5 Best Shoes for Sprinting on Grass Reviewed with Buyer’s Guide

  • By: Edmond Clark

​I recently found a research paper at National Institute of Health Organisation which emphasizes the fact that running in grass lowers the pressure on your forefoot as well as rearfoot significantly.

This study says that sprinting or running through grass leads to 9.3% to 16.6% lower foot pressure on your rearfoot and 4.7% to 12.3% reduced pressure on your forefoot in comparison with the other surfaces such as concrete, rubber and asphalt.

This proves the fact that running on grass is more beneficial for your foot health for long term.  

Although, sprinting on grass isn’t similar to running on roads.

Grass feels softer, and the energy of the foot strike goes into the ground resulting in less rebound.

Since you ought to be slower while running on grass and having in mind that you are likely to overpronate, you will do yourself some good; once you get the right shoes for running or sprinting on grass.

After all, you will want to get from point A to point B as fast as you can and with less resistance.

So, read on to find my most recommended and the best shoes for sprinting on grass to ensure a comfortable feel and to enhance your performance.

Before we dive into the actual review, let us first understand what you should look for in the shoes for running on the grass.

Here is a complete buyer’s guide for you.

Also, check out my top 3 recommendations for best sprinting shoes for grass below.

​Top 3 ​Recommended Sprinting Shoes for Grass

Shoe Brand

Main Features

My Rating


Best in Class Fitting & Comfort, ​Lightweight & Well Cushioned, ​Highly Breathable Mesh Design


​​Outsole Gives Grip & Traction, ​Lightweight & Comfortable​, ​Provides Firm Footing


​Lightweight & Comfortable, ​Quick Drying & Breathable, ​Good Grip and Traction on Grass


​Buyer’s Guide to Help You Choose Best Shoes for Sprinting on Grass

​6 Important Shoe Terms You Need to Know To Get Better Sprinting Shoes

​Before we get started, let’s have a look at the parts of a running shoe and how each element affects your sprinting experience in the grass.

1. Upper

The upper is all the part of the shoe located above the sole.

Different shoes feature variety of upper made from different materials, and this affect the durability, waterproofing, and insulation of your shoe.

When picking a shoe, look for a shoe that is made using a breathable and waterproof material to maintain dry feet.

Also, get a shoe with an upper that is shaped like your foot, and this shouldn’t bind your feet or it should not result in chafing.

2. Sockliner

A sockliner is a removable pad of foam that lies directly below the foot.

It provides arch support and initial step-in comfort.

In this regard, get a shoe that includes a padded sockliner and one that makes you feel comfortable after wearing it for the first time.

3. Heel Counter

This refers to a plastic insert designed to reinforce the heel cup and increase support.

A heel counter locks the foot into the shoe and anchors it to the midsole.

Some shoes include heel counters, while others exclude them.

If you want to benefit from added support and stable landings, I would recommend that you get a shoe that includes a heel counter.

But this heel counter must offer a comfortable ankle motion for boosting your speed.

4. Outsole

The outsole is the part that comes into contact with the ground.

Most of the shoes feature rubber on this part to increase its overall life span.

Before settling on a shoe for sprinting on grass, consider the traction, weight, and durability.

A good outsole shouldn’t add excess weight or stiffness.

Furthermore, it should include materials designed to provide traction and the foot stability.

5. Spacious Toe box

This is the upper of the shoe from the front of the eyelets to the end of the shoe.

If you want to benefit from complete flexibility and spread of the toes, get a shoe that features a roomier toe box.

The large toe box helps in avoiding binding and prevents the rubbing of your toes with the shoe.

6. Midsole

This is a foam material located between the upper sole and outer sole.

It helps to cushion the feet eliminating several impact forces.

For you to run comfortably, get a shoe that features a midsole that is neither too soft nor too firm.

​3 Primary Features to Consider when Buying Shoes for Sprinting on Grass

1. Good Grip and Traction

Shoes designed for sprinting on grass must offer adequate traction as well as good grip for running in the grass.

