Cam Walker Boot for Peroneal Tendonitis – A Complete Guide to Understand Cam Walking Boots

  • By: Vishal Mahadik
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​One day I was reading a research paper published at NIH.Gov about the peroneal tendonitis and its effects on peroneal tendons.

This research particularly emphasizes the importance of wearing a cast or a walking boot or ankle braces as a post-operative care for people having peroneal tendonitis.

Many podiatrists recommend the use of walking boots for post-operative surgeries for foot injury and tendonitis condition. One such popular walking boot type is CAM Walker Boot.

Today, we are going to discuss more about this walking boot. I will put forth some points regarding the effectiveness of Cam Walker boot for treating peroneal tendonitis and the other foot injuries quickly and efficiently.

The question is does it really help in quicker recovery of various foot fractures and leg injuries.

Let me explain more about it in this complete guide.

​What is a Cam Walker Boot?

​If you are completely new to the concept of using specially designed walking boots for treating peroneal tendonitis, then don’t worry.

Here, you will get a complete idea about its actual functions and benefits.

Basically, a CAM Walker Boot simply means Controlled Ankle Motion Walking Boot. Sometimes, it is also called as Below Knee Walking Boot.

It is a specially constructed walking boot for people who are suffering from various foot ailments such as ligament tears, tendonitis, ankle sprains and foot fractures.

Its main function is to adjust or balance your foot weight.

When you suffer from foot fractures or sprains or tendonitis, your foot requires maximum protection, comfort and support. These boots help expedite your recovery process.

​How These Walking Boots Work?

​These boots actually function as a helpful orthopedic device.

When you experience a severe foot injury or ankle sprains or foot disorders such as peroneal tendonitis, then your ankle movements need to be restricted to a certain extent if you want faster recovery.

Sometimes, you undergo a serious foot surgery or there is a removal of cast.

In this condition, your orthopedic surgeon or a podiatrist can prescribe you to use a reliable Cam Walker boot.

These boots actually help you to maintain a proper foot balance and prevent uneven pressure disbursement.

They mainly help in controlling or limiting the unwanted foot or ankle movements. This is important to avoid further escalation of your foot injury.

​How to Use Cam Walker Boots?

​There are basically 4 main components of any Cam walking boot. They are as follows.

1. There is a hard and durable plastic shell on the outer side of the boot. It offers improved protection for your foot and strength for the walking boot.

2. There is a strong frame located in the lower side of the boot. It is important in restricting the overall ankle movements.

3. Then, there is a comfortable and soft internal fabric lining. This lining comes with hook and loop fasteners. It provides more comfort, support and cushioning for your injured foot muscles.    

4. Finally, the boot is well equipped with adjustable closures. They offer the best secured fitting. They are essential in making custom fit and for comfortable walking experience.

Now, if you look at this boot carefully, then you will see that its one-piece construction mainly opens  down the front. You can insert your foot inside the boot comfortably.

Once your foot is inside the boot properly fitted, you can use its Velcro straps to make secured fitting.

This Cam walking boot also comes with 2 aluminium mechanisms. Both of them are located on either sides of your foot ankle.

These 2 systems are well connected through a joint mechanism. This joint mechanism, in turn, is well connected to the sole of the walking boot.

The joint mechanism mentioned here is of the paramount importance as far as treating foot injuries is concerned. Because it allows us to control the movements of our ankle comfortably.

If you want, you can completely stop the movements of your ankle by controlling this joint mechanism.

You can even set this mechanism in such a way that your ankle’s range of motion can be  maintained from 2 degrees to 45 degrees. (

Thus, the most important function of any cam walker boot is to maintain or adjust plantar flexion and dorsiflexion.

And by controlling these two types of ankle movements, you can gradually improve the foot conditions such as peroneal tendonitis and foot fracture.

​What are the Different Benefits of Cam Walker Boots?

​The important uses or benefits of wearing cam boots are as mentioned below.

1. Equal Pressure Disbursement: These walking boots help the injured person to equally distribute its foot weight while walking. This prevents further escalation of your foot injury and gradually reduces the foot pain.

2. Proper Air Ventilation: There are ultra light and heat moldable semi-rigid shells present inside these boots.

They help in proper air ventilation inside the boot. This is important in preventing moisture and excessive sweating on your feet.

3. Best Support for Your Foot: These boots not just reduce your foot pain but also provide the best type of support and comfort while walking and when your feet are at rest.

This is essential in cases where you have foot fracture or ankle sprain or even when you have undergone foot surgery for ailments such as bunions or peroneal tendonitis.

4. Offers Natural Gait and Foot Stability: The overall design and build of this boot provides the best foot balance.

At the same time, the outsole of these boots is designed in such a way that your foot gets natural gait and support while walking.

​When Should You Use Cam Walker Boot?

​Everyone, at least once experience some kind of foot injury or ankle injuries. Some even face unfortunate foot fractures.

