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Fake Timberlands vs Real Ones – 9 Tips to Save Yourself from Counterfeit Timberland Boots

Have you ever encountered a fake Timberland boot purchased from some unknown online boot store? Yes, I know this case has already happened with thousands of unlucky buyers.Due to tremendous popularity of Timberland boots, there are hordes of cheap quality imitation replicas and fake boots that are coming into the market every day. These days, […]

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How to Clean Sandal Footbeds – 7 Easy Tricks to Make Your Sandals Look Brand New

According to The Institute for Preventive Foot Health, Keeping your sandals, shoes, sneakers and boots clean all the time is essential for maintaining your foot hygiene. This is the reason you should always take care of cleaning and maintaining your footwear.If you love to wear sandals and don’t know how to clean sandal footbeds properly, […]

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