5 Best Shoe Inserts for Bunions – Start Living Bunion Pain Free Life with These Orthotic Insoles

Best Shoe Inserts for Bunions

​What If I told you that you don’t have to live with your painful bunions all the time in your life?

It sounds like a dream to you, right?

I know how many times you might have tried to get rid of those stubborn and ugly bunions.

How many times have you felt irritated and embarrassed due to those annoying bunions on your toes?

Have you ever wished to get a long time relief from your painful bunions? If this is the case, then you have come to the right place.

Today, I am providing 5 best orthotic insoles or shoe inserts for bunions that could help you get a much needed relief from your pain.

All you have to do is just read this guide from start to end and choose the one shoe insert or insole which you feel can solve your bunion problem once and for all.

(Medical Disclaimer: I have provided my personal opinion here. It is in your best interest to first consult with your doctor and then choose the one shoe insert which you would like to use.)

So with that disclaimer, let us find out 5 best shoe inserts for bunions which can provide you fast relief and can heal your condition gradually.

Shoe Insoles

Main Features

My Rating


​​Comfortable and supportive design, ​High level of arch support, ​Provides fast bunion pain relief


​Perfect for supinated feet, ​Extra padding for balls of foot, ​Improved arch and metatarsal support


​Durable plastic material, ​Great arch support & foot cushioning, Expedites healing of your bunions


​Buyer’s Guide to Choose the Most Suitable Shoe Insert (Orthotic Insole) for You Bunion Relief

​Do Orthotic Insoles or Shoe Inserts Help with Bunions?

​If you are currently having the condition of bunions then you might have done a lot of research by this time.

You might have come across so many remedies for bunions.

One of those treatments is to use a reliable orthotic insole or shoe insert.

But the question is can you certainly rely on entirely using these types of shoe inserts.

The answer is obviously “no”. Just using a shoe insert or orthotic insole can not cure your bunions.

Sure, they can provide you some relief.

But permanent cure can only be achieved once you consult an experienced podiatrist and implement his/her treatment advise.

Some of the podiatrist do suggest the use of custom orthotics or shoe insert to deal with the first stage or second stage bunions.

Click here to read the article from Podiatrytoday.com to know more details about this topic.

If you have first stage or second stage bunion then you must consult your local podiatrist for treatment options.

Some of the primary treatment options that your podiatrist can suggest to you are as follows.

1. Use of non-medicated bunion pad

2. Icing treatment of your affected foot

3. Use of good arch supporting shoe insert in your shoes to get relief from your bunion

4. Use of OTC medication like ibuprofen

Even after trying out these methods, if you don’t get proper relief from your condition, then your doctor might suggest you to undergo more powerful medication course and finally a bunion surgery.

The surgery should be the last option for you. You need to try out all the above treatment options first.

Most of the times, majority of bunion sufferers get relief by using the above 4 treatment methods.

So, the answer to our main query is “Yes”.

Yes, orthotic insoles or shoe inserts do provide temporary relief for people who have severe bunion condition.

If your bunions are in the preliminary stage, then your might get much better improvement and pain relief by using a reliable shoe insert for your footwear.

​What are the Main Types of Insoles for Bunions?

​Based on the purpose and function, the shoe inserts or insoles can be classified into various categories.

Based on the function, these insoles are classified as follows.

1. Arch support insoles for bunions

2. Custom designed orthotic insoles for bunions

3. Gel insoles for bunions

4. Shoe inserts for hammertoes and bunions

5. Insoles for flat feet and bunions

6. Posture control insoles for bunions

7. Running shoe inserts for people with bunions

8. Over the counter orthotic insoles for bunions

So, these are some of categories that can be used to classify insoles which are used to treat bunion condition.

Bunion disorder affects different people differently. If you are a runner or a regular morning walker, then you certainly need good quality insoles or shoe inserts that can help you effectively run or walk in your shoes.

Some people need insoles to provide better arch support or to improve their body posture while walking in their shoes.

Some people use orthotic bunion correctors along with shoe inserts to get fast relief and permanent cure.

Therefore, based on your actual needs and requirements, you should get the right shoe insert or insole for your shoes.

​Does Custom Insoles Help in Treating Tailor’s Bunion?

​According to the information published on Medicalnewstoday.com, your doctor may suggest you to use new shoes to get relief from your bunions or to use custom shoe inserts, once you are diagnosed with Tailor’s bunion.

Custom insoles or custom shoe inserts are usually helpful in reducing your swelling and alleviate your symptoms.

They also help in providing good cushioning and preventing painful friction.

So, yes; by using custom insoles you can surely reduce the pain and friction that could be caused due to your Tailor’s bunion condition.

​Advantages of Using Corrective Insoles for Bunions

​Corrective insoles are also known as foot orthotics.

They are a kind of orthopedic devices which are used in treating various types of foot disorders such as bunions, hammertoes, tailor’s bunion, plantar fasciitis, etc.

They are also used in correcting various issues of foot skeletal system.

There are several benefits of using corrective insoles. Some of those benefits are provided as follows.

1. They help in treating different types of ankle sprains

They are used in straightening your toes

They are used in treating flat feet that cause foot pain

They help in alleviating the symptoms of chronic foot pain or foot disorders such as bunions and hammertoes.

If your foot bends inward or outward while walking, then corrective insoles help in treating this problem.

They also help in treating callous and corns.

Click Here to Find the Best Corrective Insole to Get Relief from Your Bunions.

​Importance of Custom Shoe Inserts or Insoles in Treating Your Bunions

​In order to treat your bunions successfully, you need to follow certain healing and recovery methods.

Most podiatrists recommend taking OTC medication if you have severe bunions to reduce swelling.

Use of wide fitting shoes for bunions is also highly recommended in this case.

Along with these methods, they also prescribe using custom shoe inserts or insoles for your shoes.

They help in reducing your swelling and bunion pain.

If you want fast relief and quicker recovery from your bunions, then you must start using custom shoe insoles.

Also, these custom orthotic insoles are made in such a way that they quickly conforms to your foot size and shape.

This helps your feet to obtain maximum comfort and support in minimal time period.

These lightweight inserts really can make your life easier by helping you reduce the bunion pain and heal the bunions much faster.

So, I also recommend you to make use of the following recommended shoe inserts to expedite your bunion healing and recovery process.

​Reviews of 5 Best Shoe Insoles / Inserts to Get Relief from Your Bunions

​No. 5: Envelop Foot Orthotic Unisex Shoe Insert

Envelop Thin Insole for Men and Women - Foot Orthotic Full Length Shoe Insert for Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief - Foam Work Soles for Heel Spur, Flat Feet, Ankle, Arch Support, Boot, Metatarsal, Back

If you are a person who works by standing all day and if you have bunions, then you certainly can benefit from Envelop Foot Orthotic Unisex Insole.

If you wear dress shoes or work shoes then these shoe inserts can provide much better comfort for your feet.

These insoles are best for pain relief and they help in preventing those weird flare ups which could arise due to your bunion condition.

To alleviate your Tailor’s bunion pain and to recover faster from your condition, you will have to try out these insoles.

These podiatrist recommended inserts are designed to conform to your foot shape and size quickly.

These comfortably padded shoe inserts offer the best kind of foot stability and support while walking and standing in your shoes for longer time period.

What I like about these inserts is they can be easily trimmed to get more customized and comfortable fitting for your feet.

The other two major features of this insert are its reinforced arch support and a deep heel cup.

There is also extra forefoot and heel cushioning which helps to reduce excessive pressure on your foot.

Best of all, they are lightweight, durable, breathable, easily removable and washable too.

The only thing I don’t like about this Envelop unisex full length orthotic insole is its material quality. It is not that great as compared to the other shoe inserts in my list.

The cushioning is another factor which I am really not impressed about. The cushioning is not excellent but of mediocre quality.

Other than these two cons, this insole is good for people who don’t want to spend too much for shoe inserts.


a. ​Better arch support for flat feet people

b. ​Improved motion control for people having pronated and supinated feet

c. ​Faster pain relief and better support for people with bunions

d. ​Can be used for all types of shoes and boots

e. ​Provide all day comfort for long hour standing and working folks


a. ​Cushioning is not great

b. ​Mediocre material quality

Click Here to See Reviews and Price of Envelop Foot Orthotic Unisex Shoe Insert.

​No. 4: Spenco Rx Orthotic Arch Support Full Length Shoe Insole

Spenco Rx Orthotic Arch Support Full Length Shoe Insoles, Women's 9-10.5/Men's 8-9.5

Spenco is another brand that is producing consistently good quality shoe inserts for people needing high arch support.

This Spenco Rx Orthotic full length shoe insole can be molded to custom fit for your feet if you require support for high arches.

If you have recently undergone a bunion surgery, then these insoles are great to get enhanced support and comfort for your feet.

The firm plastic base from heel to arch of this shoe insert provides good arch support.

It also offers decent cushioning due to its extra padding.

If your feet are wide and have flat arches, then this Spenco Rx orthotic insole is your best option.

Due to its full length support, the excessive pressure of your foot can be reduced to a great extent.

Consistent use of this insole can provide much greater pain relief from your bunions.

What I also liked about this insole is its ability to help in alignment of your hips, spine, legs and knees.

And you can use them for any type of shoes.

Plus, they provide comfort and pain relief for other foot disorders such as plantar fasciitis and hammertoes, etc.

What I don’t like about this Spenco insert is its quality of the material used. The material quality is not that great.

Plus, they are not right fitting for women having small sized feet.

If you have wide feet, then only use them; otherwise, choose other insoles from this list.


a. ​Enhanced arch support

b. ​Helps to reduce pain and provide better support for people with bunions and PF

c. ​Ideal choice for people with wide feet and flat arches

d. ​Great fitting

e. ​Podiatrist recommended full length shoe inserts


a. ​Bad choice for women with narrow feet

b. ​Material quality needs to be improved

c. ​Cushioning is not great

​Click Here to See Price and Customer Reviews of Spenco Rx Orthotic Arch Support Full Length Shoe Insole.

​No. 3: WalkFit Platinum Foot Orthotics Arch Support Insert

WalkFit Platinum Foot Orthotics Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support Insoles Relieve Foot Back Hip Leg and Knee Pain Improve Balance Alignment Over 10 Million Sold Men 9-9.5 / Women 10-10.5

If you are suffering from foot pain or knee pain along with your bunions, then WalkFit Platinum Foot Orthotics Insert can provide the decent amount of pain relief.

It comes with 3 custom fit arch support inserts for both men and women.

There are 3 categories of inserts available in this insole viz. low, medium and high.

Along with them, you also get fourth insert type which is most suitable for reflexology footwear.

You can wear these shoe inserts for your new shoes, boots, sandals, dress shoes, and sneakers, etc.

I liked its ability to offer the maximum shock absorption and enhanced cushioning.

Its custom fitting feature makes it more comfortable to walk in your shoes.

Its unique gel insole comfort technology improves its ability to provide exceptional arch support and pain relief for your bunions.

If you have flat feet along with bunions, then also this is an ideal choice for your shoes.

Your bunion pain can be reduced to a great extent with the regular use of Walkfit platinum shoe insert.

For more pronated feet folks, this insole is like a boon.

Even if you wear it wrong, it will provide good support and help in reducing your bunion pain for sure.

For people, who are working and standing on their feet for long hours, using this insole in their shoes; can stop the bunion swelling and pain.

The only major drawback of this insert is it wears out quickly after constant usage.

And if you have been suffering from diabetic feet or neuropathy, then my suggestion is to avoid this insole. Because its hard plastic can affect your feet in the long run.


a. ​Ideal for people with bunions and who work and stand for long hours every day

b. ​Highly durable plastic material

c. ​Different heights available for custom fitting

d. ​Great arch support and foot cushioning

e. ​Speeds up faster healing and pain relief for bunion sufferers

f. ​Helps in proper alignment of your feet, knees and hips


a. ​Not good for diabetic feet or neuropathy people

b. ​Wears out quickly

c. ​Takes some time to get used to

​Click Here to See Price and Reviews of WalkFit Platinum Foot Orthotics Arch Support Insert.

​No. 2: Powerstep Pinnacle Plus Full Length Orthotic Shoe Insert

Powerstep Pinnacle Plus Orthotic Inserts, Red/Blue, Men's 10-10.5, Women's 12

This completely Made in USA Powerstep Pinnacle Plus Full Length Shoe Insert is best for people having bunions as well as for people needing good metatarsal support.

If you are searching for best running shoes to get more metatarsal support then click here.

If you want to experience reduced bunion pain as fast as possible, then Powerstep is one brand which you can completely rely on.

Its fitting is perfect and once you start using it, your condition would be less aggravated.

One thing I did not like about this insole is it is not a great match for people who have under pronated feet and flat feet.

It has some kind of convex arch which makes you uncomfortable while walking in it.   

Although, it is a great fit for people with supinated feet; it still lacks some cushioning.

I expected some extra cushioning from this much popular brand.

Its durable EVA foam base provides good comfort while walking.

There is also some good arch support and heel support as well.

If you are wary about the friction factor, then relax.

Because this Powerstep Pinnacle Plus insole gives very less friction and creates very less heating. This increases comfort and helps in quicker recovery.


a. ​Provides fast pain relief for people with bunions and hammertoes

b. ​Perfect match for supinated feet

c. ​Dual layer cushioning that offers enhanced comfort

d. ​Extra padding for balls of your feet

e. ​Improved arch support and metatarsal support


a. ​Bad choice for people with pronation and flat feet

b. ​Still needs more cushioning to get better support for your bunions

Click Here to See Latest Reviews and Price of Powerstep Pinnacle Plus Full Length Orthotic Shoe Insert.

