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Age Old Myth : You Can’t Wear Brown Shoes with Your Black Dress

Last week, one of my neighbors thrown a birth day party for his daughter and I went over there with my family.

I was wearing a white shirt along with my sturdy black shoes.

One of my friends was wearing this odd combination which surprised me a lot.

He was wearing black shirt with his new brown shoes.

Looking at that odd combo, a question came into my mind. “Can I wear a black shirt with my brown shoes too?”

By this time, you must have heard the common phrase “No Brown in Town”.

But this is just a myth and I am here to prove this notion wrong.

If you have come to this site searching for the answer to this same question, then you are welcome my friend.

Today, I am trying to provide the best possible scenario where you have brown shoes and black shirt.

And now you are wondering whether it’s a good combination to wear or something else should be worn.

Let us see what is the best possible scenario we can find here.

A Myth : Brown and Black Don’t Go Well Together

Brown Shoes and Black Shirt Complements Each Other

Brown Shoes and Black Shirt Complements Each Other (

Yes, it’s a myth and wrong fashion sense in many young men and women.

According to the article on, black and brown colors actually look well when used together.

They complement to each other sensibly.

Suppose you are wearing your favourite brown dress shoes along with black jeans and black leather overcoat.

You will look gorgeous in this outfit for sure.

Don’t underestimate the match of brown shoes and black dress.

A Fact : Brown and Black are Neutral Colors

Yes, this is also a fact that brown, navy and black all three of them are known as neutral colors.

This also means that you can comfortably and without any doubt wear your black or brown shirts and shoes with any other color garment.

You can even wear these two color shirts and shoes with each other.

They will actually complement each other when worn.

Even Rihanna in one of her interviews said that the idea of not wearing black and brown together is so outdated.

She once wore a black t-shirt, black NoBody jeans, a brown colored leopard-print belt from Dolce and Gabbana along with her trusty brown colored Giuseppe Zanotti shoes.

She also told that it looked really awesome on her.

So now the famous celebrity statement is out.

And we can finally confirm that brown shoes and black shirt actually look well together.

How to Know Whether to Choose Brown or Black Color Shoes with Your Dress?

Brown Shoes Stylig Guide

Choosing black or brown shoes can become very tricky for several fashion sensitive folks like me.

Choosing right color shoes for your dress depends on few important situations.

You must first ask yourself few questions before deciding the color of your shoes.

Que. 1: What is the Color of Your Outfit?

This is the beginner question you must ask yourself first.

If you have more urbane or sporty color dresses, then it is wise to choose black color shoes.

If you have earth tone dresses, then go for brown shoes.

Navy color shoes will work for both types of dresses.

If your shirt is black then you can either choose brown shoes or black shoes.

Both colors will match with your dress color.

Que. 2: What is the Color of Your Belt and Other Accessories?

When you carry some backpack or sports bag with yourself for outdoor activities, it is best to consider the color of your accessories.

The color of your belt also matters a lot.

Black belt and brown accessories will suit with your regular brown shoes.

You can also wear black shoes without any issue.

Que. 3: What Kind of Event You are Attending?

Your fashion sense also depends upon what kind of event you are going to visit or where you are going.

If you are going outside for fun and casual purpose, then brown shoes are best.

Brown color indicates less aggressive and fun side of yourself.

For more aggressive style, you can choose to wear black color shoes.

Que. 4: What Types of Shoes You Have at Your Disposal?

The type of your shoe also matters a lot.

Do you have modern driving shoes?

Do you like to wear unique and fashionable boat shoes?

Do you wear dress shoes more often?

Do you have moccasins or sports shoes?

The outdoor event you are going for is very important.

This is where you need to decide the style and type of your shoe.

Brown color shoes are more suitable for casual and informal activities.

For serious events and more formal meetings with people, try to wear black shoes.

What Color Shirts are Most Complimentary for Brown Shoes?

Some of the most complementary dress or shirt colors for your brown color shoes would be light red, blue and light green.

Other possible colors I can think of right now are greyish blue and greyish aqua.

Few people also recommend to wear shirts having blue violet, blue or blue green colors.

You do not require to always wear shirts with low intensity color shades for your brown shoes to complement.

What is the Best Brown Shoe That I Can Wear with My Black Shirt?

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Bowman Boat shoe,Coffee Bean,8 M US

Now that the myth “You can’t wear black shirt with brown shoes”, has been resolved, its time we choose the best brown color shoes for your feet.

If you are wondering what kind of brown shoes should I wear with my black shirt or dress, then here is the answer.

One of my favorite brown shoes that look really good with any kind of black dress or shirt is Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Bowman Boat Shoe.

It comes in variety of colors such as blue, coffee bean, dark blue, brown, navy, dark brown, black and tan, etc.

The color which we need is brown and dark brown.

Both of these shoes will look perfect with your black shirt and a black trouser.

This boat shoe is made with fine quality leather material.

It is one of most popular choices for men who need a fashionable brown shoe to wear for their dark colored dresses.

Another best type of brown footwear is brown oxford wingtip.

These shoes look amazingly versatile with navy blue suit.

