on Carolina boots for sure.

Carolina Men’s 6 Inches Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boot is definitely one of the most comfortable steel toe boots available today in the market.

Its broad steel toe is sufficiently wide for easier and comfortable toe movements.

The boot is 100% waterproof and insulated which keeps your feet warm, dry and happy all the time while at work.

Its pillow cushion insole and steel toe caps provide maximum safety, protection and comfort for the toes and feet.

This boot also provides good traction and arch support due to its steel shank and rubber outsole.

It is also equipped with electrical hazard protection which safeguards your feet against electric current.

The only odd thing about the Carolina boots is they can be sometimes too warm for your feet.

But it is actually a good thing if you are living in a very cold climate. This is the only downside we have found so far.

Verdict: Moderately Recommended for People Who are Looking for Stylish High Performing Steel Toe Boots Which also Provide Great Comfort, Insulation and Protection against Electrical Hazard and Water.

Click Here For Latest Reviews and Price of Carolina Men’s 6 Inch Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boot.

No. 6: Irish Setter Men’s 83906 Wellington Steel Toe Work Boot

Irish Setter Work mens 83906 Wellington Steel Toe Work Boot,Brown,9 D US

When it comes to rich quality leather material, sturdy welt construction, triple stitched seams, proper attention to details and unique craftsmanship, Irish Setter stays top among all other bootmaker companies in the world.

Irish Setter has created its own unique trademark and it really fulfills its promise of delivering real value, comfort and durability to its consumers.

This Irish Setter Wellington Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boot is one of its highest quality steel toe footwear products.

It comes with powerful safety features for your feet which helps you while working in hazardous work environments.

It is highly oil and slip resistant in nature.

It also offers highly breathable and waterproof membrane.

Its ASTM certified steel toe protects your feet from electrical hazards and provides flexibility and safety at the same time.

Its UltraDry feature keeps your boot waterproof and protects your feet from excessive moisture and sweating. 

The only weak point for this boot is its break-in period.

It takes a considerable time to break-in these boots which I think can be reduced to some extent by applying some easy at home tricks.

If you want to know how to quickly break-in your shoes and boots then check out my another guide I wrote a while ago.

Verdict: Moderately Recommended Steel Toe Boots for Those Who Like Wearing Irish Setter Boots and Need Quality Construction, Comfort and High Durability.

Click Here For Latest Reviews and Price of Irish Setter Men’s 83906 Wellington Steel Toe Work Boot.

No. 5: Wolverine Men’s Raider 6-Inch Steel Work Boot

Wolverine Worldwide Inc. is a very popular USA based footwear manufacturer company.

It is producing high quality footwear products since 1883 and its headquarter is located in Rockford, Michigan. Wolverine steel toe boots are known for their superior looks, quality, style, comfort and timeless craftsmanship standards.

Wolverine Men’s Raider 6 Inches Steel Work Boot is made to withstand all types of toughest working environments.

Still the boot is highly comfortable and highly beneficial for people who work and stand all day without much breaks.

Its padded collar and full grain leather construction offers added comfort for your feet.

The safety steel toe of this Wolverine boot is ASTM rated which is one of the highest quality standards for steel toe boots.

The boot also offers great protection against electrical hazards and foot injuries.

It is highly flexible and properly insulated which offers flexible and comfortable toe movements.

The only thing I wanted to specially mention here is that the boot is Made in China.

Verdict: Highly Recommended Steel Toe Boot for People Who Like To See Flexibility, Comfort, Durability, Safety, Style and Looks All in One Boot.

Click Here For Latest Reviews and Price of Wolverine Men’s Raider 6 Inches Steel Work Boot.

No. 4: Dr. Martens Men’s Ironbridge Steel IM Boot

Dr. Martens - Men's Ironbridge Steel Toe Heavy Industry Boots, Black, 11 M US

Dr. Martens is a world renowned UK based bootmaker company which also produces various types of clothing, luggage and shoe care products.

Dr. Martens is also known by the names such as Doc Martens, Docs, Doctor Martens and DMs. Dr. Martens steel toe boots are distinctly known for their unique upper shape, air-cushioned sole and welted construction.

Dr. Martens Men’s Ironbridge Steel IM Boot offers excellent looks, style, comfort and durability.

The boots provides superior electrical shock absorption quality and additional insulation from the ground.

Its unique steel cap protects your feet from minimum 15kn compression force and 200j impact.

This Dr. Martens steel toe boot is really good in terms of its air cushioned sole which provides further shock absorption.

Its water resistant upper material increases protection of your feet from extreme weather conditions and water damage.

The boot also reduces the injury risks which may happen due to accidental slip and falls in the working environments.

These boots are great fitting and highly comfortable in nature.

Verdict: Highly Recommended for You if You Love Dr. Martens Boots That are Highly Comfortable, Durable, Stylish and Safe for The Feet.

Click Here to See Reviews and Price of Dr. Martens Men’s Ironbridge Steel IM Boot.

No. 3: Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 6″ Safety Toe Boot

Thorogood 804-4203 Men's American Heritage 6" Classic Plain Toe, Safety Toe Boot, Black Walnut - 14 D(M) US

Thorogood steel toe boots is our no. 3 most comfortable steel toe boots choice.

The reasons are obvious for this one. If you look at the amazing customer reviews, you will realize why we have ranked it at no. 3. 

Thorogood owner Albert Weinbrenner started the company operations from Germany in the year 1892.

Since then the company is manufacturing high quality and specialized boots for several trades.

When it comes to Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 6 Inches Safety Toe Boot, you will easily realize that the boot is a great fit and true to the size varieties available.

Its sole is slip resistant and steel toe is ASTM standard.

It protects you feet from electrical hazards.

The boot’s removable insole is highly ventilated, breathable and shockproof in nature.

The boot also comes with a fiberglass shank which provides great arch support.

One of the most unique features of this Thorogood steel toe boot is its highest quality Goodyear welt construction and use of top quality, full-grained and oil-tanned leather material.

Its cushioning sole is highly comfortable and it absorbs shock easily.

Its rubber lug provides resistance against oil and accidental slip while rubber midsole offers a great cushioning for your feet.

Padded collar and tongue of this boot increases the comfort factor and its steel ribbed shank gives more stability while walking through uneven and rough surfaces.

And finally, the best thing about Thorogood steel toe boots is they are fortunately “Made in USA”.

Verdict: Greatly Recommended Made in USA Steel Toe Boots With Much Superior Construction Quality, Amazing Comfort, Durability and Protection for People Working for Long Hours.

Click Here For Latest Reviews and Price of Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 6 Inches Safety Toe Boot.

No. 2: Caterpillar Men’s 2nd Shift 6″ Steel Toe Boot

Caterpillar mens Second Shift Steel Toe Work industrial and construction boots, Dark Brown, 10.5 US

Caterpillar steel toe boots are manufactured by Cat Footwear Inc. which is famous for producing authentic, rugged style and highly comfortable footwear products.

Caterpillar boots are in general known for their extreme quality, durability, breathability and strength features.

Caterpillar Men’s 2nd Shift 6″ Steel Toe Boot is our second rated most comfortable steel toe boot.

This boot comes with Goodyear welt construction and sturdy lace-up front which provides great durability and fitting for the feet.

Its nylon mesh lining keeps away any type of moisture and its Climasphere sock liner keeps your feet warm and dry in all types of cold and hot working environments.

Its outsole is highly slip-resistant in nature which provides great grip and traction in the rough terrains.

The boot has a round steel toe which fits well with almost all types of foot sizes.

Its full grain leather construction is of really high quality and its nubuck upper is useful for achieving proper breathability.

Verdict: Caterpillar Steel Toe Boots Tops Our List of Most Comfortable Steel Toe Boots.

Customer Reviews are Really Great. It’s Very Highly Recommended for You If You are Working for Long Hours.

Click Here For Latest Reviews and Price of Caterpillar Men’s 2nd Shift 6″ Steel Toe Boot.

No. 1: Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss 6″ Steel-Toe Boot

Timberland PRO Men's Pitboss 6" Steel-Toe Boot, Brown , 9 D - Medium

Timberland steel toe boots is our no. 1 most comfortable steel toe boots in the ranking.

The reasons are obvious. You can even find the reason from the great customer reviews available on Amazon site. 

Timberland LLC is an USA based footwear manufacturer company.

The shoes and boots produced by this company are very popular and highly regarded as one of the industry best footwear products all over the world.

This particular Timberland Pro Men’s Pitboss 6 Inches Steel Toe Boot is considered to be one of the most comfortable, safe and strong steel toe boots available in the market right now.

The boot offers wide toe box for comfortable toe movements.

Its steel toe construction fulfills ANSI safety standards.

You will not feel any kind of foot pain even after long hours of consistent working.

This boot also protects you from slippery and wet surfaces by offering good amount of grip and traction on uneven surfaces.

Plus it protects your feet from electrical hazards.

Its removable and contoured sock liner offers a great comfort and protection against blisters for your feet.

If you are looking for the most comfortable, strong, high quality construction and protective steel toe boots then our no. 1 choice is Timberland Pro Men’s Pitboss 6 Inches Steel Toe Boot.

Verdict: Our No.1 Choice for the Most Comfortable Steel Toe Boots.

Obviously You Should Buy Them if You Love Timberland Boots and Want High Safety, Comfort, Breathability, Durability and Strength in Your Working Footwear.

Click Here For Latest Reviews and Price of Timberland Pro Men’s Pitboss 6 Inches Steel Toe Boot.

Buying Guide to Choose the Right Steel Toe Boots for Your Feet

What Do You Mean by The Most Comfortable Steel Toe Boots?

According to the definition provided on Wikipedia.org, steel toe boots are made up of durable and highly protective leather material.

These boots possess protective reinforcement in the front which safeguards your feet against compression and falling objects.

The steel toe boots also have a mid-sole plate which is helpful in protecting your toes against punctures.

The most comfortable steel toe boots are those that can provide your feet the best possible comfort in any type of environment or weather conditions.

Such boots are made up of steel as well as composite materials like Aluminum and Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU).

These types of boots are especially important in the construction and industrial environments.

Therefore, steel toe boots are also known as safety boots or steel capped boots.

Where are These Boots Used Prominently?

Comfortable steel toe boots are conveniently used by professionals who work in the construction industry.

These types of boots are often used by several army, navy, air force and police officers too. 

Several sports professionals as well as fire fighters also make use of such safety footwear.

These types of boots protect your feet from foot punctures, and potential accidents and slips.

They come in various varieties such as sneaker, clog, shoes and boots.

Some of the most popular shoe brands that manufacture these comfortable steel toe boots are Redwing, Timberland, Danner, Wolverine, Caterpillar, Rocky, Doc Martins, and few others.

Are Steel Toe Boots Dangerous for the Feet?

Now this is one of the many misconceptions that people have in their mind about steel toe boots.

Some falsely believe that when a heavy object falls on the toe of your boot, the steel part of your boot gets damaged and injure the toes badly. 

There is a great article which tells us the fact that steel toe boots are not dangerous and in fact provide great protection for the feet.

According to this guest post on Blog4Safety.com, this rumor is completely unfounded.

This article also suggests us that you can protect your feet when you purchase certified steel toe boots.

The fact is these boots are also known as safety boots because they usually go through very rigorous testing before being sold in the market.

The toe caps of these boots are made up of industry standard material and can withstand substantial falling object damage.

These steel caps are manufactured in such a way that they can safeguard your bones from being amputated or broken against falling objects or other accidents.

These facts eliminate the rumors that steel toe boots are dangerous for your feet.

On the other side, they should be used more often by people such as construction workers, army, police and firefighting officers and others who work in the industry where safety of your feet is of prime concern.

What are the Benefits of Using Comfortable Steel Toe Boots?

There are many to mention here. But first know this fact that as per the reports of the National Safety Council, only 1 person out of 4 wear protective footwear who face work accidents.

The safety boots or steel toe boots actually provide your feet the much needed protection, support, comfort, flexibility and strength while at work. 

Some of the most important benefits that you can gain after you start using comfortable steel toe work boots are as follows.

a) Protection of your feet: In the hard labor industries such as the construction field, you need to protect your feet all the time while working.

As mentioned at Workingperson.me site, your toes and feet are always at great risk of injury from rolling and falling objects at the construction site.

In everyday situations, all field workers face physically hazardous conditions.

Your feet can be easily exposed to cuts and punctures in these working environments.

Steel plate present in the safety boots protects your feet from sharp objects such as nails and rocks.

Therefore, by using comfortable and industry standard steel toe work boots, you can really minimize your risk of getting injured in the working environment.

b) Protection against electrical hazards: In some working conditions, people need to work in proximity of high electrical voltage area.

In such conditions, if your footwear is not electric proof then you might be exposed to a great electrical hazard.

Therefore, choosing a best pair of steel toe boots that are electric proof is a very wise decision for people working in these environments.

Such boots protect your feet by quickly absorbing the electric current and sending it through the ground.

c) These boots provide highest durability and comfort for your feet: This is the greatest benefit in my opinion.

High quality and the most comfortable steel toe boots are also highly durable in nature.

These footwear products make use of only the superior quality leather material during the actual manufacturing process.

They can easily withstand any kind of wear and tear without getting broken.

This is why these boots are worth every penny in spite of their cost.

d) They are great for self defense too: One more unique advantage of using these comfortable steel toe work boots is they are bit heavy and can deliver great damage to your opponents.

In any kind of sudden road fights, these boots can prove fatal for your attacker.

One side kick with these boots on your feet can deliver highest amount of physical damage to the person attacking you. So, if you are into self defense, then these boots are great option for you.

Best Features and Characteristics of Comfortable Steel Toe Boots

When you think of steel toe footwear brands, there are several features and characteristics that come to our mind.

Some of the most significant features of these boots are as follows.

1) Comfortable: Obviously, this is the number one feature of steel toed work boots.

In fact, it would not be unwise to say that these shoes are known for their great comfort feature.

At work, you need to have maximum possible comfort for your feet in order to avoid fatigue and tiredness.

The use of high quality, lightweight and durable material makes steel toed boots one of the most comfortable boots available in the market just like the most comfortable work boots for framing mentioned at our site.

2) Durability: Usually, steel toe boots are manufactured with the help of injection molded construction procedure.

The material used for such footwear products is made up of high quality full-grain leather.

Because of this procedure, the boots become highly durable in nature and can easily withstand any kind of wear and tear for at least first 2-3 years.

3) Great grip and traction: These kinds of boots also protect you from accidental slips and skidding in the oily and muddy regions.

The steel toed boot provides highest possible grip and traction on rough and uneven surfaces just like waterproof work boots.

They are highly oil and slip resistant by nature.

4) Lightweight: The steel toed work boots are often made up of lightweight leather and polyurethane material.

These lightweight materials provide you the best possible comfort and flexibility while working in all types of hazardous work environments.

5) Highest support and protection for the feet: The removable arch support liners are used in steel toed boots.

They work as a great support for our ankles, toes and feet.

It also acts as a great cushion for the feet so that your feet stay comfortable and safe during your work.

These boots also possess removable cushioned insoles along with a gel heel pad.

This greatly helps in eliminating knee and back pain and provides great stability and protection for the feet.

Different Types of Comfortable Steel Toe Boots

There are several categories of the most comfortable steel toe boots. Some of the most significant types are provided as follows.

1) Classification on the basis of size requirements: Depending on the size specifications of the boots, they are categorized as extra wide, knee high, low cut, low top, double H, flat sole, youth size, flat feet, high heels and narrow sized steel toed boots.

2) Classification on the basis of climate conditions: Depending on the climate or your surrounding environment, you should choose your boots wisely.

You can find steel toe footwear products that you can use in extreme cold or extreme hot climate.

Insulated, leather and ventilated boots are ideal for hot climate in order to prevent excessive feet sweating.

You can keep your feet warm and dry by using boots that can withstand both hot and cold climatic conditions.

3) Classification on the basis of profession: There are several professionals who need such type of comfortable steel toed footwear.

The boots are also classified on the basis of professions such as navy, army, air force, fire fighters, merchant navy, lineman, horse riding, farming, engineers, EMS, EMT, cowboy boots, cowgirl boots, logger boots, combat boots, paratroopers, SWAT, police, polo players, football players, motorcycle riders, and for hikers.

4) Boots made for relieving diseases: There are certain ailments or diseases that can be relieved or cured by the regular use of comfortable steel toe boots.

Some of those ailments are diabetes, bunions, orthopedic, plantar fasciitis, and arthritis.

There are some boots that can help you get rid of these above mentioned ailments after regular usage.