​No. 1: Superfeet Professional-Grade High Arch Support Unisex Insole

Superfeet unisex adult Green Premium-u Insole, Green, E 10.5 - 12 US Womens 9.5 11 US Mens

At no.1 position, I have ranked Superfeet Professional Grade Unisex Shoe Insert for few important reasons.   

First up all, it is a high volume and high profile and professional quality shoe insert.

It comes with a stabilizer cap which offers the best rarefoot cushioning.

I liked its heel cup because it is really wide and deep.

This type of heel cup is really good for your feet when you need extra support and shock absorption.

The foot stability and less stress on your feet and knees means your bunion pain also gets reduced to a great extent.

Its high density foam layer is responsible to get support, cushioning as well as comfort for long period of time.

This is one of the highly recommended unisex shoe insole for people with bunions.

It offers the best type of support and recovery if you have recently undergone a bunion surgery.

However, you need to be aware about the fake replicas of this product.

Due to its rising popularity, several fake insoles have come into the market.

If you use any of these fake products, they may cause shin splints and joint problems for your feet.

The only thing that I disliked about this insert is its heel cup.

It is extra wide and starts to cut into your foot once you start walking in your shoes.

If you experience this issue, you might have to cut off the edges of its heel cup.


a. ​Overall design is highly comfortable and supportive

b. ​Professional level arch support that lasts longer

c. ​Can work for long hours without getting any bunion pain

d. ​Provides good level of cushioning and foot stability

e. ​Absorbs body heat and keeps your feet cooler and more comfortable to walk


a. ​Somewhat brittle and uncomfortable heel cup

b. ​A bit expensive

c. ​Beware of fake insoles

​If you want to know more about Superfeet insoles, then I recommend you to watch this video from start to end.

​Click Here to See Reviews and Price of Superfeet Professional-Grade High Arch Support Unisex Insole.

​Wrapping Up

​So, these are my top 5 highly recommended shoe inserts for people having bunions.

If you want to choose any one of them, I recommend you to first consult from your podiatrist and then make your choice.

You can be free from your bunion pain if you implement the right healing methods.

One of them is using the right shoe insole.

Now go and pick the right one to make your life more healthy and get relief from your painful bunions.

Best of luck.

Top 3 Best Tennis Shoes for Bunions Suffering Women Reviewed with Buyer’s Guide

Best Tennis Shoes for Women with Bunions

Are you tired of suffering from your bunions and can’t seem to find the right tennis shoes?

Has working out and taking walks become an activity of the past?

It’s likely that you just aren’t purchasing the right shoe for your feet.

Give this brief article a read next time you head out to purchase your new pair of tennis shoes for bunions and watch your life become much more manageable with shoes that are designed with your bunions in mind.

Before we go directly into the actual reviews, let us have a quick look at our carefully researched and reviewed top 3 best tennis shoes for bunions that are specially picked out for women.

3 Best Women’s Tennis Shoes That Helps You Alleviate Bunions

Tennis Shoe Brand

Main Features

My Rating


​Pguard Toe Protector, FlexionFit Technology, Better midsole compression


​Perforated Leather Upper, Superfoam Footbed, Flow Cool System


​Lightweight and Comfortable Upper, Cloudfoam Midsole and Superior Cushioning


Buyer’s Guide to Help You Choose The Right Tennis Shoe for Your Feet

Why Buying Right Tennis Shoes for Your Bunions is Critical?

Bunions are found at the base of the big toe, and are characterized by a deformity and cause your toe to turn inward.

The result is a painful condition that makes your shoe buying extremely difficult.

In fact, in many cases, purchasing the wrong tennis shoes can make the pain you suffer from your bunions even worse and nearly unbearable.

The ability to take back control of your life and live comfortably is one of the main reasons you need to know exactly what to look for.

You also have to know what the benefits are, and the buying tips that are associated with those who suffer from bunions.

Real Benefits of Using Quality Women’s Tennis Shoes for Bunions

The benefits of purchasing the quality tennis shoes that are designed for women who suffer from bunions include the following things.

1. Start Enjoying Your Daily Activities

Once you start using quality tennis shoes for your bunions, you can definitely regain the ability to partake in enjoyable activities.

Thus you can reduce your pain caused by your bunions.

You can even work throughout the day while standing on your feet, and an easier, less painful time walking around.

2. Relief from Your Pain

After regular usage of quality tennis shoes, you can gradually reduce the symptoms of your bunions.

It is seen that people make the condition of their bunions even more severe by using incorrect and unsuitable footwear.

If you use the right tennis shoes for your bunions, you can surely reduce the discomfort and soreness from your toes that are affected by bunions.

3. Tennis Shoes Offer Instant Grip

Specially built tennis shoes for bunions are really helpful in providing you a better grip and traction on uneven and slippery surfaces.

Thus they can better protect you from any future injuries that may cause to your feet due to rubbing of your bunions.

4. Roomy Toe Box

Quality tennis shoes also provide roomier toe boxes.

Such wide toe boxes are greatly beneficial to protect and safeguard your bunions.

So wearing top quality uniquely made tennis shoes can better protect you from injuries as well as can help you in faster cure of your bunions.

5. Better Cushioning and Comfort

Best kind of tennis shoes always offer better shock absorption and good protection for your feet from high impacts.

The main material used in tennis shoes such as EVA, UVA, Polyurethane, etc. make the shoes lightweight, well cushioned and very durable.

At the same time, these shoes provide you better arch support, sufficient tongue padding and flexible uppers.

Thus the uniquely designed tennis shoes for bunions give you better comfort and cushioning support while you walk or run in them.

If you suffer from bunions, purchasing a shoe that is not designed for bunions can be a disastrous mistake.

Always make sure you are choosing the right shoe to take the pressure and pain off of your feet.

If you are looking for the general shoes for your bunions, we have already prepared a buying guide for these shoes.

Check out our best shoes for bunions guide here.

Unique Features To Look for While Buying These Tennis Shoes

A. Flexible Soles Offering Grip

You should be searching specifically for shoes that support your foot with a flexible sole.

The outsole of your tennis shoe must offer high amount of grip and traction on the uneven and slippery terrains.

B. Wide Toe Box

The toe box should be well accommodating for your bunions.

It should be able to take any added weight and pressure off of your bunions.

At the same time it must be designed with wide, deep, and roomy features for maximum comfort.

C. Flexible and Breathable Material

The best materials to choose from when purchasing best tennis shoes that will make your bunions less painful is going to be anything that is breathable and flexible by nature.

This will really help in feeling great during walking and even running in them.

Important Buying Tips for Women to Choose Right Tennis Shoes

A. Go to a Speciality Shoe Store

One of the best things you can do is to make sure you get into a specialty shoe store.

We recommend visiting the local shoe stores that specialize in painful conditions like bunions, hammertoes, and plantar fasciitis.

You will also want to make sure that the shoes you buy have all of the features listed above (roomy toe box, flexible material, etc.).

Making sure you buy a shoe that is designed specifically for those with bunions is going to be your best bet here.

It will really help you in making sure your pain is minimized and the enjoyable lifestyle you once had is maximized.

B. Measure Your Foot Size Correctly

The next step you should do is to know your foot sizing and width accurately.

You can either measure your foot size at your home or you can take help of your local shoe store for the same.

Here is a great video that can help you to measure your foot size at home with simple methods and without any complications.

This step is really important because you need to know your foot size correctly in order to avoid future discomfort and pain for your bunions that could happen due to ordering incorrect sized tennis shoe.

C. Order from Reliable Online Shoe Stores

There are few very reliable online shoe shopping stores where you can order quality tennis shoes for your bunion condition.

The stores like Amazon, Zappos, Footlocker, etc. can help you find the right sized and good quality tennis shoe that can protect and safeguard your bunions.

The major benefit of ordering these shoes from online stores is you can freely schoose from wide variety of shoe brands.

You also get huge discounted offers on the popular tennis shoe brands which are usually not available at your local shoe stores.

Here is one more excellent buying guide video that will help you make more informed purchasing decisions when you go out for shopping quality tennis shoes to deal with your bunion condition.

Take a look at it.

With this being said, you now have the knowledge that you need to arm yourself with in order to buy the best tennis shoes for your bunion stressed feet.

If you need a little extra help deciding exactly which shoes to buy, we have compiled this handy list jut for you.

Take it with you on your next trip.

Here are our carefully researched and reviewed top 3 best tennis shoes that you can buy if you are a woman who suffers from bunions.

Top 3 Best Women’s Tennis Shoes for Bunions Reviewed

No. 3 : Adidas Women’s Barricade Court Tennis Shoe

adidas Women's Barricade Court Tennis Shoe, Black/Matte Silver/Flash red, 11.5 M US

Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, the Adidas Women’s Barricade Court Tennis Shoe provides an ideal fit for those whose feet are plagued by bunions.

With this shoe in your arsenal, you can definitely maintain a normal and active lifestyle.

With the combination of right arch support and the roomy toe box, this shoe provides a comfortable fitting for women with all kinds of foot sizing.

Primary Features:

a. Adiprene Technology: The unique Adiprene technology of this Adidas women’s tennis shoe is great in delivering sufficient shock absorption for the user.

It helps to absorb shock to both the feet and knees, allowing the wearer to stay comfortable all day long.

b. Unique Rubber Sole: This lends itself to a long lasting, supportive shoe that won’t wear down quickly.

c. Adituff Technology: The shoe has a special Adidas Adituff technology which enhances the durability and protects your toes and heels from possible injuries.

It keeps toes well protected and maintains adequate flexibility within the shoes.

d. Torsion System: The shoe’s torsional feature helps to support the foot and gives it enough room to move comfortably.

e. Forefoot Stability Claw: It helps to create a firm, strong foundation that offers great support for your feet.


a. Great Flexibility: With Adituff Technology, this shoe has great flexibility to maintain comfort for longer period of time.

b. Tons of Style Options: This shoe comes in a variety of colors that let women choose the best shoe for their own personal style.

c. Long Lasting and Very Durable: The quality rubber sole makes this shoe extremely long lasting and durable.


a. Somewhat Stiff to Use: For some users, the shoe sometimes tends to feel a little stiff with not much flexibility.

b. Big Sizing Issue: They run about a size larger than the other shoes in our list of top tennis shoes for bunions.

c. Extra Wide Heels: The heel can be wide which may cause some sliding for some users.

Final Verdict

While women may want to double check the sizes prior to purchase, this Adidas Barricade Court Tennis Shoe is great for anyone who suffers from bunions and needs a comfortable shoe.

You can also gain maximum options for style choices as well from this shoe.

A great fit with style, this shoe is an excellent selection for women with bunions. We give it 3.5 out of 5.

Click Here to See Current Price of Adidas Women’s Barricade Court Tennis Shoe.

No. 2: K-SWISS Women’s Bigshot Light Tennis Shoe

K-Swiss Women's Bigshot Light 3 Tennis Shoes (White/Silver) (6.5 B(M) US)

The K-Swiss Women’s Bigshot Light Tennis Shoe offers the traditional clean and sleek look that comes standard in any K-Swiss shoe but combines it with the exceptional comfort ability for women who are suffering from bunions.

This shoe has a variety of features that makes it comfortable, durable, and one of the first choices on or list for bunion approved tennis shoes for women.

Primary Features:

a. Perforated Leather Uppers: This provides the wearer not only with the lot of comfort but with durability as well.

It also offers a stylish and very clean appearance.

b. Premium Quality Rubber Outsole: The rubber sole on this shoe provides both durability and support for a shoe that will last through almost all kinds of daily activities such as walking, running, jogging and working in them.

c. Heel Grip Lining: This heel grip lining offers a strong grip for the wearer’s socks which in turn gives you minimal slippage in the heel area.

d. SuperFoam Footbed: This new type of k-Swiss special Superfoam Footbed provides you maximum comfort and energy return.

This is one of the most important reasons why we have ranked this stylish K-Swiss women’s tennis shoe as our no.2 best tennis shoe for women with bunions.

e. Flow Cool System: This particular K-Swiss tennis shoe for women possesses one more unique trademarked technology for its upper which is named as Flow Cool System. It provides a ton of breathability for added comfort.

This feature also helps to control excess moisture within the shoe and thus greatly helps to keep your foot dry and cool in various kinds of environments.


a. Fashionable Appearance: There is a wide variety of colors and styles available for this shoe.

This makes it a versatile and very attractive tennis shoe for women who are looking for good looks and color combination in their footwear.

b. Very Durable: This shoe has become extremely durable and long lasting due to the inclusion of quality rubber outsole and premium leather uppers.

c. Increased Comfort: This particular K-Swiss tennis shoe has a highly breathable footbed and Flow Cool System.

This makes it a very comfortable footwear for women.

d. Strong Grip: Heel Grip lining along with well-padded collar and tongue gives the user perfect fitting and grip at the same time.

e. Large Toe Box: This particular K-Swiss Women’s Bigshot Light Tennis Shoe has a very large toe box.

This is really a good thing for the women who are suffering from bunions.

You can definitely select this shoe for your regular usage if you are having bunions and looking for a good quality tennis shoe.


a. Too Wide for Some Users: Some have found the shoe extra wide and having very large toe boxes.

So if you are not looking for the tennis shoes specifically suitable for bunions, then you need to look at the other available choices with smaller toe boxes.

b. Runs Extra Large Size: According to some users, the shoe runs about one half size larger.

So it is a wise decision to order half size smaller than your actual size requirement when ordering online.

Final Verdict

The K-Swiss Women’s Bigshot Light Tennis Shoe might be one of the most ideal shoes for women who have special requirements due to bunions but still want a fashionable, sporty appearance.

