5 Best Structural Firefighting Boots Reviewed – Fireproof Boots for Your Foot Safety

  • By: Edmond Clark

I always admire the courage and valour of fire fighters. They risk their lives to save and protect our sisters and brothers in need.

If you are a structural firefighter or planning to become one then you certainly need a high-quality firefighting gear. This gear or kit mainly includes a reliable pair of gloves, gas mask, goggles, helmet, face or neck shrouds and fireproof boots.

In this post, I am reviewing 5 best structural firefighting boots that will help you safeguard your feet against all types of fire dangers.

Before you see the buying guide, let me provide my top 3 options for structural firefighting footwear. If you are in a hurry, then these recommendations will help you save your time.

Buyer’s Guide to Help You Choose the Right Structural Firefighter Footwear

Why You Need a Reliable Pair of Structural Firefighting Boots?

I was reading more about this topic and found the research article online which basically emphasizes the importance of wearing the right type of fire fighting footwear.

This research report says that certain boots worn by firefighters in the past; caused certain health issues such as back, knee and hip injuries.

The researchers found that those boots used were not ankle friendly. This means those boots were not supporting ankles properly which led to certain hip, back and knee injuries while working in hazardous conditions.

Basically, if your boot is not supporting your ankles properly then the shock waves created by high foot impacts, often get transferred to the upper body. Those shock waves affect your hips, knees and back badly when you constantly work in dangerous fire rescue missions.

To prevent these back, ankle, hip and knee injuries, your firefighting boot must provide right ankle support. A fixed ankle boot or flexible ankle boot would be a good choice for all structural firefighters.

What Features to Look for When Buying the Right Pair of Structural Firefighting Boots?

Choosing the right pair of boots for structural firefighters which are not clunky and ill-fitting is really critical and of paramount importance. The boot you wear must be very durable, comfortable and should provide the best fireproof protection for your feet.

We will take a closer look at the prime features which you should pay attention to while buying these kinds of footwear for your feet.

  1. Fireproof Protection: This is the first criteria which your boot must be really good at. It should not just keep your feet dry but it should offer the best kind of protection against fire, water and hazardous chemicals for your feet.
  2. Leather Material: Most rubber firefighting boots are heavier in terms of their weight. Certain research report confirms the fact that there are higher chances of accidental slipping, tripping and exertion when these professionals wear heavy rubber boots.

On the other side, boots made from leather material are usually very lightweight and very comfortable to use. These leather firefighting boots reduce injury chances and exertion to a great extent in comparison with rubber boots.

Rubber footwear also attracts more chemicals whereas leather boots do not accumulate chemicals when you walk through them. Therefore, I highly recommend to choose only the footwear which is made from leather material.

  • Lightweight: Lightness is another important factor as I have already mentioned above. If your boots are heavy then you can get tired very quickly and you consume more oxygen.

This leads to over exertion at your job which often leads to lower energy and higher chances of injuries. Therefore, avoid wearing heavier rubber boots. Instead, opt for lightweight leather footwear.

  • Flexible Outsole: The sole of your boot must not be hard or inflexible. Because studies have confirmed the fact that the less flexible boot sole is, the more oxygen you consume in fire rescue missions.

If your boot sole is not sufficiently flexible, then your metabolic rate tends to increase. This leads to more oxygen consumption and your work performance is badly affected by it.

Therefore, try to choose a boot which is made from leather and its sole is either cemented or stitched. Cemented soles are more preferable than the stitched ones.

  • Comfortable Usage: The research report which is mentioned above also emphasizes the fact that the leather firefighter boots are more comfortable and stable as compared to the rubber boots.

Plus, they offer the best ankle support and reduce chances of ankle, hip, knee and back injuries. In all fire rescue missions, you really don’t want to suffer from painful injuries or a foot pain or even a discomfort.

Instead, your focus must be on eliminating the fire and rescue the fire victims. This is where a comfortable leather boot plays a pivotal role.

This is the industry standard which has set certain guidelines for firefighters in order to protect them from various environmental, physical, thermal and pathogenic hazards.

It is always beneficial to follow the guidelines set by this association as it has emphasized more on choosing the right pair of firefighting footwear for your feet.

Some of the most important criteria which come under NFPA standards are as follows.

  1. The level of heat and fire resistance of your footwear
  2. Overall electrical insulation and its ability to resist chemicals such as gasoline, battery acid and hydraulic fluids
  3. Its ability to prohibit the contamination caused by blood and body fluids in order to prevent bacterial and viral infections
  • Strong and Durable Upper: The upper material of your footwear matters a lot when you work as a firefighter. Because in most fire rescue missions, your body is exposed to high temperature fire, radiant heat, and various types of hazardous chemicals.

In this scenario, your boot upper must be very durable and should be heat resistant, puncture resistant and cut resistant to prevent foot injuries. In fact, your toe box must also be compression and impact resistant to avoid any toe injuries as well.

  • Puncture Resistant Outsole: The sole of your footwear should be heat and puncture resistant in this case. It should also be slip resistant and should offer good grip and traction on the slippery surfaces.

Abrasion resistance and conductive heat resistance are the other two features which your footwear sole must possess.

  • Presence of Metal or Composite Shank: The metal or composite shank is also essential to make your footwear more durable and stronger for firefighting jobs. It increases the life span of your boot and thus provides the best returns on your investment.
  1. Good Ankle Support: As mentioned earlier, it is important for your boot to have the right amount of ankle support.

