5 Best Side Zip Tactical Boots of 2018 Reviewed

Hi, today I am here to present the top 5 list of best side zip tactical boots of 2018. These tactical boots are great for all military, army, police and law enforcement officials. 

Are you a part of our armed forces or a police force? Then I don’t need to tell you the importance of wearing tactical gear while performing your duty. In your tactical gear, one of the most important gears is your tactical boot or tactical shoe.

Yes, they play a major role by providing right support, comfort and protection for your feet in adverse climates and situations. We have already provided top 10 list for best tactical boots of 2018 which you can check out by clicking here. But by popular demand of our users, we have come up with another top 5 list of best tactical boots with side zipper.

Today, we are presenting our 5 best side zip tactical boots of 2018 with detailed reviews and ratings. We also recommend you to read our short buying guide before you take any buying decision. This will really help you take more informed and well thought-out decision while purchasing the right side zip tactical boot for yourself.

Best Side Zip Tactical Boot


Average Rating


  • 8 Inch Standard Military Height
  • Oil and Petroleum Resistant Vibram Outsole
  • Full Grain Cowhide Leather Material
  • Durable and Easy to Use Side Zipper


  • Durable Leather & Nylon Material
  • Slip Resistant Rubber Outsole
  • Gusseted Tongue and EVA Midsole
  • YKK Side Zipper in Viston Pattern with Hook & Loop Tab Stay Closure


  • YKK Circular Side Zipper
  • Nylon & Leather Upper Design
  • Slip Resistant Carbon Rubber Outsole
  • 400gm Thinsulate Insulation


  • Lightweight UAClutchFit Technology
  • Synthetic Textile & Leather Upper
  • Molded Orthotic Sockliner
  • TPU Toe Cap
  • Easy to Use Durable Side Zipper


  • Air 9 Inch Side Zipper
  • Custom Molded EVA Phylon Midsole
  • Double Stitched Upper
  • Polishable Leather Toe


Buying Guide for Best Side Zip Tactical Boots of 2018

Why Best Side Zip Tactical Boots are Important for Military People?

You must know that side zippers in any tactical boot perform a really important role by providing the user the much required comfort and support. If you are working in army, police or any other law enforcement agency, you should always be ready to perform your duty at any moment.

In that case, traditional lace-up tactical boots always take some time to wear. This might be uncomfortable and time wasting issue for many of you.

On the other side, tactical boots with side zippers require very less time to wear and they are very easy to put on and off during your duty time. You can prepare really quickly with the help of best side zip tactical boots while on your duty.

What Features You Should Look for in Best Side Zip Tactical Boots?

1. Waterproof Zipper Fabric: The most durable and high quality side zip tactical boots come with two main types of zipper material. First one is plastic and the other one is metal. The zipper teeth are either made from plastic or from a metal.

Plastic zippers have one advantage and that is they are lightweight as compared to metal zippers. But metal zippers are more durable and sturdy in nature. Some boot manufacturers produce water-resistant and fireproof zippers.

The fine stitch and the actual zippers can be made waterproof and fireproof. This is very important for a law enforcement and military personnel. If you are looking for a quality side zip tactical boot, always prefer a tactical boot that has a zipper made from waterproof and fireproof fabric.

2. Secure and Snug Fitting: Tactical boots that come with side zippers provide higher comfort and secure fitting for the user. You can even put on and take off these boots very easily; thanks to the inclusion of side zippers. You need to check how the boot fits your feet before you buy it.

Some side zippers do provide comfort but some make fitting uncomfortable if you choose the wrong sized boot. So its always recommended to buy the right sized boot for your feet if you want a side zip tactical boot.

3. Vertical Interlocking Tracks: Some tactical boots do not provide vertical interlocking tracks for their side zippers. Such boots come up with somewhat curved interlocking tracks. This can cause discomfort for the user and a regular use can also easily break these zippers due to its curved position. So always look for the tactical boots that offer perfectly vertical interlocking tracks for their size zippers.

4. Hook and Loop Tab-Stay Closure: Few professional and well known tactical boot manufacturers like Original S.W.A.T., Magnum, Smith & Wesson, etc. provide hook and loop tab-stay closure along with their side zippers. This type of closure performs a great task of keeping the side zips more secured and damage free.

The zipper pull tab can be secured easily with the help of this hook and loop closure feature. Therefore, we also recommend you to opt for such tactical boot that provides this feature.

What are the Best Side Zip Tactical Boots?

There are lots of tactical boot manufacturer brands in the market. Most of them provide tactical boots from average to high quality standards.