Do not forget that grass can get wet and slippery because of dew.

So, buy shoes that provide more traction than that of supplied by your regular running shoes.

If it is possible, I would recommend you to get trail running shoes.

Because they feature a deeper tread that enables them to provide more traction and grip.

2. Enhanced Comfort

The best sprinting shoes must be comfortable to wear.

After all, what is use of the running shoe that can’t fit you properly and could be more uncomfortable for your feet.

There is really no point in wearing such types of shoes.

So, look for features such as sufficient cushioning, breathability, a shoe that lets your feet to move flexibly, among others.

All these features constituted in a shoe, can provide you higher comfort while running.

3. Higher Safety and Support

A good running shoe should be designed to provide protection, and improved foot support.

Do not forget that grass surfaces tend to be uneven as compared to paved tracks.

As a result, your feet are likely to twist while running through grass surface.

It is up to your shoe to deliver excellent arch support so that it can protect your ligaments and heels.

So, choose those shoes that can offer the best protection and high support for your feet while sprinting on grass.

​3 Critical Steps to Follow for Buying The Right Sprinting Shoe

1. Understand Your Foot Pronation

Pronation refers to the natural rolling of the foot from your heel to the toe.

You can either show a pattern of normal pronation, Underpronation (supination), or overpronation.

Overpronation occurs when the ankles roll far inwards and downwards after taking each step.
Supination happens when the ankles roll too far outwards.

To avoid injuries because of the stresses of overpronating or supinating, you should consider buying shoes designed for your feet.

For instance, buy orthotics or motion control for overpronation and cushioned as well as flexible shoes for supination.
2. Understand Your Foot Arch

Different people have different foot arches.

To know your arch, you can perform a wet test where you can wet both of your feet and stand on a paper bag for few seconds.
A low arch happens when the imprint shows most of the foot and when there isn’t much curve along the inside of the foot.
A normal arch’s imprint shows a distinct curve along the inside of the foot.

Also, the foot shows a band that is less than half the width of the foot connecting to the toe and your heel.
A high arch results when the imprint shows a noticeable curve along the inside of the foot.

The band connecting the heel to the toe is usually very thin for high arch feet.

In fact, you might not even notice the band when you have a very high arch.
When choosing a shoe for sprinting based on your foot arch, get cushioned shoes for high arch feet to help absorb the shock.

Get a neutral or stability shoes for medium arch feet.

And opt for motion control running shoes to get stability for your low arch feet.
3. Understand Your Gait

There are four types of running gait.

1. Severe Pronation Gait:

This happens when you have feet that leave the heel to strike the ground first when running.

Also, such feet roll inward excessively.

People with this kind of gait, usually find it hard to stabilize the body effectively.

If you are an overpronator, opt to get motion control running shoes.
2. Underpronation Gait:

This type of gait is usually common to people with higher arched feet.

Someone with such a gait strikes the ground with the outside of the heel first.

Therefore, this inhibits the ability of the foot to absorb the impact of the foot strike.

Such people should buy good cushioned running shoes to help absorb the impact.
3. Neutral Gait:

If you have a neutral gait, the middle or slightly outward part of the heel tends to strike the ground first.

Also, the foot rolls inward slightly, enabling you to absorb the shock.

This type of gait is common to people with medium arched feet.

With such a gait, opt for neutral cushioning running shoes.
4. Mild Overpronation Gait:

This occurs when the outside of the heel strikes the ground first.

Also, the foot rolls inward slightly, enabling it to absorb the shock.

If you have a low to medium arch foot, you are prone to a mild pronation gait.

In this case, opt to buy a good stability running shoe.

​Reviews of Top 5 Shoes for Sprinting on Grass

​5. Altra Lone Peak 3 Mid Neo Trail Running Shoe

ALTRA Men's Lone Peak 3 Mid Neo Running Shoe, Color: Electric Blue, Size: 11.5, Width: D (A1653MID-3-115-D)

​If you are looking for a durable shoe designed to deliver comfort and stability when running, then you should get the Altra Men’s Lone Peak 3 Mid Neo Trail Running Shoe.

