5 Best Water Shoes for Slippery Rocks Reviewed

  • By: Edmond Clark

Hi friends, today I am going to review some of the best water shoes for slippery rocks.

Many folks have this dilemma of what kind of water shoes are best for walking through rough, slippery, muddy and rocky terrains.

So here is your answer.

We have extensively researched for some of the best quality and affordable water shoes that can offer best grip and traction for rocky terrains.

Here is the list of top 5 Best Water Shoes for Slippery Rocks that you can wear with comfort and full safety.

My Review of Top 5 Best Water Shoes for Slippery Rocks

No. 5: Northside Brille II Water Shoe

Northside Brille II Hiking Boot, Black/Yellow, 5 M US Toddler

When it comes to walking through slippery rocks, Northside Men’s Brille II Water Shoe provides the best comfort and protection for your feet.

The outsole of this shoe is very thick and offers great support and protection when walking through rocky and rugged terrains.

They are very lightweight, supportive, and comfortable to use.

These shoes provide amazing arch support and they do not come off easily when walking through water.

They are perfect for moving through rough and rocky environments.

The fitting is true to size. Plus they are very affordable to purchase.

They are easy to put on and off and these shoes dry off very quickly when you come out of the water.


These Northside Men’s water shoes are very affordable, comfortable and supportive for the user.

They are perfect for boating, surfing, snorkelling, and other water sports activities.


The only drawback which we found is they wear down very rapidly as compared to the other shoes in this category.

The toes can get damaged pretty quickly if you use these shoes in very rough terrains excessively.

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No. 4: Dreamcity Athletic Lightweight Water Shoe

Dreamcity Men's water shoes athletic sport Lightweight walking shoes Blue 9.5 D M  US

This water shoe from Dreamcity possesses highly breathable air mesh upper.

This Dreamcity Men’s Lightweight Water Shoe comes with very lightweight midsole which gives you good bounce back capability.

This bounce is especially useful when you walk on the rocky terrains.

The good thing about this shoe is it comes with Water Grip outsole.

Whenever you run or walk through slippery rocks, this water shoe gives you great grip and traction due to its solid outsole.

This Dreamcity water shoe provides superior cushioning at the same time, thanks to its inbuilt ComforDry sockliner.

The shoe gets dry quickly once you come out of the water which is another plus feature.


These shoes are pretty comfortable and fashionable to wear on the beaches and in the rivers.

They are also highly breathable and durable as compared to the other water shoes.

Plus they give good grip and traction on slippery rocks which is what we are looking for in the best water shoe.


This water shoe wears down quickly if you use it in harsh terrains constantly.

The sand and dirt also gets inside the shoe pretty quickly.

But you can rinse it off easily once you enter into the water.

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No. 3: Deep See Beach Walker Water Shoe

Deep See Women's Beach Walker Water Shoe (Black/Silver/Lime, 9)

Deep See Men’s Beach Walker Water Shoe is one of the highest reviewed and highest rated water shoes for walking through slippery rocks.

The outsole of this shoe is really very flexible and non-slippery in nature.

The non-marking rubber outsole of the shoe provides good grip and traction on muddy and rocky terrains.

Whether you use these shoes on a ship deck or in the river and sea, they protect your feet very well against rocks and other unwanted stuff.

They provide perfect sung fitting for your feet.

In fact, you can use them effortlessly in pool water.

You can take them off and wear on pretty quickly due to its finger pull loops.

The shoe is lightweight and comfortable to use in water as well as in the sea.


The most important benefit of using this Deep See water shoe is its non-marking outsole.

The rubber outsole of this shoe provides very good grip in all kinds of rough terrains, seas and rivers.

You can protect your feet against slippery rocks by wearing this shoe comfortably.


Some people say that this shoe is only good for sandy beaches.

But very few groups of folks have mentioned this issue.

So we can consider it as a minor case.

The tread of the shoe wears out pretty quickly which is the only downside we observed in this shoe.

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No. 2: Speedo Hydro Comfort 4.0 Water Shoe

Speedo Women's Water Shoe Hydro Comfort 4.0 - Manufacturer Discontinued

This no. 2 best water shoe for slippery rocks comes with fast drying and highly breathable upper.

It is also equipped with lightweight midsole and side port drainage.

Speedo Hydro Comfort Water Shoe is one of the bestselling and highest recommended water shoes for using in rivers and seas.

Whether you are hiking, swimming or rock climbing, this one offers great grip and traction for your feet.

The closed lacing system is pretty easy and provides secure lacing and snug fitting for your feet.

They offer great stability and comfort as well when walking through slippery and muddy areas.

These shoes are also highly recommended for other adventure sports such as kayaking, tubing, zip lining, river rafting, etc.


Speedo Hydro Comfort 4.0 Water Shoe is highly recommended for almost all adventure sports such as kayaking, swimming, river rafting, fishing, zip lining, tubing, etc.

Because they offer highest protection, comfort, secure fitting, support and grip.

You will never face an issue of blisters or rocks entering inside the shoe when used for trail running or swimming.


Few folks have complained that these water shoes do not dry quickly.

It takes some time for them to become dry once you come out of water.

Yes, it can be uncomfortable and bothersome for few folks.

But the pros of this shoe really outweigh the cons.

So we truly recommend it to wear for protecting yourself when walking through slippery rocks.

