Can You Get Rainbow Sandals Wet? – The Do’s and Don’ts to Prevent Damage of Your Sandals

  • By: Edmond Clark

​So, you might want to break in your new Rainbow sandals or you just want to soften the material of your sandal.

Some people do get their ​flip-flops wet in order to quickly break in the leather Rainbow sandals.

Can you get your Rainbow sandals wet or are you supposed to get rainbow sandals wet? ​If you also have this question in your mind then the simple answer to this query is “Yes”. Why not? You can wet your Rainbow sandals without worrying about warranty breaching.

But many people have this doubt whether to use water on these types of sandals or not.

Although, they are made to freely roam on the beach and on the boats, some people hesitate to soak their ​flip flops in the water.

​Why You Should Wet Your Rainbow Sandals?

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​The simple reason is it helps them to break in faster.

If soaked in water properly and if you walk in them for some time, it helps to quickly loosen the leather and straps.

It also helps to conform to your foot size pretty rapidly.

This makes your sandals more comfortable to walk and roam around. Plus, your feet remain safe from blisters and skin irritation.

If you want to know more about how to make your sandals more comfortable by stretching them, then check out these 10 shoe stretching tips.

It will give you precise idea and super simple home tricks which will help you to stretch your ​flip-flops effortlessly and harmlessly.

​What Happens When You Wet Your Rainbow Sandals?

​Are there any risks involved when you soak your sandals in the water?

Rainbow sandals company explicitly mentions on their Customer Service page that when you wet your leather sandals, you should make them dry by keeping them in the sunlight for few hours.

By drying them quickly, you make sure that the leather material of your sandal does not become stiff and then cracks later on.

Sometimes, your sandals curl up once they become dry.

But as you walk in them on a regular basis, they become flat and normal to use after few days.

So, the only possible risks involved for soaking your Rainbow sandals in the water are potential leather stiffness and leather cracking. This could void the Rainbow sandal’s warranty.

This is the reason; you need to be cautious when entering into the water with your ​flip flops.

You can of course walk or play in the water for few hours.

But you should avoid doing them more often.

​How to Fix Wet Rainbow Sandals?

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​As already mentioned above, you need to make your sandals dry once they get wet in the water.

There are few methods you can quickly fix this issue.

1. Dry in Sunlight:

As stated by the company itself, you can put your sandals in the bright sunlight for few hours.

This will allow them to become dry quickly and once water is evaporated, you can simply wear them and walk in them to prevent curling up.

2. Using a Blow Dryer:

Another simple way to dry your sandals is to use your home hair dryer or blow dryer.

However, don’t keep the blow dryer very near to the leather material as it can cause some material damage.

Use it for few minutes on your sandals.

Once they are dry, then wear them and walk in them to flatten your sandals for regular usage.

​Can You Wear Rainbow Sandals in the Rain?

​As far as the leather material quality is concerned, it is really top notch in my eyes.

If you don’t go out in the rainy season more often with your Rainbow sandals, it will not affect them badly.

But if you use them in the rain on a regular basis, then there might be some issues that you will need to face.

Constant exposure to the water can lead to the leather of the sandal becoming too stiff.

Such a stiff leather could break or crack in the future if you don’t take good care of it.

So, if you want to wear the sandals in the rain once in a while, then that’s ok. It will not cause any major issues.

But if you use them constantly in the rain, then you might have to look after some maintenance of your sandals.

You will need to make them dry as soon as you get out of raining to prevent further possible material damage.

​Can I Put Rainbow Sandals in the Washing Machine?

​When I researched this topic in more detail, I found out that some people do make use of dishwashers to clean the dirty Rainbow sandals.

You can read more about this method by clicking here.

The lady on this blog says that she washes them in the dishwasher to make them look brand new and clean.

But she did not say anything about using washing machine.

As far as I know you can safely wash your regular sneakers and certain suede leather boots in the washing machine.

Click here to discover how you can wash your Ugg boots with the help of your washing machine.

This article from suggests that you should not use any type of washing machine or dryer to wash your Rainbow sandals.

Because it might damage the material due to constant friction and heat.

But some people do recommend using the washing machine.

They say that it can quickly and harmlessly clean your Rainbow sandals.

They also recommend not to use any kind of detergent as it could harm the leather material.

The real answer to this question is “Yes”. You can wash your sandals in the washing machine. But you need to take proper precautions.

1. You will need to set you washer on delicate mode. This will wash your sandals slowly and will not cause any damage.

2. Don’t use any detergent powders. Because they ruin the color and material texture of your sandal.

3. I also recommend to use products like Color Catcher Sheets.

These sheets do help in catching loose dyes found in the water.

Thus, it prevents the loose dye affecting your sandal material.

​How to Fix Cracked Rainbow Sandals?

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​This section will deal with the aftermath of making your sandals wet for longer period of time.

If you let your sandals become wet for too long, then it could make the leather very stiff and then it might lead to leather cracking.

Certain types of chemicals, oils and lotions also affect the sole of your sandal.

Once the leather cracks, it voids the warranty and the you can’t ask for the replacement from the company.

But even if you find that the leather of your Rainbow sandal is cracked and damaged to a certain extent, you can still fix it.

What you should not do before you apply the quick fix methods is not to use any blow dryer or direct heat source to dry your sandals.

If you do so, it will worsen the cracked condition of your leather sandal.

So, I kindly suggest not to use any blow dryer or hair dryer to dry them.

Instead, you can allow them to naturally dry in the air.

The procedure to fix these cracks in your Rainbow sandals is as follows.

Things You Will Need:

1. Mink Oil

Saddle Soap

Actual Fixing Procedure:

1. If you repair the cracks in your Rainbow sandals, you can definitely extend its life without approaching the company.

If your sandals have few cracks, then you can repair them and prevent such cracks in the future with regular polishing with mink oil.

I recommend using Angelus Genuine Mink Oil as it prevents cracks and extends the life of leather sandals.

2. Before you apply the mink oil, I suggest you to clean your sandal with the help of saddle soap.

You can use Fiebing’s Saddle Soap because it is more effective in reducing the brittleness and enhancing the suppleness of leather footwear.

Before you apply the soap, don’t wet your sandals with water.

You just need few sprinkles and then rub this soap delicately on the visible cracks.

3. Now slowly apply the mink oil with the help of old rag or cotton balls.

This oil easily penetrates deep into the cracks and then helps in re-hydrating the dry leather gaps.

Thus, it immensely helps in filling out the moisture in the leather cracks and slowly those cracks are filled up.


​From the above discussion, I can confirm the fact that you can make your Rainbow sandals wet without worrying about product damage.

But it is also essential that you need to take proper care and maintenance of your exotic sandals.

You should not wet your footwear too much in the rain.

You can wash them in the washer provided you do not use any harsh detergent powder and wash them on delicate mode.

Even if you experience some cracks in your sandal, you can still fix it with proper care and maintenance tips as mentioned above.

In the end, I just like to say that Rainbow sandals really look great and as a proud sandal owner, it is our responsibility to take proper care of them.

Right precautions and regular maintenance greatly help in extending the life of these beautiful sandals for sure.

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