5) Boots classified on the basis of fashion or latest trend: Depending on the latest fashion or the latest trend in the market, these boots are classified into various categories.

Some of these categories are known as exotic, tactical, combat, Velcro, Vegan (Vegetarian), Vibram sole, Made in USA, waterproof, pull on, slip on, payless, Osha approved, Orthopedic, non-leather, lace up, iron age, Kevlar, foot locker, fire resistant, square toe, dress boots, duty boots, electrical hazard (EH) rated boots, desert boots, cowboy, cowgirl boots and so on.

Best Tips for Buying The Most Comfortable Steel Toe Boots From The Market

Now that we have covered almost all types of comfortable steel toed boots, it is time to know the best way to purchase these boots at affordable cost.

We have gathered some proven tips that can help you buy the best quality steel toe boots which can fit your budget constraints too.

Tip 1: Do not purchase very short or very wide boots – This is the number one mistake most people make while purchasing comfortable steel toe boots.

According to the article of Brian from HanksClothing.com, it is clear that too wide or too short boots can hurt your legs and cramp your toes.

In order to avoid this problem, you must choose the boots that are half size to whole size bigger in length.

Too wide boots in reality can cause your foot to slide forward right inside the shoe and it causes your toes to get cramped easily.

So it is strongly recommended for you to choose the steel toe boots that are longer in length and not too much wide in width.

Tip 2: Choose boots with compact polyurethane midsole and no slip rubber sole – If you are working in oily and slippery regions, you definitely need the boots that can provide safety against oil and other slippery substances.

Lightweight and portable rubber sole provides greater resistance against oil, grease and other slippery elements while at work.

On the other side lightweight compact polyurethane midsole offers greater comfort and shock absorption ability.

Tip 3: Give preference to broad toe steel toe boots – Broad toe steel toe boots provide extra high steel cap along with extra width.

This is great for people who are looking for extra space around the toes while wearing the boots.

If you have feet related ailments such as bunions, arthritis, etc. then broad toe steel toe boots are really great options for the safety of your feet.

The latest toe cap boots are very lightweight and durable in nature.

If you are looking for additional safety and protection then go for these types of boots.

Tip 4: Purchase only branded and high quality boots from popular shoemakers – Now, here comes your own choice.

If you want these shoes on a part-time basis, then you can think of buying cheap alternatives.

But if you want to use these boots on your duty or during your full time work, then you should only buy high quality and branded boots that are produced by recognized shoemaker companies such as Redwing, Wolverine, Rocky, etc.

There are online retailers such as Amazon where you can get large discounts on such branded boots.

The most comfortable and quality steel toe boots can cost you at least $100 – $200 worth of investment.

But believe me, this investment is really worthwhile considering their ability to provide highest possible durability, comfort, flexibility, grip, traction and safety for your feet.

Do not sacrifice quality over price. Consider steel toe boots as an important tool in your everyday work and not just any piece of clothing.

Then you will understand the importance of buying only branded and high quality comfortable steel toe boots.

Tip 5: Buy a quality sock along with the boots – Most people ignore the importance of buying a quality sock for the boots.

There are certain socks available in the market which are specially designed for steel toe boots to be more comfortable.

These socks provide extra cushioning for your toes and the feet. This offers more comfort and safety for your feet.

So it is highly recommended for you to purchase great quality socks along with these boots in order to gain more comfort and cushioning for your feet.

Click Here To Browse Top Quality Socks for Steel Toe Boots.

Wrapping Up

So, this concludes our article for the most comfortable steel toe boots reviews.

If you have any queries or doubts in your mind, feel free to ask them below in the comments section.

We will try our best to answer them to the best of our knowledge.

Do visit our boots reviews blog regularly to find the reviews of top quality boots and shoes used for variety of fields.


5 Best Boots for Line Dancing Reviewed – Dance With Style and Comfort

Best Boots for Line Dancing

​Recently I came across a 2008 National Institute of Health (NIH) study which reveals an interesting results about the physical and social effects of line dancing on older women of age 60 and more.

This study proves that line dancing is not just beneficial for physical improvements but it also helps you to develop your overall personality and social activity as well as community involvement.

There are several positive social and physical benefits of this dance style especially for older aged men and women.

So, if you are interested to learn this dance style, then you definitely need a good quality pair of line dancing boots.

If you are a big fan of line dancing and want to learn the famous Boot Scootin’ Boogie or Bossy Boots or even Blazing Boots line dancing steps yourself, then also you should always opt for a comfortable and supportive pair of footwear for this dance exercise.

This article will cover some of the best boots for line dancing that will aid you in performing this dance safely and without any foot injuries or ankle pain.

These boots also offer the best in class comfort and support for your feet.

This allows you to enjoy your dance sessions without worrying about your foot pain and discomfort.

​5 Best Boots for Line Dancing for Men and Women

​First, we will take a closer look at men’s cowboy boots and then we will review top cowgirl boots for women.

I am sure you will love these boots once you start your dance practice in them.

But before that, if you are in a hurry to check out my top recommendations, then I am providing my no.1 recommendations for men and women.

Check them out.

Ariat Men’s Heritage R Toe Western Cowboy Boot

Ariat Men's Heritage Western R Toe Cowboy Boot, Black Deer Tan, 12 EE US

1. Lightweight & Stable

2. 100% Full Grain Leather Construction

3. Excellent Arch Support & True to Size Fitting

4. Comfortable to Wear for Long Hours

Click Here to See Price of Ariat Cowboy Boot.

​Dan Post Women’s Maria Western Boot

Dan Post Women's Maria Western Boot,Black,8 M US

1. Good Cushioning and Comfortable Footbed

2. Leather Outsole Perfect for Line Dancing

3. 100% ​Flexible and Comfortable Leather

4. Durable in Nature and True to Size Fitting

Click Here to See Price of Dan Post Western Boot.

Reviews of ​5 Top Men’s Western Boots for Line Dancing

​5. Laredo Men’s London Western Boot

Laredo Men's London Western Boot,Black Cherry,11 D US

​Laredo is one of my favorite cowboy boot brands. Specially, this Laredo London Western Boot for Men is more suitable for line dancing because of its 100% leather and synthetic sole.

Its heel height is about 1.75 inches and it comes in 4 different colors viz. tan, black, burg and black cherry.

Plus, it is very affordable and looks really attractive for line dancing performance.

Its fitting is great and it offers higher comfort for dancing activities.

You can also insert padded insoles to get more comfort during long dancing sessions.


a. ​Very affordable price range

b. ​Offers good comfort for longer dancing sessions

c. ​Leather is easily stretchable and moulds to your foot faster

d. ​Sturdy built up and more durable in nature

e. ​Style and look wise these boots are great for line dancing


a. ​Takes a little more time to break in due to synthetic sole

b. ​You need to order half size or one size larger than your actual foot size

​Click Here to See More Reviews and Price of Laredo London Cowboy Boot for Men.

​4. Tony Lama Men’s Vintage Smooth Ostrich Western Boot

Tony Lama Men's Vintage Smooth Ostrich, Antique Tan, 11.5 EE US

Tony Lama is my next favorite brand when it comes to quality cowboy boot for line dancing.

This specific Men’s Vintage Smooth Ostrich Cowboy Boot is made from 100% premium quality leather material.

It is 100% Made in USA boot and its leather sole is perfect for line dancing activities.

Heel height is about 1.5 inches. So, its also good for moving and performing various dance moves.

I also liked its broad square toe which offers enough space for comfortable toe movements and does provide more support for your toes.


a. ​Stylish vintage ostrich pattern that attracts people’s attention

b. ​Leather sole is perfect for sliding and spinning without any hindrance

c. ​Broad square toe offers good comfort and prevents toe pain during longer dance sessions

d. ​100% Made in USA brand and its leather quality is excellent

e. ​Heel height is perfect for line dancing exercise


a. ​A bit over priced

b. ​Half size larger boots. Its width is much wider than expected. So, order your boot accordingly.

​Click Here to See Latest Price and More Reviews of Tony Lama Men’s Vintage Smooth Ostrich Western Boot.

​3. Laredo Men’s Hawk Western Boot

Laredo Men's Hawk Western Boot,Brown/Gold,8.5 D US

Made from 100 percent leather and synthetic material, this specific Laredo Hawk Western Boot for Men is perfect for line dancing.

Because it is stylish and very comfortable at the same time.

Though it has a synthetic sole which is slip resistant to some extent, I still believe it is sufficiently slippery enough to dance comfortably.

You can still move, spin and slide in these boots without any difficulty.

Its heel height is about 1.5 inches and shaft height is 12 inches.

Its unique design makes it stand out among the crowd.

Therefore, if you are looking for a quality and stylish dancing western boot with a synthetic sole then I recommend to choose this one.


a. ​Very durable due to its intricate stitching and leather synthetic material

b. ​Highly stylish and attractive due to its snip toe design

c. ​Synthetic sole gives you comfort of sliding, spinning and dancing effortlessly

d. ​Fits like a glove

e. ​Highly comfortable and supportive for your feet


a. ​Some people have complained about its poor construction as it is Made in China

b. ​Less durable

​Click Here to See Latest Price and Reviews of Laredo Men’s Hawk Western Boot.

​2. Dan Post Men’s Milwaukee 13 Inches Western Boot

Dan Post Men's Milwaukee 13 inch R Toe Western Boot,Black Cherry,9 D US

Dan Post is my number one loved brand when I think of shopping for best cowboy boots that are Made in USA.

This particular Dan Post Milwaukee 13 Inches Cowboy Boot fulfills all the conditions that are required for line dancing sessions.

It is made from 100% leather material. Its sole is also made up of leather which is our prime necessity when we choose boots for dancing.

Its heel height is perfect for dancing which is about 1.5 inches. Its shaft height is 13 inches which is ok for our requirements.

Its other notable features such as dual pull tabs and scalloped topline only makes it more convenient and comfortable to wear and dance for long hours.

There is internal cushioning as well which makes this boot highly comfortable to wear for extended time period.


a. ​Supportive leather sole makes line dancing easier

b. ​100 percent leather material makes it more durable and supportive

c. ​Perfect shaft height and heel height for dancing

d. ​Comfortable cushioning and dual pull tabs make it easier to wear and dance

e. ​Tonal embroidery on the shaft makes it more attractive and stylish


a. ​Get scuff marks very easily. But you can remove those scuff marks with these homemade cleaning methods.

b. ​Shaft is somewhat stiffer. But you can also make it soft by stretching the leather.

Click here to see some easy methods to stretch leather boots at home.

​Click Here to View Price and More Reviews of Dan Post Men’s Milwaukee 13 Inches Western Boot.

​1. Ariat Men’s Heritage R Toe Western Cowboy Boot

Ariat Men's Heritage Western R Toe Cowboy Boot, Distressed Brown, 11 D US

At no. 1, obviously I have ranked Ariat brand which is the best shoe manufacturer when it comes to quality cowboy boots.

Specially this particular Ariat Heritage R Toe Western Boot for Men is ideal for folks who love to perform line dancing on various occasions.

Although, it is not made in USA, it is still really good in terms of its leather construction.

Yes, it is made up of 100% leather material.

Its sole is made from synthetic material. But don’t worry. It is not completely slip resistant.

It will allow you to comfortably move, spin and slide when you perform on the stage.

These boots are also highly stable thanks to its ATS technology.

They will offer good balance and support while you dance.


a. ​Lightweight and highly stable which is good for balance and composure in line dancing

b. ​Outsole is durable and supportive for sliding and spinning

c. ​Well cushioned footbed and full grain leather is comfortable

d. ​Excellent arch support and fitting is perfect

e. ​Very comfortable to wear and dance for long hours


a. ​Narrow shaft can cause discomfort for people with wide calves.

I recommend to look for wide sized cowboy boots if you face this issue.

b. ​Stitching in the sole is not perfect

​I recommend you to watch the below video to discover why men love to wear this Ariat Heritage R Toe Boot.

​Click Here to See Latest Price and Reviews of Ariat Men’s Heritage R Toe Western Cowboy Boot.

​5 Top Women’s Line Dancing Cowboy Boots

​5. Old West Women’s LF1529 Western Boot

Old West Boots Women's LF1529, Tan Canyon, 7 B US

When you search for a reliable pair of women’s cowboy boot for line dancing then the first brand which you should look for is Old West.

I recommend specifically this Old West LF1529 Western Boot for Women.

Obviously, the primary reason for this recommendation is its high-quality leather construction and leather sole.

Its leather sole is perfect for spinning, moving, sliding during your dance sessions.

The boot opening is around 13.5 inches and its heel height is about 1.5 inches.

This is ideal height for comfortable dancing.

However, if you want perfect fitting for your feet, then the company recommends to order half size larger than your actual foot size measurements.


a. ​Full leather lining and distressed leather upper provides higher comfort

b. ​Can be used with jeans and skirts easily

c. ​Cushioned leather insole offers higher comfort and support during dancing

d. ​Leather outsole allows you to slide, spin and comfortably move during dance sessions

e. ​Its reinforced shank provides extra stability and support


a. ​Some people complain about its thin leather quality. It could lead to lower life span of your boot.

b. ​Heel, toe and Ankle areas may rub on your feet sometimes.

If you experience this issue, then I recommend to check out this guide to reduce the rubbing of your boot on your toes.

​Click Here to See Price and Reviews of Old West LF1529 Western Boot for Women.

​4. Durango Women’s Classic 11 Inch Western Boot

Durango Women's RD4112 Classic 11" Western Boot,Wild Tan,7.5 M US

At no. 4, I have rated Durango Classic 11 Inches Western Boot for Women.

The reasons for the same are simple and straightforward.

Although it is imported boot, it is made from 100% genuine leather material.

Its outsole is not completely leather but made from synthetic material.

It still allows you to comfortably spin, slide and move your feet as you wish during a line dance workout.

Its leather quality is really good and therefore, it is highly durable and comfortable to wear.

Heel height is around 1.75 inches.

So, if you want slightly higher heel, then this is a perfect boot for your feet.


a. ​Fitting is true to size and offers higher comfort

b. ​Leather welt construction is highly durable and gives you good support as well

c. ​Well cushioned insole also comes with flex forepart. It offers more comfort and support

d. ​High heel height and synthetic sole gives you good chances to freely move and spin during dance sessions

e. ​Less break-in time and looks stylish with jeans and skirts


a. ​Mostly suitable for ladies with large calves​

​Click Here for More Reviews and Latest Price of Durango Women’s Classic 11 Inch Western Boot.

​3. Tony Lama Women’s Tan Goat Cross TC1002L Boot

Tony Lama Women's Tan Goat Cross TC1002L Boot,Tan Saigets Worn Goat,6 B US

Tony Lama cowboy boots are usually handcrafted and made with premium durable leather material.

This Tony Lama Tan Goat Cross TC1002L Women’s Western Boot is perfect for ladies who want high performance, durable and comfortable pair of cowboy boots.

This completely Made in USA boot is made up of 100% genuine leather material. It is highly comfortable and very durable in nature.

Its heel height is about 1.25 inches which is perfect for line dancing activities. The overall construction of this boot is excellent and its fitting is true to size.

Its leather outsole is ideal for dance workouts and you can move comfortably without injuring your feet when you wear these boots.


a. ​True to size fitting

b. ​100% genuine leather construction

c. ​Leather outsole gives your feet good balance and flexibility to perform dance moves comfortably

d. ​Durable and comfortable leather material

e. ​Perfect heel height and good support


a. ​None as far as my research is concerned

​Click Here to See Latest Price and Reviews of Tony Lama Tan Goat Cross TC1002L Women’s Western Boot.

​2. Ariat Women’s Dahlia Western Boot

Ariat Women's Dahlia Western Cowboy Boot, Silly Brown/Chocolate Floral, 6.5 M US

​​Ariat Dahlia Western Boot for Women is one of the best choices for you if you are damn serious about improving your dance performance.

It comes in 2 colors viz. brown and brown chocolate.

This is a comparatively shorter cowboy boot.

If you don’t want to wear long shaft western boots, then this is an ideal pair of boots for your feet.

It is made from 100% genuine leather which is highly durable and comfortable in nature.

Although, it is an imported boot, the quality is not compromised at any level.

Heel height is about 2.5 inches. So, it is little bit higher than my recommended heel height for line dancing.

But some women do prefer boots with higher heels. For them, this is a perfect boot.

Its composite forked shank and Advanced Torque Stability (ATS) technology increase its stability and support for your feet.

