5 Best Socks for Long Distance Walking Reviewed with Buying Guide

  • By: Vishal Mahadik
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​​​Have you been searching for the best socks for long distance walking?

If so, today I am revealing my top 5 most recommended socks that will be helpful for you when you go out for those long hours walking. I am also providing some useful tips in the form of a buying guide that I think will aid you in choosing the right pair of socks for your feet.

If you are really in hurry to find the best pair of socks then here is my no.1 pick for the best long distance walking socks.

Thorlos Men's WMX Walking Thick Padded Ankle Sock, White, XLarge

I highly recommend these socks because they provide the best kind of support, comfort and moisture wicking ability for long distance walking.

A Complete Buying Guide to Choose the Best Long Distance Walking Socks

Why You Need A Good Pair of Socks for Long Distance Walking?

A simple answer to this question is to protect your feet against unwanted blisters and to prevent moisture and sweat infection. The socks help your feet to remain comfortable even you walk for long distances.

When you walk on different types of high and low terrains, your feet muscles experience significant stress and tension. This is where a pair of good quality socks helps to keep your feet comfortable and stress free.

If you want to avoid unnecessary foot pain and discomfort during your long hour walks, then you certainly need not just a good walking shoe but also a pair of good reliable and comfortable socks for your feet.

What are the Health Benefits of Using Best Socks for Long Distance Walking?

Socks That Provide Comfort for Long Walks

There are several health benefits of using good quality socks whenever you go out for outdoor walking. Some of them are provided as follows.

1. Better moisture control: Your socks keep your feet free from excessive moisture forming. If your feet become too moist during long hour walks, then there is a high chance of bacterial infection. So, socks perform moisture management job perfectly.

2. Keeps your feet cool: Some socks provide warmth and some provide coolness to your feet. If you are living in hot weather conditions, then the best way to keep your feet cool during long distance walking is to wear the special socks that provide better ventilation. The ventilation panels of such kinds of socks maintain the coolness of your feet for long hours.

3. Proper fitting and support: Socks also provide much better support and better fitting when you wear a walking shoe along with your socks. Socks act as a better fitting agent in case your new walking shoes are little bit wide for your feet.

4. Higher level of comfort and protection: There are lot of socks that come with thick cushioning features. These socks give your feet much better support in the ball of your feet as well as for your heels.

They offer much better shock absorption. Plus, they protect your feet from blister formation and high impact on your feet muscles that could happen from long distance walking.

5. Better Odour Control: When you walk in your shoes or boots for longer duration, your feet tend to perspire a lot. Too much of sweating can create unwanted smell or odour after few days.

In order to prevent this odour formation, there are anti-microbial fabric socks available in the market. These types of socks effectively put a tab on odour formation by absorbing excessive sweating.

Are Long Distance Walking Socks Good for Knee Pain?

Your regular socks can not provide proper support for your bad knees. If you are suffering from knee pain, it is better to use a good quality compression sock for your feet. Such types of compression socks aid in enhancing joint stability and muscle recovery.

They help your feet to get proper support and stability on various types of uneven terrains. Plus, they offer better comfort due to which you do not feel fatigued even after long hours of walking. These compression socks are best for long distance walking if you are currently having knee pain issue.

Are These Socks Good for Weight Loss Through Long Distance Walking?

Many people have this misinformation that compression socks can help you lose weight. Actually, as per the article published on Compressionpoint.com, it is just a myth that compression socks or compression clothing helps you in your weight loss. It is actually your proper diet and exercise regimen which help you in losing your weight naturally.

But yes, right socks can assist you in reducing your foot pain and providing long time comfort. As you walk regularly for long distances, your feet tend to ache and get blisters if you do not use proper socks along with your walking shoes.

So, to answer this question, I just like to say that socks are not directly responsible in your weight loss through long distance walking. But they do aid in your foot pain and offer better comfort and support for the feet.

How to Choose the Best Socks for Long Distance Walking?

Socks for Long Walks

Long distance walks produce excessive stress on your foot and joint muscles. In such a situation, you need to wear only the best quality socks that can provide good comfort and protection for your feet.

Basically, the kind of socks that are ideal for long distance walking can be identified by knowing what types of socks are best for your feet and what types of socks are bad for your feet. The following are few important features that every pair of socks for long distance walking must possess.

1. Your socks must be exactly same shape of your feet: Some socks of the market are not exactly like the shape of your foot. Most of them bunch your toes together and this can cause a lot of skin irritation when you walk in them for long hours. So, avoid such types of socks.

2. Go for wide socks: Some people have foot ailments like hammertoes and bunions. If you wear short socks for a long walk, your toes might be cramped during these tours. To avoid these unwanted situations, your socks must be wide whenever you go out for long distance walking.

3. Choose thick or thin Socks: If your shoes are fitting your feet perfectly, then there is no need to choose thick socks. A thin and single layered sock will be ok in this situation. But if your shoes are not fitting your feet properly or if they are somewhat big for your feet, then you basically have two options. You will either need to stretch your shoes or you will require to choose a thick and medium padded sock.