This shoe offers a wide variety of benefits, including breathability, high quality materials, comfort, large toe boxes, good grip and many more others.

Considering all these useful features, we provide rating of 4 out of 5 for this shoe.

Click Here to See the Current Price of K-Swiss Women’s Bigshot Light Tennis Shoe.

No. 1 : ASICS Women’s Gel-Resolution 7 Tennis Shoe

ASICS Women's Gel-Resolution 7 Tennis Shoes, 8M, White/Laser Pink

Finally, ASICS Women’s GEL-Resolution 7 Tennis Shoe is our no. 1 top quality tennis shoe for women with bunions.

It is highly comfortable and durable shoe offered in many different colors.

For all of these reasons and more, it takes first place on our list of best tennis shoes for women who suffer from bunions.

Primary Features:

a. Pguard Toe Protector: This uniquely designed Pguard Toe Protector of the shoe keeps it lasting longer by protecting the toe for a more durable shoe.

It also protects your shoe’s toe box really well so that your toes which are affected by bunions are safeguarded in all conditions.

b. FlexionFit Technology: State of the art technology, FlexionFit System offers comfort via support and additional form-fitting shape.

c. Comfortable Rubber Sole: The premium level rubber sole helps to increase durability and provide extra shock absorption for long lasting comfort for your bunion affected feet.

d. Enhanced Cushioning: This shoe is designed with women in mind.

Its midsole has enhanced cushioning that provides extra compression to the midsole.

As compared to its predecessor ASICS Gel Resolution 5 tennis shoe, this one has better cushioning.

It gives you lush but very supportive feel while you walk or run in these shoes.

e. AHAR+ Non-Marking Outsole: This unique AHAR+ technology keeps your shoes looking great with non-marking, high abrasion outsoles.


a. Diversity of Colors: This particular ASICS tennis shoe is great for women who want a variety of options as well as support for their feet.

b. Very Durable: This ASICS shoe has a few different features that contribute to its exceptional durability.

c. High Cushioning: This ASICS women’s tennis shoe certainly goes way beyond its predecessors in terms of its cushioning factor.

d. Highly Comfortable to Use: This shoe’s FlexionFit and added cushioning makes it exceptionally comfortable shoe to use on a regular basis.

e. Toe Durability: It also protects your bunion affected toes really well due to the inclusion of Pguard Toe Protector.


a. Outsoles are bit Slippery: Yes, according to several users of this shoe, the shoe tends to be a bit slippery while you run or play tennis game.

But due to its weight, it manages to keep your balance.

b. Less Support: These shoes seem to have less support than the other ASICS brand shoes.

c. Narrow Fitting: The width of these shoes is slightly narrower than what most people with foot problems find to be comfortable.

Final Verdict:

This ASICS Women’s GEL Resolution 7 Tennis Shoe is great for those women who have painful bunions.

It has a well-constructed design that protects your feet really well and bunion affected toes.

This shoe offers a wide variety of color selections to appease the style of any woman.

The overall comfort, cushioning, durability, stability and other added features make this tennis shoe a great choice for those women who are suffering from bunions.

We give it 4.5 out of 5.

This is our no. 1 highly recommended best tennis shoe for all the women having bunions.

Click Here to See Customer Reviews and Current Price of ASICS Women’s GEL-Resolution 7 Tennis Shoe.

If you are searching for quality sandals to use on a regular basis to safeguard your bunions, we have prepared a comprehensive buying guide just for you. Click to find out the best quality sandals for your bunions.

10 Best Shoes for Bunions Reviewed with Complete Buying Guide

10 Best Shoes for Bunions

Looking for the best shoes for bunions to get rid of your painful and embarrassing condition?

Here is our carefully picked top 10 list of affordable shoes for bunions updated for this year.

Before that kindly read our in-depth buying guide that will help you take the right buying decision.

Comparison of Top 3 Footwear for Bunions

Shoe Brand

Main Features

My Rating


​Best Class Support and Comfort, ​Extra Wide Toe Boxes, ​Flexible Elastic Leather Upper


​Anti-fatigue Rocker Bottom Sole, ​Wide Roomy Toe Box, ​Great Support for Bunions


​Roomier Toe Box, ​​Higher Arch Support, ​Seude Lined Flexible Footbed


Reviews of Top 10 Best Shoes for Bunions

No. 10: Clarks Women’s May Poppy Loafer

Clarks shoes for bunions are equipped with Ortholite footbed that provide good comfort and support to your feet.

It is made up of genuine leather material that offers good amount of softness and protection at the same time.

The shoe possesses ultra-flexible Bendables TM outsole and soft fabric lining on the inner side.

Both of these features provide durability and good traction on the rough surfaces.

It is also helpful to get more comfort for your bony bump.

Clarks Women’s May Poppy Loafer is a great casual slip-on for women.

Its steel shank construction gives the user enhanced stability and strength while walking and jogging.

The shoes look very stylish and come with lots of colors and designs.

Its heel height is good and shoes do not slide a lot.

The support for arch of the foot is also great.

There is sufficient space for your toes to wiggle while wearing the shoes.

The only problem we could find about Clarks shoes is their size factor.

If your feet size is small then this shoe might be on the larger side for you.

It is recommended to select the right sized pair before you buy them online.

Verdict: Our Rating: 6.5/10

Recommended for People Looking for Great Comfort, Style, Looks and Wide Space for Their Bunions

Click Here To Check out Reviews and Price of Clarks Women’s May Poppy Loafer Shoe.

No. 9: New Balance Men’s Mx608v4 Cross Training Shoe

We have purposefully included New Balance brand in our top 10 best shoes for bunions.

If you have large sized feet then this is the ideal sized shoe for you.

People with bunions can wear New Balance Men’s Mx608v4 Cross Training Shoe comfortably and without any pain or discomfort.

They are highly breathable in nature which can provide great comfort and coolness to your bony bump inside shoes.

These shoes are good for looks and style too. The leather upper, rubber sole and EVA foam midsole protect your heels, ankles, insteps and toes to a great extent.

This New Balance shoe for bunions have provided special comfort zone for bunion sufferers which is really great.

Its shock absorbing ability is equally good which provides comfort and protects your bunion from any external injuries.

The only problem we could find is its little narrow width toward the toes.

It is somewhat less wide as compared to its other predecessors.

Verdict: Our Rating: 7/10

Recommended for People Looking Great Comfort and Protection for Bunions

Click Here To See Reviews and Price of New Balance Men’s Mx608v4 Cross Training Shoe.

No. 8: Merrell Women’s Encore Nova Slip-on Shoe

Merrell is a well known brand of shoes which is very popular among women from all over the globe.

Merrell shoes for bunions are especially helpful for women suffering from the bony bump at the side of their toes.

The shoe features water resistant leather upper, very comfortable cushioning, and great traction while walking and other high performance activities.

Merrell Women’s Encore Nova Slip-on Shoe offers padded collar and it is especially made by keeping into account the size and comfort for women’s feet.

The shoe also supports orthotics which is great for people suffering from bunions.

Merrell shoes lining is less bulky and provides good warmth during winter season.

The only downside of this shoe is its smaller size.

People who have smaller sized feet should only go for these Merrell Slip-on shoes.

Verdict: Our Rating: 7.5/10

Recommended For People Searching for Medium Quality, Comfortable, Flexible and Lightweight Shoes for Bunions

Click Here for Reviews and Price of Merrell Women’s Encore Nova Slip-on Shoe.

No. 7: Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Anna Fashion Sneaker

Dr. Scholl’s shoes for bunions are well known for their comfort, lightweight and easy on and off features.

They look cute, stylish and come with lots of color and design varieties.

The shoe is made up of synthetic material and completely made for people who love barefoot style.

Barefoot concept shoes are great for people suffering from bunions and swollen feet.

Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Anna Fashion Sneaker is equipped with memory foam cool fit insole which provides support and comfort for your foot.

Its lace up style gives you perfect fitting and more comfort for bunion affected foot.

The shoe also provides EVA outsole which is more supportive and highly comfortable for your bunion affected feet.

One more good thing that I liked about this shoe is its inner hidden goring panels.

It offers customized fitting as per the size and width of your feet

In spite of these amazing features, it can be a bit discomfort for people who have higher insteps.

Those people should choose other good shoes from our top 10 list of best bunions shoes.

Verdict: Our Rating: 7.5/10

Moderately Recommended If You are Searching for Stylish and Fashionable Shoes Made for Comforting Bunions

Click Here To Check Reviews and Price of Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Anna Fashion Sneaker.

No. 6: Sanita Women’s Professional Celina Clog

The first thing that strikes to our mind after seeing Sanita shoes for bunions is their unique design and exacting standards.

These shoes are very easy on your feet and come with wide varieties of colors and styles.

This casual shoe has a patented leather material upper which provides great comfort and safety for your swollen feet.

It has an excellent polyurethane outsole that offers durability and amazing traction for the users.

Sanita Women’s Professional Celina Clog shoe possesses anatomically shaped footbed which provides comfort and support for your feet and ankles.

The best thing about this shoe is its seal of acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) for its quality standards and long lasting support for the feet.

It also features oil resistant, slip resistant, anti-static and anti-shock characteristics.

These sturdy shoes also provide great support for your knees, ankles, and arches.

The only thing that bothers us is in the initial days of its wearing; it provides a little bit of discomfort and creates some pressure across the top of your foot.

But that is a temporary thing for sure.

Verdict: Our Rating: 8/10

Moderately Recommended If You are Looking for Style and Design and at The Same Time Comfort and Support for Your Bunions

Click Here To View Reviews and Price of Sanita Women’s Professional Celina Clog Shoe.

No. 5: Naot Women’s Matai Shoe

Naot shoes for bunions are much like Mary Jane shoes in terms of style, detailed designing, and variety in colors.

Their soft leather upper with suede accents gives your feet the much needed comfort and flexibility.

You can easily adjust these shoes according to your foot size with the help of its lightly padded rear collar and a velro strap closure.

Its footbed is made up of cork and latex materials which offer superior shock absorption while walking and jogging.

If you have high arches and wide feet then Naot Women’s Matai Shoe is perfect for you.

People with bunions can easily adjust their swollen feet inside the shoe without any discomfort.

The shoe is especially suitable for those people who stand for long period of time on a daily basis.

If you are using orthotics along with your shoes then Naot shoes are great match and suit for your needs.

It provides plenty of roomy toe box for your comfortable toe movements.

There are not any downsides that we found about this shoe which is a good thing for sure.

Verdict: Our Rating: 8/10

Highly Recommended For People Searching for Cute, Funky, Versatile, Stylish and Highly Comfortable Shoes for Bunions

Click Here To See Reviews and Price of Naot Women’s Matai Black Madras Mary-Jane Flat/Shoe.

No. 4: Skechers Women’s Premium Sneaker

Skechers shoe for bunions is a well known and popular brand in the market.

Particularly Women’s Skechers shoes are very well perceived among the women buyers from all over the world.

This shoe is really useful for people looking for the best protection of their bony bump on the feet.

It has leather upper, padded insole, durable rubber outsole along with heel collar and tongue.

All these features are good enough to provide you the superior comfort, traction and stability while performing any type of exercise or long walking.

Skechers Women’s Premium Sneaker comes with wide toe box for easier toe movements.

This shoe is really good in terms of shock absorption and protection against accidental slips and skids.

Your feet will get added comfort due to its ankle collar and padded tongue.

Above all, the shoes are really good looking, stylish and versatile in nature.

As far as any weaknesses are concerned, we have not found any for this shoe.

Verdict: Our Rating: 8/10

Highly Recommended For People Looking for Versatile, Stylish, Comfortable and Stable Shoes for Bunions

Click Here To Read Customer Reviews and Discounted Price of Skechers Women’s Premium Sneaker.

No. 3: Birkenstock London Clog

Birkenstock shoes for bunions are our no. 3 most bestselling shoes in the ranking.

They are really one of the most comfortable and wide width shoes available in the market.

It has so many amazing features such as matte leather upper, adjustable buckle, a suede-lined footbed, a textured rubber outsole, an absorbent cork midsole, and many more others.

All of these features combined give us amazing comfort, support, flexibility and traction while walking and exercising.

Birkenstock London Leather Clog is highly breathable and durable in nature.

This shoe is ideal for people with swollen feet and bunions.

It comes with roomy toe box, proper arch support and very flexible footbed which provide flexibility, strength and protection for the feet.

The sole is made up of lightweight and shock resistant material which is again a bonus feature of Birkenstock shoes.

The most special thing about this shoe is it provides unique features such as molded arch support, molded heel cup and molded toe-bar.

These features give great support for your heels, arch and toes.

One thing to mention here is if you have small sized feet then this shoe might not be a good choice.

It is better to choose other smaller sized shoes from our top 10 list of best bunion shoes.

Verdict: Our Rating: 8.5/10

Greatly Recommended For Everybody Who are Looking for The Most Comfortable, Highly Versatile, Flexible and Supportive Shoes for Bunions

Click Here To Read Customer Reviews and Discounted Price of Birkenstock London Clog Shoe.

No. 2: Dansko Women’s Professional Tooled Clog

Dansko shoes for bunions are our no. 2 most recommended footwear choice for bunion affected individuals.

These shoes are equipped with several amazing bunion healing features such as anti-fatigue polyurethane rocker-bottom sole, a wide roomy toe box, and great comfortable leather upper, etc.

With the help of Dansko shoes, you can move your toes comfortably and can stand or walk for long hours without any fatigue or stress on your feet.

Dansko Women’s Professional Tooled Clog is specially designed to protect and support your legs, feet and back during a long walk and jogging.

It has marvelous foot and arch support along with superior shock absorption ability.

