Top 5 Best Running Shoes for Metatarsal Pain 2018 Review & Complete Buying Guide

Ultimate Buying Guide for Best Running Shoes for Metatarsalgia

What is Metatarsalgia?

What is Metatarsalgia
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Many medium or advanced level runners and even some newbie runners often experience this condition with their legs. The phenomenon we are talking about here is known as metatarsalgia. According to the article published at, it is basically a condition where people like you experience medium or severe pain in the ball of the foot.

This pain exerts pressure on the bones that connect ankle bones to your toes. These bones act as a support which balances your body weight while you walk, run and stand all the time. These bones are especially known as metatarsal bones.

What are the Major Causes Behind Metatarsalgia?

Some of the primary reasons that can cause metatarsal pain are physical ailments such as arthritis, bunions and hammertoes. It can also be experienced due to the use of improper shoes, boots and sneakers. Therefore, you will need to use proper shoes to keep your feet healthy all the time.

In case you are using smaller sized and inappropriate sized footwear, it can cause unnecessary pressure and pain to your metatarsal bones. If you are performing very high activity sports such as soccer, running for a longer period of time, it can also be the reason that can cause such type of foot ailment.

Why You Need Proper Running Shoes When Having Metatarsal Pain?

If you are a regular runner, then your consistent running activity may exert excessive stress on your metatarsal bones. This condition gets worse when you do not pay proper attention towards your pain. The symptoms such as internal pain, inflammation, tenderness and numbness can be experienced in your ball of the foot, arch and head of the foot later on.

If you want to avoid this pain and inflammation, you need to take proper care and prevention of your feet. Regular use of best quality running shoes that are appropriate and can reduce the ball of foot pain is really essential in this case.

Also, you will have to avoid the use of running shoes that possess very thick underfoot cushioning. Because recent article from explains the fact that running shoes that have good cushioning actually increases plantar pressure while reducing sensory inputs at your feet.

Just in case you want to find out whether the foot pain you are experiencing is really related to metatarsal bones, you need to read this article from This article also gives you proper advice and tips on how to treat and prevent metatarsalgia pain.

How to Find only the Best Quality Running Shoes to Alleviate Your Metatarsal Pain?

There are few important things which you must look for while shopping for the best running shoes for metatarsalgia pain. The prime features which you must pay attention to while purchasing these kinds of metatarsalgia shoes are as follows.

Primary Features for Best Metatarsalgia Running Shoes:

1.Right Arch Support: The first thing that your shoes must have is inclusion of right sockliner or insole. In case your running shoes do not have proper sockliner support or insoles, your shoes at least have to have proper arch support. It is important to get sufficient arch support for your metatarsal bones while running.

2.Wide Toe Box: The second most important feature is sufficient toe box. The wide toe box offers sufficient space for comfortable toe movements. You can wiggle your toes comfortably in running shoes that have roomy toe boxes. Thus, you can reduce the pain from your metatarsal bones once you start using the footwear with roomier toe boxes.

3.Use of Metatarsal Pads and Right Amount of Padding: Internal padding in running shoes provides higher comfort and support for your metatarsal arch. This in return reduces the pressure and stress from your foot nerves and metatarsal bones. Use of metatarsal pads also helps to alleviate the metatarsal pain gradually. So, we recommend getting the right metatarsal pads along with your running shoes that are available in the market.

4.Inclusion of Orthotics: There are few popular shoe brands that offer orthotic shoe insoles for runners having metatarsal pain. It all depends on the overall anatomy of your foot. The special orthotic shoe insoles provide better protection for the ball of your foot. So, it is imperative for you to get the running shoes that can incorporate such useful orthotics.

5.If Possible, Choose Rocker Bottom Footwear: There are special running shoes available in the market that are known as rocker bottom shoes. Such footwear products have special thick soles. They greatly help you in getting better range of motion while running. The round heels of these kinds of footwear usually benefit the runner by improving gait and reducing the metatarsal pain while you run in these shoes.

In addition to these features, I also recommend you guys to please watch the following video. This video will provide you very good tips and guidance on how to choose the right running shoes to alleviate your metatarsal pain.

How to Use Metatarsal Pads to Reduce The Ball of Foot Pain?

In order to get some relief from your metatarsal pain, it is important for you to use the right running shoes that relieve your metatarsalgia symptoms. You can also use foam metatarsal pads to reduce the pain in the ball of your foot.