4. Get double layered pair of socks to prevent blisters: Yes, if you often experience blisters on your feet when you return from a long walk, then its time to get a new pair of double layered socks. These socks reduce your foot friction and aid in the moisture control.

5. Don’t wear cotton socks: Many people choose cheap quality regular cotton socks for hiking, walking and running. This is not cool, ok?

These cotton socks absorb moisture and sweat and then they keep it inside for hours. You really don’t want this because it causes blisters and other types of infection problems for your feet.

My recommendation is to get the socks that are made from moisture-wicking fabrics such as Dri-Fit Socks, CoolMax Socks, and Smartwool Socks. All of these socks are best in moisture control and blister prevention.

Are Compression Socks Good for Long Distance Walking?

Compression socks are known for their comfort factor. They offer best comfort and support for your feet.

You will not feel fatigued even if you walk in them for hours. Plus, they are ideal pair of socks for people who are currently suffering from bunions and looking for the best footwear to get relief from those painful bunions.

If you are currently having blood circulation issues or diabetic feet, then also compression socks help in muscle recovery. These types of socks help in reducing the painful foot problem.

So, my answer is yes. These socks definitely are the best for long distance walking.

Can I Use Long Distance Walking Socks for Running and Hiking?

Good Socks for Long Distance Walking

My only recommendation here is to choose a good quality compression sock. This pair of socks is ideal for people who want to go for long distance walking, running or hiking.

Compression socks provide the best level of comfort, support, muscle recovery and moisture control. All of these features make this sock the ideal candidate to wear for long distance running, hiking as well as walking.

So, we have covered some of the most important tips for buying the most reliable and comfortable pair of socks for long hour walking. Now, it is time to review top 5 best quality pair of socks brands that will aid you in comfortable walking for hours.

My Review of Top 5 Best Socks for Long Distance Walking

No. 5: Pure Compression Comfort Padded Anti-Blister Walking Socks

Pure Compression Comfort Padded Anti-Blister Walking Socks Review

Pure Compression Comfort Padded Anti-Blister Walking Socks Review

I have used Pure Compression Comfort Padded Anti-Blister Walking Socks in the past and I can vouch for their quality. Whether you want to go for long distance walking or running, these socks are perfect for your feet.

If you are a person who easily gets blisters after a long walk, then you should try these socks on your feet. They are ultra-comfortable and you will not feel fatigued even you wear them all day. Its anti-odor technology keeps your feet away from stinking smell.

This Pure Compression sock comes with extra thick padding around your toes, heels and on the top of the sock. This provides much better comfort and support during long distance walking.

Such type of extra padding also helps immensely in removing excessive stress from your feet. This is where its anti-blister feature plays an important role.

This sock is built with a premium quality yarn which makes it more durable and long lasting. There is also a light compression band present in the arch area of the sock. This band makes sure that the sock does not slide and stay in the right place all the time during your long walk.

The cushioning of this Pure Compression sock helps to reduce impact during long distance walking. These socks are also flexible and keep your feet cool and dry all the time during walking which is big plus.

I give these pair of socks the rating of 4.1 out of 5. These socks are best for people who go on a long walk on a daily basis.

Click Here for More Reviews and Current Price of Pure Compression Comfort Padded Anti-Blister Walking Socks.

No. 4: Wanderlust Merino Compression Walking Socks

Wanderlust Merino Compression Walking Socks Review

Wanderlust Merino Compression Walking Socks Review

This is another pair of socks which I personally liked a lot for long distance walks. Wanderlust Merino Compression Walking Sock has several health benefits which you will experience once you start wearing it.

This pair has provided several health improvements for many people such as enhancement in their energy, stamina and blood circulation as well. If you are a person who travels a lot and hikes a lot, then you should definitely try these socks.

Its toe box is good which helps in reducing the friction and thus prevents blisters and corns. It comes with extra foot padding which gives better shock absorption when you walk on higher and uneven terrains.

Wanderlust compression socks aid in reducing pressure from your feet. Thus, it helps in reducing the swelling and foot pain.

Its merino wool material acts brilliantly to keep your feet warm on cold conditions. Its mesh pattern is highly breathable and moisture wicking in nature. It keeps proper ventilation when you walk in hot summer days.

These pair of socks are not just good for walking but you can use them for other outdoor activities such as running, cycling, horse riding, skiing, trekking, etc. Plus, they are medically tested to provide relief in several foot ailments such as cramping, edema, varicose veins, spider veins, neuropathy, and blood clotting, etc.

I give this compression sock brand the rating of 4.3 out of 5. If you are looking for all-round pair of walking socks then just get it now.

Click Here for Reviews and Price of Wanderlust Merino Compression Walking Socks.

