8 Tested Tips on How to Choose Best Sneakers for Flat Feet Women

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It is not a secret that every woman is ready to sacrifice comfort to look beautiful and feminine. The flat feet women should be grateful to the designer who offers to wear them the best sneakers with both classic and casual clothes. Because most of the times, you categorically forbidden to wear high heels. Today, there is no need to suffer from pain wearing uncomfortable shoes because modern women give preference to sneakers. Today, we are discussing about the best 8 tips that can help you find the best sneakers for flat feet women and we are also providing 4 best sneakers to choose from in this year 2018.

What is FlatFoot and is This a Problem?

Tips to Choose Best Sneakers for Flat Feet

Before choosing shoes with flat feet, it is necessary to clearly determine what this ailment is. The term “flatfoot” means a deformation and curvature of the feet, under which the natural bending of the lift is lost and the arch of the foot is lowered closer to the bottom. People, who have experienced this disease, experience constant fatigue when walking. They feel pain not only in the feet but also in the lower leg, hips, knees, waist, gluteal region. It’s very difficult to walk because a person experiences constant pain attacks with the load on legs. Gradually, the bent posture is formed. A loss of depreciation function and the disruption of weight distribution has a negative impact on other muscles and joints. A pathological curvature of the foot can be congenital or acquired due to softening of the ligaments of the support apparatus, as well as after trauma to the legs.Physiological flat feet arise during the gestation of the child, when the weight of a woman increases, the center of gravity shifts, the load goes to the foot more than usual. In connection with this, special footwear is needed both for treating the platypus and for the prevention of the problem.

Why Is It a Must for Flat Feet Women to Wear Comfortable Shoes?

Why do flat feet women need comfortable shoes? To answer this question, it is necessary to remember that a human foot has two arches that are responsible for cushioning during movement. Let’s imagine that the arches and fixing tissues are absent. What will happen then? A solid foot will consist of only bones. All the shocks and impacts when walking and running will echo back to the spine. Besides, the joints will destroy at an unreal speed.This is how the mechanism and the main cause of the appearance of ailments related to the flattening of the ankle arches and the flat feet, look like. The early stage of the flat foot problem can be treated with the right choice of insoles, insteps and comfortable shoes. If you don’t have a serious problem yet, then wearing sneakers instead of high heels will be a reasonable choice.The right pair of shoes performs a large number of functions. First of all, it is a convenient support during all of your foot movements. This helps in correcting small defects of your ankle, compensating short soles, and increasing the supporting surface. It makes it possible to get relief from your pain in the longitudinal flatfoot as well as in transverse flatfoot. In addition, the right footwear chosen by you hides external defects. It is important to understand that with flat feet the footwear should provide fixation of the foot. It must be tightly laced, thereby preventing the foot from moving to the right and left.

You can also watch the following video from a footwear expert Dr. Scott Kilberg who explains what to do when you have flat feet and how to choose the right shoes for your feet.

What Kind of Sneakers You Should Not Buy?

How to Find Good Sneakers for Flat Feet Women

To understand what shoes to wear if you have flat feet, you must first find out what kind of shoes are inappropriate for your feet. Check the criteria, which will help you to differentiate between the right and wrong sneakers. So, let’s have a look at types of sneakers that are not suitable for your flat feet.1. Sneakers with a Thick Sole: If you are wearing sneakers that have very thick soles, then I recommend you stop using them. These types of thick sole sneakers usually do not bend. This means a uniform distribution of the load, in this case, becomes impossible. It weakens the ligaments and muscles of your legs.2. Tight Sneakers with a Narrow Nose: The effect of such types of narrow nosed sneakers is the same as with stiff sole sneakers. The ligamentous and muscular apparatus of such shoes does not participate in walking, which gradually weakens your feet and then reduces the right support needed for your flat feet.3. High Platform or Wedge Sneakers: Just like the two above examples, the sneakers with high platform and wedge do not allow to bend the sole. This obviously exerts unnecessary load on your feet. At the same time, it does not offer proper stability to your feet.Shoes with flat feet in adults should support the lower part of the legs. It prevents the descent of the lift and does not allow the heel to hang when walking. The right sneakers that support your flat feet also helps in correcting your body posture when you walk or run.

