5 Best Shoes for Retail Managers Reviewed with Buying Guide

  • By: Vishal Mahadik
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Why You Need to Wear Good Quality Shoes for Retail Work?

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Working in a retail enterprise can be very tough. Standing and walking constantly for long hours and on a daily basis can take a toll on your body. This excessive retail job work, most of the times, leave you suffering from sore feet, painful legs, and bad back.

For this kind of job, you need comfortable, long lasting, well-fitting and slip resistant work shoes. Having the right footwear as a retailer is a good way to bring a positive difference to your sore feet, joints and that aching back.

Wearing right shoes also helps you in avoiding accidents that may occur from unintentional slips and trips at your workplace.

Today I am providing my 5 highly recommended work shoes that are ideal for all kinds of retail managerial professionals. I hope these recommendations will help you in finding the right footwear for your retail work.

Reviews of Top 5 Shoes for Retail Manager

No. 5 : Ryka Women's Sky Walking Shoe

Ryka Shoe for Retail Managers

Main Features:

1. Rubber Outsole: The sole of this Ryka shoe offers good traction and support. It also provides right breathability hence your feet do not get suffocated. Therefore, it gives no room for the foul smell.

2. Lightweight EVA Midsole: The material of this shoe is resistant to water and corrosion. It also has a good tensile strength with shock absorption plus high toughness.

3. Memory Foam Sockliner: This memory foam sockliner helps in providing exceptional comfort for your feet while working at retail jobs. It eases the pressure which you feel on the ball of your foot.


1. Comfort: It provides a comfortable feel, and the user can wear it for long working hours without experiencing any blisters or foot pain.

2. Attractive Looks: The shoe comes in trendy designs and colors which makes it very attractive to the eyes.

3. Perfect Fitting: This shoe has a true to size fitting. It offers almost perfect width and sizing for all types of foot types.


1. Less durable: The shoe material quality is not what I expected from a reputable brand like Ryka. I think workmanship standards are somehow not up to the mark. It can easily wear out within few months of usage.

2. Only Good for Small Foot Sizes: The design of the shoe is recently narrowed down. This makes it ideal for people with small foot size but it is not great for folks who have large foot sizes.

3. Insufficient cushioning: The shoe’s cushioning is not sufficient enough to provide enough comfort to the user. I think there is still plenty of room to add sufficient cushioning to the insole of this Ryka shoe.

My Verdict:

Women's feet have curves that are different from men's. Ryka women's Sky Walking Shoe is a brand designed to take care of the uniqueness of a woman's foot.

In my opinion, this shoe is very cute and very comfortable to walk in. It is lightweight and also offers great pain relief to various foot conditions.

However, it has its flaws especially about durability, narrow fitting and poor cushioning. The footwear is suitable for casual wears and short walks, but if you prefer a wider fit or durability, you can consider other shoes from our ranking.

Check out below short review video to look at the actual features and looks of this Ryka shoe.

No.4 : Brooks Men's Addiction Walker Walking Shoe

Brooks Shoe for Retail Managers

Main Features:

1. Perforated Overlays: The upper part of the shoe is made of a leather material that has perforations with embroidered side logos.

2. Right Cushioning: The inside of the shoe has a lining and proper cushioning. It is specifically designed for walking footbed that enhances protection and comfort.

3. Durable Rubber Outsole: The rubber sole of this Brooks walking footwear is highly supportive and has great traction as well. It functions perfectly for retail jobs that involve long hours of standing and walking. Plus, it lasts much longer for daily wear.

4. Multiple Colors Available: The shoe comes in three different colors viz. black, white and brown suede. You get to choose from these 3 different color categories and can choose as per your retail profession requirements.


1. Good Stability: The shoe is highly stable in nature when it comes to standing and walking on all kinds of surfaces. It offers good fitting as well, thanks to its polyurethane midsole. It has a tough upper material which is made of leather that offers stability and good support.

2. High Breathability: The side panels are perforated and properly ventilated. This allows free circulation of air to the feet when you work for long hours. It keeps your feet warm, dry and comfortable.

3. Longer Life Span: The leather material of this shoe is highly durable. It protects the outer material from wearing out quickly.


1. Little Bit Stiff: I liked the durability factor of this New Balance shoe. But I think it is little bit stiff and rigid which you feel when you wear it for long hours. It is tough and hard to wear for longer duration which I think must be improved in the newer versions.

2. Low Heel: The heel is much lower for this kind of footwear. It makes you heighten the "flat tire" risk when wearing the shoes on and taking them off of your feet.

My Verdict:

The Brooks Men's Addiction Walker Walking Shoe is one of the best brands out there in the market as far as good footwear for retail industry is concerned. They are comfortable and have best fitting standards.

They exhibit superior durability and breathability as well. I openly recommend this shoe for all types of retail managers who are looking for strong, durable, and breathable work footwear.

Take a look at the following video to understand its features in detail.