Its D toe design safeguards your toes and gives more comfort for long hour dance sessions.


a. ​100% genuine full grain leather construction

b. ​Higher comfort and support for your feet

c. ​Leather sole gives more flexibility and higher chances to perform flawless dance moves

d. ​Stylish and beautiful floral embossing design

e. ​True to size fitting


a. ​Not suitable for women with smaller sized ankles and calves

​Click Here to View Latest Price and Reviews of Ariat Women’s Dahlia Western Boot.

​1. Dan Post Women’s Maria Western Boot

Dan Post Women's Maria Western Boot,Black,8 M US

Finally, at no. 1 Dan Post Maria Cowboy Boot for Women stands tall among its other competitors.

It has all the features that are necessary to have in the best boot for line dancing.

It is made from 100% premium leather material. And its sole is also made from leather which is highly convenient for people wanting to dance on the wooden floors.

The heel height of this boot is little higher which is about 2.5 inches.

But this boot is perfect for women with short height and still want to make a good impression while dancing.

Its leather lining and ultimate flex insole increases its comfort and cushioning level.

At the same time its leather is very durable in nature.

Its stylish Rockstar overlay enhances its overall look and makes it more attractive in the crowd.

This Dan Post cowgirl boot is a perfect match for ladies who have narrow calves and who want to wear skinny jeans during dance sessions.


a. ​Perfect for short and skinny women

b. ​Very comfortable and well cushioned boot

c. ​Made from 100% leather material which is durable and flexible too

d. ​Leather outsole is perfect for line dancing workout

e. ​True to size fitting and highly durable in nature


a. ​Not suitable for women with large calves or wide calves

​Click Here to View Latest Price and Reviews of Dan Post Women’s Maria Western Boot.

​Most Frequently Asked Questions About Line Dancing Boots

​What Features To Look for When Buying Good Boots for Line Dancing?

1. ​Must be Comfortable: The first feature that your dancing boot must have is a higher comfort.

If your boots are not comfortable and supportive, then your feet tend to have pain and discomfort after few hours of dancing sessions.

Therefore, look for the pair which offers more comfortable leather or suede material.

2. Leather or Suede Sole: Most boots with rubber sole or deep treads provide you much higher traction and grip.

These are the two things that prove to be a nuisance or a disturbance while you move your feet during dancing.

Therefore, the sole of your boot must be somewhat slippery in nature.

To perform line dance moves comfortably and without any hindrance, you need to choose the dance footwear that have leather or suede sole.

Sometimes synthetic soles are also ok if they are good enough for sliding, spinning and jumping.

These types of soles aid you in sliding and spinning on the dance floor very effortlessly.

This is the reason you need to opt for the boots that come with either leather or suede outsole.

3. Lightweight and Flexible Material: When you perform line dancing activity, your feet are constantly in motion.

You usually need to do different types of spinning, pivoting, skidding, turning, and shuffling during the dance sessions.

If the boot you are wearing is not lightweight and flexible enough then it can be a burden and harmful for your feet.

Being flexible and lightweight is a necessity for your dance boot.

So, always pay attention to buy a boot that is light and sufficiently flexible.

4. ​Regular or Medium Heel Height: The heel height of your dance boot must not be too high which could be a big problem for your feet.

High heel height boots do not offer proper freedom to perform your dance moves comfortably.

In fact, such boots can restrict your foot movements which can affect your dance performance.

So, it is better you opt for line dancing boots that have regular or medium heel height at most.

Most classic style cowboy boots come with 0.75 inches to 1.75 inches of heel height.

This is sufficient for comfortable dance moves.

5. ​Broad Toe or Snip Toe: When you plan to choose a good quality cowboy boot for line dancing then my advice for you is to always prefer a boot with a broad toe or a square toe.

Round toe or pointed toe cowboy boots are not always a good choice for line dance sessions.

Because they do not offer enough space for comfortable toe wiggling.

Although, you can choose those styles of the boot if you are comfortable in them while you dance.

But you certainly need a pair of boot that has a wide toe or a square toe.

These types of toe styles usually offer proper internal space for your toe movements.

Because of this you can prevent cramps and blisters which sometimes can happen if your boots have rounded or pointy toe style.

What Types of Boots are Best for Line Dancing?

The ideal types for line dancing would be broad toe or square toe cowboy boots for men as well as for women.

I also suggest to wear good quality ankle boots which offer excellent ankle support during the dance sessions.

Most western boots with either leather or suede sole are perfect for line dancing.

Classic style cowboy boots are more preferable in this case as they don’t have high heel height.

So, my recommendation for this type of dance exercise would be leather soled cowboy boots with short to medium heel height.

​Final Thoughts

​Before you go to the market or decide to purchase these boots online, it is important for you to know the necessary features of these boots.

If you are planning to learn line dancing or simply want to master this beautiful dance art, then you certainly need a good reliable pair of cowboy boots.

I recommend to try out any cowboy boot from the above provided list. I am sure you will love them once you start dancing in these boots on the dance floor.

I wish good luck to you for your line dancing journey.





Featured Image Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ter-burg/27858764286

3 Best American Made Cowboy Boots for Men and Women – Only Made in USA Western Boots

Best American Made Cowyboy Boots for Men and Women

​I am sure you will certainly agree with me when I say that using only made in USA branded cowboy boots or western boots give you that proud and fulfilling experience.

Wearing American made cowboy boots is a thing of our nation pride and it gives us that emotional attachment with using only the products that are manufactured natively in our country.

The bitter truth is very few big shoe manufacturers are making their western boots in USA.

To save manufacturing cost and other overhead expenses, most of them are now giving preference to import their boots from other countries like China, Mexico and India.

If you really don’t want to use western boots that are made in China or India or in any other country other than USA, then you have just found the right resource.

After a ton of research, I have found some companies that are still making good quality western boots in USA factories only.

Today, I am providing some of the top brands that produce only the best American made cowboy boots.

I have gone through a great deal of research to find these quality western boots for men and women.

I hope you will love these boots once you start wearing them.

So, without further delay, let us delve into the list of top 3 made in USA cowboy boots for men as well as for women.

​Top 3 Men’s American Made Cowboy Boots

Boot BrandMain FeaturesMy RatingPrice
No. 1: Justin Boots Women’s Classic Western Boot​​​​Excellent for Female Bike Riders, Well Cushioned and Comfortable Midsole, Durable Leather Material9.5 / 10Click Here to See Price and Customer Reviews
No. 2: ​​​​​Tony Lama Boots Women’s Stallion 7906L Western Boot​​​​High Construction Standards, ​Comfortable Leather Material, ​​Higher Arch Support 9 / 10Click Here to See Price and Customer Reviews
No. 3: Justin Boots Women’s Bent Rail 11 Inches Broad Square-Toe Cowgirl Boot​​​​Perfect for Narrow Feet Ladies, ​Comfortable & Durable by Nature, ​Handcrafted in USA and Stylish Construction8.5 / 10Click Here to See Price and Customer Reviews

​Top 3 ​Women’s ​Made in USA ​Western Boots

Boot BrandMain FeaturesMy RatingPrice
No. 1: Justin Boots Women’s Classic Western Boot​​​​Excellent for Female Bike Riders, Well Cushioned and Comfortable Midsole, Durable Leather Material9.5 / 10Click Here to See Price and Customer Reviews
No. 2: ​​​​​Tony Lama Boots Women’s Stallion 7906L Western Boot​​​​High Construction Standards, ​Comfortable Leather Material, ​​Higher Arch Support 9 / 10Click Here to See Price and Customer Reviews
No. 3: Justin Boots Women’s Bent Rail 11 Inches Broad Square-Toe Cowgirl Boot​​​​Perfect for Narrow Feet Ladies, ​Comfortable & Durable by Nature, ​Handcrafted in USA and Stylish Construction8.5 / 10Click Here to See Price and Customer Reviews

​Buying Guide for Purchasing Best Made in USA Western Boots

​What Features Should I Look for When Buying Cowboy Boot for Myself?

​There are certain things you should not ignore when shopping for cowboy boots or western boots for your feet.

Some of those most important factors are as follows.

1. Comfort Level:

The comfort is the number one factor for me when I buy any cowboy boot.

If the boot you are wearing is giving you a painful and uncomfortable walking experience, then you certainly need to rethink of using that footwear again.

I know how painful it is when your boot is totally mismatch for your foot size, width and height.

So, it is most important for you to measure your foot size correctly before you buy these types of exotic footwear.

The western boot you will wear must also have a shorter break in period.

To learn how to break in any boot quickly, check out my guide on breaking in Birkenstock shoes faster. You can use the same techniques to break in your new cowboy boot rather quickly.

Once you break in your boots, then they become super comfortable to walk in.

So always go for those boots that have quick break in period.

There are other things that matters when it comes to comfort level of your boots.

Those are good arch support, the support and comfort of your outsole, shaft height and internal lining, etc.

If all these factors are well and good then you surely can be assured about its high comfort level.

2. Construction Standards:

The next most important feature to look for is their overall quality of craftsmanship.

Most made in USA footwear products are built with top notch raw materials and with defect free and more streamlined manufacturing process.

Some cowboy boots are even handcrafted in factories to ensure their highest quality and durability.

You will need to look at few things related to the boot’s construction such as their material quality, stitching level, outsole support, shaft height, comfortable fitting and stylish looks.

If the boot you are choosing fits or even surpasses these parameters, then consider it as a model of great workmanship.

3. Quality of Leather Material:

The third most important factor to think of is the overall quality of leather material used in these boots.

If the leather used is not 100% genuine and not full grain leather then I advise you to stay away from those types of western footwear.

Such types of boots do not last longer and can quickly deteriorate after 3-4 months of usage.

On the other side, genuine, full grain leather is highly durable and provides really good support and comfort for your feet.

Full grain leather is soft and much more flexible in nature. It has lesser break in period.

So the boots that are made from this leather quickly break-in after using them for a week or so.

Due to less break-in period, this leather type is much more comfortable and supportive for your feet. 

It is highly durable in nature at the same time.

Due to all these reasons, I often prefer the boots that are made from full grain leather.

I also suggest you to choose the cowboy boots that are made from only 100% genuine, full grain leather material.

4. Style and Design:

When you look at the modern cowboy boot designs, you will realize there are usually lots of attractive and colorful designs, stitching details and vibrant colors present on the shaft.

This exotic look and style makes your boot very unique and attractive.

If you want to present yourself as a fashionable and modern person, then my suggestion is to choose the western boot that comes with attractive style and unique design pattern.

The external look of your boot tells a lot about your personality and mood.

So, don’t ignore the external aesthetics and design features of your cowboy boot.

5. Size Fitting:

Finding the right size and width of the boot that perfectly fits you is of paramount importance.

If you wear improper sized boot for a long duration, you might end up hurting your feet and it may cause discomfort and certain foot disorders such as bunions and plantar fasciitis.

Some men and women have wide feet while some have narrow sized feet.

Depending on your foot size, you should choose the boot in accordance with your foot measurements.

If you are currently searching for cowboy boots for wide feet women then I recommend you to read my another review of top 5 cowboy boots for wide feet ladies.

When you choose a boot for yourself, I suggest you to choose the one with a bit of snug fitting.

Because most cowboy boots with full grain leather constructions expands and conforms to your feet gradually after few days of usage.

If you choose a perfect sized boot then it might become loose for your feet later on due to its natural expansion.

To avoid these fitting issues, always go for the boot that is half size or one size shorter than your current foot size.

​What Brands of Cowboy Boots are Made in USA?

​There are lots of good quality brands present in the market that manufacture top quality cowboy boots for men and women.

Unfortunately, most of those companies are nowadays have setup their manufacturing process in the other low cost countries such as China, Mexico and India.

From those countries, they import their footwear products to USA.

During this import process, somewhere in order to save the cost and other expenses, they unknowingly compromise the quality of craftsmanship.

But there are some shoe companies present in the market which are still manufacturing their own western boots in USA alone.

These companies have been successful in producing top notch quality American made cowboy boots.

So, the brands of cowboy boots which are still manufacturing footwear products in America are Tony Lama, Double-H, Justin Boots, Chippewa and Dan Post.

These are some of the big names in shoe industry.

There are also some small players which are producing boots in USA alone.

I will not mention them here because they are quite a few to list here.

You can search them online if you want.

​Reviews of Top 3 American Made Cowboy Boots for Men

​I recommend to read these reviews carefully and choose the one that suits your style and preference.

These 3 cowboy boots are made in USA and comes with great leather quality.

Let us have a closer look at them.

​No. 3: Tony Lama Men’s Bay Apache 7902 Cowboy Boot

Tony Lama Men's Bay Apache 7902 Boot,Bay Apache,9 D US

​This particular Tony Lama Bay Apache 7902 Men’s Cowboy Boot is totally made in USA.

The leather quality is excellent.

Shaft height is about 12.25 inches from its arch and heel height is about 1.5 inches.

So this boot is a good choice for bike riders. I loved its leather sole which comes with stacked leather heel.

It is highly supportive and durable in nature.

Its handmade construction represents a great workmanship standard.

You can use them on a daily basis without any discomfort.

These boots manage bumps, abrasions and scrapes really well as compared to the other average leather cowboy boot brands.

I also liked the fact that these boots break in quickly.

So you won’t have to struggle much in the initial days to make them comfortable to wear.

Plus these boots look really stylish and attractive.

The stitching is done seamlessly and that has made them reliable and durable to use for long period of time.

What I disliked is its toe design.

It is little bit long and pointy which might be uncomfortable for some guys who want roomier toe boxes for their boots.

One more thing that I would like to mention is that these boots are little tighter for people who have narrow feet.

If you have narrow sized feet, you will have to order one size larger for comfortable fitting.


a. ​Completely Made in USA boots

b. ​Quality handmade craftsmanship

c. ​100% genuine full grain leather construction

d. ​Quick break-in period and comfortable to wear

e. ​Very stylish and attractive design


a. ​Toe design is pointy and tighter

b. ​Not suitable for narrow feet guys

Click Here to See Latest Price and Reviews of Tony Lama Men’s Bay Apache 7902 Cowboy Boot.

​No. 2: Double-H Boots Men’s 12 Inches Gel Ice Safety Toe Western Boot

Double H DH1592 Mens 12 Inch Gel ICE Work Western Boot

At the second position, I have placed Double-H Boots 12 Inches Gel Ice Safety Toe Western Boot for Men.

This is also an American made boot with lots of good features.

One of the unique features of this Double H western boot is its Ultra Welt system.

There is a specially designed Gel-Cell insole inside the boot that provides a lot of comfort for your feet.

It also helps to get good cushioning for the ball of your foot and reduces heel strike.

This insole is highly breathable in nature.

It is also equipped with unique Vitalize footbed that offers good shock absorption for your feet.

This Made in USA footwear offers best comfort because it comes in true to size fitting.

There is a safety toe that provides good protection for your toes while working in these boots.

This mid-calf cowboy boot is ideal for male workers.

You can even use them for daily wear and casual outdoor activities.

The only drawback of this boot which I feel is its leather quality.

The leather of this boot is somewhat stiff and it takes more time to break-in.

But once you break-in these boots, they become comfortable to work.

One more thing that I noticed is the outsole of this boot is not so durable as compared to the other boots in this category.

You will need to resole after six months if you use these boots rigorously.


a. ​Immensely comfortable to work in

b. ​Stylish and attractive design

c. ​True to size fitting

d. ​Highly breathable and offers good cushioning

e. ​Durable build quality


a. ​Stiff leather takes more time to break in

b. ​Outsole is not so durable

Click Here to See Latest Reviews and Price of Double-H Boots Men’s 12 Inches Gel Ice Safety Toe Western Boot.

​No. 1: Justin Boots Men’s Bent Rail Cowboy Boot

Justin Boots Men's Bent Rail, Rough Rider Tobacco/Dutch Red, 11 D US

At no. 1, obviously Justin Boots rank due to their exceptional build quality, durable leather material and very exotic looks.

The following features are responsible for making Justin Boots Bent Rail Cowboy Boot for Men the top choice for Made in USA male western boots.

The very first special thing about this Justin boot is its attractive style and variety of color combos.

There are more than 25 different colors available for you to choose.

Plus they look really stylish and fashionable.

The special features like Justin Jel Insert, J-Flex and JST make this boot extremely comfortable and durable by nature.

Its heel height is 1.25 inches and shaft height is around 11 inches from its arch.

At the same time, it comes with square toe and stacked heel features.

This makes it very strong, supportive and protective for your feet.

The distressed leather is genuine and 100% authentic.

It offers great flexibility, quick break-in period and durability.

The outsole is also made from leather and other synthetic material.

You can resole it easily if it damages after consistent usage.