Some of the most prominent brands that we feel are producing the best side zip tactical boots are Belleville, Magnum, Smith & Wesson, Under Armour and Original S.W.A.T., etc.

Now, we recommend you to read the reviews of our carefully researched and reviewed tactical boot brands. This will certainly help you in finding the best side zip tactical boots of 2018.

Reviews of Top 5 Side Zip Tactical Boots of 2018

5. Original S.W.A.T. Men's Metro Air 9-Inch Side-Zip Tactical Boot Review

At no. 5, we have ranked one of the best brands that has been producing the most durable and protective tactical boots in the industry. Its name is Original SWAT. This particular model, Original S.W.A.T. Men's Metro Air 9-Inch Side-Zip Tactical Boot is no exception to its incredible features and benefits.

This boot comes with non-metallic components and Air 9 inch side zip. This can be called as one of the best and the most comfortable airport friendly law enforcement uniform boots. With the help of this zipper, you can easily put on the boot and can also take it off comfortably. The toe is completely polishable and its heel air cell provides high comfort and good shock absorption ability.

The sole is made from good quality leather and the upper is built with double stitched nylon thread. This enhances the durability factor of this Original S.W.A.T. boot. The EVA midsole and nylon shank of this boot increases the lightness, comfort and support while performing your duty.


1. The outsole of the boot provides very good grip and traction on uneven and rough surface.

2. The side zippers are about 9 inch in length and give you very good fitting and comfort for your feet. You can easily wear and take off these boots, thanks to its Air 9 inch side zip.

3. They are highly lightweight, comfortable to use and very supportive in nature.

4. The boots are durable too. And you will not feel any fatigue or discomfort during your long hour duty.


1. According to few users, the boots are somewhat noisy and squeaky.

2. They lack the feature of oil and slip resistance. They are waterproof but not oil resistant in nature.

​You can check out the video review of this amazing Original S.W.A.T. tactical boot below.

4. Under Armour Men's Valsetz RTS Side-Zip Tactical Boot Review

Under Armour Men's Valsetz RTS Side-Zip Tactical Boot Review

At no. 4, we have Under Armour Men's Valsetz RTS Side-Zip Tactical Boot. It is one of the most liked and revered tactical boots by the users worldwide.

The side zipper of this boot is very lightweight and convenient to use. But it looks and feels somewhat unmatched for a tactical or work boot version. Although, it holds very well considering you are using it lightly and moderately.

Its unique UA ClutchFit technology provides very high comfort and support for your ankles and for your feet. The upper is made from good quality synthetic leather and textile material.

It is highly abrasion resistant in nature. Its full-length Micro foam provides very good cushioning and support in uneven terrains. It also comes with durable and supportive TPR toe cap feature.


1. The mesh toes of the boot keep moisture inside and heat outside. So this Under Armour tactical boot is really good to use in summer days. But they are bit uncomfortable to use in the winter season.

2. The outsole of the boot provides really good grip and traction on rough surfaces.

3. It is really lightweight and highly comfortable tactical boot to use on your duty.

4. The fitting is true to size and you will feel really comfortable, warm and sturdy in these boots.


1. We think that these UA tactical boots probably need more toe protection feature. Because it offers somewhat less toe protection as compared to the other boots in our list.

2. These boots are less durable than our other boots in the top side zip tactical boots ranking.

Before you check out more reviews, here is an expert video review from TheBootGuy. This will give you more precise idea about the exact features of Under Armour Valsetz RTS Tactical Boot.

3. Magnum Men's Response Iii 8.0 Side Zip Military and Tactical Boot Review

Magnum Men's Response Iii 8.0 Side Zip Military and Tactical Boot Review

Magnum is another most respected and admired brand in the tactical boot industry. This particular Magnum Men’s Response Lii 8.0 Side Zip Tactical Boot is equipped with specially designed YKK circular side zipper.

These side zippers are made from highly durable material. So they are strong and durable. You can very speedily wear these boots and take them off easily, thanks to these side zippers.

These side zippers enhance the fitting and the comfort factor of the boot. This Magnum tactical boot is oil and slip resistant due to its carbon rubber outsole. It is well equipped with 400 gm Thinsulate insulation. It offers coolness and keeps your feet dry and sweat free even in 35 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit temperature.

The upper is made from high quality leather and nylon material. Along with this, the padded collars offer enhanced protection, comfort and agility. You can change the insole for increased comfort factor. The shank of the boot is made from fiberglass material. It gives you additional underfoot protection and support.


