5 Best Shoes for Security Officers – Which Work Boots Do You Wear?

  • By: Edmond Clark

​Are you a security guard or officer who is in search of a suitable pair of shoes?

If your answer to this has been in the affirmative, I am glad to let you know that you are in the right place.

That is because I dedicate this entire guide for helping officers from law enforcement, fire department, police and other important fields.

Recently I came across an interesting research paper from National Institute of Health.

It was about Safety Shoe Program from Division of Occupational Health and Safety.

It mentions that all NHS employees must wear steel toed safety shoes to prevent potential foot injuries when working in hazardous environments.

This guideline alone emphasizes the importance and significance of wearing reliable pair of shoes for all types of security guards and officers.

But there is a subtle difference between shoes for security guards and security officers.

I acknowledge that few people if any; even understand the differences between the security officer and the security guard.

This further complicates the task of finding the most suitable pair.

This is the reason I have written this guide to clearly communicate the difference between two types of footwear.

I request you to first read the buying guide and then check out the actual footwear reviews.

It will immensely help you to pick the most comfortable and durable pair of security shoes.

If you are in a hurry, then check out my no. 1 recommendation for best security officer shoes.

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​Buying Guide to Help You Find The Right Security Officer Shoes

​Our first part of the article endeavors to look into the differences between the security guard and security officer shoes.

Like I have already mentioned above; I do believe that a firm knowledge of this fact will help us in choosing the best pair of security shoes.

Later, we shall examine those factors to find the right pair for your feet.

​What is The Difference Between Shoes for Security Guards vs. Security Officers?

Security Guard Shoes vs Security Officer Shoes

​For a start, there is no significant difference between a security officer and a security guard.

Both are employed in the same sector and for more or less similar roles.

However, the security officer ranks higher than a security guard.

He plays supervisory and managerial roles most of the time. Lastly, he is usually more experienced that on duty guard.

Their shoes subsequently differ in the following regards:

1. Construction of the Footwear

The shoes for an officer are usually less durable than that of a guard.

The construction standard is much stronger for security guard shoes as compared to the security officer footwear.

The reason here is that the guard is the one that stands at the premise all the time.

It is him who will have to run to a scene to prevent a shoot-out or any other security breaches.

2. Footwear Sizing

Also setting these two pairs of shoes apart is their fitting and sizing.

The shoes for a security guard is generally larger in size than that of an officer.

This is due to its possession of extra features which definitely take up additional space and volume.

It is the size that makes for enhanced performance.

So, overall sizing for guard shoes is bulkier than that of security officer.

3. Additional Features

As it has already been hinted above, the pairs of shoes for security guards contain extra features.

This is because the guards will usually have to perform extra duties which an officer may not have to.

Other than that, the shoes for the guard will always have to be more comfortable than that of the security officers.

​What Features Should You Look for When Buying Best Security Officer Shoes?

Features of Best Security Officer Boots

​We now embark on those traits which a quality shoe for security officer should exhibit:


Definitely, you do not want to settle on a pair that is too small or too large for your feet.

You want your pair of choice to be as comfortable and nice fitting as possible.

That is why you have to factor the size and fit as a foremost consideration.

Give some room though for the sake of the growth and expansion of your feet.

Foot Stability

You require unparalleled stability as you stand, walk, and run.

It is for this reason that the shoe you ultimately settle on has to be equally stable.

While at it, you should also be mindful of your freedom of movement.

By far, the dual-density memory foam shoes are ideal for getting better foot stability.


Since security work consumes your entire days and nights, chances of rain or snow fall are much higher.

You have to prepare adequately for these types of weather conditions in advance.

That is why you must also factor the waterproof capability of the pair you have in mind.

Look out for leather and the other materials that resist the infiltration of water.


Definitely, the best pair must also be highly breathable.

This is to prevent bad odour from your work boots.

It is a really important feature to have as it suppresses the likelihood of the athlete’s feet and fungal infection.

For this trait to be assured, the pair must be porous enough to allow the smooth inflow and outflow of air.

Right Traction

To let you walk around freely and unhindered, the boot you ultimately choose has to yield excellent traction.

Its sole must be grooved for added grip on the pavements and soil.

Proper width is really important in this regard. A good pair has to be wide enough for added stability.

​Reviews of Top 5 Shoes / Boots for Security Officers

​I have spent at least 3 days to find the right pair of security officer shoes.

This last segment will give you my honest insights into some of the best pairs of boots on the basis of the above features.

​5. Smith & Wesson Men’s Security Boot

​Looking for all-day comfort? Smith & Wesson Men’s Security Boot is the one to set your eyes on!

That is because it is chiefly intended and designed for your overall comfort.

It does contain a number of features and parts to make this dream a reality.

In particular, the pair has a reliable Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) material adorning its midsole.

If you want to know more about EVA midsoles and sockliners then check out this complete guide about sockliners in shoes.

Generally, this pair is extremely lightweight. For this reason, you will find it pretty easy to run around and walk in.

Throughout its exterior is some leather material.

Courtesy of this material, the pair lasts longer.