I really loved its overall look because it seems to be getting lot of nice complements from other folks.

You will feel like you are wearing a comfortable sandal when you wear these boots.

What I don’t like about it is its little tightness feeling in the square toe area.

Being a square toe western boot, it must offer comfortable toe box.

But I think this boot needs to get little more space in the toe area.

And the boot seems to be little narrow for wide feet men.

So, you might have to order one size larger than your actual foot size.


a. ​Highly comfortable walking experience

b. ​Leather quality is excellent

c. ​Looks really stylish and comes in wide varieties of colors

d. ​Made in USA with top Justin Boots technology

e. ​Fitting is true to size


a. ​Little narrow sized; may not be suitable for wide feet folks

b. ​Instep size is small, need to have more space in toe area

​I highly recommend to check out the following review video to get much clear idea about its high performance and top notch construction quality.

Click Here to See Price and Reviews of Justin Boots Men’s Bent Rail Cowboy Boot.

​Reviews of 3 Best Made in USA Western Boots for Women

​Now that we have seen top cowboy boots for men, its time to take a look at 3 best American made cowgirl boots for women.

I am sure you will like these boots and will try one of them to see how wonderful they look on your feet.

​No. 3: Justin Boots Women’s Bent Rail 11 Inches Broad Square-Toe Cowgirl Boot

Justin Boots Women's U.S.A. Bent Rail Collection 11" Boot Wide Square Double Stitch Toe Leather Outsole,Burnished Tan,Black Tan "America"/Turquoise Ponteggio Calf,7.5 B US

​Just like men’s Justin Boots Bent Rail version, these Justin Boots Bent Rail 11 Inches Cowgirl Boot for Women are highly comfortable and durable by nature.

These boots are made from 100% genuine leather material.

This has made the boot durable, comfortable and immensely supportive for your feet.

The sole is also made from leather material.

This is why it is highly durable and comfortable too.

You can even resole it easily once it worn out.

The boot is made from double stitched welt construction system.

This feature has made the boot more durable and protective for your feet.

The total construction is handcrafted in USA and have used complete American manufacturing standards.

Because of these facts, this particular cowgirl boot is something you will feel proud and patriotic once you start wearing it.

Its insole is also highly supportive and comfortable for your feet.

Because it is made from Justin’s specially constructed J-Flex Comfort System insole technology.

What I don’t like about this boot is its fitting factor.

It is not suitable for wide feet women. If you have wide feet, then I suggest you to check out our top 5 cowboy boots for wide feet ladies.


a. ​Perfect fitting for narrow feet women

b. ​Highly comfortable and durable by nature

c. ​Gel insole is super comfortable and well cushioned

d. ​Handcrafted in USA and offers best manufacturing standards

e. ​Looks stylish and has a great stitched welt construction


​Not suitable for wide feet women

​Click Here to See Price and More Reviews of Justin Boots Women’s Bent Rail 11 Inches Broad Square-Toe Cowgirl Boot.

​No. 2: Tony Lama Boots Women’s Stallion 7906L Western Boot

Tony Lama Women's Stallion 7906l Boot,Kango,9.5 B US

​At no. 2 comes, Tony Lama Stallion 7906L Western Boot for Women. 3

Again, it is made from 100% genuine leather material.

Its outsole is also made from leather which makes it more comfortable and durable by nature.

You can resole it easily once it gets damaged after constant usage.

The shaft height is about 11 inches from its arch and heel height is 1.5 inches.

This Made in USA cowgirl boot is ideal for women who love to wear stylish square toe designed western boot.

I liked its consistent and detailed stitching which makes it more durable and stronger.

It offers good comfort and arch support as well.

The square toe design is pretty good for your toes.

However, it seems the color of this boot is little off; might be due to mildew.

The construction standards are pretty high as this is a Tony Lama boot.

Some users have reported the toe design is too pointy for them to be comfortably walk into it.

And if you have thin calves or narrow calf then the shaft of this boot might be too wide for you.

So, I suggest you to choose only the best narrow calf boots for your feet.


a. ​Pretty high construction standards and quality workmanship

b. ​Comfortable leather material

c. ​Detailed and consistent stitching makes it durable

d. ​High arch support

e. ​Attractive looks and stylish design


a. ​Color feels little off

b. Extra pointy at toe area​​

c. ​Not suitable for narrow calves ladies

​Click Here for More Reviews and Latest Price of Tony Lama Stallion 7906L Western Boot for Women.

​No. 1: Justin Boots Women’s Classic Western Boot

Justin Boots Women's Classic Western Boot Narrow Square Toe,Tan Damiana,7.5 B US

​At no. 1, I have ranked Justin Boots Classic Western Boot for Women.

This boot has so many unique benefits and features which makes it most recommended and most in demand cowboy boot for ladies.

Leather material used in this footwear is pretty comfortable and 100% genuine.

The shaft height is about 13 inches from arch and heel height is close to 2 inches.

So these boots are great choice for motorcycle riding and also good option for short height ladies.

It comes with memory foam insole which provides high comfort and cushioning for your feet.

There is also Justin’s trademarked J-Flex Comfort System included in the boot design.

It increases its comfort and support to the next level.

This Justin boot is made from single stitched welt construction and there is a leather lining present.

All these features enhances its ability to provide long time comfort and support for your feet.

The only thing that I don’t like about this boot is its pretty large calf size.

It is a good match for ladies having wide calves but not so good for women with thin calves.


a. ​Extremely good for female motorcycle riders

b. ​Memory foam midsole is well cushioned and comfortable

c. ​Leather quality is durable and comfortable too

d. ​Leather outsole is highly durable and supportive

e. ​Stylish looks and pretty design


a. ​Not suitable for women with narrow calves

b. Needs longer time to break-in​​

​Click Here to See Price and Reviews of Justin Boots Women’s Classic Western Boot.

​​Wrapping Up

​I recommend you to first read our buying guide in this article.

Once you know what features to look for in a cowboy boot; it becomes easy to choose the right western boot which is also made in USA.

You can choose any one of 3 top rated cowboy boots provided above.

For men, I recommend to choose Justin boots or Tony Lama boots.

For women, Justin Boots are great choice.

Whatever boot you choose, it is important that you get the highest comfort, support, protection and proper fitting for your feet.

If you are also looking for a reliable pair of socks for cowboy boots, then I suggest you to read this buying guide.

Best of luck!

Top 5 Best Ironworker Boots Reviewed with Complete Buying Guide

Top 5 Best Ironworker Boots Review

Looking for the best ironworker boots?

Your search ends here.

If you are in a hurry, here is my top pick for you to choose.

My No. 1 Choice: Red Wing Heritage 877 Men’s Moc 8 Inch Work Boot

Red Wing Heritage Men's 8" Classic Moc Toe Boot, Oro Legacy, 9 M US

Many professional ironworkers use this Red Wing Heritage 877 work boot in their daily work routine.

This boot is one of the most popular and reliable work boots which offers maximum comfort, support and safety for your feet while you work.

Click Here to See Price of Red Wing Heritage 877 Men’s Ironworker Boot.

Ok, you are still here! So I guess you want more information. Here it is.

I know how much physically challenging and demanding work is performed by an ironworker on a daily basis.

All ironworkers work on great heights, on the new building constructions sites, on offshore drilling and welding work environments.

They also work in all kinds of harsh weather conditions.

During this hard work, as an ironworker, you certainly need to wear the best safety gear for yourself.

In this safety gear, the first priority should be given to use only the best ironworker footwear.

The ironworker boot is the most important gear which helps to safeguard your feet and provide long lasting comfort for your feet during the work.

Today, I am reviewing the top 5 best boots for ironworkers in this article.

To simplify your selection process, I am also providing a complete buying guide that will help you make the most sensible and practical buying decision.

My Reviews for 5 Best Ironworker Boots

No. 5: Georgia Men’s 8 Inch Wedge Work Boot

Georgia Boot Men's 8 Inch Wedge Work Shoe, Barracuda Gold, 8.5 M US

What I love about this particular Georgia Men’s 8 Inch Wedge Work Boot is its comfort level and stylish looks.

It provides very good support and balance for your feet when you perform iron working jobs.

Especially if you are working on concrete floors, this boot gives you great traction and grip on various kinds of oily and slippery surfaces.

The full grain leather upper increases its durability and reliability for your work.

Goodyear welt construction also enhances its life span.

The outsole of this Georgia work boot provides much better shock absorption ability which is a must have feature for any ironworker.

A steel shank and leather construction of this boot enhances the stability and support factor for your feet.

There is a padded tongue and heavy-duty lacing feature which makes it very comfortable for right fitting and adjusting to the size of your foot.

This boot comes with removable orthotic insert and well cushioned insole.

Because of this, the boot has become really comfortable and you can work in them for long hours, stand in them for all day without getting fatigued more often.

I provide 4.1 rating out of 5 for Georgia 8 Inch ironworker boot and highly recommend it to all folks who want a good, reliable wedge work boot for their ironworking jobs.

Click Here for Price and More Reviews of Georgia Men’s 8 Inch Wedge Ironworker Boot.

No. 4: Irish Setter Men’s 83606 6 Inch Aluminum Toe Work Boot

Irish Setter Men's 83606 6" Aluminum Toe Work Boot,Brown,10.5 D US

If you are looking for some of the best features for any ironworker boot such as premium quality leather material, safety toe, higher heat resistance, and safety against electrical hazards, then don’t look beyond Irish Setter 83606 6 Inch Aluminum Tow Work Boot.

This Irish Setter work boot is built with its trademarked Trout Brook Leather material.

The leather is made in USA and it feels really comfortable working in this boot because of this premium leather.

It is 100% waterproof in nature.

The leather upper comes with moc-toe design which makes it look premium and stylish.

The boot is built with Goodyear Welt construction technology.

Therefore, you can expect this boot to last longer as compared to the other work boots that are not built with this technology.

Its 6 Inch lace up aluminum toe provides very good protection against falling objects when you are at your job.

It is really similar to steel toe boot. Only thing which I felt must be added is extra padding around the toes for more comfort.

As far as safety standards are concerned, this boot is rated for ASTM F2413-11 rating system.

This makes it an ideal ironworking boot to work in electrically hazardous environments.

Plus, the outsole of this Irish Setter work boot is highly heat resistant which can bear the temperature up to 475 Fahrenheit.

I give this boot 4.3 out of 5 rating and greatly recommend it to all ironworkers to wear during their duty for higher comfort and protection.

Click Here for Current Price and Customer Reviews of Irish Setter Men’s 83606 6 Inch Aluminum Toe Work Boot.

No. 3: Timberland Pro Men’s Gridworks 8 Inch Soft-Toe Waterproof Work Boot

Timberland PRO Men's Gridworks 8" Soft Toe Waterproof Industrial & Construction Shoe, Brown Full Grain Leather, 8 M US

Timberland Pro is one of the most reputable and reliable brands for all types of work boots.

I would personally prefer to use Timberland Pro Men’s Gridworks Waterproof Work Boot if I would be working as an ironworker.

As per the opinions of previous buyers who have used this work boot, this Timberland Pro ironworker boot is simply the best industrial and construction work boot out there in the market.

It has several key features that makes it an ideal boot for ironworkers.

Its fiberglass shank gives better structural support for your feet while working on higher heights and in hazardous environments.

8 Inch of shaft height from the arch also provides better security and covers your feet completely while working.

It has entirely waterproof leather upper and its rubber soft toe gives sufficient protection from falling objects.

There is a mesh lining in this boot which prevents odour formation inside the boot.

Its Dual-Density Dynamic Anti-Fatigue Technology provides better comfort and reduces pain as well as discomfort of your feet.

It is also great in providing better shock absorption and higher energy return.

Its flat wedge design offers better ground contact.

At the same time, this outsole gives you enhanced traction and grip on slippery working environments.

This Timberland Pro work boot is ideal for ironworkers who work in cold weather conditions.

Because it provides warmth and protection from cold for your feet.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 and highly recommend this lightweight, sturdy and protective work boot to try for yourself.

Click Here for Current Price and Reviews of Timberland Pro Men’s Gridworks 8 Inch Soft-Toe Waterproof Work Boot.

No. 2: Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 8 Inch MAXWear Safety Toe Work Boot

Thorogood 804-4364 Men's American Heritage 8" Round Toe, MAXWear Wedge Safety Toe Boot, Tobacco Oil-Tanned - 11 D(M) US

At no.2, I have chosen Thorogood brand which is the most favourite choice for several ironworkers today.

Especially, this Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 8 Inch MaxWear Safety Toe Work Boot is among the most popular and the most reliable ironworking boots in the market today.

There are several reasons why this boot is my no.2 most reliable boot for ironworkers.

The very first thing I can proudly say that it is a Made in USA brand. Its fiberglass shank provides high stability and support for your feet during your work.

Its specially designed MaxWear wedge outsole is highly slip resistant in nature.

This means your feet remain safe and secure when you work in oily and slippery conditions.

This boot is well equipped with removable footbed that provides much better shock absorption.

This sockliner is highly comfortable for your feet and offers good cushioning as well.

Its full grain leather is properly tanned and offers very high durability and comfort.

Plus, this Thorogood work boot is designed with Goodyear Welt Construction technology which is a sign of better comfort, reliability and durability.

It takes some time to break in these boots.

But once you get used to it, it becomes really comfortable to use on a daily basis in your work.

I will give this pair of work boots the rating of 4.7 out of 5 and recommend it to all ironworkers who need better comfort and protection for their feet.

Click Here to See Price and Customer Reviews of Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 8 Inch MAXWear Safety Toe Work Boot.

No. 1: Red Wing Heritage 877 Men’s Moc 8 Inch Work Boot

Red Wing Heritage Men's 8" Classic Moc Toe Boot, Oro Legacy, 9 M US

Finally, at no. 1, Red Wing is the most popular brand which is producing some of the best quality ironworker boots since last several years.

I strongly recommend this particular Red Wing Heritage Men’s Moc 8 Inch Work Boot to all industrial and construction workers.

Some of the best features of this work boot are its high comfort level and its better protection for your feet.

Its fitting is comfortable and snug in nature.

This boot is in use since 1953. Since then thousands of American workers have used this boot without any issues.

It comes with Goodyear Welt construction, triple stitches and high traction outsole.

Its full grain leather is of very premium quality and provides much better comfort, support and durability.

The boot is also very lightweight as compared to the other work boots in this list.

Its shaft measurement is about 8.5 inches from the arch.

This indicates that your feet get better protection and warmth in cold weather working conditions.

The overall craftsmanship and construction quality is ten times better than all the previous work boots in this list.

It just takes some time to break in. But once you do it, it provides the best level of comfort and ankle support during your work.

I recommend you to watch the following short review video along with the amazing history behind this boot.

I give this Red Wing work boot the rating of 4.9 out of 5.

You just can’t go wrong with this boot and your first choice must be this work boot.

Click Here to See Latest Price and Reviews of Red Wing Heritage 877 Men’s Moc 8 Inch Work Boot.

Buying Guide To Help You Choose The Best Ironworker Boots

What are Ironworker Boots?

The most important jobs that an ironworker performs are:

a. Welding and burning on top construction buildings

b. Working on structural buildings and bridges

c. Rigging and moving big machineries

d. Reinforcing and post tensioning

e. Offshore drilling platforms

f. Working on metal buildings

g. Building towers and overhead cranes

h. Constructing bank vaults and large security doors, etc.

All of these major tasks involve security threats for an ironworker.

All these jobs require you to wear the best kind of safety gear on your body.

There are specially constructed safety boots available in the market which are ideally suited for ironworking job.

These specially designed work boots are known as ironworker boots.

These kinds of footwear help you to get a firm footing on great heights while you work.

When you pour concrete and reinforce steel bars, you certainly require the top quality, durable and protective pair of ironworker footwear.

Such kind of special footwear offers the best kind of traction and grip for your feet.

The strong outsoles of these boots give you firm grip and avoids accidental slippage and injuries while you work.

These boots usually come with really durable and premium quality leather material.

Such a boot material provides the best protection and injury free working environment for your feet.

It is really important to wear these types of top quality iron worker boots for any person who is working in structural buildings construction.

Why Most Ironworker Boots are Flat?

The kind of work environment where an ironworker works is mostly risky and hazardous to your health.

The first thing that you should look in your work boot is how much safety and protection it offers for your feet.

A boot with big heels is highly prone to accidental slippage and tripping.

When you walk on beams and work on great heights, your boot sole must provide the best amount of grip and traction.

And as an ironworker, you must avoid heeled boots and must give first preference to wedge soled work boot or flat soled boots.