No.3 : Fila Men's Memory Work Shift Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Fila Shoe for Retail Managers

Main Features:

1. Breathable Perforations: This Fila men’s shoe has breathing spaces on its upper part and breathable mesh linings that provide really good air ventilation for your feet.

2. Slip Resistant Rubber Sole: The rubber outsole of this footwear gives proper slip resistance for your feet while working in retail workplaces. It prevents accidental slippage on slippery floors by providing a firm grip.

3. Memory Foam Sockliner: If you are not aware about what is memory foam sockliner then check out our complete guide about sockliner. This insole provides complete comfort for your feet and also reduces pressure on the footballs.


1. Highly Comfortable: They are easy to walk around your workplace without getting any discomfort for long hours. What is best about this shoe is its ability to prevent blisters on your feet which is often caused by working long hours in retail work field.

2. Greater Slip Resistance: The outsole of Fila men’s shoe offers good traction and firm grip. They have treads that hold tightly on surfaces preventing possible accidents caused by slipping on floors.

3. Durable Material: I like the quality of this shoe’s material. They do not wear out easily and can last for a very long time.

4. Multipurpose Usage: You can use this shoe not just for work but also for casual wear purpose. It is suitable for many occasions including your regular workout, your daily job, and for other casual activities.


1. Sole Attracts Dirt Easily: The treads on the outsole is designed in such a way that it attracts lots of dirt. It collects a lot of dirt when you walk through dusty regions and then it spreads it to the other places.

2. Slow Drying: These shoes take a long time to dry out completely once they are washed.

3. Water leakage: The perforations allow water to pass through; hence it cannot keep your feet dry. If you want good quality water shoes then check out our article about best water shoes.

My Verdict:

Fila men's memory work shoe is a multipurpose shoe designed to resist wet grounds. It is a good choice if you are searching for a long lasting model of shoe that offers you durability and comfort as well.

However, you may consider buying more than one pair for interchange. Because it takes longer to dry out which might be inconvenient to you while working in retail field.

Click Here to Check Out More Reviews and Latest Price of Fila Men's Memory Work Shift Slip Resistant Work Shoe.

No.2 : Reebok Men's N Cushion 2.0 Walking Shoe

Reebok Shoe for Retail Managers

Main Features:

1. Durable and Breathable Material: They are made of both synthetic and leather with a mesh lining. This has increased this shoe’s life span and overall breathability factor.

2. Black Color: The shoe comes in black color. Some restaurants and retail workplaces insist their workers to wear black shoes. I think this is perfect option for such people.

3. Spiked Outsole: This Reebok Cushion 2.0 shoe has few spikes on its outsole. This makes it highly slip resistant and it offers you firm footing on oily and slippery floors. With this shoe, you can safely walk on these types of slippery floors and prevent accidental slippages.


1. Greatly Durable: This Reebok men’s shoe is made from durable leather material. It provides much longer life span while you perform your duty at your workplace.

2. Highly Comfortable: The shoe makes it easy to move around throughout the day. You will feel no discomfort and tiredness while walking and working in this shoe.

3. Appropriate Slip Resistance: It is safe using this shoe on slippery floors. Because they have spikes that provide a firm grip and good slip resistance for your feet while walking and working.


1. Insufficient Cushioning: The shoe is not adequately cushioned for comfort and may feel hard while working for long hours.

2. Lacing up Takes Time: They are not easy to put on and lace up quickly. It takes some time to first figure out how to lace up faster which I think could be hindrance for people who are in hurry to reach their workplaces.

3. Little Discoloration: What I have observed is the black color of this shoe is not properly coated. Over the years, this color will slowly shed down. This will result in an odd-looking white discoloration which I think can be ignored considering its long life span.

My Verdict:

My opinion about this Reebok men’s shoe is pretty positive considering its comfortable and slip resistant nature. The shoes are great and dependable.

They are durable and they come with spiked sole. Being antiskid makes them ideal for walking on slippery surfaces.

On the other hand, they are made up of cheap material, which makes them wear out easily especially when exposed to water. If you are looking for a long lasting solution, I recommend you to consider our no.1 recommended Skechers work shoe.

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No.1 : Skechers Women's Ghenter Bronaugh Work and Food Service Shoe

Skechers Shoe for Retail Managers

Main Features:

1. Durable Rubber Sole: This is advantageous as it lasts long and serves the purpose effectively. I like the quality and durability of the outsole which I think is much better as compared to the previous 4 shoes in this list.

2. Breathable Mesh Fabric: The mesh fabric material of this shoe offers really good air ventilation on the upper side. Proper inside ventilation is important for your feet to avoid excessive sweating and fungal or bacterial infection.

It also prevents the foul smell or bad smell. If you further want to know the best shoe odor removers then check out our guide regarding 10 best shoe odor removers.

3. Wide Width and Roomier Toe Box: For folks who have foot ailments like bunions, plantar fasciitis, hammertoes, etc. must wear shoes with wide toe box. This Skechers work shoe is perfect for you because it comes with wide width and large toe box.


1. It is Immensely Comfortable: This shoe is very comfortable to walk and work for long hours in retail workplaces. Your feet will get good cushioning and support when you walk in this Skechers work shoe.