In these cases, your podiatrist usually recommend the use of cam walker boot.

In case of tibia or fibula fractures which are also known as shin fractures plus ankle sprains and other foot ailments may require these kinds of walking boots.

Some of the most common foot injury cases where doctors prescribe the use of cam boots are as follows.

1. Ankle sprains

2. Shin fractures (tibia or fibula fractures)

3. Foot injury or ankle injury

4. Achilles Tendonitis and Peroneal Tendonitis

5. Calf muscle tears

In these cases, your feet usually need a good rest to heal quickly. This is where a reliable cam walking boot come in handy.

These boots help in providing a complete rest for your affected foot muscles. But in order to get the maximum health benefit, you must wear them in the right manner which is I am going to cover next.

​How to Wear Cam Walking Boots Properly?

​Wearing these walking boots is not that difficult. It is actually pretty easy to put on and take them off.

1. First, you will have to insert your injured foot inside the boot completely.   

2. Then there is a soft foam portion which protects your front ankle part. Close it properly with the help of Velcro straps.

3. Then close the front larger portion of the inner lining with the Velcro straps.

4. After this, you will need to operate the front plastic piece of the boot. Fix it in front of the larger foam part of the boot.

5. It also comes with large Velcro straps that can be used to fix the front piece perfectly as per your requirements.

6. You can wear the front portion as tight as you like. If you want more protection and support, then keep it tight or else keep it loose as per your need.

7. These boots do come with a feature of inflation or deflation. This feature is important in keeping internal ventilation to the right level.

Adjust it so that your foot gets proper air and thus you can avoid excessive sweating and moisture collection.

8. When you want to remove your boots, you just have to deflate the upper rubber button. And then loosen the velcro straps and then slowly take off all the parts of the boot. That’s it.

I recommend to watch the following video to completely understand how easy it is to wear and remove these walking boots.

​Can You Wear These Boots on Either Foot?

​Depending on the foot injury or foot fracture type, these walking boots come in different styles and configurations. You will see variety of these boots in terms of their height, comfort, cushioning and fitting features.

Most of the boot manufacturers today produce universal fitting boots. This means you can wear a single boot either on right foot or left foot without any issues.

The most important thing is sizing or fitting. You just have to know proper sizing which is most comfortable for your foot measurements.

​Can You Wear Socks in a Walking Boot?

​You can wear socks under walking boots with no issues. If you want, you can also just wear boots without any socks.

But there are certain advantages of wearing specially designed socks for such types of walking footwear.

1. Moisture Wicking Liner: The socks that are designed to wear with these boots come with moisture-wicking liner.

This liner helps in absorption of excessive sweat and keeps your feet sweat free and breathable for longer period of time.

Not just cam walker boots, but you can wear these types of socks for post-operative surgical footwear, closed toe walking shoes, air cast walking boots and orthopedic boots.

2. Greater Support and Comfort: These socks are also very essential in providing the required support and comfort for your feet in case of foot fracture, broken bones, bunions, plantar fasciitis, etc.  

3. Prevention of Blisters and Chafing: Sometimes, the brace of these walker boots rubs with your skin badly if you don’t wear it properly.

This constant rubbing can lead to skin irritation, chafing and eventually to blisters.

If you want to prevent these unfortunate skin issues, then wearing thick socks is just the solution you need for this.

4. Faster Recovery: Another benefit of wearing these orthopedic socks is that they help in faster recovery from your foot injury.

Due to good support and comfort, your foot muscles get relaxed and they heal themselves faster.

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​How Much Does These Boots Weigh?

​These boots come in different sizes such as small, medium, large, extra small, and extra large, etc.

Depending on the material quality and size, the weight generally varies from 2 pounds to 4 pounds.

So, basically these boots are not that heavy. One can feel they are heavy weight just by looking at them.

But, in reality they are lightweight and does not cause any burden on your foot while walking.

​How Long Should I Wear this Boot?

​Depending on the type of foot injury and severity of your foot condition, the period for which you need to wear these boots varies significantly.

With reference to the article published at, you can say that for people suffering from peroneal tendonitis, this period could be from 10 to 14 days.

For people suffering from ball of foot pain or metatarsalgia, this period can be about a week or 7 days.

For ankle sprain and metatarsal stress fracture, you might have to wear these walking boots for up to 2 weeks to 4 weeks.

For other foot fractures, toe fractures and broken foot injuries, you might have to use these boots for at least 3 weeks to 8 weeks.

It all depends on how serious your foot injury is and how much foot pain you are experiencing right now.

​Are There Any Side Effects of Using Cam Walker Boot?

​If you read the research paper published at, then you will realize that this walking boot does not offer any serious health impacts.

But if you wear them improperly and walk in them, then you might end up hurting your feet more in the process.

This is why you must know how to wear these boots in the right manner. I have already mentioned how to wear them in the right way. So, read the above section carefully to know more.

This research paper focuses on the research study data that says people who were advised to wear such boots, do wear them only 28 percent of the time of their daily walking.