To prevent all types of ankle, heel, knee and back injuries at these firefighting jobs; you require a footwear that provides really good ankle support and avoids ankle injuries. This type of ankle support is highly important to avoid potential ankle sprains and strains.

Reviews of 5 Most Comfortable Structural Firefighting Boots

5. Cosmas CMF241E-115 Insulated Structural Fire Boots

Cosmas is a well-known brand in firefighting industry. This specific Cosmas CMF241E-115 Structural Firefighting Boot comes with plethora of unique features that are useful for firefighting professionals.

Its Schoeller fabric upper along with KERMEI offers the best level of fire, heat, abrasion and chemical resistance.

Its weight is about 8 pounds (around 4 kg) which is still very lightweight in comparison with industry standard boot weights. Lightweight means it will help you manoeuvre faster in dangerous fire environment.

Its triple reinforced pull on straps will make it easier to put on and take off these boots comfortably and much faster.

Its midsole is made from puncture resistant material. It also provides really good arch and heel support for you.

The outsole is equally puncture resistant and highly thermal insulated in nature. Full grain leather material of this boot is very comfortable and its mesh design offers good level of air ventilation for your feet.

There are additional security features such as toe caps, thermoformed tibia guard and contoured ankle guard. All these features make this Cosmas boot one of the best fire fighting boots out there in the market.

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4. Pro Warrington 5006 Honeywell Bunker Firefighting Boot

This Pro Warrington 5006 Honeywell Firefighting Boot is made to provide the best level of safety and comfort for your feet. I have ranked this boot at no. 4 for following reasons.

The first reason is it is completely made from full grain leather fabric material. This has made it more durable and comfortable to use.

It is about 14 inches in height and offers really good foot protection in fire conditions. The best thing is that it is completely Made in USA boot plus it is Berry Compliant. Check out this article to know more about Berry Complaint Boots.

The amount of control and safety it offers for your feet is really worth your investment. Its PowerHeel and PowerToe features offer the best level of safety and protection for your heels and toes.

Its leather vamp is mixed with 7.5 ounces of Kevlar felt. This gives excellent heat and fire resistance and keeps the internal temperature at safe level.

Its outsole is equally durable and highly puncture resistant. This means your feet will remain safe during hazardous fire rescue missions.

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3. Haix Fire Hunter XTREME Structural Leather Firefighting Boot

Haix is another very popular brand in the firefighting footwear industry. This Fire Hunter XTREME Leather Firefighting Footwear is ideal for structural fire rescue missions.

This boot is made from durable and lightweight leather material which reflects sunlight properly. This helps to keep your feet cool and dry in extremely high temperature environments.

The boot is also lightweight and more durable due to its leather construction. Plus, it provides more comfort and support for your feet.

The company has included a special Texon insoleinside the boot. This insole contours to your foot geometry and offers the best cushioning and comfort while you walk and run in your boots.

This insole is also helpful in absorbing moisture which means it helps to keep your feet sweat free and dry. Plus, the boot is highly ankle supportive which is one of the most important selection criteria while choosing these types of footwear as mentioned above already.

There are basically four layers which are included in its construction. This Crosstech footwear technology comes with special inner lining and soft padding. These features offer the best breathability for your feet.

Finally, it gives you the best foot protection as it includes protective toe caps and puncture resistant outsole.

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2. Wesco Firestormer 10 Inches BKF310100F Fire Resistant Boot

This specific Wesco Firestormer 10 Inches Firefighting Boot is highly water and fire resistant in nature. It is basically UL certified which is an essential requirement if you are a firefighter and want to wear officially approved Wildland and structural firefighting footwear.

I highly recommend this boot for all fire rescue missions because its construction is as per the NFPA 1977-2011 standards. It is made from premium leather material which is why it is very durable and comfortable to wear.

Its Vibram outsole is also very durable and fire resistant in nature. The non-marking sole also offers good oil resistance.

The whole boot construction allows full security and safety for your feet even in extreme fire conditions.

Its weight is about 6.5 pounds or about 3 kg. So, you might have to think again in case you need more lightweight firefighting footwear.

The upper is made of lightweight leather which is again water and fire resistant. I highly recommend this fire resistant boot for your feet if you are not too much concerned about the price.

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  1. Thorogood 14 Inches Knockdown Elite Firefighting Boot

At no. 1, I have ranked Thorogood Knockdown Elite Boot for few important reasons. The first reason is its highly reliable construction standards. It follows all the requirements of NFPA 1971-2013 as well as NFPA 1992-2012.

This is the best feature of this boot which makes it automatically an ideal candidate for all firefighters. It is made from comfortable and durable leather material.

This leather is highly fire resistant, cut-resistant and waterproof in nature.

I also liked its composite safety toe feature. It is EH Rated andit basically protects your toes against heavy falling objects.

Other important features of this boot that I appreciate are steel triple ladder shank and a well cushioned and comfortable PU footbed.

I extremely recommend this boot for every person who is in firefighting industry. This boot not just protects your feet well but also offers the best level of comfort and support for your feet.

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If you are currently searching for a fireproof structural firefighting footwear then I highly recommend you to look for important features such as its leather quality, comfort, foot protection and ankle support.

It is equally important to see whether the boot follows necessary NFPA requirements. For the best protection and comfort of your feet in extreme fire conditions, you need to make sure you are wearing absolute best quality fireproof footwear.

And as I recommended above, the best brands as per my research are Thorogood, Wesco, Haix, Pro Warrington and Cosmas. I suggest you to choose any one of these brands and test them yourself to confirm their reliability and authenticity. Best of Luck!