It also wards off an unwanted discomfort which several other shoes and boots impose on their wearers.


a. ​Reduces fatigue during those intense working sessions

b. ​Resistant to slip and is thus safe to walk and run around in

c. ​Budget-friendly and highly affordable

d. ​Slow to the common agents of wear and tear

e. ​Maximizes traction whenever you are treading pavements


a. ​Narrow bottom means limited stability

b. ​Demands significant care and maintenance

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​4. Thorogood Men’s ASR Series 6 Inches Tactical Boot

Thorogood 834-6523 Men's ASR Series 6" Mid-Cut Tactical Boot, Black - 14 W US

​Does your job require you be on your feet all day long?

If it does, then this Thorogood ASR Series 6 Inches Tactical Boot offers the best support and comfort for your everyday work.

This pair incorporates a number of vital traits that are essential to be the best security footwear.

These shoes possess less weight, are made from tough construction, and have unparalleled stability.

This pair is the one we recommend that you look up to.

It embodies all the best features which we are looking for.

On the whole, the boot is made of non-metallic materials and parts.

It is subsequently light enough to lift off the ground.

Further, the use of non-metallic parts means that you will scarcely scratch or mark the surfaces where your feet rest on.


a. ​Tough construction implies longevity of use

b. ​Its footbed is removable for ease of reinforcement

c. ​A composite shank is stronger and truly more reliable

d. ​Slip resistant outsole adds to your safety and overall stability

e. ​Non-metallic upper inflicts limited damages to your walking surfaces


a. ​Does not last as long as many other similar pairs

b. ​Inflicts higher repairs and maintenance costs

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​3. Adidas Men’s GSG-9.7 Tactical Boot

adidas Performance Men's GSG-9.7 Tactical Boot,Black/Black/Black,14 M US

Are you a tough man who is worth his salt? If you are, you cannot settle for any another pair at random.

You must only insist on that pair which is suited for personality of your kinds. I ask you to try this one out.

Adidas GSG – 9.7 Men’s Tactical Boot stands out from the rest because it contains really durable full grain leather upper.

Its interior contains a cushioned heel which absorbs maximum impact while walking or running in the pair.

At the same time, the interior contains an arch which exists primarily to add some support to each step you take.

Underneath the pair is some engineered rubber outsole. It gives off some added traction and a stronger grip.


a. ​Long shaft covers your feet ​completely

b. ​Heavy-weight CORDURA quarter adds comfort and durability

c. ​Greatly resists abrasion and other forms of damages

d. ​Highly breathable to ward off excess sweating and foul odour

e. ​Appropriately gripped for additional support


a. ​Quite heavy in weight and not very comfortable to walk in

b. ​Imposes some fatigue while in use

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​2. Bates Men’s Delta Side-Zip 8 Inch Uniform Boot

Bates Men's 8" Ultralite Tactical Sport Side Zip Military Boot, Black, 10.5 M US

​Different shoe users have different feet sizes.

Also, the comfort needs of each person vary significantly.

The manufacturer of Bates Delta Side-Zip 8 Inch Uniform Boots understands this fact really well.

That is why they have designed it in such a manner that it lets you choose the perfect size and fit as per your requirements.

Through the revolutionary iCS technology, this pair lets you adjust the comfort levels you find most desirable.

You may also choose from the onward, inward, firm, and cushion support options.

Further, many other parts of this pair are also replaceable. Just one pair is enough for all your needs.


a. ​Adjusts your comfort system as per your needs

b. ​Contains very durable leather and nylon upper material

c. ​Equipped with a YKK locking zipper inside

d. ​Comes with durable lightweight cement construction

e. ​Polishable toes for great looks and appearances


a. ​Slightly complicated to an average user

b. ​Eyelets could cause soreness

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​1. Original SWAT 129101 Men’s Metro 9 Inch Waterproof Tactical Boot

Original SWAT 129101 Men's Metro 9-in SZ Waterproof CT EH Tactical Boot, Black, 11 2E US

This Original SWAT Metro 9 Inch Waterproof Tactical Boot is extensively used by law enforcers and by established private security firms.

You have it for your consideration if you are a professional security officer or a guard.

It has also been tried and found appropriate for all types of security personnel.

This tactical boot also features a durable non-metallic rustproof construction.

Its waterproof full grain leather upper and nylon construction is highly durable in nature.  

It comes with a reliable side zipper for comfortable fitting.

Its sole does not slip, while its interior contains heel air cushioning.

All these features are helpful in delivering an unparalleled comfort and support at all times of use.

What’s more? You may also polish this pair to give it some great looks and overall appearance.


a. ​Warm and comfortable due to it leather upper and nylon construction

b. ​Waterproof allows your feet to remain warm and dry during wet and cold weather

c. ​The YKK side zipper allows for faster usage and comfortable fitting

d. ​Accredited by ASTM F2413-11 CSA & F2913-11 industry certifications

e. ​Shields you from electrical hazards and bloodborne pathogen or bacteria


a. ​Quite bulky and difficult to engage

b. ​Cumbersome to clean and maintain

​Check out the below short review video where you will get to see this amazing boot in action.

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​Bottom Line

​If you are a security officer yourself and searching for a reliable pair of shoes or boots, then the above 5 boots will definitely fulfill all your requirements.

As I already mentioned above, the right pair of shoes is highly important from the comfort and safety point of view.

Wearing them all the time at your workplace is essential to get right support and protection of your feet.

Therefore, I recommend you to choose any one shoe from the list above and protect your feet from any unwanted injuries at your workplace.



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