This is where a flat soled iron working boot plays a vital role from safety point of view. It helps you to get a firm grip and traction on any kind of surface you work.

The boot with big heels can not provide good balance and stability when you work on higher platforms.

In this situation, a boot with flat sole gives you much better stability and balance for your feet.

If you work on concrete floors more often, then also an ironworker boot with flat and lugged sole is safer and provides better tread.

Even in slippery, oily and muddy working environments, you will need a boot sole which covers maximum area for your foot and offers much better slip resistance.

This is why best ironworker boots come with a flat sole.

How Do You Choose Only The Best Boots for Ironworkers?

The most important features which makes any ironworker boot the best of the best are provided as follows.

1. Safety Toe Protection: Steel toe or composite toe safety ironworker boots offer maximum protection against falling objects.

Imagine you are working on a very high construction platform and some heavy object falls on your feet.

Ouch! I can not imagine that painful feeling.

This is where a best quality safety toe boot protects your feet against such types of falling objects.

These boots can withstand even 75 pounds of falling object weight.

2. Proper Insulation: If your iron working boot is properly insulated then you don’t have to worry about getting cold feet in freezing work environments.

Insulated work boots provide optimum warmth and protection from cold air for your feet.

3. Right Sizing and Fitting: The sizing and fitting factor also matters a lot.

If your boot is of inappropriate size for your feet, then you will start to feel uncomfortable in it after a while.

You can measure your foot size all by yourself at home or you can go to your local footwear shop and get proper measurements of your feet.

Once you know your correct foot size, then and only then it is wise to order the right sized work boot.

Only the right sized work boot is more comfortable and can provide proper support while doing your work.

4. Boots with Zipper Facility: The most important benefit of having a zipper facility for your work boot is your convenience and speed.

The more convenient it is for you to put on and take off your boot, more better it is for you to work comfortably.

Zippers provide easy access and reduces your time to wear and take off your boots.

They are great for your convenience and comfort.

5. 100% Waterproof: The next most important feature to have in your ironworker boot is the waterproof feature.

Until and unless your boot is not 100% waterproof, you will not be able to work to the best of your ability.

Because the boots that are not waterproof are easy targets for entry of water and dirt inside.

If your feet become wet and dirty at your workplace, then after some time you will not be able to feel comfortable during your work.

Also, wet feet are more prone to bacterial and fungal infection.

You really don’t want any type of infection to your feet, am I right?

6. Well Cushioned Footbed: Many work boots for ironworkers nowadays come with cushioned footbed.

They offer better comfort, support and stability as well.

Cushioning is important from the comfort point of view and you will really not feel fatigued after few hours of work.

That is why your boots must have a well cushioned footbed.

7. Premium Leather Material: Finally, the leather material of your boot must be of premium quality.

Low cost and cheap quality leather do not last longer and also can not provide comfort and support the way you require at your workplace.

Therefore, my recommendation is to go for only the safety work boots that are built with premium quality leather material.

What are the Best Brands for Ironworker Boots?

Some of the best footwear brands that manufacture top quality ironworker boots are Red Wing, Thorogood, Timberland, Dakota, Georgia, J.B. Goodhue, Carolina, etc.

There are other good brands as well who produce best quality iron working boots such as Irish Setter, Viberg, Stompers, and Danner, etc.

I recommend you to buy only from these well known brands.

Although they are somewhat pricey, but they provide the best of the best products and they are reliable, durable, trustworthy and offers maximum protection for your feet.

Now that we have covered most of the important guidelines for buying the best ironworker boots, it is time to choose anyone boot from the above list of 5 top quality safety work boots for ironworkers.

Try them to see the results for yourself.

Final Thoughts

In the end, I just want to say that you read and understand our buying guide first.

And then make your informed buying decision.

You are free to pick your choice from the above provided top 5 best ironworker boots.

In the meantime, if you like my recommendations, kindly feel free to share this article with your other ironworker buddies. 

Best of luck!

5 Best Structural Firefighting Boots Reviewed – Fireproof Boots for Your Foot Safety

Best Structural Firefighting Boots
[thrive_borderless type='image' position='default']https://www.vbmbestreviews.com/wp-content/uploads/Best-Structural-Firefighting-Boots.png[/thrive_borderless]

I always admire the courage and valour of fire fighters. They risk their lives to save and protect our sisters and brothers in need.

If you are a structural firefighter or planning to become one then you certainly need a high-quality firefighting gear. This gear or kit mainly includes a reliable pair of gloves, gas mask, goggles, helmet, face or neck shrouds and fireproof boots.

In this post, I am reviewing 5 best structural firefighting boots that will help you safeguard your feet against all types of fire dangers.

Before you see the buying guide, let me provide my top choice for the best structural firefighting footwear. If you are in a hurry, then this recommendation will help you save your time.

My No. 1 Recommended Structural Firefighting Boot

Thorogood Men's 14 Knockdown Elite Boot

Thorogood Men's 14 Inches Knockdown Elite Firefighting Boot is extremely water resistant, firer proof and cut resistant in nature.

This boot successfully meets all the requirements of NFPA 1971-2013 and NFPA 1992-2012.

I love its premium fire resistant leather material and highly recommend it for all firefighters who need top comfort and foot protection.

Click Here to Check out its Price and Reviews Online.

Buyer’s Guide to Help You Choose the Right Structural Firefighter Footwear

Why You Need a Reliable Pair of Structural Firefighting Boots?

I was reading more about this topic and found the research article online which basically emphasizes the importance of wearing the right type of fire fighting footwear.

This research report says that certain boots worn by firefighters in the past; caused certain health issues such as back, knee and hip injuries.

The researchers found that those boots used were not ankle friendly. This means those boots were not supporting ankles properly which led to certain hip, back and knee injuries while working in hazardous conditions.

Basically, if your boot is not supporting your ankles properly then the shock waves created by high foot impacts, often get transferred to the upper body. Those shock waves affect your hips, knees and back badly when you constantly work in dangerous fire rescue missions.

To prevent these back, ankle, hip and knee injuries, your firefighting boot must provide right ankle support. A fixed ankle boot or flexible ankle boot would be a good choice for all structural firefighters.

What Features to Look for When Buying the Right Pair of Structural Firefighting Boots?

Choosing the right pair of boots for structural firefighters which are not clunky and ill-fitting is really critical and of paramount importance.

The boot you wear must be very durable, comfortable and should provide the best fireproof protection for your feet.

We will take a closer look at the prime features which you should pay attention to while buying these kinds of footwear for your feet.

1. Fireproof Protection: This is the first criteria which your boot must be really good at. It should not just keep your feet dry but it should offer the best kind of protection against fire, water and hazardous chemicals for your feet.

2. Leather Material: Most rubber firefighting boots are heavier in terms of their weight.

Certain research report confirms the fact that there are higher chances of accidental slipping, tripping and exertion when these professionals wear heavy rubber boots.

On the other side, boots made from leather material are usually very lightweight and very comfortable to use. These leather firefighting boots reduce injury chances and exertion to a great extent in comparison with rubber boots.

Rubber footwear also attracts more chemicals whereas leather boots do not accumulate chemicals when you walk through them. Therefore, I highly recommend to choose only the footwear which is made from leather material.

3. Lightweight: Lightness is another important factor as I have already mentioned above. If your boots are heavy then you can get tired very quickly and you consume more oxygen.

This leads to over exertion at your job which often leads to lower energy and higher chances of injuries. Therefore, avoid wearing heavier rubber boots. Instead, opt for lightweight leather footwear.

4. Flexible Outsole: The sole of your boot must not be hard or inflexible. Because studies have confirmed the fact that the less flexible boot sole is, the more oxygen you consume in fire rescue missions.

If your boot sole is not sufficiently flexible, then your metabolic rate tends to increase. This leads to more oxygen consumption and your work performance is badly affected by it.

Therefore, try to choose a boot which is made from leather and its sole is either cemented or stitched. Cemented soles are more preferable than the stitched ones.

5. Comfortable Usage: The research report which is mentioned above also emphasizes the fact that the leather firefighter boots are more comfortable and stable as compared to the rubber boots.

Plus, they offer the best ankle support and reduce chances of ankle, hip, knee and back injuries. In all fire rescue missions, you really don’t want to suffer from painful injuries or a foot pain or even a discomfort.

Instead, your focus must be on eliminating the fire and rescue the fire victims. This is where a comfortable leather boot plays a pivotal role.

6. NFPA 1971 Approved: Another important criteria is to find the boots that fit into the performance requirements set by NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 1971 Code or Standard.

This is the industry standard which has set certain guidelines for firefighters in order to protect them from various environmental, physical, thermal and pathogenic hazards.

It is always beneficial to follow the guidelines set by this association as it has emphasized more on choosing the right pair of firefighting footwear for your feet.

Some of the most important criteria which come under NFPA standards are as follows.

a. The level of heat and fire resistance of your footwear

b. Overall electrical insulation and its ability to resist chemicals such as gasoline, battery acid and hydraulic fluids

c. Its ability to prohibit the contamination caused by blood and body fluids in order to prevent bacterial and viral infections

7. Strong and Durable Upper: The upper material of your footwear matters a lot when you work as a firefighter. Because in most fire rescue missions, your body is exposed to high temperature fire, radiant heat, and various types of hazardous chemicals.

In this scenario, your boot upper must be very durable and should be heat resistant, puncture resistant and cut resistant to prevent foot injuries. In fact, your toe box must also be compression and impact resistant to avoid any toe injuries as well.

8. Puncture Resistant Outsole: The sole of your footwear should be heat and puncture resistant in this case. It should also be slip resistant and should offer good grip and traction on the slippery surfaces.

Abrasion resistance and conductive heat resistance are the other two features which your footwear sole must possess.

9. Presence of Metal or Composite Shank: The metal or composite shank is also essential to make your footwear more durable and stronger for firefighting jobs. It increases the life span of your boot and thus provides the best returns on your investment.

10. Good Ankle Support: As mentioned earlier, it is important for your boot to have the right amount of ankle support.

To prevent all types of ankle, heel, knee and back injuries at these firefighting jobs; you require a footwear that provides really good ankle support and avoids ankle injuries. This type of ankle support is highly important to avoid potential ankle sprains and strains.

Reviews of 5 Most Comfortable Structural Firefighting Boots

5. Cosmas CMF241E-115 Insulated Structural Fire Boots

Cosmas - CMF241E-115 - Ins Struct Fire Boots, Mens, 11-1/2W, 1PR

Cosmas is a well-known brand in firefighting industry. This specific Cosmas CMF241E-115 Structural Firefighting Boot comes with plethora of unique features that are useful for firefighting professionals.

Its Schoeller fabric upper along with KERMEI offers the best level of fire, heat, abrasion and chemical resistance.

This boot's weight is about 8 pounds (around 4 kg) which is still very lightweight in comparison with industry standard boot weights. Lightweight means it will help you manoeuvre faster in dangerous fire environment.

Its triple reinforced pull on straps will make it easier to put on and take off these boots comfortably and much faster.

The midsole is made from puncture resistant material. It also provides really good arch and heel support for you.

The outsole is equally puncture resistant and highly thermal insulated in nature. Full grain leather material of this boot is very comfortable and its mesh design offers good level of air ventilation for your feet.

There are additional security features such as toe caps, thermoformed tibia guard and contoured ankle guard. All these features make this Cosmas boot one of the best fire fighting boots out there in the market.

Click Here to See Latest Price of Cosmas CMF241E-115 Firefighting Boot.

4. Pro Warrington 5006 Honeywell Bunker Firefighting Boot

Pro Warrington 5006 Honeywell Firefighting Bunker Leather 14 inch Fire Boots

This Pro Warrington 5006 Honeywell Firefighting Boot is made to provide the best level of safety and comfort for your feet. I have ranked this boot at no. 4 for following reasons.

The first reason is it is completely made from full grain leather fabric material. This has made it more durable and comfortable to use.

It is about 14 inches in height and offers really good foot protection in fire conditions. The best thing is that it is completely Made in USA boot plus it is Berry Compliant. Check out this article to know more about Berry Complaint Boots.

The amount of control and safety it offers for your feet is really worth your investment. Its PowerHeel and PowerToe features offer the best level of safety and protection for your heels and toes.

Its leather vamp is mixed with 7.5 ounces of Kevlar felt. This gives excellent heat and fire resistance and keeps the internal temperature at safe level.

Its outsole is equally durable and highly puncture resistant. This means your feet will remain safe during hazardous fire rescue missions.

Click Here to View Price of Pro Warrington 5006 Honeywell Bunker Firefighting Boot.

3. Haix Fire Hunter XTREME Structural Leather Firefighting Boot

Fire Hunter XTREME Structural Leather Firefighting Boot - Size 5 Medium

Haix is another very popular brand in the firefighting footwear industry. This Fire Hunter XTREME Leather Firefighting Footwear is ideal for structural fire rescue missions.

This boot is made from durable and lightweight leather material which reflects sunlight properly. This helps to keep your feet cool and dry in extremely high temperature environments.

The boot is also lightweight and more durable due to its leather construction. Plus, it provides more comfort and support for your feet.

The company has included a special Texon insole inside the boot. This insole contours to your foot geometry and offers the best cushioning and comfort while you walk and run in your boots.

This insole is also helpful in absorbing moisture which means it helps to keep your feet sweat free and dry. Plus, the boot is highly ankle supportive which is one of the most important selection criteria while choosing these types of footwear as mentioned above already.

There are basically four layers which are included in its construction. This Crosstech footwear technology comes with special inner lining and soft padding. These features offer the best breathability for your feet.

Finally, it gives you the best foot protection as it includes protective toe caps and puncture resistant outsole.

Click Here to View Latest Price of Haix Fire Hunter XTREME Structural Firefighting Boot.

2. Wesco Firestormer 10 Inches BKF310100F Fire Resistant Boot

This specific Wesco Firestormer 10 Inches Firefighting Boot is highly water and fire resistant in nature.

It is basically UL certified which is an essential requirement if you are a firefighter and want to wear officially approved Wildland and structural firefighting footwear.

I highly recommend this boot for all fire rescue missions because its construction is as per the NFPA 1977-2011 sta​​​​ndards. It is made from premium leather material which is why it is very durable and comfortable to wear.

Its Vibram outsole is also very durable and fire resistant in nature. The non-marking sole also offers good oil resistance.

The whole boot construction allows full security and safety for your feet even in extreme fire conditions.

Its weight is about 6.5 pounds or about 3 kg. So, you might have to think again in case you need more lightweight firefighting footwear.

The upper is made of lightweight leather which is again water and fire resistant. I highly recommend this fire resistant boot for your feet if you are not too much concerned about the price.

Click Here to See Latest Price of Wesco Firestormer BKF310100F Firefighting Boot.

1. Thorogood 14 Inches Knockdown Elite Firefighting Boot

Thorogood Men's 14 Knockdown Elite Boot

At no. 1, I have ranked Thorogood Knockdown Elite Boot for few important reasons.

The first reason is its highly reliable construction standards. It follows all the requirements of NFPA 1971-2013 as well as NFPA 1992-2012.

This is the best feature of this boot which makes it automatically an ideal candidate for all firefighters. It is made from comfortable and durable leather material.

This leather is highly fire resistant, cut-resistant and waterproof in nature.

I also liked its composite safety toe feature. It is EH Rated and it basically protects your toes against heavy falling objects.

Other important features of this boot that I appreciate are steel triple ladder shank and a well cushioned and comfortable PU footbed.

I extremely recommend this boot for every person who is in firefighting industry. This boot not just protects your feet well but also offers the best level of comfort and support for your feet.

Here is the detailed overview of the amazing features that this boot offers for your feet. Take a closer look.


If you are currently searching for a fireproof structural firefighting footwear then I highly recommend you to look for important features such as its leather quality, comfort, foot protection and ankle support.

It is equally important to see whether the boot follows necessary NFPA requirements. For the best protection and comfort of your feet in extreme fire conditions, you need to make sure you are wearing absolute best quality fireproof footwear.

And as I recommended above, the best brands as per my research are Thorogood, Wesco, Haix, Pro Warrington and Cosmas. I suggest you to choose any one of these brands and test them yourself to confirm their reliability and authenticity.

Best of Luck!

Sam Edelman Women’s Penny Riding Boot Review – Stylish Bike Riding Boot for Women

Sam Edelman Womens Penny Riding Boot
[thrive_borderless type='image' position='default']https://www.vbmbestreviews.com/wp-content/uploads/Sam-Edelman-Womens-Penny-Riding-Boot.png[/thrive_borderless]

Nowadays, a lot of women aspire to ride bikes just like men do. While riding bikes, one of the most important riding gears you need is reliable, high quality and durable ​motorcycle riding boots​.

