5 Best Shoe Inserts for Bunions – Start Living Bunion Pain Free Life with These Orthotic Insoles

  • By: Edmond Clark
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​What If I told you that you don’t have to live with your painful bunions all the time in your life?

It sounds like a dream to you, right?

I know how many times you might have tried to get rid of those stubborn and ugly bunions.

How many times have you felt irritated and embarrassed due to those annoying bunions on your toes?

Have you ever wished to get a long time relief from your painful bunions? If this is the case, then you have come to the right place.

Today, I am providing 5 best orthotic insoles or shoe inserts for bunions that could help you get a much needed relief from your pain.

All you have to do is just read this guide from start to end and choose the one shoe insert or insole which you feel can solve your bunion problem once and for all.

(Medical Disclaimer: I have provided my personal opinion here. It is in your best interest to first consult with your doctor and then choose the one shoe insert which you would like to use.)

So with that disclaimer, let us find out 5 best shoe inserts for bunions which can provide you fast relief and can heal your condition gradually.

Shoe Insoles

Main Features

My Rating


​​Comfortable and supportive design, ​High level of arch support, ​Provides fast bunion pain relief


​Perfect for supinated feet, ​Extra padding for balls of foot, ​Improved arch and metatarsal support


​Durable plastic material, ​Great arch support & foot cushioning, Expedites healing of your bunions


​Buyer’s Guide to Choose the Most Suitable Shoe Insert (Orthotic Insole) for You Bunion Relief

​Do Orthotic Insoles or Shoe Inserts Help with Bunions?

​If you are currently having the condition of bunions then you might have done a lot of research by this time.

You might have come across so many remedies for bunions.

One of those treatments is to use a reliable orthotic insole or shoe insert.

But the question is can you certainly rely on entirely using these types of shoe inserts.

The answer is obviously “no”. Just using a shoe insert or orthotic insole can not cure your bunions.

Sure, they can provide you some relief.

But permanent cure can only be achieved once you consult an experienced podiatrist and implement his/her treatment advise.

Some of the podiatrist do suggest the use of custom orthotics or shoe insert to deal with the first stage or second stage bunions.

Click here to read the article from Podiatrytoday.com to know more details about this topic.

If you have first stage or second stage bunion then you must consult your local podiatrist for treatment options.

Some of the primary treatment options that your podiatrist can suggest to you are as follows.

1. Use of non-medicated bunion pad

2. Icing treatment of your affected foot

3. Use of good arch supporting shoe insert in your shoes to get relief from your bunion

4. Use of OTC medication like ibuprofen

Even after trying out these methods, if you don’t get proper relief from your condition, then your doctor might suggest you to undergo more powerful medication course and finally a bunion surgery.

The surgery should be the last option for you. You need to try out all the above treatment options first.

Most of the times, majority of bunion sufferers get relief by using the above 4 treatment methods.

So, the answer to our main query is “Yes”.

Yes, orthotic insoles or shoe inserts do provide temporary relief for people who have severe bunion condition.

If your bunions are in the preliminary stage, then your might get much better improvement and pain relief by using a reliable shoe insert for your footwear.

​What are the Main Types of Insoles for Bunions?

​Based on the purpose and function, the shoe inserts or insoles can be classified into various categories.

Based on the function, these insoles are classified as follows.

1. Arch support insoles for bunions

2. Custom designed orthotic insoles for bunions

3. Gel insoles for bunions

4. Shoe inserts for hammertoes and bunions

5. Insoles for flat feet and bunions

6. Posture control insoles for bunions

7. Running shoe inserts for people with bunions

8. Over the counter orthotic insoles for bunions

So, these are some of categories that can be used to classify insoles which are used to treat bunion condition.

Bunion disorder affects different people differently. If you are a runner or a regular morning walker, then you certainly need good quality insoles or shoe inserts that can help you effectively run or walk in your shoes.

Some people need insoles to provide better arch support or to improve their body posture while walking in their shoes.

Some people use orthotic bunion correctors along with shoe inserts to get fast relief and permanent cure.