No. 3: Swiftwick Vibe Zero Fast Dry No Show Walking Socks

Swiftwick Vibe Zero Fast Dry No Show Walking Socks Review

Swiftwick Vibe Zero Fast Dry No Show Walking Socks Review

If you are searching for a simple no show, fast dry and well cushioned walking sock then you need to use this Swiftwick sock. This specific Swiftwick Vibe Zero No Show walking sock offers best level of comfort, support, cushioning and breathability for your feet.

It is lightweight in nature. It gives you all day comfort whether you use it for long walks or long distance running. The footbed of the socks contain higher Olefin element. This is why the socks provide maximum moisture control for longer duration.

The fibres of these socks are also efficient in moisture wicking and sweat absorption. Its material is responsible to provide high breathability. This results in maintaining the internal coolness and dryness for your feet.

When you go for a long walk, your feet tend to get blisters, bunching and voids more often. These pair of socks help in the prevention of blisters and skin irritation.

This sock is no show in nature. Therefore, it is highly comfortable to wear and walk in them for long hours. They fit below your ankles with low extension.

According to some customers, these socks slightly compress your foot at appropriate places and you will not experience any kind of slippage when you walk in them for long hours.

One more good thing is these no show socks are available in different attractive colors and styles. So, they look and feel stylish to wear.

This is a multipurpose long distance walking sock that can be used not for just walking but also for running, jogging, bike riding, cycling, and many other outdoor activities. The fitting is also perfect for the feet.

Do check out the following video to see these pair of socks in action and what benefits it offers for your feet.

I give it 4.5 rating out of 5. If you are serious about buying comfortable, well cushioned and breathable, no show, long distance walking socks; then just get these pair of socks today.

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No. 2: CEP Men’s ​Athletic Compression Run Socks

CEP Men's Progressive+ Compression Run Socks 2.0 for Running, Cross Training, Fitness, Calf Injuries, Shin Splits, Recovery, and Athletics, 20-30mmHg Compression, White/Black, Size 5

​CEP Men’s ​Athletic Compression Run Socks Review

At no. 2, I have my favourite pair of socks which has provided me long time comfort, support and protection for my feet. CEP Men’s ​Athletic Compression Run Socks is one of those socks which you can use for both long distance walking and running without any issues.

This Made in Germany sock offers best level of cushioning for those long distance walks. Its anatomically padded cushioning along with proper toe closure helps in minimizing hotspots and blisters.

The main feature of this CEP compression long distance walking sock is its ability to naturally improve the blood circulation in your feet muscles. This gradually leads to prevention of several foot ailments such as shin splints, muscle soreness, and other common foot injuries.

This sock is also very breathable in nature. This is why your feet remain cool and properly ventilated even if you walk in summer for long hours.

CEP compression socks provide better support, stability and moisture control as compared to the above 3 ranked socks. When you go for long walks, this pair of socks prevent any kind of blisters and unwanted swelling. You can wear these socks all day without feeling any tiredness.

Check out the following informative video where you will get to know what benefits these socks offer for your feet.

I give these pairs of socks the rating of 4.7 out of 5. If you are brand conscious guy and want the most sophisticated walking socks, then this is the best choice for your feet.

Click Here for Current Price and Reviews of CEP Men’s Progressive+ Compression Walking and Running Socks 2.0.

No. 1: ​Thorlos ​WMX Max Cushion Walking ​Ankle Socks

Thorlos Men's WMX Walking Thick Padded Ankle Sock, White, XLarge

​Thorlos ​WMX Max Cushion Walking ​Ankle Socks Review

Finally, at no. 1, I can only provide you the best of the best walking socks brand i.e. Thorlos. Especially, ​Thorlos ​WMX Max Cushion Walking ​Ankle Socks complete all the requirements which are needed to become no. 1 best sock for long distance walking.

It is a Made in USA brand. Its medically tested padding under the heel and the ball of the foot reduces friction to a better extent. The friction is the main reason why you suffer from blisters.

This pair of socks also provides much better shock absorption. Its trademarked Thorlon fibers offer much improved softness, durability, and moisture control.

Its arch spandex and cushioned instep provide better fitting and higher comfort. You will feel reduced pressure on your feet when you walk in these socks for long hours.

Before making your final decision, I want you to watch this video carefully. It has mentioned medical benefits of wearing Thorlos padded walking socks.

Its ventilation panels increase the breathability and moisture wicking ability to many folds. I give these socks a rating of 4.9 out of 5 because it contains all the best features of walking socks.

If you really want the best of the best socks for long distance walking then Thorlos is the brand which you should aim for.

Click Here for Latest Reviews and Discounted Price of Thorlos ​WMX Max Cushion Walking ​Ankle Socks.

Final Thoughts

So far, we have understood the reasons why we require the best pair of socks for long distance walking. Then we went through various health benefits of using long distance walking socks. After that we learned how to find the best socks using their best features.

In the end, we came to know about the top 5 brands of socks that are ideal for long distance walks. So now, it is your turn to make more informed and sensible buying decision.

If you like my recommendations, then feel free to share them with your friends who are looking for these types of long distance walking socks.

Best of luck!

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