When it comes to choosing highly comfortable and durable riding boot, some boot brands always come at the top. And one of those top riding boot brands is Sam Edelman.

Sam Edelman is the prominent and legendary fashion footwear visionary in the industry.

Since last 30 years or so, he is making significant contributions and has produced monumental fashion footwear products. He is focused on producing highly durable, trendy and yet affordable riding boots for women.

Currently he is the President of Sam Edelman fashion brand.

If you are looking for a quality, trendy and durable motorcycle riding boot for women, you do not have to go beyond ​Sam Edelman Women's Penny Riding Boot. We are providing our in-depth review of this boot in the following article.

Our In-Depth Review of Sam Edelman Women’s Penny Riding Boot

Sam Edelman Women's Penny Riding Boot, Black Leather, 11 M US

Sam Edelman women’s riding boots always represent unique style, versatility, fashionable trends, comfort, durability and perfect fitting.

This particular women’s riding boot is made up of unparalleled material quality and latest trend style features. It gives you a good youthful look and sensible fashion image.

There is a down-to-earth appeal and optimized sophistication when you wear this boot either for a ride or for everyday working. The cutting edge design standards and technological innovation are used while manufacturing this Sam Edelman boot.

You will not just get high comfort but also get good cushioning, looks, durability and lightness when you use these women’s Penny riding boots.

Before going to in-depth features, lets check out this insightful video that provide a helpful review of this Penny Riding Boot.

Now that you have watched the video; it is time to explore more important features of this Sam Edelman boot.

Best Features of This Riding Boot

Sam Edelman Women's Penny Leather Riding Boot Whiskey 11.5 M US

1. The lining of this women’s riding boot is not artificial or machine manufactured. Rather it is man made and that’s why it offers top notch quality and comfort.

2. The footbed and sole of this boot is also man made and gives you highest amount of comfort and durability. The footbed is very lightweight and provides good cushioning at the same time.

3. Heel height of this ​Sam Edelman boot​ is about 1.25 inches and shaft height is about 14.25 inches from the arch. The platform height comes about half inches too. The boot opening measurement is close to 15 inches.

4. The weight of this boot is surprisingly lighter as compared to the other riding boots in this category. It is about 1.3 pounds in weight.

5. The upper of the boot is made up of premium quality and glossy leather with asymmetrical collar design.

6. There is a full back zipper with tab to this riding boot along with a snap tap near the shaft.

7. This knee-length Sam Edelman women’s riding boot has slanting topline along with distressed coin button details.

8. The stacked heel is another unique feature of this riding boot.


Sam Edelman Women's Penny Riding Boots, Black, 10 M US

1. This ​Sam Edelman Women’s Penny Riding Boot​ is surprisingly very soft, well constructed and very comfortable to wear.

2. Whether you are a runner, bike rider or a casual boot lover, this boot definitely fulfills your everyday needs and requirements. You can use these boots all the time without getting any discomfort and fatigue.

3. The fitting is true to size because of the gore insert and overall sizing is wider. At the same time, this boot is super comfy and good looking riding boot.

4. Once you wear these boots, you will come to know that they stand up and stay up on your calves. The good thing is you don’t need to pull them up constantly which is the case in many other women’s riding boots.

5. The leather quality of the boot is amazingly superior in nature. This leather is really soft, flexible and it smells lovely. The boot material is highly durable and gives you best returns on your investment.

6. When it comes to the interior footbed, lining of the boot and coloration along with the leather quality, this boot certainly stands top amongst the ​best women’s ​harness boots in the market.

7. The interior of the boot gives you sufficient room for the comfortable and pain free movements of your toes and the feet.

8. The back zipper makes it very easy to put this boot on and off comfortably and without any delay.

9. You can use these women’s riding boots comfortably with your standard socks. You can wear them with your regular skinny jeans, leggings and pants.

10. The sole quality of the boot is very superior and it provides good arch support.


Sam Edelman Women's Penny Leather Riding Boot Dark Brown 4 M US

1. If you have small or medium sized feet, this boot may feel somewhat bigger in sizing. At the same time, the overall circumference is also bigger in sizing.

Though this is ideal boot for women with large sized feet, it may cause some mismatch in sizing for small sized feet. But you can always use ​a pair of thick socks to overcome this sizing issue.

2. For some women, the height of this boot can be issue. It is somewhat taller in height and it might cut into the back of your knee.

In such a situation, it can be somewhat uncomfortable to sit down on a chair or to climb the stairs. So it is very important to decide whether you are comfortable with such type of tall riding boots.

Our Verdict

Sam Edelman Women's Penny Riding Boot, Black Leather, 4 M US

One thing we can certainly say about ​Sam Edelman Women’s Penny Riding Boot​ is it is one of the most attractive, stylish and comfortable riding boots available in the market right now.

People will certainly complement you when you wear this boot. The boot leather is very soft, comfy and smells beautifully.

It is certainly very durable and well cushioned in nature. It can be used for multiple activities such as running, walking, casual night outs, bike riding and for your official work too.

So, overall it is one of the most dynamic and robust riding boots present in the market today. We definitely rate it ​9 out of ​10.

​Click Here to Know the Customer’s Opinions about This Boot and Find out the Latest ​Price of Sam Edelman Women’s Penny Riding Boot.​


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5 Best Wading Boots for Slippery Rocks Reviewed with Buying Guide

Best Wading Boots for Slippery Rocks
[thrive_borderless type='image' position='default']https://www.vbmbestreviews.com/wp-content/uploads/Best-Wading-Boots-for-Slippery-Rocks.png[/thrive_borderless]

​Recently I came across an interesting research data which mentioned about the slipperiness of most winter boots in snow and ice.

This article from Nationalpost.com emphasizes the importance of having strong slip resistance in most winter boots.

This news intrigued me a lot and it struck me that this same thing happens a lot when you wear wading boots and go out for fishing in shallow waters which are full of slippery rocks.

To prevent accidental slips in these types of environments, you definitely need to wear best wading boots that can provide higher slip resistance for your feet. By keeping this in mind, I have written this buying guide for you guys.

If you are in a hurry, I recommend you to check out the most recommended wading boot for slippery rocks which is mentioned below.

​No. 1 Recommended Wading Boot for Slippery Rocks

Korkers Greenback Wading Boot with Felt Sole, Dried Herb/Black , Size 12

Korkers Greenback Wading Boot is extremely comfortable and highly breathable in nature.

This lightweight boot comes with solid grip rubber or felt outsole which prevents accidental slipping on rocks and in the water while you fish for longer period.

Click Here to Check out its Price and Reviews Online.

​Buying Guide for Choosing the Best Wading Boot for Anglers to Prevent Slipping

​Before you head to reviews, I recommend you to go through this guide first.

It will give you the right direction and good understanding about what kind of wading boots you need to choose for yourself.

​What are Wading Boots and What is its Importance?

​As you already know that a pair of wading boots is one of the most important parts of fly-fishing gear every angler should have.

As the name suggests, wading boots are specially designed for comfortably walking through the shallow waters without harming your feet.

The primary objective of these boots is not only to minimize the fatigue which anglers usually face. This fatigue is usually experienced due to long hours of standing in the water.

It is also the end result of facing different temperatures and weather conditions when you perform fishing for long hours. This is where a reliable pair of wading boot plays an important role.

​4 Reasons Why You Need to Use Good Quality Wading Boots while Fishing

​Getting strong grip in slippery water is really important when you fish in rivers and shallow waters. This is where a decent anti-slip wading boot comes handy.

1. Good Grip in Water: It offers you really strong grip and traction when walking through water and slippery rocks in the rivers. At the same time, the boot also offers good traction against slippery weeds, algae, and water beds.

2. Foot Safety: Safety should be one of your priorities whenever you are preparing for a fishing expedition. Wading boots typically play a significant role in keeping you safe since they prevent bad falls in slippery fishing conditions.

Although it might be tempting to pull on some of the shoes you already have, the odds are that could result in a potential injury and blistered feet. To prevent these health issues, you need to have a good pair of wading footwear.

3. Foot Stability: For anglers, staying on your toes doesn’t only mean being alert on the waters; it also means staying balanced and upright. Battling the currents when attempting to reel in fish can be a challenging task.

Fortunately, wearing high-quality wading boots can assist you in maintaining a solid foundation in the waters as you look forward to landing another day’s catch.

4. Maximum Comfort: In general, wading boots are usually designed in the same way as hiking boots are manufactured. The purpose of these types of footwear is to offer maximum comfort, traction, and support to anglers when wading out into the waters.

You can wear wading boots as your only footwear, or you can pair them with a comfy pair of stockingfoot waders to help you stay dry and comfortable when you are casting.

Just like any other piece of fishing gear, wading boots provide a variety of traits that can perform much better in various water conditions.

By selecting the proper wading boot style, fitting and outsole along with the right quality material, you can begin your fishing expedition on the right note.

​3 Primary Features to Consider when Buying Wading Boots

​If you are looking for a good pair of wading boots but don’t know how to select them, then this section is really useful for you. Let’s look at the essential features that you need to know in order to choose the right footwear for your feet.

1. Good Grip Outsole

Felt and rubber are the most popular materials utilized in the soles of a wading boot. While they usually provide good traction when angling, felt soles are now becoming more obsolete.

Because many countries are banning them due to their tendency to conceal invasive species.

On the other hand, rubber soles are more popular in the fishing world. They are an excellent option, because they are abrasion-resistant and durable.

Having these types of soles is important, especially when you are traveling on rough terrains.

2. Lightweight and Breathable Material

Wading boots for anglers work by allowing water to flow through them comfortably. This is possible only when the material of your shoe dries easily and is non-absorbent in nature.

Boots made with some absorbent materials will more likely to get water-logged fast and it also adds some extra weight on your feet. This could be pretty uncomfortable, especially during long days of casting.

Lightweight materials such as nylon and polyester work pretty well for water activities. These types of materials are great as they allow water to pass through them without absorbing it.

The other word you should look for when shopping for wading boots is “hydrophobic coating”.

That is a kind of treatment that some shoe designers apply to their products to make them “repel” water if submerged. This also means that it easily resists water absorption inside your boots and thus keeps your feet warm and dry.

3. ​Higher Traction 

Because you will likely be wading through some tough terrains in your boots, one of the essential things to look for in your boot is the traction.

Getting a pair of wading boots with little traction is a pretty serious safety risk when you’re out on slick terrain.

There is no specific traction level which works better than the others. So, all you need to do is to ensure that there’s a sufficient level of traction you get when wading through slippery rocks.

These 3 features are essential to have in your wading footwear.

I also recommend you to check out the following expert review video where the author explains what types of wading boots are best for your feet and what kind of boots should not be used. Check it out.

Now that we have covered ​the main features, its time to look at actual reviews of the most reliable wading boots to prevent slipping in the water and rocks.

​Reviews of Top 5 Wading Boots For Slippery Rocks

​5. Redington Skagit River Wading Boot

Redington Skagit River Sticky Rubber Boot - 11, Bark

​If you are looking for a comfortable and protective wading boot that can enhance your fishing potential, then the Skagit boot by Redington is an ideal selection for you.

With a good rubber sole option, these boots have extremely good anti-slip protection. At the same time, they offer good comfort and support.

Plus, the materials used to make these wading boots is incredibly dependable. The rubber sole makes the boot suitable for traveling on both the water and on rough terrains.

The rubber outsole of this wading boot is made in such a way that it offers good balance, foot stability as well as good grip on uneven surfaces.

Versatility is also included in the unique design of these boots since a felt option is available as well. The waders are lined with mesh panel, which allows water to drain easily and lessen the weight on your feet.

If you are constantly moving through water for fishing then these boots are great for fast drying and for keeping your feet warm and dry.

With these wading boots, you can be sure of a pretty long service life since they are made to withstand several years of bumps and scrapes.


​Boots are reasonably priced

​They are stud compatible

​The material is durable because of the rubber toe caps

​They are lined with mesh paneling which allows quick water drainage

​Outsole offers strong grip and traction


​The boots feel a bit heavy when soaked in the water

​They need to improve the seam construction which looks poorly made

​4. Orvis Men’s Ultralight Wading Boot

Orvis Men's Ultralight Wading Boot, 11

​These wading boots are important part of Orvis Ultralight Wading System. Orvis Men’s Ultralight Wading Boots provide superior performance and durability in spite of being lighter than lots of many other wading boots.

These boots are a perfect selection if you frequently travel for Trout Fishing.

On an average each Orvis wading boot is 400 grams lighter than the other boots. This also makes them an ideal candidate to wear for airline travel.

These boots are made up of a Nylon microfiber along with a PU coating which allows for water to drain out easily. But this does not compromise their durability.

If you are looking for durable and lightweight boots for angling, then these Orvis boots are perfect match for you.


​These boots are lightweight and highly comfortable too

​They drain water pretty fast

​Provides excellent traction and support

​Outsole offers maximum slip resistance on rocks

​They come with a good Orvis warranty


​Provides little support while wading through rocks

​Size runs smaller than expected

​To prevent size misfit, you need to order half to one size larger.

If you ever get little smaller sized boots, then you can easily make them a bit bigger with some simple home tricks.

Check out my extensive guide about how to make any shoe bigger and more comfortable to use.

​3. Caddis Men's Northern Guide EcoSmart Wading Boot

Caddis Men's Northern Guide Lightweight Taupe and Green EcoSmart Grip Sole Wading Shoe

​The Caddis Northern Guide Wading boots are the result of rigorous testing in different types of water environment.

It has also incorporated the use of advanced technology that makes this boot more durable. There are lot of other features that this company has implemented to make it one of the best wading footwear.

Some of the most useful features for anglers are speed lacing, well cushioned insole, comfortable material and proper protection for heels and toes.

These are relatively standard rubber sole boots for anglers. If you feel anytime that boots are little smaller sized, then you can stretch them easily due to their rubber material. Click here to learn how to stretch rubber boots at your home.

The uppers are made from durable polyester material, and the sides are usually padded for some additional comfort. The speed laces typically tie up well and snug fit easily.

At the same time the insole is properly cushioned to give you a solid fit and higher comfort. This helps you immensely when wading through water and while walking on rocks.

When it comes to the level of comfort, these boots pack a solid punch.

Caddis boots are preferred by many anglers due to their traction and rock guard on the heel as well as on toe.

Caddis designs their shoes and wading boots about a half size up to comfortably accommodate socks and neoprene booties. Therefore, if you wear any custom orthotics or boot socks, you will not feel uncomfortable and the boot will be true to size in terms of its fitting.

The Caddis wading boots also feature an Ecosmart Grip Sole. It is designed to prevent the transfer of aquatic organisms between the water bodies.

The use of this type of sole is legal in many US states. I would say it is a big bonus especially if you’re a person who travels a lot for fishing expeditions.


​The soles do not transfer any aquatic organisms

​The rubber sole is compatible with Caddis kit for additional traction

​Extra cushioning and speed laces make for a snug fit

​Offers higher comfort and support while fishing in the water

​Strong construction and advanced technology use make it more durable and worth your investment


​Although incredibly comfortable, these wading boots are relatively clunky and not ideal for long hikes

​If you want to reduce squeaking noise of these boots then check out my guide on how to prevent squeaking from any footwear.

Some people complain that the sole is not properly glued to the upper. So extreme use might lead to the outsole peeling off after few months.

​2. Hodgman H3 Wading Boot with Felt Sole

Hodgman H3 Wading Boot (felt)

​At no. 2, Hodgman H3 Wa​​​​ding Boot stands tall with its unique features that are suitable for long hour fishing. You can boost your fly-fishing experience with this boot when used for outdoor activities.

It is an ideal choice for anglers searching for a fit that falls between hiking boots and street shoes. These boots come with felt soles that maintain you on your feet on uneven and slippery terrains.

With a low profile, these wading boots provide great comfort along with an exceptional ankle support. This is important in safeguarding your feet when standing long hours in the water.  

The low profile of this footwear allows a broad range of motion which in turn helps you tramp through the stream with ease.

The lacing system of these boots is pretty easy to use. It is built for fast lacing so that you can wear these boots and take them off pretty comfortably.

This particular wading boot is made up of durable and high-quality material. The material is manufactured from one of the most prominent names in the wading industry.

It has been tested for quality and reliability to give you additional assurance and support.

Hodgman H3 boots weigh only 2 pounds and are among the lightest boots for angling. This also means that you can perform wide range of motions while walking in these wading boots. At the same time, they are very easy to carry around with you.