The shoe is one of the most comfortable shoes in our top 10 list and provides great safety, support and flexibility to the swollen feet that are suffering from bunions.

Verdict: Our Rating: 9/10

Very Greatly Recommended For Anyone Searching for The Most Wide-Width, Comfortable, Shock Absorbing, and Foot Supporting Bunions Shoes

Click Here To Read Customer Reviews and Discounted Price of Dansko Women’s Professional Tooled Clog.

No. 1: Orthofeet Women’s Springfield Soft Fashion Mary Janes Shoe

The first thing we liked about Orthofeet shoes is that they are tailor-made for people suffering from bunions.

If you are suffering from Hammer-Toes or swollen feet or bunions then Orthofeet Women’s Springfield Soft Fashion Mary Janes Shoe is a great option for you.

They are equally good for people having diabetic and arthritic feet.

It has elastic leather upper which is stretchable and takes shapes to the contours of your foot.

This automatically helps you to get comfort and release the pressure on your bony bump while walking and exercising.

In addition to stretchable upper, Orthofeet shoes for bunions come with soft and seam free lining design along with extra foam padding.

This enhances its ability to provide extra comfort and protection for your feet.

This shoe also features Bio-Fit orthotic insole that offers great support and shock absorption during high performance activities.

This feature is helpful in reducing your pain and discomfort of your feet affected by bunions.

Your toes can be freely moved in this shoe as it provides sufficient roomy toe box.

Its lightweight cushioning sole offers softness for your feet and avoids any unnecessary pressure on your toes and heels.

The only downside of this shoe is its less ankle support which is not a big issue as compared to its other excellent features especially supportive for bunion sufferers.

Verdict: Our Rating: 9.5/10

Very Highly Recommended for People Searching for Top Class Comfort, Safety and Protection for Their Bunions

Click Here To Read Customer Reviews and Discounted Price of Orthofeet Women’s Springfield Black Mary Janes Shoe.

Buying Guide to Choose The Right Footwear to Get Relief from Your Bunions

What are Bunions?

Do you have a bony bump at the base of your big toe?

If this is true, you are definitely suffering from bunions, a condition known as Hallux Abducto Valgus in medical terms.

According to the definition provided on Medicinenet.com, bunion is a condition in which a person suffers from irregular bump or a bony prominence at the base of his big toe.

The bunion happens at the place where your big toe connects with the primary bone of your feet.

This leads to the enlargement of inner portion of the joint and it results in bending of your big toe and it moves towards the outside direction beyond normal limits.

These bunions are very painful in nature.

They are commonly found in women.

The pain is caused by the internal inflammation and by the pressure exerted from the shoes on the bunions.

Now such type of deformed condition can become worse as time progresses.

This bony bump can become more inflamed if proper care is not taken in time.

There is a little fluid-filled sac known as bursa which is close to the joint of the primary bone and the big toe.

Due to ignorance and lack of care, this sac can get inflamed too and it can further increase the swelling, redness and pain of your bunions.

Many women also suffer from arthritis which can further escalate the condition of your feet.

This is why proper care of feet is essential when you suffer from bunions.

By using best shoes for bunions, you can reduce your pain and inflammation of your feet.

Such shoes can also help you eliminate your bunions naturally and you do not have to go for bunions surgery once you start using these types of shoes.

What are the Primary Symptoms of Bunions?

In order to understand whether you have bunions or not, it is important to know the primary symptoms of the bunions.

According to the Webmd.com Article, the first sign to know this condition is to observe whether you have a bony or an angular bump on the side of your big toe.

Some people do suffer from hardened skin and callus covering on this bump.

Patient.co.uk article further provides the information about the symptoms of bunions.

The person affected by the swollen big toe, can experience extreme pain while walking or running with shoes or boots.

The person may also suffer from swelling and inflammation at the base of the feet.

In some cases, if you do not take proper precautions, it may get infected causing further health problems.

Many women find it very difficult to choose proper shoes or sandals to wear due to extra width of their swollen feet.

You can experience a lot of pain due to the pressure caused by wearing shoes that can not accommodate the extra room for the bunions on your feet.

In addition, there is an extra risk of developing arthritis in many men and women who are currently suffering from bunions on their feet.

In the research, it is also seen that people suffering from bunions on one foot may get them on their second foot.

Therefore, it is very critical from your health point of view to get rid of bunions as soon as possible.

What Causes Bunions on Feet?

Science says that there is no definite cause behind bunions.

You can suffer from bony bumps on your feet due to few of the underlying reasons.

The first reason can be genetic or hereditary in nature.

Few people can get weak joints inherently from their parents.

This can lead to abnormal foot functioning which further cause bunions at the side of the feet.

This condition can affect young people due to the genetic or heredity factors.

The primary victim of this deformity is women.

Some research points out that the formation of bunions is ten times more prevalent in case of women as compared to men.

Other reasons can be the arthritic or bone related ailments such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Improper formation of foot bones at the time of birth can also lead to the bunions later on in the life.

Some people do get affected by this deformity due to nerve injury, trauma, sprains, bone fractures, limb-length discrepancies, and some neuromuscular disorders.

Some people say that shoes and boots can also cause bunions.

But I beg to differ from this opinion. Shoes can not directly be the cause of your bunions.

But once you get affected by the ailment; improper and excessive use of certain shoes can lead to further pain and swelling of the bunions.

Use of very tight footwear such as narrow-toed shoes and high heels can certainly increase the swelling and pain of your bony bumps.

On the other side, by wearing proper shoes having enough roomy toe box and extra wide shoes, you can certainly reduce your pain and swelling caused by bunions.

This is why I strongly recommend using only the best shoes for bunions to get rid of it as early as possible.

What are the Different Types of Bunions?

Depending on the condition, size and location, there are primarily two types of bunions.

The first type is known as acute bunion and the second one is called as chronic bunion or the Hallux Valgus.

The acute bunion is the result of bursitis outburst.

This condition is very painful and produces swelling and skin redness due to constant use of narrow-width shoes.

Here bursitis is the condition in which bursa, a fluid filled sac in the joints of the feet; gets irritated and inflamed due to the constant pressure exerted by the narrow-width shoes.

If not treated in time, this acute bunion can get converted into chronic bunion or the Hallux Valgus.

These bunions do not cause any pain but they become stiff and unbending in nature.

In this situation, the joint bones of your feet can become permanently rigid and the condition may become irreversible.

What are the Effects of Bunions?

According to the research article published by Brenda Goodman on Webmd.com, it is very much clear that chronic bunions can really affect a person on the physical as well as mental level.

A research study published in Arthritis Care & Research shows that every one person out of three adults is suffering from bunions which are formed at the base of the big toe.

This study throws a light on the fact that people with bunions may also suffer from other ailments such as backache, foot pain, knee pain and hip pain, etc.

The research data also reveals a fact that people with severely deformed bunions are living very poor quality of personal and social life.

This implies the fact that untreated bunions can really impact the person’s individual and social life drastically.

Therefore, timely treatment and prevention of bunions is really essential for the affected individual.

We can prevent and cure bunions by wearing wide-width and high quality shoes for bunions.

 Click Here for Reviews of Top Running Shoes for Bunions.

How Do I Get Rid of Bunions?

According to NHS.uk research article, there are only two ways to treat bunions effectively.

The first one is surgical method and the second one is natural method.

In case of severe bunions, you need to take advice of an experienced Orthopedist in your area.

If your bunions are becoming more painful and bigger day by day, you need to treat it with a surgery option.

Depending on your age, health status, medical history, occupation and severity of your symptoms, the operation is carried out under the expert supervision of an Orthopedist.

There are different types of surgeries used to treat bunions.

Some of them are known as Arthrodesis, Osteotomy, Excision Arthroplasty, and minimally invasive surgery, etc.

But once the surgery is over, there are some side effects that you have to deal with.

For the next three months or so, your foot and ankle gets swollen and you need to take help of crutches for easier mobility.

After surgery, you can not wear normal shoes or boots for at least six months or so.

You mostly have bandage or cast on your feet and that is why you can only wear postoperative shoes.

These post operative shoes for bunions are specially designed for proper and safe walking and provide safety for bony cuts.

Such shoes are good for protecting your soft tissues and bones of the feet after the surgery is over.

Now, the second natural treatment is for those people who have bunions in the initial stage.

In the initial stage, the pain and discomfort is much less as compared to the severe bunions.

You can easily treat them naturally and you do not have to go for surgery option at this stage.

There are basically four non-surgical methods to treat your bunions.

Those methods are bunion pads, painkillers, orthotics and use of best shoes for bunions.

Bunion pads which are made up of fleece or gel can be used to reduce the pain of your bunions.

Painkillers such as ibuprofen and paracetamol can also be used to reduce inflammation and pain of the bunion. 

Orthotics, on the other hand, is specially designed device that can be placed inside your shoes.

They aid in realigning the misaligned bones of your feet.

They can be used in conjunction with the quality shoes made for bunions.

They help in reducing the pressure on your big toe and the feet when you wear the shoes.

Now, when it comes to wearing shoes for your feet, you should completely avoid wearing tight and pointy footwear.

Do not use high heels and stylish looking pointy-toed shoes. Such shoes create enormous pressure and pain on the swollen area of the bunion.

They are really bad for your bunions.

These types of shoes can increase your pain and swelling and can further worsen the condition.

When you are walking or exercising, it is important to use only bunion-alleviating shoes that can provide comfort and reduce your pain.

It is strongly recommended to make use of flat, wide fitting and low heeled shoes.

Buy shoes that are made up of soft leather material which can reduce the pressure on your feet.

It is also good for you to select the shoe with the right size.

Here is an interesting video that explains more about how to cure bunions naturally and without any surgery option. Take a look.

What are the Best Shoes for Bunions?

The best shoes for bunions are those that help to relieve the pain and discomfort for the affected person.

These shoes help to reduce the symptoms of bunions and naturally cure the condition.

Use of barefoot style shoes or minimalist shoes is highly recommended for people with bunions.

These shoes are greatly flexible and provide good freedom for your feet and ankles while walking and exercising.

They are really good for barefoot walking and also easily get realigned in the natural positions.

Therefore, by using right shoes for bunions, you can greatly reduce the pain and swelling of your bony bump and gradually cure your condition after regular usage of these types of shoes.

Check Out Our Guide to Learn How to Stretch Your Shoes to Get Relief from Your Bunions.

Primary Benefits of Using Proper Shoes for Bunions

As already mentioned above, the right sized and barefoot style shoes for bunions can help an affected person in number of ways.

1) They help to reduce your bunion symptoms.

2) They are good for relieving pressure that can be caused by wearing tight and narrow-width shoes.

3) Poorly fitting shoes can worsen the situation of bunion and can further escalate the condition.

By using right shoes, you can prevent this escalation and help to improve the condition.

4) Right size, good quality leather material and wide-width are few of the characteristics of best shoes for bunions.

These barefoot style shoes are great to get rid of your pain and discomfort caused by the bunion.

What You Should Be Looking for While Buying Best Shoes for Bunions?

As discussed above, there are few important features and characteristics that you should give priority while choosing right shoe for your bunions.

Some of those features and characteristics are as follows.

1) Comfortable: 

The very first factor which is essential in the best bunions shoes is the comfort.

If your shoes are not comfortable then it can give your feet more pain and fatigue.

This can further increase the problem and worsen the condition.

Comfortable shoes are must for people suffering from bunions.

2) Wide Width Size: 

The next must have feature is wide width size of the shoe.

We have included the top ten shoes that come with roomy toe box feature.

This is important in order to provide enough space for the movement of your big toe.

It also provides sufficient space for the bony bump on your feet and does not create unnecessary pressure caused by the narrow-width shoes.

3) High Quality Material: 

The third most important feature is the quality of the material of your shoe.

The soft leather material provides the safety and protection for your swollen feet.

It does not hurt your bony bump and provides softness for your bone tissues.

4) Flexibility: 

Flexibility is another important feature that must be present in your bunion shoe.

Most people suffering from bunions face difficulties while walking and exercising.

If you use barefoot style footwear, then you can avoid accidental slip or fall on the slippery grounds.

Your toes and ankles can remain safe by being flexible while walking and jogging.

Barefoot style shoes provide maximum flexibility to your feet.

By choosing such shoes, you can avoid further accidents and internal injuries to your feet.

5) Lightweight: 

Your shoes being lightweight in nature can provide several benefits for you during normal day to day activities.

You do not feel tired and fatigued due to your light shoes.

You can significantly reduce the pressure and pain of your bunions by wearing lightweight shoes.

Light footwear decreases the pressure and helps in early recovery of the bunions.

6) Good Traction and Grip: 

It is obviously essential feature in every shoe you buy to get rid of your bunions.

Without proper traction and grip, you can not walk or run carefully.

You can not protect or safeguard your joints and bones of the feet.

Your grip and traction is very essential to avoid any accidental pressure or further injuries to your already affected foot.

A shoe with good traction and grip can help you avoid any injuries and can expedite the process of recovery for sure.

7) Durability:

Finally the most durable shoes is what you should be looking for while shopping for bunions shoes.

If your shoes do not get damaged easily, it is easier for you to protect your feet for longer duration.

By buying high quality and durable shoe, you can make sure that your feet remain safe and protected for long period of time.

5 Best Sandals for Bunions Treatment Reviewed with Detailed Buyer’s Guide

5 Best Sandals for Bunions

​Recently I was researching about the possible effects of wearing sandals if the person is suffering from severe bunions.

I found a research article on JBR Clinical Research, which specifically mentions that you can wear soft leather sandals without any issues.

A loose and comfortable sandal does not cause any skin irritation as long as you use it for casual purpose.