These kinds of metatarsal pads are often attached to your shoes inside, on the insole or to your foot before running or walking. These kinds of pads immensely help in alleviating the ball of foot pain by reducing the stress in the painful area of your foot.

We also recommend you to watch the following video that will show you how to use foam metatarsal pads inside your shoes.

What are the Most Popular Brands that Offer The Best Running Shoes for Metatarsalgia?

We have seen the important features that are necessary while shopping for the best running shoes for the ball of foot pain. Now its time to look at some of the top footwear brands that offer the best metatarsal pain comforting shoes for runners.

Actually, there are many in the market that provide these kinds of shoes. But after some research, we have found out that the top brands that offer these kinds of shoes are Hoka One One, Brooks, ASICS, New Balance, Skechers, Saucony and Newton.

These brands do provide the best quality cushioning, support, comfort and protection for the ball of your foot. While running, you definitely need the shoes that can provide all these features at a time. So, we recommend to choose only the shoes from these running shoe brands when you decide to go shopping for them.

What are the Best Running Shoe Inserts for Metatarsalgia?

If you need to reduce the ball of foot pain while running, you also require to make use of proper running shoe insoles or inserts. These kinds of special inserts help to improve motion control and also offer the best support for the ball of your foot.

According to our research, some of the best running shoes inserts for metatarsalgia pain come from the brands such as Dr. Foot, New Balance, Powerstep and Soft Sole.

Reviews of Top 5 Best Running Shoes for Metatarsalgia Pain

No. 5 - Brooks Trance 10 Running Shoe

Brooks Trance 10 Running Shoe Review

There are lots of reasons why we recommend this specific Brooks Trance 10 running shoe. One of the primary reasons we recommend this shoe is its Progressive Diagonal Rubber Support (PDRB).

This special support feature along with its full-length BioMoGo midsole technology and full-length Brooks DNA adaptable cushioning makes it one of the most supportive running shoes for people with the ball of foot pain. This Brooks DNA cushioning offers the best quality of support and cushioning at three critical locations viz. tarsal bone, heel bone and first metatarsal bone.

Plush upper material of this Brooks running footwear keeps your feet breathable and comfortable during running. This shoe is also good in providing torsional midfoot support for the runners. Overall, we give Brooks Trance 10 the rating of 3 out of 5 and recommend it for regular runners who are dealing with metatarsal pain.


  • 1
    Comfortable and supportive for heels, midfoot and metatarsal bones
    Lightweight and highly breathable
    Good cushioning and support for heel bones, tarsal bone and first metatarsal bone
  • 2
    Lightweight and highly breathable
  • 3
    Good cushioning and support for heel bones, tarsal bone and first metatarsal bone


  • 1
    Less Durable
  • 2
    Less Features than its Predecessors

No. 4 - Newton Gravity VI Running Shoe

Newton Gravity VI Running Shoe Review

What we really liked about Newton Gravity 6 Running Shoe is its proprietary lugs which helps a runner like you to obtain natural gait. This is a really important feature that helps in getting better support for your feet and reduce the metatarsal pain gradually.

The 3mm drop of this shoe offers better running experience which behaves more like a minimalist running footwear. Plus, you get better midsole cushioning with this shoe which provides good shock absorption as well. The heel counter also offers better support and stability at the same time.

Its new “Newtoniun midsole material” gives your feet the much-needed comfort and protection for your metatarsal bones. We give it 3.5 out of 5 rating and highly recommend it for all classes of runners who are currently suffering from the ball of foot pain.


  • 1
    Lightweight and Breathable
  • 2
    Enhanced Running Experience
  • 3
    Better Cushioning and Fitting
  • 4
    Improved Protection Features for Metatarsal Bones


  • 1
    Less Traction
  • 2
    Bit Pricey

No. 3 - Orthofeet Tahoe Comfort Wide Running Shoe

Orthofeet Tahoe Comfort Wide Running Shoe Review

At no. 3, we have ranked one of the most suitable and best rated running shoes for metatarsal pain sufferers. Orthofeet Tahoe Comfort Wide running shoe is one of the most recommended and highly rated orthotic athletic shoes in US.

We believe this is the best footwear for runners who are suffering from foot ailments such as bunions, hammertoes, plantar fasciitis, arch pain, back pain, knee pain, heel pain, neuropathy and Morton’s Neuroma, etc. The reasons are obvious ones.