Hodgman H3 footwear fits well. Still, they come in a variety of sizes.

To fit perfectly I suggest you to buy a one or half size up. You can wear them along with a pair of thick socks or booties to look stylish and be more comfortable.

For a well-designed boot that dries water quickly, it is a perfect match for all folks who want to spend long hours fishing in the water.


​The boots are lightweight and more comfortable for fishing

​They have a felt bottom and rubber over the toe

​Outsole offers great traction and slip resistance

​They have a low profile fit and easy to use lacing system

​Provides faster drying ability which keep your feet warm and dry for long hours


​The boots have cheap-looking laces

​Not suitable for folks having 11.5 or larger foot size

​1. Korkers Greenback Wading Boot with Felt Sole

Korkers Greenback Wading Boot with Felt Sole, Dried Herb/Black , Size 12

Korkers Greenback Wading Boot is my no. 1 recommendation if you are looking for almost all the best features of wading footwear.

If you have a difficult time making up your mind whether you would like to go with boots with rubber sole or felt sole, this pair of wading boots are ideal for both the worlds.

This means that these boots are designed with changeable boot soles and you can change your soles whenever you want to.

Korkers wading boots are incredibly comfortable to wear both outside and inside of the water. It has thick padding which means that the boots will feel like comfortable gloves.

Moreover, the hydrophobic combination of materials will also be able to dry the water quickly while keeping the same weight.

Apart from drying the water pretty fast, these boots are also designed to get rid of any excess water quickly. That means you don’t have to worry about water getting inside your boots and making your feet wet.


​The boots are suitable for people with wide feet

​The water does not add weight to the shoes

​They have great padding which increases your comfort level

​Outsole provides solid grip on slippery rocks and in the water

​Boots are lightweight and offers really good ankle support


​Boot missing extra sole for shoreline fishing

​Felt sole are not allowed in few US states. So you will have to go with rubber sole only.

​Bottom Line

​If there’s one piece of fishing equipment you should invest in, I am sure you will prefer wearing a highly comfortable and breathable pair of wading boots.

High-quality and comfortable boots will not only affect how much fun you’ll have when fishing but they also lower the risks of foot injuries drastically.

Wading boots are crucial when it comes to maintaining your safety and comfort in and out of water. In terms of the brands of wading boots to purchase, I strongly recommend the boots designed by Korkers and Hodgman.

All their boots are durable, ultralight, and have pretty sticky rubber sole patterns. Other high-quality wading boots that you can consider are Cabela's, Redington, Orvis, and Simms.

I hope that these reviews have provided you some ideas regarding picking the best pair that suits your angling style. Whether you select a pair of boots from this list or not, always remember to stay safe while fishing in the waters.

It is also highly recommended to prevent harbouring and spread of any invasive species by ensuring that you keep your wading boots sparkling clean all the time.

I wish you good luck in your search.

Top 7 Best Clarks Desert Boots Review 2019 Updated

Best Clarks Desert Boots Reviewed
[thrive_borderless type='image' position='default']https://www.vbmbestreviews.com/wp-content/uploads/Best-Clarks-Desert-Boots-Reviewed.png[/thrive_borderless]

Why Clarks Desert Boots are Highly Recommended?

Looking for the top quality desert boots? VBMBestReviews.com is presenting its latest reviewed supreme quality desert boots manufactured by none other than the best in the business.

There is no need to make any special research for finding the finest brand when it comes to best desert boots. Yes, you have already known it and its Clarks Desert Boots.

Since last 60 years or more, Clarks is producing top notch desert boots that are classic in looks and at the same time, they have gone through lots of quality testing.

Whether you want to wear for your everyday routine work or you want to go on a date, these chukka styled Clarks desert boots perfectly suit the situation. If you want to check out our top waterproof chukka boots then click here to check them out now.

Yes, of course, they are specially made for the people who want strong, durable, and reliable boots for roaming in all types of environments.

But at the same time, you can wear them on your regular days and while you are outdoors either playing with your friends or working at your office. In short, these boots are dynamic and versatile in nature.

What Makes Clarks Desert Boots Superior over Other Brands of Desert Boots?

CLARKS Men's Bushacre 2 Chukka Boot, Black Waxy Leather, 7 Medium US

The very first thing is that it is very cost effective. Most of the Clarks desert boots are available at the price not more than 100 bucks. You can buy them cheaply at popular online stores such as Amazon.com.

When you wear these boots, you will experience that there is no fixed break-in period. You can start wearing them right out of the box and you will feel really comfortable after wearing them.

The sole of these Clarks desert boots is really flat and its suede is of high quality. When it comes to durability, you won’t believe how longer you can wear them on a regular basis without getting any kind of discomfort and boot damage.

Yes, they are highly durable and they are exceedingly comfortable too. At the same time, these boots are very stylish and looks way cooler when you wear them with jeans or khakis along with a t-shirt or a dress shirt.

The more you start wearing these boots, more you will feel that they are becoming an integral part of your foot. They perfectly suit for both kinds of people who like to wear casual and dress apparel.

So we highly recommend you to give them a try and get your first hand experience after which you will come to know the real value and authenticity of Clarks Desert Boots.

Here  is a sweet short video which explains the history and in-depth review of Clarks Desert Boots. Take a look.

​How to Wear Clarks Desert Boots The Right Way?

CLARKS Men's Desert Boot 261382 Chukka, Olive Suede, 070 M US

Desert boots are also known as Chukka boots by lots of folks. Clarks is well-known brand when it comes to manufacturing best quality desert boots.

Essentially they are ankle boots. These boots do have certain type of lacing and tongue as opposed to Chelsea boots.

Most of these boots are made from suede leather material which looks cool and stylish. Now, when it comes to style, there are basically four ways you can wear these boots to look awesome yourself.

Those 4 styles are as follows.

1. T-shirt and Distressed Jeans: Wear a simple t-shirt and distressed jeans with black or brown belt. This casual wear is perfect for brown or tan coloured Clarks desert boots. If you want to know how to match your shoes with your pant and belt then check out this article.

2. Khakis and Denim Jacket: These Chukka or desert boot also look really cool with Khakis, denim jacket, light blue oxford shirt and black belt. Denim jacket and khakis are damn good combination with chukka boots.

3. Light Sweater and Dark Jeans: This is yet another deadly combination for your amazing brown colored suede Clarks desert boots. A light brown sweater, dark blue jeans and brown belt with your brown desert boots is the perfect combination to go out with your date or to hang out with your friends.

4. Black Jacket and Washed up Jeans: This is the last but in my opinion; the best looking style you can adopt for your Clarks chukka boot. Simple washed up jeans, light t-shirt, black belt and stylish black leather jacket will make you a really stylish and awesome guy in the public.

This style is best for black colored desert boots. If you want best quality black waterproof chukka boots then check out this buying guide.

To see all these awesome styles in action, kindly watch the following video. You will understand how to wear these boots with different styles of clothes.

Reviews of Top 7 Clarks Desert Boots:

1. Clarks Originals Men’s Desert Boot

Clarks Originals Men's Desert Boot,Beeswax,10 M US

The history of ​Clarks Originals Men’s Desert Boots dates back to the Second World War. In this war, British Army was in desperate need of strong and highly durable boots that can withstand hot weather of any desert conditions.

These Clarks Desert Boots are inspired by those crepe-soled desert boots that were used by British officers at that time. Since that time period, it is still one of the best and the most respected desert boots in the market.

Though their appearance is elegant and plain, they offer number of amazing features and capability to withstand any type of diverse weather conditions.

Clarks Originals Desert Boot comes with genuine plantation crepe outsole which provides you a great comfort while you wear them all the time of the day.

It has a leather covered EVA footbed that keeps your feet dry and comfortable throughout a day. Its suede lined counter gives high stability for your heels.

This chukka style boot also possesses a high quality leather upper along with a two eyelet lace-up which gives you a casual style and thus it can be used along with jeans and khakis too.

Pros: The very first positive thing about this Clarks desert boot is it is highly comfortable and durable in nature. The boot looks very classy and rugged.

You can wear it along with your informal jeans and khakis which is awesome thing for us. Plus there is absolutely no break-in period for these boots.

Considering the price range, they are really cost effective and provide best returns on your investment.

Cons: This Clarks Originals Desert Boot is made up of suede leather upper and thus it can easily be exposed to dirt and mud. So you need to take constant care of your boots and try to protect them from muddy and dirt region.

However, you can make use of suede protector spray to keep your boots safe from dirt. One more thing to mention is that you need to select one size lesser than your actual foot size.

Final Verdict: Highly Recommended Desert Boots for Everyone Who Loves Casual and Highly Comfortable, Durable Boots To Wear on a Regular Basis.

Click Here to See Reviews and Price of ​Clarks Originals Men’s Desert Boot.​

2. Clarks Originals Women's Desert Boot

Clarks Women's Desert Boot,Oakwood,7.5 M US

When it comes to style and comfort, many women tend to go for the quality desert boots. If you are a lady who loves showing off classic styled desert boots with new features, then you must opt for ​Clarks Originals Women’s Desert Boot​.

Clarks women’s desert boots represent top notch quality material, great comfort, authenticity and amazing personal look and style.

This Clarks women’s desert boot is equipped with natural crepe rubber sole which gives you flexible cushioning and great support for your feet. Its flexible and soft upper is either made up of high quality leather, suede or canvas.

Its footbed comes with shock absorbing foam which is great for protecting your feet in high performance activities. Its insole is made up of thick and removable foam.

Plus the outsole is made up of cushy crepe material. This gives you high comfort and durability for sure.

Pros: This Clarks desert boot has a rugged appeal and its welt stitching and rounded toe gives it a modern style and look. The boot is highly comfortable, flexible and durable due to its quality construction.

The fitting is good and you can even use socks along with the boot. The boot is highly versatile and dynamic when it comes to regular usage. You can use them for casual wear, during traveling, and while walking for longer period of time.

Cons: The boot is somewhat inconvenient to break in quickly if you choose the wrong sized boot. So choose your size wisely while going for these boots.

The good news is you can make this boot right sized even when you choose the smaller sized one by keeping a water-filled ziplock bag inside the boot and freezing it for at least 24 hours.

Some people may experience lesser arch support and cushion softness when using all the time of the day. Besides these drawbacks, Clarks desert boots for women are great option.

Final Verdict: Again These Clarks Desert Boots are Highly Recommended for Women Who Love Style, Looks, and at the Same Time Versatile Usage of the Boot.

Click Here for The ​Price and Reviews of Clarks Originals Women’s Desert Boot.​

3. Clarks Men's Bushacre 2 Boot​

Clarks Men's Bushacre 2 Chukka Boot, dark tan leather, 7 Medium US

Do you really want to impress your office colleagues, friends and relatives with stylish and classic desert boots? Then Clarks Men’s Bushacre 2 boot is the one you are looking for. 

This is much more advanced and fashionable boot as compared to its predecessors like Clarks Originals Men’s Desert Boots. This is the boot that clearly looks manly, rugged, as well as refined by nature.

Whether you want to wear your desert boots for office with informal apparels or you wish to wear them along with your favorite jeans, these Bushacre 2 boots are perfect fit for you. Its brown leather upper is really lightweight and made up of either suede or beeswax material.

You will feel really low amount of stress while you wear these boots all the time of the day due to its top class leather quality.

This specially designed men’s chukka styled boot also comes with two-eye lace closure along with the reinforced metal eyelets.

This boot is highly comfortable at the same time; thanks to its cushioned footbed and soft synthetic lining. It also provides your feet great shock absorption because of its synthetic crepe sole.

Pros: This​ Clarks ​Bushacre 2 Boo​t is exceedingly comfortable, durable, and supportive for your feet. At the same time, it is highly stylish and fashionable desert boot which offers a good stability and cushioning. 

Its leather looks very badass and manly and most men love this kind of rugged leather looks. Whether you are on a date, or you are traveling, or working at your office or you are in your casuals, these boots perfectly match your personality and situation.

Cons: Some people report that the boot gets dirt very quickly due to its oiled leather upper. Now it can be somewhat inconvenient for some people to clean the boots on a regular basis if they are working in muddy or dirt regions.

Some customers tell that the shaft is somewhat small for such type of desert boot. Other than these weaknesses, there are no major issues with these boots.

Final Verdict: This Clarks Bushacre 2 ​footwear is Extremely Recommended for People Who Love to Wear Highly Stylish, Comfortable and Durable Chukka Styled Desert Boots.

Click Here for The Latest ​Reviews and ​Price of Clarks Men’s Bushacre 2 Boot.​

​4. Clarks Women's Desert ​Boot Ankle Bootie​

Clarks Originals Women's Desert Lace-Up Boot,Beeswax,6.5 M US

Again this one is much similar to Clarks Originals Women’s Desert Boots in terms of looks. But when it comes to features, this Clarks Women’s Desert ​Boot Ankle Bootie is more stylish and classic by nature.

If you are looking for highest comfort and minimal lacing in a desert boot then this is the ideal choice for you.

Breaking in these boots is much more convenient for most women. You will love its soft, supple suede and comfortable leather upper when you start wearing it.

The boot has a genuine plantation crepe outsole which is greatly comfortable and shock absorbent.

The support you get from the leather-covered EVA insoles is unparalleled. The boot keeps your feet dry and warm in all types of harsh terrains and in hot temperatures. Your heels get high amount of stability while walking with these boots, say thanks to its suede lined counter.

If you have problem feet like bunions or plantar fasciitis, you can definitely wear these boots with great confidence because it offers wide toe box.

Pros: This​ Clarks Women’s ​Ankle Bootie is highly classic, stylish and great fit for casual wears. Its beeswax leather upper looks really good and vintage styled.

After you start wearing these boots few times and they start to worn a bit, you can pretty much make them conformed to your feet. At the same time, the boot is really comfortable, flexible, durable and breathable.

Cons: Do not go for larger sized boots as they tend to curl up at the toe and you might end up tripping while walking. Buy only right sized boot in order to avoid further inconvenience.

The boot leather upper also attracts mud and dirt which is something you need to be careful while walking in the dirt and muddy regions.

Some people might also experience larger toe box because of their smaller foot size. Few customers have reported that the instep of these boots is too tight to wear.

Some women will really like them while some may not. It all depends on your own tastes and preferences.

Final Verdict: The overall customer reviews for these Clarks Women’s Desert ​Ankle Bootie is mixed one. We do recommend you to use these boots only when you really like the quality desert boots that have lace-up system.

Click Here for The Latest ​Reviews and ​Price of Clarks Women’s Desert ​Boot Ankle Bootie.​

5. Clarks Originals Men's Desert Trek ​Chukka Boot

Clarks Originals Men's Desert Trek Oxford,Beeswax ,7 M

This Clarks Originals Men’s Desert Trek ​Chukka Boot is somewhat different in looks and style when compared with its original predecessor.

Since last 30 years or so, this boot is making its wave amongst most men who are looking for unique designed and retro styled boot.

This boot has lots of unique features like its roomy toe box, unique signature center stitched seam, a genuine plantation crepe outsole, unique 2-eye ankle-high design and many others.

Its wide toe box is perfect for men who want to avoid squished toes and want to safeguard any foot related ailments like bunions and plantar fasciitis.

Its crepe outsole gives support and comfort for your feet. The boot also has a high quality leather covered EVA footbed which keeps your feet dry and comfortable all the day.

Like the women’s desert lace-up boot, this one also has suede-lined counter that provides high heel stability.

Pros: If you want high comfort, durability, unique style and retro looks then go for this ​Clarks Originals ​Desert Trek ​Boot​. These boots are great to wear along with your jeans and casual clothes.

You can use them all the day without getting any discomfort and pain. At the same time, considering the number of features present in this boot, the price for it is really apt and highly affordable.

Cons: Some of the consumers have reported that there is no sufficient arch support for these boots. The sole of this boot is somewhat flat and it is unable to provide any cushioning while walking.

If you are a person who likes less cushy soles and want to feel the touch of the ground, then this boot is perfect choice for you. Other than these issues, the boot is really comfortable and durable to wear on a regular basis.

Final Verdict: Some people have really loved this Clarks desert boot for men while some have disliked the boot. But according to our research data, most consumers have provided really high ratings for this boot.

So we really feel that all these people can not go wrong at once. This is why we recommend you to try these boots first and only then draw your conclusions.

Click Here for The Latest ​Reviews and ​Price of Clarks Originals Men’s Desert Trek ​Chukka Boot.​

6. Clarks Men's ​Jinx Oxford Desert Boot

Clarks Men's Desert Boot,Jamaican Black Suede,9.5 M US

If you are searching for high comfort and stylish looking dress boot then go for these Clarks Men’s ​Jinx Oxford Desert Boots. Just like the original Clarks Men’s desert boot, this boot is also equipped with high quality leather upper along with conventional lacing closure. 