So people recommending not to use sandals for bunions is completely baseless.

Today, I am recommending the best flip flops that you can wear comfortably even if you have bunions.

Before checking out the detailed buying guide, lets take a look at top 3 recommended sandals that can provide relief and comfort for your feet.

​Top 3 ​Recommended Sandals for Bunions

Sandal Brand

Main Features

My Rating


Two Leather Straps with Buckle Closure, ​Good Shock Absorption, Excellent Protection for Your Bunions


​Adjustable Buckles with Two S​traps, ​Highly Comfortable Design, ​Anatomical Footbed Offers Cushioning ​& Comfort


​​Comfortable Upper, ​Footbed Offers Cushioning & Comfort, ​Hides & Accommodates Bunions


​5. Keen Women’s Bali Sandal

KEEN Women's Bali Sandal,Magnet/Neutral Gray,10.5 M US

​Keen Sandals are all about hybrid innovation, quality materials and unique support for toes.

Since 2003, the company is producing highest quality shoes and sandals for all types of consumers.

Their sandals are some of the best ones which are ideal for outdoors, hiking, exercise and other related activities.

Keen Women’s Bali Sandal is the perfect example of an ideal sandal offering full comfort, support and protection for bunions.

This is known as a special slide sandal which has a protected toe and traction outsole.

Its contoured footbed gives your feet the much needed support and stability.

The sandal has a very comfortable upper which is made up of hydrophobic mesh.

This Keen Sandal is a perfect fit for people having various foot ailments.

If you are having a bunion or very flat feet, you surely need these sandals.

They are highly comfortable, lightweight and do not slip off easily.

The sandal has a very good life span and high durability.

You can work all day without any discomfort and fatigue while wearing this Keen sandal.

My Verdict:

If You are a Fan of Keen Sandals Then Definitely Do not Miss This Bali Sandal.

For Others, It is Highly Recommended Sandal Because It Offers Great Support, Protection, Comfort, and Durability All at Once.

Click Here to See Reviews and Price of Keen Women’s Bali Sandal.

​4. Naot Women’s Kayla Wedge Sandal

Naot Women's Kayla, White Leather, 43 M EU / 12-12.5 B (M) US

​The very first Naot shoe factory was started in the year 1942.

Since then the company has mastered in the art of making unique engineered shoes and sandals.

The Naot sandals come with several unique features such as hallux support, elevated footbed center, reliable arch support, deeper heel indentation, and latex sponge layer, etc.

Naot Women’s Kayla Sandal is the prime example of high durability, flexibility and great shock absorption ability.

This sandal is equipped with three straps. 

A hook and loop straps are at the instep and a backstrap of this sandal gives your feet increased support and stability while walking.

It’s suede-covered latex and cork footbed provides correct posture and helps to evenly distribute your weight of your body in order to decrease the pressure from your joints and spinal column.

It has also a thick EVA sole which offers you a good amount of grip and traction.

Heel indentation of this sandal is useful in obtaining right balance while walking and they are really bunion friendly sandals.

Its leather is soft and straps are fully adjustable which helps you release any unnecessary pressure from your bunions.

People who have just undergone any kind of foot surgery should definitely try these Naot sandal pairs.

​My Verdict: 

These Naot Sandals are Very Highly Recommended for Anyone Who is Searching for Truly Bunion Friendly Sandals. ​

These flip flops are also Extremely Comfortable, Great Fit, Flexible, Breathable, Shock Absorbable, and Greatly Supportive by Nature.

Click Here to See Reviews and Price of Naot Women’s Kayla Sandal.

​3. Onex Women’s Deena Sandal

Onex Women's Deena Sandal,Black Elastic,8 M US

​If you are looking for quality craftsmanship and unique combination of fashion and style then you should go for Onex sandals.

Onex Shoes brand is famous for its wedge sandals having cushioned footbed and high amount of comfort features.

Onex Women’s Deena Sandal is totally Made in USA footwear.

Its superior elastic stretch fabric upper gives your feet the much needed comfort and flexibility. 

This is essential to provide comfort and protection for your bony bumps.

This one can certainly be categorized as one of the best sandals for bunions.

Its synthetic sole is very lightweight and you can use them very comfortably during walking.

This Onex sandal is also very good for women who are very short in terms of their height.

The elastic stretch of this sandal is perfect for people with bunions.

Because it will reduce the stiffness and tightness and it will avoid any rubbing against your bony bumps while you walk.

In fact, people having any type of foot disorder such as boney instep or high toe bone, must start using this particular sandal.

My Verdict:

This Deena Styled Sandal is Highly Recommended for People with Bunions and Who are Looking to Wear High Quality Made in USA, Lightweight and Thoroughly Comfortable Sandal.

Click Here to View Price and Reviews of Onex Women’s Deena Sandal.

​2. Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Sandal

BIRKENSTOCK Womens Arizona Soft Footbed Blue Oiled Leather Sandal - 36 NAR

​Before forty years, the founder named as Margot Fraser, established the Birkenstock shoe brand in the market.

Since then the company is consistently producing top quality, most comfortable, very unique and foot healthy friendly sandals and shoes.

Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Sandal is our second highest recommended sandal for bunion sufferers.

There are several reasons behind this high ranking.

The very first factor is its unparalleled and timeless comfort and support ability for the feet.

Its adjustable leather straps and comfortable footbed provide great support and comfort for your feet that are affected with bunions.

The fit is very perfect for this Birkenstock sandal.

The sandal also looks very stylish and cute in nature.

The ridges on its insole gives your feet appropriate support and grip while walking.

As far as arch support is concerned, you are seeing one of the best orthotic sandals present out there.

From every angle, this Birkenstock sandal is perfect for bunion affected person.

The price is very affordable and sizing is appropriate for normal and narrow width feet.

This sandal is highly recommended for people searching for ideal sandal for reducing bunion effects.

My Verdict:

Birkenstock Sandals are Best for Great Support, Fit, Comfort, Style and Soft Footbed.

Its Dual Adjustable Buckles Provide High Comfort and Support.

Overall, This Birkenstock Sandal is Highly Recommended for Every Person Who is Actively Looking for The Best and the Most Comfortable Sandal for Bunion Reduction.

Click Here to See Reviews and Price of Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Sandal.

​1. Dansko Women’s Sophie Sandal

Dansko Women's Sophie Teak Sandal 5.5-6 M US

​There is no need to explain more about Dansko shoes and sandals.

Since last 20 years, the company is producing some of the finest and superior quality shoes, clogs, heels, boots, wedges, flats and sandals.

Its footwear collection is all about getting good comfort and great support for the feet.

Dansko Women’s Sophie Sandal truly deserves its no. 1 ranking in this list. 

Highest quality comfort, exceptional arch support, adjustable twin straps, a pillow-soft cushioned footbed, leather and dri-lex lining are some of the most unique features of this Dansko sandal.

At the same time, it provides great foot support and protection for your foot ailments such as plantar fasciitis and bunions.

You can wear this sandal comfortably all day long without getting your bunions hurt or irritated.    

Above all, these sandals are great fit and completely adjustable which can help many people having uneven foot size, flat feet, no instep, and narrow heels.

The best thing is it also looks really colorful and stylish which is great for people who love fashionable sandals.

The only thing you need to be careful about is your foot size and the ordered size of the sandal.

You should know your foot size correctly and then order the right sized sandal online.

My Verdict:

This Dansko Sandal is Highly Recommended for Any Person Looking for High Quality Sandals Specially Made for Comforting Foot Ailments Like Bunions.

Due to Its Adjustable Straps and Stylish Looks, They are High in Demand.

Click Here to See Price and Reviews of Dansko Women’s Sophie Sandal.

​Buyer’s Guide to Choose Only The Best Flip Flops for Your Bunions

​Do Sandals Cause Bunions?

​​I am not sure about how sandals can affect your bunions.

Recently I read an article on Cosmopolitan.com which basically explaining the disadvantages of wearing flip-flops or sandals.

One of the drawbacks, the author of this article mentions is; effect of using flip-flops on your bunions.

It says that your toes have to work harder to keep your sandals or flip-flops together while walking or running in them.

This over-gripping can later on cause irritation which can escalate your foot conditions such as bunions and plantar fasciitis, etc.

A podiatric surgeon named as Dr. Jacqueline Sutera also explains that most sandals are flat and super thin.

This causes instability and lack of support for your feet.

She also emphasizes the main reason behind potential bunion irritation is over-gripping of your toes.

So, all this research points to one fact is you really don’t have to use sandals or flip-flops for extended period of time.

You can use them for casual stroll or a pool side party, etc.

But its best to avoid them using for your regular daily routine work.

And the answer to this question is possible “Yes”.

It can irritate your existing bunions if you don’t wear right type of sandals.

So, using the sandals that do not cause pain or irritation to your bunions is super important.

​How to Wear Sandals for Bunions?

​Wearing the right sandals can save yourself for painful bunions.

If you wear sandals the wrong way, then it can surely exacerbate your bunions.

You can use certain methods to disguise or protect your bunions from flip-flops.

Some of those methods are using bunion corrector splint pads, moleskin padding rolls, bunion sleeves or wearing good quality socks.

To know how you can safeguard your bunions while wearing any sandal, check out the guide that I have recently published.

By using these simple techniques, you can prevent irritation and pain for your bunions.

By learning the right methods to wear these sandals, you can be sure that you do not worsen your foot condition.

Why You Need to Wear Best Sandals for Your Bunions?​

I know and you must know if you are currently suffering from bunions that how much irritating and painful can be bunions.

On the top of that, if you wear flip-flops and other related shoes to reduce your pain and still not getting the intended results, you must be searching for the other methods to get rid of your condition.

Your normal shoes and other footwear may be rubbing against your swollen toes badly and worsening your condition day by day.

High heels on the other side cause havoc and may cause painful blisters on the balls of your feet.

Your footwear must have a comfortable footbed and must provide good support to your ankles, arches, heels and toes.

By wearing flip-flops, there are risks of tripping constantly while you walk.

This can increase the condition of your bunions. Flats are also not a good option due to the similar reasons mentioned above.

If you want to have good shoes for bunions then we have already reviewed top 10 shoes for bunions which you can check out here.

On the other side, sandals are great fit for many people suffering from bunions.

They come in wide varieties and most of the brands are also designed while keeping in the mind the people with bunions.

You can choose such sandals that are surely very comfortable, lightweight and protective towards your bunions.

Regular use of such sandals can definitely reduce your pain and discomfort.

Many people have reported the gradual relief and cure of their bunions after using the best sandals for bunions on a regular basis.

​What Types of ​Sandals Should I Choose To Reduce My Bunions?

Basically there are three primary footwear categories that can be used to reduce the bunion symptoms. Those are as follows.

1) Sandals specially made for people suffering from bunions

2) Footwear that provides features such as Correct Toes spacers

3) Shoe categories which consist of the Barefoot Science Arch Activation Foot Strengthening System.​

There are lots of flip-flops available in the market which you can use to hide your bunions.

As far as categories are concerned, you can find various classifications based on their functionalities.

Most men and women love to wear the following sandals for bunions.

1. Cute and fashionable sandals

2. Yoga sandals for bunions

3. Dress sandals that are suitable to wear with bunions

4. Beech flip flops

5. Therapeutic or orthopaedic sandals

6. Thong sandals

7. Gladiator sandals for bunions

8. Open toe sandals and closed toe sandals

9. Strappy flip flops

10. Toe post sandals

11. Wedge sandals

12. Hiking sandals that are suitable for people with bunions

13. Platform sandals

Based on the size, length and width these sandals can be categorized as follows.

1. Wide width sandals

2. Toe sandals

3. Extra wide flip flops

4. High heel sandals

You can use any of these flip flops for your bunions.

The main condition is the sandal you wear must not be uncomfortable for your feet.

The over-gripping issue which we discussed above must not affect your feet.

Once you take care of this, then these sandals will be harmless for your foot condition.

​Useful Tips to Choose the Best Sandals to ​Get Relief from Bunions

​Before our tips, watch ​the above video for some excellent tips from an experienced ballet dancer on how you can prevent bunions on your own.

a) Do not use pointy-toed footwear and ultra high heels at all.

Consistent use of Stilettos, ballet flats, unfitted flip-flops, platform shoes, and wrong sized shoes can really make your legs painful and uncomfortable.

They cause various foot ailments such as hammertoes, bunions, arthritis, pump bump, unnatural foot position, ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, and other toe deformities.

b) Choose sandals and shoes for your foot ailments that have wide toe box and have sufficient arch and toe support.

This will reduce your pain and discomfort caused by bony bumps at your big toe.

Check out this excellent Webmd.com article that explains different types of footwear which you must avoid to stay away from various foot ailments.

​Primary Benefits of Using Best Sandals for Bunions

​There are so many advantages of using right sandals for your bunions.

There are many people out there who have misconceptions about sandals and other footwear products.

You can only find out these benefits once you start using them on a regular basis.

However, we have provided some of the most significant benefits of these sandals in the next paragraph.

1. Comfortable movements of your toes: The right sized sandals made to prevent bunions are great alternative to barefoot lifestyle.

Instead of going barefoot, you can start using sandals that have appropriate foot size and allow comfortable movements of your toes while walking.

People working for 12 to 15 hours every day, should use such sandals or shoes if they are currently suffering from bunions.

2. Wide toe box sandals provide greater relief for your bony bumps: Sandals that come with wide toe or roomy toe box are effective against bunions.

Regular use of these types of sandals is must for you if you want to reduce the symptoms of your condition.

3. You can rapidly decrease several toe deformities: Constant use of the best sandals for bunions can drastically reduce your toe deformities.