So, obviously if you are following this routine, then your foot injury will take more time to heal. It is due to lack of wearing the walking boots.

Another important point which is mentioned in this study is about the impact of walking boots on you ankle joint motion. These boots do limit this ankle motion to a certain extent.

And it leads to the imbalance in your foot movements. They do impact your foot stability to some level. But you only have to wear them for few days to week.

So, I don’t think that it becomes a habit or it affects your foot balance forever. Using them wisely for few hours on a daily basis can do the trick.

​What are the Different Types of Cam Walker Boot?

​There are no mainstream categories of Cam boots. But you can classify them based on the type of your foot injury.

These boots do take different time periods to heal different types of foot fractures or foot injuries. Based on this, you can categorize them as follows.

1. Cam boots to treat Achilles Tendonitis and Peroneal Tendonitis

2. Cam walking boots for foot fractures, toe fractures or metatarsal stress fractures

3. Walking Boots to cure ankle sprains

4. Cam boots to heal foot swelling and inflammation

They can also be divided on the basis of their brace types. There are 2 main braces available that are used in these boots.

One is Slip on category and the other type is immobilizer.

Plus, you can classify them on the basis of their intended usage. Some are used for post-surgery healing purpose and some are used for daily usage.

​My 3 Best Recommendations for Cam Walker Boots for Peroneal Tendonitis

​Congrats for reaching this last but very important section of this article.

Here, I am going to mention the 3 most reliable and comfortable Cam Walker Boots that can be used to treat all types of foot fractures and injuries including Peroneal Tendonitis.

​No. 3: Mars Wellness Tall Air Cam Walker ​Boot

Mars Wellness Premium Tall Air Cam Walker Fracture Ankle/Foot Stabilizer Boot - Large

Mars Wellness Air Cam Walker Boot is best suited for folks who need a walking boot for healing their foot fracture and ankle sprains.

You can expedite the healing process of your Peroneal Tendonitis condition with the help of this boot.

There are lots of useful features implemented in this Mars Wellness walking boot.

Some of the most prominent ones are adjustable inflation, bevelled edges outsole, contoured struts, quick release air valve and multi strand polymer material.

It is lightweight, durable, and offers enhanced comfort for the user. Its sole is great in getting natural gait while walking. Its quick release air valve provides good air compression and foot pain relief.

The only thing I disliked about this boot is its low quality of Velcro straps. I feel it is somewhat a poor quality and gets damaged pretty fast after few days of usage.

Other than this drawback, this walking boot is perfect match for people who are looking to cure their foot injuries, fractures and ankle sprains as fast as possible.

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​No. 2: Ovation Air Cam Walker Boot

Ovation Air Cam Walker Walking Boot (Medium, Blue Sole)

​At no. 2, I recommend to use Ovation Air Cam Boot. The main reason for its recommendation is its ability to provide higher foot stability and easy maneuverability.

This boot is ultra low profile in nature. Its unique features such as malleolar and heel comfort, pre-contoured calf and bowed struts make it more comfortable and supportive for your foot.

This highly lightweight boot comes with rocker bottom and rounded edges. This allows you to walk smoothly and without losing your foot balance.

There are also these pump inflation bladders constructed inside the boot. They offer faster pain relief and higher foot stability as well.

The only weakness of this boot is its poor quality Velcro straps. These straps come off very early and you then have to replace them with the company.

Otherwise, these boots are really useful for people having ankle sprains, foot fractures and Peroneal Tendonitis condition.

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​No. 1: United Ortho Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot

United Ortho Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot, Medium, Black

​Finally, the best Cam boot I can recommend to you guys is United Ortho Air Cam Walker Boot. It is one of the most popular and highly reliable walking boots in the market.

There are specially designed lateral air bladders in this boot. They are used to adjust the air compression which offers enhanced comfort and ventilation.

Its plastic molded uprights come with steel reinforcement. This offers improved protection for your injured foot. It also increases the overall life span of the boot.

This boot has a rocker bottom sole along with supportive insole.

The insole has a good shock absorption ability. Its sole is best in getting natural gait and comfort for your foot.

The only thing that I did not like about this boot is its internal lining. It does good job of securing your foot and provides good comfort.

But at the same time, it causes unnecessary pressure on the top of your foot. This lining should also cover the entire top region of the foot in order to avoid this excess pressure.

Other than this issue, United Ortho is the best and the most comfortable Cam Walker Boot in the market.

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​So far, we have studied about Cam walker boot in detail. Now we know the main functions of these boots, why to use them and how to wear them in the right way.

We also studied when to use these boots and what are their health benefits. You also know what are their side effects, how long should you use them and how much they weigh actually.

In the end, you came to know about the three highly recommended Cam walker boots for Peroneal Tendonitis and other foot injuries.

I strongly suggest you first consult with your podiatrist and then choose the right walking boot that offers faster foot pain relief.

Best of luck.

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