Just make sure that the brown shoe is in lighter tones and your suit is in darker tones.

More Myth Busters Regarding Brown Shoes

1. Your Belt Should Match the Color of Your Shoes

Yeah, this was used to be the misconception among several men across the world.

But in reality, it is not essential to wear the same color belt with your brown shoes.

You can simply wear either black or brown belt.

Both of these color belts look well with your brown shoes and dark colored dress.

2. Brown Shoes Don’t Match with Navy or Grey Outfits

This is yet another misconception among lot of men.

Brown shoes especially look fantastic when paired with navy or grey colored belt and dress.

When it comes to wearing black shirt, any black or brown colored pant and shoes will be just fine.

You can mix and match any other navy and grey colored accessories along with your brown shoes.

Unique Dressing Styles for Guys Wearing Black Shirt and Brown Shoes

1. A Black Suit with Brown Oxford Shoes

When you are attending a formal event, wearing a formal black suit with your brown shoes will provide you a smarter appearance.

When done with the right sense, brown shoes like Brogues or Oxfords look wonderful with your black suit.

You can wear a white shirt inside your black coat to make it look more authentic and stylish.

2. Black Jumper with Brown Chelsea Boots

For fun and summer parties, wearing light outfit like black trouser, brown Chelsea boots and formal black jumper or a shirt is a fantastic idea.

You can also choose to wear brown loafers with this outfit.

Brown Loafers look good with a black shirt. They are preferable choice for summer wedding seasons.

If you want to wear this outfit in cold winter months, then my preference would be to use a pair of suede Chelsea brown boots to make it look smart.

3. Black Shirt, Black Denim or Trouser with Brown Leather Shoes

If you want more refined and elegant look for yourself in formal events, then choose the pair of black shirt, black denim or black trouser along with brown leather shoes.

This dressing style is more stylish and highly suitable for big wedding events and parties.

4. Black T-Shirt, Blue Jeans and Brown Leather Shoes

If you are searching for a stylish outfit idea that can suit almost all occasions, then wear a black t-shirt, brown leather shoes along with blue denim jeans.

This is a perfect outfit for casual outdoor activities such as night dinner party with your friends.

Just make sure the belt you wear must also be brown in color to match with your brown shoes.

What is the Best Shirt and Pant Color Combination for Your Brown Shoes?

A white shirt and beige colored pant will look well with your new brown footwear.

Some of the other best colors for your shirt would be dark brown and grey black.

When it comes to your pant, the best possible colors would be blue, black and grey.

Only colors that you should avoid for your shirt and pant is tan.

It looks somewhat odd with your brown leather shoes.

What are the Best Possible Occasions When You can Wear Brown Shoes with A Black Shirt?

1. For Business Meetings: When you are about to attend any formal business meeting, that is the best time to choose brown shoes with your black shirt or suit.

When your business suit is of certain color such as charcoal grey, mid grey, dark navy, and dark brown, brown shoes perfectly match with them.

2. For Casual Purpose: If you want to wear a suit with your brown shoes for informal outdoor activities, then you need to consider the following color combos.

For khaki casual suits, brown shoes are best options.

Brown shoes are also great for brown suits, white suits, tan suits as well as green colored suits.

I also recommend you to watch the following video tutorial where you will learn a great deal about how to wear brown shoes and when to use them and when not to use them.

What Color Socks Look Great with Your Brown Shoes and Black Shirt Dressing Style?

When you wear a black shirt and brown shoes, there are few color socks that look great with this combo.

If you are wearing a burgundy derby brown dress shoe along with black shirt and pant, then the best color for your socks would be dark navy blue socks and royal blue striped socks.

The color of the pant actually matters a lot when you decide the color of the socks for your shoes.

Some of the best colors for socks that would look great with brown shoes would be striped socks, dark colored socks, bright blue socks, jewel tone ribbed socks, etc.

There are more interesting choices such as navy skater socks, ribbed socks, window pane navy socks, blue dress socks, grey blue no show socks, and marled blue work socks.

For more information regarding the best socks to wear with brown shoes, kindly read this article on

What are the Best Colors for Suits to Wear with Your Brown Shoes?

According to the article published on, some of the best colors for suits to wear with your brown shoes are black, navy and grey.

The suit that I personally like to wear is a navy suit when I want to wear my brown shoes too.

If you want to display your best casual fashion sense, then I recommend you to wear good quality brown suede Chelsea boots along with your casual jeans and jacket.

Final Thoughts

So, after discussing all the details regarding brown shoes and black shirt, the final answer is emphatic “Yes”.

Yes, you can comfortably and without any doubt wear brown shoes with a black shirt.

In this analysis, we also busted some myths about brown shoes.

We found out the best possible dressing styles to use when you go with black shirt and brown shoe style.

We now also know the best type of brown shoe for your black shirt and what are the best possible suits that perfectly complement your brown footwear.

In the end, we discovered some of the best dressing styling tips for this type of dressing sense.

And we also learned when to use and when not to use your brown shoes and black shirt combination.

If you like this article, I recommend you to share it with your friends and colleagues so that they will also learn more about it.

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