Therefore, based on your actual needs and requirements, you should get the right shoe insert or insole for your shoes.

​Does Custom Insoles Help in Treating Tailor’s Bunion?

​According to the information published on Medicalnewstoday.com, your doctor may suggest you to use new shoes to get relief from your bunions or to use custom shoe inserts, once you are diagnosed with Tailor’s bunion.

Custom insoles or custom shoe inserts are usually helpful in reducing your swelling and alleviate your symptoms.

They also help in providing good cushioning and preventing painful friction.

So, yes; by using custom insoles you can surely reduce the pain and friction that could be caused due to your Tailor’s bunion condition.

​Advantages of Using Corrective Insoles for Bunions

​Corrective insoles are also known as foot orthotics.

They are a kind of orthopedic devices which are used in treating various types of foot disorders such as bunions, hammertoes, tailor’s bunion, plantar fasciitis, etc.

They are also used in correcting various issues of foot skeletal system.

There are several benefits of using corrective insoles. Some of those benefits are provided as follows.

1. They help in treating different types of ankle sprains

They are used in straightening your toes

They are used in treating flat feet that cause foot pain

They help in alleviating the symptoms of chronic foot pain or foot disorders such as bunions and hammertoes.

If your foot bends inward or outward while walking, then corrective insoles help in treating this problem.

They also help in treating callous and corns.

Click Here to Find the Best Corrective Insole to Get Relief from Your Bunions.

​Importance of Custom Shoe Inserts or Insoles in Treating Your Bunions

​In order to treat your bunions successfully, you need to follow certain healing and recovery methods.

Most podiatrists recommend taking OTC medication if you have severe bunions to reduce swelling.

Use of wide fitting shoes for bunions is also highly recommended in this case.

Along with these methods, they also prescribe using custom shoe inserts or insoles for your shoes.

They help in reducing your swelling and bunion pain.

If you want fast relief and quicker recovery from your bunions, then you must start using custom shoe insoles.

Also, these custom orthotic insoles are made in such a way that they quickly conforms to your foot size and shape.

This helps your feet to obtain maximum comfort and support in minimal time period.

These lightweight inserts really can make your life easier by helping you reduce the bunion pain and heal the bunions much faster.

So, I also recommend you to make use of the following recommended shoe inserts to expedite your bunion healing and recovery process.

​Reviews of 5 Best Shoe Insoles / Inserts to Get Relief from Your Bunions

​No. 5: Envelop Foot Orthotic Unisex Shoe Insert

Envelop Thin Insole for Men and Women - Foot Orthotic Full Length Shoe Insert for Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief - Foam Work Soles for Heel Spur, Flat Feet, Ankle, Arch Support, Boot, Metatarsal, Back

If you are a person who works by standing all day and if you have bunions, then you certainly can benefit from Envelop Foot Orthotic Unisex Insole.

If you wear dress shoes or work shoes then these shoe inserts can provide much better comfort for your feet.

These insoles are best for pain relief and they help in preventing those weird flare ups which could arise due to your bunion condition.

To alleviate your Tailor’s bunion pain and to recover faster from your condition, you will have to try out these insoles.

These podiatrist recommended inserts are designed to conform to your foot shape and size quickly.

These comfortably padded shoe inserts offer the best kind of foot stability and support while walking and standing in your shoes for longer time period.

What I like about these inserts is they can be easily trimmed to get more customized and comfortable fitting for your feet.

The other two major features of this insert are its reinforced arch support and a deep heel cup.

There is also extra forefoot and heel cushioning which helps to reduce excessive pressure on your foot.

Best of all, they are lightweight, durable, breathable, easily removable and washable too.

The only thing I don’t like about this Envelop unisex full length orthotic insole is its material quality. It is not that great as compared to the other shoe inserts in my list.

The cushioning is another factor which I am really not impressed about. The cushioning is not excellent but of mediocre quality.