2. They Don’t Squeak and are Less Noisy: This is the thing which I am usually worried about when it comes to wearing shoes at my workplace. My first priority is always to choose the shoes that do not squeak at all and create low noise while walking.

This is the shoe that I recommend for folks who don’t want squeaky shoes. If you have such squeaky shoes then I have a solution for the same. Click here to read my guide about 5 tips to stop squeaking noise from your shoes.

3. It is Highly Slip-Resistant: This shoe has treads on its outsole. They immensely help in the prevention of accidental skidding and slipping on floors.

4. More Lightweight: These work shoes are made from lightweight material. This is beneficial for all retail workers because light shoes provide more comfort and less tiredness while working for long hours.

5. Very Affordable Price: This Skechers work shoe is one of the most affordable and low cost work footwear available in the market. You will be able to save good amount of cash and will not require to buy another pair for at least next 10-12 months or so.


1. Thin Sole: The sole of this footwear is pretty thin and flat. This causes the shoe sole to wear out quickly in case you work for long hours and walk around a lot at your workplace.

2. Only Single Color Available: Some retail companies emphasize on wearing either white or black work shoes. But this shoe comes with only black color. So, if you have such work constraints then you may have to find another brand of footwear for your work.

3. Small Size of Toe Box: If you are looking for large toe box for your shoe, then this might not be the best choice. Because it possesses small to medium sized toe box.

Some people have complained about getting blisters when they wear the shoe for the first time. But this problem can be tackled easily by stretching your shoes with the easily available methods which are provided in our shoe stretching guide.

My Verdict:

This particular Skechers women’s work shoe is considered to the best work shoe with slip-resistant features. It is designed to give you a lightweight feel throughout the day while walking or standing for long hours at work.

The upper material allows enough breathability and comfortable movements. This is my number one most recommended shoe for all retail managerial professionals. I believe it is one of your best investments as far as a quality retail work footwear is concerned.

Check out the below short review video to get a clear idea about the excellent features of this Skechers work shoe.

Buying Guide for Choosing the Right Shoes for Retail Manager

Best Features to Look for in Shoes for Retail Managers

Best Features to Look for in Shoes for Retail Managers

While there are so many shoes in the market, choosing the right one can be a nightmare. To make your work easier and get the best shoe that will give you an easy time in the office or at retail company workplaces; here are a few features you should consider.

1. Higher Slip Resistance

Select high traction flooring and slip-resistant shoes. This is a key factor in reducing slip and fall accidents that may lead to unplanned medical expenses.

2. Lightweight

A retail manager spends the day walking up and down or standing. To avoid much weariness and backaches, it is important for you to wear light shoes that will give maximum comfort. You will not feel like walking in heavy shoes that cause pain and discomfort.

3. Memory Foam Sockliner

Memory foam is a substance made of polyurethane. The foot moulds itself to the contours of the material.

It helps in even distribution of balance and provide more stability for your feet. It also helps in easing pressure that you feel in the back of your foot.

4. Breathable Perforations

These are many small openings that allow your feet to breath well. It is important as it helps keep your feet well aerated, dry, and free from bad smell and fungal infections.

5. Right Cushioning

This feature is also known as midsole foot cushioning. It assists in reducing the pressure placed on the heels.

Back pain, knee pain, and Achilles Tendonitis are injuries that can be reduced with consistent use of an insole. Cushioning of shoes is ideal for you if you spend long hours of standing or walking.

It can also help to reduce your fatigue and discomfort for your feet. If you want to enhance the performance and comfort factor of your shoe then your shoe must provide proper cushioning through midsole and insole.

6. Rubber Sole with Grip and Traction

The outsole of these types of footwear offers impressive grip and firm footing. It is better in providing grip on slippery surfaces hence reducing the chances of slipping. The rubber sole also allows your feet to breath well and obtain good support at the same time.

7. White and Black Colors

Many retail companies prefer their employees to wear either black or white colored shoes. Color contributes largely to the external appearance of a shoe. There are other variety of colors too available which you can use depending on the requirement of your retail job.

8. No High Heels

You are required to put on shoes that enable you to move with ease. High heels are very tiring and can cause injuries to your feet as you work in them. Use insoles to reduce the impact on your joints.

9. Right Sizing and Fitting

Wearing the right size and avoiding loose fitting provides a good platform for your feet to support the body. This will ensure maximum comfort and your wellbeing. The shoe with perfect sizing or true to fitting size must be preferred for your retail work.

Wrapping Up

Now we know how to choose the right shoes for retail managers. You now know that proper size, fitting, comfort, cushioning, support, slip resistance, firm grip are the main features that you must give preference while shopping for the shoes for all kinds of retail work.

I recommend you to choose any one of our top 5 recommended shoes in this article. Choose one of them, try them out for few days.

If you feel it is comfortable and not tiring, then go with that shoe. But if you experience discomfort and pain in the initial days of wearing the shoe, then replace it with another shoe of your choice. Best of luck!

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