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No. 1: Adidas Outdoor Climacool Boat Lace Water Shoe

adidas outdoor Women's Terrex Climacool Boat Sleek Water Shoe, Black/Chalk White/Matte Silver, 9.5 M US

Adidas Outdoor Men’s Climacool Boat Lace Water Shoe is our no. 1 most recommended water shoe for slippery rocks.

It has all the features and benefits present in one shoe that are essential to become an ideal and the best water shoe to use through rough terrains.

The Climacool open mesh of this shoe provides greater breathability and maintains inner coolness.

The EVA tongue top offers great fitting and comfort for your feet.

Whether you use them for swimming or other outdoor activities like boating, river rafting, etc., you will experience the amazing fitting and amount of grip it offers for your feet.


This Adidas water shoe is really lightweight and provides better fitting for your feet.

It comes with quick dry technology and its non-marking rubber outsole provides amazing grip and traction.

It is well equipped with Traxion Grip technology that helps you get a good grip on slippery rocks.

360-degree Climacool ventilation enhances the breathability and comfort factor when used during swimming and other water sports activities.

Plus they are very fashionable and sturdy shoes to use as a water shoe.


The only drawback we can found in this shoe is its drainage holes.

These holes are blessings in disguise.

They allow almost anything to enter inside the shoe which can be sometimes very uncomfortable and irritating for few folks.

Despite this drawback, this Adidas Men’s Climacool Water Shoe is best for all water sports and also good for beach strolling, brief hiking, boating, and other light outdoor activities.

We highly recommend you to use this water shoe for slippery, muddy locations.

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Buying Guide to Help You Choose Right Water Shoes for Slippery Rocks

Why You Need Best Water Shoes for Slippery Rocks?

When you walk through wet and slippery rocks, it is mandatory for you to wear shoes that provide you a very good grip and traction at the same time.

A shoe with a very soft sole will be short lived if you use them on rocks for a longer period.

On the other side, a shoe with very tough outsole will get very little traction when roaming through wet and slippery terrains.

In this case, you can not use your regular daily use shoes while strolling on the beaches or walking through rough terrains.

The slippery rocks at the riverside and on the beaches demand the shoes with perfect grip and traction.

Plus the type of rock you walk on also makes a lot of difference.

Granite stones help to get good grip but limestone rocks are very poor in getting good grip while walking on them.

The rocks in the river which are all the time get clean washed by the water are good in getting grip.

But the rocks which are having algae are very hazardous to walk on.

You need to be very careful while walking on them and you have to use the best water shoe or boat shoe that can provide you higher level of grip and traction.

Hiking shoes and any other athletic shoes can not offer you the kind of traction and grip which can be obtained by a quality water shoe.

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Here, you can only use specialized water shoes that are made to provide good grip on slippery rocks.

Therefore, you definitely need a good quality water shoe to walk through slippery rocks.

6 Useful Tips for Choosing Quality Water Shoes

There are certain points which you need to remember while shopping for quality water shoes.

When you want to get water shoes for walking on slippery rocks especially, you have to follow the tips that are provided below.

1. Choose Shoes with Better Grip and Traction:

As you want to purchase quality water shoes for water sports activities, beach walking, snorkelling, and river rafting, etc., your shoes must provide you the best possible grip and traction at the same time.

2. They Must Provide Your Feet Proper Protection:

The insole and outsole of these kinds of water shoes must offer good amount of protection and support for your feet.

Your feet must be properly safeguarded from rocks and shells.

At the same time, the shoes must provide protection from uncertain cuts and abrasions which can happen while walking through slippery rocks.

3. Shoes Must Provide Good Breathability:

The water shoes you are going to get for yourself must offer good amount of breathability.

The quality water footwear provides good amount of warmth which keeps your feet from getting cold due to constant water exposure.

The thick outsole and mesh upper design of these shoes help in balancing the inner temperature which in turn provides great warmth and comfort for your feet.

4. The Shoe Must Have Enough Drainage Holes:

Yes, the drainage holes offer easy exit of water which have already entered in your shoe while walking in the water.

It also gives you enough opportunity to take out the sand and dirt from your shoe.

5. These Shoes Must Have Thick Soles and Toe Protection:

In these days, popular brands of water shoes provide thick soles and proper toe guard for the users.

These are the necessities when it comes to walk through slippery rocks and uneven terrains on the beaches and in the rivers.

Thick soles increase durability, grip and traction which help you to comfortably walk through slippery terrains.

Having toe guard for your shoe is also essential which protects your toes while walking through rocks.

6. Know Your Foot Size Correctly:

You should know your foot size accurately before you order these water shoes online.

If you do not know your size, you can always measure it at your home or you can take help of a local cobbler.

Once you know your foot size, then you can order your shoe size without any issues.

We recommend you to watch the following video carefully because it will give a very clear idea of what to actually look for when shopping the best water shoes.

Where Can You Buy Reliable Water Shoes for Slippery Rocks?

You can either buy them at your local shoe store or you can purchase them online too.

The benefit of buying these water shoes for slippery rocks online is the online stores such as Amazon, Zappos, etc. provide great discounts, wide variety and good offers.

Now a days, it is very easy to search and compare the prices of these shoes on the internet.

This is not usually possible at your local shoe store.

We strongly recommend you to take advantage of online offers and discounts if you want to save money while shopping for water shoes.

So, this is our buying guide that will definitely help you to find the right kind of water shoe.

With the help of this buying guide and top researched and reviewed shoes, you can get your favorite shoe to walk firmly and steadily on all kinds of rocky and muddy terrains.

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