Other than these two cons, this insole is good for people who don’t want to spend too much for shoe inserts.


a. ​Better arch support for flat feet people

b. ​Improved motion control for people having pronated and supinated feet

c. ​Faster pain relief and better support for people with bunions

d. ​Can be used for all types of shoes and boots

e. ​Provide all day comfort for long hour standing and working folks


a. ​Cushioning is not great

b. ​Mediocre material quality

Click Here to See Reviews and Price of Envelop Foot Orthotic Unisex Shoe Insert.

​No. 4: Spenco Rx Orthotic Arch Support Full Length Shoe Insole

Spenco Rx Orthotic Arch Support Full Length Shoe Insoles, Women's 9-10.5/Men's 8-9.5

Spenco is another brand that is producing consistently good quality shoe inserts for people needing high arch support.

This Spenco Rx Orthotic full length shoe insole can be molded to custom fit for your feet if you require support for high arches.

If you have recently undergone a bunion surgery, then these insoles are great to get enhanced support and comfort for your feet.

The firm plastic base from heel to arch of this shoe insert provides good arch support.

It also offers decent cushioning due to its extra padding.

If your feet are wide and have flat arches, then this Spenco Rx orthotic insole is your best option.

Due to its full length support, the excessive pressure of your foot can be reduced to a great extent.

Consistent use of this insole can provide much greater pain relief from your bunions.

What I also liked about this insole is its ability to help in alignment of your hips, spine, legs and knees.

And you can use them for any type of shoes.

Plus, they provide comfort and pain relief for other foot disorders such as plantar fasciitis and hammertoes, etc.

What I don’t like about this Spenco insert is its quality of the material used. The material quality is not that great.

Plus, they are not right fitting for women having small sized feet.

If you have wide feet, then only use them; otherwise, choose other insoles from this list.


a. ​Enhanced arch support

b. ​Helps to reduce pain and provide better support for people with bunions and PF

c. ​Ideal choice for people with wide feet and flat arches

d. ​Great fitting

e. ​Podiatrist recommended full length shoe inserts


a. ​Bad choice for women with narrow feet

b. ​Material quality needs to be improved

c. ​Cushioning is not great

​Click Here to See Price and Customer Reviews of Spenco Rx Orthotic Arch Support Full Length Shoe Insole.

​No. 3: WalkFit Platinum Foot Orthotics Arch Support Insert

WalkFit Platinum Foot Orthotics Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support Insoles Relieve Foot Back Hip Leg and Knee Pain Improve Balance Alignment Over 10 Million Sold Men 9-9.5 / Women 10-10.5

If you are suffering from foot pain or knee pain along with your bunions, then WalkFit Platinum Foot Orthotics Insert can provide the decent amount of pain relief.

It comes with 3 custom fit arch support inserts for both men and women.

There are 3 categories of inserts available in this insole viz. low, medium and high.

Along with them, you also get fourth insert type which is most suitable for reflexology footwear.

You can wear these shoe inserts for your new shoes, boots, sandals, dress shoes, and sneakers, etc.

I liked its ability to offer the maximum shock absorption and enhanced cushioning.

Its custom fitting feature makes it more comfortable to walk in your shoes.

Its unique gel insole comfort technology improves its ability to provide exceptional arch support and pain relief for your bunions.

If you have flat feet along with bunions, then also this is an ideal choice for your shoes.

Your bunion pain can be reduced to a great extent with the regular use of Walkfit platinum shoe insert.

For more pronated feet folks, this insole is like a boon.

Even if you wear it wrong, it will provide good support and help in reducing your bunion pain for sure.

For people, who are working and standing on their feet for long hours, using this insole in their shoes; can stop the bunion swelling and pain.

The only major drawback of this insert is it wears out quickly after constant usage.

And if you have been suffering from diabetic feet or neuropathy, then my suggestion is to avoid this insole. Because its hard plastic can affect your feet in the long run.


a. ​Ideal for people with bunions and who work and stand for long hours every day

b. ​Highly durable plastic material

c. ​Different heights available for custom fitting

d. ​Great arch support and foot cushioning

e. ​Speeds up faster healing and pain relief for bunion sufferers

f. ​Helps in proper alignment of your feet, knees and hips


a. ​Not good for diabetic feet or neuropathy people

b. ​Wears out quickly

c. ​Takes some time to get used to

​Click Here to See Price and Reviews of WalkFit Platinum Foot Orthotics Arch Support Insert.