Various foot ailments can be cured just by avoiding conventional footwear and by starting the use of efficient sandals made to reduce bunions.

​Features and Characteristics that are Essential in the Best Sandals for Bunions

1) Comfortable to Walk: The first obvious feature your sandals must have is the comfort factor.

Without proper comfort, you can not walk and safeguard your bunions conveniently.

There must be right amount of footbed and arch support present in your sandals.

2) Lightweight Usage: Using lightweight sandals is very essential if you want to reduce the pressure on your bony bumps.

Try to choose those sandals that are made up of lightweight material.

This will help you reduce your fatigue and tiredness.

At the same time, you can reduce your pain and discomfort to a great extent once you start using such lightweight sandals.

3) Adjustable heel and toe straps: Your sandals ideally should have adjustable straps.

These straps help you to reduce the pressure on your bunions.

You can walk comfortably and decrease the pain and discomfort at the same time.

4) Thong shaped and wide width sandals: If you have tailor’s bunion, you must use thong shaped sandals.

People having bunions at their baby toes are known to have suffered by tailors bunions.

For these people using wide width sandals will also help to a great extent.

Wide width sandals help people for comfortable and extendable toe movements without getting irritated or rubbed against the edge of the sandals.

5) Sufficient flexibility: Your sandals must also be made up of flexible material.

Enough flexibility is necessary while walking or running.

If you have bunions, you certainly don’t want your legs or toes to get injured by slipping on the floors.

Flexible sandals will allow you to move your legs without falling or slipping on the surface.

6) Durability: The sandals you are going to use must be highly durable in nature.

There is no doubt about it.

When you shop for these sandals, you certainly want them to keep working for longer duration of time.

You can check out the durability factor by reading the online customer reviews of the respective sandals as pointed in our chart above.

7) Use of top quality material: This one is obvious. The safety and protection of your bony bumps depend upon the quality of your sandals.

The higher the quality of the material used, longer they will be working and will protect your feet for longer period of time.

Thus, you should look for all these seven factors to make sure you are getting the right sandal for your bunions.

​Wrapping Up

​So, I think you are now ready with all the necessary knowledge required to buy the best type of bunion sandal for your feet.

I recommend to check out our top 5 Best Sandals for Bunions listed in the beginning of the guide.

If you are looking for the Best Shoes for Bunions then Click Here.

All in all, you should always get the best footwear in order to support and protect your bunions from external rubbing and stop further deterioration of the condition.

And wearing the top quality footwear can drastically help you safeguard and reduce your bunion condition in the long term.

Review of Top 5 Best Running Shoes for Bunions for Men and Women

5 Best Running Shoes for Bunions Reviewed
[thrive_borderless type='image' position='default']https://www.vbmbestreviews.com/wp-content/uploads/5-Best-Running-Shoes-for-Bunions-Reviewed.png[/thrive_borderless]

Some people suffer from mild bunions while some experience severe bunions. Depending on the actual condition and severity of the bunions, you need to select the right shoe for running. 

If you are a regular runner and currently have bunions, you certainly need a good pair of shoes that can protect your feet and prevent further harm to your bunions. Before diving into the actual do’s and don’ts; lets have a look at our top 5 best running shoes for men and women for the year 20​20 onwards.

Our ​#1 Rated ​Men's Running Shoe for Bunions

#1st Rated

ALTRA Men's Torin 2.5 Running Shoe, Blue/Yellow, 7 M US

Altra Men's ​Torin 2.5 Running Shoe

  • ​Durable Rubber Outsole
  • ​100% Breathable Mesh Design
  • 5mm Well Cushioned Footbed
  • Wide Width Toe Box

Our ​#1 Rated ​Women's Running Shoe for Bunions

#1st Rated

Mizuno Women's Wave Rider 23 Running Shoe, Purple Potion-Silver, 6 B US

Mizuno Women's Wave Rider ​23 Running Shoe

  • ​Highly Responsive ​Midsole
  • ​Breathable ​Lightweight Mesh Design
  • ​Secure Fitting, Extremely Comfortable
  • ​Higher Energy Return,​Good Shock Absorption

Buyer's Guide to Help You Choose The Right Running Shoes for Bunions

Is It Ok to Run with Bunions?

If you are a regular runner and currently experiencing painful bunion condition, then this article would really help you solve your problem. Before we get to the meat of this guide, its important to know whether running causes bunions.

Many people have this misconception that excessive running routine can lead to painful bunion condition. But the reality is much different than this misconception.

A 2011 research study article published at ScienceDaily.com confirms one fact that the severity of hallux valgus (or bunions in common term) is found more prevalent in older aged people. It is more common in women than men.

Also, a RunnersWorld.com article provides the research study results conducted to measure the impact of foot type on causing bunions.

It reveals the fact that people having pronated feet are more likely to experience bunions and overlapping toes. On the other side, if you have supinated feet, then you are less likely to develop hallux valgus condition.

Some of the other most common causes of bunions are hereditary in nature. If you have loose joints or low arches and flat feet then also there are higher chances of developing this foot condition.

But there is no strong evidence that running directly causes bunions or worsen your foot condition. Yes, if you use incorrect sized footwear or narrow width shoes then it can lead to painful bunion situation.

Some people have the unconscious habit of exerting unnecessary pressure on painful big toe joints. If you have this habit while you run then yes, it can exacerbate your condition.

In short, if you do anything while running which can cause unwanted pressure on your painful big toe or on the ball of your foot, then it can affect your foot condition.

So, yes there are higher chances to develop bunions or worsen your already painful bunion, if you don’t take proper precautions while running.

Some of these precautions involve wearing wide width toe box running shoes and to avoid exerting unnecessary pressure on the ball of your foot while running.

In the end, I just want to tell you that its ok to run with bunions if you follow the above tips while you run on a regular basis. If you remember these tips and avoid the above mentioned mistakes, then I am sure you won’t experience painful bunion condition.

Can Running Shoes Cause Bunions?

The answer to this question is no. Wearing running shoes directly do not cause bunions. But according to the article on UChicagoMedicine.Org​, the root cause of bunions is ​unstable joint at the base or foundation of the metatarsal bone .

But the condition of bunions can become critical or worsened by using improper high heels and cramped pointy toed shoes. Read our article that provides the review of the best everyday shoes suitable to use when you have bunions.

Here is a very good video which throws a light on the fact that whether or not the tight shoes cause bunions. Watch it carefully to understand what is the exact nature of bunions and how are they formed.

Many regular runners make this mistake and purchase wrong types of running shoes that make their condition worse. So yes, choosing unsuitable running shoes can aggravate your bunions.

If not taken seriously, your runner’s gait could be affected badly due to severe bunions in the long run. The flexibility in the big toe can also be hampered due to the use of improper running shoes.

That is why you need to be careful while selecting running shoes for bunions. Here is our guide that will help you take the informed decision while choosing the right running shoes for bunions.

What Features Should You Look for While Choosing The Best Running Shoes for Bunions?

In order to avoid further deterioration and injury to your bunions, you need to know what kind of running shoes must be avoided. To do that, you have to know the right features that make any running shoe comfortable and ideal for runners with bunions. 

The following are few important features that you should look for while buying running shoe that can prevent or at least safeguard your bony bumps.

1. The Availability of Bunion Window: This is relatively a new concept which is especially integrated in the runner’s shoes for bunions. This does provide some space for your bony bumps to wiggle comfortably.

Popular brands such as Mizuno, Adidas, Nike, New Balance, ASICS, and Brooks have used this concept in their running shoes.

Basically, a bunion window is a special facility in a running shoe which is simply a mesh panel on the medial forefoot of the upper. 

In the push-off phase, this specially designed upper with usual overlays provide extra space for bony bumps to move comfortably. This is also helpful in avoiding unnecessary swelling and discomfort of bunions during long distance running.

2. Wide and Tall Toe Boxes: It is but obvious thing that your running shoes should have wide and tall toe boxes in place. The shoes like ASICS, Adidas, Mizuno and Brooks have good extra space for bunion protection.

This additional space in the shoe is also important for keeping some spacing between toes. The availability of roomy toe box is very essential for people with flat feet and even moderate overpronation.

3. Lightweight and Highly Comfortable: The running shoe you wear must be also very light and must feel really comfortable while running.

Popular brands make use of lightweight materials in their shoes and provide good amount of cushioning in the upper as well as in the forefoot, midfoot and rearfoot.

4. Soft Fabric Upper and Minimum Overlay Design: This is equally important when you buy best running shoes for bunions. The upper of your shoe must have very soft fabric or mesh design.

You need to have the overlay design which can be properly conformed to the actual shape of your foot over the bunion. All kinds of sturdy material uppers will only create discomfort and uncomfortable movements for your toes and bunions.

5. Enough Arch Support and Depth of the Shoe: Many people tend to forget about this element while selecting a running shoe. The shoe you are going to choose must have sufficient arch support as well as proper depth.

The bunions can be stretched down more than your other foot fingers. This is why you need a shoe with more depth in order to protect your bunions.

6. Good Cushioning and Stability:  The more stable your running shoe, the more you can disperse the pressure and prevent harm to your bunions. A shoe that offers sufficient amount of midfoot strike is very good in obtaining proper stability.

A well cushioned running shoe also reduces the unnecessary pressure from your midfoot, forefoot and heels during high mileage running. Soft cushioned shoe protects your bunion from high strikes and impacts during running.

7. Wide Fitting and Half Size Bigger Shoes: Runners with bunions must select larger sized and wide fitting shoes. They provide highest possible comfort and protection for your bunions.

Long distance running requires that you take sufficient care of your feet and your bunions. If you are a lady and want to buy such running shoes, I highly recommend you buy men’s running shoes because they will be half size bigger than your actual foot size.

8. Use of Minimalist Features with Flexible Soles: Minimalist shoes are also great for people with bunions. These shoes are very good at strengthening your arches.

They provide very good support to your arches. This reduces pain in your ankles, knees, hips and feet. Flexible soles help you prevent the pressure that can be exerted during high mileage running activities.

Such soles also allow your feet to move more naturally as compared to the shoes with sturdy soles. Only thing you need be careful in such minimalist shoes is they must have high amount of cushioning for your feet to avoid pressure on your bunions.

9. Proper Motion Control Support: If you come in the category of flat feet with high arches, you should be looking for a shoe that has a good motion control support. A plentiful forefoot space is also important for you if you have flat feet and have bunions.

Primary Types of Running Shoes for Bunions

Before you know the main categories of running shoes for bunions, you need to know your foot type first. Yes, it is very important that you know what type of foot you possess.

There are primarily three main categories based on your foot biomechanics. The first one is the feet with high arches; the second one is the flat feet and the third type of the feet with normal or regular arches.

The best way to know your foot type is to visit your local foot store and get your feet evaluated.

Along with your foot type, you can get to know what types of running shoes are best for your feet. There are basically three primary categories of running shoe for bunions.

The first category is for runners with neutral feet or having normal/regular arches. The second category is for runners having wide feet or low arches.

And the third category is for the runners having feet with high or maximum arches.

a. Running shoes for people having normal arches or flat feet: If your have neutral feet/flat feet or regular arches, you certainly need a wide width neutral running shoe. People with nice arch do not tend to overpronate or supinate.

Their feet do not roll inward or outward while running. If your feet come in this category, you definitely need a wide width neutral running shoe with nice roomy toe box.

b. Running shoes for people having low arches: Runners having low arches usually tend to roll inward during running. They definitely require a stability running shoe which has a roomy toe box and structured arch for stability control.

If you are in this category, you need to have a running shoe that provides support for low arches and roomier toe box. This means you should be looking for a wide width stability running shoe to protect your bunions.

c. Running shoes for people having high arches: Runners who have high arches usually are known as supinators. Because of your maximum arches, the feet tend to be wider during running.

Such people having bunions must use the running shoes that have wide width, wide toe box and higher arch cushioning support. Such running shoes are known as wide width motion control shoes.

These shoes are best for people having high arches and bunions at the same time.

How to Lace Running Shoes for Bunions?

I certainly need not have to go in depth here.

There is an excellent article posted on ​Fieggen.com whether the author has provided about 61 unique methods for shoe lacing.​ Th​ese shoe lacing methods can give you good level of comfort and can reduce the pressure on bunions while running for long distance.

​Watch the following video to understand the best shoe lacing method to get relief from your bunions.

​There is a slightly different lacing technique for people with wide feet and for people with narrow feet. In a nutshell, you can definitely prevent the worsening of your bunions while running by simply following this straightforward shoe lacing technique.

One thing however you need to remember is do not let stitching come over your bunions and mesh of the shoe you are wearing must be comfortable and soothing.

Why Using Running Shoe Inserts for Bunions is Important?

Most overpronators who have bunions tend to exert excessive pressure on their bony bumps during long distance running.

If you do not pay enough attention towards your condition, it can become worse and you may have to go through bunion surgery in severe case. This is why it is important to take proper precautions in order to prevent further deterioration of your condition.

One of the most effective preventive measures is to use ​quality running shoe inserts for bunions​. 

You can either use bunion pad or shoe insert in order to realign your toes. These shoe inserts and bunion pads help you reduce the pain and inflammation. They also are effective in realigning the toes to their normal position. Running shoe inserts can be used conveniently while you run for a long distance.

Taping your toes and foot in a normal alignment position can be another way to realign your toes and prevent bunions. People having mild or moderate bunions, can use device like “Bunion-Aid” which is very flexible bunion splint device.

According to Runnersworld.com, there are other methods such as the use of big-toe adductor and toe extensors. These methods can help you a lot in relieving pain and gaining comfort from bunions while running.