This stylish boot comes with flexible crepe sole and leather suede lined counter which gives your heels higher stability while walking and running.

Its EVA footbed is useful for keeping your feet dry and comfortable.

Not just this EVA footbed but its specially designed genuine plantation crepe outsole is very effective in providing the best possible comfort for all the day. This boot is a very good match for your casual outfits.

Pros: The first promising thing about ​Clarks Men’s ​Jinx Oxford Boot​ is its lightweight and comfort features. The second thing is they are highly stylish and at the same time highly durable in nature. 

The third thing is they are highly versatile and dynamic from the user’s perspective because they can be used anywhere whether you are partying or playing games outdoors or working in the office.

At the same time, the boot is a great fit along with thick socks and its crepe sole is comfortable while walking on the hard floors.

Cons: The only potential issue you might face with these boots is their size factor. You could order wrong sized boot that can be a bit larger than your actual size of the foot.

This is why; you need to be careful while ordering them online. Just make sure that you order one size smaller than your actual size.

Final Verdict: Highly Recommended Clarks Desert Boot For People Loving Clarks Brand and Looking for Highly Classic Styled and Comfortable and Durable Chukka Style Boot.

Click Here for The Latest ​Price and Reviews of Clarks Men’s Jinx Oxford Desert Boot.​

7. Clarks Men's Desert Mali Boot​

CLARKS Originals Men's Black Leather Desert Mali 10.5 D(M) US

Do you like rugged and military style desert boots? Clarks Men’s Desert Mali Boots display extremely rugged charm and modern polishing.

This boot is very famous due to its great quality foam insole, crepe midsole and outsole. There are so many great reviews about this boot on the popular online shopping portals.

This is why it is one of the highest selling Clarks desert boots on the market at present.

Its cow suede or leather upper is highly comfortable and flexible which comes with conventional lace-up system. When you wear this boot, you will know that it is very easy for on-off wearing and fits perfectly to the feet.

The boot also protects your feet from dampness, moisture and cold; thanks to its sheepskin lining.

Its cushioned foam insole is highly comfortable and naturally massages your feet while walking. The crepe midsole of Clarks Men’s Desert Mali boot is shock absorbent and offers good cushioning to the feet.

The boot is at the same time equally durable due to its genuine plantation crepe outsole.

Pros: The biggest advantage of this ​Clarks ​Desert Mali Boot​ is its rugged military style and high comfort. The boot is extremely durable, lightweight and flexible at the same time. 

It also fits true to size and supports ankles very well. The break-in period is very less as compared to the other desert boots and its construction is really strong. Thus the boot is really worth your money.

Cons: Certain people have reported that sometimes the boot is bit noisy. Few customers have also said that the boot provides low traction on snowy surfaces.

Few have mentioned that the sole of the boot wears quickly which not many people have mentioned in their reviews. This means it may be the case for very few people.

But for majority of the people, the boot is highly durable and stable in nature.

Final Verdict: Greatly Recommended Clarks Desert Boots for Those Who Love to Wear Durable, Comfortable, Modern Styled, Highly Supportive Desert Boots.

​Click Here for The Latest Customer Reviews and Current Discounted Price of Clarks Men’s Desert Mali Boot.​

Bottom Line

​​When it comes to style, authenticity, history and looks, Clarks Desert Boots are among the best performing boots in the market.

​If you really love this brand and are looking for top quality stylish desert boots then these seven boots perfectly match your requirements.

​I wish you good luck in your quest.

5 Best Waterproof Chukka Boots for Men Reviewed with Buying Guide

5 best waterproof chukka boots reviewed
[thrive_borderless type='image' position='default']https://www.vbmbestreviews.com/wp-content/uploads/5-best-waterproof-chukka-boots-reviewed.png[/thrive_borderless]

​I am sure you will definitely agree with me when I say this:

"Chukka boots look really stylish with a jeans and t-shirt. No matter what casual looks you want to showcase, these Chukka boots perfectly fit your smart casual style."

So, today I am going to discuss about them. But particularly about the best waterproof chukka boots.

If you are preparing for rainy seasons, want to enhance your fashion and style, or simply looking for appropriate footwear for your everyday commute, then these boots are simply the best choice for you.

You can wear these boots in almost all kinds of environments and in all types of weather conditions. This is a range of footwear that is designed mainly to conquer adverse weather.

Other than that, it can also enhance your looks and appearance. Lastly, some of these boots are also light and sturdy enough for everyday commutes.

In this article, you will learn more about the best choices for waterproof chukka boots. I will also share an extensive buying guide that will help you to finalize the best boot for your requirements.

I am sure these boots will offer you the opportunity to look yourself cool and stylish.

Also, the buying guide will help you to pick the best one from various brands which manufacture these boots.

​Buyer’s Guide to Help You Choose the Top Quality Waterproof Chukka Boots

​Before you go and buy any boot from the market, it is really important for you to know the best features and some knowledge about these types of boots.

So, I am providing answers to some of the most frequently asked queries by users on the internet. I hope you will find them resourceful.

​Are Chukka Boots Really Waterproof?

Timberland Men's Waterproof Chukka,Brown Smooth,US 10 W

The short answer is “Yes”, they are!

They are as a matter of fact; purposefully intended to conquer extreme weather conditions.

This happens because all of its crucial parts have waterproof materials constituting the boot.

Examples of these are the sealants which fix the seam and a couple of other waterproofing substances.

What’s more?

Their shafts are for a large part; a bit longer. They stretch from the heel to the arch.

This way, they cover your entire feet and lower legs. You will hence find them particularly handy for walking in rainy, snowy and moist conditions.

​How to Waterproof Chukka Boots?

​Just in case your Chukka boots are not waterproof, you need not have to worry at all. It is indeed possible for you to waterproof them.

For you to do this, you will have to bring in some extra parts and substances.

You may, for instance, seal the seams, overlay a suitable Hydro-Shield® waterproofing substance atop the sole, or spray some sealants.

You will definitely have to bring in an expert to help you out. This is a complex undertaking which you cannot attempt on your own.

So, I recommend taking guidance or help from a professional regarding waterproofing your new or old Chukka footwear.

​6 Primary Features to Look for When Buying Waterproof Chukka Boots

Rockport Men's Essential Details Waterproof Dress Chukka Black 6.5 M (D)

1. Weather Resistance

The weather varies greatly from time to time and place to place. It cannot always be easy for the pair of boot you wear has what it takes to tackle that weather.

That is why you have to be sensitive to the kind of pair you lay your hands on, with regards to this. The Chukka boot you will wear must provide your feet proper breathability and protection from outside heat and humidity.

2. Grip and Traction

Traction refers to the grip of your boot sole which provides more stability and support while walking on slippery grounds.

Needless to say, the Chukka boot that you wear must offer excellent traction. You do not want to skid, lose balance, or fall off while walking, do you?

So, my recommendation is to look for the boot that comes with sole having good grip and traction for all kinds of surfaces.

3. Good Support and Foot Protection

Just like every boot differs in its construction and stature, so do the various kinds of feet.

If yours is a sensitive or very painful foot, you need to mind the support you are bound to receive from the pair.

The pair you settle on has to be equipped to provide added support and higher foot safety features. Most Chukka boots do come with sufficient protection for your ankles, heels and toes.

4. Comfortable Fitting

It is a common knowledge that shoes and feet come with different sizes, widths and lengths.

Putting on a pair that is either too large or too small for your feet is definitely a recipe for disaster.

The best Chukka boot has to be as compatible with the size and shape of your feet as nearly as possible.

That is why, you also need to know your correct foot size and width so that you can get the right fitting boot for your feet.

5. Enhanced Comfort

While walking in these Chukka boots, you want to be more comfortable and relaxed.

You do not want to confront bruises or any other common foot ailments such as bunions, peroneal tendonitis or plantar fasciitis.

This can only happen if you pick comfortable pairs of boots. The interior has to possess a lining can reduce any possible friction or vibrations.

6. Improved Breathability

Lastly, you also want the pair you choose to be highly breathable.

You do not want your feet to be smelly after walking in them for long period of time.

You need to make sure that the pair you have in mind is manufactured using fabrics that have larger pores.

Nylon and polyester are the two best materials of that offer highest breathability. So, look out for these materials when checking out the features of the Chukka boot.

​What are the Best Brands That Produce Waterproof Chukka Boots?

​1. Clarks 

Clarks is a British-based shoe manufacturer. This company deals mainly in those Chukka boots which are intended for general wears.

That is evidenced by their ability to produce their first Chukka boot in the 1950s. First the company started manufacturing lightweight and comfortable boot with rubber soles.  

The style has not been changed a lot since then. Most of these Clarks Chukka boots are affordable and not so expensive.

Some of the most popular chukka boots from Clarks are Clarks Men’s Desert Chukka Boot and Men’s Bushacre 2 Chukka Boot.

I have written a guide about best Clarks desert boots. Click here to check it out if you are interested in desert boots.

2. Timberland 

Timberland is a well-known American boot manufacturer brand.

This one specializes in manufacturing fashionable garments and boots. For this reason, its range of clothing and footwear are costlier than the average counterparts.

But its specially manufactured Chukka footwear have distinctive eyelets on the upper and signature Timberland design.

If you really like this brand, then you will definitely love Kendrick Men’s Waterproof Chukka Boot and Women’s Nellie Waterproof Chukka Footwear.

3. Rockport 

Rockport is yet another American manufacturer of Chukka boots.

Its range of boots is mainly geared for extreme weather conditions. You can wear them comfortably in extreme weather situations such as heavy snow or heavy rainfall.

You will find its product range quite durable and heavy to wear. Some of the most popular chukka boots from Rockport are Essential Details Waterproof Chukka and Classic Break Chukka.

4. Skechers

Skechers is a well-known authority in the field of lifestyle and performance boots.

It is primarily based in the USA. You will love this brand a lot if you value class and elegance.

Also, the range of footwear may be really helpful to you if you are an athletic person.

Some of the most well-known Chukka boots of Skechers are Men’s ​Segment Melego Leather Chukka Boot and Men’s Recent Handler Chukka Boot.

5. Calvin Klein 

Just like Skechers above, Calvin Klein is yet another authority in the field of lifestyle and performance.

In particular, its range of boots is great for luxury and lifestyle fashion. They are by far the most expensive in the category of waterproof Chukka boots.

The most popular ones are Men’s Ulysses Suede Chukka Boot and Men’s CAM Tumbled Leather Chukka Boot.

​Reviews of Top 5 Waterproof Chukka Boots

​No. 5: Dunham Men's Revdash Waterproof Chukka Boot

Dunham Men's Revdash

​Are you a person who devotes much of his life running errands? If you are, you desperately want to lay your hands on this Dunham Rev​dash Chukka Boot​.

That is because it is intended for regular walking. At the same time, it is also stylish, a fact that makes it fair to behold.

Comprising some full-grain leather upper, this pair is pretty durable. The material lets it stand to the most severe impacts.

Further, some sleek silhouette adorns the exterior layer of the leather. This one enhances the appearance of the entire boot as well. This is besides the riveting Dunham® REVdash.

All the stated parts and features are joined together with some enduring stitches. The eyelet lacing is extensively used to join these two parts together.

In all, the stitches alternate between the light and the contrast ones. The end result of this kind of arrangement is some beautiful seams.


​Effective moisture management

​Removable TPE and memory foam footbed

​Delivers added comfort

​Provides excellent arch support

​Promotes stable strides


​Requires tedious cleaning

​Not for muddy conditions

​No. 4: C​larks Men's Truxton Top Chukka Boot

CLARKS Men's Truxton Top Chukka Boot

​If you value style and fashion, you definitely want to wear only those boots which have been trusted to deliver just that. Look to no other boots than this Clarks Truxton Footwear.

Indeed, this pair has been in existence for well over 100 years. Many have been praising about its awesome durability.

Setting this pair apart from the others is the rubber sole. The sole, courtesy of the rubber construction, is both strong and agile.

By reason of this arrangement, it yields you years of reliable operations. While at it, the outsole does not compromise your agility in any shape or form.

It does have an extraordinarily long shaft. This measures a whopping 3.93 inches and stretches all the way from the arch to the heel.

It covers the lower portions of your feet sufficiently. This it does while seeing to it that the covered portions do not sustain any serious injuries.


​Waterproof design and stature

​Cushioned soft insole

​Classic styling

​Non-marking outsole

​Ortholite footbed


​Too much care and maintenance needed

​Quite bulky to walk in

​No. 3: Sorel Men's Madson Chukka Waterproof Boot

SOREL - Men's Madson Chukka Waterproof Boots, Suede, Crouton, 7.5 M US

​A good boot should go beyond merely covering your feet. Ideally, the boot of choice has to exude some aesthetics as well.

The manufacturer of this ​Sorel Madson Chukka Boot understands these two facts well. That is why it has ensured that this boot incorporates both elements in one comprehensive package.

The boot features some die cut EVA midsole. Inside this midsole, you will find the full-length EVA lining being inserted which offers higher comfort.

The objective of these two parts is to make your feet as comfortable as possible. They also minimize the direct contacts of your feet with the boots.

This way, they minimize the likelihood of bruises which is possible when walking and running in them.

Definitely, you will have to wear your boots for the longest realistic duration of time. This is especially true if you want to enjoy the highest returns on your investment.

Yet again, these boots make this happen. They have a molded rubber outsole which is pretty strong and highly durable too.


​Stylish silhouette design

​Waterproof suede upper

​Seam-sealed waterproof construction

​Synthetic inner lining

​Removable molded footbed


​Some parts of the boot are not very durable

​Lacks stronger foot stability

​No. 2: Rockport Men's Essential Details Waterproof Dress Chukka Boot

Rockport Men's Essential Details Waterproof Dress Chukka Black 6.5 M (D)

​Is your search for the right pair of boots mainly driven by the need to conquer wet weather? ​Then Rockport Essential Details Chukka Boot​ in the one you should look up to!

They lay claim to this fact by reason of their possession of the special seam sealant. This sealant shields the joints from letting in any moisture in wet weather conditions.

Its suitability for conquering wet weather does not stop there. Further, this pair is equipped with Hydro-Shield® waterproofing substances.

These are tanned into the leather and reinforce the ability of leather material to ward off the intrusion of moisture.

These boots perform a good job of keeping your feet moisture free regardless of the exterior moisture content.

As you walk out and about in this pair of boots, you will also enjoy massive foot support. This is made possible by the Polyurethane outsole.

The outsole provides some lightweight yet durable support. Chances of you fidgeting, tripping, or losing stability are hence suppressed to the maximum possible extent.


​Adjustable secure fitting

​Yields higher comfort

​Offers durable cushioning

​Active air circulation technology

​Maximum shock absorption


​Not much efficient for dry weather

​Easily sustains prickling

​Check out the following short review video so that you will know how the boot looks like in real life.

​No. 1: Timberland Men's Premium WP Waterproof Chukka Newman Boot

Timberland Men's Premium WP Chukka Newman, Wheat, 7 M US

​Are you preparing for a flood? If you are, this Timberland Premium Newman Chukka Boot is the pair to look up to.

That is because it provides adequate protection to your feet, heel, and arch.

Its long shaft that stretches from the ankle to the arch makes this possible. This is besides its waterproof qualities.

Among most unique features; there is this premium leather upper. This is derived from the LWG Silver-rated tannery.

It lasts longer than most other kinds of leather material. Also, this leather is more effective at warding off the intrusion of water into the pair’s interior.

In so doing, it shields you from unnecessary dampening.

Some seam-sealed construction also adorns this pair. The seams of the pair are basically reinforced for added strength.

This makes it stronger and better-placed at providing the needed support on a rainy day. Further, the reinforced seam also goes a long way in reducing your costs of repairs and maintenance.


​100% durable leather

​Stronger rubber sole

​Padded collar for high comfort

​Nylon shank for good arch support

​Prevents moisture and keeps your feet dry


​Limited lifespan

​Heats up easily

​Check out the following short review video to see the boot up close.

​Bottom Line

​There you have it! These are my top 5 most recommended waterproof chukka boots.

I have researched extensively just to find the most durable, comfortable and most waterproof Chukka footwear for you guys.

I am now fully confident that you have what it takes to make the right purchasing decision.

What else are you waiting for? Simply read the buying guide and pick the right boot from this list which meets your expectations.

I wish you best of luck in your search!