8 Effective Tips on How to Choose the Right Sneakers for Flat Feet

Sneakers for Flat Feet Women

Some time ago, it was believed that sneakers aren’t suitable for flat feet and even lead to deterioration. But now anti-flat-foot orthopedic sneakers are being actively produced. Such type of shoes will deal with the problem effectively being a preventive measure against the occurrence of pathological deformations. How to choose your perfect pair of sneakers among a large number of models? What to pay attention to when looking for sneakers for your flat feet? Let’s answer these questions. 1. Choose the correct size of sneakers: This is of utmost importance for the overall health and fitting of your flat feet. Some people prefer larger sizes to wear socks. This is not a good idea. If you want to make your sneakers warmer, just buy thermo socks. They won’t take a lot of space inside your shoes. The very first thing to do is to lace up the sneakers in your own way. It needs to be done tightly, but not very tight. Then, try to pull a leg out of the sneaker. If the size matches, it will get without too much effort. If the heel feels too loose, it means that you have not bought the sneakers with the right size.2. Check the bend line: If you have the right sneakers, the fold follows the foot. You need to rest the toe on the floor, press on the heel and check where the sole bends. If it does not bend in the same place where your feet are or different sneakers are not curved in the same way, this would either develop or aggrevate the already existing flat feet. Reluctantly, bending the sole can subsequently lead to the development of pain in your leg muscles.3. Pay attention to the insoles or sockliner: If you have flat feet, then use additional support like the insole or sockliner. Right type of sockliner greatly helps in supporting the arch of your foot. Orthopedic accessories do not interfere even in conjunction with sports shoes.4. Buy sneakers in the evening: By the evening, the legs are slightly swollen and do increase in size. Therefore, the best time for choosing and buying shoe or sneakers for your feet is the evening time. Shoes tat you buy in the morning tend to be smaller in size for your feet because you can not gauze your feet’s actual size in the morning time. 5. Buy Quality Sports Sneakers: Good sports shoes can bring the leg into a natural and correct position when walking and running. Check whether sneakers breathe and can properly absorb sweat. 6. Get Sneakers that can control your foot movements: Make sure that the sneakers you buy can eliminate the excess movement. Excessive foot movements inside sneaker usually leads to flatfoot and pronation issues. 7. Sneakers should be Breathable too: You also need to remember to buy sneakers that have good breathability feature. Get the sneakers that are made from materials which do not accumulate excess moisture and prevent overheating. Natural materials should be present in your new sneakers.8. Proper fitting is also important: Sneakers you buy for your flat feet should be comfortable and well-fitting for your feet. They must be suitable in size and not too soft or flexible to avoid injuries for your feet.

Top 4 Brands Offering the Right Sized Sneakers for Flat Feet Women

If your doctor has recommended jogging for you or you have decided to do this kind of sport on your own, the first thing to do is to buy the right sneakers. Special sneakers will firmly support the arch of your foot. It will also prevent excessive damping, while the foot will be fixed. And the ankle will stay in place without pouring in.The best brands and manufacturers of running shoes, including special sneakers with flat feet, are currently considered New Balance, Asics, Saucony, and Nike. More information about these brands is provided as follows.

1. New Balance Vongo V2

New Balance Vongo V2 Sneaker for Flat Feet Women

New Balance has a significant number of variants of running sneakers. These sneakers often provide proper cushioning, stabilizing and controlling movements for your feet. They also offer a smooth transition from heel to toe. The best New Balance sneaker for flat feet women is definitely New Balance Vongo V2.If you have a flat foot (pronation), then you know that your foot falls inward while walking and running. Thus, natural depreciation worsens, which is often the cause of foot injury. So, you need to choose sneakers that support the foot properly and control their movements. Stability and Neutral Cushioning sneakers have similar qualities. If your feet are supinating, and your feet, on the contrary, falls to the outside, then all the load falls on your shin. In this case, the best choice would be to wear flexible sneakers for running. They help in proper support from your heel to the toe. The Cushioning and Motion Control sneakers also offer the same kind of support and cushioning for your flat feet.

2. Saucony Omni 12

Saucony Omni 12 Sneaker for Flat Feet Women

With flatfoot, the best option I can recommend you is the Saucony Omni 12 for women. They are perfectly designed for female runners who need to wear sneakers with side support. At the same time, they are lightweight and have a very supportive sole. Such footwear is not only designed for running, it can be worn in your daily life also.

3. ASICS GEL Kayano 24

ASICS Gel Kayano 24 Sneaker for Flat Feet Women

ASICS as well know, is a world renowned Japanese corporation that produces professional sports wear. Its abbreviation means “A sound mind in a healthy body”. At the same time, they emphasize the orthopedic and dynamic properties of footwear. And they also take into account the individual characteristics of each person. The best ASICS sneaker which I recommend for flat feet women is the orthopedic sneakers of ASICS, known as ASICS Gel-Kayano Sneakers for Women.They are suitable for long training, designed for people with a neutral and with excessive foot pronation. They are also best for those who need the softest and safest shoes for sports and everyday life. It has almost a 20-year history. The latest model, released on the market, is Asics Gel-Kayano 24. It has dynamic support from the dense material that does not compress and prevents the foot from twisting. These Sneakers perfectly fit on the leg; thanks to its plastic mesh. This mesh can easily stretch and contract together with the movement of the foot. In the toe and heel of the sole, there is a cushioning gel. It reduces dynamic loads and lowers the impact on the knee joints.

4. Nike LunarGlide 9

Even if you do not suffer from flat feet, or if you do not run and do not have anything to do with sports and sports clothes, you can not help hearing about the Nike brand. This company produces many models for everyday wear and sports. Of course, it does not stand aside from women with flat feet. The best sneaker we can recommend for you is Nike LunarGlide 9. This particular Nike sneaker is highly advanced in terms of its design and technology. It is lightweight and comes with high stability and shock absorption foam. Due to this unique design, this sneaker is able to change its shape in accordance with the pressure, slope and individual features of your foot.


Flat foot is one of the most commonly found physiological changes in the mechanics of your skeleton. It is found in about 20% of the inhabitants of most developed countries. Those who suffer from this disease, need to walk and run only in special shoes or using orthopedic insoles. The sneakers that are made from natural materials and manufactured by world famous brands are the best choice for women. If you do not want to deal with the problem of flat feet and at the same time, want to look stylish and fashionable every day, then choose the 4 brands which we have mentioned above.

Even if you are not going to engage in any sport, give preference to specially designed sneakers that can support and safeguard your flat feet. You will be able to wear them with any casual clothes. For more varieties of sneakers, kindly visit our section of best sneakers.

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