1. YKK Side zippers of this Magnum tactical boots are highly comfortable, supportive and provide perfect fitting for the user. You can quickly wear your boots and take them off without wasting too much of your time.

2. They are lightweight, comfortable and supportive in nature.

3. The outsole offers increased grip, traction and slip resistance feature.

4. You can wear these boots all day long without getting any discomfort or fatigued feeling.


1. Honestly, we have not found any drawbacks for these tactical boots.

Below video will provide you more info regarding the actual features of this amazing Magnum Response 3 8.0 Side Zip Tactical Boot.

2. Smith & Wesson Breach 2.0 Men's Tactical Side-Zip Boot Review

At no. 2, we have ranked one of the underdogs in tactical boots industry. The brand is Smith & Wesson. This particular Smith & Wesson Breach 2.0 Men’s Tactical Side-Zip Boot offers really exciting and incredible features with unique side zip feature. Just like above Magnum tactical boot, this S&W tactical boot comes with YKK Side Zipper.

This side zipper comes in specially designed and very durable Viston pattern. With the help of this side zipper, you can comfortably wear these boots and speedily take them off without any hassles. It is also equipped with hook and loop tab-stay closure facility. This hook and look tab-stay closure protects the zipper pull and keep it safe from damage.

The outsole of the boot is made from high quality non-marking rubber material. It also enhances the grip, traction and offers high slip resistance. The boot offers high torsional rigidity, thanks to its Board-lasted construction. Its gusseted tongue keeps the dirt and debris away from entering inside the boot.

The foam padded collar and tongue of the boot increase the breathability and protection feature. The upper of this S&W boot is made from high quality nylon and leather material which enhances the comfort and protection for your feet. Its EVA midsole is also responsible in improving the comfort and support of this boot.


1. The YKK side zippers are really great because they provide very comfortable and sturdy fitting. They are also strong and durable in nature. You don’t need much time to put on and take off these boots due to these specially designed side zippers.

2. The boot offers good toe protection because of its reinforced toe construction.

3. Fitting is perfect and it takes very little time to break in for these boots.

4. The tread pattern of the outsole is really nice. You get very good grip, traction, support and slip resistance due to these non-marking rubber outsoles.


1. According to few users, the durability of the finishing of the boot do not look good as compared to the other boots in this list. You have to maintain or improve upon the finishing by using good quality shoe polishing creams.

​Here is a very good in-depth unboxing video review from an actual security field guy. This video provides overview of the features of this S&W Breach 2.0 Side Zip Tactical Boot.

1. Belleville TR960Z Tactical Research Khyber Lightweight Side-Zip Boot Review

And finally at no. 1, we have got the most durable, supportive, protective and comfortable side zip tactical boot from Belleville. This specific Belleville TR960Z Tactical Research Khyber Lightweight Side Zip Boot has got plenty of exciting and useful features for all law enforcement and military personnel.

The side zipper of this boot is very durable and easy to operate. You can very comfortably wear these boots and also can take them off in short span of time. These zippers hold the boots really well and give you perfect fitting. The boot is made from full grain cowhide leather and upper is made from nylon fabric. This makes this boot very durable and protective for your feet.

Plus this 8 Inch tactical boot is highly oil and lubricant resistant in nature. This means you do not have to worry a lot about oil and petroleum slippage while performing your duty. The Vibram outsole also provides high grip and traction in rough and uneven terrains.


1. These Belleville tactical boots are very lightweight and comfortable to use while on your duty.

2. They are highly supportive and durable in nature. You can stand, walk and run in them for hours without getting fatigued and uncomfortable. The break-in time is also very less in this case.

3. The side zipper makes it really easy to wear the boots quickly and without turning and twisting your ankles. These zippers perform really great when it comes to comfort, support and fitting.

4. These Belleville tactical boots work great in moderate cold and hot temperature ranging from 20 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. They are breathable in nature and help to keep your feet dry and moisture free in all cold and hot environments.


1. The laces of the boot gradually stretch after some days. So you will have to re-tie them as and when they get loose. This can irritate some folks.

2. Though the zipper pull has got the rubber coating, it is somewhat small in size. It could be uncomfortable for some folks to get hold on this smaller zipper till you get used to it.

The following video will provide more info regarding the actual features of this high quality Belleville TR960Z Tactical Boot. Check it out.


The above 5 are the best and the most comfortable side zip tactical boots of 2018. We have thoroughly researched and have spent considerable time and energy finding these tactical boots for you. 

We hope it will make your buying decision very easy and insightful. We wish you best of luck and also recommend you to take a look at our review of all-time best tactical boots at VBMBestReviews.Com.

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