Top 5 Best Men’s Running Shoes for Bunions

No. 5: ASICS Men's Gel-Foundation 8 Running Shoe Review

ASICS Men's Gel Foundation 8-4E Running Shoe,Lightning/Black/True Red,7.5 4E US

At no. 5, ASICS Men’s Gel Foundation 8 Running Shoe stands proudly. Whether you are a runner looking for a good support or a runner with foot ailments such as bunions, you need a better stability running shoe.

This ASICS running shoe is a great example of quality motion control and stability running shoe which offers maximum cushioning and wide toe box. Especially for the overpronators and for people with flat feet, this shoe is helpful.

There are several great features that are offered by this​ ASICS Gel Foundation ​Shoe​ such as stable low-arch support, good forefoot and rearfoot Gel cushioning system, SpEVA midsole, DuraSponge outsole, ComfortDry Sockliner and DuoMax dual density support system and many others.

Due to these great features, the shoe provides higher stability, improved cushioning, sufficient support for arches and ankles, and protection against microbial infection.

This is why if you are suffering from bunions, you need to have a running shoe that provides maximum cushioning and a roomy toe box. There is a sufficient bunion window for ASICS running shoes which is another reason why you must try out these shoes.

It is great for controlling your pronation too. At the same time, the shoe is highly comfortable and lightweight which is a must have necessity for a great running shoe for people suffering from bunions.

The best thing about this ASICS running shoe is its upper is lightweight and soft. Plus there is plenty of space in the forefoot which offers comfortable movement for bunion affected toes. The cushioning is great in the upper as well as in the midsole. The shoe is also highly durable in nature.

Our Verdict: ASICS Men’s Gel Foundation 8 running shoe is highly recommended for runners with overpronation and suffering from bunions.

It’s a quality motion control and stability running shoe which can protect you from several foot ailments such as plantar fasciitis and bunions.

Click Here to See ​More ​Reviews and ​Latest ​Price of ASICS Men's Gel-Foundation 8 Running Shoe.​

No. 4: New Balance Men's M​840V​3 Running Shoe Review

New Balance Men's M840V3 Run Shoe-M, Silver/Blue, 9 D US

New Balance Men’s M​840 v​3 Running Shoe is at no. 4. This is our one of the highly regarded men’s running shoes for bunions. 

The reasons are obvious ones. The unique bunion friendly features of this New Balance shoe must be taken into account rightfully.

Runners with flat feet and overpronation must try out this shoe in order to get maximum cushioning, comfort and support.

The shoe possesses soft and comfortable upper with lots of space in the toe box. Its wide toe box is great for people suffering from bunions.

This 375 gm running shoe is excellent men’s stability and motion control shoe. Its Stabilicore technology offers very smooth transition from heel strike to toe-off.

The shoe has a specially designed TPU shank which is very lightweight and flexible in nature. This technology gives the shoe the much needed arch support and torsional stability.

The synthetic mesh upper of the shoe is useful in protecting bunions from unnecessary pressure. This synthetic overlay acts as a bunion window which protects your bony bumps to a great extent.

This ​Made in USA New Balance running shoe​ also comes with Ortholite foam insert that provides high breathability, comfort and protection against fungal and bacterial infection for the feet.

The shock absorption is equally great which safeguards your bunions during high mileage running.

This wide toe box running shoe also provides great support for runners with low arches, narrow feet and narrow heels.

The best thing about this shoe is that it is highly recommended by many well known podiatrists as a quality running shoe for several foot ailments such as plantar fasciitis and bunions.

Use of ​Superfeet DMP inserts is recommended along with this shoe to get high comfort and protection for runners with bunions.

Our Verdict: New Balance Men’s M​840V​3 Running Shoe is a great running and walking shoe for people with foot ailments like bunions and plantar fasciitis. It is highly comfortable, breathable, supportive and lightweight shoe. 

We highly recommend giving it a try if you are badly suffering from bunions and want to reduce your discomfort and pain during long distance running.

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No. 3: Saucony Men's Omni 12 Running Shoe Review

Saucony Men's Omni 12 Running Shoe,Grey/Blue/Yellow,11.5 M US

Saucony Men’s Omni 12 Running Shoe is our no. 3 most comfortable and reliable running shoe for bunion sufferers.

Whether you are a moderate to serious overpronator or searching for a good quality running shoe to protect your bunions, this is the shoe you must pay close attention to. The cushioning it offers and smooth transitions of this shoe is seriously of great quality.

The complete decoupled SRC crash pad of this Saucony Men’s running shoe gives you higher comfort and cushioning to your feet.

The wear testers from RunnersWorld.com have given this shoe very high rating due to its highest comfort and ride standards. The cushioning it provides is neither too thin nor too high.

This 10.5 ounce running shoe offers varieties of stability features along with very good support for your feet, toes, arches and ankles. The forefoot of this shoe is very soft and protects your bunions to a great extent. The fitting of the shoe is equally good.

There is a sufficient space in the toe box of the shoe which gives you ample space for the comfortable movements of your swollen toe (bunion). The shoe supports orthotics very well and you will not feel any kind of soreness while you go for a long distance running.

​Saucony Men’s Omni 12 shoe​ is very well known as a high mileage stability trainer shoe. Its highly breathable upper provides long lasting comfort and good protection for your bunions.

It has a lightweight open mesh fabric on the upper which acts as a bunion window and safeguards your bony bumps. Hydramax Collar Lining protects your feet from moisture and wetness. The shoe also has a Midfoot Arch Strap that provides your feet great comfort and support.

The Heel Support Frame of the shoe gives your heels good amount of support during intense running. The ComfortLite Scokliner of this running shoe gives good support for your arch and heels.

This helps to decrease pressure from your forefoot. The outsole of Saucony Men’s Omni 12 shoe is made up of very lightweight and flexible material known as iBR+. This gives improved cushioning and highly responsive ride experience.

Our Verdict: Saucony Men’s Omni 12 Running Shoe is really great for road and pavement running. Runners who are suffering from bunions and other foot ailments like PF must test out this shoe and see the results for themselves. The shoe is highly durable in nature due to its extensive medial posting.

The overall look and design of the shoe is very attractive and classy. Best thing is that the shoe is highly cushioned, comfortable, flexible, lightweight and especially protective for your bony bumps.

We really recommend this running shoe for those people who are moderate to serious pronators and have bunions.

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No. 2: Brooks Men's Beast '1​8 Running Shoe Review

Brooks Men's Beast '18 Grey/Navy/White 8 D US

At no. 2, we rank one of the best brands which is ideal for low arch runners and suffering from bunions.

This one comes under motion control plus category and people with heavy runners and overpronate, must try out this running shoe. If you are moderate to serious overpronator runner then​ Brooks Men’s Beast 1​8 Running Shoe​ perfectly fits your requirements.

Long distance runners with flat feet should use this Brooks running shoe in case they also have bunions. It has less weight than its predecessor which is why you will feel lighter while running in this shoe.

It provides great support as well as it is very sturdy in nature. You can use this running shoe on a regular basis in order to get maximum comfort, support and cushioning for your feet.

The patented full length DNA Cushioning of Brooks shoe offers great amount of support for your feet and swollen toes irrespective of your running environment, weight and running pace.

Even it perfectly matches with your personal biomechanics which again reduces any unwanted pressure on your bunions during high mileage running.

The Brooks Beast shoe has a special BioMoGo cushioning technology that gives you an eco-friendly cushy layer.

The midsole of this shoe is exceptionally flexible and stable; thanks to its OmegaFlex Grooves. This provides your feet the much required support and stability which in turn avoid any harm to your bony bumps.

Here again we want to mention that the heel-to-toe transition of the shoe is really smoother. The shoe offers great amount of stability and flexibility which is only because of the Caterpillar Crash Pad section of this running shoe.

The specially designed Element Mesh upper and moisture reducing sockliner avoids excessive sweating and wetness of the feet during long distance running activities. The upper material protects your feet from excessive light and keeps your feet ventilated throughout running.

The synthetic overlay gives your feet and bony bumps a great comfort and support.

Brooks Beast shoe also provides good traction due to the use of adaptable Flextra rubber and durable high abrasion rubber outsole design. The sizing and width of the shoe is perfect for a lot of overpronator runners with bunions.

Our Verdict: For people with moderate to severe bunions, this Brooks Beast 1​8 Men’s Running Shoe is perfect.

It gives you great support and stability during running activities. It also safeguards your bunions during high mileage running.

The toe box is roomy and gives your toes plenty of space to wiggle. Your heels and forefoot gets good support and protection from this running shoe.

We highly recommend Brooks Men’s Beast 1​8 Running Shoe to all bunion sufferers and moderate to serious overpronators.

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No. 1: Altra Men's ​Torin 2.5 Running Shoe Review

ALTRA Men's Torin 2.5 Running Shoe, Blue/Yellow, 7 M US

Altra Men’s Torin 2.5 Running Shoe​ is our no. 1 most comfortable and highly cushioned shoe which is best for runners with bunions. When it comes to minimalist footwear, maximum cushioning, support, zero drop shoes; Altra shoes ranks at the top.

The forefoot of this shoe is really soft and supportive for your bony bumps. People, who want a low heel-to-toe drop running shoe, must start using Altra Torin shoe in the first place.

The interior heel cup part and the tongue of the shoe provides great amount of cushioning for your feet. The shoe also has a roomier toe box which gives your swollen toes ample place for comfortable movements.

The best thing about this neutral running shoe is its higher amount of support, comfort and cushioning it offers to your feet, ankles, heels and toes.

The ZeroDrop platform along with an anatomical toe box gives your feet maximum stability and comfort. This is important in case you are running with your bunions. The shoe’s sole matches your feet shape inside and outside perfectly.

The Dual-layer AltraBound cushioning technology used in this shoe helps to reduce the impact caused by intense running workout. This running shoe is not only best for road running but also good for trail running.

Ample toe box of Altra Torin shoe allows your toes to spread out comfortably and your forefoot and heels remain equidistant from the ground level.

Your feet remain injury free and comfortable when you wear this running shoe. This is the reason why you should use it in order to remain injury free and protect your bunions.

The fitting of the shoe is appropriate for neutral runners and you can easily get a snug fit over your midfoot. This good cushioning shoe is very lightweight at the same time, weighing just 8.6 ounces.

The flat cushioned bottom may seem uncomfortable for some people in the beginning. But after some time, you easily get used to it and you will not feel the same discomfort again.

The upper of the shoe has a synthetic overlay and it is highly breathable and acts as a bunion window. It provides great comfort for runners who have bunions.

Our Verdict: We have ranked Altra Men’s ​Torin 2.5 Running Shoe at no. 1 rank due to all the above amazing features. We greatly recommend it for men who are neutral runners and are suffering from foot ailments such as bunions.

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Top 5 Best Women’s Running Shoes for Bunions

No. 5: Saucony Women's Omni 1​4 Running Shoe Review

Saucony Women's Omni 14 Running Shoe,Blue/Black/Citron,US 6.5 N

When it comes to female runners, most of them suffer from some kind of foot ailment. The majority of those disorders are plantar fasciitis and bunions.

At no. 5, we have ranked Saucony Women’s Omni 1​4 Running Shoe on purpose. There are several reasons behind this high ranking.

The very first reason is that it weighs only 9.7 ounces which is very lightweight in nature. This simply implies that you will not have a lot of pressure and load on your feet while running or walking for long distance.

As per the wear-tester’s ratings of RunnersWorld.com, this running shoe is highly comfortable and great for everyday running. The shoe especially offers good support and higher arch comfort.

Saucony Women’s running shoes are known for their solid cushioning and support. This shoe is no exception to that perception.

You will feel this shoe somewhat stiffer as compared to its predecessor; but it is still very stable and protective for bunions. The fitting of the shoe is equally great as well as it is highly durable in nature.

It has a good support for orthotics and comes with plenty of space in the toe box. It provides high comfort and support for your toes, ankles, arches, and heels.

You will not feel any soreness even when you go on a long distance running. In case you have moderate arch height, you will definitely require such a stability running shoe with good cushioning and support.

At the same time, this ​Saucony women’s running shoe​ offers very smooth transitions right from heel strike to toe-off during high mileage running. Its completely decoupled SRC crash pad gives you better support.

It also supports your rearfoot along with the forefoot with the help of Support Frame. Your feet will stay away from wetness, dampness or moisture thanks to the use of Moisture-wicking HydraMAX collar lining.

The upper of the shoe is covered with synthetic overlay which provides support and protection for your bunions in the form of a bunion window. The Arch-Lock and iBR+ outsole gives additional support and great fitting for your feet.

The best thing about this Saucony Women’s Omni 1​4 running shoe is that several podiatrists recommend it to use because of its capability to reduce pain and inflammation caused by several foot ailments.

We recommend you buy half size up and make use of orthotics in order to get more comfort for your bunions. The shock absorption is better as compared to the other running shoes in this category.

Our Verdict: Saucony Women's Omni 1​4 Running Shoe is highly recommended stability running shoe for people with bunions. If you have moderate to severe pronation problems then this is the shoe you must get your hands on. 

The shoe is highly comfortable, supportive and protective for your bony bumps. With a roomier toe box, you can easily run for a long distance without harming your bunions.

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No. 4: Brooks Women's Adrenaline GTS 1​8 Running Shoe Review

Brooks Women's Adrenaline GTS 18 Navy/Teal/Mint 7 B US

One more stability runner’s shoe with very unique features and benefits! Brooks itself has carved a niche in women’s running shoe category. If you are a regular female runner and looking for highly comfortable, lightweight and supportive stability running shoe then look no further. 

Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 1​8 Running Shoe is already rated higher by current customers on RunnersWorld.com, RunningShoesGuru.com and BrooksRunning.com.