​No. 2: Powerstep Pinnacle Plus Full Length Orthotic Shoe Insert

Powerstep Pinnacle Plus Orthotic Inserts, Red/Blue, Men's 10-10.5, Women's 12

This completely Made in USA Powerstep Pinnacle Plus Full Length Shoe Insert is best for people having bunions as well as for people needing good metatarsal support.

If you are searching for best running shoes to get more metatarsal support then click here.

If you want to experience reduced bunion pain as fast as possible, then Powerstep is one brand which you can completely rely on.

Its fitting is perfect and once you start using it, your condition would be less aggravated.

One thing I did not like about this insole is it is not a great match for people who have under pronated feet and flat feet.

It has some kind of convex arch which makes you uncomfortable while walking in it.   

Although, it is a great fit for people with supinated feet; it still lacks some cushioning.

I expected some extra cushioning from this much popular brand.

Its durable EVA foam base provides good comfort while walking.

There is also some good arch support and heel support as well.

If you are wary about the friction factor, then relax.

Because this Powerstep Pinnacle Plus insole gives very less friction and creates very less heating. This increases comfort and helps in quicker recovery.


a. ​Provides fast pain relief for people with bunions and hammertoes

b. ​Perfect match for supinated feet

c. ​Dual layer cushioning that offers enhanced comfort

d. ​Extra padding for balls of your feet

e. ​Improved arch support and metatarsal support


a. ​Bad choice for people with pronation and flat feet

b. ​Still needs more cushioning to get better support for your bunions

Click Here to See Latest Reviews and Price of Powerstep Pinnacle Plus Full Length Orthotic Shoe Insert.

​No. 1: Superfeet Professional-Grade High Arch Support Unisex Insole

Superfeet unisex adult Green Premium-u Insole, Green, E 10.5 - 12 US Womens 9.5 11 US Mens

At no.1 position, I have ranked Superfeet Professional Grade Unisex Shoe Insert for few important reasons.   

First up all, it is a high volume and high profile and professional quality shoe insert.

It comes with a stabilizer cap which offers the best rarefoot cushioning.

I liked its heel cup because it is really wide and deep.

This type of heel cup is really good for your feet when you need extra support and shock absorption.

The foot stability and less stress on your feet and knees means your bunion pain also gets reduced to a great extent.

Its high density foam layer is responsible to get support, cushioning as well as comfort for long period of time.

This is one of the highly recommended unisex shoe insole for people with bunions.

It offers the best type of support and recovery if you have recently undergone a bunion surgery.

However, you need to be aware about the fake replicas of this product.

Due to its rising popularity, several fake insoles have come into the market.

If you use any of these fake products, they may cause shin splints and joint problems for your feet.

The only thing that I disliked about this insert is its heel cup.

It is extra wide and starts to cut into your foot once you start walking in your shoes.

If you experience this issue, you might have to cut off the edges of its heel cup.


a. ​Overall design is highly comfortable and supportive

b. ​Professional level arch support that lasts longer

c. ​Can work for long hours without getting any bunion pain

d. ​Provides good level of cushioning and foot stability

e. ​Absorbs body heat and keeps your feet cooler and more comfortable to walk


a. ​Somewhat brittle and uncomfortable heel cup

b. ​A bit expensive

c. ​Beware of fake insoles

​If you want to know more about Superfeet insoles, then I recommend you to watch this video from start to end.

​Click Here to See Reviews and Price of Superfeet Professional-Grade High Arch Support Unisex Insole.

​Wrapping Up

​So, these are my top 5 highly recommended shoe inserts for people having bunions.

If you want to choose any one of them, I recommend you to first consult from your podiatrist and then make your choice.

You can be free from your bunion pain if you implement the right healing methods.

One of them is using the right shoe insole.

Now go and pick the right one to make your life more healthy and get relief from your painful bunions.

Best of luck.

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