The shoe is made using a revolutionary fabric.

The fabric is waterproof on the outside and breathable from the inside.

This means that you can expect it to keep water and moisture out, enabling you to maintain cool and dry feet even after sweating.

Another benefit of the shoe is the EVA midsole and the A-Bound top-layer sole.

The EVA midsole guarantees comfort by protecting your feet from being pressed.

On the other side, the top layer sole provides safety and flexibility to ensure all-day comfort.

You can wear the shoes when you want your toes to relax; thanks to the FootShape toe box that allows the toes to spread out more comfortably and with more stability.

Adding to that, the shoe is a perfect choice for one that is designed to keep your feet safe and protected from sharp objects and rocks.

The reason is the flexible StoneGuard designed to rest above the midsole to prevent the stones from digging into the feet.

The Altra Men’s Trail Running Shoe includes a Zero Drop Platform designed to place the heel and forefoot at the same distance from the ground.

This makes it a perfect choice for ensuring a natural alignment of the feet while ensuring low-impact landing.

Also, there are hook-and-loop tabs.

The tabs allow for strapless gaiter attachment to prevent dirt from building up beneath the shoe.


a. ​Rubber outsole enhances long-lasting performance

b. ​​Offers a perfect grip on different terrains

c. ​Waterproof and breathable fabric maintains cool and dry feet

d. ​​Provides good cushioning and ​higher stability while running

e. ​Lightweight design ​offers comfort after hours of wearing


a. ​Lacks grip on slippery surface

b. ​Selecting the sizes tends to be confusing where most users get a bigger size to ensure a comfortable fit

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​4. Inov-8 X-Talon 200 Unisex Sneaker

Inov-8 X-Talon 212 Black/Red Men's Size 4.5 Women's Size 6 Running Shoes

​Are you an elite athlete who wants to sprint fast on grass?

If that’s the case, you have the Inov-8 X-Talon 200 Unisex Sneaker for your taking.

This shoe features 8mm sticky rubber studs.

The studs can claw through soft terrain and hold firm on harder ground.

Because of this, you can take the shoe on different grounds and expect it to offer reliable performance.

Something else that distinguishes this sneaker from other sneakers is its 3mm heel-to-toe drop.

This design brings the foot closer to the ground enabling it to help you move at high speeds.

The sneaker includes a breathable mesh and DWR coating.

The mesh helps to keep moisture out while the coating protects water from penetrating, enabling it to maintain dry feet.

Also, there is an EVA midsole. This helps to deliver perfect cushioning to enhance an underfoot comfort.

The shoe weighs 200 grams and boasts flexible materials.

As a result, you can expect it to complement the foot’s natural movement to enhance comfort.


a. ​Durable design and protection features make it perfect for running in rocky terrain

b. ​Lightweight and flexible

c. ​Delivers perfect grip and traction ​on muddy and slippery surface

d. ​​Drains water perfectly and breathable in nature

e. ​Lace adjustments help to customize the fit


a. ​Sizes tend to be small where most users opt for the bigger size to ensure a perfect fit

b. ​Water draining capability is not that great

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​3. Saucony Peregrine 7 Trail Running Shoe

Saucony Men's Peregrine 7 Running Shoe, Red Navy, 7 Medium US

​Do you want to set the pace when sprinting on grass?

If you have answered yes to this question, then Saucony Peregrine 7 Trail Running Shoe is designed for your feet.

It features a rubber sole and PWR TRAC Outsole.

This design enables it to deliver reliable performance for years while allowing it to provide an optimal grip and traction across a range of surfaces.

Asides from that, this shoe includes an EVERUN Top sole construction.

This construction enhances an energized run while ensuring continuous cushioning.

This provides you a great support and ultimate comfort.

The Saucony Trail Running Shoe is designed to keep your feet cool even in warm climate.

Because it includes a RUNDRY Collar Lining which is designed for moisture-wicking comfort.

Across the upper, the running shoe features a TPU Exo-Skeleton designed to secure your foot.