Some of the distinct strengths of this Brooks Women’s running shoe are its advanced lacing system, Brooks DNA Cushioning Technology, Brooks BioMogo midsole, Progressive Diagonal Rollbar, Omega Flex Grooves and HPR Plus Outsole, etc.

When compared with its predecessors, this Adrenaline GTS 1​8 comes with plethora of features and benefits.

This shoe weighs only 9.4 ounces and is very lightweight for regular female runners. If you are suffering from bunions and other foot ailments, this shoe offers a large space in the toe box.

It allows your toes to wiggle comfortably inside the shoe without hurting your bunions. The shoe comes with attractive color and overall design is really classy.

The upper design of ​Brooks Women's Adrenaline GTS 1​8​ is very supportive and protective for people with bunions.

The synthetic overlay of the upper again acts as a good bunion window and the air mesh keeps the shoe highly breathable. This overlay is stitched on the mesh which provides extra support for the feet.

The new lacing system of the shoe reduces the pressure and creates more adaptable snug fit.

Many female runners get annoyed by lacing pressure which gets developed after a long run. But this shoe is exception to it and offers more comfort and support for your feet.

When it comes to stability, you need a running shoe which rides smoothly and offers great comfort, cushioning and flexibility. The cushioning of this shoe is really soft for long distance running and at the same time sufficiently firm to provide the necessary stability.

The 3D Print technology gives further flexibility and great fitting. The lining of the shoe helps to decrease the moisture and friction between your feet and socks.

Our Verdict: Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 1​8 Running Shoe greatly offers higher arch support, stability, and comfort. The shoe is highly recommended for female runners who are either casual runners or marathon runners and having bunions.

This shoe in turn offers great protection and support for all types of foot ailments. The fitting is great and it does not bend in the center. For ladies runners with moderate to serious pronation, this Brooks Adrenaline GTS 1​8 shoe is a necessity.

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No. 3: Altra Women's ​Torin 4 Road Running Shoe Review

ALTRA Women's Torin 4 Road Running Shoe, Gray/Purple - 8.5 M US

Altra Women’s ​Torin 4 Running Shoe is our no. 3 most cushioned and most comfortable running shoe for bunions. Weighing just 7.​6 oz., the shoe comes with Dual-layer AltraBound cushioning. 

This Zero Drop platform shoe is also equipped with anatomical wide toe box that provides increased comfort and protection for your bunions.

This ​Altra Women's Torin 4 ​shoe​ is also a great fit and gives good traction for long distance running. 

It is not just called as a minimal shoe but can also be used as a maximum cushioned running shoe. The forefoot of the shoe is very soft and gives good support for your bunions during high mileage training.

If you want to go a low heel-to-toe drop then this Torin running shoe is ideal for you. For female runners with wider forefoot, this shoe is just like a heaven!

The inside heel cup as well as tongue of the shoe provides plenty of cushioning and comfort for your feet. This Torin shoe is a great neutral running shoe which helps to reduce the running impact on your feet and especially for your bunions.

Your foot positions get in natural shape during running thanks to the use of FootShape toe box and highly cushioned ZeroDrop platform. Your swollen toes can be relaxed naturally and spread out evenly when running with this shoe.

Your big toe with bony bump gets extra support and stability due to the anatomical toe box. Your running performance can be improved due to these unique features.

Our Verdict: If you are a regular runner with bunions and want highly supportive and neutral running shoe, this is the one shoe you must get your hands on.

It is highly comfortable, stable, supportive, protective and max cushioned running footwear. At the same time, it is highly lightweight and it offers plenty of space in the toe box.

The synthetic overlay of the upper that acts as a bunion window is extremely supportive and comfortable for bunions. We strongly recommend using Altra Women’s ​Torin 4 Running shoe for casual, regular runners as well as for tennis players too.

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No. 2: ASICS Women's GT-2000 7 Running Shoe Review

ASICS Women's GT-2000 7 Running Shoes, 6M, White/Lake Drive

At no. 2, we rank ​ASICS Women’s GT-2000 7 Running shoe​ for obvious reasons. There are slew of built-in comfort and support features in this shoe.

At just 9.3 ounces, it is really lightweight in nature and gives you a very soft ride experience. The Dynamic DuoMax Support System helps you to decrease your overpronation issues and also offers well balanced heel-to-toe transition.

There is a special lightweight compound used in this shoe, called as a Solyte Midsole Material. It gives your feet the much needed cushioning, comfort and durability.

The shoe maximizes the torsional rigidity which is solely because of the use of Guidance Trusstic System. There is also an adaptable memory foam layer which gives your feet additional comfort and support during high mileage running.

The ComfortDry Sockliner technology used in ASICS GT 2000 7 shoe gives your feet high breathability and keeps them fresh, cool and dry in all types of environments. The shock absorption capability is equally good. 

Your natural gait is easily improved due to the use of I.G.S. technology. The midsole and outsole is highly lightweight and offers great comfort and support.

The special thing to mention about this shoe is that it is endorsed by several well known podiatrists.

It has already got the Seal of Acceptance by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). The Runner’s World Magazine has even provided it close to 12 awards in the last 14 years or so.

There is sufficiently large toe box for comfortable toe movements. Plus it has good support for runners with bunions. The fitting is true to size and the overall look of the shoe is very attractive.

Our Verdict: If you are looking for a high stability running shoe that can support and safeguard your bunions, ASICS Women’s GT-2000 7 Running Shoe is for you. This shoe offers a good combination of max cushioning and support for female runners with moderate arch height.

At the same time, it is an ideal running shoe for bunion sufferers. We greatly recommend it for regular and casual female runners with various foot ailments such as PF and bunions.

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No. 1: Mizuno Women's Wave Rider ​23 Running Shoe Review

Mizuno Women's Wave Rider 23 Running Shoe, Purple Potion-Silver, 6 B US

There are number of reasons why we have ranked​ Mizuno Women’s Wave Rider ​23 Running Shoe​ at no. 1 position. This Mizuno running shoe is ideal for female runners suffering from bunions due to its bunion friendly features.

The very first thing to mention is that it has a very wide toe box which conveniently accommodates your bunion on the big toe.

The heel of the shoe is well padded and highly comfortable. You will not feel any pressure while running in this shoe thanks to its greatly cushioned and supportive upper design.

Weighing just 8.2 ounce, this shoe is really lightweight and helps to reduce any unnecessary pressure on your swollen toes.

This neutral running shoe is perfect for female runners who want not just good cushioning but great support for their feet. High performance and durability are its trademark features and the shoe also looks really classy and stylish.

The latest heel counter of this Mizuno shoe provides natural fitting and helps to reduce the overall weight and pressure during running.

If you are a regular runner who likes to go on a long distance running, you will not complain about this shoe’s capability of providing support and comfort for your bunions.

The shoe’s Mizuno Intercool midsole technology offers high breathability and keeps your feet dry and moist-free throughout your running schedule. It offers good amount of shock absorption to your legs and back. The highly protective midsole reduces the impact and gives your feet much needed comfort and support.

Its unique Mizuno Wave Technology provides very smooth heel-to-toe transition. Its gender specific Smooth Ride Grooves helps you to control rapid acceleration and deceleration.

Your feet get additional secured support thanks to the use of Dynamotion Fit technology. It is at the same time gives good grip and traction on slippery surfaces.

Our Verdict: If you are a neutral female runner and looking for a high quality and highly durable running shoe for bunions, it is time that you must buy Mizuno Women’s Wave Rider ​23 now. This is our No. 1 most comfortable and best running shoe for bunions according to our research and customer reviews available.

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If you are looking for regular sandals for your bunions then click here to read our review of best sandals for bunions.

7 Simple Tips on How to Stretch Shoes for Bunions

How to Stretch Shoes for Bunions

How to Stretch Running ShoesHave you recently purchased a good shoe to protect and safeguard your bunions? Now you have found out that those shoes are really tight for your feet. Oh Gosh! This must be the case for thousands of bunion sufferers out there. But don’t worry. There is a simple solution to recover from this issue. There are ways to stretch out your shoes for bunions. You can do it gently and without damaging your brand new shoe. The following simple tips will help you out in stretching your shoe for bunions in simple ways.

Simple Tips to Stretch Your Shoes for Bunions

1. Use of Quality Shoe Stretchers:

Mismatched sizing issue is a common phenomenon when it comes to new running or walking shoes for bunions. Your feet can be swollen or your bunions can be injured badly in case you wear very tight shoes and do not pay attention towards stretching them to get the required size. Fortunately, there are quality shoe stretchers available in the market that can increase the overall length and width of your shoe.
However, the shoe stretchers are best for leather, suede and other shoes that are made from natural raw materials. They do not work very well on shoes made up of vinyl material. The shoe stretcher is only good in case you want your shoes to stretch at max one size up.

They are also good to make your shoe more comfortable and they are more convenient for breaking in your new shoes. If you want to know different types of shoe stretchers and how to use them properly, there is a good article on About.com which you must read to get an overall idea.

Here is a very good informative video that will show you how to use shoe stretchers effectively to stretch your shoes properly. Take a look.

[easyazon_link asin=”B0081UHXAQ” locale=”US” new_window=”default” nofollow=”default” tag=”vbar-20″ add_to_cart=”default” cloaking=”default” localization=”default” popups=”default”]How to Stretch Shoes for Bunions[/easyazon_link] We highly recommend using [easyazon_link asin=”B0081UHXAQ” locale=”US” new_window=”default” nofollow=”default” tag=”vbar-20″ add_to_cart=”default” cloaking=”default” localization=”default” popups=”default”]EasyComforts Shoe Stretcher[/easyazon_link] from FootSmart to stretch your new walking or running shoes for bunions. It is a good quality shoe stretcher which is used to increase the width and length of any type of shoe.

You can easily stretch your heels and toes of the shoe with the help of this professionally designed shoe stretcher. Most people make mistake of buying just one. But it is important to buy at least two shoe stretchers at once in order to stretch your both pair of shoes.

[easyazon_link asin=”B0081UHXAQ” locale=”US” new_window=”default” nofollow=”default” tag=”vbar-20″ add_to_cart=”default” cloaking=”default” localization=”default” popups=”default”]Click Here to See the Latest Customer Reviews and Discounted Price of EasyComforts Shoe Stretcher.[/easyazon_link]

2. Use of Thick Socks:

One of the simplest methods to stretch your running shoe or walking shoe for bunions is to make use of thick socks. However this works best for leather shoes. Wear very thick socks and then wear your new pair of shoes for bunions. After that squeeze your feet in the shoes to the best of your efforts.

You can also use a hairdryer to heat the surrounding area and then try to bend your feet back and forth for 1-2 minutes. However, you need to take some precautions in this method. Do not heat your shoes too much as their stitches can be weakened. You can also use [easyazon_link cloaking=”default” keywords=”leather shoe conditioner” localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” tag=”vbar-20″]leather shoe conditioner[/easyazon_link] after some time in order to restore the moisture.

3. Use Your New Shoes Extensively at Your Home:

If your new pair of shoes for bunions is not too tight, you can regularly use them at your home. Regular use can make your shoes to stretch out naturally after few days. This is one of the most convenient methods you can try at your home without harming your new pair of shoes in any way.

4. Fill Your Shoes with Potatoes, Oats or Wet Newspaper:

This is one of the funniest but effective experiments you can do at your home. Simply take a big piece of potato or a big enough oat equal to the size of your shoe. Soak them in water and then place them inside your shoe and keep it for one or two nights. You will see the alteration in your shoe size the next morning to some extent.

Another thing you can use is the wet newspaper. Get the newspaper piece large enough to fit inside the shoe. Soak it with water stuff it inside your shoe. But make sure you do not distort your shoe. Put your shoes in the same condition for few hours. And then remove the newspaper and let your shoes become dry for some time. This can certainly make your new shoes for bunions large enough to fit your feet properly.

5. Use of Iced Bag:

Another method to stretch your new running/walking shoes is to use plastic bag of water. You just need to place a plastic bag full of water inside your shoes. Make sure it fills your shoe entirely. Then put them in your freezer for one night. In this time, the water inside the bag freezes and it expands which gently stretches your leather shoes.

Remove the ice bag from your shoe and let your shoes become dry for about 20-30 minutes. Wear them after that to see if they fit on your feet. If you need more stretching, try this method once again to get your required size increment. However, you must not use this method on your new expensive shoes because it may damage them in the process.

6. Use of Alcohol Spray:

This method is also very simple which you can try at your home. Take a bottle and fill it with 50 percent alcohol and 50 percent water. Mix it well and spray this mixture on the part of the shoe where you want more stretching. Or else you can directly rub the alcohol on the specific part of the shoe in order to get required stretching.

Once you apply alcohol, wear the shoe quickly and run or walk in it which will give you needed stretching. On the other side, you can use cotton socks and soak it in the alcohol mixture and squeeze the excess liquid from it. Wear the socks along with your new shoes for bunions. After few repetitions, you will be able to get the required stretching.

7. Take Help of Professional Shoemakers:

If you try all of the above methods and still not be able to get the required results, then last option is to approach a professional shoemaker in your area. These professionals have the necessary tools that can easily stretch your new shoes. If you have new expensive shoes then approaching a professional cobbler is a sensible decision.

These professionals know very well about shoe stretching techniques and can provide you the results without damaging your shoes. It is well worth your investment if you do not want to take any risks with your new running or walking shoes.

These are some of the simplest methods which you can try at your home. Just remember that most of these methods are suitable for leather, suede or natural material running or walking shoes for bunions. Do not try these methods on your expensive shoes. Also check out our in depth review of the most comfortable and highly supportive running shoes for bunions.