It has one of the best orthotic supports included in the form of premium orthotic insole. Its unique Ortho-Cushion System greatly assists in reducing the joint stress and in enhancing the foot stability.

Its wide toe box and soft, non-binding upper with extra depth help in reducing the pressure from joints and metatarsal bones, thus helping in alleviating the ball of foot pain. At the same time, the sole of this Orthofeet running shoe is built in such a way that it immensely helps in reducing the metatarsal pain while running for longer distances.

We highly recommend this shoe to all runners who are currently suffering from metatarsalgia as well as from diabetic neuropathy. We give this shoe the rating for 4.5 out of 5.


  • 1
    One of the better choices for runners having foot ailments such as metatarsalgia, bunions and plantar fasciitis
  • 2
    Best support for joints due to its wide toe box and extra depth supportive upper design
  • 3
    Better protection features for metatarsal bones
  • 4
    Good arch support
  • 5
    Best orthotic insole included


  • 1
    Less flexible
  • 2
    Bit of heavy in terms of overall weight

No. 2 - Altra Repetition Running Shoe

Altra Repetition Running Shoe Review

Altra Repetition Running shoe ranks at no. 2 as per our observation and prior research. This is a much better footwear solution for long distance runners who are currently suffering from the ball of foot pain. If you have pronated feet, then also this is a better choice as it offers natural foot positioning.

There are other good features such as StabiliPod Technology which helps to improve your foot stability. Its 0 mm heel-to-toe drop gives your feet better shock absorption and also helps in strengthening your lower leg muscles. This is better for people having excessive ball of foot pain.

It’s A-Bound midsole protects your feet from high impact during long distance running and this retains energy for longer period of time. This Altra running shoe has a special FootShape toe box that provides large inside space for comfortable toe movements.

Altra Repetition shoe comes with 3 mm removable insole. At the same time, it comes with 5 mm extra insole for additional support and comfort that helps greatly in alleviating your metatarsalgia pain.

It’s one of the superior running shoes out there that offers best comfort, support, cushioning and protection for long distance runners. We highly recommend it for runners with metatarsalgia and give it the rating of 4.5 out of 5.


  • 1
    Fitting is perfect
  • 2
    Offers good support and protection for metatarsal bones
  • 3
    Better choice for long distance runners
  • 4
    Great shock absorption and high energy retention
  • 5
    Helps in strengthening leg muscles and natural body posture


  • 1
    Less arch support
  • 2
    Material quality must be improved

No. 1 - Hoka One One Bondi 5 Running Shoe

Hoka One One Bondi 5 Running Shoe Review

At no. 1, we have ranked Hoka One One Bondi 5 Running Shoe as it offers the most promising features that are essential in a shoe to support your metatarsal bones.

The best feature of this shoe is its Rocker Bottom sole which provides much better protection and support for your metatarsal joints. If you are a regular runner and currently having this metatarsalgia issue, then this shoe offers some of the most favourable features for your feet.

The shoe fits perfectly for almost all foot sizes. It provides greater cushioning and comfort for your feet and thus offers better support for metatarsal bones. The sole of this shoe is the best thing which we really liked due to its solid, rigid support for your joints.

With stock insoles, this footwear provides you much better comfort and support, even if you are a big guy and a tall runner. It will support for your metatarsal bones and will help to alleviate your ball of foot pain to a greater extent. We highly recommend it to use for your regular running routine. For its incredible sole and cushioning features, we give this shoe a full rating of 5 out of 5.


  • 1
    Solid rocker bottoms to provide better support for metatarsal bones
  • 2
    Comes with molded Ortholite footbed that provides better cushioning and comfort
  • 3
    Engineered mesh upper gives you higher breathability and better structural support
  • 4
    Wide toe boxes allow better feet movements and reduces pressure from metatarsal bones
  • 5
    Better fitting and great cushioning features
  • 6
    Podiatrists recommend this shoe to reduce your metatarsalgia pain


  • 1
    Need to order shoes half size larger for comfortable fitting
  • 2
    Less durable

So, these are our top 5 best rated running shoes for runners having metatarsal pain. We believe by using these recommended footwear solutions, you will be in a better position to reduce your ball of foot pain while running for short as well as long distances.

Read these reviews carefully and make well informed buying decisions. You can also check out our other reviews such as:

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