This greatly helps in getting proper fitting and enhanced protection while running in the grass.


a. ​Lightweight and comfortable to wear

b. ​Breathable design enables them to dry quickly

c. ​The tread offers great traction

d. ​Great cushioning and enhanced comfort

e. ​Easy to clean


​a. Shoe fits tight for narrow width feet. So you need to order half size larger shoes for your feet.

b. ​Attracts lot of mud and dirt

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​2. Salomon Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoe

Salomon Men's Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoes, Black/Black/Black Metallic, 13D (Medium)

​You can definitely run through soft ground with speed once you wear the Salomon Men’s Trail Running Shoe.

The shoe includes a ContraGrip rubber sole which is designed to deliver an aggressive grip.

Because of this sole, it can offer excellent traction on soft ground like grass to assure you of safety and exceptional performance.

Another feature of this Salomon shoe is its precise foothold.

The Foothold supports the feet securely to enhance comfort when sprinting through grass.

The shoe is easy to get on and off, thanks to its strong lacing system that ensures one-pull tightening.

Also, it is comfortable to wear for hours.

The reason is its lightweight material and the EVA midsole.

Both of them are designed in such a way that they offer perfect cushioning and stability for long hours running.


a. ​​Wide range of colors and sizes to choose from

b. ​Offers a great grip and traction

c. ​Lightweight design allows long hours of ​comfortable usage

d. ​ Outsole ​provides a long-lasting performance

e. ​Deep treads ensure a firm footing on variety of grounds


a. ​Shoe size runs a bit small. So opt for half size larger.

b. Its ​laces tend to be difficult to tighten and loosen if they get dirty

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​1. ASICS GEL Venture 5 Running Shoe

ASICS Men's Gel Venture 5 Trail Running Shoe, (8 D(M) US, Castle Rock/Black/Green)

​Last but not least, we have the ASICS GEL-Venture 5 Running Shoe.

It has so many features that makes it our highest recommended sprinting shoe in this review.

The shoe is made from 100% synthetic material which enhances its overall strength.

It also features a rugged rubber outsole which makes it perfect for use in a variety of terrains including grass.

The RearFoot Gel cushioning is another unique feature of this shoe.

It provides perfect cushioning to ensure comfort when running in different terrains.

Also, there is an AHAR outsole rubber which makes it suitable for use in high-wear areas.

You can replace the midsole with custom orthotic support; thanks to its removable sockliner.


a. ​Mesh design helps to keep the feet cool and dry

b. ​Brushstroke-patterned underlays provide a great fit while ensuring everyday comfort

c. ​Comes in wide variety of sizes and colors

d. ​Durable construction and higher material quality

e. ​Lightweight and ​comfortable to use


a. ​Shoe size runs a bit small. So ​get the one that is half size larger than your foot size

b. ​Poor breathability factor

​Hey guys, I strongly recommend you to watch the following video before you check out the shoes.

This video will provide you the live run results carried out by a youtuber. So, check it out.

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​There you have it; the top five best shoes for sprinting on grass.

Remember, the shoe you choose doesn’t have to be an ideal shoe for a close friend or brother.

After all, we have different foot arches, gaits, and foot types as you read in the “3 Critical Steps to Follow While Buying These Types of Shoes” section above.

Therefore, I recommend to consider the characteristics of your feet first, and tie that to the features offered by the reviewed products for you to pick the right shoe.

If you are looking for the best shoe that will take your sprinting experience to the next level, I would like to recommend the ASICS GEL-Venture 5 Running Shoe.

This shoe is suitable for use by different feet types, even if you want to wear custom made orthotic support.

It can keep your feet dry when sprinting on wet grass due to its breathable mesh design.

Also, it can cushion every step you take since it features a RearFoot Gel cushioning system.

Its AHAR outsole rubber enables it to deliver perfect traction to avoid accidents when running on wet grass.

So, I strongly suggest to acquire this durable and lightweight shoe for running in the grass.

I am sure it will offer long term high performance for all types of sprinting activities.

Best of luck.

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